Silenced Orgasms
by The Doctor

My Asian wife and I have a lot of fun when I bring her to multiple orgasms by just using my tongue and mouth on her clit. She loves it when I slowly lick her clit to get her aroused, and then suck on it to bring her to a full body shaking orgasm. Every weekend, she loves it when I have her nude, spread eagled, tied to the bed and blindfolded before I begin to bring her to multiple orgasms by sucking and licking on her clit.

While we were engaged in our “fun time”, my wife began to make loud noises while I was giving her cunnilingus. She stopped me and said, “honey, please gag me because I do not want people to hear me making loud noises.”

Knowing how she hates to have a gag on, I told her, “Let’s pretend you are gagged without actually putting a gag on you.”

She replied, "No, I want to be effectively gagged so no one will hear me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am positive.”

At that point, I got up off the bed and began to look for things I could use as a gag. While I was looking, my wife called out and said, “Hurry up, I want to have more multiple orgasms!” I can’t wait for you to continue with your ravishment of me.”

I told her I didn’t know what to use as her gag. She replied, “I want to be gagged so effectively that no sound will come out of my mouth. Here is what I want you to use: two panties, one stuffed in each side of my mouth so my cheeks are bulging; a strip of black tape wrapped around my mouth to hold the panties in place, a cloth hand towel placed over the tape, and another layer of tape over the cloth towel.”

I got two of her panties and brought them over to the bed. “Open Wide.”

“Are these clean?”

“Yes.” I took each one and stuffed it in her mouth, making sure that there was one stuffed in each cheek. When I looked at her with the panties stuffed in, she looked like a little squirrel with bulging cheeks.

“Try to talk”. When she did try to talk, her words were garbled; however, she still was able to make noises that could be heard. Next, I took some black electrical tape and wrapped it over her mouth to hold the panty gag in place. “Try talking now”.

She still was able to make audible moans. “Still too loud”, I said. I then got the cloth towel and tied it over the tape. “Can you talk now?”

When she tried, she still was able to make moans you could here. “Almost done". I took more tape and wrapped it tightly around her mouth to seal in the cloth and taped in stuffed panties. “Try talking now”.

When she tried to talk, no sound at all came out. “Perfect”.

I began to lick and suck her clit over and over again, causing her to have multiple intense orgasms. My wife came, and came, and came, and came so much that her entire body was shaking and she was covered in sheen of sweat.

When she gave me a signal (she rapidly shook her head from side to side) that she was becoming uncomfortable, I stopped, released her, and began to remove her gag. Right after taking off the last piece of electrical tape, my wife spit out the soaked panties from her mouth. “You took me to sexual heaven! Those were the most intense orgasms I have ever had in my life! I want you to make love to me this way all of the time!”

“Well, when do you want to do it again?”

“Give me a few minutes to rest”, she said,"and then let’s do it again!"

Is that the end of this story? No. it’s just the beginning.

The End

Copyright© 2013 by The Doctor. All rights reserved.