Which Hole?
by The Doctor

Hole, Hole, where should I go?

Last night, when my sexy wife and I were making love, we decided to play a little fantasy game. I had my wife strip off all of her clothes and lie face down on our bed. Just looking at her petite, sexy Asian body was already getting me hard.

“Hands”, I said, as she placed her hands behind her back. I proceeded to take some old white stockings of hers that we had used before and tied her wrists tightly together behind her back. I then took another stocking and tied her ankles together. Now, she was lying face down on the bed.

I then took a blindfold we always used and placed it over her eyes.

“Open wide”, I said, as I stuffed a wash cloth into her mouth.

“I’ll be back in a minute”, I told her, leaving her to think about what will happen while bound and gagged. I returned a short time later with a roll of black electrical tape. I ripped off a piece and placed it over the blindfold to keep it on her and prevent her from rubbing it off or pulling it down. I then lifted up her head and taking another strip of tape placed that over the cloth in her mouth so she could not spit the cloth out.

“Hmmn, which hole should I use? Pussy or Ass?”

I proceeded to begin to rub my hard cock over the cheeks of her ass. “I think it will be ass”, I said. As I was rubbing my cock over the cheeks of her ass, she began to “mmmph” , squirm and shake her head from side to side as a way of telling me not to put my cock in her ass. I continued to tease her like this for a few more seconds, and then flipped her over on her back.

“How about your pussy?”, as I began to rub my dick over her pussy lips.

“MMMMMM”, she moaned as she was nodding her head. I continued to tease her for about ten minutes by flipping her on her stomach, putting my hard cock on her ass cheeks and rubbing her ass cheeks with it, and then flipping her on her back and teasing her pussy with my cock.

Every time I rubbed my hard cock on her ass cheeks while she was face down and lying on her stomach, the intensity level of her “mmmphs” and shaking of her head sideways became more intense.

Finally, I turned her over on her back, cut the tape off of her ankles, grabbed and spread her legs and placed my now very hard cock into her wet pussy.

She came (and so did I) with an intense orgasm and screamed through her gag.

I then took out the gag and blindfold and removed the stockings from her wrists.

“I really enjoyed this game. I knew all along which hole you were going to use”, she said.

“So did I, So did I.”

The End

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