by Doc49

“I’m going to the ball, Uncle John! I’m going to the ball and you’re taking me!” Charlotte flung herself into his arms in a flurry of blonde hair and soft body. He spun her round smiling into the sparkling emerald eyes and billowing blouse.

“I know, but it is six weeks away.”

“I’m to get a new dress and everything; shoes and gloves; my hair styled; my makeup done by a professional and I get to choose some perfume like a grown up woman.” She skidded to an inelegant landing as he let her down,

“Do you think, John, you can deal with a young lady at her first ball?” her father asked.

“I suppose so; she’s still small enough to put across my knee and spank if needed.”

Charlotte stuck her tongue out.

“I see what you mean.” Her father smiled as he stroked her rump.

* * *

“The Honourable John Middleswick and Miss Charlotte Middleswick.” They were announced and paraded down the staircase. John, the host’s handsome younger brother, tracked by the ladies; and Charlotte, the host’s teenage daughter, assessed by the gentlemen. Her slim but voluptuous body sheathed in ice blue silk flowing to the floor; matching shoes with four inch heels and gloves; hair in a french plait and made up to emphasis her eyes and full lips. Her father had got value for his money.

The glamorous couple mingled until the music swelled. Lord Robert, the host, led his new wife onto the dance floor followed by John and Charlotte. They danced every set. Both moved with grace and could have the pick of the assembly. Her only moment of discomfort was with the Brigadier who had his hand on her bottom and his nose in her cleavage. John rescued her.

Breathless, they sojourned to the conservatory for fruit juice, cooler air and a seat.

“How many balls have you been to, Uncle John?” Charlotte asked.

“This is my eleventh. I was just a little older than you when I went to my first with Auntie Clarissa. I did a lot of dancing but not much else.”

“And now? How would you normally pass the time at the ball?”

“I would dance, share champagne with my date, and allow things to develop.”

Charlotte got quite short about this. “And how would things develop?”

“I’m not telling you, nosy girl.”

“But I need to know if I am to behave correctly in years to come.”

He leaned away. “Good point. Come, let’s dance again and I’ll show you. You have to imagine you are in love with me and have drunk a lot of champagne.” They swirled onto the floor.

John instructed, “The first move would be a la Brigadier, my hand on your bottom followed by the other hand pulling yours onto your breast, then the passionate kiss.” Each was done as said. His tongue sneaked beyond her teeth and tickled her mouth. They pressed together until the music faded.

“Now what?”

“Oh, several dances like that. A walk in the garden so I can squeeze her breasts and stroke her thighs.”

“And after that?”

“More dancing, more kissing.”

“What about when the ball ended?”

“I will invite her to my room, undress her, tie her hands and spend the night exploring her body.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“That, you will have to find out for yourself.”

She pouted. “Can we dance like that again and go for a walk?”

He looked at her eager face and prominent nipples. “Why not? It might be fun.”

He got his tongue down her throat, tweaked a hard nipple as he kneaded a breast and stroked soft skin above the silk stockings. Despite her youth and inexperience, she responded just like his previous conquests; jousting with his tongue, pushing her breast into his hand and moaning encouragement.

At midnight, he stopped, adjusted her clothing, and escorted her to the ballroom. ”Say goodbye to everyone. Kiss your father and step mother. It’s time for bed.” He led her up the staircase and handed her to the maid to be undressed, washed and placed between her sheets.

At one thirty in the morning, Charlotte was wide awake; breasts swollen, nipples hard, a gnawing fire in her stomach and flooding down her thighs. Each climax made it worse. An all-consuming fever. She needed something else. But what? She dangled her feet over the bed edge. Her hands took on a life of their own, crossing in the small of her back.

“This can’t be right. Why would I want Uncle John to tie me and explore my body like the other women?” Her hands stayed stuck and the fire was greater.

“I’ll just go along so he can calm me down.” She found her robe.

Entering John’s room, she bolted the door and tiptoed to the circle of light like a moth to its doom. His eyes followed her. There was a sigh of falling gossamer then the whisper of silk on skin. She entered the circle of brightness, turned, crossed her hands behind her and sighed “Please.” She heard the bed creak and a drawer open and shut.

“Are you certain you want to do this? Absolutely certain?”

“Please.” Head down, wrists crossed, she waited.

“Palms together.” A double loop of rope around her proffered wrists, more and more until the ends were passed between her arms and pulled tight. She struggled. No give.

Hands measured her breasts, rolling her nipples. “Yes, definitely qualifies for an elbow rope.” Looped above her elbows tighter and tighter to thrust her breasts forward as a temptation. He swung her round and pressed her to kneeling.

“Open.” He pushed his hard member to her lips. She obeyed. Through the teeth and over the tongue.

“Lick and suck.” She did. He went deeper.

“Don’t gag, just relax your throat.”

She was able to control herself. Pubic hair to nose, panic appeared in her eyes. He withdrew a little. She gasped. He fucked her throat for an age and came deep within.

“Not bad for a first time.”

She tasted him, pulled her bonds; how would he explore her next. A large plastic ball was forced in where his cock had been and secured. No more than moaning possible.

“Up on the bed, kneeling, legs wide apart.” He slid under her before lifting her on to his erection.

“Now force yourself down.”

His breast manipulation was a distraction as she wiggled down until they were pubis to pubis.

“Now, ride me like a thoroughbred.”

She rose and fell, rocked and squeezed. When the eruption began it came from his balls to fire scalding seed at her womb. She clenched, spasmed, arched her back and screamed into the gag as her world changed.

Face in the pillows, bottom in the air, he fucked her through many climaxes, spread her rosebud and stretched her virgin ass. When he finished he hogtied her to immobility. He went to sleep sucking a hard nipple and fondling a sticky pussy. Her awakening was more cock in her holes just to remind her what she had asked for. Tied flat, he put her in his large holdall and covered her. A summoned footman took the bag to his car while he paid his respects to his brother.

“Hi, big brother. Recovered from the ball?”

“Yes, really good night.”

“How’s the new wife?”

“Obedient, inventive and as randy as hell.”

“Just like the last one?”

“Better mouth and bigger tits. Ties better too; more flexible. How did little Charlotte perform last night?”

“She showed much promise. Good for a first time but needs training.”

“Oh, how long do you think?”

“About six weeks of the intensive course.”

“Have you arranged this?”

“Yes, she starts immediately.”

“Good, will you return her yourself?”

“Of course, so we can discuss plans for her?”


* * *

“Welcome back Mr. John, Miss Charlotte, we haven’t seen you for some time.”

“Thank you, Roberts.” The butler retired, closing the library doors.

“Charlotte, go to your father’s room and wait.”

“Yes Master John.” She left a vision of sensual promise, dressed for seduction.

“Is she ready?” her father asked.

“Very much so.”

“What have you done? Any piercings?”

“Only two tongue studs to improve her oral performance. She’s grown to a D cup with all the arousal. Her holes are stuffed with a dildo and anal plug just to keep her happy. What are your plans for her?”

“The Honourable Joshua Pottersby.”

“The son of Pottersby, Private Bank?”

“That’s him. The father has put up ten million for her, another ten if the son is satisfied and ten more on the birth of his first grandson.”

“Has the son been on the course?”

“Yes, a bit heavy-handed with the whip but satisfactory.”

“And the trial period?”

“Starts next week.”

“She will take him to heaven, hell, and his fantasy land. Your money is safe. Go and try her before she moves on. I can recommend her mouth.”

“She’s my daughter!”

“And when did morals get in the way of your dick?”

“Well, maybe a threesome with her step mother. Just so they can get better acquainted.”

“Show her your dungeon. She thinks you’re an old fuddy duddy.”

“I’ll take that out on her ass if she says that.”

“Here’s to well trained incest.”

The End

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