Billion Dollar Slaves
by Domwoolf

Part 1

Story code: M/f+, BDSM, nc, XX


The Plan

She was thirty three, with an eighteen year old daughter, and the foxy grieving widow of a seventy five year old billionaire, who just happened to fall down a long flight of stairs in his multi-million dollar mansion and break his neck. Detective Rick Tyler didn't believe that for a minute but he had no evidence to prove otherwise.

That was why he was wandering around the mansion poking into every room and closet. He figured that the other detectives on the squad would keep the widow and her daughter busy for a while yet, leaving him to pry undisturbed.

Shit, he thought the guy's fuckin office is bigger than my apartment. He went through the desk and cabinets one by one. Finding nothing of interest besides an excessive number of large bills from expensive clothing and jewelry stores and several investment portfolios and bank statements showing the old man could easily afford the outlay, he turned to the many book shelves and audio and video equipment set into the walls. He noticed that the cables for both the TV and audio equipment went into the back of the shelves inlaid in the walls themselves.

Curious he went out of the office and entered the closet next to the office. It took him several minutes but he found the hidden latch that opened a door in the closet where he found the cables and electrical wiring. He also found a staircase leading down to a basement room as opulent as the office upstairs. One wall was covered in monitors, each showing a separate room in the mansion, and each with its own recording device.

Goldmine! Rick thought as he found the video showing the staircase and rewound to the hour just before the 911 call. He watched as the old man appeared on the landing at the top of the stairs. A female voice called his name and as the old man turned the daughter walked into view naked as the day she was born. Rick automatically noted her statistics, five foot two inches, red hair down to the top of her buttocks and a nice puffy set of tits, freckled and firm. As she swished her way up to the old man the wife appeared from behind him. The wife grabbed the old man's coat from behind and pulled the old man, using her leg to trip him backwards as the daughter slammed into him from the front.

Rick watched as the old man went ass over teakettle down the stairs and disappeared from the cameras view. The two women stood watching and laughing at what must have been the last gasps of the dying billionaire. The women kissed and the daughter flounced off, Rick assumed to dress for the show to come. The wife slowly descended the stairs to check on her dead husband and call 911.

Rick ejected the tape and slipped it into his jacket. He replaced it with a blank tape that he creased so it would appear that it had jammed. Once upstairs he let himself out of the closet quietly and rejoined his squad.

Detective Fran Saran took Rick aside before he could reach the main living room where everyone was being interviewed. She began. "He's worth several billion, has no living relatives and is married to a gold digging slut with an out of wedlock daughter who is suddenly a very rich bitch cause there's no evidence that it was anything but an accident."

Rick touched the tape in his pocket. He was about to tell Fran that they had the evidence when the idea struck him.

Three months later, he picked the lock after disarming the alarm system and let himself in to the mansion. If the two women stuck to their normal schedule he had until late afternoon before they would be back. Housekeeping was off today and he had the house to himself. Rick ran up the stairs and entered the closet, slipping the latch and entered the stairs to the secret room.

Here he made himself at home as he had many times over the last three months. He had been amazed to find out Mrs. Donna Lonex and her deadly little daughter knew nothing of her late husbandís cameras or his habit of keeping recordings of everything interesting that happened in his home and at his office. Rick had watched hour after hour of secret recordings. He now knew all of Howard's not so legal business dealings and had spent many hours watching the delectable Mrs. fucking and sucking and otherwise servicing her rich and kinky husband. Most surprising to Rick had been watching daughter Lisa also service her stepfather with her mothers willing consent and cooperation.

He wondered if the Mrs. knew of the suckretary and the office bondage party's that hubby had held to keep his not so proper employees in line. But that was for another day. Today it was time to put his project in play. Chuckling he took the tape he had so carefully spliced together and went to start the party.

Donna at 32 was a raven-haired beauty in the prime of her life. She glanced over at her Irish red haired daughter and smiled. They were rich beyond words now that the legal bullshit had finally been finished yesterday. Today had been a shopping trip to celebrate. New clothes and a new Mercedes made them both feel like, she laughed, a billion dollars.

She punched in the security code that opened the gate and drove the quarter mile of driveway to the house. They gathered up their packages and ran giggling into their big beautiful mansion.

"Did you leave the music playing?" Donna asked Lisa as she walked into the front living room.

"Like I would listen to that." Lisa tossed her hair. "Get real." Lisa stopped and stared. "Mom!"

Donna went quickly to her daughter's side staring at Rick sitting in Howard's big leather recliner and at the large gun in his hand pointed at both of them.

"Hello, won't you come and sit down.' He waved his gun at the sofa. Once they were seated he walked over to them tossing Donna two pairs of handcuffs. "Put those on just to keep things safe for all of us." He kept the gun pointed at Donna until they both were secured in cuffs. He reached over and cinched them tight.

Donna snapped at him, "What the hell do you think your doing?"

"Arresting you and your darling deadly daughter for murder one. That's premeditated murder and in this state that means death by lethal injection for you and twenty-five to life in prison for your daughter."

They both started denying everything as Rick started the tape. The protests died off as the tape played on the huge plasma TV. Before the sound of the body falling down the stairs faded, Rick paused the tape.

Donna stammered "He, he was a monster he beat my daughter and me and made us..." her voice trailed off as the tape resumed with Donna and Lisa taking turns sucking on the old man's cock, laughing and smiling and challenging each other as to who was the better cocksucker.

"Just in case youíre wondering there's hour after hour of both of you, happily fucking and sucking and being whipped, flogged and otherwise played with." Rick smiled at the mother and daughter. "Once youíre charged of course all that lovely money will go bye-bye as it is illegal to profit from a crime. Which means everything will be held by the court until youíre cleared or convicted. Either way you're screwed."

Donna sat staring at the muscular cop as he talked and showed piece after piece of tape showing how much he had on both of them. Damn it she thought 2 and a half years of letting that old Viagra popping fucker screw and touch her. Then her daughter after she turned eighteen, making us into his slaves and then the perfect murder and now this cop has us locked up and can throw away the key.

"Mom?" Lisa voice cracked as she looked to her mother for some kind of comfort.

"I don't know baby."

"Well now," Rick smiled "we do have option # 2."

Donna looked up. "Option 2?"

"Yep. We get married and you sign over everything to me. Now for the next 7 years I get you both as my sex slaves. At 25 I'll let your daughter move out with enough money to live comfortably the rest of her life. In 20 years I'll divorce you, same deal. And by the way I have copies of these tapes with several lawyers should you think about arraigning any accidents for me. That also kicks in no matter what happens to me, if I don't make periodic calls sooo..."

Donna was angry. "What if I decide to turn myself in? You'll spend a lot of time behind bars yourself for this."

"True darling but murder for profit trumps blackmail every time. Go ahead and call the cops and watch what happens to you and your daughter."

"If we agree? What?"

Rick interrupted. "No conditions. I own you both body and soul."

Donna looked over at Lisa and she nodded. 'We agree."

Rick put away his service revolver, tossing Donna the keys to the handcuffs.

"Letís seal the deal. Strip." Rick ordered, "Both of you."

Rick settled back in the recliner watching as they removed the handcuffs and hugged each other. This was going better then he had expected, even if he had removed any options they might have had. Pragmatic, the mother and daughter were. They examined their options and accepted the inevitable. Rick was sure they would. All the tapes he had studied told him a lot about how they thought and what they would do in most situations.

Donna began removing her top revealing a black lacy bra holding in her large natural tits. She had a firm athletic body with an all over tan, as he knew she had. Video just didn't do her body justice. She pulled her pants down and stepped out of her panties revealing a smooth shaved pussy, flat well exercised tummy and firm rounded ass.

Lisa slowly dropped her skirt over her trim shapely legs, and then untied her halter-top, her braless pink nipped breasts pointed, and nipples hard. She was a bit shy about removing the panties, and then suddenly pushed them down and off.

"Ahh!" Rick smiled. "Stand there and let me look at you. Turn slowly. That's nice. Lisa, come here." Rick patted the arm of the huge recliner. "Donna I want you to crawl over here, slowly."

As Lisa settled on the arm of the chair and Rick placed his arm around her waist, Donna dropped slowly to her knees, then down on all fours, her large breasts dangling and swaying from side to side as she crawled to the chair.

Rick waited until she was between his legs then unzipped his pants. Donna didn't need instruction; she began licking the head of his cock wetting it as she licked up and down the shaft. She sucked his cockhead into her mouth and began using her tongue to ring the head in her mouth before sucking further down the shaft.

Rick enjoyed the sensation in his groin as he sucked the puffy breast of the teenager into his mouth and bit her nipple. He loved the moan he got in response. Lisa spread her legs as the heat of his sucking began to spread down her nerves to her pussy. Rick's probing fingers found her wet slit moments later.

Rick paused and pushed his pants down and off before instructing Donna. "Lick my balls."

His fingers pinched Lisa's nipple until she gave a little scream.

Donna's face was down under his balls and her tongue was busy licking clear back to his anus. Her thoughts were going a mile a minute. At least he is clean unlike that old fart. Oh God, there's no way out of this. How did he get all those tapes? 20 years. Less then the prison time I'd get. And Lisa, I have to protect Lisa.

Lisa thoughts were much simpler. Between concentrating on what she was feeling and watching her mother suck Rick's cock she figured that if she had to fuck someone Rick was a hell of a lot better than the ancient old man Mom had her seduce.

Her mom had explained it all to her the morning of her eighteenth birthday; just what she had promised to get him to marry her and that if Lisa didn't let him fuck her, he would send her mom to jail and kick Lisa out on the street without a penny. Donna was Lisa's whole world; she would do anything to save her, even becoming the plaything of the fossil her mom married. Rick was just her newest owner.

Rick pushed Lisa down next to her mother and like Donna, Lisa needed no instruction. She began sucking his cock, taking it in to the root. Rick could feel the head of his cock in her throat and then felt her throat muscles milking his cock as she swallowed and massaged his cock. Gods that girl could suck.

Donna licking and sucking his balls and Lisa sucking his cock, Rick exploded deep in Lisa's throat. She swallowed without losing a drop.

They all caught the red eye to Las Vegas.



Rick kept both women busy the next few days. Donna spent the time filling out all the paperwork that gave her new husband power of attorney over her business, bank accounts, portfolios, and real estate. She also was forced to make Rick, her sole heir and guardian of her daughter. Lisa was withdrawn from school ostensibly to be home schooled.

Lisa was put to the task of rearranging the bedrooms to Rick's liking. He intended to have both mother and daughter sleep with him in the orgy-sized bed that he had made and delivered.

Each evening he had them take turns running up and down stairs to change from one outfit at a time as they modeled everything they owned. Rick would disapprove of most of the clothes and make the women cut them up and haul them to the trash or burn them in the oversized fireplace, one item at a time.

Not that they needed many clothes as Rick kept them naked anytime they were at the mansion. Rick had fired all the mansion staff. His personal slaves would do the work as well as servicing him wherever and whenever he demanded.

Once Rick had all the legal options covered, he booked the three of them a trip to San Francisco. He took them to several of the leading bondage and fetish shops where he had outfits and equipment specifically made for each of them.

He enjoyed the way each was humiliated as they were made to strip and try on various outfits or were placed into various bondage chairs, cages, crosses and specialty items were fitted to their bodies and each of their holes.

Lisa had blushed from head to toe when he stripped her clothes off in the corset shop in full view of the other customers. The proprietor was an old dike Rick had once busted. She had felt up the teen, lifting and twisting her tits, slipping her hand between Lisa's legs from behind and slipping her fingers into her pussy. She had spread her pussy lips and fingered the teen's clit. Lisa was forced to cum as several women watched, commenting on her body, and laughing at her reactions to the dyke's manipulation.

Donna was tied in the back during the whole "fitting" on a punishment bench. The bench forced her to kneel on the sharp edge of a triangle, body bent forward so her weight was directly over her knees. Her arms were tied behind her in a leather sleeve; her head bent back, tits thrust out pushing against her tight wife beater tee shirt. Rick had gagged and blindfolded her. He let the guys in the stockroom know that if she were "played with" he wouldn't mind. Judging from the way her tee was pulled to the side exposing her left tit when he returned to take her to her fitting; the boys had had fun.

Once Lisa was tightly strapped into the corset, Rick made her kneel and lick the old dyke until she came. The corset was so tight Lisa passed out as she tried to stand up from her stint between the old dykeís legs. Rick loosened the corset but left her laid out on the couch naked from the waist down as Donna was fitted for her corset. Rick bought both corsets and ordered another pair be made, each two inches smaller. Getting them used to the corsets and shaping their bodies to be able to take the smaller corsets would be a challenge he would enjoy.

Part of the humiliation was having Donna or Lisa thank the merchants with a blowjob, occasionally in front of several employees and customers. He also had them thank the merchants for cumming in their mouths.

Rick also took them to a whip and harness maker where he tried out whips and floggers and canes and paddles on every part of their red and tender bodies. He bought cuffs and clamps, harnesses and leashes, masks and gags. He went to sex shops and bought dildos and vibrators, oils and lotions, anal beads and tens units.

In each shop he spoke to the owner or manager, securing their willing cooperation with the amount of money he was spending. He was allowed to try out device after device on each woman in the stores, to the delight of many of the patrons. He even let many of the patrons assist in plugging, oiling, and generally feeling up both women.

Three weeks of shopping later Rick took his slaves and their new purchases home. He had an even bigger surprise awaiting them for during their extended shopping trip; Rick had a crew of carpenters redesign several parts of the mansion and grounds.

Donna and Lisa struggled to carry all the packages into the house and up to their room. He stood in the doorway watching the reaction as they took in the changes. The dainty furnishings were gone, as were the painted and plastered walls. Now the master bedroom and Lisa's old room were combined into one large room. The walls were bricks of various colors and fabric edged the tall ceilings and hung down in the corners.

The orgy-sized bed centered the back wall with a tall dark wood headboard. The footboard was thick wood with various holes and rings and a cage built into the front of it, a bench inlaid across the top. Four solid columns rose one from each corner, each with rings at different heights.

Two St. Andrew crosses were affixed to one wall and dark wood closets were on the opposite wall. The floor had been a deep white shag rug, now it was polished mahogany with throw rugs and fur rugs beside the large fireplace. Benches and love seats had been placed around the room, one of which Donna recognized as the punishment bench she had been tied to during Lisa's corset fitting.

Rick directed the girls to put away the purchases in the walk in closets hidden behind the rich wood doors across from the crosses. Each had their own closet and the remains of their pre-slavery clothes were already placed within. The center closet belonged to Rick and the outfits he had purchased for himself went in there. A forth closet stored the toys, leaving one closet door unopened. Rick told them they were not to open it on pain of punishment.

Rick opened several trunks set in the room and removed packages stored within.

"These came while we were gone," he explained. "There's something for each of you in here." He opened the first package and removed a metal collar. He motioned Donna to him, placing the collar around her neck and locked it closed. He removed another and did the same for Lisa. The collars were polished silver and inlaid with delicate engraved symbols.

"These were designed to look like pretty jewelry," Rick explained. "However they are very functional as well." Rick showed them the remote control. He triggered the collars, grinning as the collars delivered a shock that drove both of his slaves screaming to their knees

"It works like a stun gun. Small batteries kicked up to a very shocking voltage. It's my way of training you two. Do as your told, make no mistakes and they're just jewelry."

Donna complained, "We already agreed to be your sex slaves."

Rick gave her another jolt. He walked over and placed his new leather boot next to her face. "Letís just say this is the next level of your slavery. Lick my boot."

Donna looked up at Rick. "You're kidding?"

He triggered the collar again. "Lick it slut," He commanded.

She began to lick the tip of the boot. "Now you're beginning to understand." He turned to Lisa, "Why are you still dressed?"

Lisa jumped up off the floor and hurriedly began removing her clothes.

"From this moment on whenever we are alone, you will only speak after asking permission. You will address me as Sir or Master." He began outlining the rules. "When I enter a room you will assume a posture of obedience. I will teach you the proper form later tonight. You ask permission before you do anything, even going to the bathroom. You will both keep up the household chores per a schedule I will post daily. You will both exercise and keep to a strict diet." He paused, "Did I tell you to stop licking my boot?"

Donna looked up from the floor, "No I just assumed you wanted me to listen." She screamed as the collar shocked her again. She resumed licking the boot but before she could even extend her tongue, she was shocked again. "Please I'll lick it don't." He shocked her again.

"Youíre not getting it.' He explained, "Letís try it again. You will begin and end each sentence to me with Sir or Master" Donna lay at his feet quivering, "Yes, Master!"

"Better. Now, Strip and finish cleaning my boots." He ordered. Donna didn't even get off the floor before stripping her clothes off and laying back down licking vigorously on each boot.

"Lisa, come here," he pointed at the rug next to him. The teenager practically ran over to stand next to Rick. "Kneel." She dropped to her knees. "Sit back on your heels, back straight, hands on your thighs. Spread your legs. Further. That's good. Keep your head straight, eyes down. Very good, now bring your shoulders back and stick out those pretty tits."

Rick enjoyed watching the beautiful teen obey his every command. She knelt in position, pliant, obedient and very horny making. He was going to enjoy training her into a very beautiful sex slave.

"This is the position you will assume whenever youíre not doing something else I have assigned. It is called at rest. Now place your hands behind your back either cross your wrists or bend at the elbows and grasp your forearms. This is called at attention. It is the position you assume while being instructed or waiting to receive commands. The beauty of this position is how it leaves every part of you open to be touched, caressed, or played with." He let his hands roam her warm and soft body as he spoke.

"Donna come here and assume the same position as your daughter." Donna quickly moved over beside Lisa. Rick adjusted her posture until she mirrored the teen perfectly. He walked to the leather recliner net to the fireplace that formerly belonged to her late husband and sat comfortably facing the two kneeling slaves.

"I have watched hours of tapes of you and your late husbands play bondage. Him with his little ropes and handcuffs his riding crops and light weight floggers." Rick smiled at the two women kneeling before him. "He was a play Dom. I am both a dominant and a sadist. I am going to not only train you both to be the best slaves you can be, I am going to teach you the true meaning and the ecstasy of being a painslut.

He sent Lisa to the closet for a sleeve and a cane. He placed Donna's arms into the sleeve behind her back and adjusted the shoulder straps. Taking the cane he began to lightly swat it across her full breasts. Donna winced at each stroke but it didn't really hurt that much. She glanced down at her breasts as they began to redden. The swats were not even causing welts. Every few strokes he would stop and explore her tits, twisting them just a little as he mauled them.

He would stop, finger her clit, and slide his fingers into her pussy, which was beginning to drip with her juices, as she got excited. Each time he resumed, hitting no harder than before the pain would be a little more intense. She could see the skin beginning to go from a light pink to a dark red and swell as he continued stroke after stroke.

He had Lisa retrieve a small vibrator and lying between her mothers legs apply it to her motherís clit. Donna could feel her orgasm building even as the pain started to become intense. She started to squirm, pulling away from the cane.

"Stay Perfectly Still," he commanded.

Donna tried to sit still, breathing through her mouth and moaning, as each stroke seemed to radiate through her body. She began to whimper and then to cry and scream as both the pain and her orgasm reached its peak.

Rick smiled; he motioned Lisa back to her original position while observing Donna's rapidly darkening tits as they swelled from the deep bruising the cane strokes had given them. He gave her a few moments to recover from the orgasm before nudging her legs apart and ordering her back to attention. He unzipped his pants and stroked his rapidly swelling penis before reaching down and grasping her jugs, one in each hand. Digging in his thumbs brought a pain filled moan from Donna just as he filled her mouth with his cock.

Rick face fucked the moaning woman as he pulled and twisted her abused tits. He dug his thumbs into the bruises and pushed his cock deep into her throat as he exploded, filling her mouth with his cum. Giving her tits a last hard squeeze, he withdrew from her mouth watching cum drip down her chin and onto her tits.

Rick turned to Lisa, "Clean my cock with your tongue then lick the cum from your mothers tits and face.'

Lisa crawled over to him, licking his cock and balls clean of the juices and cum. She turned to her mother and began licking her breasts clean. Rick noticed she lifted her mother's tits by her nipples totally disregarding the moans of pain that her actions caused her mother. She sucked her mother's nipples to clean them. She licked her mothers face clean and kissed her mother before returning to her place.

Sitting back in his recliner Rick mused that life was getting much more interesting indeed.


Body Mods

Over the next few weeks Rick was kept busy attending to the business of the companies he now controlled. He had kept most of the managers and instructions the same though he had modified things so that he had more input from each business and would be making the final decisions on any major changes in policy.

His slaves were adjusting nicely to his orders and their new status. They were even beginning to assume the positions he demanded of them naturally. So now it was time to begin adjusting their bodies.

Rick had set strict exercise and diet requirements for each of them. Donna was forced to sunbath nude every day to achieve an all over even tan, while Lisa was kept out of the sun to let her natural red haired Irish skin become as white as possible. Rick thought the contrast between mother and daughter made them even more erotic when viewed together.

They also had to tie each other into their corsets for several hours each day. Rick marked on a chart how tight each corset could be drawn each day. He also marked how far each was able to stretch, bend, and do the splits. He expected improvement each week and had set punishments for failure.

Rick finally had some time to just sit and observe his slaves while he enjoyed the snack Lisa had prepared for him. He watched as they cleaned and worked around the house observing how their bodies moved and looked.

Rick went into his den closing the door behind him. It took several calls but he got in touch with an unlicensed doctor he knew of from his police days and made several arraignments. Satisfied he returned to his slaves. Today he decided it was Lisa's turn to experience the pain and pleasure he so enjoyed dishing out.

Early the next evening the gate phone rang announcing a visitor. Rick buzzed the car in and told his slaves to assume the attention position in the main room and stay there. He greeted his guests and guided them into the mansion. He led them past his kneeling slaves and seated them, asking if they would like drinks. Taking their drink orders he called for Donna to mix and serve the drinks.

Once Donna had served the two men their drinks, Rick had her stand beside him as he talked to the two men.

"What have you got to show me, Mike?'

Mike was a big man heavily tattooed, wearing dark jeans and biker boots, new tee shirt, and carrying an expensive leather case. He opened the case, removing several jewelry boards on which were arraigned many different kinds of jewelry. "Before we choose we really need to examine where you want the merchandise because size will determine a lot of what I can offer you."

"Not a problem," he pulled Donna around in front of the big man. "I want to begin stretching her nipples; I also want to place several rings on each pussy lip. A clit ring with spurs and ring between her pussy hole and her asshole."

"Kneel, legs spread." Rick commanded.

Donna dropped to her knees spreading her legs. She knew she was exposing herself shamelessly but she also knew she had no choice. Rick owned her and could do as he pleased. She still blushed as the big man lifted and examined her tits, measuring her nipples. He made her stand and bend over pinching and probing the tender flesh between her pussy and asshole. He turned her again and parted her pussy lips and fingered her clit.

The two men then started examining various jewelry choices including a wide variety of pieces designed to force the nipples to extend and then be adjusted to force the nipples to grow longer and longer. Mike was of the opinion that her nipples could ultimately reach two and a half to three inches long. Once they had decided on the pieces Rick wanted for Donna, he turned to the older man. "Doc," Rick said, "your turn."

The older man beckoned to Donna. He had her stand in front of him and began making measurements of her waist and rib cage. He had her bend over and made more measurements. He examined her pussy and her asshole, putting on latex gloves and probing inside her with several fingers. He placed a rope around her waist and slowly pulled it tighter and tighter until Donna felt she would pass out. He had her kneel and opened her mouth; he even probed inside her nostrils.

'It can be done; she would have four to six weeks recovery time. And I would want follow up visits for at least 6 months."

Rick nodded, "Done!"

He motioned Donna back to her spot and summoned Lisa forward. Mike examined her and made his recommendations. Once they had agreed Rick showed Mike into the exercise room and motioned Lisa to follow.

Rick took the doctor and Donna to a guest bedroom. "She's all yours. Doc" Rick left and the doctor walked to the bed and began removing his clothes. "Don't just stand there my dear; I want you up on the bed on all fours." Donna walked slowly to the bed and crawled on.

Rick returned to the exercise room where Mike was setting out his tools. Rick had Lisa wipe down the massage table with alcohol, drape it with a sheet, and lay down on the table. He brought out several restraining straps and fastened the teen to the table at the wrists and ankles. He then fastened a waist strap in place and two more spreading and securing her thighs. A final strap secured her forehead to the table.

'Open your mouth wide," he commanded. He inserted a mouth spreader and slowly opened her mouth until the girl was whimpering in pain. "Do it!"

Mike bent over the girl slowly letting his hands roam over her body. 'Stick your tongue way out girl." When she had her tongue stuck out as far as she could, he used a set of hemostats to grasp her tongue. Taking a large gage needle he pierced her tongue. He inserted a bar with a ring into the hole then screwed a locking bar under her tongue. Once it locked in place it would have to be cut out or pulled through her tongue to come out.

Rick watched her face as Mike worked, she was squealing from the pain and her face was contorted. Just watching gave Rick a hard on that wouldn't quit. Mike released the girls tongue and unclamped the mouth spreader. He chose another tool that looked like a paper punch. This he pushed into the girl's nostrils. Her eyes grew wide as she realized what he was about to do. Rick tightened the forehead strap and nodded at Mike. Mike looked down at the girl and smiled as he punched a hole between her two nostrils. Mike took another tool that he passed through the whole and triggered it. It heated up instantly cauterizing and scaring the hole. He put a stainless steel ring through the hole. It was designed so that once Mike forced it closed it was permanent.

The girl's eyes had rolled up until all Rick could see was the whites of her eyes.

Rick motioned Mike away from the girl. "Let her come down some before we continue."

They returned to the main room, doc was already back sitting on the sofa; Donna sprawled out at his feet licking his exposed and limp cock.

"Donna, I want you to go put on that white dress, and shoes. Then get back down here."

Donna got to her knees and bowed "yes Master'. She rose and walked quickly out of the room. He handed doc a remote and a key. "Do you want her restrained or will the collar be enough?"

"Oh, I'm sure it will do. Barring complications she should be back... day after tomorrow?"

'Fine, Doc." They chatted for a few minutes until Donna returned wearing a white dress that concealed nothing. It fit her body as if it was painted on; showing she wore nothing underneath and her nipples could be clearly seen through the thin material.

Doc grasped the women by the elbow and walked her out.

Mike and Rick returned to the exercise room. The teen lay were they had left her moaning softly. Her body was covered with a light sheen of sweat. Mike got the alcohol and wiped down her tits. They pulled on her nipples and twisted her tits while discussing the different sizes of bars they would put through her nipples and the ways to use the nipple extenders, how fast Rick could expect to see her nipples grow and how long they could get.

They finally decided to put a bar near the front of her nipple to facilitate the nipple extender and a larger solid ring back behind the areola to be used to pull her tits. Once they settled on the style and size, Mike began playing with her nipple and then clamped it with the hemostat.

The girl gave a small scream. "Hold it, Mike." Rick adjusted the bottom end of the table opening a space between the teen's legs. He dropped his pants and slowly inserted his cock into her pussy. "Ok, go ahead."

"You're a sick fuck!" Mike grinned. He twisted the hemostat until the teenager screamed. "But then again, so am I." He slowly pushed a large needle through the nipple, going much slower than he needed to.

He then clamped a wire to each end of the needle and applied a liquid that would help keep the needle from sticking as it heated and burned the hole, scaring so it could never close.

Rick slowly fucked the teenager's pussy, feeling her muscles clamping down every time Mike caused her pain. He lasted through the first bar and ring and was able to last through the release of the hemostat. When Mike clamped her other nipple she squeezed his cock so hard he came despite his best efforts not to.

Rick was enjoying bourbon and seven when Mike finally returned to the main room. "She's done."

'Thanks, Mike."

"You'll get my bill. I'll stop by the docs and do Donna before he sends her back." Mike continued, "You have all the instructions, call me if any complications come up." Mike waved as he headed out the door.

Rick took his drink into the exercise room, where the teen lay strapped to the table. He inspected the new additions to her soft young body. He lifted the tit rings eliciting a groan from the pain-racked girl. He flicked the bars in her nipples, getting a small scream in return. Next he turned his attention to the eight rings, four on each side of her pussy lips. His finger sipping under the lip and sliding up and down the slick pink entryway brought another moan from the shuddering body. He bent down to examine at close range the clit ring installed just above her throbbing clit. He pressed down on the sharp spiked spur like wheel, pleased when the spikes digging in caused the girl to cry out.

He unstrapped the girl and helped her off the table. She had to be almost carried up to the bedroom where she passed out almost as soon as she fell into bed. Rick knew the next few days as she healed the slightest touch would bring her intense pain. He was looking forward to it.


Donna's Story

Donna's earliest sexual memory was of being molested by her father. School, was a joke. Her father moved them around so much she seldom went to school more than a few weeks in any one town. To be fair he did teach her at home but he went way beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic.

When she had Lisa, Daddy was almost like his old self again. He doted on her daughter, holding and rocking her, buying her toys and clothes and laughing and talking. Yet Donna knew things had changed. One night Donna tried to take Lisa and run away. Daddy caught them and brought them back to the RV. He beat Donna black and blue and locked her in the bathroom. He told her if she ever tried that again he would kill her just as he killed her mother.

Then finally Donna saw her chance; Daddy had gotten drunk and passed out. He didn't drink often; this was the first time he had gotten drunk in years. Donna took the big kitchen knife and stabbed him over and over. She cleaned up the mess and dumped the body in a hole way out in the desert. She took the RV and Lisa and drove off without looking back.

Donna knew she had only one skill and if she were to support herself and her daughter she would have to put that skill to work. She realized that looks don't last; her Daddy had shown her that as she grew older, her options would get progressively worse. She had her father's lists of (poker buddies) most of whom were pedophiles. She was already too old for a lot of them. That's when she came up with the plan.

Lisa and Donna spent years traveling around the country. Donna would use her Daddy's poker list to make contact; the men would come to the meet little Lisa hoping for some underage sex.

Donna had always been able to keep Lisa from being touched; she would get the men talking about what they wanted to do to her daughter. Of course Donna would secretly record the entire encounter, and then Donna had the video and was able to control the situation.

They would move to a new location and Donna would blackmail the men with the threat of exposure. She would get money from some, new contacts from others. Donna's plan was to keep moving up the social ladder, meeting richer men each time. That was how she got introduced to Howard Lenox.

She tried the same scam on Howard that had worked so many times before. Howard was a different kind of animal. He was a very careful, very cunning, and dangerous animal. He would never meet her anyplace that wasn't public, like a restaurant or a place he controlled completely like his well guarded home. He controlled the pace and he made the rules.

Howard Lenox wanted more and he was in a position to get it. The first time he met Donna at his house he laid it all out. His people had investigated Donna and discovered her scam. Howard had his investigator toss Donna's RV and remove the files, the videos, and the lists. Howard knew to a penny what Donna was worth and what she had gotten from each blackmailed client.

Donna was an amateur; Howard was an old lion who knew how to keep himself safe and still get what he wanted. Howard proposed a different deal that would give both of them what they each wanted. Howard would marry Donna; fuck both Donna and her daughter when Lisa was of age.

Donna was devastated; she thought she had been using men to get the financial security she and Lisa needed and all she had really done was change Daddies. Donna made one demand, when the old man died she got it all. Howard was amused. He didn't really care what happened after he died, so he agreed. However his will stated that she only inherited if he died of natural causes. That's when Donna thought of plan II. That plan didn't work out as expected either. The irony that she was being blackmailed because of a secret video was not lost on her.



Lisa awoke in the big bed in the master bedroom tied spread out as far as was physically possible. Her entire body was a mass of small and large pains, the worst being her ringed and swollen pussy. She remembered how the two men had enjoyed her screams as they had added each piece of the rings and bars that adorned her face, tits, and cunt.

Rick had cum hard within her as the pain wracked her body from the cruel twisting of her breasts by Mike while he worked at piercing her. Rick had enjoyed fucking her as she was being hurt. Mike had also fucked her before he pierced her pussy lips and clit. He had also made her scream by slapping her freshly ringed breasts each time he thrust his hard cock deep within her.

She hardly remembered how she got to the bedroom and had no idea when she had been tied up. She wondered where her mother was and if she had been pierced also. She looked down at her puffy tipped nipples and their new jewelry. Rick had said she was getting nipple extenders to train her nipples to grow longer, but she didn't see anything but the rings set deep and farther back behind the areola and the bars through the nipples themselves.

The ring resting on her upper lip felt strange and her tongue felt swollen. She could feel the ring in her mouth every time she moved her tongue. It felt like she had a small bar under her tongue and the ball on top. If she curled her tongue slightly the ring through the ball flopped back further on her tongue. It was the weirdest thing she had ever felt.

Rick entered the room and sat on the edge of the bed. The movement sent a wave of pain across her body. She saw Rick smile at her pain as he took a small bottle off the bedstead. He unscrewed the cap and slowly dripped a few drops of the liquid on each tit. She screamed as he massaged the liquid into the holes of the rings and bars.

He ordered her to open her mouth wide and stick out her tongue on which he placed more liquid. It was cold and sort of sour tasting but not as bad as she thought it would be.

He carefully pushed the end of the applicator in each side of her nostrils and applied a drop. He turned and rotated the ring, which felt strange but didn't really hurt. She screamed again when he parted her pussy lips and doused the rings there with liquid, turning the rings in the holes. He slowly worked his way through each of the eight rings and she thought her pussy was on fire.

When he did the ring above her clit and pressed down driving the spike into her clit she literally lifted off the bed fighting the restraints. As the pain subsided Rick changed the leg restraints lifting her legs up in the air and spread wide. He dropped his pants and placed his rock hard cock at Lisa's anal opening. He didn't exactly slam his cock up her ass but he did press firmly and didn't stop until his cock was buried to the hilt. The pain in both her asshole and pussy built and built as he began pushing his dick deep in her ass, pulling almost out then pushing in again. His finger stroked over and around her clit and the pain and the pleasure built and continued to build until Lisa felt she had to scream or explode.

Lisa felt her asshole tighten and Rick's cock spurt his molten hot cum deep in her ass. Her orgasm rolled over her in waves of pleasure and pain and then he pressed on that spike. She screamed from the red-hot pain spiking into her clit and then from the orgasm that seemed to follow the pain in alternating waves.

Pain, pleasure, pain rolled over her until Lisa didn't know which was which and then didn't know anything at all.

Lisa awoke in the big bed in the master bedroom. Her entire body was a mass of small and large pains, the worst being her ringed and swollen pussy and her sore and swollen asshole.

Rick entered the bedroom and ordered her to use the toilet and shower. He followed her in and watched her as she peed and showered. He inspected her new additions once she had dried off and seemed pleased. He told her to take the day off, relax, and watch TV or read or whatever. She quietly went back to bed, covered up, falling into a deep and dreamless sleep.

Late that evening, Lisa went to the kitchen rummaging through the refrigerator, looking for something she could eat that wouldn't cause her more pain. She had just found several cups of yogurt, when Rick walked into the kitchen.

Lisa immediately dropped to her knees, slid her body down to the floor, hers arms out above her head with wrists crossed. Her forehead touched the floor as she let out a quiet moan. The position of submission caused her newly installed pussy rings to be pressed against her thighs and the cold marble floor transferred the cold directly into the bars on her nipples.

Rick was both amused and pleased with the teenager lying before him. She had reacted correctly even though she had been given the day off and even though the position had to be causing her a lot of discomfort. Just looking at the submissive girl lying at his feet, her long red hair spreading out over her back and spilling down her side, her beautiful white heart shaped ass rising above her body, gave Rick a raging hard on.

"Up!" He commanded.

The girl smoothly curled her body back to a kneeling position, gracefully rose to a standing position, keeping her head and eyes down. "Thank you, My Master." Her voice had just a hint of pain in it

He grasped her chin lightly and tipped her head up. He looked into her tear filled eyes before softly kissing her lips. "You are a good slave and I am well pleased. You have the day off. Go ahead and eat." He released her and headed for the coffee pot on the counter.

"Thank you, Master" The girl returned to the fridge and picked several cups of yogurt and a diet drink.

Rick sat at the small kitchen table and waved Lisa to a seat across from him. She took the seat a little pensively as she was normally required to eat kneeling on the floor with her serving tray. Rick sipped his coffee, leaning back in his chair observing the girl while she ate. She seemed to be having little trouble or pain eating the creamy yogurt.

He loved looking at her medium sized breasts, the heavy gauge rings dropping down and almost outlining her areola and the nipples with her barbells set forward. The breasts themselves were full and lightly freckled. The areola a slightly darker pink and puffy rather than the flat circles of her mother would stretch out once he began using the nipple extenders behind the barbells.

He had gotten several sets from Mike each would stretch the nipples out a little further than the last until her nipples would extend a full two inches from her breasts. He thought he might even get her another set of barbells set180 degrees off the first and about an inch further back once her nips had grown out.

The stainless steel ring through her nose was barely visible. Rick had all sorts of uses in mind for it once Lisa was completely healed. He sat there musing on the ways he could thread a chain through the ring and then through the rings he was having installed in Donna's body.

Rick noticed his hard-on was becoming painful. He unzipped his pants and released the swollen member. At the sound of the zipper Lisa looked up from her yogurt and began to move from her chair.

Rick waved her back, "Sit, eat. I told you, you are off today. "

"Yes, Master." Lisa said as she sat back down. She returned to eating the yogurt. Rick could see her glancing through the clear glass tabletop at his cock as he rubbed it.

He loved the way the freckles between her breasts gave them more definition. Her shoulders and knees had darker freckles then the rest of her and her back was almost clear. It made for beautiful visuals in Rick's opinion.

Rick leaned back in his chair let his eyes close as he imagined the things he wanted to do to Lisa. He immersed himself in the feelings building in his cock and he failed to notice Lisa slip from her chair and slip under the table. He did notice the heat as her lips engulfed the head of his penis. His hand slipped off his cock as she wrapped her long fingers around it and she began sucking his cockhead letting her saliva drip down the shaft and lube it as her fingers began stroking.

Rick sank back overwhelmed by the sensations heating his cock. The friction kept building and her lips and tongue rubbed just the head of the cock. His muscles started tightening and then he released his cum in an explosion. Lisa had released his cock head and let the sticky liquid cum splash her face and hair, slowly dripping down. She licked her lips pulling some of his cum into her mouth.

Rick was cumming down from the orgasm when he looked at Lisa's cum splashed face and hair, His cock jerked again and another sticky string of cum splashed Lisa's chin dripping onto the upper slope of her breasts and running down between them. Lisa used her fingers to scoop up stand after strand of sticky cum and licked it off her fingers.


Donna's new body

The limo pulled through the gate and drove slowly up the drive to the mansion. The driver moved swiftly around to the rear passenger door, helping the woman to exit the car and taking her arm as she walked slowly up to the mansion door. The doc let himself out of the limousine and easily caught up to the couple just as Rick opened the double doors of the house and motioned them inside.

"Hi ya Doc," Rick said. "How'd it go?'

"Just fine. She is an excellent subject." The doc replied. "She had no major complications and the surgery was very successful. I removed the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth ribs and tightened the abdominal skin. I laser removed the hair on her entire body except the face and head. Mike and I placed the breast, nose, tongue, pussy, and guiche piercing between the pussy and the anus. It's going to take her four to six weeks before she recovers completely. Here are the care instructions." He handed mike several sheets of paper. "I know your going to love the results."

"Oh, no doubt doc." Rick laughed. "Take her in the main room and let's see the results."

The driver, doc's assistant helped Donna slowly into the main room while the doc and Rick settled themselves on the couch. Doc nodded at his assistant who stripped the robe from Donna leaving naked except for some bandages around her lower chest.

Doc motioned again and the assistant took out a pair of medical succors and removed the bandages. He stepped back behind Donna but never let go of her arms, helping her stand.

Rick could see the bruises around her entire waist and lower rib cage. "Over the next few weeks the swelling and bruising will go down. As you can see she has two small scars where we extracted the ribs, these will all but disappear if you follow the care instructions. She may need additional laser treatments but those I can do anytime. "Doc was really proud of his work.

Rick stared at his slave, without the lower ribs her figure even with the swelling from the surgery was far more hourglass, than it had been. The heavy stirrup shaped rings through her breasts behind the areola were already beginning to pull her breasts down. Her pussy was lasered clean of hair and showed the eight eyelets on each side permanently imbedded into her labia. Rick reached out and spread her lips then smiled. A bar was now pierced through her clit keeping the rounded bump exposed at all times.

"Any nerve damage?" he asked Doc.

"Not that I could discover, I was very careful." Doc explained.

"Turn her around and bend her over." Rick ordered. The assistant did as he was told ignoring the woman's groans of protest. He spread he legs after getting her in position so the men on the couch could see the guiche ring that now hung down through the skin between her pussy and her asshole.

Rick reached over and pulled the ring slightly getting a scream from Donna. "Nice work Doc, worth every penny. Take her up to the small bed in the master bedroom." Rick instructed. "Drink Doc? He inquired.

"Certainly." Doc replied." I would also like to examine the girl, see how she's doing."

"No problem." Rick handed Doc his scotch. "Lisa" he called.

The naked girl walked quickly into the room and knelt in front of Rick at attention. "Doc wants to check you over."

She got up and moved over to where Doc sat, kneeling in front of him.

Doc sipped his drink, looking over the pretty redhead as she knelt in front of him. He motioned for her to stand and come closer. He lifted and examined her breasts rotating the rings and bars. He gently pulled on each bar in turn, watching her reactions.

He next did the same with her pussy rings and her clit ring. He slipped his finger into her pussy feeling how wet she had become. He motioned for her to kneel. "Open wide." When she complied he placed a juice covered finger in her mouth. "Suck it."

The teen sucked on his finger and he rubbed her tongue piercing watching for any sign she was in pain. "Open." Doc had her stick her tongue out and lift it. "Very good" He looked into her nostrils and rotated the ring there. "She seems to be healing nicely, continue the ointment and watch for reddening of the skin and she should be fine."

Rick handed the instructions for care of Donna to the girl. "Your job for the next few weeks is to care for your Mother. Go" The girl went quickly up the stairs and Rick escorted Doc out to his car where the driver met them. "Thanks Doc, send me the bill. I may want you to do more, later on." Doc smiled and entered the limo and drove off as Rick headed back into his happy home.

Lisa uncovered the sleeping woman, drugged to keep her still while she healed form the operations she had undergone. Donna's dark hark was spread out over the white pillows, the new stainless steel ring in her nose standing out in stark contrast to her tanned face. The heavy rings lying on her gently rising and falling chest adorned her big breasts and dark nipples. The bandages wrapped around her lower chest emphasized how small her waist and stomach had become. Lisa examined the eyelets now lining her pussy lips and wondered at the uses Rick, their Master, would put them to. She spread her mother's legs and fingered the ring permanently attached to the space between her cunt and asshole. She shivered when she imagined how it could be used.

She pulled on the ring, eliciting a groan from her mother. Lisa was intrigued by the response. She reached up and pulled on the breast ring lifting her mother's right breast. Donna turned her head and moaned. Lisa grasped the other breast ring pulling both breasts, stretching them away from her mother's chest. Donna's moans grew more pronounced. Lisa was amazed at how far she could stretch the tits. She twisted the rings in opposite directions. Even heavily drugged she could see that the pain was getting to Donna as the woman's face grimaced and her breathing became labored. She dropped the rings watching the breasts bounce and jiggle as they settled back in place.

Lisa slipped her fingers between her mother's pussy lips, feeling the eyelets and spreading her mother labia wide open. The new bar through the clit exposed the head of the clit to Lisa's eager fingers. She rubbed the clit gently in a circular motion watching Donna's reactions. Slowly she increased the pace and watched as Donna's body reacted, building to orgasm. She kept rubbing with one finger as she pulled and twisted the other rings enjoying the pain n pleasure she was causing.

Donna exploded into orgasm, her abused muscles and tender newly altered body wracked with pain that even the drugs couldn't handle. Donna passed out, going completely limp as Lisa pulled the covers back up.

Lisa smiled thinking of all the pain Rick would be able to inflict on her mother now. She hoped she would be able to participate. She knew her mother's body and what would make Donna scream the most. Payback was going to be a bitch called Lisa.


Miss Piggy

Rick had made a few adjustments to the old man's camera system. He had added extra cameras outside as security and had added receivers in all the TV's in the house so he could access any camera from any TV, even the ones in four of the six bathrooms just by punching in a code on the remote.

He accessed his plasma TV in his office and activated the link to the one over Donna's bed to check on her. Rick watched fascinated as Lisa tortured her mother while pleasuring her at the same time. This, he thought, has possibilities. He pondered this latest development for a while then picked up the phone.

The next morning he instructed Lisa to be sure Dona had her medications before coming downstairs. While Lisa did her cleaning and exercise routine, Rick picked out the outfit he wanted Lisa to wear and took it to the spare bedroom. He checked on Donna who was deep in a drugged sleep. The meds should keep her asleep for hours.

The gate intercom sounded and Rick walked out to meet the cab directing it to the oversized garage in the rear of the house. Only five slots of the fifteen car garage remained for vehicles, the rest had been converted while they were on their San Francisco trip into a sound proof dungeon. He paid off the cabbie and escorted the woman passenger inside.

Returning to the house her instructed Lisa to shower in the guest room. Once she emerged from her bath he dressed her in a black leather bustier, four inch heeled thigh high black leather boots and a high-necked collar with mask. The mask covered her forehead and upper face with eyeholes and had a hole in the rear through which he pulled her long red hair and brushed it out, making a long ponytail.

As a finishing touch he took the first of the series of nipple extenders (a solid metal rack shaped something like the wire wrapped around good champagne corks) and pulled her nipple through the center hooking her nipple bar into the stirrups on the top thus keeping her nipple fully extended and her areola pulled into a long cone. When both were extended, he clipped a leash to her collar and led her through the mansion to the dungeon.

Lisa was fascinated by the dungeon; she stood looking around in awe at the crosses, bondage tables, rack, saw horses and various implements hanging on the walls. There was even a doctor's exam table with stirrups, but the really interesting sight was the rather obese woman hanging from ropes attached to the beams on the ceilings. Except for the ropes, the blindfold and the ball gag in her mouth she was naked. Her large, no huge breasts swayed beneath her body, with lead weights hanging down from the rings in her nipples stretching the tits even further.

Rick placed Lisa at attention and walked around the bound woman. He lowered her legs by cranking a pulley until her feet were almost touching the ground putting her body at a slant. He chose a thin paddle from the ones hanging on the wall. It was highly varnished with a hole at the striking end. "Just watch." He ordered.

He stood to the side of the woman raising the paddle. Lisa winced at the crack of the wood on the woman's buttocks, almost immediately a red stripe, paddle shaped appeared across the right butt cheek. It even had a perfectly round raised spot where the hole was.

The woman's body jerked and she screamed through the gag. Lisa watched as her movements caused the weights hanging from her nipple rings to swing violently pulling her nipples and really stretching her tits. She screamed again and fought to remain still. The swaying slowed and her body relaxed jut as Rich swung the paddle two handed like a bat into her left buttock. Lisa could see the flesh of her buttock literally wrap around the edges of the paddle. The woman jerked so hard Lisa thought the weights would rip her nipples off her tits.

Rick stepped between her legs and fingered the woman's pussy, his fingers came out wet. He wiped them on the woman's ass then cranked her legs higher than her body. He picked up several one-ounce weights and clipped them to the pussy lips, he dropped them all at once and Lisa watched as the lips stretched as the woman moaned through her gag

Rick removed the small weights on the woman's tits; he took a sharp-toothed clamp and pushed it up over the woman's areola. He slowly cranked it closed the teeth biting into the tender flesh. He did the same to the other breast, and then picked up a weight labeled one pound, it had a rope attached, which he tied to the clamp. Lisa had thought the tit was stretched before, now it was stretched so far the skin was tight. The woman was screaming "no, no, no, no, no" over and over, the words clear even through the gag. He again repeated the weights on the other breast.

Rick picked a thin cane from the wall, stepping beside the woman he placed the cane against the bottom of her tits, holding it in place with one hand he bent the cane with the other. Pulling it back like a bow he released it. The swish of the cane through the air, the crack of it striking the soft flesh and the almost inhuman scream came as one sound.

Lisa stared at the welt instantly dark reddish purple that appeared across both tits. Rick repeated the stroke and another welt appeared. Lisa was amazed that the woman's tit didn't rip off the way she bounced the weights. The clamps bit in so deep that blood dripped from both nipples. Rick hit her a third time and the woman went slack in the ropes in mid scream.

Rick lowered her to the ground and checked her pulse and breathing.

He walked over to Lisa, offering her his hand. He led her to the woman. She knelt and began examining the bruises on her butt. Rick gave her several moments to look and feel them before rolling the woman on her back. Lisa watched the huge tits flop on each side of her body the welts were angry and one was bleeding, the clamps were still tightly attached. Lisa used them to lift the tits pulling them straight away from her body, the woman moaned still out cold.

Rick fingered Lisa from behind feeling her dripping pussy. "Why did you torture your mother?" He asked. She gasped. "Why are you so turned on by this woman's pain?" Lisa stammered, "I'm not. I... I liked it. I wanted to be the one hurting her."

'You, my deadly little darling are a sadist. Causing pain turns you on. I bet you had an orgasm when you pushed the old man down the stairs didn't you?" Rick asked.

She nodded her head.

"Would you like to learn how to do it?"

"Yes, please Master!"

"Then come with me, Mistress Lisa and call me My Lord, not Master while you're Mistress Lisa."

Rick led her over to the wall and picked up a harness, he passed it around Lisa's waist and strapped her into it. A flat triangle pressed up tight against Lisa's pubic mound, he screwed a black slightly curved hard rubber dildo on it. Lisa was thrilled, now she had a cock to fuck with.

Rick led her back to the woman and positioned her at the woman's feet. He snapped an ammonia capsule under the woman's nose and as she choked and gasped pulled the woman over by her hair. "Get on your hands and knees," he commanded, as he unbuckled and removed the ball gag. "Open that pig mouth!"

The woman was no sooner on her hands and knees mouth open when Rick grabbed her hair and using it guided the woman's mouth over his cock. He nodded at Lisa who moved in between the woman's spread legs and guided her strap-on into the woman's pussy. The woman squealed like the pig Rick had called her and Rick slammed his cock deep into her mouth. Lisa rammed her dildo deep into the woman's pussy. In and out, the two alternated ramming the woman from both ends.

Lisa watched Rick and when he closed his eyes and began to tense his muscles to cum, she pulled out angled the dildo higher and shoved it deep into the pig woman's unprepared asshole. The scream of the woman would have deafened Rick if he hadn't at the same moment crammed his cock into her scream widened throat and coated her vocal cords with his cum.

The woman convulsed, choked and finally swallowed so she could breath. Once again she passed out, dropping to the floor cum dripping from her mouth and nose. Lisa pulled the slime-coated dildo from the woman's ass, letting her complete her fall to the rug.

Rick snapped another capsule under the woman's nose; as soon as she awoke he rolled her over on her back and ordered her to clean his cock. She licked him clean and Lisa took his place. The woman didn't hesitate she licked her own slime off the hard rubber until it was clean.

"Mistress Lisa meet Miss Piggy a friend's submissive and painslut."

"Greetings Mistress. Thank you for such a lovely fuck." Miss Piggy lay relaxed and smiling.

"Master Rick that was the best session I have had in ages!"

"Glad you had fun, now go get cleaned up."

"Yes Master," Miss Piggy crawled into the bathroom.

"Did you enjoy that, my little hellcat?" Rick asked.

"Yes, my Lord." Lisa nodded. "More please."


Work, work, work

Donna awoke early and slipped into the bathroom where she indulged in a long hot shower. Toweling off she looked over her body in the full-length mirror for the first time since the surgery six weeks ago. Her new waistline gave her an hourglass figure, long waist and made her tits really stand out. As if, she thought 42 dd cup tits didn't stand out enough, especially with the heavy stirrup shape rings outlining her areolas.

Donna slipped through the master bedroom and quietly downstairs to the kitchen. She started coffee and began rummaging through the fridge for breakfast. She tossed potato tots into the oven and started the bacon. She was humming a little tune to herself. When she realized it, she stopped, and then laughed at herself. She was happy she realized, for the first time since Daddy had got her pregnant, she was actually happy.

She turned around to get the English muffins and saw Rick standing in the doorway watching her. She sank gracefully down into the submissive position. Rick's smile widened, "Get back to cooking before something burns." He was about to reach to help her up when she slid to her knees and smoothly lifted herself to her feet. She quickly made him a cup of coffee and bowed as she presented it to him, arms out, head down.

He received the cup of coffee, touching her head to release her. Rick watched her as she started cooking again. She was almost dancing as she moved around the room. "You're really looking good."

Donna stopped. "I feel good, I'm happy. I like being a slave." As soon as she heard herself say it she realized it was true, she liked her life for the first time in years.

Rick was pleased with the situation; he had a budding sadistic partner and a painslut slave. "After breakfast I have some business to attend to. Why don't you ladies go shopping for some new clothes, something sexy for both of you. You might want to get something dressy also."

Lisa appeared at the doorway of the kitchen, she slid down to a submissive position. Rick motioned her up and gestured at the table, "Come here, sit, and lets have a nice breakfast all three of us."

"Yes, Master. Thank you, Master. Good morning, Master" She slid over to her Mother and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. "Morning Mother." She sat at the table for the first time since Rick had made them slaves. Normally they ate kneeling beside Rick. "How about pouring a cup of coffee for me mom?"

Donna looked back at her daughter, "Get it yourself. I'm not YOUR slave!" Both Rick and Lisa cracked up at her comment. Rick nodded his permission to Lisa and she went to get the coffee. On her way back to the table she swatted her mothers butt as she passed. Donna yelped and swung at Lisa who laughingly ducked without spilling a drop.

Later in his office Rick called his accountant," Jack, What's the good news? "

You had them pegged, Rick. I e-mailed you the evidence. We never would have found it if you hadn't had those back doors into the computer system."

Gotcha, Rick thought. "Thanks Jack, send me the bill for your time and just keep auditing the records."

"You got it buddy."

Rick called his office assistant and had her set up meetings for that afternoon. He heard the girls leave and triggered their collars for a short burst just as a reminder. He heard the squeals and laughed.

At two that afternoon his assistant Shirley showed Charlie Taggert, the head of purchasing into his office. "Charlie it's good to see you, sit down. I wanted to go over some things with you regarding your cousin, Miss Courly and the theft of so much money that the police and the I.R.S. are going to have a ball." Rick watched Charlie's face go gray and sweat break out.

Charlie began to sputter and Rick tossed several pages of evidence in his lap. "Now Charlie it's all there in black and white, your cooked books, the real figures and your signature. Plus I have security camera footage showing you and Miss Courly changing the books, falsifying documents, and your bank accounts, oh my, Charlie, between what you make and what you stole and what you reported to the I.R.S. you're looking at federal charges after the local law puts you away for a long time.

'Rick, err, ah, Mr. Tyler Please can't we work something out? I can repay everything. I." Rick interrupted him. "Charlie, tell you what, here is your one chance. You go back to your office, you write down a full confession, naming names, amounts, dates everything and you talk to nobody. I want that on my desk by 5 pm, then we'll talk."

"Yes, sir, Thank you, sir. By 5 pm, yes sir." Charlie almost fell over himself on the way out.

Rick sat looking at the closed door and laughed. Charlie was worth millions to the company. In the last year alone he had saved the company a fortune by buying a huge surplus of data chips before the country that they were made in underwent a revolution and the price of chips soared. His thefts were petty by comparison.

Charlie was also a genus at hiding his thefts, everything he had stolen and sold on the black market, he had covered as insured loss or damage. He had cost the company nothing. Insurance or tax write-offs had paid for everything.

Of course, Rick wouldn't mention that to Charlie, especially as now he owned the man.

The next three meetings, he fired the executives that had tried to rip him off. He did recover most of the money they stole, blackmailing them into signing over their stocks and pension plans and in two cases got personnel checks to cover for a lot of the stolen funds.

His five pm meeting with Charlie went as he had expected. Charlie now worked for a lot less salary, a smaller pension and less perks. He partially paid back the stolen funds and would be reporting to Rick on anything he might uncover during work.

Charlie left and Rick used the intercom to talk to his assistant," Shirley, send Miss Courly in and then you can go home. I'm sorry to have kept you so late. Have a nice weekend."

Miss Courly was 34; she had worked for the company for five years as a secretary, before being promoted to executive assistant to the office executives five years ago. Rick had found her file in the old mans secret room and some interesting footage. This wasn't the first scam she had done and the old man had caught and punished her.

Her newest scams had started after Donna took over. With no one keeping her under control she had seduced Charlie and three other execs, got them involved in the various scams. If left unchecked they would have looted the company pension fund and had the company broke in less than two years, while getting rich themselves. Rick was looking forward to turning this bitch into a company asset, or at least the company toy.

Shirley knocked on his door, before she opened it and ushered in the lovely Miss Courly. Rick was seated behind his desk; he rose slightly waving the woman to a seat in front of the desk. Shirley closed the door as she left and Rick watched as she gathered her things and left via his camera and a monitor set into the desk.

Miss Courly sat with her legs discretely crossed, waiting patiently for Rick to start the meeting. Rick waited making small talk as he watched the building empty of personnel. Once the security guard had locked the front door, he decided to begin.

"Thanks for staying. I wanted to go over a few changes in your position that are taking place.'

"Certainly Mr. Tyler. I don't mind staying late."

"So I have noticed." Rick began. "You spend quite a lot of time here after hours. You are really dedicated."

"I try to do the best job I can, sir."

"Your dedication and attention to detail will serve you well in your new position as a sex toy in the women's state prison."

She was startled out of her chair. "Sit down!" Rick commanded loudly. She sank back in her chair. "You have been a bad girl. Seducing executives, falsifying documents, stealing from the pension fund and what you did to poor Charlie; tsk, tsk, tsk, your own cousin." He wagged his finger at her.

She protested that she had never; Rick triggered the monitor on the wall of his office. The scene of Miss Courly naked and being fucked by one of the three fired managers on the boardroom table was loud and sweaty. He switched channels and showed her in an office sucking another manager's cock and calling him Daddy. Another switch showed the warehouse and Charlie down between her legs licking her pussy.

He tossed the evidence at her edge of the desk, "I also have signed confessions of all four men. You are going to jail for a long time. No more fancy condo, or designer clothes. I'm afraid you won't look quite so good in orange." He paused and relaxed back in his chair.

She sat motionless for almost five minutes; Rick sat and watched her work through her options. "You want something or the police would already be here." She noted. "Sex?"

"Sex I can get anywhere, besides I'm married."

She nodded. "Then I have some other use?

Rick laughed, "You are a very talented young lady, you, have a multitude of uses. The question is, are you ready to submit to my use of them?"

She sat and thought. "What are my options?

Rick sat forward. "Sign a full confession, sign over what funds you have stolen, then I own you for the next seven years until the statute of limitations runs out. You do what I tell you, when I tell you and with who ever I tell you. You are signing away your freedom to me. You will become my full and consenting slave. Your other choice is to go to prison, have all your assets seized to pay your depts. And if you're lucky get out in time to collect social security."

He pushed a set of blank papers across the desk and a pen before sitting back and watching her. She sat for just a moment before picking up the pen. Rick stopped her with a wave of his finger. "Strip first, slaves should be nude." She set the pen on the desk, reached back and unzipped her dress. Gotcha, Rick leaned back to enjoy the show.


The Executive Slut

A little after eight that night, Rick sent Lisa upstairs to put on her Mistress outfit, he took Donna out to the dungeon, stripped her naked and put her up on the cross. He put a ball gag in her mouth and a blindfold over her eyes. He spent the next few minutes lubing a dildo and setting it up on a piston machine which he adjusted until the dildo would go deep in Donna's pussy and then pull back until just the head remained inside. Once he was satisfied that it was adjusted correctly he switched it on and returned to the house.

Precisely at nine the front gate buzzer went off, He triggered the gate and sat back to wait. Lisa was sitting near the door, going over her instructions in her head. When the doorbell rang she checked her mask and hood one last time before opening the door. The woman standing there seemed shaken at Lisa's appearance; the black skintight leather covered her from head to toe.

Lisa waved the woman in closing the door behind her. "Stop." she commanded. She placed her own recently removed collar around the woman's neck and locked it in place. "A gift from your Master!" The woman tried to remove the necklace and realized it was on until Rick removed it.

"Where's Mr. Tyler?"

"Miss Courly, you were not given permission to speak." Lisa triggered the remote, the woman screamed and dropped to the floor trying to remove the necklace. After a few seconds she quit trying and curled up in a ball screaming. Lisa backed off the remote.

"Let's try this again shall we? On your feet," Slowly the woman rose. "Now strip."

She opened her mouth to protest and Lisa raised the remote. The woman began to quickly unbutton her blouse. A few seconds later, Lisa cuffed and gagged the naked woman and led her to her Master.

"Ahh, the Executive Slut. Mistress Lisa escort her to the play room." Rick ordered.

"Certainly, My Lord." Lisa replied, "Come with me, slut." Lisa took the woman by her short hair and escorted her out to the dungeon. As Lisa opened the door and she could see the whole dungeon and Donna tied to the cross, Miss Courly tried to break away from Lisa. Rick following behind shoved the woman, who fell into the room. Unable to break her fall with her hands cuffed behind her, she landed heavily and knocked the wind out of herself.

Rick took advantage of brief period of helplessness to relock the cuffs in front of the woman and clip the cuffs to a cable hanging from the ceiling. Lisa had at the same time attached the woman's ankles to a cuff n spreader bar. Rick pulled the woman's head up staring into her fear widened eyes. "You belong to me, bad girl. Now youíre going to be punished for what you have done. You have no choice. You have no hope of reprieve. You were mine from the moment you signed that confession." He nodded at Lisa and she pulled the lever on the winch. The chain slowly retracted back up into the ceiling, lifting the helpless body of the woman off the floor.

The woman was suspended by her cuffed wrists and dangled with her legs held spread by the bar attached to her ankles. Rick walked around her exploring her body with his fingers. He lifted her breasts, pulled her nipples and twisted, trailed his fingers down her belly and into her vagina. He pinched her inner thighs and calves. He examined her feet and her ass, probing her asshole with his middle finger. He ran his fingers up her spine and squeezed her neck. He pulled her head back by her hair and licked her face slowly.

Then he released her and walked to a throne like chair, where he sat observing the woman's discomfort. Once more he nodded and Lisa walked to the wall of toys and removed a light suede flogger. She walked behind the woman and began the figure eight movement Rick had taught her. She moved the spinning flogger closer ever closer to the woman's back and as she made contact began flogging her skin from neck to ankles. The light flogger wasn't made to hurt just sting and redden the skin, it also began the process of making the woman's body produce endorphins, the natural morphine the body produces in response to pain.

She continued flogging, moving around the suspended body, flogging her tits and belly and pussy and legs. She continued moving around to her back and ass and thighs. After fifteen minutes she walked away from the reddened body and back to the wall of toys. She replaced the flogger and chose a medium leather flogger. This one would hurt and sting and leave bruises and minor breaks in the skin.

She returned to her victim and began the figure eight again, this time starting at her breasts. The slap of the leather across the sensitive nipples got the woman kicking and screaming behind her ball gag. Lisa moved slowly down the woman's front, hitting her belly and upper thighs, slapping across her pussy and down her legs. She moved around the body carefully hitting every inch of exposed skin.

Once she had returned to face her victim, she swung the flogger in a big circle and slapped it up between her legs, letting the tips slam into her exposed pussy .The woman screamed and twisted her body almost horizontal. Lisa hit her pussy several more times; she hung swaying as Lisa returned the flogger to the wall.

Rick left the throne where he had been watching Miss Maria Courly's flogging with rapt attention. The surprise as Lisa began, the pain as Lisa changed floggers, and the utter helplessness and agony as the flogger beat her tender pussy lips black n blue.

Lisa strode over and sat regally on the throne watching as Rick chose the heavy flogger. The straps of the flogger were one inch wide and a quarter of an inch thick. This flogger bruised when it hit with a heavy thud.

Rick went behind the suspended slave and took two chains from rings on the floor locking them onto the spreader bar. He motioned Lisa to raise the woman up further. The locking chains stretched tight and the woman's body began to stretch as if she was on a rack. Rick motioned again and Lisa stopped the winch, the woman was stretched to the limit of her muscles.

Rick picked up the flogger and whipped it around his head slamming it into the exposed buttocks; even through the gag her scream was loud. Her ass cheeks almost instantly went deep red and were darkening even as Rick slammed the flogger into her ass again. Rick knew he was tearing the tightly stretched muscles of the woman but wanted her to feel this session a long time.

He flogged her upper back twice, the moved to her front and worked over her breasts, He hit them stroke after stroke, the meat turning dark as they bruised. His final stroke was the same as Lisa right between the spread legs.

He motioned to Lisa to lower the unconscious woman; leaving her lay on the floor he walked over and added more lube to Donna's dildo. Donna had cum several times from all the attention her pussy was getting. Rick took a tens unit and hooked to her rings. It began to shock Donna's tits in a random fashion varying both duration and intensity.

Lisa was intrigued at how Rick had laced open her mother's pussy lips through the eyelets he had installed. It was wild how exposed her clit was. Lisa reached down and spun the spur resting on her mom's clit. Donna arched her body and came again.

The executive slut groaned. Rick and Lisa went over to her and un-cuffed her; Rick even removed her gag. He began slapping her face. Once she seemed to focus he instructed her to return the next Friday night at 7 pm sharp. He had Lisa escort her back to her car.

"My clothes?" the tearful woman asked.

Lisa slapped her tits. "That's Mistress to you slut."

The woman shivered in the autumn air, "May I have my clothes Mistress?"

"You may," the woman looked up, "when you return next week."

The woman nodded and fell into her car. She drove off slowly and unsteady.

Lisa returned to the dungeon where Rick had released Donna and wrapped her in a blanket, as Lisa walked in he was feeding her some water. "Let's put her to bed and call it a night."