The Life Changing Experience
by Doc49

“You’d think it would be easy,” grumped Paula Stockton, glowering at her laptop and slamming down her pen. “A batchelorette party. Just a long weekend away for six girls not involving trivia, boys, booze, or male strippers.”

All she had seen was for ten year olds or randy co-eds. The only advert to at least grab her interest was a pirate-themed weekend were the bride-to-be, lashed to the mast, was auctioned to the highest bidder. However, when it transpired that the prize not only included the bride, but also a litre bottle of vodka and the use of the Captain’s cabin, she lost interest.

She wrinkled her nose. All the girls on the last trip had enjoyed the tie-up-and-tickle sessions they had had, so maybe a damsel in distress theme for few days would fit the bill. She typed in damsel in distress experience. A mixture of porn stories and clips from movies came up. She scrolled endlessly through them. Finally she saw a different site.

Total Kidnap Experience! Let us control you for a weekend. All restraints provided; rope, chains, cuffs, gags and blindfolds. More exotic devices on request. If interested do not click on this site, phone the following number from a pay phone and we will set up secure e-mail.

Paula jotted down the number. “This sounds more interesting.”

Later that afternoon, she phoned as directed. “Total kidnap experience.”

“Hi, I saw your advert on the net. I’d like further details.”

“Ok, we need your e-mail address and service provider.”

“Fine, all lower case and provider Talk Talk.”

"Right, all lower case and Talk Talk. It will take about six hours to set up. You’re activation code is upper case DID99 repeat DID99. Got that?”

“Yes, check in six hours. Code DID99.”

“Correct” Click.

Six hours later on the dot, Paula turned on her e-mail. A strange email with a virtually unintelligible address popped up. She clicked the link. A new window opened.

Please enter your Email address and code.

She did.

Welcome Paula, we offer a complete kidnap service without the violence. We will help you disappear without trace then negotiate with your special people for a ransom. Once a sum is set, you are released. Our fee is 10% of the ransom value.

While you are with us you will be kept restrained, with more extreme forms for the pictures to be shown to the ransom payers. All food, drink and accommodation is provided.

Now tell us about your party; name, age, marital status, height, weight?

She typed.

Paula Stockton age 25, engaged, 5’ 6”, 8st. 2lb.
Edith Stockton age 23, single, 5’ 5”, 8st. 6lb.
Ellie Stockton age 20, single, 5’ 6”, 7st. 9lb.
Mya Stockton age 18, single, 5’ 3”, 7st. 6lb.
Jenny Anderson age 21, single, 5’ 7”, 8st. 1lb.
Jackie Anderson age 21, single, 5’ 7”, 8st 1 lb.

She pressed send. A reply came by return.

We can accommodate your party next weekend; start Friday finish Monday.

Paula’s brow furrowed. They sounded very professional. She clicked 'yes'.

By return again.

All communication about the experience must not involve electronic media; too easily traceable; only by word of mouth or old media; pen and paper. Agreed?

She pressed 'yes' again. The reply came to her inbox.

You will go to the central post office to pick up a letter addressed to you personally. It will contain a ticket to the left luggage at the station. You will retrieve a package containing six text pagers. Keep them hidden until Friday. Instructions to all participants: Dress in a summer frock, ankle socks and light shoes. Bring your passport, all personal electronic devices, handbag, purse and all usually worn jewellery. The pagers will call you to a van. When you get there all the above will be deposited in a secure box by the operative who will then gag you and secure you into a seat in the van for transportation to our secure facility. There after we take over. Understood?

Paula clicked 'yes' with a tremulous finger. A reply came.

Good, please confirm all in order at 10 PM on Thursday night.

Now to sell the idea to her sisters and friends. They met in the park at the circular bench. Paula explained what she had organised. There was some scepticism but the idea of stringing their parents along and a weekend of being restrained, waited on hand and foot, sounded like a great deal; especially as someone else would pay! They all agreed to the conditions and made plans to go shopping on Friday. Paula had collected the pagers as instructed. They also agreed to meet at the Mall at 9 am on Friday and she would pass them out then.

At the stroke of 10 PM Paula e-mailed

All arranged

A reply came quickly.

The order for the pagers first Mya then Ellie, Jackie, Jenny, Edith and lastly yourself. Each to follow instructions on the screen of the pager.

She replied 'Understood'.

At 9 o’clock the following morning she distributed the pagers as instructed and they dispersed allegedly to shop.

It was 9:30 am and Mike had just sent out the first message.

Leave the Mall via the High Street exit. Go to the carpark level 2 area L. There you will see a van with the sliding door open. Just enter. The operative will be inside.

He was waiting for Mya. After five interminable minutes, footsteps clanked on the metal steps. Mya peered shyly in.


She nodded.

“Come in.” She was gorgeous; flowing dark brown hair, melt your heart brown eyes, an angel face topping well developed breasts and hips. He smiled. “Passport?”

She handed it to him. Handbag, purse, electronic devices, jewellery, watch, choker, locket, ankle chain and rings were all handed over and placed in the box. He closed it and spun the combination.

“Now, what did Paula say was next?”

“You gag me and restrain me in the van.”

“Right, open wide like at the dentist.”

She obeyed. He took a wad of cotton cloth and pushed it deep into her mouth, moved behind her, pushed her jaw down and forced a large red ball behind her teeth. He swept her hair out of the way, pulled the straps to the back of her head, threaded, tightened and locked them. It was secure. He turned her round. Her eyes were wide. Mike was certain she had expected a small piece of cloth as in the movies.

“We do things properly. Anyway it suits you. You should wear it more often.”

Her eyes sparkled and he thought he heard a muffled giggle in the gag.

“Come with me.” He opened the door and guided her into the interior. “Back left, that’s your seat.”

He moved her down and she sat. “Right back.”

She shuffled. He took her right hand, raised it to the leather and felt cuff attached to the van’s frame, pulled it tight and locked it. This was swiftly followed by the other wrist and both ankles.

“Now for your seatbelt.” He took a piece of webbing from her right side threaded it through the loop on the piece running between her thighs. He tightened the top part over her hips.

“Now last but by no means least." He produced an eye mask and blindfolded her.

As she settled, he grabbed the loose end of the between the thigh webbing and pulled hard. It lifted her dress and seated itself against her panties. “Enjoy.”

Ellie was next, another developing beauty; black hair, dark brown eyes and a cheerleader figure. The same procedure was followed except she moved to interfere with the gag but stopped when she remembered her instructions. She was soon ready for transport.

There followed, in quick succession, Jackie and Jenny; identical twins, long blond hair, green playful eyes, pixie face but the bodies of a film starlet. They both talked nervously and giggled but the gags stopped that. They soon joined the van’s cargo.

Edith, fit, confident, controlled herself all through the restraining until the tightening of the between thighs webbing when she fought the restraints for a few seconds then quieted down.

Finally Paula, the bride-to-be and the ring leader. “Hello Paula, we meet at last. Do you have the laptop?” He proffered a case. She slipped it in.

“Now the rest.” Her passport, purse, mobile, and jewellery went into the box.

“Including the engagement ring please.” She tugged it off and placed it gently in the ring box provided.

“Now to gag you. The thoroughness of my technique surprised the others. Open wide as if at the dentist.” In went the cotton cloth. He went behind her, pushed her jaw down and rammed the red ball gag in, flicked up her hair, buckled and tightened the straps then locked it. He turned a wide eyed Paula to face him. Her long brown hair cascaded into place and her large come-to-bed eyes started to dilate in panic, but she realised she could not object. He looked at her D cups, narrow waist and child-bearing hips.

“Your mouth was made for that gag.” He manoeuvred a pacified Paula to her seat and restrained her with the minimum of fuss. He went to the cab and sorted the boxes for depositing on the way to his holding facility.

“Right ladies, are we comfortable?” He had ensured no reply.

He drove slowly, obeying all the motoring laws. (You explain six bound and gagged females to the police.) He stopped once to deposit the boxes of valuables in his storage facility. He continued until he parked in his underground garage. He alighted and opened his restraint facility. He checked the arrangements, propped the double doors open, and flung the van’s rear doors open.

“First on, first off.” He faced Mya, undid her seat belt and moved to her wrists. “As I take your hands down, I am going to cuff them behind your back. Another experience for you, rigid handcuffs.”

He manoeuvred her released wrists into the rigid cuffs, undid her ankles and stood her up. “Three steps. I will guide you.” She stepped down. “Now forward. I will direct you.” She shuffled along to the last cell on the left, stopping at a padded bar at hip height.

“Now to continue your new experiences. I need to take off your shoes and socks or the felt and leather cuffs will chaff. Foot up!”

She obeyed and was quickly re-cuffed by the ankles.

“Now to redo your arms. Ropes this time. My favourite restraint. It looks so good in the photographs for your parents. Isn’t it yours?” He took a good length of red cotton rope and made a loop above her elbows, then winding and pulling tight until her elbows touched, then cinched with several tight loops. Moving to her wrists, he removed the cuffs, and then more looping and cinching again but he left an eye of rope.

“How’s that. Tight enough?” A faint sound.

“Good, I’m glad you like it.” He reached up to a wire with a karabiner on the end, pulled it down, and attached it to the rope eye. He stepped over to the wall and pressed two buttons. Mya’s comfortable position changed. Her legs were drawn four feet apart as her arms were pulled up and forward to bend her over the bar.

“That’s a much better position for a woman. Now you won’t be needing these.” A pair of sharp scissors cut off her dress, bra and panties. She tried hard to scream and pulled at the bonds but with no effect.

“We can’t have that!” He went around the bar, rolled her nipples until they were hard and then released two crocodile clips onto them. She mewed into her gag. There was a piece of elastic cord between them and he attached it to a hook in the ground.

“This is predicament bondage. If you lower your arms you torture your nipples and vice versa. Stay still, I have work to do.” He fitted a metal collar that looked like a choker, put in ear speakers and replaced her blindfold with visual display goggles. “This is so you can see and hear what is happening. I will show you your capture, transfer and preparation as well as a movie on how to be a good slave.”

He moved on, putting each woman into the same uncompromising position. Paula, when he used the power winches, cried as she realised she had signed up for sexual slavery, not a damsel in distress weekend. She had dragged her sisters and friends into the same. They had covered their tracks so well they would never be found.

Mike put on his head set. “As you may have guessed by your current position you are not damsels in distress but my slaves to break and abuse as I think fit. What happens next? I will tell you. I will give you each an injection. This has several effects. It will stop you getting pregnant. Also I like slaves with big tits so it will grow you all a DD or larger size. Your nipples and clit will grow and become exquisitely sensitive and the pussy lips will expand and redden. But lastly and, my favourite, it will make you incredibly randy so that in a couple of weeks the only activity in your brain will be ‘How can I please my master? How can I get him to fuck me harder and more often?’ Back to now. I will be round to fit a vibrator to your clitoris and insert an ass plug and vibrator into your rosebud. They will be on low until one hour before I come to fuck you when they will be turned up to full.”

Soon all six girls were simmering quietly as the high frequency vibrator on the clit and the low frequency one in the ass kept them aroused.

Mike went upstairs to get two Citalis, two paracetamol, and two Ibuprofen to sustain him through the cherry ripping and fuck fest to come but before he did he put Mya up to full. A muffled scream was all he heard as he changed the video to young girls losing their cherry and getting fucked in bondage complete with graphic sound effects. By the time he had eaten, taken the pills, checked his e-mail, and used the toilet an hour had passed. Mya should be ready. As he went past he switched Ellie up to full. Another muffled shriek. Mya was as he left her except her pussy glowed, red, swollen, with pussy juice dipping all down her legs and onto the floor. Mike undressed then put on his head camera and microphone.

“Hello Mya, now you are ready, I am going to give you a rapist eye view. I will talk you through it and you will definitely feel it.” He bent his head forward to show her his 11 inch, thick as a man’s wrist, cock; hard as an ebony club. “This is my weapon of torture for you, Mya.” She struggled fitfully but she was approaching another orgasm. She exploded again, her juices soaking his erection. “Shall we begin?”

He wiped his large glans up and down her slit, forcing a shudder, then pushed gently at her moist lips. He nosed in until the glans was buried but against her hymen. He pushed but only entered a little way then stuck.

“Can you feel that Mya. You are stopping me.” Mya was however building to another climax and as the gush came, he grasped her hips and drove. She stretched, ripped, and gushed blood. He was in but only four inches. He looked down to show her his weapon in her pussy and blood and juices flowing out. Her shudder got him another inch of purchase. Steady pressure and pulling on her hips moved him steadily in to his full penetration. He gave her a minute to get used to his size then fucked her with brutal efficiency for forty minutes. She came six times, he just once. He withdrew, screwed a vibrator replica of his cock into her, put everything on simmer and moved on.

Ellie was wet and ready. He was still hard. No teasing. He rammed himself in. Her cherry popped with ease and he was ball deep. She seemed resigned to her fate. Mike knew that trick: ‘You can take my body but never my mind.’ He started to alter his position and penetration until he felt her tense. That was it; a long slide from G spot to cervix. He made the most of this knowledge as she became his in body and mind. After ten minutes she was pushing back onto him and screaming into her gag. Orgasms like waves pounding over a sea wall ravaged her poise. By the end she was fucking like a wanton slave.

Jackie was next for his ministrations. When he entered her cell, she was wriggling and mewing into her gag; trying to escape the vibrators but dripping and ready. Mike spoke. “You’ll soon have more to worry about than the vibrators.”

He looked down showing her his erection covered on blood and cum. She stopped resisting as he wiped his glans up and down her pouting lips and eased in. She was different. A thick hymen guarded her entrance. He pushed; no give. He drove harder. A little stretch. He pulled right out, grabbed her hips and thrust with all his might. He hit her hymen at speed. His glans compressed. His shaft hardened and she tore, screaming into the silencing ball. He was through into a tight fibrous tube. He worked in steadily, feeling her shudder with each advance and muffled moans with his best moves until she was fully penetrated. So tight; Mike wondered if he would be able to withdraw. He started small and slow, building up to full exit and impaling. By the end she would only scream as she came. He left her spasming on the cock vibrator.

Jenny was easy. A natural whore, pushing back onto his shaft the moment he entered her. Her muscles massaged the invader and each time she came she howled and squirmed. She cried when he left even though she had a vibrating replica of him deep inside her.

Edith was the dark horse. Her compact, toned body was tied like the rest and her vibrators were on full but there was little response. Some juices and redness but not an ‘I’m ready, please fuck me’, reaction. Mike had half expected this as the only time she juiced was when he applied the nipple clamps and rammed home her anal plug. He thought she got off on pain therefore he had brought a switch. The first cut set her pussy dribbling, the next nineteen increased that to a gush. He deflowered her with ease then rode her jockey fashion using the switch to encourage her active participation. She held nothing back. He twisted the vibrator in and set it then left with a final swipe across her thighs.

Finally Paula, the bride-to-be who wouldn’t be. She was hot as a witch’s cauldron and a fuckability quotient off the scale. Mike spoke gently to her. “Ahh, Paula, what would your fiancé make of you like this; bound, gagged and aroused to delirium? Would he release you and comfort you or would his lust emerge from his man cave and he would fuck you like I will soon enjoy? Did he get much before? A soft tit to feel? Heavy petting? Did you give him a hand job or oral sex? I suspect not. He would have taken your virginity on your wedding night but neither of you would be satisfied. I intent to take everything you have as a woman.” He thrust straight in, through her hymen until his pubic hair tickled her clit. He could hear faint pathetic sobs.

“Say goodbye to the fantasy marriage. This is your reality now.” He commenced to pleasure himself like a piston engine. She started uncooperative but soon the realisation and stimulation turned her into mindless whore who needed a long brutal fuck. He delivered that in spades. She gripped him, came for him and devoured every inch of him. Her mind was now set on becoming the best slave ever. She would get the practice. He left her, vagina gripped tight around the vibrating cock, gushing cum and covered in sweat. She sobbed into the gag whether from pain, frustration, or a need for more sex, Mike did not find out. He changed the settings so all could hear.

“I know you enjoyed your deflowering and the first fuck of your new life. Next is your ass. I am going to stretch you all. I don’t care if you object or tear, my pleasure is all that matters.” He returned to Mya. Out came the butt plug in went his cock. He raped her to orgasms then left her gaping and dripping. Each got the same brutal treatment.

He left them to recover then arranged them in pairs. Each was responsible for the other. Her partner’s care was her responsibility. If the care was poor; lank hair, chaffed skin, or poorly cleaned mouth, ass, or pussy the other would be punished. Now each woman's AI-enhanced collar took charge. It was sensitive to all rule breaking, poor performance, and unwillingness. It would also supervise their daily lives: when and what they ate, what exercise each needed, who would please the master each time and what needed immediate improvement. The collar could shock or strangle. It ruled their lives. Its first commands were issued: 'Now shower, eat, drink, and report to your cages.' Later they each crawled into a cage, which shut and locked automatically, and slept the sleep of well used slaves.

Mike woke the following morning and went down. His naked slaves were up and showered. Paula and Mya were preparing breakfast. The collars dropped them to their knees in perfect slave position; thighs wide apart, hands on thighs, elbows behind breasts, back arched, head up, eyes to the ground or to his groin and lips slightly parted with a pink tongue visible. He inspected them. All were clean and moisturised, the restraint marks fading and Edith’s wheals were well tended.

“Good, back to work except Jenny. You go and get a pair of rigid handcuffs and a ring gag from the store.”

She scurried off and returned with his requests. Her collar forced her to her knees again. She presented to him with head bowed. “Hands behind.”

She complied and he applied the cuffs.

“Open wide.”

He jammed in the gag, extending her jaw until it was almost dislocated, ran the straps behind her head, and locked them. She was looking at his erection and shuddering with just cause. He twisted two handfuls of hair, pulled her mouth on to his hardness and then slid through the gag and into the moist space. The collar was giving her instructions. Her tongue slurped him and her throat relaxed as he went in deeper, eleven inches disappeared. No gagging, but she could not breathe. He withdrew to allow her to breathe. In and out, her tongue working overtime and her throat soft, moist and tight, squeezing gently, he pleasured himself.

She was a natural whore and slave. Maybe he should use her to tutor the others? He came at full penetration shooting copious cum down her throat. He slid out enough to allow her to clean his tool with her tongue. “Excellent.” He removed the gag and cuffs. “Go and clean them and put them back. Now breakfast.” He sat at the table with them in slave position on the floor. His erection soon returned as he looked at his naked willing slaves or at least slaves controlled by their collars.

He finished. “Now to the gym.” He led them to a large room next door.

“Here, the collar will keep you fit, healthy and fuckable. You follow instructions. Your collar will monitor progress."

He went into a smaller room further along. “This is hole training space.” He pointed to several devices all sporting a replica of his erect cock. “Here you will practice sex in all three holes. The collar will monitor this as well.”

He moved across to the mirror image room. “This is the punishment room. Try to keep out of it. The collar and I can be very inventive. We love to give pain and arousal to naughty slaves. Now back to work except Paula.” He wanted her D cup tits. He took her to the three holes room where there was a cock mounted on a beam. “Get yourself onto that. He forced her over the beam and, as he raised the height, the phallus disappeared into her pussy. He cuffed her hands to the beam behind her then applied and tightened a pair of ankle to thigh cuffs. He then lowered the beam until her tits were at crotch level.

“I’m going to fuck your tits.” As he moved in, he flicked the remote control switch and the instrument in her pussy started pulsing, vibrating and pumping. She shrieked. He grabbed her D cup breasts and thrust his erection between them. Her sweat lubricated her cleavage. The thrusting soon made him spray cum all over her face and tits.

He looked at her “This is for failing to spot my ploy and resisting me at every turn.” He left her to the mercy of the collar and buried cock replica.

This became their lives: brutal bondage and sex. Punishment for trivial offences. Their bodies developed into Mike’s idea of perfection. Big tits, long hair, curvy bodies and holes of exquisite pleasure. They all became sex slaves begging for their holes to be filled and vying for his favours. They stopped using their brains and thought with their pussies. The collar kept them at the peak of fuckability. Time to tell them of the next part of their lives. He took Paula, Edith, Jenny and Jackie to the exercise room. When they were suitably impaled he started.

“You now have to pay your way. I have a contract for each of you with a couple. The man wants a slave; the woman a baby. You will provide both. Your injections change to fertility treatment. I will only fuck you in the pussy until you are pregnant. When you reach twenty eight weeks I will transfer you to your new home. The couple will pay £50,000 for the privilege. Mya and Ellie will stay to keep me happy.”

Thus their lives were mapped out. Slaves until they move on to ghost sex.

The End

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