Raped by a Burglar?
by The Doctor

Whenever my wife and I make love, she wants me to tie her up, blindfold and gag her as she feels this helps me to cum harder and stronger. (Boy does it ever). However, each time she is tied, gagged and blindfolded, she always manages to escape the knots I have tied (I deliberately tie them loose on purpose). Then, she comments on how she could even escape from a real burglar.

At that point, I mentioned to her that a real burglar would not be so gentle with her and would tie her up, gag and blindfold her in a most uncomfortable manner and where she would not be able to escape. She laughed when I said this, and said that could never happen.

So, in order to prove my point, I decided to teach her a lesson.

One day, when my wife was out side watering, I went into the bedroom and got the things I would need to use as if I was a real burglar. I hid them under the bed, and then waited for her to come inside and go to our bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom and I heard the door close, I put my plan into motion. I pulled a black stocking over my face, and entered into the bedroom. I saw my wife lying on the bed resting. Now was my chance. I quickly jumped on top of her, placed my hand over her mouth and pinned her small body to the bed. I told her to be quiet and not make a sound. I then told her to get up and strip off all of her clothes. She immediately complied with my request. Then, I told her to lie down on her stomach and place her hands behind her back. Reaching under the bed, I pulled out my stuff I had placed there earlier.

I picked up a panty I had taken earlier and an old tie and stuffed the panty in her mouth and then secured it with the tie. Then, I placed the blindfold over her eyes, and also put two cotton balls into her ears. She was now effectively gagged blindfolded and unable to hear.

She continued to lay there on her stomach, waiting what was to happen next. Little did she know that I was going to use the one thing she knew that she could never get out of –duct tape.

I reached under the bed and pulled out the roll of duct tape and placed it next to me. I took the roll and pulled out a piece which I used to tie her hands together in an x pattern behind her back. Then, for good measure, I took a strip and placed it over her mouth to hold in the tie and panty gag I had previously used as my gag.

I then turned her over on her back and where her hands were under her butt. I removed the blindfold and replaced it with a strip of duct tape.

She started to mmmfff and squirm so I pinched her nipples and told her to stay still. She complied.

Knowing that she was now completely helpless and unable to see or hear, I removed my mask. I then began to torture her by slowly licking and sucking her clit, then stopping, and then starting all over again. I did this for about fifteen minutes. During that time, she had numerous orgasms, and was trying to get free (she couldn’t). I really got turned on when I heard her moaning through her gag and developed a rock hard erection. I then pushed my dick into her moist pussy and pushed in until I was all of the way in. Even while tied, she raised her hips up to meet my thrusts and had another orgasm. I then pulled out and began to lick and suck her clit again which caused her to have more orgasms and me to get my penis rock hard once again.

I then flipped her over onto her stomach. She knew what was coming next (anal sex) and tried again to get free from her bonds. I then positioned my now hard penis over her puckered hole and then slowly began pushing in. She began to scream as much as she could through her heavily gagged mouth. However, as I continued to push in, her screams turns to deep moans until finally I was all of the way in. I stayed inside of her, not moving, until I felt my hot cum explode inside of her anus. I knew she was enjoying this too, as she pushed up while I was cumming in her rectum.

When my cock became small and slid out, I then slowly and carefully cut away the duct tape which had secured my wife, and then pulled the strips from her mouth and eyes. After taking the strip off of her mouth and taking out the tie, she spit out her soaked panty gag and gave me a long, passionate kiss. She told me that had always been a fantasy of hers to have a burglar restrain and gag her with duct tape and then have his way with her.

She asked me when we could do it again.

“How about right now?

“Let’s go”, she replied.

The End

Copyright© 2013 by The Doctor. All rights reserved.