Billion Dollar Slaves
by Domwoolf

Part 2



Fine dining

Saturday afternoon Rick was feeling good watching his two slaves, running around the house on various chores, buck naked and lovely. Rick called to the women and watched as they ran into the room and assumed the attention position. "Ladies let's go out to dinner. Dress fancy; I'm in the mood for a steak and lobster feast and some good wine."

Three hours later the mother and daughter presented themselves dressed to the nines, hair, and makeup in place. Rick escorted them to the limo he had ordered, ushering them inside.

The Hidden Palms was one of the finest restaurants in the city featuring great food and lots of palm tree hidden alcoves, to give the diners a sense of privacy. The three enjoyed a beautifully prepared three-course meal, fine wine and a rich dessert. Many of the other patrons knew Donna from before her husband's death and came by to see how she was doing. Lisa met up with several of her classmates from school and asked to spend some time catching up. Rick told her to have fun but return in an hour.

Rick and Donna enjoyed the time alone to have after dinner drinks. Donna excused herself to the ladies room and after a minute Rick also headed towards the restrooms. It was getting late in the evening and most of the diners had finished their meal and left, as Rick expected the men's room was empty. He waited outside the woman's powder room for Donna.

"Hello darling, come with me. Rick took her by the arm and steered her into the Men's room. "I decided I needed a bit of cock sucking and this seemed like the perfect place." He took her into one of the handicapped stalls and closed the door. Rick unzipped her dress and lifted it off her.

Donna was nervous, she knew there were people in the dinning room that she knew and one of them could enter at any moment. Rick hung her dress on a coat hook and unfastened her bra. He tossed that over the door of the stall. "At attention," He commanded. Donna sank to her knees and watched as Rick unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. She began to lick it: getting it hard and then sucking it deep into her throat.

Donna wanted to make him cum quickly an used every trick she knew to stimulate him but Rick was able to keep going as long as he wanted no matter what she did and he was determined to make this last. Donna heard the door to the restroom open and tried to not make a sound while still sucking, Rick however had other ideas. "Oh baby, suck my cock just like that. Oh yeah. That feels sooo god damn good."

Donna could see the crack in the door of the restroom as she sucked and began to blush as she saw someone looking through it. Just at that moment Rick pulled out and came all over her face and tits. Donna couldn't see for a couple of seconds due to the sticky cum covering her eyes and dripping down her face, splashing on her tits and belly. She used her hands to clear the sticky goo off.

She looked up to see the door of the stall wide open and two men standing there staring at her. Rick had walked out while she was blinded. Unknown to Donna as he passed the men he whispered, "She sucks great, give her a try, she's already paid for." The men entered the stall and closed the door.

Rick returned to their table at almost the same time as Lisa, she looked around as she approached. "My lord, thank you for the wonderful dinner and allowing me time with my friends."

"You’re welcome. We deserved a night out."

"Where is Mom?" Lisa asked.

"I think she's in the bathroom, she'll be along. Try the dessert."

The men closed the stall door and surrounded Donna. The bigger of the two reached down and took a hold of Donna's hair; he turned her face and pulled her into his crotch. "Take my cock out and suck it slut, before I have to hurt you."

Donna's scalp burned from her hair being pulled so tight, she was scared. She unzipped the man's pants and removed his hardening cock free. She had never seen a cock so wide. He was no longer than average but he must have been four to five inches around. The man shoved her face into his cock and forced it between her lips. Donna stretched her mouth as wide as she could and the man's cock just kept filling it. She couldn't breath and began to panic, he pulled out and she caught a breath then he pulled her down again. Out, breath, shove in. There was no technique, no finesse, just a brutal mouth fuck.

The other man played with her tits, twisting her rings and then he found the ring between her legs. He used it to position her body where he wanted before he rammed his cock into her pussy. They fucked her like a blowup doll. She was just a warm set of holes to them.

They finally came, first the guy in her pussy and finally the gorilla in her mouth. They dropped her like a used tissue and spent a few minutes cleaning themselves off as she lay there recovering. The gorilla came over to her, his cock still out and pissed on her, moving his hot yellow stream from her face to her tits to her pussy and back to her face, soaking her.

When she could see again they were gone. Donna got up and went to the sink where she threw up. She washed herself as best she could and dried off with an entire roll of towels. She dressed and combed her hair, repairing her makeup as best she could. Donna returned to the table as Rick finished paying. He took her by the arm and the three walked out.

Rick bent over whispering in Donna's ear," Good girl."

She wore a silly grin clear back to the mansion.



Pride n punishment

Maria Courly had always gotten by on her looks. She was blond, petite with a good figure, men had tended to look at the package and discount her mind. She had run scams to get money from men since she was in grade school. The few times she had been caught, her (I'm just a poor dumb blond) routine had gotten her away with a minimum of problems.

Until the old man had caught her, fortunately he was interested in being daddy with the naughty daughter. A few light bondage sessions; a few spanks and a couple of blowjobs and all was forgiven. When he died and the twit he was married to ran the company between her shopping trips, Maria was able to put her scams into high gear. She had four managers that she had been coming on to for two years primed and ready. Soon she was raking in the money from each of them and not even her partners knew about the others in the scams.

Now that had ended. The twit had married ex detective Rick Tyler and he was no fool. He had her scams figured out to the last dime, her partners were fired and ruined, or in the case of Charlie so scared he wouldn't steal a paper clip. But the worst thing was Rick owned her ass. For the next seven years if she even thought of going against him, one call and Maria would be spending a long time as the girlfriend of some lesbo dyke in a very small cell.

The punishment the old man had given her was mild, Hell, she had had rougher lovers. Tyler was another thing entirely. She had returned to her condo Friday night barely able to move. Thank god no one saw her bare ass drag into the elevator from the parking garage and limp to her door. She had passed out on her bed not even covering up. Saturday afternoon when she awoke was worse. She was stiff from head to toe, black and blue from her neck to her thighs. She had soaked for hours in her whirlpool bath, just to get some mobility back. Sunday was the same. Monday morning she dressed like a nun covered from neck to toes to hide the bruises.

And now it was Friday and she was headed back to the mansion for another session. Her stomach was in knots from the tension, if he beat her like that again she might just turn herself in to the cops.

At the mansion, Rick had been trying to lace Donna into the new corset that had arrived that afternoon, it was designed to pull her hourglass figure even tighter, however it hadn't fit the way he had expected it to and he had Donna fetch the scale and stand on it.

Donna couldn't believe her eyes; the scale showed she had gained a pound and half. Rick was standing there holding the corset he had tried to lace her into, of course it hadn't fit, and he was not amused.

"You have been neglecting your exercises." Donna hung her head. "We can fix that, come with me." He led Donna to the exercise room and had her get on the treadmill. He cuffed her hands behind her back. "I have recently modified this tens unit." He said as he hung the unit at the front of the treadmill “I added spring clips to the leads, the more tension on the clips the more voltage." He positioned Donna in the front of the treadmill and attached the clips one to each nipple ring. He programmed the treadmill for an hour and a half program, switching it on.

Slowly the treadmill began its warm-up routine, Donna walking along. She allowed a bit too much tension to be taken up by the leads and received a small shock. Rick smiled, "As long as you keep up you don't get shocked" He hung a water bottle and a nipple at the front of the treadmill, Donna would have to bend over to suck at it all the while keeping up the pace. Rick watched for the first hour, counting all the times she got shocked. He had actually expected her to do worse than she did; she really was in fine shape.

Rick closed the door behind him as he left the woman jogging in place. He returned to the main living room and caught Mistress Lisa triggering the gate. The Executive Slut had arrived.

Once again Lisa met her at the door, stripped her and cuffed her before presenting her to Rick. He walked around the woman examining the remains of last week’s session. Her butt was still black and blue, now with yellow and green mixed in as she began to heal. It was the same with her tits. The rest of her was basically healed.

He took another walk around her, this time examining her body from a critical standpoint. She was developing a bit of a belly, her muscle tone in her arms and legs was lacking, and in a few years if something didn't change she would begin to sag around the face, as she got older. Her breasts were beginning to show signs of the coming sag also.

"Mistress Lisa this Slut is sadly out of shape. That is unacceptable; a slut is only as useful as her body. On your knees, slut." Maria got down on her knees, as Rick pulled out his cock. "Suck me." He ordered. Maria began to suck his cock. Rick let her continue for less than a minute when he pulled out. He bent her over the couch and spread her legs shoving his erection into her pussy.

Lisa threw her legs over the woman's head and pulled her face into her own pussy. "Lick me, bitch and unless you want to go back out to the dungeon, you better be good." Maria's face flushed bright red, she had never done a woman, and to do it cuffed while being fucked was as humiliating as she could have ever imagined. She tried to ignore the cock ramming her cunt and lick Lisa as best she could. Once again less than a minute later Lisa slapped her face knocking Maria to the floor.

Rick sat down beside Lisa on the couch. "That was pitiful; the bitch is as loose as a cave. No muscle control at all" Rick bitched.

Lisa sighed," She has no skill at cunt licking either. We might be better off finding someone else to be our executive slut and just keep this one as a house slave."

"Just what about you did all those men find interesting?" Rick asked. "Maybe your ass is your best feature. Was it fucking your ass that they liked?

Maria was crushed and crying on the floor. “I’ve never had anyone fuck my ass." Lisa picked up a riding crop and started to get up from the couch, when Maria figured out her error. "I mean, Master, no one has fucked my ass. They mostly just wanted blow jobs, Master."

"Amazing and they settled for your piss poor abilities. I'm glad I fired them." Rick sat and thought, looking down at the naked trembling woman at his feet. "We do have an investment in her and she is semi competent in her job. Maybe she can be trained."

Lisa looked down at Maria, "You have three weeks, and you are to come over every night after work and hit the gym every other day for two hours. And on the days you're not at the gym you're to come here for sex training. Got me slut?"

Maria nodded "Yes Mistress."

"Three weeks is all the time you have. If there isn't a vast improvement I get a new maid and you spend your life on your knees cleaning floors with a toothbrush." Lisa laughed, "You are going to look so cute in a French maids uniform."

Maria knew Mistress Lisa wasn't kidding, she lay there shivering as she looked at the huge mansion, thinking this would be her life, cleaning, humiliated in a ridiculous maids outfit, servant to her red haired tormenter.

He stood over her and grabbed her by the hair, lifting her to her feet and pushing her in the direction of the gym. "Donna should be done soon. I think we can start her on the treadmill for an hour or so."

They entered the gym and Maria stared at the naked woman's sweat soaked body as she panted for air, chest heaving, and wires dangling from the rings on her nipples. The treadmill was in a cool down phase and Donna was just quick walking as she ended her time on the machine. Her long dark hair was soaked with sweat and lay limp behind her. Her muscles were trembling from the long run.

Rick removed the clips from her nipple rings as the machine stopped. Donna sank down on her knees, slowly getting into her attention pose. Rick looked at the sweat glistening body, "You know what I expect you to weigh and what I expect you to do to keep in shape. Next time you will run two hours with a dildo stuffed up your ass, understood?"

"Yes, Master." Donna nodded, "I will keep the weight off, Master."

He unclipped her cuffs and sent her to cleanup. Lisa had already positioned Maria on the treadmill. Rick explained the way the tens unit worked. "You don't have rings to clip these to, so I had to change the ends to these alligator clips. Consider it an added incentive." He lifted her breasts and twisted her nipples to get them to stand out; then spread the alligator clips open, clamping their sharp teeth on the tender erect nipple.

Maria cried out as the clip bit into her nipple. He attached the second and she felt as if the nasty sharp teeth were biting off her nipples. Lisa pushed the buttons and the treadmill began its program. Maria was instantly behind and the leads drew taught, sending a shock into her already pain-racked tits. She stumbled and fell ripping the clips off her nipples and crashing to the floor hurled by the moving belt.

"Crap!" Lisa exclaimed. "This slut can't even walk a straight line. Get up you fat cow." Lisa shut off the program.

Maria struggled to stand with her hands still cuffed behind her; the fall and the pain in her tits making her groan and tears were running down her face. Lisa stood watching as the woman regained her feet. Lisa examined the bleeding nipples where the clips teeth had gouged the flesh when she fell. "These need to be cleaned up." She decided. She grabbed the woman's hair and pulled her off to the bathroom.

Rick enjoyed watching Lisa take command of the new slut. He noticed Maria was limping from where she had landed on her leg and decided that the treadmill was out for the night. He went to the toy chest in his room and removed several toys. He called out to Donna to go to the dungeon and wait for him. He returned to the gym to await Lisa and her charge.

Lisa took the crying women into the guest bathroom; she placed her into the shower and turned on the cold water. She used the detachable showerhead to hose Maria down from head to toe, focusing on her torn, and bleeding tits. She pulled her out and set her on the small seat in front of the mirror to bandage her nipples. First she got a bottle of Mercurochrome and painted the torn flesh, staining them bright orange. Next she sprayed the nipples with a transparent liquid spray bandage.

Maria finished drying off and they returned to the gym. Rick put Maria in a submissive position and drew Lisa to the side explaining what he had in mind. Lisa grinned and went to gather Maria before heading to the dungeon playroom. When Maria entered the dungeon she spied Donna on her knees, ass in the air, arms stretched out in front of her, wrists crossed: a position of total submission. Her hair was dry and neatly combed, spread across her back like a blanket.

At Rick's snap of his fingers she smoothly straightened, remaining on her knees, which she spread as she placed her hands on her thighs, straightened her back and thrust out her tits. Donna had a smile on her face and appeared totally relaxed. Maria was astounded, this was the same woman she had seen bound to a cross being tortured by a sex machine and running her ass off only minutes ago, her tits being shocked and tortured? Yet here she was relaxed and seemingly happy.

Rick pushed Maria to her knees. "Slut, this is Donna my wife and slave." He produced a long double-ended dildo. "You and Donna are going to insert this dildo in your pussies and fuck each other. If it falls out you get a stroke of the cane so I suggest you tighten that sloppy pussy of yours and try your hardest to hold on to it. Donna has been doing Keigle exercises for months to tighten hers, watch."

He set a dildo with a wide base upright on the floor, when he motioned to Dona she crawled over it and slowly set her pussy down upon it. With just the head of the dildo in her virgina, she rose and as Maria watched using just her pussy muscles sucked the dildo slowly into her.
Maria began to see what Rick meant; she was sloppy and out of shape. Hell, she had had no idea a pussy could even do that. "Master, I am out of shape. I never realized how badly."

"Nothing that a lot of hard work won't fix; you can start learning tonight." Rick put her and Donna on their knees in front of his throne, facing in opposite directions. He inserted one end in each woman's pussy. Lisa stood over the women with bamboo cane in her hands. She started them pushing back towards each other, letting the women fall into a natural rhythm, the dildo slipping in and out as the women fucked.

Maria tried her best to hold the dildo in her cunt and for the first few minutes she was able to, but as her pussy began to lubricate itself she felt the dildo slip. When it popped out Lisa struck, whipping the cane across her buttocks. Maria screamed. The cane raised a welt over the multicolored bruises Maria had from last week. Lisa reinserted the dildo and they began again.

Soon it again slipped out and Maria got another welt. This happened again and again until Maria collapsed. Donna stood up, the dildo still clamped in her pussy. Lisa removed the dildo and used her finger to bring her mother to orgasm. Donna sunk to her knees and murmured, "Thank you Mistress."

Rick walked over and pulled Maria to her knees, bending her over he shoved is cock in her from behind and fucked her, slapping her welted and burning ass until he came. Lisa watched Rick fuck for a few minutes, then turned to her mother and crushed her mothers face into her wet and aching pussy. Donna didn't hesitate; she simply sucked and licked her daughter's clit until Lisa came.

Rick watched Lisa take control of her mother as just another slave to be used. He was well pleased. He hauled Maria to a small metal cage and locked her in for the night. The three left the dungeon, turning off the lights and returned to their home.

Maria lay in her cage covered by a thin blanket. She tried to sort out what she was feeling. She felt she should be angry, humiliated by the things Rick and Lisa made her do. In truth her only humiliation came from her feelings that she was sloppy and had not done her best. She deserved the pain she was feeling in her torn up tits and her burning ass. She vowed to do better.

Early the next morning Donna came into the dungeon and released Maria from her cage hooking a leash to her collar. She led Maria to the shower and watched as the woman cleaned herself. When Maria was done she took her back into the dungeon and explained that their Master required them to clean the equipment that they had had used on them the night before and the dungeon and exercise room.

The two women worked together, Donna monitoring and correcting Maria to be sure that things were done the way Rick would demand. Every piece of equipment had its place and Rick would expect it to be put away properly cleaned.

Once the cleaning was complete the two women went to the kitchen and prepared their masters breakfast. Donna and Maria took covered treys up to the Master bedroom and knelt awaiting their Masters pleasure.

Lisa awoke first stretching and wiping the sleep from her eyes. She looked down beside the bed at the two slaves kneeling holding treys. The smell of the coffee wafted over the bed setting her stomach growling. Lisa sat up; her red hair spread out behind her and motioned for the tray.

Maria rose and placed the lap tray on the bed. She was shocked to discover the cruel domineering Mistress that controlled her life was just a teenager. This was the first time she had seen Mistress Lisa without her leathers and hood. She poured coffee for the girl and almost dropped the pot when Lisa casually stroked her thigh and squeezed her ass cheek.
Rick sat up propped on his elbows, "Smells good. I'll take some of that coffee."

Maria hurried around the bed and poured coffee in the cup Donna held from Rick's tray. Rick took the cup as he finished lifting himself up to receive his tray. Donna and Maria each knelt beside their owners, so they could serve as needed. Rick and Lisa both fed bits of their breakfast to their respective slaves: making them lick each morsel from their owner's fingers.

Rick ordered Maria to clean the breakfast dishes and took Donna into the shower to wash him as they began to greet the day. Lisa slipped into a robe, accompanying Maria to the kitchen.
Lisa sat watching the naked slave clean up the breakfast mess, restoring the kitchen to its respective order. She could see that the mornings revelation had shook the woman. Maria kept giving Lisa covert glances as she worked around the kitchen. When she wiped the same counter three times, Lisa called her over and put her at attention.  "It bothers you that I am so young doesn't it?" Lisa asked.

"Yes, Mistress." Maria knelt shaking her head. "You're just a kid."

"I'm a kid who was forced to have sex with her mother's husband on her eighteenth birthday to keep her from trouble. That man used me and forced me to do things until he died. Rick is the first man to allow me to be in control of my own life. He has shown me that I can be in charge and I never intend to let anyone take advantage of me again."

"You fucked up your own life. Be grateful Rick is giving you a chance to stay out of prison; either way, you're going to be used by somebody. At least this way your life stays relatively normal. Normal is a choice I never had."

Maria looked up at the young woman, marveling that her life hadn't destroyed her; it had made her a strong and mature woman way before she should have had to grow up. Maria bowed her head. "Thank you, Mistress."



Life Changes

Rick entered the kitchen, Donna behind him. He looked around judging the job Maria had done and nodded. "Take Maria to the gym and start her on her exercises, then come on back. We have a few things to discuss." Lisa nodded and led Maria out of the room. Donna poured three cups of coffee and sat with Rick at the table until Lisa returned.

"Your mother and I have been talking." Rick started as Lisa sat down. "We think it best if you finish collage and get a business degree. You are going to take over the companies eventually and you should know how to run them. Right now they are being run by managers with some oversight by me and that will do for now but we really need someone who knows how to run them."

Lisa listened, shocked at Rick's pronouncement. Take over the companies; her?

"The other choice is to sell the companies and just invest the money. That also takes some expertise but we can hire experts to control the investments. There is enough money between what we have invested now and what the sale of the companies would bring in that we would never have to worry about money. Or for that matter neither would any kids or grandkids.”

Lisa sat for a few minutes and thought about it. "I would like to finish collage, but I don't think I want to spend my life running the companies."

Rick nodded. "I don't have the education or the need to run them either. Ok. That's settled, you finish collage; in the mean time I'll set things in motion to sell the companies and invest the proceeds."

"Maria is doing a 15 minute set on each gym machine then 30 minutes on the treadmill." Lisa informed Rick. "She should be done about noon." Rick nodded. "Good because I have an idea that I want to try with her this afternoon. Lisa, why don't you invite some of your school friends over for the afternoon, do some swimming, order pizza, and movies for the evening. Have some fun."

Lisa grinned, "I'd love to. You're the best, My Lord" She ran from the room, robe flapping loose behind her. Rick grinned as he watched her butt and legs run up the stairs. Donna smiled; she had never seen her daughter so happy. Rick was a stern taskmaster and a hard Master to please, but both she and Lisa seemed to be thriving under his ownership. Donna thought Maria would too.

Rick waited until Donna finished her cup of coffee before ordering her to go get cleaned and made up to go out. "I'll pick out your outfit in a few minutes." Rick went to the gym to checkup on Maria.

Maria had started out with the lighter machines and had just started to do leg presses when Rick walked in. She blushed thinking how obscene this must look, naked and spread as the weights forced her legs open exposing her wet and wide open pussy to Rick's intense eyes.

He stood at the end of the bench watching her as she pressed the weights up and then let the weights slowly press her legs back to her chest. He moved up beside her and began playing with her tits, forcing her to concentrate to press the weights back up. She continued the reps building up a sweat that was only partially from the exercise.

His hands drifted lower and his fingers began to slip back and forth across her clit. Her legs began to shake as she battled to push the weights up despite his distracting stimulation. She locked her legs in full extension just as the timer went off. It took all she could do to lower the weights back down slowly. Rick stepped back and let her up. He took her over to the pull down bar and set the weight at more then she thought she could even move. She gripped the bar and felt Rick's body tight across her back. She began to pull down, spreading her legs as she pulled and Rick's hard cock slammed into her pussy.

"Pull, slut!" Rick ordered. She began pulling down again as he thrust into her. She lost her grip and the weights crashed back down. He shoved her down on her hands and knees, fucking her hard. It only took a few minutes before he came deep in her pussy. He pulled her back upright by her hair still deep in her pussy. "You need to learn to concentrate better." Rick growled. His hand still in her hair he stood bringing her up with him. "Finish your exercises then shower and come find me." He pulled out of her and walked away.

She stood for a few moments getting herself back from the subspace he had put her in and returned to the bar, pulling the weights up slowly.

It was almost noon when she went looking for Rick. She checked the downstairs rooms and then scampered up to the Master bedroom. She could hear Lisa laughing and talking as she passed her room. She went into the Master bedroom and dropped to her submissive position, Rick was sitting in a chair watching Donna as she finished getting dressed.

Donna was wearing skintight low-rider leather pants and a leather vest that barely contained her large breasts. The deep v showed the bulge of her tits as the vest squeezed them into the v. Maria could see the nipple rings on the outside of the vest and realized it had cuts to push the nipples through with a strip of leather threaded through the rings over the nipples. Donna's black hair shone and caught the light as it flowed down her back. She was wearing black leather boots with a wide cuff that hugged her calves and ended at her knees. Her single piece of jewelry was the silver shock collar gleaming on her neck.

Rick placed Donna at attention and motioned Maria up. He looked her over and told her to stay put as he walked out of the room. He returned in a few moments with a tee shirt and short mini skirt and sandals.
They had to belong to Lisa and while Maria was a petite woman the clothes were way too small for her. The tee shirt was so tight she could barely pull it on. The skirt exposed the bottom of her ass cheeks and if she moved her pussy flashed as she walked. Rick pulled the skirt lower by unbuttoning the top button at the side, now it just covered her.

Rick looked at the effect and grinned, "Guess we need to go shopping. Let's go, Ladies." He led them both downstairs to the waiting limo. The driver, a big black man, grinned as he assisted the women into the car while getting a good look at Maria's bare ass and pussy. Rick slapped him on the shoulder as he climbed in with the women. Moments later the car drove off down the drive.

Inside the limo Rick sat Donna on the rear bench seat and took the seat beside her. He made Maria kneel on the floor facing him, which left her naked ass pointed towards the limo driver as the short skirt rose way up exposing her almost completely. She was blushing knowing the driver had a perfect view of her ass and pussy. She knew she could do nothing to cover herself.

Rick sat watching her humiliation and enjoying her discomfort. The ride would take a good half hour if traffic were clear. Rick decided to further her humiliation. "Maria, crawl over here and suck my cock."

He watched the play of emotions cross her face, fear and anger and resignation and shame. He watched as she slowly crawled to him her ass totally exposed and as she freed his cock and began to lick and suck it he looked up to see the driver watching it all in the rear view mirror.

Donna watched Maria, knowing what she was going through. She smiled at the driver knowing he was enjoying the show. She also knew what Rick intended to do the rest of the day with Maria and knew in some perverted way she would enjoy watching the woman get humiliated.

Even as Maria sucked Rick's cock trying to do her best, she glanced back at the driver watching her in his rear view mirror and thought of how obscene she must look ass and pussy hanging out, cock in her mouth, kneeling on the floor like a prostitute giving a blow job.

Despite her best efforts Rick still had not cum by the time they reached their destination. Rick pushed her away as the car came to a halt. She tried to rearrange her cloths to cover as much as possible before she got out of the car. Rick told her to walk beside Donna, both women to stay two steps behind him.

Rick led the way into a leather shop. He found a clerk and explained what he wanted for Maria. The clerk led them to several racks of leather clothes and asked Rick what sizes he required. Rick pointed at Maria and asked the clerk to measure her. The clerk a twenty something kid enjoyed measuring her bust and waist and hips. When Rick asked for an inseam measurement also, the kid's hard-on was obvious as his hand went up under her skirt and brushed her bare pussy.

Rick picked several skirts and a bunch of tops for her to try on. He accompanied her to the dressing room and stood in the open doorway of the cubical, sending the clerk back and forth for different sizes or colors while she stood naked to any eyes that passed. The clerk was almost cumming in his pants as Rick had him adjust and tie and remove the different pieces of clothing on Maria as she stood like a doll being dressed and undressed.

Rick finally picked several outfits that he had the clerk bag up. He left Maria dressed in a leather fawn colored skirt with a slit up one side that revealed most of her leg and buttock as she moved. He picked an identically colored top that covered her tits but was cut so short the bottom slope of her breasts were revealed and if she raised her arms so were her nipples. The color of the outfit was so close to Maria's natural color from a distance she looked nude.

They returned to the limousine and the driver was almost drooling as he helped her into the back. This time Rick had her sit on one side of him and Donna on the other. They had barely pulled back into the traffic when Rick slid his hand up the slit in her skirt, exposing her and spreading her legs. He began rubbing her clit and sliding his fingers in and out of her wide-open cunt. Once again he shamed her by making her orgasm in full view of the young black driver.

The next stop was lingerie shop, where Maria was forced to model everything from sheer nightgowns to teddies to the tiniest string thongs. Each outfit she was given to try on she also had to walk completely through the store to have Rick and Donna approve. Several men and a couple of women stopped shopping and just watched as she changed and modeled each outfit.

By the end of the outing Maria figured her blush circuits were permanently burned out. She even began to flounce and spin as she walked back and forth, bending to show off her assets. She began to enjoy exhibiting her body and watching the reactions of the people she passed as she ran back and forth for her Master's pleasure.

The final stop was a restaurant and nightclub where Rick invited the driver, whose name they learned was Kaspur to join them for dinner and a night out. Maria was told that she was to be Kaspur's date and to treat him as she would a lover. Kaspur was told that Maria would do what ever he asked of her and to enjoy Maria as his sex slave.

Kaspur thought Maria was just fine and intended to enjoy himself. Being the driver he couldn't drink but that was his only limitation. Once they were seated for dinner he placed his hand on Maria's leg as Rick had done earlier and slipped his fingers into her pussy.

Maria stiffened then relaxed and spread her legs giving Kaspur access. She reached across under the table and felt the large cock stiffening in Kaspur's pants. Dinner was relaxed and slow while the club filled with people. Kaspur took Maria dancing as the band launched into their first number. Kaspur allowed his hands to freely wander over Maria's leather clad body as they danced.

The thought that this big stranger was touching her, playing with her and was going to fuck her before the night was over was turning on Maria. Every time she moved against Kaspur she could feel his rock solid cock pushing to get out of his pants.

Both couples danced and drank, enjoying themselves late into the night. They walked back to the limo and Rick invited Kaspur to join them in the rear of the parked car. He closed the door and told Maria to strip. Maria made a slow production of it, rubbing against Kaspur and slowly divesting herself of the new clothes and opening herself to Kaspur's hands.

Kaspur wasted no time, he explored Maria body playing and toying with Maria's breasts and ass. Maria unzipped his pants and drew out the large black cock she had been rubbing against all evening. She licked his shaft and head getting it wet before turning and placing it against her cunt lips.

Kaspur immediately thrust himself deep in the woman's cunt, shoving her deep into the limo's seat cushions as he fucked her. Maria was making little grunting sounds as each stroke slammed into her.

Rick had pulled Donna's pants down and was rubbing her clit as he forced her head down on his engorged cock. Rick's need was so strong watching the other couple fuck, that he paid no attention to Donna's struggle to take him into her throat. Donna was choking slightly and having trouble getting a breath as her Master kept forcing her to take him deeper in her throat. He exploded his thick cum filling Donna's throat as he held her down. She swallowed as much as she could fighting to breathe. Rick finally let her up and held her as she regained her breath.

Kaspur kept slamming into the hot wet pussy beneath him. He noticed the cane marks on her ass and figured she liked it rough, so he kept smacking her ass with each stroke pressing her deep into the seat. Maria was gasping as the hard cock and the stinging slaps overwhelmed her senses. She came and came again before she felt him begin to shudder, as he got ready to pour his sperm into her. When it came, heating her insides she did also, shuddering into a third and violent orgasm.

Kaspur sat back collapsing onto the jump seat, his once rock hard cock beginning to go soft and covered with Maria's juices and his own cum. Rick snapped his fingers and Donna slid down to her knees and licked Kaspur's cock clean. Kaspur got almost hard again watching the raven-haired woman lick his black cock.

Once both couples recovered and redressed, Kaspur exited the limo and returned to the driver's seat, piloting the long car back to the mansion. Rick paid the bill and tipped Kaspur lavishly before escorting his two slaves into their home.



The Pool Party

Lisa wasted no time calling four of her friends and inviting them to her party. She had them bring anyone they wanted; figuring that her friends list of friends would cover just about all the party animals in her old collage classes.

She had set the start time at 3pm and was pleasantly surprised that by 3:30 she had at least 20 kids in and around the pool. The first pizza delivery was there by 4 and the party was in full swing. Several people brought music CD's and the mansions stereo was filling the air with rap and rock and metal music. Kids were dancing, swimming and enjoying the hot tub. Several kids brought beer or other liquors and the smell of pot was noticeable in several areas of the party.

It wasn't long before someone striped off his or her swimsuit and the party began to heat up from there. Couples were making out in the Jacuzzi, and others were rough housing in the pool, stripping the shy and tossing them in the pool. Lisa stripped off her top and was immediately the center of attention with her extended nipples and the rings in her breasts.

Her girl friends asked a million questions and the boys just stared or asked to touch them. Lisa was enjoying the attention especially the attention of Mark a senior with a killer bod that Lisa was interested in exploring.

Mark spent several minutes talking and complimenting Lisa before he asked to touch her rings. Moments later he was licking and sucking on her nipples as his finger rubbed the tiny scrap of cloth that almost covered her pussy. Lisa dragged him into the hot tub before allowing him access to the rest of her body. She quickly released his cock from his swim trunks and was giving him a hand job under the cover of the swift blowing bubbles.

She enjoyed his surprise when he slid his fingers under the bikini and discovered the rings in her labia. She began stroking him harder and was pleased when he lay back and just began enjoying her ministrations. Lisa looked around the pool area while she jerked Mark off. Several of her friends were making out, one was giving her boyfriend a bj on the lounge chair, another was being played with by two guys neither of which was her current beau.

Mark began to tremble in her hands and Lisa knew he was only seconds from cumming so she ducked her head and sucked his cock into her mouth. He exploded immediately, squirting load after load into down her throat. Lisa swallowed it all before letting him slide out of her mouth and back into the tub.

Mark surprised her by lifting her to the side of the tub and diving between her legs. Using the rings to hold her cunt open he began to lick and suck her clit and toy with the ring until she came. Lisa took Mark's hand and pulled him from the tub abandoning any pretense of getting redressed, she walked him into the mansion kitchen and both dove into the pizza and beer.  By eight a lot of the kids had gone home, several poured into cabs as Lisa had collected everyone's car keys when they arrived and wouldn't let anyone who had been drinking drive.

Lisa had to arrange a ride back to the dorm for Francine a dark skinned Latin girl with incredible tits who had been topless almost since the party started. She had kissed and been felt up by several of the guys, without letting any of them go any farther. Lisa knew she was still a virgin and a catholic. She intended to stay a virgin until she married but she wasn't a prude and was known to give a guy she really liked oral sex if he agreed not to push for more. Most of the guys she dated (settled) for her terms but with her passed out drunk, Lisa wasn't about to let any of the pussy hungry boys give her a lift either way. She called for a limo and poured the girl in the back.

Lisa closed down the party at 10 knowing Rick and her mother would be back before too long. Mark stayed to help clean up and move the cars that Lisa had kept from leaving off to the side of the drive, out of the way. They sat and talked until almost midnight before Mark had to go.

Christy, her best girlfriend from school was passed out on the couch in the entertainment room. Lisa's best estimate was 6 beers and several shots of tequila had done the girl in: the two guys she had been making out with, had stripped off her bikini way earlier in the evening, but she had passed out before they could talk her into sex. Lisa made one last check of the house, finding a few more empties and a pair of panties, and then went up to bed.

It was almost two when the trio got home. Rick sent Donna up to bed and took Maria out to her cage before checking the house and pool. He noted the debris from the party had been cleaned up and was amused at the collection of cars in the drive. Rick locked up the house and decided to fix himself a snack before bed. Taking the sandwich and a glass of bourbon he went to watch some TV while he ate: that's when he discovered the naked teen passed out on his couch.

He set the sandwich and drink beside his recliner, and checked the teen. She was out cold, her breath smelling of beer. Rick sat down and began enjoying his snack as he examined the girl's body lying exposed on the couch. Setting aside his snack he went to a cabinet and took out his digital camera. He spent several minutes setting up lights the way he wanted and began taking pics of the unconscious nude. He stopped every few seconds and repositioned her naked body, then fired off more shots.

Her blond hair was too short to do much with and her breasts while nice with pink tipped nipples were small. He noted she was a natural blond with a peach fuzz of fine hair covering her pussy. She had a nicely shaped ass that he took a lot of pics of after laying her on her stomach. He pushed a pillow under her tummy to get the ass curved up just as he wanted. He then spread her legs getting several pussy shots from behind.

When he turned her on her side and positioned her arms, her mouth fell open and he just couldn't resist taking his cock out and taking pics of it as he pushed it into her open mouth. The girl began sucking on the head as if she had a thumb in her mouth. Rick kept filming. Finally he couldn't stand it and stroked himself off, spraying his cum across the teen's face and tits. He took more photos of the gray-white cum dripping down her face and running off the mounds of her breasts. He scooped up several of the thick clumps and dripped them into her open mouth.

Rick went to the bathroom and returned with a warm washcloth. He cleaned the girls face and tits then covered her with a blanket. He finished his snack and put away the camera before heading up to bed chuckling at himself for being a dirty old man.

Donna was as usual the first to awaken the next morning and she quietly went downstairs and started coffee. She went out to release Maria from her cage and the two returned to the kitchen for coffee before starting the daily cleaning which didn't take long as Lisa and her friends had done most of the cleaning after the party. Soon they headed for the exercise room to get their daily chore done.

Lisa woke curled in Rick's arms and reached down for his sleep-hardened cock. She began gently jerking him off and he rolled on his back allowing her to straddle his thighs and mount his cock before he was completely awake. She rode his cock, sliding him in and out of her pussy as she watched his expression.

Rick awoke to the weight of the pretty red headed teenager milking his cock with her ringed and nude pussy. He watched her puffy tits and extended nipples bounce as she slid and rose and pressed down on his cock. Her thick long red hair flying around her body caught the morning sun like a crimson curtain, haloing her athletic body.

Since he had cum on the drunken blonds face earlier that morning, he had no problem holding off cumming until he saw Lisa throw her head back as she rode her wave of pleasure and came. They showered together before heading down for breakfast. Rick heard the sounds from the exercise room and stopped in to see who was doing what.

He was pleased to find both his slaves working out together. He stood for a few moments watching the naked sweating bodies of the women straining on the various pieces of gym equipment. He walked over to Donna, who was lying on a bench, pushing weight up to work on her shoulder and arm muscles. He checked the amount of weights she was using and decided she could handle a lot more. He told her to stop and changed the weights. He went to a drawer and removed some string, which he quickly tied into little hangman's nooses. He tied these to Donna' nipples behind her rings and stretched the string taut. He had her push the bar up to full extension and quickly tied the string over a crossbeam of the machine and to the bar. When Donna let the bar down it would pull tight stretching her tits and nipples. When the bar was resting in its slot her tits were pulled painfully tight. She had to extend the bar holding the weight up to get relief from the pulling string.

Rick stood back and watched as she began to lower the bar, her tits beginning to stretch as the string pulled taut. She pushed up to relieve her tits and the muscles in her back, shoulder and arms strained to hold up the weight.

Lisa came into the room and handed Rick a cup of coffee, staring at the torture He had devised for her mother. Donna's arms couldn't hold the weight up any more and the bar dropped down to rest, Donna moaned from the pain in her breasts and began to push up the weights again. Her tits settled back on her chest and her arms shook from the strain of holding up the weight.

When she couldn't hold the weight any more Lisa knelt beside her, fingering her stretched breast feeling where the skin was pulled tight. She rubbed her fingertip across the purple and blood filled tip of her mother's nipple. Lisa suddenly pinched the nipple eliciting a scream from her mother who quickly pushed the weights back up. Lisa reached down and began rubbing her mothers clit causing Donna to lose concentration and let the weights drop back down. Lisa was smiling as she tortured her mother obviously enjoying herself at her mother's expense.

Rick had wandered over to Maria who was lying on her back doing leg lifts. He straddled her face and dropped his cock onto her lips. "Suck it while you lift." He ordered. Maria opened her mouth, sucking his flaccid cock in and licking as she sucked. Rick took the riding crop he had picked up before he approached Maria and began swatting her across the pussy. "Lift. Suck. Lift. Suck" He punctuated each command with a swat on her pussy. The combination of his beating her pussy and her sucking his prick got him hard.

No one noticed Christy watching from the doorway. She was staring at her naked best friend torturing her own equally naked mother as her stepfather beat some other naked woman who was sucking his cock. Christy didn't know what was going on. She was shocked at what she was seeing. She was also turned on.

Watching the woman suck on her best friends father's cock while the whip thingy was hitting her down there; Christy wondered how it would feel to be hit while sucking a cock. It made her feel warm and wet and horny. She wondered why Lisa was doing things to her mom that Christy had only read about in trashy lesbian romance novels.

Lisa looked up, spotting Christy in the doorway. Oh shit! I forgot she was passed out on the couch. Lisa thought as she covertly kept an eye on her friend. When Christy started rubbing her own bare pussy, Lisa caught her attention and motioned her to come in.

Christy was rubbing her clit, getting close to cumming when Lisa looked up signaled her to go in. Christy was taken aback; join her in torturing Mrs. Tyler? Lisa pointed at her and then made a dramatic gesture pointing at a place beside her. Christy slowly moved into the room, going to her friend's side. Lisa caught her wrist and pulled her down besides her all the while continuing to rub her mother's clit.

"Mom's a pain slut and Rick likes to punish her for getting fat." Lisa whispered. "He lets me help."

"But she's your Mom." Christy whispered back. "Who's that other lady?"

"That's one of Rick's slaves. He a bondage Master and he's teaching me to be a Master too."

"Wow! You mean kinky sex and everything?"

"Yeah, sort of."

Christy nodded towards Maria and Rick. "Doesn't that hurt?"

"Like a bitch!" Lisa nodded. "But it kinda feels good after awhile and then you just kinda explode and zone out."

Christy sat and watched for a few minutes. Donna's arms finally gave out and she gave a little scream as she both came and the weights slammed to the bottom, stretching her tits to their limit. Donna lay there panting, her pussy trembling and her hands clenching and unclenching, her head tilted back, arching her back.

"Check out her tits." Lisa motioned Christy to explore her mother. Christy reached over feeling the strings tension, rubbing the end of Mrs. Tyler's nipples and the tight flesh of her breasts.

"Lisa." Rick called. "Release your mother and help her to the shower. "

Lisa pulled the quick release knot on the string and loosened the hangman's knot around her nipples. "Watch this." She told her friend. The blood returning to the nipples brought Donna straight up from the pain and tingling of returning circulation. Lisa bent Christy's head down. "Quick suck on her nipple while I get the other one." Lisa bent over and sucked her mother's nipple into her mouth, nipping it with her teeth. Christy hesitated for a second then sucked on the remaining nipple. Donna screamed again as the two girl's sucked blood into the nipples and the pain intensified. When she lay back down the two girls released her breasts and watched as a lazy smile came over Donna's face.

"She's in subspace. That's the zoning out I told you about." Lisa explained to Christy.

"Go watch Rick while I get Mom into the shower." Lisa helped her Mother stand swaying slightly and headed her for the shower. She pushed Christy towards the other couple as she left.

Christy walked towards Rick and Maria like a zombie. She couldn't seem to control her eyes, focused on the cock being sucked into the woman's mouth and the whippy thingy continuing to slap the bright red pussy.

Rick's hand on her shoulder pushed her into a kneeling position, level with the woman's mouth and the cock pistoning in and out of it. Christy's head kept turning from side to side as if at a tennis tournament. Watch the cock, watch the whip hit the pussy, watch the cock go deep in the mouth, watch the wet and red pussy spasm.

Rick couldn't hold back any more, he dropped the whip, pulled his cock out of Maria's mouth and sprayed his cum all over her face, tits and belly. Maria dropped the leg weights with a clang and shuddered before going totally limp. Rick stood there dripping cum and breathing heavily. His cock was still engorged and wet with Maria's saliva and some of his own cum oozing from the tip.

Christy knelt mesmerized, inches from the dripping cock. She swayed forward and licked the cum from his cock, then sucked the entire head into her mouth, tasting the salty sour taste.

"Thank you." Rick said as she sat back shocked at what she had just done. Christy was suddenly conscious of the fact that she was nude, with a nude woman in front of her and Lisa's stepfather standing over her, his cock swaying before her eyes; a cock she had just licked clean.

Suddenly Lisa was there and helped Christy to her feet. "Come on, girlfriend. Let's find us some clothes." She pulled Christy until both were running across the house and up the stairs.

Rick stood for a moment in silent wonder at the events of the last half hour. He reached down and slapped Maria's tit. "Up, you lazy slut. Go get showered and then fix a bunch of steak and eggs and hash browns and juice. We all need breakfast."

Maria rolled off the bench onto her hands and knees. "Yes Master, breakfast cumming right up." Maria giggled and stumbled her way out of the room. Rick stood shaking his head. Life just kept getting stranger and stranger.



New Home New Blood

Three months later, life had changed again. The businesses had all sold, bought by some huge conglomerate. Maria was now officially his personal assistant and unofficially his sex and pain slave. She and Donna were doing great taking care of the mansion and him. Lisa was working with a tutor every morning and getting ready to take her collage finals in a couple of months. Most surprising to Rick was Christy.

Lisa and Christy had had a long conversation before coming down to breakfast and then had another long conversation with Rick in his den after breakfast. The long and short of it was that Christy wanted to be trained as a sex slave.

She and Lisa argued their points for several hours and Rick decided to let them give it a try if a way could be found to do it without risking everything. Christy's family was large but not particularly close and was what was known as working poor. It didn't take much to convince them that since they were soon to be leaving on a world tour, Lisa needed a companion and that Christy would benefit from a personnel tutor while traveling with them.

Unknown to either girl Christy's dad required a little more persuasion, ten grand worth of persuasion. Rick thought the man a fool; the girl was worth a hell of a lot more than ten large.
Now Lisa slept in her own room with her new slave /best friend in attendance. Rick slept with Donna or Maria or both or he tossed both in the cage he had built in the room and slept alone.

Christy was 19 soon to be 20 and Lisa was soon to be 19. Rick decided it was time to take this circus on the road. He booked a plane and rented a villa on a nice island in the Caribbean. He figured he would take his little family there for a few months then move on to Greece for a while; maybe see Australia and some pacific islands.

Six weeks later Rick was reclining in his big lounge chair on the deck of the villa watching the ocean and enjoying some kind of rum drink that Donna had made, while his two slaves lay slathered in oil and tanned from head to toe on woven mats on the beach. Lisa was over by some palm trees wearing just a bikini bottom and practicing with her single tail on the tanned and striped back of Christy, who was tied and gagged, spread nude between those very same palms.

He spotted the movement in the bushes hiding the cliff base and quietly slipped around the side of the villa. It took him about five minutes to circle noiselessly around behind the spot where he had seen the movement. There he found two teenage boys with binoculars and cameras. They were so focused on the scene his women were displaying he could have been playing in a marching band and they wouldn't have heard.

He reached down and hauled them both up by the hair. They began yelling so he smacked them together and marched them down onto the beach. Donna, Maria and Lisa met him as he pushed the boys out of the jungle.

"We have a couple of spies with cameras.' The women all began to yell at the boys and Rick let it continue for a minute or so. "Attention ladies." The noise shut off like a switch had been pressed. "Donna, go to the base of the cliff and retrieve their stuff. Maria you go to the toy box and get me a couple of sets of arm and leg cuffs. Lisa cut Christy down and meet me in the house.' He issued orders to all three then proceeded into the house, never releasing the boys for a second.

Maria met him in the living room with the cuffs he requested and in moments the boys were bound hand and foot. Lisa and Christy walked in followed moments later by Donna carrying an armload of cameras, and other gear. Lisa snapped her fingers and all three slaves went to one side of the room and placed themselves at attention. Lisa and Rick divided up the cameras and began going through the pictures to see what the boys had filmed.

There was at least three days worth of pics, footage of Lisa and Christy's bondage sessions; of Donna, being paddled while Maria was eating her pussy. Maria hung suspended, inverted and sucking Rick's cock as he dripped hot wax from a candle into and onto her pussy and tits. The final footage was Christy's whipping today, though a lot of the footage from the camera with the biggest telephoto lenses was of Donna's and Maria's wet and oiled pussies. All the cameras were digital and very expensive, too expensive for the boys to be innocent voyeurs.

Rick grabbed the nearest boy, beginning to question him about what the hell they were up to. The boy gave him some bullshit story of just wanting to film the hot tourist women. Lisa went to the other boy and yanked down his swim trunks. She grabbed his cock in one hand and smacked his balls with the other. He started to scream and Lisa had Christy shove a gag in his mouth. She went back to pulling his balls and smacking them as Christy held the boy down.

Rick had hauled the first boy up and made him watch for a few minutes, then asked him again what they were up to. Again he got the bullshit story. He dropped the boy and told Lisa to work on them and call him when they were ready to tell the truth. Lisa reached over and pulled the boys trunks down to his knees.

"We were hired. We were hired."

Rick looked back and inquired. "By whom and for what?"

"To take da pictures. Of all da women but especially of the blond girl and especially of her getting fucked." The boy was talking fast, looking fearfully at Lisa who had taken her hand and wrapped her fingers around his ball sack.

"WHO HIRED YOU?" Rick thundered.

Lisa gave the boys balls a hard tug. "A white guy, man. I don't know. We was to meet him at da hotel. Only after we had pictures of da blond girl fuckin wit you. Dat's all. We just take da pictures, man."

Rick gave orders quickly. "Cage dummy number two. Lisa get dressed. Donna hold down the fort and everyone stay inside, doors locked until we get back. You boy, are going to point out this white guy. And if I find out you are lying to me: Lisa and the girls get to play kick the can with your balls."

It took several hours for Julio, (that was the boys name) to spot the "white guy". Lisa kept reaching into his swim trunks every fifteen minutes to remind him what would happen if he failed. Julio was so scared of the red haired witch he peed himself at least once. It only took Rick and Lisa a second to identify the white guy as Christy's money-grubbing fool of a father.

"Take Julio back to the villa and wait. I'll handle this and meet you back there.' Rick got out of the land rover he had leased while they were on the island. Lisa had gotten good at driving the sturdy little truck and wasted no time wheeling it around and heading back to the villa.

Rick stalked the fool for an hour or so before he finally returned to his room. Rick waited a few minutes listening at the door to be sure he was alone before knocking. Rick used his best imitation of the islands accent, "Sir, I have the message for you, from a Julio." Rick figured his accent was lousy but he also figured this fool wouldn't know the difference. He was right, as Christy's father came straight to the door and began to open it.

That was when Rick kicked the door, which slammed into the fool, knocking him into the room and flat on his butt. Rick was there almost before the man hit the floor. Rick pulled him up by his shirt and rabbit punched his nose a couple of quick times. Then he hauled him up and dropped him on the bed.

"Let me guess." Rick began "You decided that ten grand wasn't enough. That I was fucking your daughter and you could blackmail me with pictures and get a lot more money. So you used the ten grand to buy cameras and a plane ticket and hired a couple of local dummies and here we are. How am I doing so far?"

"You broke my nose." The man blubbered.

"Yep, I did and that's just for starters." Rick grabbed the man's shirt." I used to be a cop; asshole, I spotted your idiots, found out about you and now have them in the local jail. Where, for about 200 bucks, I can have them on a chain gang for years. Once I have you arrested for blackmail and extortion, you will get to join them."

He looked down at the sniveling man. "You idiot, on this island money can buy just about anything. Your daughter isn't my fuck toy. For far less than the ten grand I gave you I could buy a fucking houseful of women, girls or babies for that matter and nobody would ask questions. And you think I paid you that money so I could fuck her?" Rick shook the man. "I should send her home and sue you for my money back. Or just let her know that you sold her in the first place."

The man was turning whiter than a ghost.

"There is a plane ticket at the airport on the first plane out of the islands: if you aren't on that plane and if I ever hear from you again, she goes home and your ass will be tied up in court for the rest of your miserable life. I can always find another companion for my daughter."

Christy's father begged him not to send her home. He knew if Christy and his wife ever found out about the ten grand or the blackmail attempt, his life would be ruined. He promised over and over to leave and never bother Rick or his daughter again. Rick sucker punched him once in the stomach and let him fall.

Rick stopped at the hotel desk and arraigned for the ticket. He had the bellhop deliver the message with the flight time to man's room and waited in the bar until he saw him check out and take the airport bus. Rick hired a cab, went to the airport and made sure the man got on the plane. Once the plane had taken off, he went back to the villa.

Lisa tied a rope around Julio's cock and balls, leaving his swim trunks around his knees. She used the rope to lead Julio back into the villa where she tied the rope high enough to make Julio stand on tip toes to keep his balls from being ripped off. Lisa set a chair next to the half naked boy and had Christy kneel beside it.

The other boy's name was almost unpronounceable to Lisa so she just called him Fred. Fred didn't object from his position in the cage cuffed and gagged. His swim trunks had been left on the floor and his naked body was on complete display.

Lisa took another rope and made a hangman's noose, which she used to tie the boy's cock and pull his groin up to the bars. She tied the rope off, leaving his prick outside the cage. Lisa went back to her chair and stroked Julio's cock in an absent-minded manner while she sat and thought.

"Julio" Lisa purred. "How many people know we are living here?"

"Everybody knows da rich American and his women are here. Ma'am"

"Hummm," Lisa stroked his cock and thought some more. "Are you a bad boy, Julio?"

"No, ma'am."

"So you just spy on women and take pictures of them naked?"

Julio stammered, "Yes ma'am. I mean no, Ma'am. I just, I was, I mean aarragh....."

Lisa had pulled the rope crushing his balls. "You are a bad boy, Julio. I think you and Fred need to be punished."

Julio watched as Lisa went over to Fred and began placing rubber bands around each of Fred's balls. Fred groaned and shook his head but that was all he could do tied and bound as he was. Lisa smiled at him and bent over to suck his cock, until his long black cock was rock hard. She gave him another big smile.

Julio was watching amazed, this was torture? Da crazy rich white bitch.  Lisa placed another rubber band at the base of Fred's cock, which instantly began to take on a dark purple hue. Lisa motioned Christy forwards. "Christy darling, suck this boys cock for an hour or so."

Christy crawled to the cage; her tits swaying beneath her and her short blond hair haloed her face as she gently licked the head of the shaft. She got the entire shaft wet before slowly drawing the cock into her throat and equally slowly letting it slip back out. She kept up the rhythm over and over.

"Some torture huh, Julio?" Lisa sat back stroking his cock. "Of course Fred won't really appreciate it until he has to cum.... And can't. You see the rubber bands will keep him from ejaculating and Christy will just keep sucking and sucking."

Julio watched in horror as Lisa snapped a rubber band around the base of his cock; she just kept stroking him as she called for Maria to service the boy. Maria came in all naked and oiled; she rubbed Julio's cock with her slick titties and began to suck on his swollen member. Lisa stepped behind Julio and smacked his balls with a riding crop from behind between his legs. Julio screamed and Lisa stuffed his mouth with a gag fastening it tight behind his head.

Maria continued to suck as the boy wiggled against the rope holding him in place. It wasn't long before both boys were screaming behind their gags trying to get relief for their tortured members. The slaves ignored their pleas and kept sucking.

Lisa went to her toy bag and returned wearing a huge strap on dildo, glistening with the oil she had just applied. She slowly released the rope holding Julio by his balls and eased him down to his knees. Maria followed him down sucking as she went. Lisa bent the boy over and began to push the massive dildo's head against the boy's anus. Julio squirmed and strained to escape his fate but Lisa and Maria had him bound and held too tightly.

His anus began to stretch as Lisa pushed with a steady pressure; bit-by-bit the head of the rubber cock invaded the boy's asshole. Once the head was in Lisa paused for a moment to give his asshole time to relax around the hard rubber. Then she pushed it in inch by inch. She pulled out halfway and began again and again, each time burying more of the massive dong in his ass.

Lisa fucked his asshole as Maria was sucking his cock. The pressure to cum kept building as Lisa pressed the sensitive prostrate gland deep inside his ass and the slick mouth and tongue of Maria never stopped.

Lisa heard the taxi pull up to the villa gate and called for Donna to unlock the gate and let in Master Rick. When Donna was in route, Lisa snipped the rubber band allowing Julio to finally cum. She held him tightly, buried to the hilt in his ass as he screamed from the pain of cumming through a penis deprived of blood flow as the blood returned along with the pain of long deprived nerves.

Julio passed out just as Rick walked in the room. "What the hell?"

Lisa stood up as she pulled the dildo from Julio's ass. "Poor boy just couldn't take the orgasm we gave him. Lisa walked over to the cage and snipped Fred's bands. Even through the gag his scream could be heard plainly. Christy and Maria moved back and knelt at attention as Rick took in the sight.

One boy passed out naked and tied to a cage his now flaccid cock dripping fluid. The other passed out on his knees, his asshole gaping wide from the dildo that had pounded it for over an hour.  "Looks like you took care of the punishment part of this. We need to hire some security."

Lisa looked around. "I was just thinking that myself, though I did rather enjoy taking care of it ourselves."


Happy Birthday

Julio's naked black body gleamed with oil and sweat, muscles standing out; his single adornment was the silver chastity cage around his cock. He had put on thirty pounds of muscle due to the weight training; Mistress Lisa had put him through. Master Rick had been training him in security and hand-to-hand combat as well as weapons training.

Julio, who was actually twenty three but looked younger, enjoyed his new job as head of security and also as Mistress Lisa's slave. Master Rick had designed the security for the villa and trained Julio in each point of the new security system and the reasons why it should be that way. During the day he was mostly a slave to Mistress Lisa. She would have him spank or flog or whip the women slaves and sometimes he even got to fuck them. Sometimes they got to fuck him with strap-ons or vibrators. Sometimes Mistress Lisa would use her single tail and stripe his body from head to toe. Sometimes she would lock him in the chastity device and not let him cum for a week.

At night he was released from service: except for the chastity device. That's when he became the head of security and monitored both the security devices and the three night guards that covered the perimeter.

Once in a great while Mistress Lisa would tie his cock and balls and have one of the slave women suck his cock while she fucked him. The orgasm when she finally cut the bands was so much more than any regular orgasm he had ever had. So much more that a week after they had dumped him and Federico naked on a beach several miles from the villa, he had come crawling back to beg Mistress Lisa to accept him as her lover. She had laughed at him and countered that. She, would accept him back only as the lowliest slave in the house. He told da crazy white bitch to go fuck her self and left.

Two weeks later he crawled back and kissed her feet and moved into his cage. She had him doing every dirty nasty job that needed doing. She allowed him nothing until he proved himself. He had washed dishes and floors and the other slaves and the laundry. He had worn the degrading maid outfit and allowed everyone to order him around. He had raged and cried and gone through every emotion. Finally he accepted the fact that he was her slave, totally and completely. Nothing she ordered was too much as long as she didn't send him away. He would die for her. Somehow, she had known for that very night she tied and fucked him. The next day Master Rick began training him in security.

Today was Christy's birthday and Mistress Lisa had planned something special. Donna and Maria were preparing Christy: they were washing her hair and putting on makeup. A special outfit had been ordered and delivered from Madame Ducas, the old dyke in San Francisco.

A great meal had been catered in and special cake was waiting in the kitchen fridge. Julio had also arranged for some special guests, who were waiting for their cue at the upper end of the driveway.

Rick and Lisa signaled Donna who brought Christy and Maria down to the dining room. Candles were placed everywhere and the meal was spread across the long table. Christy was shown to the head of the table and seated in her new white gown. Dinner was a happy affair with Julio and Donna catering to Christy's every need. Then it was time for the presents.

Christy opened the first box from Mistress Lisa, a pure white leather bodysuit. It had several zippers in strategic places, closed it could be worn anywhere but unzip and you had access to all the naughty places on a woman you would want to reach. Master Rick gave her the complimentary white thigh high leather boots. Donna and Maria gave her certificates good for massages or baths to be redeemed when she pleased. Julio gave her a giant conch shell so she could hear the ocean whenever she wished. Christy was overjoyed with her presents. She had never owned anything so expensive or so beautiful.

"Now it's time for the traditional cake and candles." Lisa smiled. "Ladies, clear the table. Christy I have one more surprise for you. Come with me." Lisa led her slave out into the living room. All the furniture had been removed and the floor was covered with thick soft mats all in light blue. Four black ropes led to the center of the room. Lisa laid Christy down and tied a rope to each of her ankles and wrists. Rick slowly tightened the ropes lifting Christy a foot or so off the floor.

"Here is your final present, my darling slave." Lisa whistled and Julio led six nude black men into the room. They gathered around Christy, stroking cocks of every shape and size. Rick had turned on a movie camera and started filming as the six men began to feel the helpless girl's body. In just a few moments they had stripped her nude shredding her new gown.

They released the ropes and twisted the girl as they grabbed her tits, pussy and ass. Fingers began to probe at every hole and Christy could feel oil being rubbed into her cunt and dripped down along her ass crack. A big finger began to rub the oil into her asshole and then push its way inside. A cock was shoved in her face and rubbed across her lips; another began to push into her pussy. She opened her mouth and it was immediately filled with black man flesh.

She found herself turned until she was lying on the man whose cock was in her pussy, her hair was pulled back lifting her face to the cock that returned to her mouth and another big cock pressed at her asshole.

Hands mauled her tits and ass, cocks filled her holes and more guys stood around waiting for their turn. As soon as one guy came and pulled out another cock took his place. Christy could feel cum dripping from her pussy and asshole, cum sprayed across her tits and back. Her face was slimed with dripping goo, as was her hair.

Rick and Lisa scampered around filming every angle and trying to get every cum shot. Cocks large and small invaded each and every hole, fucking the white blond girl with black cock. Some of the guys came back for seconds and lasted quite awhile before cumming a second time.

Finally the last cock withdrew, the last drop of cum was sprayed upon her body and Christy lay on the mats dripping with juices. Lisa retied the girl before she could recover. She opened a box of candles attached to hypodermic needles. She smiled down at her slave as she pushed the first candle needle into Christy's right breast.

Christy inhaled sharply as the needle bit into her tit. It sort of burned as it sat there. Lisa pushed in another and another until fifteen candles decorated her tits. Lisa clasped her right nipple and inserted the sixteenth needle directly into her nipple, Christy screamed at that one and again when she set the seventeenth into the left nipple. Eighteen through twenty were inserted into the flesh just above her throbbing pussy. Rick filmed the whole process.

Lisa whistled. Julio, Donna and Maria carried in a large white cake with blue frosted accents on a small table. Lisa began to lite the candles. When she finished the last one, the whole group began singing happy birthday. Christy stared at the blasé of lights on her chest and watched as the wax dripped down and began to run in searing lines off her breasts.

The group finished the traditional song and Lisa smiling asked Christy," Aren't you going to blow out your candles and make a wish?"

Christy smiled up at her Mistress. "You've left me nothing to wish for, Mistress. I have everything I ever wanted."

"Then wish for it to continue forever, but blow out the candles so we can all eat the cake." Lisa instructed laughing. Christy blew as hard as she could but the angle was bad and everyone rushed to help her blow the candles out, consequently spattering most of her naked front with drops of hot wax. Lisa, Rick, Donna and Maria helped pull out the needles while Julio untied the ropes. Soon everyone was sitting on the mats eating the cake and drinking the champagne Rick had provided.

Rick sat down next to Lisa with a huge piece of cake. "That was great. So she wanted an orgy for her birthday? "

"Actually she has fantasized about being fucked by a bunch of black men ever since I have known her. Probable comes from the fact that her daddy was a bit KKK if you know what I mean." Lisa smiled as she looked across the room where all four slaves and the men Julio had hired for the night were laughing and enjoying them selves.

"How about you? What do you want for your birthday?" Rick asked.

"We both know I haven't been a child for, well forever." Lisa gave him her young / old smile. "Besides you already gave me everything I ever dreamed of having. You gave me my life back."

Rick sighed, "Lisa you had everything you needed before I came along. I just helped you realize it!"

"And for that, My Lord. I remain forever your slave."