by Doc49

Martin had wakened many times in this life but never like this. In a big, soft super king-size bed, naked and uncovered in a warm room. No congestion ache in his balls and, as an added bonus, his usual morning erection was being worked to steel hardness by a wet hungry mouth with an agile and inquisitive tongue. He kept his eyes closed and savoured the sensations coming from Josie, the conquest he had made last night. To prolong the pleasure, he started to recount the previous evening in his head.

He, Phil and Eddie had gone to the pub to watch the Friday night football and have a few beers. His team had won and to celebrate, they moved on to DJ's nightclub. As he checked out the talent, his eyes met a pair of open, brown eyes watching him. The girl’s eyes widened. She smiled, her hand went to caress her hair, pink tongue went across her lips and she turned and bent forward displaying two inviting orbs. His mouth went slack and his heart jumped. She looked away then back to see if he was still watching and smiled a smile that lit up her face.

The lads found the table and got some drinks in. He stood up and announced, “I feel lucky tonight. I’m going on the pull!”

Snorts of derision followed this move away from his mates. He headed straight to the flirty girl. She must have sensed his presence as she turned to him and smiled again. He went into a deep courtly bow.

“Would my lady like to dance?”

Her eyes sparkled. “I am not a lady but a lowly serving wench. I would love to dance!”

He took a hand and escorted her to the floor, bowed deeply again.

“Where does this wench serve?” he ventured as an icebreaker as they started to move to music.

“I am one of the serving wenches at Rizzo’s cafe in the square. You?”

“Lowest form of pond life at Arbuckle’s accounting.”

She nodded and put more energy into the dancing as she warmed up.

Martin gave her the once over. Long natural black hair, olive skin, big brown eyes, Latino nose and full lips would not be his first choice but the curvy toned figure, well filled bra, and sensuous hips inhabited many of his fantasies. She danced with a live grace and poise. What was she getting? He was six foot four, brown hair, clean-shaven, toned and athletic with brown eyes in a smiley open face.

She moved towards him as he mimicked her dance moves then they made contact, palm to palm as they mirrored-imaged each other. They both had a fit of the giggles. She turned, pulled his hands and arms round her waist and bumped and ground him. This was going way too fast. A slow ballad found them up close and personal; her with her hands in his hair, he with a buttock in each hand and French kissing to establish whose tongue was strongest. Her short black leather dress had ridden up under his grasp and he had skin and lace black knickers in his hands.

The next dance track found her swaying her bottom against his groin. She took his hands and placed them on her breasts then reached back and grabbed his throbbing erection.

“Would you like to go somewhere?” he gasped.

“God, I thought you would never ask. Come on.”

They checked out their coats while there was still a queue to check-in. His was a black wool knee length, her's a full-length black leather trench coat matching her dress and boots. Hand-in-hand, she led him 500 yards along the street to a modern apartment building, went up to the door and swiped a card. The door swung open and they entered. A lift was called with another casual swipe. She pressed seven. Before she could move he was pressing her against the wall and groping indistinct swellings of her breasts through two layers of tactile leather. He nuzzled her neck. Seventh floor. She ducked his embrace and glided down the corridor with him in hot pursuit. Another door, another casual swipe, then she entered the code in the keypad and pushed. They entered her stupendous apartment. He gasped in wonder.

He gasped for real as reality encroached into his dream-like memories. She had changed tactics. Her lips were tight on his glands and chewing backwards and forwards while her tongue explored the small opening. She must have felt him stiffen or twitch as she returned to the more gentle mouth work. He returned to his reminiscences.

“Give me a hand with these boots.” She sat and proffered a booted leg. He pulled and it slid off reluctantly. He repeated the other foot; a deep sigh.

“Take yours off. The underfloor heating is sensational.”

He did. They faced one another savouring the sensual warmth of the tiles. His arms encircled her, she moved closer like a puppy needing to be stroked. Mouths clashed, tongues fought, hands explored and bodies writhed. Clothes continue to be shed, his and hers in an intimate jumble. Both naked, he picked her up and took her to the bedroom. A super king-size bed with white cotton sheets and duvet beckoned. He dropped her in the middle in a tangle of arms and legs and then dived on top, taking possession of both breasts and forcing his tongue down her throat. Her hand directed his steely hard cock to waiting wet pussy. He drove in; no need for foreplay. A fiery hell enveloped his shaft and the battle of the sexes began. Over the next two hours he fucked her in every position he could think of. She came many times and he four. Exhausted and sated they fell asleep. Four hours later, she woke him and he buried himself in her again; another hour of sexual athletics then sleep again.

Now his wet wake up call.

He opened his eyes and looked down. A pair of dark eyes smiled back. The mouth couldn’t, of course, as it was still hard at work. She gave him one last lingering suck then move up to him like a leopard over its kill.

“Did you really say you preferred your women bound and helpless so you can fuck them senseless?”

“Yes, I think I did.”

“Did you mean it?”

He nodded, embarrassed.

“I hope you did. I have been collecting. I don’t have any rope, but I make my own leather clothes and I found two, twenty foot lengths of leather thong. I also have the stuff my sister gave me for my 18th birthday as a bad joke; a blindfold, a gag shaped like a penis and a set of clamps. I never dared to use them, they are also on the bedside table.”

He shook his head in disbelief. Was this a dream? Maybe not. “Any rules?”

“Just do you what gives you pleasure!”

“It may be painful.”

“Just do it! How do you want me?”

“Kneeling on the centre of the bed, hands behind your back, palms together.”

She was in position in an instant, looking excitedly over her shoulder as he took one length of thong, found the middle and made a loop. He encircled her wrists, winding and cinching it. She tested the tie: no give at all. He took one long end around ankle to thigh, caught the connection to the wrists and pulled it through three times and knotted it tight. He repeated this on the other side. She was frog tied; her arms dragged towards her feet. This arched her back, thrust her breasts out. She wriggled.

“I’m helpless and yours!” Skin glowed, eyes sparkled, and hard nipples protruded. Short breaths and the licking of the lips showed a frisson of anxiety.

“This is just to stop you escaping. What follows is much more fun!” He placed the other long loop above her elbows, took several wraps and cinched it so her elbows touched. Her back arched further offering her breasts to any groping hands. He declined. Taking the long lengths under her arms, he tied a knot at the base of her throat then circled two and a half times around the base of her breasts, took the leather to the back and tied it again. He led the tether to her elbows then tightened it again and ran a tight cinched between the elbows and the back. Her breasts swelled, became dusky and very sensitive. Even the gentle breeze of the air conditioning stroked her skin and nipples to a tumult of anticipation.

“Time to continue my oral therapy.”

He proffered his hard member to her mouth. In a trice she was wetly working him.

“Feel your situation; feel the tightness cutting into you; feel the sensitivity of your congested breasts; the power of my shaft in your mouth. There is more to come in your total subjugation.”

He seized a double handful of hair and drove his length into the constricting recess of her throat. She tried to gag. “Keep sucking and licking.”

She did and her throat opened slightly but he still had three inches to get his balls against her chin. He pulled out.

“Think of your helplessness and sing a note as I push in.”

She did. He was in deep pleasure: wet mouth and the tight, vibrating throat caressing his member. She ran out of breath. He withdrew. They repeated again and again. She improved with practice. A stronger note which lasted longer. Eventually he exploded in her gullet firing hot cum into her. He stayed fixed long after she had ran out of breath and started to choke. She came as the oxygen ran out. He pulled slowly out, still dripping cum.

“God! That was the best ever. You could teach the porn stars how to do it!”

She felt the tenderness and ache in her jaws and mouth and wondered what was next. He was taking her at her word.

“A mouth with such ability must be protected.” He picked the penis gag off the bedside table; four inches long and two inches wide. It was much bigger than normal. “Does your sister not like you?”

“She said I had a big mouth and it needed to be stopped. Have you seen the clamps, custom-made and vicious? She said I needed to be broken like a wild horse. If she could see me now!” She pulls gently at her bonds. “Are you going to tame me?”

“You talk too much!” He took the penis gag and rammed it into her mouth, pulled the buckle straps behind her head, under the chin, and over her scalp before pulled them painfully tight. Only puppy whimpers came from behind the gag, and then he blindfolded her.

“Now let’s see these vicious clamps.”

Each of the nipple clamps split into two halves tightened by side screws: with a mini bucket handle and chain attached. Each half sported needle sharp spikes. He opened one to maximum width and slipped it over her erect nipple before squeezing it until the points drew blood. He repeated this move for the other side. She whimpered into the gag. The clit clamp was different. Still the adjustable ring of spines but also a metal cup to cover the tip and a vibrator inside. He fitted it with glee. She moaned with the spikes and jumped with the vibration. He took the long nipple chain over her head, onto her bound arms. He followed up with a gentle push and she went flat on her face, arse in the air. He sank his wood hard tool into her warm moist pussy and sighed.

“Now to break you!” he whispered as he gathered the chain. A surprising sigh of contentment came from behind the gag. He withdrew to start the process. He pushed in over her G spot: pleasure, pulled on her nipple chains: pain, ravaged her cervix: pleasure and finally hit the clit ring: pain and pleasure in equal measure. The steady rhythm addled her brain and drove her to repeated orgasms. He just fucked her through each climax. After an hour all that existed was pain or pleasure. He finally hosed her cervix as he pulled on her chain. He pulled out of her spasming pussy. Whack! Whack! His hand spanked her. She came again. As he punished her soft buns, her conscious mind shut down. She was just another sex toy.

His heavy weapon was well past the tight part before she realised he was taking her ass. Soon ball deep, he took the vibrator and filled her pussy. Everything was on full. He rode her chain to nipples, cock in ass, as she drove back against him. Half an hour later, one final shared mind blowing orgasm spent them. They toppled over sideways. He was tired and his cock was deflating; she still only having lost his cock in her ass, squirming under an erotic cocktail of bonds, clamps and vibrators. He watched her build to another climax and pass out. He removed the vibrators, clamps, blindfold and bonds. He took her in his arms and they slept together. He woke first. He looked at her. She was innocently asleep but had invited him to bind and abuse her. She was a fantastic lay and allowed him to fulfil his wildest fantasies. He would have to see what followed.

She awoke confused. He kissed her gently and put a hand on her sticky pussy.

“Oh!” She started: her memory returned.

He had an idea. “Slave position.”

She rose out of the bed, onto the floor, knelt, spread her legs, hands-on thighs, breasts thrust forward with head-up but eyes down. He rose to inspect her. She looked like a well-used slave; hair tousled and sporting rope burns at wrists, elbows, ankles and thighs, strap marks and dried cum all over her face, streaks of blood on her nipples and steady drip of cum from her pussy and ass. The hand prints on her bottom were fading. He forced her to attention.

“Legs much further apart; I want to see your pussy. Hands on the inside of your thighs, elbows behind the breasts so they push them forward. Head further up but gaze at the floor or my cock; mouth slightly open and the tip of the tongue visible.” She complied immediately. “Now, tell me why?”

She blushed all over. “I lied to you. I do not serve any more. That is what I did to finance my design and fashion course. I run my own company, hand-made leather clothing. I now employ thirty people. It is profitable.” She waved her hand at the sumptuous apartment.

“I discovered Internet porn very young and always wanted to be a helpless victim, abused by a handsome man with a big cock. When I saw you, I felt the emotions in my pussy, not my head. I always knew that, with the right man, I would give everything I had. Please, I feel so happy and alive, take me as your sex toy and bend me to your will.”

He smiled down at her. “Come, let’s get something to eat and a shower together. I will hogtie you then I will go and get some of my things. I have a slave to train for a weekend.”

Pure joy lit up her face.

The End

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