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Chapter 5

(C) Dino June 2000

-= This chapter dedicated in loving memory of a dear friend =-
-= Taken from us, far, far, before her time. =-
-= For: M =-


The next several months after our wedding were busy ones for Samantha
and I.  No steady work had materialized for me but I did have some
income come in from creating web sites for several different clients;
companies and shops in nearby towns.  Samantha's artistic talents
helped me out immensely in creating the pages; her ideas and input made
the sites come alive in a way I'd never been able to manage with my
rather limited talent.

I also filled my free time taking a couple of courses to keep my
computer skills up to date; a course on network applications and
another on web page coding.  Samantha took a course in computer arts,
making her even more helpful with my work.

We had a quiet Christmas, just me and Sam at home, good food, sitting
by the fireplace cuddling.  Long lazy hours having sex in bed, sex
downstairs, upstairs.  Us talking afterwards about how things would be
after the baby's born.  It snowed like a bastard the day before
Christmas, and the next day we took a drive up north.  The roads were
ploughed; the fields and trees were just gorgeous, covered in clean,
fluffy, white snow.  We found a lovely country inn to have a delicious
lunch at, then drove around the countryside and back home.

In mid January, I drove Sam into the city for her ultrasound.  Sam's
belly was visibly getting bigger now, with her pregnancy four months
along.  Seeing our tiny child nestled snug inside her tummy brought the
fact of our baby to life for us.  The child's misshapen head and tiny
little hands, plainly visible up there on the screen of the machine.
Its little heart beating rhythmically, pumping life throughout its tiny
body.  Such an awesome sight.

While standing outside the washrooms, waiting for Samantha, my former
boss at the hospital buttonholed me in the hallway.  After a few
pleasantries, he explained that the government was cutting the purse
strings and increasing funding to the hospital.

"I was against letting you go last year," he told me.  "But things were
looking bleak back then.  With the new funding coming in, we're
planning to upgrade some of the systems, and I was hoping you'd be
available to help out.  No one knows the computer system here better
than you do."

"Well thanks, Nigel," I said.  "I've had a lot of work since I left
here, but nothing steady.  I'm finishing up some projects this week,
and have another I have to get done by the end of the month, but after
that I could be available."

Sam came out of the can and I introduced her to Nigel, a big scary
looking black dude from Jamaica.  If he came up to you in a dark alley,
you'd run the other way.  But once you knew him, you found he was
gentle as a kitten with a heart of pure gold.  I told Sam that Nigel
thought that he might be able to get me my old job back.

"It will just be for six months to start," he cautioned.  "After that,
we'll have to see if the funding continues."

"I'll keep my schedule flexible for the next few weeks," I said.  "Give
me a call if the job pans out."

Six months would take us past the end of Sam's pregnancy.  With time
off for good behaviour, I could be around to help her with the new

Nigel called me a couple days later to offer me my old job back, and
with a healthy pay increase as well.  Our two-month-long honeymoon was
abruptly ending, and it was time to face the reality of getting out of
bed, going to work, and having money to pay the bills.  That week, Sam
and I celebrated, by planning a wild scene together.

Samantha hadn't had a whipping since our canoe trip in the fall, the
trip that had gone so well she ended up pregnant from it.  She'd been
dropping subtle hints over the past couple of weeks.  I could tell she
didn't want to seem like she was pressuring me to do it, but it was
obvious to me that she wanted me to take her in some way, like those
times back in the woods that she and I had enjoyed so immensely.  I'd
sometimes playfully spank her bum with my hand, but we'd not really
done any serious business with whips and such since then.

Sam had been quite a handful that last time, even though she'd been
hanging by one foot from a tree.  I'd gotten a bit carried away with
the scene myself, and I'd had regrets over being so hard on her.  That
she'd had no regrets afterwards was beside the point; with our baby
growing inside her tummy, I wasn't about to let things get out of hand.
I needed some professional advice, so in the evening I called Mike.

As I expected he would, Mike offered several suggestions on how to make
the weekend special for Sam and myself.  That night in bed, I talked
about it with her.  Samantha's bracelets were locked together behind
her back - much to my amazement, she had gotten used to sleeping like
that.  The two steel rings Billy had made for her were small enough
around her wrists that they didn't dig into her spine when she lay on
her back.  I'd locked her hands behind her for the first few nights
after she had them put on, and she'd toss and turn all night until I
let her go.  I never really expected her to take to it, but one night
she fell asleep like that.

She woke up early the next morning with her bracelets still locked
together behind her back.  I was wakened by her kneeling over my hips
with my morning erection up inside her warm pussy, and she smiled at
me, bringing her hands to her side to show me them still held together
by the shiny rings of steel and the lock I'd put on them the night
before.  The next night, and almost every night since, Sam would want
me to lock her hands behind her at night before we went to bed.
Sometimes I'd hear her shifting around for a while, but she'd always
manage to fall asleep like that, and usually sleep soundly for the
whole night.

"Mike told me that his two girls would be pleased to help out this
weekend," I said.  "How do you feel about that?  Would you mind if the
twins played around with you a bit?  Lisa is the more submissive of the
two, but Mike said she can give as well as she takes.  He said Liselle
is every bit as skilled with the whip as he is."

Having someone else do the work would leave me out of it, so I wouldn't
have to worry about going too far with Sam.  I could monitor the
situation from the sidelines and make sure it didn't get out of hand.
From seeing the way Sam was with the twins last time when Lisa was in
the cage, I thought she might be open to the idea of having one, or
both of them around.  Watching Mike's two lovelies torture my
sweetheart would be a treat for me too.

Sam's head was on my shoulder, and I felt her heat up, then begin to
melt.  If she had any qualms about being with another woman in that
way, I would never try to pressure her into it.

"I'd never ever even thought about touching another woman like that,"
she quietly said.  "But that night at Mike's, with Liselle, and Lisa in
the cage, it was so nasty, so awesome.  Liselle was so sweet to me

"Yes, we heard."

Sam pressed her face to my chest and giggled.  She looked up at me.

I continued.  "I'd rather have another person with us if I'm going to
whip you, Sam.  I don't want anything to happen to you, and there's the
baby to think about, too.  The girls know better than I do what it
feels like for you, and I gather they know better than me how to use a

Sam was rubbing her leg on me and she was fidgeting with her hands,
pulling against the lock holding her bracelets together and making the
steel tinkle.  She seemed to be warming to the idea of having Mike's
twins come over to play with us.

I had Samantha lay on her back, and I sat up, then I moved around until
I was on my knees before her.  I raised her legs up and I inched closer
to her, spreading my knees on either side of her hips.  Sam stretched
her hands down under her bum to touch my stiffened cock, guiding it
towards her with her finger tips.  I moved a bit closer, then took hold
of myself to slide the tip through her warm and inviting slit.  Parting
her labia rings, I slipped inside her.

Sam lifted her ass to bring her arms together in the small of her back.
She settled down on them, her position making the bulge of her tummy
even more pronounced.  I stroked her legs and thighs, around her
ankles, and massaged her soft little feet while my cock twitched and
grew even larger inside her tight pussy.

I brought my hands down to caress her sides and her tummy.  Sam had
been complaining of late that her breasts were getting sore, so I very
gently stroked the two stiff buds of her nipples with my fingertips.
Her muscles inside her pussy stroked me.  When she began to buck her
hips up to me, I knew she was ready, and I began a slow, teasing
stroking of her vagina with my rock hard cock.

I picked up the pace and it wasn't too long before Samantha threw her
hips up to meet me, grinding her clit against my pubic bone, and her
face contorted as her orgasm took hold.  I wrapped my arms around her
thighs to draw us closer together, and I leaned over her a little to
increase the pressure against her.  Her cum shifted into a higher gear
and she began to writhe and moan loudly, twisting herself against me,
grinding her clit against me.  I held on and let her ride it out, then
I relaxed my grip on her legs and began to pump harder into her.

I pounded right through Sam's next orgasm, feeling her body get all
tense and her pussy clamp down hard on my cock.  I had to slow my
strokes a bit until she was done, then I banged her hard and fast as I
felt my own cum begin to boil deep within me.  Sam was screaming now,
but not from any pain.  She gave voice to her wanton lust as the first
jet of my sperm blasted loose, deep within her.

Samantha's foot was before my face and I gently nipped the tough skin
of the arch with my teeth.  Another shot of cum poured into her as I
fought to keep my breathing even.  Again and again I felt my balls
contract as my cum shot up into the sweet creature beneath me.  My head
started to spin and I toppled over sideways onto the bed, taking Sam
along with me, us still joined together with my cock spasming inside
her velvety smooth pussy.

I rolled right over onto my back, pulling Samantha over too, and she
stretched out her legs and settled on top with my cock still twitching
inside of her.  We blew our hot breaths into each other's faces.  I got
my hand up to brush her hair off her face, then I locked lips with her
in a long, sloppy kiss.

Sam was desperate to use the toilet, so I took the lock off her
bracelets to let her go.  She must have finished up quickly, because I
was still awake when she returned.  She handed me her lock, then turned
around and put her hands behind her.  I slipped the lock through her
two bracelets and clicked it closed.  Sam snuggled in my armpit with
her back towards me, her hands gently stroking my thigh as my hand
caressed the bulge of her belly.  We both drifted off to sleep.

Samantha was sobbing softly when I woke the next morning, her tear
streaked face pressed against my shoulder.  I brushed her hair off her
face with my fingers and held her close to try to comfort her.  Of all
the symptoms of pregnancy, her sometimes violent mood swings were the
most distressing to me.  The throwing up I could handle, aches and
pains could be soothed with gentle rubbing, but her demeanour would
sometimes shift from happy to downright mean in a blink of an eye.  I
stroked her head and down her arms to her bracelets, still locked
together behind her back.  It was a while before she calmed down enough
to tell me what was wrong.

"I had a dream," she said, "I was a fish swimming in the ocean.
Suddenly a bigger fish was chasing me and I had to swim fast to escape
from him.  But then I swam right into a big net and I was caught up in
it.  The net wrapped tightly around me and I was being hauled up
towards a boat on the surface.  I pulled and struggled but the net just
kept getting tighter all around me.  That's when I woke up."

Sam's belly was pressed against mine and I felt something slither
between us.  We both looked down, expecting to see something there.  I
brought my hand down to touch her.

"Did you feel that?" I asked her.

The baby moved again against my hand, something slimy shifting around
inside of Samantha.

"There it is again," she said.  Sam looked up at me.  "I really have to
go pee."

I slid the key into her lock and took it off her bracelets.  I helped
to steady her as she sat up and then she stood and went off to the
bathroom.  I was up and had the coffee on by the time she joined me in
the kitchen.  Coffee for me, tea for Sam, since lately she couldn't
even stand the smell of coffee anymore.  Sam sat down and I gave her a
glass of juice, her vitamin pill, a cup of tea, bowing and scraping as
I placed the items before her.

"Your juice, Madam.  Your tea, Madam."

That routine always made her smile.  While I made us some pancakes,
we discussed the plan for the weekend.

We'd picked up a few books from the library, the "So You're Going to
have a Baby" kind of books.  The third trimester, four to six months,
was referred to as the "quiet time."  The little bundle of cells that
would become our child had established itself safely inside the uterus
at this point, had settled in, and was doing well.  Sam's nausea had
passed, to be replaced by other aches and pains as her body adjusted to
its new status.  However, the baby at this stage was becoming a life
form now, and better able to cope with external stresses that may
invade the sanctity of its snug abode.  Stress that might be caused
from, say, mom being tied to the rack and flogged without mercy?

"The main reason I'd like Mike's girls over," I stated, "is so I can
keep my wits about me and make sure you're O.K.  Any sign of distress
from you, and one of us will see it and slow things down.  If you
really get into trouble, I want to end it right then; I could never
have anything happen to you or our child."

Samantha blew up.  "You just want to get an eyeful of the two pretty
twins!" she said, then began sobbing loudly.

I stood at the stove for a moment, watching the pancakes bubble.  I
shifted the pan to a cold element, a little loudly.  Sam actually
cringed when I walked towards her.  I knelt beside her chair.

"Sam, that's not fair," I softly said.  "You know you're all the woman
I'll ever want.  Sure, I'd enjoy watching a scene with three pretty
girls going at it; what man with a heartbeat wouldn't.  Nothing's going
to go on between Mike's girls and me; I'd just rather have someone else
around when we do this, that's all.  Just to make certain nothing goes

"What about if Mike comes over to help instead," she snarled.

I stood up and moved back to the stove.  "Mike told me he's busy with a
client this weekend.  We can wait till next week and see if he's free."

Sam was quiet until I had the breakfast on the table and I sat down.
She looked at me with those big sheepish pale blue eyes of hers, and I
saw that her mood had swung back to that of Sam the sweet subbie girl.

"I'm sorry, Jim," she said.  "I don't know what comes over me
sometimes.  I know you love me and only want what's best for the baby
and me.  And I would like to have Lisa and Liselle with us this

"It's all right, Samantha.  You're pregnant and your hormones are all
out of whack.  I don't blame you for getting upset at times."

Sam flashed me a smile and everything was O.K.

"But I am going to have to punish you for speaking to me in an
unbecoming manner," I stated.

This was Friday and I'd start work at the hospital on Monday.  Our last
three days together, since I expected my new job would eat up a lot of
my time.  At least for the next few months, until things settled down.
After breakfast was over, I had Samantha wash the dishes, and I ordered
her to strip and meet me in the basement.

The rec room downstairs is a nice big area with a washroom off to one
side.  A strong steel pole in the centre of the room holds up the
house.  Normally one would build the room to conceal such a post, or at
least arrange the furniture around it in some way.  The post was
central to the room the way I'd done it, a somewhat unusual focal point
for the chairs and couches in the area.  A rather ugly thing to be
looking at, unless of course, a pretty and naked girl was tied to it.

Last week I'd picked up thirty feet of chain, not really heavy chain,
but strong enough.  I attached one end around the centre pole with a
lock.  When Samantha came down, I attached the other end of the chain
around her right ankle with another lock.  The keys were up in our
bedroom.  I had her walk to the bathroom to make sure the chain was
long enough for her to reach.  It was.  Then I left her down there to
go and call Mike.

Mike was keyed up, I could tell.  "I had a long talk," he said, "with
your buddy Billy in Oklahoma.  He's all set to do two collars for the

"Great," I said.  "I'm sure he'll get a kick out of seeing the twins."

"What I had in mind, he seemed a bit reluctant to do, until I told him
money was no object.  He's got a friend who'll do the gold inlay for


"You'll see," Mike told me.  "How's Samantha?"

"She's downstairs, but she's kinda tied up at the moment.  Can the
girls join us tomorrow night?"

"The twins are eager to come over to play.  I've got the gig out of
town this weekend, so they'll just be stuck here alone anyway."

"I'll swing by after dinner Saturday to pick them up.  O.K.?"

"Super!  Catch you later."

"Bye Mike.  And thanks."

I went downstairs to give Sam the news.  She was sitting on the couch,
fiddling with the chain locked around her ankle, and she looked up at
me.  I told her the twins would be over tomorrow evening to play.

"How long am I going to be chained up here?" Sam asked.

"Until I let you go, I guess.  I've got some work to do upstairs, so
relax, watch some T.V.  I'll bring lunch down later."

I left my pretty wife chained to a pole in the basement, and went to
finish the website I'd been working on.  I only had to run through the
files one more time, and I found a couple things that needed fixing,
then I sent them out and made us lunch.  I heated up a can of soup,
made a few sandwiches, got a lock from the bedroom, then carried it all
downstairs on a tray.

Samantha was curled up on the sofa watching a talk show.  She'd found
an old blanket to cover herself with, and she was holding a small
pillow in her arms, cradling it like a little girl would hold a
favourite stuffed toy.  The chain led from her ankle, across the couch
and along the floor to the end, locked to the steel pole.  She looked
so sweet.

I set the tray down on the heavy coffee table in front of the couch.  I
picked up Sam's lock, had her put her hands behind her, then I locked
her two bracelets together.  It took quite a while to finish our lunch
with me having to spoon feed Sam her soup and hold her sandwich for
her, but we managed.  She went to the toilet and I washed her face for
her, then we just cuddled on the couch for a while.


"Yes, Sam?"

"How long am I going to be chained up to this pole?"

"For two nights, tonight and tomorrow, after we beat you.  If you're
good, I'll let you sleep in my bed Sunday night."

So sweet.  Samantha snuggled closer to me.  I held her.  We spent a
very relaxing afternoon together in the basement rec room, watching
daytime T.V., holding each other close, touching each other.  Me,
anyway.  Sam's hands remained locked behind her.  I clicked around the
channels, finally settling on some travel show while Samantha dozed
off.  Her hair felt so soft beneath my hand as I tenderly stroked her

Sam began to twitch, then she kicked out her foot, making the chain
rattle.  She woke with a jerk and a shout, making me jump too.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

She looked around, seeing only familiar surroundings.  "I had such a
weird dream," she said.  "I was stuck in a cage like Mike has, only
smaller and I was all squashed up inside.  The room was filled with
water, but I could breath through a tube in my mouth.  Somebody opened
the drain and all the water ran out.  Then there I was, dripping wet,
waiting for someone to let me out.  I spit out the air tube and I

"Suddenly the water came back and filled the room up.  I couldn't reach
the air tube and I couldn't get it in my mouth again.  I pulled and
struggled, but I couldn't get my arm around to reach the tube that
bubbled inches away from my face.  And that's when I woke up."

Junior had woken up too and I felt him stretch, imagined him yawning,
looking around.  Weird dreams, another side effect of pregnancy.  Sam
had been having her share of them lately, often with her stuck or
trapped in some perilous way.  I held her near me, whispered soothing
sounds into her ear.  Baby had nodded off again and I softly stroked
Sam's little bump of her tummy.

We had pizza and cans of Coke for supper, and I moved Sam's lock so her
hands were locked together in front of her to let her eat.  We watched
a movie on T.V. called The Man in The Attic.  An eighteen-year-old boy
falls in love with a middle aged, married woman who keeps him as a
lover in the attic of her home.  Her older husband never suspects a
thing for fourteen years, until one day they have a fight and the lover
comes down, there's a confrontation, and the old man gets shot.

The woman was the dominant, and the lover cooked and cleaned for the
couple, the husband thinking it was his wife doing all the cooking.  In
one scene, the woman tells the young man, "If you don't like it, get
out!"  He stomps down the attic stairs, but at the bottom pauses, then
meekly climbs back up to kiss mistress's bare feet.  In the end, the
police catch on, but the statute of limitations on the murder had run
out and the two got off scott free.

"If I wasn't chained up in the basement, I could cook your meals," Sam
said after the movie was over.

"Would you rather be chained to the refrigerator?"

"No, silly.  You don't have to chain me at all.  I'm not going to run

"But I like having you chained up," I said.  "Besides, you're being
punished for being mouthy to me this morning."

I left Sam chained in the basement when I went up to bed.  We hadn't
slept apart one night since she'd moved in with me a month before we
married, and I couldn't get to sleep with her not being in bed beside
me.  Finally, I went downstairs to cuddle beside her on the couch.  She
wasn't sleeping either, and we both tossed and turned for some time.

"I can't sleep," Sam said.  "Could you lock my hands behind me,

I had taken the lock off her bracelets before I'd left her, and locked
it to her ankle chain.

"No, Sam.  Punishment."

I was on my back; she was laying on top of me on the narrow couch.

"Let's go upstairs to the bed," she suggested.  "You can lock the chain
to the bed frame."

"You have to stay here," I said.  "Punishment."

"But you're not sleeping either.  Why are you sharing my punishment?"

I had to think about that for a while.  Why indeed?  Why does Sam want
me to inflict pain upon her, why does she want me to whip her?  I
wanted her to be chained to the post in the basement for the whole
weekend.  Why?  Why are people like Samantha and I, and so many others
it seemed, driven to do the things we do, totally illogical things,
that give us such intense pleasure.

Such intense pleasure.  It is what we crave, what drives us, the thrill
of it, doing something so bizarre, so nasty almost.  We had taken big
chances on that last canoe trip.  Chaining Sam up and dragging her off
into the wilderness with no hope of escaping the chains that bound her,
a million things could have gone terribly wrong.  But didn't.  The
whole episode, nearly two solid weeks, had gone so well.  Such an
intensely pleasurable time for the both of us.

I was feeling it now, Sam was too.  She was squirming on me, her other
foot moving around, feeling the chain locked around her ankle.  Running
the links between her toes.  She knew she'd remain chained to the pole
in the basement for the weekend, and tomorrow night I'd go pick up the
twins, bring them back, and Sam would receive a whipping from one, or
both of them.  The idea was turning her on, and me as well.  It didn't
have to make sense, but it was what we would do, and it was certain to
be intensely pleasurable for all concerned.

I brought my hands up to brush the hair off her face, letting the silky
strands slide through my fingers as I ran my hands down her back to her
bum.  My hands, on those two fleshy globes of her lovely ass.  I
pressed her to me.  Sam kissed me softly on the lips, feather soft.
Then again, a little longer, a little more forcefully.  Her hands held
my head, I brought my hands up to hold her head, and our lips locked
together in a deeply passionate kiss.  Our tongues danced together
inside Samantha's sweet mouth.

We exchanged places, her on her back on the sofa, me on top.  I was
mindful not to crush her tummy as I slipped my stiffened cock into her.
My heartbeat pounded in my chest, making my cock pulse, enveloped in
her slippery smooth vagina.  I pulled out all the way to rub the head
over her clitty a few times, then plunged it back into the depths of my
beautiful wife.

Sam brought her feet up around my waist dragging her chain across my
back.  I pulled up some of its length, then wound the chain around her
wrists a few times.  I held the chain closed with one hand, trapping
her hands together between us.  The chain links and her bracelets
tinkled together, and that delightful sound drove me onwards.

My knees having sunk down between the cushions of the couch made my
angle of entry nearly optimum, and so I pumped hard into Samantha.  I
was holding her tightly with the chain around her wrists and my other
arm alongside her waist.  I wasn't pressing down on her, so she wasn't
getting squished, and it was comfortable for me as well.  The lock and
chain on her ankle was digging into my back, creating enough of a
distraction that it enabled me to last quite a long time.

Sam had three quick orgasms, one after another, as I slowed my strokes
and watched her face contort, felt her body undulate beneath me.  I
paused, bent low, and kissed her.  Letting my cock slip out I guided it
to her, stroking her clit with the tip, a finger touching her rings.

"I love you, Sam," I whispered to her, "more than anything.  You're
mine Samantha, mine for all time."

"You are my Master," she answered, "my all.  I am yours, forever."

I guided myself to her centre, pushed inside once more.  Samantha
raised her hips up to me and I began to give it to her, fast and hard,
banging myself against her, heedless of anything except for myself, and
the sweet, chained creature beneath me.  Sam came again, a forceful cum
that gripped her tightly, held her in its power for long moments.  Her
voice low and throaty, crying out in the night in the quiet stillness
of the basement room.

A little fire burning at my centre suddenly flared to brightness,
blinding me.  The muscles of my arms and thighs, the burn from my
exertions, forgotten.  The power built to an incredible level, and held
for several moments.  My frenzied motions slowed as I rode the crest
for a time, just me and Samantha, out there, somewhere.

The field began to collapse drawing me up tightly.  Then my yell
deafened us both, as my very being was turned inside out, flooding into
my lovely Samantha in a great, gushing torrent.

Later.  I could feel the fishy creature swimming around, nosing the
sides of his tank, or her tank.  Sam's last ultrasound was early on and
the sex of our child was indeterminate.  I could imagine him staring at
me through the glass of the tank, through the skin of Sam's belly.
"What a rush, daddy, can we go on the ride again?"  "Soon, little one,
soon.  Daddy's all tired out right now.  Mommy too."

I pried myself off Sam and she toddled off to the can.  The blanket
under us was soaked, but I found us another.  I spread all the cushions
from sofas and chairs on the floor, made us a bed.  Sam came back,
dragging her chain, and lay herself close beside me.  We slept away
most of Saturday morning.

I discovered the flaw in my plans; there was no shower in the bathroom
in the basement, just a sink and toilet.  Sam looked bedraggled and she
smelled like sex.  I wanted her fresh and clean for the evening, so I
had to unlock her chain from the pole to let her go upstairs and take a
bath.  Sam gathered up the length of chain that I'd left locked around
her ankle and went upstairs.  I made us something to eat.

I let Samantha take a nice long soak in the tub, and had her wash and
condition her hair.  After she'd finished in the bath, I had her return
to the basement where I re-attached her chain to the steel post in the
centre of the room.  The basement was a little chilly, and I started
the wood stove in the corner to warm things up and drive off the
dampness.  Sam spent a long time running her hairbrush through her hair
until it shimmered and moved fetchingly around her body when she
walked.  She smiled a radiant smile at me.

I went out to pick up a few groceries and stuff while Sam had a nap.
Outside was cold and blowing snow, so I hurried through my errands to
get back to the warmth of my sweet Samantha.  I returned to the house
and fixed her some tea with a plate of biscuits, carried them down to
her, and sat with her for a while.  I added a log to the wood stove.

"Are you going to tie me to the coffee table for my whipping?" Sam

"The baby will get squashed if you're laying on your tummy," I told
her.  "Maybe the girls will have a better idea."

"What are they going to hit me with?  A whip?"

"I don't know.  We'll see."

"Who's going to do it, Lisa or Liselle?"

"Shhh," I softly cooed.  "No more questions, little one, we'll see what
happens.  I'm going to make some dinner for us, then I'll go and pick
up the twins.  O.K.?"

Sam looked downward.  "Yes, master," she said.

I made us a light dinner of salad and a vegetable stir-fry with some
bits of chicken cooked in it, and fresh bread to go along with it.  I
dutifully carried her highness' dinner down to her.  Why was I doing
all the work while my slave lounges in her chamber?  Why?  Because
she's chained to a pole.  Doesn't make sense, does it?  Later on,
she'll get to cum a dozen times while I, I'll get to sit and

After we'd eaten I brought up the dishes and cleaned up, then I went
back down to Samantha with a glass of juice.

"I'm going to pick up Lisa and Liselle now," I said.  "Do you need
anything before I go?"

"No, I'm O.K.  Hurry back?"

"I will."

I bent to kiss her softly on her forehead, and I stroked her head.  I
made sure the fire was O.K. and added some wood.  Then I went upstairs,
threw on a coat, went outside to get in the Jeep, and drove off into
the snow storm leaving Samantha chained to a pole in the basement.

It's a good forty-five minutes from my place to Mike's.  I rang the
bell, and was greeted by the two lovely twins wearing scanty leather
harness outfits.  Thin black straps encircled their breasts with a wide
belt around their middles and another leather belt going down, between
their legs, then up the back to join with the waist belt.  Shiny silver
buckles adorned the outfits in the usual places.

I was beginning to be able to spot the subtle differences between the
two.  Apart from their voices, in which Liselle's was just a slightly
lower pitch, Liselle was built a tiny bit more solidly than her sister
was.  Lisa's dark leather collar had her name engraved on a silver
plate on her left side; Liselle's was on the right.  Lisa wore two wide
leather cuffs around her wrists.  The girls pulled snow boots over
their bare feet and they put on long, black fur coats over their
outfits, then Liselle picked up a gym bag beside the door.

"Have you girls eaten?" I asked.

"Yes, Sir," answered Liselle.  "We're ready to go."


On the drive home, I asked Liselle if they had anything in mind for
Samantha.  She grinned and opened the bag at her feet to show me a
matching set of cuffs to those that Lisa wore, some ropes, bits of
chain with a few loose locks and snap ring fasteners, a nasty looking
flogger, and a wicked looking whip.  Also, a bottle of fine white wine,
for later.

"Lisa hasn't had a whipping for some time now," Liselle said to me,
"Master suggested I do her and Miss Samantha at the same time."

I began to smile, for the first time since morning.  I'd been having
some serious doubts about this whole thing with Samantha and the twins,
the whole whipping idea, in fact.  The image began to form in my mind.
I glanced in the mirror and saw Lisa's wide, expectant eyes staring
back at me.  The lovely Lisa, and my beautiful Samantha.  Hanging
together from the ceiling, and Liselle standing over them with her

"There's a couple strong hooks in the ceiling downstairs," I said,
"about two feet apart.  Is that what you had in mind?"

"Yes, Sir," Liselle said.  "That should do just fine."

I asked to see the flogger that Liselle had brought.  Eight strips of
the finest calfskin leather, butter soft and very supple.  I switched
on the interior lights to look the thing over as I drove.  The flogger
had obvious signs of being rather old and well used.

"It's a very nice piece, Sir," Liselle offered.  "It doesn't leave
really bad markings and the feeling is..."

"Exquisite..." a dreamy voice from the back seat.  "Sir."

"Excellent."  My grin spread wider.

We arrived at the house and went inside.  The girls took off their
coats and I hung them in the closet as they sat on the bench in the
hall to remove their boots.  I told them both to go downstairs while I
went to change.  In the bedroom, I stripped off, then I put on a pair
of black cotton shorts and a little black leather vest.  I picked up
the keys to Sam's locks, slipped them in a pocket, then went down to
see the girls.

The three beauties were cuddled in a ball on the couch, touching each
other, the twins fawning over Samantha's little bulge of her tummy.
Sam looked up as I entered, her smile quickly replaced by an almost
guilty look.  I went to the wood stove and tossed a log in.  Liselle
retrieved the wine from her bag to hand it to me, and I put it into the
fridge in the bar to keep it chilled.  I turned on some of the track
lights, then crossed to stand near the centre of the room by the pole.
I looked upwards.

A rather ugly wagon wheel light fixture hung over my head, hooked to an
ordinary looking steel ring in the ceiling.  The wire and a chain
draped across to another ring, then the wire continued over to a plug
set into the ceiling near the centre pole.  I reached up and yanked the
cord to unplug it.  Stretching my arm up, I unhooked the chain from one
ring, then holding the light fixture, I unhooked it from the other
ring.  I carried it to the side of the room and set it on the floor.
Sam looked at me, then at the two rings sticking out from the ceiling.

I went to a big easy chair with a good view and sat down.

"Sam," I said, "if you need to use the washroom, you'd best go now."

Samantha left the twins to walk to the washroom, the long chain locked
around her ankle dragging behind her.  Liselle moved closer to her
sister, took her hands in hers, and looked deep into Lisa's eyes.  No
words were exchanged between the two girls; none were necessary.

In a few moments, Samantha returned to stand before the twins.  Liselle
got the other set of cuffs and handed them to Lisa, who began to put
them on Samantha's wrists.  She pushed Sam's bracelets up her arms a
little, then buckled the cuffs on her.  Liselle handed Lisa two short
chains and two locks.  The cuffs were locked on with the pieces of
chain dangling.  Then Liselle stood up with a snap ring in her hand,
the good kind used by mountain climbers, and she moved Samantha under
one ring.  Using a wooden chair to stand on, she attached the two
chains to one of the rings in the ceiling with the snap fastener.

The chains were long enough so Samantha wasn't stretched out.  Her arms
were bent a bit with her elbows just above her ears.  Liselle turned to
Lisa who was unbuckling the buckles on her outfit.  Liselle helped
remove her sister's garment, placing it on the coffee table near the
couch.  She locked two chains to Lisa's two cuffs, then Lisa took her
place beside Samantha under the other ring in the ceiling.  Liselle
moved the chair over to raise Lisa's arms and attach her the same way
as Samantha to the ring in the ceiling.

Liselle picked up the chair and set it back by the bar, then came to my
side to stand beside my chair.

"Do you wish the captives to be gagged, Sir?" she asked me.

I'd gotten so tensed up watching her, I almost burst out laughing.
That would not have been a good thing for me to have done.

"No," I said.  "Perhaps later on, if they get too loud."

"Very good, Sir."

Liselle went to her bag and found a few hair clips, then moved to the
girls to pin up their hair into buns on top of their heads so it
wouldn't get in the way later on.  Lisa and Samantha were close enough
that they bumped into each other, more often than I thought they really
needed to.  Lisa would inch over a bit so her thighs would touch
Samantha's, and they'd press their tummies together and look into each
other's eyes.  They had to stretch a bit to rub nipples together, and
they did that a few times too, as Liselle worked on pinning their hair
up.  Samantha wasn't being too shy about being so close to another
naked girl.  Anyway, they'd soon be sharing more than just personal

Liselle finished up with the girls' hair and returned to stand beside
my chair.  My eyes were glued to the two lovelies hanging by their
wrists in the centre of the room.  Samantha's eyes were closed and Lisa
was straining to kiss her.  Their legs were intertwined, with Sam's
knee up between Lisa's thighs, her pushing against it.  My hand strayed
up Liselle's leg.  I felt her silky soft upper thigh, the ridge of
muscle on the inside.  I felt it quiver slightly under my touch.  My
focus shifted from the two beauties before me to the one standing at my
side, waiting for the order to begin, I finally realised.

"We'd best begin," I said, withdrawing my hand.  I fished the key from
my pocket to give to Liselle.  "Please remove Samantha's ankle chain."

"Sir," said Liselle.

Liselle went to the girls and bent down.  Sam jumped at the unexpected
touch as Liselle unlocked the chain from her ankle, then she gathered
it up out of the way in a pile beside the pole.  The two pretty
captives' eyes followed Liselle as she moved to the gym bag to withdraw
the flogger.  She shook it out a few times, then began to slash the
air, getting a feel for the swing of the tool inside my basement room.

She tried a few overhand strokes, to find that the room had a serious
height restriction.  Liselle adjusted her stroke to compensate for it.
She moved closer to the girls, then looked towards me.  I gave a tiny
nod, an almost imperceptible smile.  Liselle readied herself.

Lisa stood with her eyes closed, waiting.  Samantha was more agitated,
her eyes fixed on Liselle and that whip in her hand.  Liselle raised
the flogger up to let the soft strands of leather dangle close to Sam's
wide eyes, then feather light, she let them touch first Sam, then Lisa
on the shoulders.  Liselle softly drew the leather over the two girls'
bodies, over their shoulders and around their necks, down their fronts
between them and down their backs, their bums, their legs, to their
feet.  Then back up again.  She gave them gentle flicks of the strands,
the tips barely grazing the girl's skin, then she continued gently
stroking them with the soft leather.  This went on for close to half an
hour and by that time both Sam and Lisa were sagging in their bonds,
completely at peace with the world.

Liselle brought the flogger back, then down smartly across Samantha's
upper back.  Sam's mouth opened in a silent scream as the pain flared
brightly in her brain.  The wood in the wood stove popped loudly; a log
shifted, making the flames behind the glass in the door dance wildly.
Liselle brought the whip around to drill Sam's ass in a wide swath of
stinging fire.

Sam danced while Lisa stood motionless.  Liselle took a step to her
left and slashed the flogger across her sister's ass.  Lisa let out a
shriek, met immediately with another two quick blows across her back.
Samantha next, blows placed perfectly on both thighs and then a firm
uppercut between them, from the back, the ends of the strands harshly
kissing the lower part of Sam's belly.

No parts of the two girls were spared the wrath of Liselle's flogger,
save for Samantha's delicate belly and her already tender breasts,
which even so received a few markings.  Liselle calmly walked the
circle around the two, slashing out, back and forth, wherever a juicy
target appeared, of which, there was no shortage.  She'd pause for long
minutes as the girls twisted and writhed, moving apart or colliding and
huddling close, rubbing themselves against each other.

The first few orgasms were separate ones.  Lisa, or Samantha would
stand stiffly, trembling slightly as the cum would take them, blast
through them.  I was astounded to see how seemingly easily Liselle
found the combination to get the two to orgasm together at the same
instant.  She'd work them up, gauging their progress, then step back as
the two came in a great rush, the force released by one feeding the
other, driving each other's cum ever higher.  Two lovelies shaking and
writhing together in the throws of unbridled passion.

Samantha's legs glistened with her juices, of which there was a copious
puddle on the floor beneath her.  Lisa was damp there too, but less so
than Samantha.  Some women squirt cum; others, not so much.  Liselle
started in on them again, slashing out at the two writhing beauties.
Lisa and Samantha, twisting and shaking with their arms up high, their
wrists fixed to the rings in the ceiling.  I sat spellbound as Liselle
brought them to a peak once more.  The pair were back to back, and she
drove the whip viciously down between them, wrapping both their asses
in a sheet of delicious fiery pain.  The shrieks and loud sobbing moans
echoed around the room as Liselle stepped aside to casually lean
against the pole, her arms crossed in front of her, the strands of the
flogger hanging down at her side.

Samantha and Lisa hung motionless except for when small tremors would
rack their sore, striped bodies.  I looked towards Liselle, who was
calmly leaning against the room's central post, watching her two
victims come down from that last incredible rush.  She gave me a
glance, I nodded to her, and with a slight motion of my hand, she
straightened to move towards where I sat, tossing her flogger over
towards the gym bag as she passed the coffee table.  The flogger landed
on top of the bag, neatly folded.

I stood when Liselle approached to take her hands in mine.  We came
close and I gave her gentle kisses on her cheeks, right, left, and
right.  The European way.

"Bravo, my dear Liselle," I said.  "That was simply beautiful."

Liselle looked down, a bit embarrassed by my praise.  "Thank you, Sir."

I went to Samantha first, seeing her with her eyes shut tight against
the pain she was feeling.  There was a wide grin on her lips and a
satisfied glow about her.  I placed my hand gently on Sam's belly and
she twitched, then opened her eyes.  Sam's eyes had a far away, glazed
look to them, but suddenly her pupils snapped into focus and she saw me
standing near her.  Her grin spread wider as she let out a breath in a
contented, soft, shuddering moan.

Beneath my hand I felt it; our child.  The little fishy frolicking
inside the safe warmth of its tank.  A gentle thump against the side,
and then again.  A slippery rolling movement as the infant shifted
around, exploring the confines of its current home.  Perhaps I was
believing what I wanted to believe, but I truly sensed the child's mind
touch me in some way.  It came as an expression of eagerness to learn
about the wondrous feelings mom was having.

"Liselle, please bring..."

Liselle was already standing beside me with the wooden chair.  I gently
supported Sam while Liselle stood on the chair to undo the snap ring.
Samantha melted into my arms when her hands came down, and I held her
as she gingerly made her way over to the couch.  Sam carefully sat
down, and I went to help with Lisa.

Lisa was alert and seemed more concerned with Samantha's well being
than her own.  Her sister unhooked her from the ring, and she put her
arm around me as I helped her to the couch.  Liselle fetched a dampened
towel from the bathroom to gently blot the sweat and cum from the
girls, then she wiped up the puddle on the floor while I opened and
poured the wine.

We all sipped the delicious wine, which had a hint of sweetness with an
underlying tang that quickly perked us all up.  I made a toast to
Liselle's skills, and to the three lovely ladies in my company; good
friends, good times.  Liselle offered a toast to my lovely Samantha,
and to the little one who'd enter the world in a few months.

The twins took turns feeling Samantha's tummy and the creature stirring
inside.  I placed my hand on her again and felt him, so full of life
now, happy and well, like his mom.  I was sure Sam or I would be able
to tell if the child was in any distress over what his mom had just
been put through, but I felt only good feelings of well being within
the four of us, make that the five of us in the room.

Sam had a small glass of the wine, then asked if I'd make her tea.
Lisa was hesitant to ask, but I gathered she also wished tea, so
upstairs in the kitchen I made a pot.  Some cheese and crackers, some
fruit and some biscuits, the tea and cups, I took it all on a tray back

The three girls were all naked now, with Liselle doffing her nice
looking, but probably uncomfortable as hell, leather harness.  They
were all cuddled together on the couch, touching and stroking each
other.  Sam was in the middle, getting her tummy rubbed by Lisa, her
back rubbed by Liselle, and she looked like she was in Heaven.  I set
the tray down, topped up my wine glass, and poured some for Liselle.  I
pulled the wooden chair up to the table and sat across from the ladies.

Liselle picked up her glass and moved across to her sister.  She knelt
beside Lisa's legs to reach for the teapot, and she poured a cup for
Samantha and one for Lisa.  She handed Lisa hers, then she remained
kneeling on the floor beside Lisa while she sipped her wine.  Liselle's
eyes were on her sister.

I moved around to sit beside my wife.  Sam winced a bit when I touched
her, the markings from the flogger a bright red all over her.  I asked
her how she was.

"I feel wonderful master, thank you for allowing this to happen."

Lisa, as equally striped as Sam was, smiled.  She reached into the gym
bag and found a ring of keys, then took Sam's hands to unlock the
cuffs.  She removed the locks and chains from her own cuffs, leaving
the black leather bands buckled around her wrists, then she looked at

"Sir," she asked, "May my sister and I stay here for a while longer?"

"Of course, stay the night if you wish.  Mike said he won't be back
till late tomorrow.  Sam and I would enjoy your company."

Liselle was still kneeling at her sister's side.  She placed her hand
on Lisa's thigh.  Lisa turned to her with the leather cuffs in her
hand.  I saw Liselle's eyes lower towards the floor.  I felt it, and so
did Samantha.  A sudden shift in the room.  A sudden shift in power.

Liselle took a nervous sip of her wine, then set the glass down.  Now,
no longer Liselle, master of the whip, Liselle the submissive raised
her hands to her sister and allowed Lisa to buckle and lock the leather
cuffs on her.

Lisa stood and picked up the two snap rings from the coffee table.  She
walked around it to take the chair and place it under the two steel
rings sticking out of the ceiling.  Liselle, still kneeling, crawled
over to where Lisa was standing.  Liselle stood up, Lisa got on the
chair, and Liselle raised one hand up to the ring in the ceiling.

Lisa took the chain that dangled from the cuff and lifted it up to the
ring.  She paused a moment, waiting.  She gave the chain a little jerk
upwards.  Liselle rose up on her toes.  Lisa clipped the chain to the
ring with the snap hook, then reached for the other chain.  Liselle
raised her other arm up high, and Lisa fastened the chain to the other
ring in the ceiling.

Liselle settled into the cuffs.  Her heels were about an inch off the
floor with her arms stretched straight up over her head.  Lisa ran her
hands lightly over the girl's body as Liselle stood there hanging from
the cuffs, trembling slightly with anticipation.  Finally, Lisa, the
soft spoken, submissive Lisa, crossed over to the gym bag to withdraw
the long, black leather, braided whip.

This was my house, and I had the dubious honour of being the master
here.  Lisa gave recognition of that fact by standing before me as she
shook out the wicked looking whip.  I felt Samantha shudder beside me
upon seeing the length of thick, tightly woven leather uncoil before
her eyes.  I had to make sure this didn't get out of hand.  Three

"No blood, Lisa."

"Yes, Sir," she said, with a hint of a frown on her pretty face.

I saw Liselle look up when I spoke, but I wasn't sure if she was happy
or sad over my imposing a restriction on the scene.  However, I wasn't
about to be explaining things to Mike as to how his girl got all
slashed up in my basement this night.

There was no gentle build-up, no softly stroking preamble; Lisa just
started flicking the tip of that nasty whip over her sister's lovely
helpless body.  She wasn't putting much effort into the strokes, didn't
need to.  The whip snaked towards a spot on Liselle, the tip's speed
ever increasing, until it made contact with her skin.  Then it fell
away to reveal a bright red welt.  Liselle grunted in pain or screamed
out, it made no difference.  Lisa just kept up an easy rhythm, slashing
the whip on Liselle wherever her fancy let it go.

Liselle's breasts, and between the girl's legs were tempting targets
that Lisa let the whip visit time and time again, checking the swing
only slightly to not cause any undue damage.  Down her legs, up her bum
and her back, red marks of stinging pain appearing on her everywhere.
Liselle would cum, a great howling cum that would, I thought, pull the
ceiling down upon us.  Yet Lisa wouldn't pause, or even slow down.
She'd whip her sister's hanging body through each of her orgasms,
driving the force of her cum higher until she dropped, to hang limply
for a moment.  The next couple of blows wouldn't seem to register until
Liselle would suddenly snap to, and the cycle began to repeat.

"Master," I heard, after Liselle's sixth or seventh orgasm.

I turned towards Samantha, seated beside me on the sofa.  She'd wince
slightly at each crack of Lisa's whip.

"Master, please?  Liselle's had enough."

I turned back to the scene before me.  Lisa wasn't in a trance or
anything, she was alert, wide eyed, and in control.  She was placing
each blow carefully; surely mindful of the physical as well as the
mental effects her whip was having upon her sister.  Liselle was fast
approaching another orgasm, building herself up for a mind blower.  I
was able to catch Lisa's eye and I put up one finger, mouthing the
words "One more."  Lisa smiled a wide smile.

I held Samantha tighter to me as Lisa picked up her pace an almost
imperceptible amount.  She concentrated the strokes on Liselle's bum,
putting slightly more snap into each one.  Liselle was panting great
big breaths, and she started to cum.  Lisa brought the whip around in a
wide arc, let its length coil around her sister's waist, then drew it
tightly around her and tucked the handle under the coils.  Liselle
shook and twisted, her cum blasting through her, as the handle of the
whip bumped against her pussy.  Lisa stood meekly to the side, like a
shy little girl, watching.

I stood up, mentally shaking my head.  I will never understand what
drives someone to seek such intense pain.  Three girls with me in the
basement, one of which, my lovely wife Samantha.  All bearing the
markings of an intense beating.  "It wasn't me, your Honour!  I never
did anything.  It was they.  They did it to themselves." Ya, right.

I went to Liselle to walk around the girl.  In a few places, the whip
had bitten slightly into the girl's skin, and tiny droplets of blood
had formed in the wounds.  I gave Lisa a glance, and she looked towards
the floor, a guilty grin playing at the corners of her mouth.  The heat
radiating off Liselle's body was like standing next to a furnace.

"Lisa, do you have something to rub on Liselle, some skin lotion or
something like that?"

"Yes, Sir," she answered.  "Master uses a herbal cream that's quite
soothing.  We have some in the bag."

"Take care of Liselle.  Sam, could I see you for a moment."

Samantha stood up while Lisa went to her sister to begin taking her
down.  Liselle was barely conscious, but I took Sam's arm and led her

I'd like to understand, someday, I was really trying to.  But that last
scene made it somewhat difficult.  Liselle would wear those painful
markings for quite some time.  I watched from the other side of the
room as her sister struggled to free her from the rings in the ceiling.
I saw Liselle almost fall, slumping to the floor as the chains came
free.  She groaned, a long, pitiful sound, like that of a delicate
beast that had been mauled by a lion.

I looked at Samantha.  Samantha's wide eyes searched mine.

In a low voice, I asked, "Are you O.K.?"

"Yes, Sir."

"I'm not upset, Sam.  I'm really trying to understand why you so enjoy
these sorts of things.  Look at the twins."

Sam turned to see.  Lisa and Liselle were smiling now as Lisa began
rubbing the skin cream over her sister's whip marks.  Liselle was
talking to her, excitedly.

I went on.  "I have no doubts that you girls enjoy these sessions with
whips and things, but Liselle must be in agony now.  There's other
things we do that must be more pleasurable; what is the attraction in
receiving such pain?"

Sam was lost in thought for a moment.  "Sir, you're asking something I
have no answer for.  You saw how Lisa was with Liselle, in control,
master of her universe.  As I've seen you many times now.  When you're
whipping me, my universe shrinks until there's only myself, and you who
controls every aspect of me.  There's just me, and the pain that you
give me.  And I feel so complete.

"It hurts at the start, hurts like hell.  But then it changes.  The
pain begins to fade and is replaced by a warm pleasure that grows and
grows.  You know what happens, I cum.  Over and over, each one stronger
and longer than the last.  There's no pain then, only pleasure.  Just
me and you.  I don't have to do anything; I don't have to be anything.
All I need do is give myself over to the total enjoyment of the thing.

"The pain returns when it's over.  I say it isn't bad because I don't
want you to worry, but I hurt.  The hurting is something I have to deal
with if I want what goes along with it.  And I do want it, master, I
can't say why, but it's something I need to go through once in a

I took Sam's hand and led her back to the girls.  I sat down beside
Liselle.  She turned to me.  She had been rubbing the cream onto Lisa's
marks, and the two girls smelled fragrant with the herbal lotion.
Liselle's markings were narrow, slightly raised welts, red around the
sides and more whitish in the middle.  They looked painful.  I gave her
a comforting smile.

"Are you feeling better?" I asked her.

"Yes, Sir.  I feel very satisfied.  Thank you, Sir."

Right, satisfied.  I topped up my wine glass and tilted the bottle
towards Liselle.  She gave me a nod, so I drained the bottle into her
glass, then I began to gather up the teacups and pot, empty plates.
Needing something to occupy my mind, I asked around for drink orders,
milk for Samantha, and tea for Lisa.  Then I took the tray upstairs.

My mind spun while I waited for the water to boil.  While whipping my
first wife Susan, we mostly did it in fun.  We were young and
inexperienced back then, and it wasn't too serious a thing for us.
With the twins, however, not only did they both know how, but they both
equally enjoyed either end of the whip.  They both had skills that only
came from long, hard practice.  It was serious business with them.

I fixed the drinks and a bowl of pretzels, found another couple
blankets, and returned to the basement.  Samantha was lying on her
stomach, getting a rubdown with the skin cream from Lisa.  Liselle came
out of the washroom as I set down the tray.  I dropped the blankets and
moved to the centre post, picked up the chain and lock, then went to
Sam to lock the chain around her ankle again.  Lisa got up to use the
toilet; Liselle took her place near Sam, touching her back lovingly.
She still had on the cuffs, locked, with the short chains dangling from

Reaching over, I picked up their keys from the table and unlocked the
locks on Liselle's cuffs.  I used one lock through the buckle of her
left cuff to join it to Samantha's right bracelet.  After Lisa returned
I locked her right hand to Samantha's left.  I took my keys for
Samantha's locks and the girl's keys to the locks on their cuffs and
carried them into the laundry room, out of their reach.  Then I
returned for a last look at my three pretty captives.

I had planned to just leave the girls locked together for the night
while I slept upstairs in the bed.  As I turned to go, I heard Sam call
to me in that sweet, slightly husky voice of hers.  Her soft, low,
deeply submissive voice.


I turned to her.  "Yes, little one?"

She was on her knees, her hands stretched towards me, a beautiful
girl's hand locked to each of her bracelets.


I knelt before her.  Samantha wrapped her arms around me and drew me
close.  She kissed me softly.  I felt four hands touching my back.  Two
pressing on me, two, fingertips tracing little circles on me.

"Master," Samantha whispered, "this low one needs you badly.  She needs
to feel you inside of her."

I was getting a feeling that this had been discussed by the girls while
I was upstairs.  Making love to my wife while two pretty girls watched?
Or, what?

"Samantha, do you know what you're asking here?" I asked her.

I looked to my left at Liselle.  She couldn't hold my gaze, and she
glanced down, but not before I saw a grin and a nod, yes.
I looked at Lisa.  She stared back, smiling.  Sam in the middle.

"I'd like my friends to stay, if it pleases you, Sir.  If you'll permit
it, may they join us?"

Well gee, I just don't know.  Three beauties at the same time, who'd
ever heard of such a thing?

I got up to arrange the blankets on the floor to make a nicely padded
surface.  I found a pillow for my head.  I undid my shorts and let them
drop to the floor.  My cock was finally able to spring free, zeroing in
immediately on the girls crouched before me.  Six wide eyes stared with

I shrugged off my leather vest, letting it fall behind me, then I lay
myself down on the floor and propped up my head with the pillow.  The
trio made their way across to where I lay.  Samantha straddled my legs
and sank down on my cock while the twins closed in around me.  I
reached for Samantha's hips to guide her as she settled on me with my
cock buried deeply inside her hot little pussy.  Her hands went to my
arms, bringing the two girls' hands with them.  The twins' free hands
stroked Sam's breasts, then her tummy, then down along my tummy and
over my chest.

Tentatively, at first, testing the waters as it were, Lisa moved closer
to my head.  I reached to caress her thigh.  Lisa's pussy with its
sparse golden hair was inches from my face, and I could smell she'd
taken a wash beforehand.  I looked at Sam, who was grinding her hips
over me in a tight little circle.  She smiled at me as I stroked Lisa's
soft thigh.  I put a little pressure on Lisa's leg and she brought it
up over my head.  I stared up at the girl's centre as the lips parted
open, revealing her inner redness.

Liselle brought her leg over me and settled her wet pussy on my chest.
She faced Samantha and I heard Sam make the kind of shuddering groan
that she does when I'd start sucking on her nipples.  Liselle's head
was down on Sam's breasts, forcing her to grind her pussy against my
chest.  Lisa lowered herself until I could just reach her with my
tongue.  I began to lap at her delicious slit.

My hands drifted down Lisa's thighs to encounter Liselle's feet.  I
gave them a gentle squeeze, then moved back up to press Lisa tighter to
my face.  I pushed my tongue inside her, then drew it out to find the
girl's clit.  I flicked over it with the tip.  Lisa had her arm around
her sister, playing with her breasts.  A hand, Liselle's perhaps,
spread open the pussy over my face.  Somewhere in back, Samantha rode
my cock like a madwoman.  I could feel her feet hooked over my legs,
the chain around her ankle digging into my thigh.

I sucked the little nub of Lisa's clit into my mouth, madly flicking it
with my tongue.  I drove her to the peak, then right over.  It was
different not being drowned in pussy juices when the girl came.  No
metal rings to click against my teeth either.  I missed that.  Lisa
made a soft keening sound as her body shuddered over me.

Samantha slowed and tensed, then howled as her cum washed through her.
A hand burrowed between my chest and Liselle's crotch.  I attacked
Lisa's pussy anew.

Liselle in the middle came, squeezing my body between her thighs,
crushing the hand beneath her into my chest.  Lisa exploded next,
grinding her cunt into my mouth.  Then the long loud wail of Sam as her
cunt clamped down tight against my cock.  It might have been nice to
get them all to cum together but I'd never last long enough to find
out.  I was mere seconds away from a major eruption.

I pushed on Lisa to get her off my face.  She understood; I needed air.
She moved forwards to snuggle closer to Liselle and she pressed her wet
slit down on my upper chest.  I had a view of her lovely tush and up
towards her back as my chin pressed in her ass crack.  She threw her
head back, her golden hair spilled down to tickle my face, and I went

I attempted to buck my hips up to get myself deeper into Samantha, but
all the weight held me paralysed.  The girls were squeezing the life
out of me, an immense fountain of which blasted through me and into my
fantastic wife.  I started the bass beat with my animalistic grunts;
Samantha added the contralto, her mournful wail filling the basement.
The twins filled in the high notes.

All three girls lifted up and I slid myself from beneath.  They
collapsed in a heap of girl flesh.  I stood up, picked up my clothes,
picked up my wine glass, and drained it.  I went over to check the
fireplace and turned the damper down low.  At the door, I dimmed the
track lights.

"Good night, girls," I called.

"Good night, master," the three answered in unison.

Groggily, I staggered up the stairs to my bed.

[part 2]

At some point during the night, I heard noises in the basement.  Then I
heard the toilet flush and I pictured the three girls, locked together
in a tight bundle, manoeuvring around in the tiny washroom down there.
I probably smiled to myself, but I was asleep already.

When I woke, I felt for Samantha, and finding her gone, I figured she
was in the can.  When she didn't return and I heard no sounds, I rolled
my head over to see the clock, the remnants of my brain sloshing inside
my skull.  Nine thirty.

I lay for a few moments, till memories returned.  The scene last night.
The twins and Samantha.  The whipping.  Whippings?  My mouth tasted
bad, and a strange scent pervaded my nostrils.  A pussy without rings
in the lips.  I sat bolt upright, my head swimming.  What the hell went
on last night anyway?

I made my way to the can and took a leak.  My dick was sore, so I must
have got fucked.  I hoped it was with my wife.  I crept through the
silence like a thief and tiptoed downstairs.

The track lights in the rec room were turned down low, and light from
outside filtered in through the curtains over the high basement
windows.  Three naked girls were snuggled together on blankets and
cushions on the floor.  Cuddled close together like kittens.  Samantha
in the middle with the twins curled protectively around her, their
hands locked to Samantha's bracelets, and Sam's ankle chain was also
tangled in amongst them to further bind the three closely together.
The room reeked of sex.

I'd lain witness to two whippings down there, and after, Sam had begged
me for sex.  With Mike's lovely twins joining in the fun.  Good God.
Silently, I crept upstairs and made myself a coffee.

It was later on when I heard stirrings from the basement, and I went
down to see the girls.  Samantha bid me to come to her, and she pulled
me into the group for a big hug and kiss.  I'd half expected Sam to be
mad about the group sex bit last night, but she showed no animosity
towards me or the girls she was locked to.  I snuggled in amongst the
three pretty girls for hugs and kisses all around.

A little later, I went into the other room to fetch the keys, and I
unlocked all the locks, Sam's ankle chain included.

"Your punishment is being revoked for such good behaviour," I said to
her.  "Come ladies, let's have some breakfast."

Upstairs, I began fixing some food, but the twins took over, leaving me
and Sam sitting at the table.  The three girls were all still nude, but
I only had eyes for Samantha.  I sat next to her and held her hand,
stroked up her arm, down her body.  I bent to kiss her lovingly from
time to time as the twins made us all a nice breakfast.

After a leisurely morning meal, the twins packed up their whips and
stuff, then dressed again in their scanty leather harness outfits.  The
red markings from the flogger on Lisa and Sam had faded quite a bit
overnight, but Liselle, who'd had the worst of it with that wicked
braided whip, still bore bright red welts from her and her sister's
session with it.  We all bundled up to face the cold and the drive back
to Mike's place.  I'd asked Sam to come along for the ride, since I
couldn't seem to bear being away from her.

In front of Mikes big house, I turned to Liselle, who'd sat up front
with me as Sam and Lisa cuddled on the back seat.

"I'd like to thank you both very much for making last evening so
special for Samantha and me," I said to them.  "You girls were quite
something to watch."

"I thank you, Sir," Liselle said, "for letting us share in the love you
two have for each other."

"And for the love and kindness you have both given us in your home,"
Lisa added.

The three girls got out, and I watched Sam huddle close to whisper in
the twin's ears.  She then climbed into the truck beside me.  I wheeled
around the circle in front, along the drive, and nosed out into the
deserted street.

"What was that all about?" I asked.

"Nothing master," Sam said coyly.  "Just girl talk."

"Uh huh."

I drove to a fish place down by the water for a nice lunch.  I made
sure to tell Sam how much in love I was with her, but she seemed really
contented with the way the weekend had worked out.  I could hardly
believe she was alright with my licking Lisa's pussy last night, yet
Samantha said to me that she'd thoroughly enjoyed every moment of what
went on in the basement with the twins, and that seemed to include the
wild sex part at the end between the four of us.  While it was not
something I'd like to make a habit of, I had to admit I had a nice time
as well.

Samantha was quiet on the drive home, and when we were inside, she came
to me with her lock in her hands.  We stripped down in the bedroom, I
locked her bracelets behind her, and we made torrid love once, then a
slower, gentler, teasing form of love later on.  We broke for something
to eat, watched some T.V. shows in the evening, and had a sleepy fuck
in bed that night.

Monday morning I had to spring out of bed, fight traffic into the city,
and start my new slash old job at the hospital.  I found a moment to
call Mike, to see if he was upset about how the scene with the twins
seemed to have gotten out of hand, but he said the girls had told him
everything and that he was pleased we all had such a great time.

"I'm only sorry I missed it," he said to me.

The first week at work consisted of endless meetings with the budgetary
committee, hospital administrators, and a group of consultants they'd
hired on to oversee the spending of the new finances.  By Friday, I was
ready to chuck it all, but Sam and I needed the money, more so with the
baby coming along.

So I stuck it out.  Nigel and I took a trip to Calgary, Vancouver, then
down to Seattle and Silicon Valley to visit hospitals, computer
equipment makers, and programming companies.  Off to Dallas, Chicago,
and back home.  Around the continent in one week.  By the middle of it,
I was climbing the hotel walls, dying to hold my sweet Samantha in my

Sam took a cab to the airport to meet my plane, and I was never more
glad to see someone in my life.  I stood there embracing her sweet body
to me as the crowds bustled around us.  Nigel said bye, but I barely
acknowledged him; my mind was filled with Samantha.  At home, we began
taking off clothing even before we had the front door closed.  It was a
wild weekend of sex, and more sex.

Anyway, after two months of ever more tedious meetings and planning
sessions, the real work finally began.  New equipment started rolling
in, piles of cables had to be strung throughout the building, and I was
spending longer and longer times away from Sam, working sometimes late
into the evening, when I'd drive home in a daze to fall into bed.

Samantha, now nearly seven months along, was looking ever more radiant
with her tummy sticking out and it bumping into me when I held her in
my arms.  She was bubbling over with that healthy glow that comes along
with being pregnant.  Her earlier wild mood swings had evened out, and
her bad dreams at night were much less frequent now.  She'd sometimes
be awkward as hell, almost comical when she'd jump out of a chair and
find her centre of gravity had shifted over the previous few minutes.
Or she'd reach over for something to come up short as her belly bumped
into something in the way.  I'd go to her and hold her, telling her how
beautiful she looked, and really mean it, because she was just so

It was on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and I'd taken a day off work just to
be with her, that the subject of her spending some time in Mike's cage
came up.  She'd had another ultrasound during the past week, and it was
confirmed the baby was a normal, healthy, girl.  We celebrated that
Sunday morning by spending it in bed.

"You know, Samantha," I said, "I'll be very busy at work for the next
month at least, until we get the new systems up and running.  If you
were stuck in Mike's cage, I wouldn't have to drive all the way here
each night.  Mike lives only fifteen minutes from the hospital.  I
could set up a cot in his dungeon and sleep there beside you."

"Sleep beside me while I'm locked in the cage?" she asked.

"Well, yeah.  I don't suppose we could fuck with you in there, but it
might be fun anyway.  You know?  Let me call Mike and see if the cage
is free for the next little while.  When's your next doctor's

Sam thought for a moment.  "Mid May, four weeks away."

"Were you planning anything for the next few weeks?"

Sam started grinning a big grin.  "I guess I could re-arrange my

I gave Mike a call in the evening.

"Jim, buddy, how've you been?  Long time, no hear."

"Been workin' my ass off Mike.  How's things?"

"Me and the girls got back from visiting your pal Billy in Oklahoma
last weekend.  The twins got their collars put on."

Wow!  I'd forgot.  "Super!" I said.  "How'd it go?"

"Took old Bill a while to machine out the lettering, then he had to
send 'em off for the gold filling.  I got busy with clients then, but
we finally had it done.  The girls look great; I'm grateful for your
hooking me up with the guy."

"I'm eager to see them.  Listen Mike, could Sam book some time in your
cage sometime soon?"

"Hell Jim, anytime.  It's not being used at the moment."

I told Mike about my working at the hospital in the city and how I'd
like to rent a cot in his dungeon to save myself some travel time.

"Jim, you dog, that's so sweet!  Sleeping with Samantha, holding hands
through the bars.  I'm touched."

I laughed to cover my embarrassment.  Mike made a suggestion that I
thought was a good one, and I said we'd see him in the morning.

I had a lock like Mike had mentioned, and I went to the basement and
dug it out.  One of those big, heavy, high security kinds.  Using a
calliper, I measured the shackle thickness to see if it would fit.  A
bit under half inch.  Perfect.  I looked around the room.  Climbing up
on the workbench, I tapped in a nail, clicked open the lock and pulled
the keys out, then hung them on the nail out of sight.

I carried the open lock up to the bedroom where Samantha was waiting
for me.  She'd had to wait there for me; a thin chain went through her
two bracelets and was locked to the headboard.  I placed the big lock
on the bed before her.

"Mike said we could use his cage anytime," I told Sam.

Sam's eyes were on the lock.  "That's a big lock," she said.

"Mike suggested it," I said.  "When I told him I'd like to move into
his dungeon with you, he thought more security might be needed on the
door to the cage.  Just so I don't let you out and have my way with
you.  The keys are hanging downstairs.  When you're inside the cage, it
will be an hour and a half drive to go get them."

Sam sat there staring open mouthed at the big, solid lock.  Then a grin
began to spread over her face.

"You like?"

"That means I'll truly be stuck in there."

"If you have an emergency, like if you start to have a baby, I can get
you out.  In an hour and a half, I can drive here and back.  Once you
go into labour, it takes a while to have the baby, but that's not going
to happen yet, it's still too early.


I could see Sam trying to think about all the things that could go
wrong.  But people like her, and I, we don't dwell on the reasons why
not to do something crazy, we just do it and hope for the best.  And it
usually works out just great, fantastic.  Sam was smiling again and I
went on.

"We'll put you inside with no bondage at first.  Once the lock snaps
shut, you're in.  I don't think you could stand it long all squashed up
like Lisa was, not with that big belly of yours.  It's cramped enough
inside that little cage.

"Once you're settled in, after a few days, we'll add something.  A lock
on your bracelets, a chain to the bars.  Maybe in the end you'll be all
trussed up like Lisa was, we'll have to see how it goes.  O.K.?"

"Master, I love it.  When can we start?"

"I told Mike we'd be there in the morning.  I'll pack your toothbrush
and hair brush, that's all you'll need."

Sam was smiling and made a grab for me, but with her hands chained to
the bed, it didn't work.  I moved closer and snuggled up to her.  Her
big belly was pressed against me, I felt Gwen kick me, and all was
right with the world.

I was late for work Monday morning, but I didn't care.  I had more
important things to do, like getting my wife locked inside Mike's cage.
I had Samantha wear just a light coat, since the weather was getting
warmer, nothing else.  In one pocket she had her toothbrush, the other
her hair brush.  We drove to Mike's big mansion in the city.

Inside the door, we were greeted by my buddy Mike.  Sam took her coat
off, and I heard him gasp as he got an eyeful of Sam's big tummy
jutting out at him.  His arm went towards Sam and she instinctively
touched his hand as if to shake it.  But it wasn't a handshake Mike was

Mike awkwardly stood open mouthed for a moment.

"Mike wants to touch your belly, Sam," I offered.

"I, may I?" Mike stammered.

I took Sam's jacket and handed it to Lisa, who'd appeared along with
her sister at the front door.  Mike's hand trembled slightly as he
touched her big bulge with his palm, then withdrew it slightly.

"It feels hard," he said.  "May I?"

Mike placed his hand on the top, then gently stroked down over her
belly button to the lower part.  I saw him press slightly, feeling the
weight of our unborn child.  He jumped a bit and jerked his hand away.

He looked up at Samantha.  "Something moved."

"There's a baby in there," I said

The twins had gathered around us and they, like Samantha, were nude.
Yet not quite.  The collars that Billy the welder had made them were
the same as I'd seen on Pat in the Bahamas, a flat band of solid shiny
steel.  Maybe an inch wide and perhaps a quarter inch thick, they fit a
little loosely around each girl's neck.

Mike gave Sam's tummy a final feel, then let the twins have a turn.
The two pretty blond girls began fawning over my wife as I'd seen them
do at the house last time.

"Miss Samantha, you look so pretty," said Lisa.  "You're so much bigger

Both Sam and I were staring at the girl's collars.  Mike took Lisa and
moved her hair to show off Billy's handiwork.

Next to the ring in the front, Lisa's name was done in fancy scroll
lettering, inlayed gold set flush into the silver coloured stainless
steel.  Simply stunning.  Lisa's name was to the left of the ring,
Liselle's had hers on her right side.

"I'd thought at first that block letters would be easiest to do," Mike
explained.  "But Billy said he could do it nicer than that.  It took
him a while, but he seems to have a passion for his work."

"He's quite the character," I said.  "I bet he got a charge seeing
these two lovelies."

Mike grinned.  "His hands were shaking so bad we had to stop.  I let
him sit and have some time with the girls to settle him down."

I laughed.  "Yeah, I'm sure that calmed him down."

I slid my finger under Liselle's collar and looked closely at the back,
but I could neither see nor feel where Billy had done the weld.

"Beautiful work," I said.  "You girls look lovely."

"Thank you, Sir," they said together.

We finally all headed downstairs to the dungeon.  The lights in the
room were bright, the cage sat in the corner of the room, door open at
the ready.  Samantha and I went to it while Mike and the twins stood

I'd brought an old, but soft blanket to spread over the concrete floor
inside the cage.  I knelt in front of the door and lay the blanket down
inside.  Sam knelt beside me and we took a moment to embrace each
other, for the last time in what could be a while.  I kissed her and
whispered that I loved her.

Samantha crawled into the little cage.  She settled onto the blanket,
sitting in a slightly crouched position with the top of her head
pressed against the top bars of the cage.  I slowly swung the door
closed until the latch closed with a solid clang.  Taking the big lock
from my pocket, I fitted the shackle into the plate of the latch.
Samantha's hand extended through the bars of the cage door to gently
touch mine.

"I love you master," she said.

She pressed on my hand, I pushed, and the lock closed with a final
sounding thump.

I stood up.  "Bye, Sam.  I'll see you tonight."

With that, Mike, the twins, and I filed out of the basement dungeon,
leaving my pretty Samantha alone, trapped in the cage.

Upstairs, Mike pulled me aside.

"Are you sure Samantha's going to be all right in that thing?" he

"Mike, I haven't got a clue.  All I know is it's something she wants to
do.  I think it's something that she needs to do.  She has to go
through it to see if she can, you know?"

"Ya, I know.  It's just that big tummy of hers.  I felt the baby punch
my hand, Jim.  How's Sam going to manage in there like that, all
squashed up with no room to stretch out?"

"Look," I said.  "Check in on her from time to time, see if she's all
right.  Don't bother her too much for the first little while, and we'll
see how she takes to it.  If there are any problems, have the hospital
page me.  I think she'll be fine, but..."

"Ya, I know, Jim.  Don't worry, me and the girls will take care of

"That's what I'm worried about," I said with a grin.

Outside I got my bag of clothes, my sleeping bag and a pad, and a
pillow.  Mike took the stuff inside.  I got into the truck and drove

There was no way I could concentrate on my work that day, and I made
the same mistakes over and over.  I was helping pull in new cables, and
one time the wire ran out, slipping through my fingers as the other guy
pulled, two floors up.  I watched the end disappear into the hole in
the wall, watched it as one would watch a poisonous snake slither into
its hole, making no effort to grab the end and save an hour's work in
fishing the cable back down.  Carlos came down to see me sitting there,
staring at the outlet with no wire in it, my mind, a million miles

Not really that far, only a fifteen minute drive away.  My lovely Sam,
sitting alone in Mike's basement room, stuck inside a little steel

It would be early now; she'd still be exploring the confines of the
thing.  Getting a feel for what could become her new home for the next
little while.  She'd be pushing her arms and legs out through the tight
bars, seeing how far she could stretch before being stopped by the hard
steel that surrounded her.

Sam was mostly sleeping on her side lately, letting the weight of her
tummy rest against the mattress.  She'd have to have her feet sticking
out through the bars at the end of the cage.  Her head pressed up
against the other end.

A voice called to me through the fog.

"Jim!  Wake up.  You have a rough weekend?"

Carlos, seeing me sitting there looking at the hole in the wall.

Where'd the cable go?

"Give you a day off and we have to re-train you?"


"Come on.  Let's go for coffee."

"You go, Carlos, I've got to make a call."

"Still mooning over your new wife?  She's probably on the couch eating
candies and watching T.V."

Oh, I don't think so.  I found a phone and called Mike's.  He picked
up, told me everything was fine.

"Sam's just fine," he said.  "She was just sitting there last time I
looked.  There's just one thing, we have a narrow pan for a toilet down
there and she has trouble squatting over it to go."

"How much space between the bars?" I asked.

"Four inches except one corner.  There's six there."

"I've got just the thing," I said.

I went and found Carlos, grabbed a coffee, and we got back to work.
Around two, we broke for lunch and I found what I needed, got in the
truck, and drove to Mike's.  I'd swiped a bedpan from the hospital, a
nice shiny stainless steel one that was just under six inches high.
Downstairs, I saw my girl, sitting on her blanket inside the cage,
looking back at me.

"I brought you a present," I said, passing the bedpan sideways through
the bars in the corner of the cage.

"Oh Master, you're so sweet," she said laughingly.

I squeezed my arms through the bars to embrace Sam, hard steel between
us.  She pressed her face to the side, I did the same, and we kissed.
Her little silver nose ring clicked against the steel bar as our
tongues danced together.  My hands ran up and down her back, sliding
over her soft, silky hair.  Sam shifted a bit to the right, pressing my
arm against the bar, and I broke away and let out a little yelp of
pain.  Sam moved backwards to the other side of the cage, laughing.

Lisa brought me down a sandwich and I ate lunch sitting beside Samantha
with her stuck inside the small steel cage.

On the way out Mike gave me a key to the house so I could come and go
if they weren't around.  Seeing that Sam was O.K. made me feel better
and I was able to get some work done that afternoon.  In the evening,
the twins had a plate of dinner for me when I got "home", and one for
Sam, since she'd wanted to have supper with me.  We ate together,
sitting on the floor, her inside the cage and me beside it.  Sam's
plate wouldn't fit through without the food falling off, so she had to
reach past the bars to get a fork full, then bring it inside to her
mouth.  This was going to be a weird few weeks.

Mike gave me the run of the basement with the bar and fridge, the big
T.V. with satellite reception.  He'd said to hang handcuffs over the
doorknob to the dungeon if I needed privacy, so later on in the evening
that's what I did.

I grabbed another set off the rack and clicked one cuff through Sam's
two bracelets.  I attached the other cuff to a top bar of her cage.
Sam manoeuvred her bum up against the end.  I pushed my dick inside her
cage and inside her.

Now this is a bloody awkward way to fuck, let me tell you.  Sam would
move and I would too, but we couldn't seem to move together with the
unmovable steel bars between us.  I couldn't get far inside her with
the bars pressed against me.  My cock kept slipping out.  Sam was on
her knees with her hands locked to the top of the cage, and in the end,
I reached inside to grab her hips to hold her still.  Then I could bang
away, ramming my pelvis against those hard bars, but feeling my cock
sliding in Sam's velvety pussy.  It worked out not too bad.

I unlocked the cuffs from Sam.  She'd been dumping the bedpan by the
drain in the floor so I used the hose to rinse out her pan and around
the drain.  Solid waste could be carried to the toilet, but pee was no
problem.  I got her a glass of milk and one for me, then I made my bed
up on the floor beside her.  Sam was playing with the handcuffs I'd
left beside the cage.  She clicked one down around her left wrist.  Her
bracelet would jangle against it when she moved her arm.

I went and fiddled with the light dimmers on the wall, settling on
having one light in the middle of the room on low.  I heard the
ratcheting of a handcuff, loud in the quiet dungeon.  Making my way
back to the cage, I lay down on the sleeping bag.  I reached into the
cage to feel Samantha, lying on her side, one hand stroking my arm, the
other cuffed to the bars between us.

"Good night, Little One," I said.

"Good night, Master."

I wakened with the incessant chirping of my little travel alarm clock
next to my head.  Grabbing it, I felt for the button and clicked it
off.  Then I opened my eyes, but it was still quite dark.  My hand was
touching Samantha, but there was something pressing against my arm.  A
hard steel bar.  In the dim light of Mike's dungeon, I saw Sam's eyes
twinkling, staring at me.

"Good morning, Master," she said.

"Morning, beautiful.  Sleep well?"

"Mmmm," she purred.  "Yes, Sir, I did."

"I have to go to work," I said glumly.

"Be home for lunch?"

Lunch?  Why not.  "Sure," I said.

I found the handcuff key to take them off the cage bar and Sam's wrist,
and I emptied out her bedpan after she passed it through to me.  I left
the cuffs and the key on the floor beside her cage, in case she wanted
something to play with later on.  I then got dressed, kissed her
goodbye, and went upstairs.

Lisa was already up and had a coffee ready for me.  She'd made a bacon
and egg sandwich, also for me.  Since I didn't have to haul ass down
the highway I could sit and enjoy my breakfast, as well as the company
of the lovely Lisa.

"How is Miss Samantha, Sir?" Lisa asked.  "Did she sleep well?"

"Yes Lisa, I believe she did.  I think she's going to enjoy her time
down there."

I guess, emboldened by my easy manner, Lisa asked, "Master had
instructed us not to bother Miss Samantha, but sister and I would like
to see her, if we may."

"Well, why don't you and Liselle visit her for a little while this
morning?  Now, the two of you just go see her and talk to her for a
bit; I'll be back here for lunch and I'll see how she is.  Then maybe
this afternoon you can all get together for some fun.  Would that be

"Oh yes, thank you, Sir.

In her excitement, Lisa forgot her place, and she put her arm around my
shoulder, bending to kiss me.  She stopped just short to pull her arm
away, then bowed her head down, shamed by her impulsiveness.  I stood
up, reached up to hook my finger through the ring in her collar, then
pulled her face to me and kissed her on the lips.

"Thank you for the lovely breakfast Lisa," I said.  "I've gotta run."

Yes, there was a definite spring in my step that morning, and Carlos
and I managed to work as a team, getting all the cables pulled in on
two floors of the hospital.  Just after one thirty, we took lunch, and
I drove back to Mike's house to see my wife.  Mike was out, but the
twins met me at the door.  A tray had been prepared, so I took it down
to the dungeon.

Sam was lying down inside the cage, having a nap, but she sat up when
she heard me enter.  She had the handcuffs locked around her wrists,
and her bracelets tinkled against them.  I placed the tray down beside
her cage, then pressed my face to the bars to kiss her.

Something had been added to the cage, and I glanced at it.  The water
bottle had been mounted to the end that faced the wall with the clear
plastic tube running down to the hollow dildo that was clamped to a
bar.  The end of the dildo was sticking inside, for Sam to drink from.

"I see you have a new toy," I said.

"The twins came to visit with me, and I said I was thirsty, so they
gave me that," Sam said, frowning at the thing.

"Show me how it works."

Sam turned towards the dildo to take it into her mouth.  I watched her
cheeks work as she sucked hard on it.  A bubble popped up inside the
bottle, showing that Sam had gotten a sip of water from the dildo.  She
rocked back on her heels, bumping her head on the top of the cage,
wiped her chin, and smiled at me.  So cute.

I checked Sam's cuffs to make sure they weren't too tight.  They were
fine, and the double lock had been engaged so they couldn't tighten up
on her.  Looking around, I spied the key, tossed against one of the
glass panels around the area, out of her reach.

"Who put these on you, the girls?"

Sam blushed a bit.  "I did.  After you left."

I smiled.  Samantha's soup was in a tall, narrow cup that would go
through the bars.  A sandwich on a plate, wrapped in plastic.  I passed
her the soup and tilted the plate; she took it inside and sat cross
legged on the blanket to eat.

"So, did you have a nice visit with the twins?" I asked.

"They came down to sit with me for a while," Sam answered.  Her lower
lip pouted out a bit.  "It seemed like they didn't want to stay too

"Well, Mike thinks sometimes it's better if you're left alone down
here.  Gives a person a chance to think about stuff."

"It gets kinda lonely all by myself.  I miss being with you, master."

"Would you like the girls to come see you more often?"

Sam's face brightened.  "That would be nice."

"I'll talk to Mike," I said.

Sam made a nice stinky poo and I emptied out her pan, then I had to go.

"Master?" Sam asked.  "Could you take these cuffs off?"

"Maybe tonight," I said, grinning.  "I have to get back to work.  Bye,

Upstairs, Mike hadn't returned, but I told the girls that they could go
see Sam for an hour or two if they wanted to.  They seemed quite eager
to do so.  I left to return to work.

Samantha heard the twins coming and she looked up.  The two girls,
wearing nothing as was the rule for women inside the room, were coming
to visit again.  Sam sat up with the handcuffs digging into her wrists,
her bracelets dropping down her arms to jangle noisily against them.
The girls were holding hands as they approached the cage.

"Master Jim said we could see you again," Liselle said.  "If we're
bothering you, we could come back later."

"No, please.  Sit with me for a while."

Lisa found a blanket to spread on the floor and the two sat close
together beside the cage.  Sam placed her hands on the bars and the two
girls reached out to touch Sam's hands.  Sam tried to reach out through
the bars, but of course the handcuff chain made that impossible.  She
tried pushing both arms through the same place but her arms got
squashed together, making them press her breasts together, and it hurt.

"Could you take these off me?" Sam asked.  "The key is right over

Liselle looked at Lisa.

Lisa said, "Our master would be angry if we were to interfere with your
bondage, Miss.  I'm sorry."

"But I put these on myself, this morning."

"Did you ask Master Jim to take them off when he was with you earlier?"

"Yes, but he didn't."

"Then we cannot," Liselle said.

Lisa looked towards the handcuff key.  "How did the key get there?"

"I..." Sam hesitated a moment.  "I threw it there after I'd locked the
cuffs on."

"Please, tell me, why did you throw the key out of your reach?"

"I..." Again a pause while Sam tried to make sense of it.  "I wanted to
stay like this.  I didn't want to be able to take them off."

Lisa smiled.  "And so, it is done."

Lisa reached inside the cage to stroke Sam's cheek.  Liselle also put
her arms through the bars to smooth Sam's hair.  She gathered it up in
one hand, holding its length tightly, wrapping the strands around her
hand, and gave it a gentle tug.  Sam closed her eyes.  Liselle pulled
on Samantha's hair to bring her head up against the side of the cage.
She held Sam there for a moment, then released her hair.  Picking up
Sam's brush, Liselle began to brush out the length of her hair.

"You have lovely long hair, Miss Samantha.  May I braid it for you?"

"If you'd like," Sam said, contentedly.

Liselle got up to leave the cage area and go to the rack of dungeon
supplies.  On a shelf, she found what she wanted, then returned to sit
beside the cage once more.  While Sam leaned back against the side,
Liselle took up the length of her hair.  She gathered it up in an even
bunch up high on the back of Samantha's head.

Lisa held the bunch of hair while Liselle tied the thin cotton rope
around the base.  Then Sam's hair was divided into five fairly even
bunches.  The rope made six, and the twins braided up Sam's hair,
intertwining the length of rope amongst the lengths of hair.  Samantha
was left with one, tight, intricate braid, about four feet of rope
hanging off the end.  Liselle used a short strip of rawhide to tie off
the end of the braid.

The twins got Samantha on her knees facing the side of the cage.  They
had her bring her handcuffed hands through the bars on top, then her
arms up through to her elbows.  Sam's arms were drawn backwards by Lisa
so her forearms were flat on top of the cage, her elbows hooked over a
bar.  Lisa hooked a thumb around the handcuff chain to hold them.

Liselle took hold of Sam's braid to feed it through the top of the cage
and around a bar behind her.  She brought it around Sam's handcuff
chain, then back to the back where she pulled up all the slack, drawing
Sam's head backwards, to tie the rope off.

Sam arched her back to relieve the strain on her neck.  Her face was
pressed against the top bars, her eyes staring at her bracelets and the
handcuffs on her wrists.  The twins had her get her feet under her so
her knees were up and her feet were flat on the blanket.  Her thighs
pressed against her big belly.  Samantha had a bit more comfort this
way, but only for a moment.  Liselle pulled in a bit more slack on
Sam's hair and re-tied the rope.

Samantha could not move her upper body one bit.  If she tried to raise
her hands, her hair would pull her head back even more.  She tried to
move her feet forward, but her toes hit the bars in front of her.  By
hanging from her elbows her bum wouldn't reach the floor.  She pushed
one foot between the bars in front, but she knew they were too close
together and she only could get her foot and part of her lower leg
through.  She couldn't stretch her leg out.  Sam got her feet under her
again and squatted, staring at the ceiling through the bars.

The twins sat, watching Sam struggle.  Samantha felt very uncomfortable
and didn't think she could take much more of this.  She couldn't raise
up because her face was pressing against the top bars and she couldn't
lower herself because her arms held her up, and her hair would pull her
head back even more.

"Lisa, it hurts," Sam cried.

"I know, Miss Samantha."

"Just five more minutes, Samantha," Liselle said.

Samantha hung on, counting the seconds.  The bars pressed on her
forehead and her cheeks.  Hard steel bars alongside her eyes.  Her legs
trembled with strain.  Samantha shifted her feet back, then forward,
searching for the centre.

"Just a little more, Samantha," Lisa said, encouragingly.  "You can do

Sam felt it as a slippery motion against her thighs, her baby moving
inside her.  The child seemed to do a flip, a violent shift that threw
Sam's balance off.  She inched her feet forwards an inch to compensate,
and she was hit with a pleasant sensation.  Equilibrium, the glorious
centre point.  Sam's fingers had been clutching the rope between her
cuffs and she relaxed her grip.  A feeling seemed to flow down her
arms, across her shoulders and down her body, along her legs, down to
her toes.  Samantha began to smile.  Her neck relaxed and the pressure
of the bars against her face eased.

Lisa held her hair so it wouldn't fall on Sam as she leaned over the
cage to gaze into her eyes.

"You've done it," she quietly said.  "You've found your centre."

"I believe we must hurry," said Liselle to her sister.

Both the twins had smelled it, now Lisa went to Jim's clothing bag.
Beside it, on the floor, the shirt he'd worn to work yesterday.  Lisa
picked it up.  Samantha would make a mess of her blanket so Lisa placed
the shirt between Sam's feet, under her bottom.  Then Lisa did what she
had wanted to do for a while now.  She brought her hand up to stroke a
finger between Samantha's labia rings.

Liselle had her hands on Sam's breasts and Sam felt the contact with
her nipples at the same time as Lisa touched her, lower down.  Sam's
body shuddered as the two sensations collided within her.  Lisa touched
the rings, flicking them to make them tinkle together, while Liselle
gently kneaded Sam's breasts and tweaked her nipples.  Lisa slipped her
finger through Sam's slit, then pressed lightly on her clit.  Her hand
was met with a warm gush of Samantha's juices.

Lisa was lying on the floor with her hand stroking Sam's pussy while
Liselle was bent over the cage, both her arms inside, stroking Sam's
breasts.  Liselle's breast was right over Samantha's face and she took
the nipple into her mouth.  Sam began to suck greedily on Liselle's
nipple while an insane mix of feelings pushing her brain into overload.

Samantha was in the right position to give birth, and at first, that's
what the twins thought was about to happen.  Sam's body went hard,
every muscle tensing up, preparing for the onslaught of her cum.  Her
face pressed tight against the top of the cage as she panted in great
breaths of air.  Sam began to groan loudly with each breath.  A torrent
of liquid gushed from her pussy, drenching Lisa's hand working at her
clit and soaking Jim's shirt as well as a good portion of the blanket.
An intense orgasm blasted Samantha's mind out of the cage that trapped
her body, out of the dungeon, and off to never-never land.

Lisa had screamed when the flood poured over her hand, thinking Sam's
water had broken.  She jumped back from the cage, looking frantically
towards her sister for guidance.  Liselle, her hands still on
Samantha's breasts, felt the immensity of the orgasm that gripped the
girl.  Sam's entire being was vibrating with it.  Liselle moved her
hands lower, around the sides of Sam's tummy.  She felt Sam's womb
contracting tight around the baby, then felt it release.  Slowly,
rhythmically, Sam's orgasm gripped her tight, then allowed a brief
period of relaxation.  Liselle could feel the baby stretch out between
the contractions, move around a bit inside.  All was well.

"It's all right, Lisa," Liselle said.  "Come, hold Samantha.  We have
to release her now."

Lisa moved towards the cage and held Sam upright while Liselle pulled
the slipknot to untie Sam's hair braid.  She passed it through the
cuffs and slowly raised Sam's hands up to allow her to lower herself
down inside the cage.  Lisa guided Sam's head so she didn't bump it,
and Samantha, still quaking from her orgasm, slumped down to the bottom
of the cage.

Liselle worked the sodden shirt out from under Sam, then balled it up
and threw it at her sister.  It caught her square in the face, and Lisa
yelped as the shirt, soaked with Sam's pussy juice, splatted across her
mouth and nose.

"You'd best rinse that out," Liselle said.  "Master Jim will be mad at

Lisa peeled the shirt off her face and stood up.  She went to go, but
as she passed Liselle, her fingers found a particularly juicy part, and
she rubbed it into her sister's face.  Liselle let out a roar and
jumped up.  Lisa was already on the run, but of course, she collided
with Mike who'd come down to investigate the noises coming from the
dungeon.  His arms went around the naked Lisa, the cum soaked shirt
pressed between them.

My beeper went off around three thirty with a cryptic "sam ok/call
mike" on the display.  I found a phone and Mike picked up on the first
ring.  He sounded pissed.

"Sam's all right," he said first, "she's resting.  Did you tell my
girls they could go fool around with your girl?"

"Well, Lisa asked me this morning..."

"Lisa asked?  Lisa?  Lisa never asks for anything."

"Mike, what's got you so steamed?  Sam was lonely and she wanted some
company.  The girls had a chat this morning and Sam felt better."

"They were doing more than chatting this afternoon."

"I was going to ask you at lunch time, but you weren't there."

"So you gave your permission to my girls to fool with your girl?"

My head was starting to hurt.  "Well, yeah."

Mike was quiet for a moment.  "That was a serious breach of etiquette,
Jim.  I keep the twins on a short leash, and the episode this afternoon
has been a setback in their discipline.  We'll have to set some rules;
be here at seven."

"I..." Mike had already hung up.

Promptly at seven, I pulled in front of Mike's mansion and stopped.
Inside, Mike called to me from the kitchen.  He was drinking red wine,
and poured me a glass full, then sat at the table with me.  He sounded
a lot calmer than he had been earlier.

"I had a long talk with Samantha after I'd called you," Mike told me.
"She's very much in love with you, you know."

"I know."

"We talked about the times you've whipped her.  She'd always asked you
to do it, you've never done it to punish her..."

"She's never given me reason to punish her."  This was not the time to
be glib with Mike.  "I would never want to punish her, Mike; she's a
person, and she's free to do as she chooses."

"She can't be a submissive if she's free to do as she chooses."

"She chooses to submit to me, Mike.  And I gratefully accept her

Never argue with a lawyer.  Mike was quiet for a time.  Domination and
submission relationships aren't covered in law school.

"Look, Mike," I said.  "You know I'm not as into the scene as you are.
But as an outsider looking in, let me tell you; Sam and I have joy
beyond belief.  She sometimes rubs me the wrong way, as I do her, I'm
sure.  I don't feel it's right to impose my will on her, she has to
want it, or it's just no good.  So we talk and try to work through it.
We find a common point, and it's pretty damn good for us both.

"The way I see it, a submissive girl is something special, a treasure
box filled with wonders.  You look inside, examine a piece.  Maybe
smooth the rough edges a little.  Help her make things fit better, help
her better understand herself.  Then you sit back and revel in the
glory of her surrendering her most precious thing to you, her very

"You're wrong, Jim.  Domination is the taking of another, by force if

"That works for a lot of people, but it's not me, Mike.  What Sam and I
have may not be true D and S, but it works for us.  I don't ask for
things she cannot do, but what I do ask for, she willingly gives."

I asked him, "What happened anyway that got you so pissed?"

Mike stood up.  "I'll let the girls tell you.  Come on."

Mike and I went down to the dungeon.  Inside, Lisa was standing beside
one wall, Liselle, the other.  The girl's collars were locked to rings
in the walls.  I went to Samantha's cage while Mike unlocked Lisa to
bring her over.

Sam sat in her cage, looking sad.  I bent to her and reached inside to
stroke her cheek.  She'd been crying.  She reached for my arm, the
handcuffs still on her wrists, jangling.

"It's O.K. Sam," I said.  "I'm here now."

Mike brought Lisa over and had her kneel on the bare floor beside the
cage.  He had her tell me about what went on this afternoon.  I'd
noticed the rope braided up in Sam's hair, and I sat in wonder as Lisa
revealed Sam's time with the two girls.  When she told of the cum-
soaked shirt fight, my shirt, I burst out laughing.  Laughter in a
dungeon, another no-no I guessed.

"It's not funny, Jim," Mike chastened me.  "Unauthorized horseplay in
my dungeon!  It's unacceptable.  I left orders that Sam not be
disturbed down here and then I find that my girls had come down not
once but twice today.  You heard what they did to her Jim; you think
that's right?  You think it's funny?"

Lisa cringed as I stood up to face Mike.  I'd just about had enough.  I
had a mind to take Samantha and leave, but she wasn't going anywhere
soon, with that big lock on the cage door.

"For Fuck's sake, Mike!" I almost roared.  "Sam.  Did you have fun with
the twins this afternoon?"

"Yes Master, I did."

"Lisa, did you have a nice time?"

In a shy voice, "Yes I did."

I called over to Liselle.  "And you Liselle, did you enjoy the time
with Samantha this afternoon?"

A loud voice.  "Yes, Sir."

I turned to Mike.  He was fuming.  "Let's go back upstairs," I

Mike turned to go, then paused.  He reached into a pocket and tossed a
key towards Lisa.

"Unlock your sister."

Upstairs in the kitchen I poured some wine for Mike and myself.  I sat
at the table with Mike and I waited for him to say something.  When it
seemed he would not do so, I spoke up.

"I'm starved, I'll go order us some Chinese."

"Yes, O.K." Mike answered with a touch of, I don't know, sadness in his

I placed the call to the Golden Dragon for a delivery of several
dishes, then I sat with Mike once more.

"You remember Beckey?" he asked me.  "The one I went with in high

"Short redhead with the freckles?"

"That's her.  The things she'd do just 'cause I told her to.  She was
my first taste of a subbie girl, and man, did she turn me on."

Mike paused, lost in thought.  I waited him out.

"Remember Judy?  I took her to your and Sue's wedding."

"I remember a brown doggie collar, and everyone trying not to stare."

He laughed, an unhappy sound.  I'd never seen my buddy Mike looking so

"And Wendy, and Nikki," he went on.  "Patrice, and Ingrid the big Swiss
blond...Janice?  It was always so great with a new girl Jim.  So much
to do, so much to find out.  Kim, the exhibitionist, she could refuse
me nothing.  The merest suggestion and off she'd go, no matter how
perverse or bizarre."

"You've always had a pretty girl hanging off your arm," I softly said.
"Mike, what's wrong?  What's got you so down?  I've never seen you like

"No Jim, you never have."  A pause.  "It would last maybe a year, two
tops.  Then, one day, I'd come home and she'd be gone.  Sometimes a
note, more often, not.  I'd open the door and I'd instantly know, it's
over.  She's gone.

"I'd be down for weeks, sometimes months at a time.  I couldn't read,
I'd barely eat.  Nothing gave me joy after losing what I'd had.  Then,
one day, at the grocery store or even walking down the street, I'd see
a girl and it was like an alarm went off in my head.  This is one.
We'd make eye contact and I'd hold her gaze.  I'd say something.  She'd
answer.  And around we'd go until...

It was a few minutes before Mike spoke again.  "How long were you and
Susan together, eight years?"


"I'll bet you'd still be together if not for that stupid plane crash.
And now there is Samantha.  I can see that you two have what it takes
to stay happily together for a long, long time."

I was beginning to see what Mike was getting at.  I thought that I was
starting to understand.

Mike continued.  "Lisa and Liselle are the best.  There's nothing more
I could ask of two beautifully submissive girls.  In my bed at night,
whether we're cuddled close and sleeping, or doing stuff, you know?
Those two make me crazy sometimes.

"But subs need rules, Jim.  They need orders, and they're expected to
carry them out.  That's why we're called dominants; we take charge and
make things so, they just have to do it.  When I say something is going
to be this way, I expect that it will be that way.  Yet, you aren't
like that.  You go with a bare outline and just let things happen.

"Like Sam's last session with the whip.  You called saying you were
going to whip your wife and wanted the twins to watch over her.  O.K.
But then, as I heard, it was Liselle who whipped her while you watched.
You say one thing and then do something else.  How can you just shift
gears like that with a sub?  Where's the control, with you or with

"Mike," I said.  "It's not so much a control thing with me.  It is to a
point, but I work with a greater goal in mind.  It's doing something
purely for pleasure, working an idea up and then doing it.  I change
things along the way because I see a better direction to take.  Liselle
said that you'd suggested she do Sam and Lisa at the same time, and I
thought, hell, why not."

"I suggested she do Lisa while you whipped Samantha."

"Well, maybe I misunderstood.  The point is, the evening went
swimmingly and everyone was happy afterwards.  You've gotta understand,
Mike; Sam and I do things for both our pleasures, not to rigidly adhere
to some D and S manual, going by chapter and verse.  How we get there
is not so important as the results afterwards.  Basking in the
afterglow of a scene that went fantastic, that's the important thing.

"Samantha might ask me to do something, or I'll get an idea somewhere,
and we talk about it.  I don't make her do things; we agree to do them
together.  On that last canoe trip of ours, I'd planned things that
didn't quite work the way I thought, but we made up other things as the
trip went along that worked out even better.  Even today, I thought the
girls would get together for a while, maybe cuddle and stuff.  I never
expected it would go so far, but look what happened.  They all had a
great time.  Sam especially so, from the sounds of it."

The doorbell rang, the food had arrived.  Mike said he'd get it and
asked me to fetch Liselle.  So downstairs I went, to see the twins
sitting around Samantha's cage.  Not touching each other, just sitting
there, with my pretty Samantha inside.  Sam's hands were still cuffed
together and I picked up the key to finally take the handcuffs off her.

"Mike wants to see you," I said to Liselle.  "I think to help with

"Yes, Sir," she said, standing.

"I think things are going to be O.K." I told the twins, and Sam.

"Is Mike still mad?" Sam asked me.

"I don't think he's so much mad, as upset."

Samantha's wrists had big red marks on them from being in cuffs the
whole day.  Her wrists were a bit sore too.  I gave her tummy a feel,
then I said I had to go see Mike.  As I was going up the stairs, he and
Liselle met me on the way down, Mike carrying a big tray and Liselle
with the bag of food.

"There's another tray of bowls and stuff, Jim.  Could you get it?"

On the table was a tray of cups and a teapot, small bowels, spoons and
such.  I carried it downstairs.  Mike had set the large tray on top of
Sam's cage and the bag of food was sitting on it.  Mike and the twins
had seated themselves on cushions around Samantha.  I went over to them
and set my tray on the floor nearby, then I took a seat on a cushion
beside Lisa.

"Liselle," Mike asked, "could you go to the other room and fill the
teapot, please?"

Mike had a tap in the bar that gave out steaming hot water, so she
wasn't long in returning.  She placed the pot on the tray on the cage,
then sat beside her master.

"Girls, and Jim, I'd like to apologize for my outburst this afternoon,"
Mike stated.  "Samantha and Jim are guests in our home, and if they are
content with what happened here today, then I will try to be more
understanding.  Now, let's eat."

At first, I thought Liselle had miscounted the bowels.  Lisa handed
them out while Liselle opened the containers of food.  Sam, not getting
a bowl, looked through the bars of her cage, expectantly.  Lisa spooned
some rice into her bowl, then moved the spoon down and into Sam's cage.
Sam took a mouthful.  Liselle picked up two ribs, passing one to
Samantha.  And so the meal went, each of us passing bits of food under
the "table" to our treasured pet Samantha.  She took sips of tea from
our teacups when one of us would offer.

It takes a big man to admit he's wrong; it takes a bigger one to
apologize for it.  There is no manual for dominants; we're mostly left
to figure it out on our own.  When you make a mistake in your job, you
can usually fix it without any trouble.  But when dealing with another
person, who's trusted you with their life, their soul; errors in
judgement become much more difficult to smooth over.

As the meal went along, the tensions that had built up over the day
started to dissipate.  Samantha complained when I finished a sparerib
and tossed the bone inside her cage.

"I thought doggies liked bones," I said, jokingly.

Liselle nibbled all the meat off a chicken wing, then flipped the bone
at Sam.  Sam's cage was soon a mess as most of the bones ended up
inside with her.  I even saw Mike crack a smile as Sam ate bits of food
handed to her and we'd toss in the empty containers for her to play

[part 3]

By the time the meal was over, the area of Sam's cage was an utter mess
of bones, bits of food, and squashed containers that Sam had sat on.
Mike stood up to go wash his hands in the sink in the other corner of
the dungeon.  He returned and picked up the cushion he'd been sitting
on, and brushed off the crumbs.

"O.K. girls.  I want this area scrubbed clean.  Jim, your girl looks a
little grubby, should the twins give her a wash too?"

I got up.  "I'd noticed a bit of a doggie smell.  That's a good idea."

Mike bowed to his girls.  "Ladies."

While the girls got busy getting all the garbage out of Sam's cage,
Mike motioned me towards another part of the room.  We sat down on some
benches and watched the activity.  He spoke to me in a quiet voice so
as not be overheard.

"I don't know, Jim.  Old dogs and new tricks, all that.  I've been
noticing it with the girls lately; things just don't have that sparkle
they once did.  I'd sometimes catch them about to do something, and it
would just seem like they were trying to get my goat, just trying to
see how far they could push before I'd get all riled up.  I'd keep them
to regular discipline sessions, but it was having less and less effect.
Maybe I will try it your way for a while."

"Look, Mike," I said.  "Don't think I have any of the answers.  I
sometimes feel lost too.  Some girls crave the constant discipline;
others don't need or don't want it.  Even I've seen that Lisa and
Liselle look alike, but they're two distinctly different people inside.
Sam and I hit it off because we were lucky, that's all.  If she needed
a stronger hand, I don't think I could give it.  But we've talked about
it, and maybe she's had to compromise.  People don't always fit into
the mould you have, but a bit of give and take, a little all around
willingness to compromise, and hopefully, things work out."

"Maybe you're right Jim.  It's hard to admit I may have had it wrong
all these years, but I simply can't risk losing these two."

"It's hard work," I said, "just staying on top of one girl, never mind
having to deal with two.  Just lighten up a little.  I'm sure they'll
act up a bit.  Go with it, see where it takes you.  You might find
surprises you'd never expected."

The twins had moved out all the cushions and my bedroll, Sam's blanket
was pulled out of the cage, and all the garbage from supper swept up.
Liselle had found some rope and had stood on the cage to loop it over a
hook.  She tied Sam's hair braid to the end and I watched her pull
Sam's hair up out of the cage, drawing her head up to the top.  Lisa
turned on the hose and let the water run warm, then began spraying down
Samantha inside, neatly avoiding getting her hair wet.  Liselle reached
in with a soapy washcloth to scrub Sam down.

After washing Samantha, the twins did themselves, then scrubbed the
cage and the floor around it.  Lisa used the hose again to rinse off
the other two girls, herself, and the floor.  A towel was handed to
Sam, then the twins used another to dry themselves.  They wiped down
the cage and the glass panels around the area.  A switch was turned on,
which started a fan blowing warm air over the cage to dry everything
up.  Sam's braid was released.

I went off for a shower, and when I returned, everyone had cleared out.
Sam was sitting in her cage, basking in the warm breeze from the dryer.
I switched it off, got my bedroll, and lay down beside her.  A clean,
soft fluffy blanket lay beside the cage and I pushed it through to
Samantha.  I had to help get it spread out under her, since she didn't
have much room to move in there.  I grabbed the rope tied into her hair
and gave it a tug.

"So, you had a nice time with the twins today."

"It was awesome, master.  But why was Mike so angry?"

I tried to explain, but it was hard.  I told Sam a bit about the girls
Mike used to have, and how I thought his rigid adherence to discipline
may had finally drove them to seek another.

"I know you'd maybe like me to take a firmer hand with you, Sam, but
it's really not something that I can do."

"I thought at the beginning that's what I wanted, but you've allowed me
to make my own choices, and some of those were ones I'd never thought
I'd make.  Like in our basement with the twins.  I never thought I
could make love with two other pretty girls watching, but when it
happened, it just felt so right.  Seeing Lisa over your face getting
what you've given me so many times, I felt happy that she was able to
share in the love that we have for each other."

"You're the greatest, Sam."

"As are you, Master."

I got up to dim the lights, then returned to my wife's side.  Sam was
fidgeting with her hands behind her.  She tried to roll over, but her
tummy got in the way, so she scooted around to face away from me.  I
saw she'd threaded the rope from her hair through her bracelets behind

"Could you tie this for me, please?"

"Sure, Sam."

Next morning, I untied her and kissed her good bye.  I said I'd rather
she not do anything with the twins that day, just talk if they came to
visit.  We'd maybe do something on the weekend, I said, which would be
in two days.

Upstairs was deserted, so I just grabbed a glass of juice, then hit the
trail.  I had breakfast with Carlos and the guys at the hospital.  A
truckload of new terminals had arrived last night, so our work was
planned out for the next few days.  Nigel had got the new system
running last night, and would be loading the software while the rest of
us installed terminals around the building.

I called Mike around noon, and Lisa or Liselle picked up.

"Lisa?"  It was Liselle.  "I won't make it for lunch, we're really busy
here.  How's Samantha?"

"She's fine, Sir.  We were just talking with her a while ago."

"Good.  I'll see you at dinner."



Liselle's voice dropped.  "My sister and I wish to thank you, Sir."

"For what?"

"You know.  For talking to Master last evening."

"I..." My voice dropped too.  "I only want the best for the three of
you, Liselle."

"I know, Sir.  We'll see you later."

The twins had prepared a wonderful feast for dinner that evening, which
we all ate downstairs, again using Sam's cage for a table.  A big board
was placed upon it and chairs were placed around.  Even a candle on
top.  Samantha, underneath, was fed by our hands slipping bits of food
to her.  She'd take the food from my fingers with her mouth, lapping up
any juices or gravy from my fingers with her tongue.

Mike seemed in a much better mood, and the twins were on their best
behaviour as well.  I silently wished them the kinds of peace and joy
that Samantha and I shared.

The following evening, I spent some time sitting around upstairs with
Mike and the twins, knocking around ideas to further torture my wife.
Mike mostly sat quietly in his big chair in the corner of his living
room, listening as the girls and I discussed what we could do.  I could
see there'd be some unease at times, when Mike would speak up over some
point, and the twins would become quiet for a time.  Discussing a scene
as equals was new territory for them all.

"Lisa," Mike said, "Samantha was quite taken with the way you were all
trussed up tight inside the cage last time.  Do you think she'd be
interested in trying it like that herself?"

Lisa began speaking, before she realized she'd actually been asked to
give an opinion on something.

"I remember she seem...She seemed very interested that time, Sir."

"I'm not sure about the dildo in back," I said.  "Even with the cage
bars between us, I've been hitting bottom lately.  I don't want her to
do herself an injury up there."

Liselle spoke up.  "We have a thicker one that's not as long."

"That might be better," I said.

"What about the strain on her back with the weight of her belly hanging
down?" asked Liselle.

Lisa spoke up.  "We could use several loops of rope, evenly spaced
along her body, to help support her."

Even without the presence of Samantha, but with the help of Mike's
girls who'd already done time in the cage and knew what to expect, we'd
discussed the scene, contributed ideas, and had come up with a plan
that I felt Sam would enjoy.  Mike was smiling, the girls were smiling,
and so was I.

"Liselle?" Mike asked.  "Could you go in the bedroom and bring a six-
foot chain and two locks, please?"

Liselle jumped up.  "Yes, Sir."

When she'd gone, Mike held out his hand towards Lisa.  From her chair,
she went to her knees, then moved the short distance to Mike's chair.
Kneeling beside his legs, she placed her head and hands in his lap.

Mike tenderly stroked the girl's hair.

Liselle returned to kneel on the other side of Mike's legs and handed
the requested items to him.  Mike took one end of the steel chain and
locked it to the ring on Liselle's collar.  Lifting Lisa's head, he
locked the other end to hers.  The twins looked at one another,
fingering the links of the chain that connected them together.

"Stand up, girls," Mike told them.  "Let Jim see how nice you look."

The two girls got up and moved to stand before me.  The sight of the
two identical twins chained together took my breath away.  Their long
blond hair and perfect bodies.  The shiny steel collar on Lisa, the
chain locked and hanging down to her pussy, then back up and locked to
the matching collar on Liselle.  The girls posed for me, moving a bit,
the chain tinkling.  Stunning.

Mike raised his hand and the twins came to him.  He reached out to take
hold of the chain.  He pulled slightly and the girls sank to their
knees before him.  They brought their heads together on Mike's lap as
he held the chain close to their collars in one hand.  Liselle reached
up to unfasten Mike's pants and he lifted his butt up off the chair to
allow the twins to pull them down.

"Err, I think I'll go see Samantha now," I said, standing.

"Good night, Jim," Mike said.

"Good night, Sir," said the girls, Lisa's voice a bit muffled.

Down in the dungeon, I told Samantha what we'd planned to do to her.  I
mentioned the shorter dildo, and the rope idea to help support her
inside the cage.

"I'll be just like Lisa was?" she asked.  "For how long?"

"As long as you want," I said.  "So long as you can stand it, I guess.
Now, if you get into any trouble with the baby or anything, I want you
to say so.  I'll want someone here at all times, ready to release you.
If you just need a rest, we'll let you go, then after, if you're O.K.,
you can continue if you want.  All right?"



I took a quick shower in the bathroom in the other room, then I made up
my bed beside Samantha.  Sam was lying on her side facing me, and I
reached through the cage bars to stroke her big tummy.  She placed her
hands on my arm to press my hand to her, and I felt our baby squirming
around inside her.  I pressed my face to the bars, Sam moved her head
closer, and we kissed.  We slept holding each other's hand.

In the morning, I dressed quietly so as not to disturb Sam, then I went
upstairs.  In the kitchen, Lisa and Liselle had a coffee ready for me,
and had made me breakfast as well.  They'd both had to get up to do it;
the six-foot chain was still locked to both their collars.

"It wasn't necessary for you to wake up early just to make breakfast
for me," I told them.

"We're pleased that we may do this small thing for you, Sir," Liselle

"Well, thank you, girls.  I truly do appreciate all that you've done
for Samantha and me."

Lisa said, "Master asked me to enquire of you if we could begin putting
the restraints on Samantha this afternoon so she's readied for your
return.  "

"You may prepare her inside the cage, but leave the two dildos for when
I get back.  I don't want to miss the look on her face when she
realises she's stuck like that."

"Very good, Sir," Liselle said.  "I'm sure that her reaction will be

The crew took it easy that day at work, since the project was ahead of
schedule, and it was Friday.  Nigel had given us the weekend off, and
we all were looking forward to a nice two days holiday.  Around five,
we called it quits for the day, and I jumped into my Jeep for the drive
to Mike's.

I let myself in, and as I passed by Mike's study, I saw him on the
phone with someone, but he motioned that I go downstairs.  Liselle was
in the kitchen, tending to dinner, and she crossed the room to give me
a peck on the cheek.

"We're glad you're home early today," she said.  "Miss Samantha is
quite eager to have her bondage completed.  She has already eaten
something, Sir."

"Thanks Liselle.  I'd best go see her."

Down in the dungeon, Lisa was keeping Sam company.  Sam was on her
hands and knees inside the cage, her bum resting on a steel bar that
was clamped to the sides.  Coils of thick, soft rope went around and
around her body, starting at her hips, just under her tummy, and looped
up over a bar, then back around her.  The rope continued over the next
bar, then around her again, a little higher up.  A few more loops
around her belly to just under her breasts, then a bar was skipped
where her breasts were, leaving them nicely exposed.  Two more loops
supported her chest and shoulders.  I reached in to give her nipples a
squeeze.  Her hair was still in a long braid with the rope woven in,
and it had been pulled up through the top of the cage and tied off.
This served nicely to support her head.

I'd been finding tie wraps in my pockets each night, and had been
dumping them in the corner beside my bag.  Tie wraps are strips of
plastic that you wrap a bundle of cables with and push one end through
a catch in the other end.  You draw the strip up tight around the
cables and it locks in place to hold them.  Two of these had been used
to attach Sam's bracelets to the sides of the cage.  She could raise
her hands a little, up and down the cage bar, with the plastic loop
sliding on the bar.  That was about the limits of her movement.

Around Sam's ankles were locked the heavy shackles that I'd seen on
Lisa.  They looked somewhat tight, since Sam's ankles had swollen a bit
from her being pregnant.  A short bar led from each of the shackles to
a clamp that was bolted to the bars of the cage on either side.  I saw
that Sam had her old blanket back, washed, and she knelt on two small
cushions.  I went to my clothing bag and found my laundry had also been
done.  I pulled out shorts and a shirt.

"I'm just going to take a quick shower, Lisa; I won't be long."

After I'd cleaned up and dressed, I went back to see Sam.  When I
reached into her cage to stroke her cheek, she turned her head and took
my finger into her mouth.  She lovingly licked and sucked on my finger
as I watched her rub her bum on the bar behind her.  Besides Sam being
tied tightly inside of a locked cage, which turned me on plenty, the
simple act of her making love to my finger started to get me aroused as
hell.  I looked up at Lisa somewhat embarrassed, and re-arranged myself
inside my shorts.  Lisa smiled.

"Miss Samantha has eaten a light snack," Lisa said.  "Does she wish
supper now, or would she like to finish with the bondage?"

I pulled out my finger.  "Sam, are you hungry, or do you want the
dildos put in now?"

It took a moment for Sam to settle down.  "Could I have a glass of
apple juice first?"

Lisa stood up to get Sam's juice, and while she was gone, I asked Sam
how she was.  She said she was doing just fine.  I told her we would
put the two cocks into her for the evening and then she could have a
break later on to eat something.  Lately she'd been uncomfortable
eating big meals, preferring to snack several times during the day
instead.  I slid my hand under the coils of rope to feel her tummy.  I
let my hand rest there for a while, feeling Sam's regular breathing
pushing her tummy against my hand.  Then, I felt a small tremor as Gwen
shifted her position inside a bit.

Lisa returned with a glass of juice and a straw, and she held the glass
for Samantha while she drank the apple juice through the straw.  When
she'd finished, Lisa set the glass down on the table beside the wall.
She picked up a black rubber dildo with a clamp attached to the end.

The dildo was only around five inches long, but was thick enough that
Sam would certainly be aware of its presence in her pussy.  Lisa gave
me a look, and I nodded my head.  We both went to the rear of the cage.

I reached inside and lifted Sam's bum up off the crossbar.  Lisa gently
worked the rubber cock into my wife's cunt, then I let Sam lower
herself until the clamp on the dildo seated on the crossbar.  Lisa
turned the bolt with her fingers to snug the dildo in place.

We watched as Samantha rocked herself forward, and the tip of the dildo
slipped out of her.  She moved back, shifting a bit to line herself up,
then took it into her again.  Lisa stood up to go to the table, and she
picked up some chain.

Liselle and Mike had come down to watch.  Liselle helped her sister get
the neck chain adjusted and locked around Samantha's neck.  They got
Sam to move fully back on the rear dildo, then the long steel bar was
pushed through the cage in front of Sam's face and they locked down the
clamps on the ends with a small wrench.  The hollow dildo was removed
from the front of the cage, disconnected from the water bottle, and
positioned before Samantha's mouth.  Sam grinned at me, then opened her
mouth to take the thing inside her.

The neck chains were loosely fastened to the front bar to let Sam get a
feel for the two rubber cocks that were sticking into her at both ends.
Sam began to rock herself back and forth, her body supported by the web
of rope around her.  She still had the use of her arms with the loose
tie wraps through her bracelets and around the side bars, and her hands
were holding onto the bars, giving her some leverage to push back on
the rear dildo.

"How you doing, Sam?" I asked.  "You O.K.?"

A muffled moan was my reply.  Mike told me that dinner was ready, and
he asked Lisa to stay behind to watch Samantha while we ate.  Up in the
kitchen, Liselle served Mike and I dinner, then she fixed a plate for
herself.  She ate quickly, then went down to let Lisa come up and have
her dinner with us.

"Jim," Mike asked me.  "How long do you think Sam will stay like that
down there?"

"I don't know.  She seems to have settled in nicely."

"Well the thing is, the girls and I have to take a trip the week after
next.  A fellow in Seattle who does the same kind of work as I do has
contacted me to do a job with him."

Mike told me about the guy, a pro dom like Mike who'd do things for
women wanting to experience a domination type scene, but needed it done
in a safe environment and in a discreet manner.

"The guy's name is Howard Cole, and he lives in Seattle," Mike said.
"He has a girlfriend who works with him, and five middle aged and quite
well off ladies had been asking him to set up a pirate, kidnapping sort
of thing for them.  One of the girls was someone who I'd done a scene
for a while back, and she put Mr. Cole on to me.  We've exchanged a few
e-mails now, and we've put together an idea that should please the five

"Sounds interesting."

"Howard knows a fellow in Vancouver that owns a big sailing ship.  A
big old wooden kind that's constantly in need of repair.  For a nice
fee, the guy will take us out to sea to "capture" the five women off
their boat.  Then he'll drop us all off on some little island that will
be the pirates' lair.  We'll have our way with the ladies on the ship,
and then even more fun once we reach the island.  He thinks the whole
thing will take three, maybe four weeks."

"So Sam needs to finish with the cage before you all leave," I guessed.

"You're both welcome to use the house for as long as you want," Mike
said.  "But with the twins and me not here, and with you working, it
might not be good for her to be left alone down there."

"Not the way she is now," I agreed.

"Sorry, Jim.  I know you both wanted this, but this job's just too
juicy to pass up.  When Howard found out about Lisa and Liselle being
identical twins, he flipped.  For the start, they're both going to play
one role, the pirate who never sleeps, the one who seems to be in two
places at once.  Should be a hoot."

"It's alright, Mike, Sam'll probably burn out in a few days anyway.  I
really can't see her lasting more than a week, all trussed up like she

We finished dinner and went down to see how Sam was doing.  Liselle had
tightened the chains that held Sam's head closer to the dildo, so she
wasn't able to pull back enough to get it out.  When she'd rock herself
forward though, the short one in back was able to slip out of her
pussy.  Mike had the girls adjust the crossbars in front and back
closer in.  Sam seemed to enjoy it more that way, and she began to rock
herself a bit faster against the rubber cocks.  However, the one in
back would still slip out at times and she'd stab herself on it.

Her labia rings could have been used as convenient anchor points, but
the chance of her doing a serious injury back there was just too great.
The problem was solved by tying rope around Sam's thighs and the
crossbar so she couldn't pull herself off the dildo.  She was then free
to thrash around as much as she wanted to without having either cock
slip out.

The four of us were all standing around watching Samantha in the cage,
and I could tell she was rather uncomfortable with us there.  I knelt
down to look at her.

"Are you all right Sam?" I asked.

A garbled, "Mmmm Mmmm."

"Would you like to be alone for a while, just have me stay here with

Sam grinned around the dildo in her mouth and nodded her head slightly.
The chains around her neck jingled gaily.  Mike and the twins cleared
out, leaving me alone with my wife.

I reached into the cage to stroke Sam's cheek, and as she rocked
forward, I felt the dildo fill up her mouth.  She opened her mouth wide
and took it deeper into her, then made a strangled sounding groan.  Sam
moved backwards off the cock in her mouth while the one in back filled
her pussy.  She pushed her tongue past the dildo to lick my wrist.
Then she smiled a crooked smile and began humping back and forth on the
two rubber cocks.  I had little else to do but watch her.

Actually, there was one thing I could do, and I retrieved a towel from
my clothes bag, placing it under Sam's bum to catch her juices that
were already starting to drip on her blanket.  I watched her pussy open
up to swallow the thick dildo, and I saw her rings slide along its
slick surface as she took it in.  Then slowly she withdrew from it as
she worked the other one down into her throat.

Samantha started to rock herself faster and faster on the two rubber
cocks.  I was longing to touch her, to feel some of the feelings she
was getting from the dildos and from being tied tightly inside the
cage.  Even just being locked inside the thing for the past five days
had seemed to do such wonderful things for her.  Not once had she
complained or so much as questioned why she had to remain stuck inside
the little steel cage.  Right from the start, she'd simply accepted it
as her place in the world.  A little, small space that she'd occupy for
a time.

Sam slowed down as the first orgasm began to take hold.  She pressed
back on the rear cock, grinding her hips to move the thing around
inside her, and she began a long, low moan.  She'd jerk forward a bit,
then press backward on the cock.  Her moaning would change pitch as the
cock in front was forced deeper into her mouth.  I watched her back
arch upwards, lifting her tummy clear of the ropes around it.  She held
herself up as the full force of her cum washed through her, her
energetic wailing loud, despite the rubber dildo in her mouth.

Sam's belly crashed down against the cushioning web of ropes as her
orgasm subsided and her muscles relaxed, a low shuddering moan escaping
past the dildo in her mouth.  I reached into her cage to gently cup a
breast in my hand.  Aftershocks made her body twitch and shake, and her
breathing was fast and ragged sounding.  Yet, in but a few moments,
she'd regained control of herself and she started to gently rock
herself back and forth once more.  I pushed both my arms inside to let
her two nipples brush against my palms as she moved herself against the
two cocks.

Even with her nipples stroking against my hands, it took Sam a bit
longer for her to make herself cum again.  Yet this one was a doozey.
When it took her, she threw herself against the rear cock and screamed.
She then leapt forward, letting the front one spear down her throat
while a jet of pussy juice squirted out of her, landing a good three
feet past the back of the cage.  I'd moved my hands from her breasts to
around her body to try to guide her movements, but as much as she was
able to, she was a flurry of movement inside the small cage.  She
bounced herself between the two rubber cocks, ending up with the front
one stuck deep into her, and she couldn't breath.  I eased her back,
and she groaned a deeply satisfied groan.

Samantha's mouth was dry and she was covered in sweat.  I brought my
arms out of the cage, then unhooked the water bottle from the front.  I
took it to the sink to fill it, then I brought it back and pushed the
tube into the front dildo.  After I'd hung the bottle back on the cage,
Sam sucked greedily on the rubber cock until the water began to flow
into her mouth.  She drank over a quarter of the water, then eased
herself back and smiled at me.

I stared into her bright eyes.  Either she'd had enough for now, or she
had not, and wanted to go again.  Sam must have sensed what I was
waiting for and she wriggled her bottom on the dildo as her eyes
pleaded with me.

"One more, Sam, then you take a break."

Her eyes lit up and she made a purring sound against the dildo.  This
time I positioned myself behind her, careful not to step in the puddle
she'd made.  I reached under the rear crossbar and got my finger on her
clit.  I began to stroke her on that little bundle of nerve endings.

Sam's energy was pretty much spent, and she was only able to gently
thrust herself between the two cocks.  But with only one finger on her,
I managed to coax another crashing orgasm to rip through her.  After
she'd done, Sam lay motionless in the web of ropes, gasping for air.  I
went to her head and loosened the bolt holding the dildo to the front
bar.  I unclipped her neck chains from the bar, then lifted her head a
bit to withdraw the rubber cock from her mouth.  I found a small
cushion nearby to place on the bar so Samantha could rest her head on
it.  Then I sat with her for a few minutes until her even breathing
told me she'd fallen asleep.

I got up to quietly leave the dungeon and go see what our hosts were up
to.  I found Mike and the twins in the kitchen, having apple pie and
coffee.  While the girls fixed me some, I told them that Samantha
seemed to be enjoying herself, and she was taking a little nap now.
After the twins had finished eating, they went down to watch over her,
leaving Mike and me alone.  Both girls had to go, their collars were
locked together again with the long chain between them.  Lisa took a
piece of pie down for Sam, Liselle a glass of milk.

"You know, Jim," Mike said to me, "we were just talking about the job
coming up in Seattle.  The girls really gave me a few good ideas."

"No one knows better what a submissive likes than another submissive."

"The girls seemed really pleased that I'm allowing them to help out in
planning this scene.  I'd just like to say thanks, for, you know."

"Mike, if you and the girls find the kinds of happiness Sam and I have,
then that's all the thanks I need."

A bit later on, I went down to see Sam, and found her still asleep, her
head resting on the pillow on the crossbar with the twins sitting by
her side.  I sat down near Sam's head to reach inside and softly stroke
her cheek.  Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at me.

"Is it morning, Master?"

"No, Sam.  It's around eleven at night."

"Oh.  Am I going to sleep like this?"

"I could put the cock back in your mouth if you want."

The twins came over to me and they each gave me a little kiss
goodnight.  They reached into the cage to softly stroke my wife, and
Sam made gentle cooing sounds as she worked her bum on the cock in
back.  Then the girls stood up and left us alone.  I unrolled my
sleeping bag and the pad, spreading it out beside Sam's cage.  I fed
Sam her apple pie and held the glass of milk to let her drink.  I held
the bedpan beneath her rear so she could pee, and I emptied it, then I
dimmed the lights, got undressed, and crawled into bed.  Reaching up, I
laid Sam's pillow on the crossbar and she settled her head upon it.

"Good night, Samantha," I said.

"Good night, Master."

I guess one big disadvantage of being pregnant was with a baby growing
inside your tummy your insides get all squashed out of the way to make
room.  This fact became painfully apparent as Sunday wore on, and Sam,
who badly needed to shit, just couldn't manage it with her body held
horizontal inside the cage.  She was starting to get annoying cramps
and it wasn't being fun anymore.  Around noon, I finally had Lisa help
me get Sam's bondage off.  It was a couple hours later that Sam was
finally able to sit on her bedpan and make a big smelly crap.

Having Samantha locked inside Mike's cage was kind of fun, and Sam had
enjoyed the experience a lot, but I wasn't getting a whole lot of
enjoyment in having her so close yet unable to just take her in my arms
and make hot love to her any way I chose.  I didn't want to say
anything to her that would spoil her enjoyment, but she must have read
my mind.  In the afternoon, she asked me if she could get out of the

Sam was sitting on her blanket taking bites from a sandwich that I was
holding for her.  I'd used a tie wrap to join her bracelets together
behind her back.

"It's been a nice time Master and I've had fun, but my legs are
starting to get sore and I'd really like to stretch out.  It would be
nice to just get up and go for a walk.  You're not upset with me, are

"Of course not, Sam, why would I be upset?"

"Because I was only in here for a week.  Lisa was in for a month, and
she was locked up tight in here.  I barely lasted two days like that."

"Sam, it's not a contest to see who can take it the longest.  If you've
had fun, but now you've had enough, then that's good.  I'll drive home
and get the key, then I'll let you out.  It'll be kind of nice to be
able to hold you again.  I've missed you, Sam."

I found my cutters and snipped the tie on Sam's bracelets.  Then I
pushed my arms into the cage.  Sam pushed hers out, and we awkwardly
hugged each other.  Sam pressed her face to the bars and I kissed her.

"I'll tell you what," I said as we drew apart.  "I'll go get the key
now, but you have to stay in there until tomorrow evening.  The girls
will clean you up for me tomorrow, and when I finish work, I'll let you
out.  Then we'll go home.  That will make it over a full week.  O.K.?"

"All right, master."

She made it sound like she was sad about having to stay in another day,
but I caught her smiling.  Upstairs, I found Mike and the girls and
told them of our plans.  The twins were more than eager to have
Samantha to themselves the next day, and promised to take good care of
her and have her ready for me to take home.  I made the drive home, and
along the way I stopped to buy some food and stuff for our return.

The two keys to the big lock were right where I'd left them and I
lifted them off the nail and hooked them to my key ring.  On the drive
back, my eyes kept being drawn to them hanging in the ignition, and I
couldn't stop thinking about the wondrous creature they'd release from
Mike's cage.

It was awfully tempting to get Sam out right then and have my wicked
way with her, but we had a quiet candle lit supper down there, just her
and I, and we sat around talking for the rest of the evening.

Next day it was tough keeping my mind on my work, and I could hardly
wait for the day to be over.  I met Lisa in the kitchen, and she told
me they'd prepared a going away dinner for us.  She and I went down to
the dungeon to release Samantha.

Liselle stood when Lisa and I approached the cage.  Samantha looked
radiant inside it.  She was sitting on a silk pillow, and she'd been
scrubbed from head to toe.  Her hair had been washed, dried, and
brushed out, and it flowed down her back and sides, spilling off the
pillow to fan out on the floor around her.  Her nails were trimmed and
polished, painted a deep red colour.  Her face glowed, and her big
tummy looked delicious.  I looked at it a bit closer.

Samantha's belly button used to be a cute dimple in her tummy, and now
it had popped out.  Sam saw me staring and she moved her hand to cover
it.  I had to touch it, so I went to her and pushed my arm inside her
cage.  I stroked my fingertips over the little bump.

"Sam, that's so cute.  This means the baby's done cooking and she's
ready to come out."

"But there's still a month and a half till I'm due," she said.

"I'm just joking," I said.  "But I think it means you're as big now as
you're going to get.  You look really nice Sam.  Let's get you out."

I pulled out my keys and fitted the one into the lock.  It popped open
with a solid thump.  After taking the lock off, I lifted the latch to
the cage door and swung it open.  Looking inside, I saw my pretty
Samantha for the first time in a week without looking at her through
steel bars.  I held out my hand to her and she took it.  She moved off
her pillow and onto her knees, then crawled out from Mike's cage.

Taking hold of her arms, I helped her to stand up.  Her knees, which
had been bent for a week, didn't take kindly to the sudden change in
her environment, and Sam stumbled against me.  I held her for a few
minutes to support her until her legs would support her weight.  Then I
took a step back to admire her radiant beauty.

Samantha shyly looked down as I cupped her belly in my hand, feeling
the funny little bump of her navel pressing against my palm.  I then
moved to her and tilted up her head to plant a loving kiss on her lips.

"You look really great, Sam," I whispered into her ear.

Sam hugged me tight.  "Thank you, Master.  I missed being able to hold

"Come," I said to her.  "Let's have dinner, then we'll go home."

I held her close as we walked away from the little cage in the corner.
Along the wall was a big mirror, and Sam stopped in front to look at
herself in it.  She stood there, turning this way and that, her hair
swishing around her lovely body as I watched her.  She placed both
hands under her belly and struck a pose that brought tears to my eyes,
it was so beautiful.

"I look fat!" she said, bursting my bubble.

I put my arm around her.  "No, Samantha, you look wonderful.  Good
enough to eat."

The twins let out a giggle.  We all headed upstairs for the supper
they'd made for us.

We had a nice beef stew with fluffy dumplings and little potatoes and
carrots, with a delicious bottle of white wine to drink.  Sam ate
sparingly since she was quite uncomfortable now that her insides had
shifted to a different position after being let out of the cramped
cage, but she was happy and contented nonetheless.  I stood up with
glass in hand.

"Mike, Lisa, Liselle," I raised my glass to each in turn, "I'd like to
thank you all for letting us stay with you for this time.  I know it's
been an extra bother, but Samantha and I truly appreciate it."

"It really hasn't been a bother, Jim," Mike said.  "We've been pleased
to have you folks over.  Any time you wish to use the dungeon, just let
us know and we'll be happy to oblige."

"That may be difficult after the baby comes," I said.

"Well," Mike said, "you have three good baby sitters here, if mom and
dad ever need some time alone."

The twins smiled at us.  Sam began to smile as she realized that having
a baby around might not curtail our sex life that much after all.

After supper Samantha dressed in the jacket and boots she'd come here
with, then Mike and the girls went outside with us to see us off.  It
was a nice warm April evening, and most of the snow Sam saw when last
she'd been outside had melted.  We got in the truck and made an easy
drive home.

The house was chilly, and I first cranked up the heat.  Despite the
cool air, Sam shook off her jacket, since being nude for a week had
conditioned her to now being uncomfortable with clothes on.  I poured
her a glass of apple juice, and she made herself a cheese sandwich
while I took a fast shower.  I found her in our bed under the covers.
Naked myself, I slid into the warm nest alongside my wonderful wife.

I began with her face, kissing her eyelids and her cute nose.  Then I
feasted upon her lips for a while.  Across her chin and around her
neck, then down, down, down to her breasts.  Gently sucking on her
nipples, first one, then the other; they hardened beneath my tongue.

After several minutes, I left those lovely pleasure buds to travel
lower still.  Up and across the vast expanse of her taut tummy,
planting little kisses as I went, until I got to her inside out belly
button.  There I paused to softly caress it with my tongue, gently
sucking the strange little bump into my mouth.  She squirmed beneath

"Stop," she cried.  More softly, "It tickles."

I followed the curve of her swollen belly down, lower still, to the
bushy part of her pussy.  I brought up my hand to stroke her furry
pelt, neatly trimmed around the edges, freshly shaved.  A slight musky
odour rose to greet me, to call to me with a hint of cloying sweetness.

I scooted down until my feet pushed out beneath the covers, until my
legs hung off the bed.  Between Samantha's lovely legs, I settled
myself.  I placed the tip of my nose against her, to gently rub her
there.  Inching ahead slightly, I pushed between her labia rings to
breath deep of her scent.  A tiny drop it must have been, placed there
by Lisa, or Liselle.  I must discover the name of the perfume, its
subtle fragrance, dew dampened raspberries on a fresh summer's morning,
making me dizzy with desire.  My tongue snaked out to lick Sam's soft
folds of skin, then up to play across her clit.

Samantha brought her legs up to give me better access, presenting
herself to me, open, ready, and delicious.  I licked the length of her
from bottom to top.  Sucking into my mouth her lips, one and then the
other, her little rings clicked against my back teeth.  My tongue
pushing inside was met with a warm gush of tangy tasting liquid as
Sam's hips traced a tiny circle around me.  Her hands came to my head,
fingers entwined into my hair, and Samantha came in a great big rush.
My world shrank to a tiny spot and my head followed her movements while
my tongue flicked madly across her clitoris.

Samantha's thighs gripped my head tight while she pulled on my hair to
hold me to her.  My cock pressed against the mattress and twitched in
pain.  My lust for her was driven into overdrive, and as even as Sam
was calling out in her desire I was on the move.  Up between those legs
of hers I rose until I faced her.  My cock at her entrance, I guided it
into her sweet, boiling pussy.  I tried to bend to kiss her lips, but a
big bulge was in the way, so I held myself above her body and drove my
cock inside her.

Sam brought her hands up my arms and held on to my shoulders as I began
to forcefully thrust into her.  However I quickly realised I was
hitting her cervix, and I slowed as to not hurt her, or Gwen.  This
would be one of the few times I'd fucked with Sam that she wasn't bound
in any way.  Her bracelets were in front of me, and I dipped my head to
kiss and lick her wrists, but the two rings of stainless steel, welded
on around them, had now become a part of her, and by themselves
couldn't count as bondage.

I was careful to be gentle, yet Sam quickly had another mind blowing
cum.  My cock gently stroked inside her while she writhed in ecstasy.
Her slippery wetness enveloped me and I began to press on with urgency.
Images of my pretty Samantha began to take shape in the back of my
mind.  Samantha bent over a rock, tied down.  A black rubber bit in her
mouth and her, smiling at me.  Her in the canoe chained hand and foot.
Helping me paddle into the unknown.  Her feet tied close and her
hanging upside down.  From a tree.  Swinging slightly in the breeze.
Samantha, sitting crouched in Mike's cage, a small and fragile creature
trapped inside a tiny, cramped, steel cage.  And Samantha beneath me
now, her bulging tummy rubbing against mine as I banged my cock into
her.  Into my beautiful Samantha.

I lowered my head to her chest, held on to her hips tightly.
Supporting myself up so as not to press on our child, I came and came
into the sweet creature that was my lovely wife Samantha.

We lay together on our sides, face to face, Sam's belly pressed against
mine.  I could feel the little creature inside, restlessly moving

"I missed you Sam, having you close like this."

"I missed you too."  Sam was quiet for a time, then she asked, "Do you
think it was selfish of me to want to be by myself in Mike's cage, to
be in there apart from you?"

"Well, it was something you did mainly for yourself, Samantha.  Being
inside the cage was something you had to try, to see, and to understand
if you liked it.  I know you had a nice time in there.  Why?"

"You didn't have much fun with me stuck in there.  We couldn't hold
each other properly, or do much else together.  I sometimes felt a bit
guilty having so much fun while you could only sit and watch me."

It was my turn to be quiet for a time, while I thought up a good

"It wasn't like we were apart, Sam.  You were right there for me to
touch.  We were separated by the bars of the cage, but it wasn't for so
long.  We have a lifetime to be together.  Being in there was something
you had to do for yourself.  I would never want to stop you from doing
something that you really wanted to do."

"Thank you, Master, for being so understanding."

Monday morning, six A.M.  Me, on the highway heading for work in the
city.  Going in early in the morning was a little better with less cars
on the road, and I could stop later for coffee and something to eat
before starting work.

The job on the hospital computer upgrade was almost finished, and the
other installers had been laid off to other jobs, leaving Nigel,
Carlos, and me to clean things up and finish off.  While Nigel worked
on getting the programs and the data files set up, Carlos and I went
around the building testing terminals and routers, dressing up the
cables and replacing ceiling tiles.  Easy work that didn't put too much
strain on one's brain.

By the end of the week, things were running smoothly, so Carlos left
for another job, leaving Nigel, me, and a young student who we'd hired
on as apprentice trainee.  A few weeks later, Nigel informed me that
he'd be leaving in a few months for greener pastures, and he planned on
recommending me to fill his position in the hospital as head
administrator for the computer systems.  It would leave me with more
responsibilities, lots more.  But the salary increase would be hard to
pass up.

I talked it over with Samantha that evening, and she said I should go
for it.  The extra money would be nice, but spending less time with
Sam, and the baby, would be tough.  Still, nose to the grindstone and
all that rot.

I drove Sam to see her doctor in the city on a bright sunny, spring-
like day.  He just did a quick exam of Sam, feeling her tummy and
measuring her size.  We sat in his office for a while, talking about
what to expect in a month from now.  He talked about the painkillers
that were available, and Samantha asked if she could perhaps try to go
without them.

"Many women these days prefer to have a more natural form of
childbirth," the doctor told Sam.  "I caution my patients not to hold
steadfast to the idea of having no interventions at all.  Each birth is
different, and where some women have a fairly easy time of it, others
find their labour and the associated pain just too overwhelming.  The
decision is, of course, yours, and we can wait until your labour is
well under way before making any final decisions on pain relief."

Later on in the Jeep, I asked Sam, "Sam, I know you have a rather high
pain tolerance, but you're not thinking..."

I saw her eyes dance for a moment, and I said no more.

Sam and I went to the library to check out a few more "What to expect
when you're expecting" type baby books.  Apparently, having a trusted
and calm, gentle companion along makes the woman feel more secure and
more at ease, and the birthing process usually goes a lot smoother
under those kinds of circumstances.  I seemed to fit the bill as
gentle, trusted companion.  Over the next couple of weeks, Sam and I
went through the various breathing exercises described in the books,
and we read up on what we'd expect during the period of labour and the
final delivery.

Mike and the girls returned from the trip to Seattle and invited
themselves over for dinner one evening.  Mike was eager to tell us how
great the job went with him and Howard Cole.  Apparently, two of the
ladies had no idea the kidnapping had been set up, and believed they
were really being captured by real life pirates.  This made for a few
tense moments during the beginning, until the two were finally let in
on the game.

Even the boat's owner played a part as the swarthy first mate, and Mike
proudly told us that the twins played their roles brilliantly. "Howard
was amazing," Mike said.  "He was the pirate captain on the ship, the
good pirate, while I played the bad pirate.  Once the clients began to
trust him we switched.  On the island, I was the nice one while Howard
was the cruel one.  The girls didn't know who to run to."  In the end,
a simply amazing time was had by all.

A few days later, we met with Sam's doctor again, with less than two
weeks to go.  Everything looked good to him; the baby was turned the
right way and now sat low in Sam's pelvis, just waiting for the right
time.  Sam was big, awkward, and mostly grumpy now, not interested in
doing much else but sitting around the house waiting.  Still fun in
bed, though.

Three A.M., on a rainy Sunday morning, Sam shook me awake.  I looked at
the clock, then rolled to face her.  Sam's face was set in a grimace
and her hand on my shoulder trembled.  I put my hand on her tummy and
felt the contraction easing.  Sam smiled at me.

"I think it's time," she simply said.

We lay in bed and I held her close.  Sam went through two more
contractions as I timed them.  Hard and regular, about eight minutes
apart.  I phoned the hospital, the same one I worked at.  Sam's doctor
coincidentally worked from that one.  I knew the head nurse who picked

"Hi, Judy, It's me, Jim.  It looks like Samantha has gone into labour,
her contractions are eight minutes apart."

"Oh, you've got lots of time.  Give her an hour or two, and if she
keeps up and they get closer together, you might as well come in."

"Thanks Judy, I'll call back later then."

I went and washed my hands, then I felt up inside Sam with a finger.  I
knew what she normally felt like up there, but I couldn't really tell
any difference.  Sam and I lay together for a while as her contractions
continued.  I had a stopwatch, and sure enough, they slowly began
getting closer together.  I pushed a finger in, and low and behold,
even I could tell her cervix was starting to open up.

"We'd best be going," I said to Sam.

We had a little something to eat and drink, and I called the hospital,
then I walked Samantha out to the truck, me holding her and her bag,
her, the umbrella.  I got her settled in, then I went around and got
in, and we drove to the hospital.

There was no traffic that time of the morning, and I knew where all the
potholes were, so I missed them so as not to jar Sam.  It was close to
six when I pulled up in front and helped Sam up the steps and into the
building.  I left her while I parked the Jeep; I found her sitting in
admissions filling out a form.  After that a wheelchair appeared, and I
pushed my wife along the hall to the elevator, then up to the delivery
rooms on the fourth floor.

I was ordered into a room and told to put on a white gown while Sam was
settled into another room.  In a short while, a nurse came to get me
and I was seated beside Sam's bed.  I held her hand as she strained
through another contraction.  When it was done, she looked at me and

Sam's labour lasted through most of the morning.  I sat beside her
while nurses and doctors would come and go.  They'd look in on her,
sometimes poke and prod, then leave us alone once more.  I'd be ordered
out at times, but I'd hold my ground.  Allowances would be made because
most of the staff had seen me around, and besides, I was the poor,
confused husband.  And still, it was my doing that started all this,
why shouldn't I stick around.

I'd hold her upright while she groaned and strained.  I'd wet a cloth
to sooth her fevered brow.  Fetch her water for her to drink, hold a
proffered container of juice for her.  I'd coach her through the
breathing, and after, I'd tell her how beautiful she was, even though
she was sweaty and puffy eyed from the exertions.

Sam's water broke, but it was hardly a flood.  There was a bit of a
gush, then more a dribbling seepage.  She'd squirt almost as much when
she cums, I thought, and I squeezed her shoulders, massaged her sore
back.  A nurse came around to change the pad under her.  Sam tensed, as
another contraction took hold.  She moaned long, then yelped out loud,
as clear liquid dribbled out of her pussy.  Sam slumped back; she
looked at me, a goofy grin spread wide.  Could she possibly be enjoying

Sam's mood darkened as noon rolled around.  The washcloth was too wet,
too cold.  "I'm hot, I'm thirsty," she'd groan and strain, she'd yell
and curse.  Transition.  The time of squeezing to open her cervix was
over; the time of pushing out a baby was at hand.

Sam's doctor put in an appearance and I was ordered out.  A nurse came
to my rescue with a subtle "The husband wishes to remain" in the
doctor's ear.  He shrugged, then plunged his hand into Samantha.

"Ten Centimetres," he did declare.  Sam was told to push, and I held
on.  I could tell it was different now, much more strain for Sam, more
pain too, I imagined.  The doctor stood and watched, then placed his
hand on Sam's abdomen.  He smiled; Sam smiled too.  All was well.

This time when I was told to go, I did.  To the change room for green
scrubs and a mask.  Sam was wheeled to another room, The Room.  Under
the bright lights, 'It's Show Time!'

Well, not quite.  You expect thing to happen fast, and on a few times
they do.  Yet mostly, it's hurry up and wait.  It seemed like forever
before I was called, to come into the room.  A seat beside Sam's bed
and I sat down.  I looked around, then I looked up.  A big mirror, and
in it, reflected back to me and Sam, her gaping pussy.  Two silver
rings spread farther apart than I ever thought possible.

"Sam," I whispered in her ear.  "Look at your pussy."

Sam's face was screwed in a grimace of pain.

"Don't push, Samantha," the nurse told her, "breath through it."

I held her head and coached her through the puffing and blowing.  Sam
collapsed with a long groan.

"Are you all right, Sam?" I asked, for lack of anything intelligent to

"I...I think so, Mas, uh, Jim."

The doctor came in, followed by a retinue of nurses and extras, and the
show got under way.

"How are we doing, Samantha?" he asked.  "Do you need something for the

"I..." Sam took a breath.  "I'm O.K."

"All right.  Now on the next contraction, I want you to push.  O.K.?"

I wondered what she'd been doing.  "O.K," she answered.

The next one began to build and Sam tried to raise herself.  I helped
to support her and she bore down hard.  She began panting with the
strain, then moaning loudly.  In the mirror, I saw a bulge, her labia
rings spread even wider apart, and the bluish coloured bulge began to
appear.  The top of the baby's head.

"I'm going to do the episiotomy now, Samantha.  Are you all right?"

Sam was gasping for air, but in between breaths, she managed to give a
tiny nod.  An instrument was handed over, which of course was a
scalpel.  The doctor made a small straight cut to avoid a jagged tear.
I'd turned away from the mirror to gaze upon Samantha's face.  A sharp
surface bite of pain, overlaid on her deeper thundering pain.  When her
eyes flickered open, they locked on mine.  And she smiled at me.

"Here it comes," she whispered.

I glanced towards the doctor, but he was ready.

"Deep breath, Samantha," he said.

With a glance, I saw the baby's head begin to move and her tiny ears
pushed past Sam's labia rings.  Sam threw her head back against my arms
and howled a howl I'd heard her make many times before.  Her face was
red, her chest was flushed a bright red.  Samantha has never admitted
to it, but I felt that the signs were unmistakable.  As our first-born
came into the world, it seemed like her mother was experiencing
something akin to orgasm.

The baby's head came out, followed by her shoulders, then the rest came
out in a messy gush.  A nurse had a rubber syringe ready to suck goo
from the child's mouth and nose.  The baby moved her head aside, then
opened its tiny mouth and let out a loud screech.  Sam and I watched as
those first wet breaths turned our baby's skin from purplish blue to a
healthy reddish pink.

The cord was clamped and severed, the baby was carried to a table, and
gently the slime was sponged off her.  She was then tagged with her
name in tiny beads on a string, wrapped in a hospital blanket, brought
towards us, and placed in Samantha's outstretched arms.

Eight pounds, four ounces, a health baby girl.  We'll name her
Guenivere, but everyone will call her Gwen, for short.

[End chapter 5]


Dateline: Algonquin Provincial Park - Canada.  Six years later, August
long weekend.

Evening, sitting on the beach.  Quiet time.  If I had a favourite time
of the day, evenings would probably be it.  Finish dinner, clean up.
Maybe take a shower, or a rinse in the lake later on.  Grab lawn
chairs, a cup of your preferred beverage, and hit the beach.

Gwen is sculpting her sand castle for the third time today.  Tall with
ornate looking spires, she's using a small stick to carve windows on
one tower.  William, but we call him Bill for short, Billy pauses in
his digging, looks at his sister, gauges her progress on the castle,
and decides the time is ripe to strike.

Gwen senses him coming and rocks back on her heels moments before her
brother dives headlong into her sand sculpture.  Billy comes up
spitting sand.  Gwen smiles, pleased with his distress from not yet
learning to close his mouth.  She looks over at us, and I wave to her.
While her brother eradicates all traces of the sand castle, Gwen comes
to sit with Sam and I.

Samantha's belly is big with our third child and I feel him stirring
restlessly inside my wife's tummy.  I gently take my daughter's hand to
place it on her mommy's bulge.

"Your new sister wants to come out and play," I say to her.

Gwen will be starting school this fall, her brother Billy turned three
this past March.  Sam and I had planned on stopping at two, and her
doctor had inserted an I.U.D. into her womb to prevent another
pregnancy.  He might as well have planted a potato up there, since two
weeks after Billy's birthday, Samantha missed her period.

Gwen sits on my lap as mom awkwardly rises from her chair, then waddles
down the beach to tend to our son.  I watch, transfixed by her beauty,
as she scoops up water to wash sand from Billy's face and mouth, her
two bracelets flashing in the evening's last sunlight.  I hold my
daughter closely, pointing out to the lake.  Liselle and Lisa, paddling
a canoe, Mike sitting like a Samoan king in the centre.

I carry Billy and a chair, Samantha has her chair in one hand, Gwen's
hand in her other, and we make our way back to our campsite.  I stare
for the umpteenth time at a child's small hand fingering the ring of
steel around her mother's wrist.  We pass by Mike's big motor home with
its flush toilet and shower, the air conditioning.  To our big, patched
tent with the screened in front section you can sit in if the bugs are

Later on, the hot chocolate drunk, the marshmallows roasted over the
campfire and eaten, the kids settled into their beds, Samantha and I
sit close together by the fire, listening to a far away baseball game
on the little radio.  Tomorrow, Mike and the twins are taking our two
kids for the day, hiking on a couple of the shorter nature trails in
the park.  Sam and I will paddle a nearby river to a secluded swamp
that we know about for a little bit of fun.

I place my hand on Sam's belly, and baby number three is quiet now.  I
lean close and kiss my wife; she returns the kiss with passion. Life is

  [End of story, "The Ad."]      C/W Dino.  June 2000

Note: The idea of Mike being a professional dominant, and the character
of Howard Cole from Seattle was lifted, with permission, from a story
entitled "Submission in Seattle", and can be found on the Leviticus