Ice, Dildos and Lots of Sex
by The Doctor

During the past week or so, my wife and I have had a fun time of incorporating ice into our fantasy sexual adventures.

First, she asks me to tie her up. This involves my tying her either to the bed spread-eagled, or on a wooden captain's chair. I make sure that she is tied nice and tight so that she can't squirm or move. Then, I take a large wad of cotton and pack it into her mouth. I then take a scarf and tie that between her teeth. Finally, I take several strips of packing tape and place them over her mouth. I then tell her to talk. All she is able to do is to utter very soft muffled noises.

Now, for the fun. I take a small vibrator and after putting some lube on it, place it in her butt. Then, I take a larger vibrator and place that one inside of her womanly sex. Then, I turn them both on to high and leave the room to get the ice. While I am gone, I can hear her moaning and attempting to scream out in delight from the orgasms she is having from the vibrators. I then return with a small bowl full of ice cubes. I remove the two vibrators from her and then take an ice cube and slowly begin to rub it over her breasts, and then over her clitoris. The sensation of cold makes her squirm and try to shout out with pleasure and delight.

Then, I take two ice cubes and place them inside of her womanly sex. I then take the large vibrator and re-insert it so that she has both the ice cubes and vibrator inside. I then turn the vibrator on low and hold it in. The sensation of the ice, along with the vibrator, is so intense that she starts to buck hard, moan profusely and then begin to cry with delight. She is really getting turned on as I notice that her whole body is shaking with wave after wave of orgasm. While the ice cube and vibrator are inside, I also use my tongue to lightly nibble, suck and lick her clitoris. She has such a tremendous orgasm from this that tears are streaming down her cheeks and her breasts are heaving up and down in a rhythmic motion.

After several minutes like this, I remove the vibrator, and then place my rock-hard penis into her now very wet vagina. While coming inside of her, her body attempts to buck and strain against her restraints. After I have come and she has had a tremendously fulfilled orgasm, I untie her, remove her gag and then hold her ever so gently and romantically. She tells me that she wants to do this again when we have another hot spell. I'm ready to go.

The End

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