Cold as Ice
by The Doctor

Last weekend, my wife asked if we could play an all day fantasy game. She wanted me to use thick cloth duct tape and wrap her entire body in it. Also, she told me that she wanted me to make her be as uncomfortable as possible. We started early in the morning and didn't finish until early that night. First, I had her put on her new, leopard print g-string bikini that I recently purchased for her. The bikini had a very small triangle tied top and equally small g-string bottom held together by two very tiny strings.

After she put it on, I began to get aroused. I took out a roll of thick cloth gray duct tape and began to wrap it tightly around her ankles. I continued to wrap the tape up her legs, thighs, and up to her g-string bottom where I stopped, at least for now. I then proceeded to wrap the tape around her belly and arms and up to her chest but stopped at her triangle-tied top. I then lifted her up and laid her down on the bed. I tore off a long strip of tape and placed it over her mouth and then took another one and placed that over her eyes.

With her now completely tied, gagged and rendered sightless, I left the room and went into the kitchen. I took out a tray of ice cubes and dumped them into a bowl. I then returned to my pretty "victim". As I entered the room, she heard my footsteps and began to writhe on the bed and repeatedly moan through her gag. I was now getting turned on by the site of my helpless wife. I took six ice cubes, pulled open her g-string bottom, and placed the cubes on top of her pubic mons. Immediately, she began to loudly moan through her gag. Then I placed three ice cubes in each of her triangle bra cups. Again she began to moan and moan. Now, I just sat there and watched as the frozen ice cubes were slowly melting inside her g-string bottom and top. What a turn on!! As the ice melted, she continued to writhe, struggle against her bonds, and loudly moan and mmmmmmph through her gag. Tears started streaming down her cheeks.

After the ice had completely melted, I removed her g-string bikini and dried her off. I then began to suck, nibble and lick her clitoris. She became very wet and I became very hard, at which time I inserted my rock-hard rod into her moist little pussy.

After I came, I withdrew and then stood her up. I took some more cloth duct tape and then wrapped some around her cute pubic mound and her lovely breasts. I lay her back down on the bed and watched her for a couple of hours. She struggled and mmmphed loudly, but was unable to free herself from her tight bonds or effective gag. Finally, I took a pair of scissors and began to cut away the tape. As I pulled off a strip, one at a time, she would moan and mmmph through her gag.

As I was removing the tape from her pubic mound, some of her hair from her dark bush was removed along with the tape. As this happened, she would scream through her tightly gagged lips and tears would appear streaming down her cheeks. When all the tape had been removed, and I finally removed her gag and blindfold, she quickly sat up and gave me a deep, passionate kiss. She then proceeded to lick me all over and give me a fantastic blowjob, followed by some great sex. We continued to engage in oral, vaginal and anal sex for several more hours.

The End

Copyright© 2013 by The Doctor. All rights reserved.