Hands Tied While Having 69
by The Doctor

As part of our love-making repertoire, my sexy, petite Asian Wife and I love to engage in mutual masturbation while in the 69 position.

While making passionate love while doing 69, my wife loves for me to tie her hands in front so she can hold, caress, stroke and play with my cock while I lick and tongue her vagina, and nibble, lick and suck on her clit.

My wife has told me that she enjoys doing 69 this way as she can fantasize that she is being ravished against her will by a burglar.

Both of us are naked and she is lying on her back and I am lying on my side so my head is facing her hairy bush that conceals her clit. I then take a pair of her old white nylon stockings or electrical tape and tie her hands in front of her body. I also place two cotton balls over eyes, seal them with a strip of electrical tape, and then place a black velour blindfold over her head to hold in the tape and cotton balls.

I begin to lightly kiss, nibble and suck her clit, and she begins to slowly play with my cock and balls with her tied hands. As I continue to nibble, suck and lick her clit, which is now becoming quite erect and hard (like a small rubber ball) my wife begins to moan until her moans become louder and louder. As I intensify in my pleasuring of her, she too is becoming more forceful in stroking my cock and playing with balls until I become very hard and erect.

Once I am hard and erect, she tells me to put it inside of her. With her sightless and hands still tied, she opens up her legs and used her tied hands to guide my hard, erect cock inside of her waiting pussy.

Once inside, I push my cock in deep and keep it there until I explode with what seems like a gallon of cum filling her waiting and inviting pussy.

I can tell she is enjoying this too as she squeezes her legs tightly together to hold my cock inside of her until I have emptied my seed into her.

Once my cock becomes soft and flaccid, and we both have had mutual orgasms, I let my cock slide out of her pussy.

When we are both coming down from being in a state of orgasmic bliss, I remove the blindfold, tape and cotton balls from her eyes and untie her hands.

We then hold and cuddle with each other and both of us drift off into a state of restful sleep with our arms tightly wrapped around each otherís naked body.

The End

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