The Ad:

Chapter 2

(C) Dino  March 2000

On a whim, I had replied to one of those people connection ads in the
back of the newspaper and the lovely Samantha had been the result.
From our first meeting in the shopping mall that fateful Saturday
afternoon, it became increasingly evident that we were both eminently
suited for each other.  After a weekend of sex so passionate it makes
my head spin each time I think about it, we discovered that we had more
in common than could ever have been hoped for.  During that first week,
after introducing Sam to some of my old friends at a nightclub, I made
a vow to myself that I would try my hardest to make this girl mine.

That following weekend marked a turning point in our relationship.  I
gave that pretty girl with the long brown hair what she had been
seeking, as she told me on the phone afterwards, for all of her twenty-
three years.  I had tied her down to the heavy coffee table in my
basement rec room, and had stroked her back and bum with the flogger
over and over until she exploded in a most erotic display of pent up
lust.  After it was over, we had made such tender, sweet love up in my
bed, and that was when I knew that she was mine.

I'd called her again on Monday night and we chatted until late into the
night.  Sam had told me after that first whipping that she thought she
could have taken more, that she might like to try it harder.  I'd gone
somewhat easy on her, that being her first real time under the lash.
She said that she had been scared at first, afraid of the unknown, but
she told me that I'd been firm with her, taking the lead on that time,
and she felt able to give herself over to me, trusting that I would
bring her no harm.

I asked her how her pussy was.  When I dropped her off at her place
last Sunday afternoon, she had put my little lock through her two labia
rings and locked it closed, then had given the keys to me.

"God, Jim," she said, "Every time I sit down, it presses right on my
clitty.  If I move, it rubs me, if I wear panties, it presses me there.
If I go without underwear and I walk around, the lock swings around in
there, and pulls and tugs on me.  I could hardly stand it at work
today.  As soon as I got home, I took off all my clothes.  Then I stood
in front of the mirror, I spread my legs, and I just stared."  Her
voice got all soft while my dick began to rage.  "I put my hand down
there and touched the lock, pulled on it a bit.  Then I went to my bed
and lay down.  I got out my vibrator and tried to put it in, but the
lock was in the way.  I tried to push it in past my rings, but I

I had to reach inside my shorts and move something around.  If this was
phone sex, it wasn't half bad.  I listened to Sam's sweet voice.

"The vibrator was making a loud noise buzzing against the lock.  I
couldn't manage to get it inside me with it locked closed like this.  I
pushed the vibrator in between from the top so my lips held it against
me and the middle of it was pressing right on my clit.  When I took
away my hand, it stayed there pressed to me with the lock rattling on
the top and I thought about you having the keys at your place.  I began
to cum, Jim.  It went on for a long time."

"Mmmmm," was all I could manage for a while, then I asked, "So your
pussy lock doesn't bother you too much?"

Sam missed the witticism.  "I think I could get used to it," she said.

After chatting a bit more, reluctantly we said our goodbyes.  I could
hardly get to sleep, thinking of her luscious pussy locked shut with my
little brass lock.  An evil idea began to take shape.  In two weeks, it
would be a long weekend.  Sam had told me she liked camping, and so did
I.  A plan formed in my mind just before I drifted off to sleep that

I called Samantha the next morning and caught her before she left for
work.  I asked her if she would like to go on a camping trip on the
long weekend.  The holiday would be Monday.

"I don't have to work Friday," she said, "it's my day off.  We could
have four days."

"Great," I told her.  "I'll call and see if I can book a spot."

The big park I like to go to is quite busy during the summer, and
usually you have to reserve a site well in advance, the nicer spots at
least.  On a long weekend the place would be packed.  When I called the
number, I hit a stroke of luck; there had been a cancellation in a
campground that was one of my favourites.  Looking at a map of the
place, the site they had open backed onto the lake.  A double bonus.  I
booked the site for four days.  I called Sam that evening and told her.
We talked for a while, but I began to sense there might be something
wrong.  She seemed preoccupied with something and it was not sex.
Later on in the evening, she called me back.

"Hi Sam," I said.  "Everything all right?"

There was a pause, then she said, "No.  I've got my period four days

At first I thought, good.  Better now then on our trip.  Then it hit
me.  The lock.  Ick!

"I'll be there soon," I said.

"Oh Jim," she started, "You don't have to come all this way.  I'll

"I'll see you in a half hour," I said.  "Put the kettle on."

Twenty-five minutes later, I was in the lobby of her building.  Sam
buzzed me up.  She greeted me at her door with a warm hug and I was
once more in heaven with my sweet Samantha in my arms.  When we broke
apart, I handed her my keys and she disappeared into the bathroom while
I poured myself a cup of tea.  Sam came back several minutes later
wearing a terry bathrobe and looking more radiant.  I poured her a tea
as she sat down beside me.  She handed me my keys and the little lock,
still a bit wet, washed off.

"Feel better now?" I asked.

"Thank you, master," she said as she snuggled close to me.  I gently
stroked her head as we sipped the tea.  Her robe had slipped open a
bit, giving me a nice view of her luscious tits and right down to her
belly button.  I set my cup down, then slipped my hand inside to cup a
firm breast and rub her nipple with my thumb, feeling it harden under
my touch.  Sam bent forward to place her teacup on the table, then she
slid down to kneel on the floor by my feet.  I watched as she slipped
open her robe and then moved her hands behind her, presenting herself
before me.  She had panties on, a pad inside, the bulge visible at her
crotch.  My pants had an obvious bulge too.

Samantha spoke.  "How may this low one please Master?"

I smiled.  I'd read of this, the referring to oneself in the third
person.  But having it dropped on me in such an inviting way gave me

"Lead me to your bedchamber, girl," I commanded.

Sam giggled and stood up.  Taking my hand in hers, she led me to her
bedroom.  A small lamp in the corner illuminated your standard girl's
room, pink curtains over the windows, a soothing green and yellow
general decor.  On the walls were hung many paintings and drawings,
hers I assumed.  Over the bed was a huge watercolour, looking like an
old English or a medieval village scene.  My eyes were drawn from one
piece to another as I looked around her room.

"Sam, put the light on please," I said.

Samantha moved to the wall switch and turned on the ceiling light, then
came to me again.  The images before me sprang to life.  Her works had
a definite gothic theme to them; dragons, unicorns, castles.  Nude
women, often in some peril or helplessness.  A girl with tender wings,
held in the palm of a giant hand.  Two unicorns, one, the male I
assumed, standing proud on a hill top, the female on a lower cliff, the
valley between them done in greens and browns.  Two paintings together.
One, a dragon with his back to the viewer, strong and mighty.  The
second, that of a girl dragon?  Soft, not a scary dragon at all but,
almost erotic in its pose.

I drew in a breath as my eyes settled on a sculpture on Sam's bureau.
The piece, painted clay, stood perhaps eighteen inches tall.  A ruin of
a castle perched on a cliff overlooking a lake or a sea.  A dragon
curled around the base of the piece, protectively hugging the cliff
side.  One window high up on a tower was painted yellow to indicate
occupancy, a candlelight.  The vague silhouette of a girl with long
hair in the window, looking out.  The work, the detail, was stunning.
The painting over the bed drew me once more.  I knelt on Sam's bed to
see closer.  Sam sat down beside me and began to unbutton my shirt as I
studied the painting.  The thing that drew me to this room first, sex,
now forgotten.

At first glance, and even after a good look, it seemed like your normal
village life in ancient times piece.  But there, at the side of the
village square, partly hidden by a bush, a girl naked and locked in
stocks.  Her hands and head imprisoned by the rough looking wood, and
three boys throwing red things, rotten tomatoes it appeared to be, at
her.  The girl's face was covered by the fruit.  Her hair, long and
brown, touched the ground.

Near the stables, the blacksmith worked on something.  Just behind the
anvil, you could see it.  Round it was, a shackle attached to a chain.
Sparks seemed to fly out as the man forged the other red-hot ring of

"Samantha?" I said.

"Yes?" her small voice replied.

In the stalls of the stable.  Four horses and one.  I peered close.  It
was.  Standing behind the man grooming her, a pony girl.  Her long
chestnut mane hung almost to the girl's knees.

"Samantha?" I said.


I pointed to the stables in the painting.

"What's this?" I asked her.

I turned away from the painting to look at her.  Her eyes were on the
bedspread, her face quite red.

"It's a pony girl," she said in a soft voice.  "I read a story once
about that sort of thing."

I tilted her face up to me.  I was smiling.

"I've read some of those kinds of stories too," I said.  "Your work is
stunning, Sam.  Absolutely beautiful."

She began to smile again.  "You really think so?" she asked.  "Not many
people have seen these things.  I have a few more if you'd like to see

Sam pulled out some drawings from beside the bureau.  Some rough
sketches, some other wonderful images.  One caught my eye and I stared
long at the picture.  Done in pencil, dark and foreboding.  A rugged
shoreline, tall jagged rock.  An iron hook high up in the stone, chains
descending to solid looking shackles around the wrists of a frightened
nude girl.  Her long windswept hair partially obscured her face.  Full
breasts, narrow waist, bare feet on the hard rock.  An ominous shadow
approaching.  I actually jumped like a timid girl when Sam spoke.

"Waiting for the dragon, I call that one."

I shook my head in wonder.  "Fantastic."

"Would you like to keep that one?" she asked me.

Good manners told me I should refuse, or at least pretend to, but I
couldn't.  I had to have that drawing.

"Sam, it's absolutely beautiful.  If you're sure, I would love to have
this one," I said.

Sam gathered up all the drawings from her bed and stood them against
the wall.  She placed the one she was giving me on the bureau facing
the bed.  I saw that all of the marks from her whipping four days ago
had disappeared.  She wore just her panties, and I hadn't noticed when
she had dropped her robe.  When she turned to me, I pulled off my
shirt, then lay back down on her bed.  Sam turned off the bright light,
then crawled across the bed to lay down on top of me.  I felt her firm
breasts against my chest, her hair on my arms, saw her glowing face
inches from mine.

"Thanks, Sam," I said, "for being so adorable."  I kissed her and held
her tight.  We cuddled for a while until I noticed her clock was
telling me it was past midnight and I had a meeting in the morning.
Sadly, I told Sam I had to go.

"Dinner and a movie tomorrow," I asked, "I'll pick you up at five?"

"Dinner here at six," Sam said, "and maybe we'll skip the movie."

I laughed.  "That sounds fine to me."

Samantha said she would make spaghetti, so the next evening I showed up
with a nice bottle of red wine at her doorstep.  I went up to her floor
and found her door open a crack.  I knocked, then walked in, and called
out her name.  I heard her in the kitchen, so I headed there.  Samantha
was leaning seductively against the counter, and she wore what could
best be described as a slave girl outfit.  It was just a simple white
wrap of cloth pinned at the top and held up by her breasts.  Her
shoulders and arms were bare, her feet were too.  Her hair was loose
and spilled down her back, stopping a few inches above the hem of her
garment, which ended about mid thigh.  Her shiny chain belt was around
her waist.

All that alone would have been enough to make my cock jump, but Sam had
on something else that I simply couldn't tear my eyes away from.
Around her wrists, she had two shiny round bracelets connected by a
short piece of chain.  My eyes travelled from one bracelet, down along
the chain, which hung to the hem of her dress, then back up to the
other bracelet.  I moved as in a dream, placing the wine bottle on the
table, then taking one of Sam's hands and raising it to my lips.  I
kissed the back of her hand.

The bracelets were slightly heavy, solid steel.  The sort of thing one
might find in a hardware store.  The chain link was welded to the ring
at each end and polished smooth.  The rings fit close to her wrists and
I saw that they might be hard to get on over her hands.  Or off.  I
took the chain in my hands possessively and looked up into Sam's eyes.

"Does it please master?" Sam asked me.

I was stunned.  "Master is very pleased," I managed.  I lifted the
chain up high, pulling her hands up over her head.  I stroked her
nipples through the thin fabric of her outfit.  Sam closed her eyes and
moaned slightly and I could tell it was not just from my stimulation of
her nipples.  She tilted her head up and looked at her arms, her
bracelets, her shackles, and the chain, held firmly in my grasp.  I
lowered her hands until they were in front of her face, then released
the chain to let it drop.  I stepped away.

"Tell me about these, Sam.  I want to know.  Where did you get them?"

I sat at her table and listened.  Sam said she had bought the rings a
few years ago at a marine supply store.

"I need to use soap to get them on," she said.  "And it sometimes hurts
my hands a bit, but I don't mind.  Last year I got the idea to add the
chain.  I bought a piece, then took it and the bracelets to a shop to
get them welded.  I told the guy it was for my easel, to hold the back
leg together and I tried hard not to show my embarrassment.  I think he
guessed what it was really for."

Sam had knelt at my feet as she talked, and her hands were on my legs.
I felt her chain with my fingers and noticed a bit of wear in the
links.  I have a piece of chain at home, with wear marks like that.  My
wife used to like her feet chained together at night.

"You wear this every night, don't you?" I softly asked her.

Sam looked up.  "Not every night."  Then more quietly, "Most nights,

A big pot of water was bubbling on the stove, distracting my host.

"Go," I told her.  "Prepare my feast."

Samantha stood and went to the stove.  I watched her as she worked,
holding the chain in one hand so that it wouldn't get in her way.  When
she did let her chain clank on a pot or a plate, she would look at me,
a bit abashed at her clumsiness.  Mostly, she managed as one would when
used to such an encumbrance.  Eventually I stood and, over her
protests, I helped out a bit, setting the table and opening the wine,
cutting the garlic bread.

We soon were seated before a delicious meal.  I poured the wine and
watched Sam raise her glass without dipping her chain in her plate.
After the dinner, Sam put the plates and cutlery in the dishwasher and
I watched her wash out the two pots, her chain rattling around inside
them.  She had a cake for dessert, she told me, but my cock couldn't
wait any longer.  I took her chain in my hand to lead her to her

Samantha took off her chain belt and undid the clip at the top of her
dress.  The material spiralled off her and fell to the floor.  She was
instantly naked, as was I a moment later.  In her current condition, an
important avenue of pleasure was closed off, the white string hanging
from her pussy the only evidence, but there were other ways.  Anal was
hinted at, and I sensed a quiet relief in Sam's expression when I
respectfully declined.  I've tried that street a couple of times
before, but it never seemed to live up to its glowing reputation as
portrayed in stories.  Sam stretched out on top of me, her chain
trapped between our bellies, her hands at her sides.  After a few
minutes, she raised herself up and reached underneath to position my
cock between her legs.

Sam started a slow up and down motion with her hips, stroking my hard
cock against the soft warmth of her pussy.  I shifted her up a bit to
pull her wrist chain up and over her head, bringing her hands up around
her ears, holding the chain at the back of her neck.  Her hands
fluttered uselessly as her hip movements became more energetic and her
breasts pressed hard against my chest.  It didn't take long at all
before I felt her tense, squeezing my cock tightly between her thighs,
and cum, writhing wildly against me, moaning loud in my ear.  I held
her tight as she came down from her orgasm, then I released her chain
to stroke my hands down her back and bum.

Her hands cradled my head gently as she made cooing noises in my ear,
then she lifted herself up to kneel between my legs.  She took my cock
in her hands and began to lovingly stroke it while her chain rattled
upon my tummy.  I watched Sam stare lovingly and hungrily at my cock as
it twitched in her hands.  She bent down to reverently kiss the tip and
we locked eyes for a moment.  "Sweet little one," I murmured as I
scratched her head tenderly.  Sam opened her mouth to take me in,
sliding her lips down my shaft until she hit bottom with the head
lodged in her throat.  I felt her muscles working as she attempted to
swallow me.  I settled back into the pillow and moaned my pleasure.

She began to bob her head up and down on me, slowly at first, sucking
in my length all the way, then letting it slide out, teasingly holding
just the tip between her lips while running her tongue around it.  Then
more urgently, allowing her teeth to gently scrape along me at times,
which felt not painful at all.  I reached down with both hands to hold
her chain in a firm grasp.  My hips began to buck up, trying to get my
entire being into that tiny cavern of pure pleasure.  I could feel it
building from somewhere deep inside me, at my core.  Samantha's mouth
was sending massive shockwaves straight through to my brain.  My body
started to tense as I fought to keep my breathing regular.  In a
panting voice, I informed Sam that I was about to cum.  Quite
unnecessarily, though; it would be obvious to anyone what was about to
happen in another few seconds.

Tingling at the base of my brain started to form substance, began its
journey down my spine, gathering me up with it.  Samantha took me deep
as I started to cum.  I squeezed the chain between her wrists hard,
feeling the strength of the steel that imprisoned the girl's hands.  My
breathing slowed to a deep steady rhythm as my cum burst forth, a white-
hot jet blasting into her.  My legs came up to wrap around her body as
another jet of cum shot into her.  Again my cock pulsed, my mind
completely caught up in rapturous affection for my beautiful Samantha.
Another, weaker shot, and I collapsed into the softness of her bed,
totally spent, my breath coming in ragged gasps.  Sam moved to
disentangle herself from me.  My hands spasmed, releasing her chain,
and she snuggled close to my side to wait for me to return from beyond.

I was floating weightless on a warm sea.  Twilight, the sun just past
the horizon, washing everything in shades of red and gold.  I could
hear the waves crashing on the rocky shore.  I turned my head to look,
focused my eyes on something against a tall rock.  A naked girl, it
seemed; her long windswept hair across her face and the stone.  Her
hands were high over her head.  She was chained to the rock by heavy
looking shackles around her delicate wrists.  She looked up towards the
cliff, and my eyes followed her gaze to a gap in the rocks.  A shadow
moved.  Suddenly, with a mighty roar, the beast appeared.  As she
twisted her hands in the unyielding chains, the girl screamed, a long
horrified wail.

I felt myself jump, I heard myself yell.  I looked sheepishly into
Sam's startled eyes.

"Was I asleep?" I asked.

"For a few minutes, Master," she answered.

I got my breathing back under control, my heart slowed its hammering.
I told Sam of the dream I'd had, the scene from the drawing she gave to
me yesterday.

"I was there, watching from off shore.  The dragon came, and that's
when I woke."

"The drawing pleases Master?"

I looked at her.  "Yes I like it.  It seems to remind me of a scene in
a movie I'd seen before.  The girl, chained just like that.  A monster
of some sort, I think."

We held each other for a while longer and I examined Sam's bracelets
closer.  They were indeed too small to allow her hands to slip through
easily.  I liked it and I told her so again.  I got up to pull on my
shorts.  Sam went to pick up her slave robe and asked if I would put it
on her, since with her hands chained it was difficult to wrap it around
herself.  I helped her to dress, groping and hugging her as I went,
then she went to put the coffee on.  We had coffee and cake in her
living room while we watched the news on her television.  It was late,
but I was not eager to leave.

"Master?" a sweet voice asked.


"Would you stay here tonight with me?"

Hands in chains upon my chest.  Soft, expectant eyes looking up at me.
How could I refuse?  I slept soundly that night in Samantha's bed, her
soft, warm body pressed close to mine.

Sam spent the night at my place after we went out for dinner on
Saturday night and saw a comedy show at a small theatre downtown.  The
comedian's routine was defiantly geared for an adult audience and often
uproariously funny.  That night her period had finished enough so we
could finally have sex again, which we did, and more than once.  I'd
asked her to bring her bracelets with the chain, and I watched as she
soaped up her hands and pushed the steel rings over them.  I used a
lock to attach her chain to the headboard of my bed and that was how
she stayed all that night and well into Sunday morning.  With her hands
locked above her head, she was defenceless against my tickling and
stroking her most intimate areas until she exploded in wondrous orgasm
time after time.  When I'd tired of that, I suddenly fell upon her
luscious body and pushed myself into her until my lust was sated in a
great flood of release.  We both had a lovely time.

On Sunday, I got Samantha to help me set up the tent in the back yard.
I have a smaller one, which is easy for me to put up, but I also had a
larger tent that has a screened-in front section that you can sit in if
the bugs are bad.  At this time of the year, I expected the bugs to be
bad.  Two people were required to set it up, but it was nice and roomy
inside.  You could easily stand up in it.  I pulled it out from storage
in the basement, and I wanted to be sure it had survived being unused
for so long.  As we worked to put the tent up, I could see Sam's
excitement grow from seeing the reality of our impending trip on the
following weekend.  I had insisted that Sam leave her shackles on, so
she was a little awkward helping me, but she managed.  She had worn a
short skirt and a tube top that she could put on with her hands
chained.  She had brought along a sweater to wear in the evening.

When it was time for me to take her home, I asked her to keep her
shackles on.  I said that she could hold her sweater in such a way to
cover her hands when we got to her apartment.  She looked at me for a
moment, then smiled such a wicked smile I was touched.  This was
probably the first time she would be so bold as to wear such an obvious
bondage item out in public.

As I drove her home, I asked if I needed to pick up anything for her
like bread or milk.  She said no.  I told her then to keep her chain on
for the rest of the day and all that night.  She agreed without
hesitation.  I watched her walk across the lot behind her building, her
sweater clasped in her hands in front of her.  At the door, she fished
her key from her pocket.  She turned to look around her, then looked at
me.  Sam brought her hand from under her sweater and waved at me, the
ring around her wrist and the chain clearly visible.  I waved back.
She put the key in the door and disappeared.

The following week, I was busy finishing up stuff at work and getting
my camping gear ready.  I repaired a few spots on the tent, and took it
down on Tuesday night, just before it began to rain.  I packed
everything up, ready to go.  Wednesday evening, I took Sam out for
dinner and we made love again in her bed afterwards.  She packed a bag
for the trip that I took home with me.  The next evening, I loaded all
the crap into the truck, tied the canoe on top, and we were ready to
roll.  I asked Sam to meet me at the subway station at the north end of
the city Friday morning to save a little time.  I packed up the cooler
with food, and picked her up there at eight in the morning.  Shortly
after, we were cruising through the countryside, the sun bright, radio
on, a glorious day.

We stopped at a burger joint along the way for an early lunch, then
pressed on to arrive at the western gate of the park a little before
noon.  A little over half an hour later, and I turned off the road into
the campground.  Silence descended like a thick shroud when I stopped
at the gate and switched off the motor.  A few birds, gentle rustling
of leaves in the trees; I could feel the tension flow out from me.  I
went into the office to check in and pick up the park information
newspaper.  I'd paid by card when I had booked the site, so it was only
a moment before I was moving slowly along the road, searching for our
spot.  I backed in the Jeep, then killed the engine for good.  Sunlight
sparkled through the trees where a little path at the back of the site
led a short way to the lake.  After untying the canoe, Sam helped me
carry it down to the water.  The shoreline was soft sand and appeared
to be shallow for a ways out.  A perfect spot.  The site itself was
reasonably far from its neighbours, separated by some brush amongst the

I try to get at least one week camping in each year, and this time I
had a pretty companion to share the experience with me.  Opening the
back of the truck, we prepared to set up camp.  My routine is simple,
first the lawn chair, this time two of them.  Then I set up the stove
and poured some water into the kettle for it to boil.

"Now," I told Samantha, "We wait for the coffee."

Camping requires a certain mental state.  I found the quicker you gain
that state of mind, the better.  I could see Sam fidgeting in her
chair, eager to do something, and I put my hand on her arm, looked at
her, and smiled.  She began to calm.  When the water was ready, I got
out the kitchen basket and fixed us two cups.

"Next," I told her, "we drink the coffee."

I sipped at the drink while staring out at the lake through the trees.
Sounds, seemingly from far away, could be heard.  Children playing at
the beach, a rattle of plates, someone fixing lunch.  A car door
closing.  Birds.  No steady din of cars or planes.  After about twenty
minutes, I stood and stretched, looking around for a good spot for the
tent.  I went to the truck and pulled out the ground sheet, then spread
it out.  A small flurry of activity ensued as Sam and I laid out the
tent, hammered in some pegs, and sorted out the poles.  Then, a walk
down to the beach.

We walked hand in hand along the road to the washrooms, then further
along to the beach.  I sat down on the grass at the edge of the sand
with Sam cuddled close, letting the warm summer's day infuse us with
laziness.  You could spot the people who had been here a week, or more.
Lying on the sand or sitting in the shade.  Kids out swimming or
digging in the sand.  A sort of serenity to them, at peace with
themselves and the beauty of nature all around.  Sam was still edgy,
wanting to do something, anything.  I turned to her.

"Close your eyes," I said, "listen."

She sat, straining to hear.

"I don't hear anything," she said.  "Kids laughing, the waves on the

She sat for a few minutes longer, then opened her eyes and looked
around.  I pointed out a rocky island at one side of the lake, another
to the right that you couldn't really see because it blended in with
the tree lined shore behind.

"There's a river around the corner," I said pointing to the right,
"that goes a long way.  We'll do that one tomorrow.  At the end of the
lake," I pointed straight across, east, "is the other river that passes
another camp ground."

I could finally feel Samantha beginning to let go, start to attain a
little of that calmness I felt each time I came here.  "It's beautiful
here," she said.

A little while longer and I said, "let's go."  We returned to the site
to finish with the tent.  I gave my rickety air pump to Sam and had her
blow up the air mattress while I finished putting a tarp over the tent,
and then I started to string up rope between the trees for another tarp
over the table in case it decided to rain.  I got the clothing bags
into the tent, and after a nice groping session, we changed into
bathing suits for a swim.

I got us towels, sunscreen, something to drink, and we headed for the
beach.  By this time, we were both hot and sweaty, but the lake was
cool and ever so refreshing.  You could walk out quite far before it
got deep.  After a long swim, we dried off, then I lovingly spread
sunscreen over every inch of Sam's exposed skin.  She did me and we lay
on the towels, relaxing, for the rest of the afternoon.

I was unsure if I should tell Sam my plans, or just drop it on her
tomorrow.  In the end, I decided to fill her in on the general idea.
Quite often with a scene, the anticipation beforehand can make the
difference between a good experience and a great one.

"Tomorrow we'll get an early start," I told her.  "Early for me is nine
or so.  After breakfast, we'll paddle the west river to the waterfall
and spend some time there.  There is a branch in the river that we'll
take on the way back that leads into a swamp.  Kind of a funny place,
you could get lost in there without a compass, but don't worry, I have
one.  It's a little hard to find, a bit of a tough slog to get into,
and I've never seen anyone else bother to go there.  The swampy part
doesn't lead on anywhere, just stops in a big area with low hills all

"When we get to the swamp, I'll chain you."  I watched Sam's expression
change.  Her eyes got wide for a moment, then a kind of dreamy
expression came over her face as I went on.  There were people around
us, people walking nearby.  I kept my voice low, sinister, as I told
Sam what I was going to do to her.

"I remember a rocky area at the south end that might do.  I hiked up
the hill a few years back, there's nothing there.  I looked on the map
before we left; no trails around that area.  Should be nice and
private.  I'd like to chain you up to the cliff, like in the drawing
you gave me, but I don't know if that will work.  I might have to use a
tree, we'll see.  I'll bring a small axe and I should be able to find
some suitable sticks around, something thin and springy, birch or maple
maybe.  We'll see what works best on that cute bum of yours."  I could
see my talk having a visible effect on Samantha.  She was breathing
hard and her chest and face had a rosy glow, but not from the sun.  A
small grin pulled the corners of her mouth and her eyes had a far away
look to them.  I finished telling her my plan.  "I expect that we will
be there for a while, perhaps until it starts to get dark.  I might
leave you chained up there alone for a while.  I picked up a nice toy
for you last week, a rubber bit gag just like the pony girls have.
Don't want you yelling too loud and waking up the bears."

I'd heard her draw in a breath at the mention of the gag.  When I
mentioned bears, she looked startled.

"What bears?" she asked.

"Well," I explained, "this is bear country.  This is where they live,
in the woods."

I thought I might have gone too far with the bear thing, Sam being from
the city and all.  I explained that bears don't usually bother you if
you don't bother them first.  I'd only ever seen one once, wandering
through a campground in fact, and he seemed more intent on trying to
look inconspicuous than wanting to eat me.  She began to get agitated
about being left alone and helpless.  About getting beat with a stick
however, she seemed fine.  Go figure.

"I will leave you at some point," I said, "but I'll stay nearby.  I'll
keep the axe with me if it will make you feel better.  I could never
let anything happen to you, Sam, you know that."

She did know that, she told me, but I could still see a bit of worry in
her face.  I suggested a dip, so we splashed around in the water again,
Sam staying close to me, and we touched each other under the water, out
away from the other people.  Sam pulled down my trunks a little and
mounted me right out there, brushing aside her bikini bottoms and
guiding me into her.  But it was really obvious what we were doing and
I stopped it, telling her we should save it for later.

Later came in fifteen minutes.  We gathered up our stuff from the beach
and headed back to the campsite.  The place was starting to fill up now
with people coming in for the start of the weekend.  In the site next
to us were four young women setting up their tent.  I said to Sam they
looked like they needed some help and I pretended to go over, but she
held my arm tight and led me into our tent.  I unrolled the sleeping
bag on the mattress and spread a sheet over it.  Before I'd finished, I
had a naked girl climbing on my back.  Sam pulled down my wet shorts
and tossed them in the corner, then made a grab for my semi erect
penis.  She quickly had it hard and ready.  She practically threw me
down and raped me.

My lovely Samantha pushed me down on my back onto the sleeping bag and
threw her leg over to straddle me.  She was completely naked, no
jewellery, except for her piercings, no bondage, just her.  This
aggressiveness I'd never seen in her.  She had the most serene yet
wicked look on her face as she guided my cock into her slick cunt and
began to hammer her body up and down on me.  It was great.  With the
increased activity in the campground, I didn't need to worry at first
about Sam making noise, but as her pounding became more frenzied, she
started to vocalize her heat in yelps and louder moaning.  I used the
first thing that came to hand, her bikini bottoms, rolling them up, and
packed the fabric into her open mouth.  When she became aware of what I
had done, she grinned and pushed the bottoms tighter into her own
mouth, then let out a muffled yell as she renewed her efforts on my
cock.  I grabbed hold of her hips to pull myself up facing her, then
wrapped my arms around her waist to hold us together.  Her body was
bouncing up and down, her wet hair flying all around us, and now her
tits were rubbing on my chest with my hairs tickling her nipples.  Her
arms flew up around my shoulders, her cunt ground down on me, and we
both came together in a quick, crashing orgasm that left me reeling
with the intensity of it.

I eased back down to the mattress, pulling Samantha down with me, and
we lay like that for a while, panting our breath in each other's faces
as we recovered.  I saw on her face, as she began to become more aware,
her previous predatory expression change to that of almost guilt, shame
at her allowing herself to force herself on me like she had done.  She
moved herself up to allow my softened cock to slide out of her,
grabbing a handy beach towel to catch the inevitable mess.  I sat up to
stroke her back and her hair.  She knelt on the floor beside the bed,
looking downwards, feeling, I thought, troubled.

My nature usually demands that I am the one in control of things,
particularly things having to do with sex.  That's just the way I like
it, the way I am wired, I guess.  But there have been times where I
allowed my control to slide, to let myself be taken over somewhat with,
I suppose, feelings of submissiveness.  Just to lay back and have
another do it to me, not having to think, but simply savour the
pleasures being given to me.  I had enjoyed letting Sam gain the upper
hand just now, having her force the issue, so to speak.  Now, as I
watched her try to figure out what to say, her submissive nature at war
with what had just occurred, what she had done, I knew I had to regain
my position and handle this situation.  I had to, and I felt that Sam
expected me to.  I roused myself to start pulling on my shorts.

"Get dressed, Sam," I said in a gentle but firm manner.  "Short skirt
and tube top only."

I left the tent, buckling my belt and zipping up as I went, and stepped
out into the late afternoon sunlight.  The campground was busy now, the
noises of cars and people setting up their camp would continue past
nightfall.  I opened the back of the Jeep to get the water jug, then
went down the road until I came to a tap.  Along the way, and while I
was filling the jug, I nodded to people passing by, saying hi and such,
nice weather.  I wondered if any of them guessed what I had been doing
not ten minutes ago.

With the jug filled, I returned to our site to see Samantha standing
outside the tent, looking lost.  I heaved the water jug onto the picnic
table, then took the kettle to put some water in it.  Yes, it's coffee
time.  I smiled at her and I lit the stove to heat the water.  I sat at
the table, motioning to Sam to join me.  She looked nice, fragile in a
way, her bare legs and feet, her bare tummy and arms, hair somewhat in
disarray.  She sat near me looking down at the ground.  I let her speak
first and I didn't have to wait long for it.

"Master, I'm sorry for letting myself get carried away just now.  When
you told me what you had in mind for tomorrow, I just got so hot that I
had to have you."

"I suppose I'll have to punish you," I told her.  An image instantly
flashed in my mind and I smiled.

Sam looked up at me.  "You're not angry?" she asked.

One look at her face and I had to relent.

"No," I told her.  "I want you to enjoy our time up here.  I'm pleased
that you found my plans for tomorrow to your satisfaction."

I got up to prepare the coffee, making two cups after the water had
boiled.  I handed Sam hers, then sat near her again.

"After dinner we'll go for a boat ride across the lake," I said.
"There's a bike trail that we can walk along, and another path to a
different lake.  Maybe we'll find a quiet spot for your punishment."

She looked up at me in surprise.  Apparently, I had not been kidding
earlier, and I watched her begin to fall back into her subbie state,
imagining what form of punishment I had in mind.  It soon felt like
dinnertime and the smells of cooking coming from around us seemed to
confirm it.  I put the frying pan on to heat, arranged some things on
the table, and sat to prepare our dinner.  On a piece of firewood, I
cut up some potatoes and onions into thin slices along with a few other
vegetables.  The potatoes went into the pan first with a little butter.
I talked as I worked.

"Have you ever been hit with a cane?" I asked.  Sam shook her head, no,
and I went on.  "Me neither.  I've been told it can be rather painful,
though.  You wouldn't think it, but a thin springy one can hurt worse
than a thicker, stiff one."

I gave the potato slices a stir and went on.  "We'll try it later and
see how it goes, O.K.?"

Sam looked up dreamy eyed.  "Yes, sir."

Some sliced chicken breast went into the pan with a dash of hot sauce.
Several minutes later, I added the rest of the vegetables, green
peppers, fresh yellow beans, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.  Two
cut up tomatoes and some fresh bought bread, along with a nice bottle
of dry red wine, completed the meal.  After supper, Sam washed the
dishes while I put things away, then I gathered up some stuff for the
boat ride.  We made a trip to the washrooms, then we set out.

My canoe has a rather flat bottom with a ridge along the length and two
shorter ones on each side along the bottom.  While not as easily
manoeuvrable as some I've tried, the trade-off of better stability is
one that I prefer.  Alone, I can lean it over on its side to bring more
of the bottom out of the water making the paddling easier.  Sam was a
little nervous at first, until, while still in the shallow water, I
showed her how far the boat could lean before it started to feel tippy.

It must have been around six when we set out, with still a good three
or four hours of light left.  I set an unhurried rhythm telling Sam to
take it easy so our arms didn't get too strained the first time out.
There was no wind and the lake was almost as smooth as glass.  I
steered us around the island and we stopped along the rocky side to
pull into a little bay and get out.  Sitting on a rock with my lovely
companion beside me, bare feet in the warm water, evening sunlight upon
us, could it get any better?

There were others out on the lake, taking in an evening paddle, and we
waved to several couples who passed by our rocky perch.  After a while,
we got back in the canoe to paddle across the narrow lake to the other

There was a small sandy clearing that was an access point to the bike
trail and a portage trail to another lake.  I stepped out into the
water, then began to rummage through the bag I'd brought along.  Sam
watched me pull out a length of chain, which I put into my pocket, two
small padlocks that went into the other pocket, and my small hatchet,
which I stuck under my belt in back.  I tied off the boat and handed
Sam a towel to carry, and we put on running shoes for the walk through
the forest.  I used a can of bug spray to apply some on us both so we
wouldn't be eaten too badly, then I held her hand to help her up the
steep embankment to the trail.

The bike trail used to be a railway line.  The tracks had long been
removed and, more recently, bridges had been built to replace the
original ones that had fallen down or were taken away.  The line runs
the length of the park, its flat surface and gentle grades making it
ideal for cyclists to travel on.  A few people on bikes passed us as we
walked the short distance to the other trail.  I turned onto this
trail, and after only a few minutes walk, we were alone, surrounded by
thick forest.

The trail was uphill.  I spotted something that looked like a passable
path leading to a small rocky cliff face and turned off, pulling
Samantha along with me.  After I was sure we could get to where I
thought was a good spot, I stopped and turned to her.

"Put out your hands, Samantha," I said as I pulled the chain from my

I had brought two locks but only one key, and I made sure I had the
right lock before I wrapped the chain around her crossed wrists and
clicked the lock closed.  The key for this lock was back at camp, in
the truck.  When I told her this, her eyes got wide for a moment as it
dawned on her that she was now stuck with her hands chained together in
front until we got back to the camp site. She looked nervous at first
but then a small grin began to play at the corners of her mouth.  The
chain was long enough that it hung almost to the ground when Sam
lowered her hands.  I took up the end in my hand and began to lead her
through the forest again.

There's never a shortage of sticks in the woods, but I needed a special
one.  Twice, as we walked, I stopped to pull the axe from my belt and
cut a branch off a bush or a tree, ones that were nice and straight,
fairly even in thickness along the length.  I used the sharp axe to nip
off any side shoots and shave off some of the bark.  After I finished
with one, I gave it to Samantha to hold between her bound hands while I
worked up another.  When we reached the small cliff, we walked along
the base until I spied a nice niche that even had the perfect tree
growing partially imbedded in the rock face.

"Wait here," I told her.

I went to the tree and shook it, then climbed up the rocks a bit until
I was sure there was nothing loose that might fall later on.  I asked
Sam to come over to the tree.  Taking the end of her chain, I pulled
her hands up just a bit over her head, then looped the chain around a
thick branch and clicked the other lock closed, the one that I had the
key for.

Since we'd left the boat, Sam had been very quiet, and when I'd chained
her hands, I heard her let out a little moan as the lock clicked
closed.  After I'd handed her that first stick to carry, I glanced back
a couple of times to see her feeling the smooth wood and perhaps
wondering how it would feel against her bum.

I watched her now as she tugged on the chain, put her weight on it, and
I saw it in her eyes as the reality of her situation came to her, that
she was chained to a tree out in the wilderness, completely at my
mercy.  I undid the belt of her skirt and unbuttoned the buttons to let
it drop to her feet.  As she stepped out of the skirt, I pulled her
sneakers off too, then I pulled her stretchy tube top down over her
hips and down her legs to the ground.

As per my previous orders, she had on no panties.  While I was bent
down, I caught a whiff of her heady musk and breathed deep of it.  I
gave her pussy a squeeze and felt her heat, the wetness there
signalling her readiness for what was to come.  I gathered up all her
clothes and placed them on a rock nearby, then returned to stand before
her and picked one of my sticks off the ground.  The thin one.  I set
my voice in a low, ominous tone.

"Samantha," I began the incantation, "for allowing your wanton lust to
get the better of you and for forcing yourself upon your master with no
regard for his feelings or wishes, you will receive ten lashes with the
cane upon your pretty little bum."

I thought I did well getting through that speech without bursting out
laughing.  I could see Sam also trying not to smile.

"I haven't brought your gag," I told her, "so I don't want to hear you
yelling, O.K.?  If I have to use leaves and junk to gag you, it won't
be pleasant."

"Yes, sir," she said.

I took a position behind her and told her to keep still.  Before she
even knew what happened, I laid on six quick strokes, three on each
cheek.  Not all that hard, mind you, but firm enough to leave nice
reddened marks, nicely spaced I might add, except for the last two
where Sam had begun jumping around as the pain started to register in
her brain.

"Ow, Ow, Ow!" she exclaimed as she hopped from one foot to the other.
She pulled hard on her chain to try to bring her hands down to rub her
stinging bottom, but of course that was impossible, and she only
succeeded in shaking the tree a little.  A few leaves fluttered down as
she strove to sooth her tender bum, and she gave me a highly erotic
display of a naked young girl struggling to free herself from being
chained to a tree.

Her shock and surprise soon waned, and she began to accept the pain and
settle down.  I checked the chain around her wrists and adjusted it as
much as I could to give her a bit better comfort.  Then I traded the
thin stick for the thicker one, holding it before her face.  'Should I
or shouldn't I?' I thought to myself.  Samantha seemed O.K. with this
so far, so I did it.  I held the switch to her lips.  "Kiss," I said to

She did.  Sam had glued her eyes to the stick when I'd presented it
before her, and as I moved it closer to her lips, she tilted her head
up to gently plant a little kiss on it.  She then locked eyes with me
and smiled so sweetly that my heart almost melted.  I had to turn away
to step behind her or I would have become caught up in the power of her
lusty desire.

Sam planted her feet apart slightly and bent at her waist as much as
the chain would allow, presenting herself as a nice target for me.  I
could see her pussy displayed nicely, the lips swollen with her
arousal, her two rings shiny in the evening sunlight that was filtering
through the trees.  Sam wiggled her bum to shake me from my reverie.  I
paused just a moment longer, then I swung.

I put a bit more snap into this one, catching her ass cheek around mid
point, between the upper two marks.  Sam let out a low grunt as her bum
absorbed the force of the stroke.  Just a short pause to let her
settle, and then another stroke, same place, other cheek, the sharp
sound seemingly loud in the silent forest.  I looked around, cocked an
ear, but I heard no one.  If anyone happened to blunder along the
trail, I felt confident I would hear them well before they saw us in
our rocky shelter.

I gave Sam her two final strokes, making her groan rather loudly on the
last and slump down slightly, held up by her chained wrists.  I dropped
the stick to put my arm around her waist to help support her and take
her weight off the chain.  The tan lines of her bikini bottom had given
me a nice canvas to work with, and there were only two places where I
had coloured over the line.  I held her tightly and nuzzled her neck as
she quickly recovered.  When she could stand by herself, I took the key
from my pocket to unlock her from the tree.  I sat with my back to the
tree and Sam lay across my lap while I gently traced her whip marks
with a finger.  Her ass was burning hot.  A few of the lines felt
raised slightly and I felt Sam twitch a bit when I touched her there.

"Are you all right, Samantha?" I asked.

She answered after only a moment.  "Yes, sir, I'm fine."

"No really, are you O.K.?" I asked again.

In answer, Sam rose up off my legs to press her body against me,
putting her arms around my head and pressing her lips to mine in a
passionate kiss.  I shifted around a bit beneath her; there was a rock
or something digging in my ass, then I held her tightly to me as our
tongues danced together.  We broke apart after a long while to just
cuddle beneath our tree.  I checked her hands again and shifted the
chain around a little, then it was time to go.  I had to help Sam to
get her clothes back on, then we set out.

I carried the two sticks and held on to the end of Sam's chain while
she followed behind me, until we reached the trail again.  I then gave
her the chain to hold and I draped the towel over her wrists.  That
way, if anyone came along, it wouldn't look like I had a pretty girl
chained up in the woods.  However we made the canoe without seeing
anyone, and after Sam was comfortable, I pushed the boat out and
stepped in.  Samantha found kneeling in the bottom preferable to
sitting on the seat.  I paddled while she enjoyed the view.

It was just beginning to get dark as we arrived back at our site.  I
stepped out into the water to pull the boat closer to the shore before
Sam got out.  There was a moment where she dropped her chain and it
clattered loudly against the side of the canoe, but there was no one
nearby to notice.  I walked her into our tent, then went to the truck
to get her key.

After I unlocked her hands, I saw there were a few red marks on her
wrists that would probably result in some bruising, but Sam said that
it was worth it and seemed quite pleased with her session in the woods.
A little taste of things to come that had gone very nicely, I thought.
I had her strip and I applied some of my soothing witch hazel skin
lotion to the marks on her bum.  I found that it was also good for bug
bites, which we both had a few of.  Sam wanted a shower, but I said to
wait, that we'd take a quick wash in the lake before bed.  I left her
in the tent to get dressed while I made us a pot of tea.

Although it was still hot outside, what's camping without a campfire?
I chopped up some pieces of scrap wood from a box full that I'd brought
and built a small fire in the fire pit.  I lit the lantern and then
found us a package of biscuits while Samantha made the tea.  Then we
sat around the fire to relax and talk.

"How's your bum?" I asked.  "Sore?"

"A little," she said.  "That was nice, back there.  I felt so exposed
out in the open like that."

"I would have stopped if I heard someone coming."

"I know you would have.  Are you still going to do that to me
tomorrow?" she asked.

"Of course," I answered.  "Something like that.  For longer perhaps, a
little more involved.  We'll see."

"Would you make love to me afterwards?"

"In a little while, sure."  I knew what she really meant.

"No," she said.  "Yes, I mean later, but tomorrow too, out in the
woods.  Could we..."

"Sure, Sam.  I'd planned to."

We got up to take a walk around the campground and stop at the
washrooms.  There were still people setting up their tents and trailers
by the light of their car headlights.  The place was full, not an empty
site to be had.  Folks sitting around the fire, drinking, laughing,
music playing softly.  Great.  We arrived back at our site and finished
off the tea while I tuned in the weather report on my little radio.  We
listened to some news reports from another planet far removed from the
safe and peaceful reality of here.

The campground began to quiet down later on, signalling bedtime.  I
asked Sam if she had her bracelets with the chain with her and she said
yes, so I asked her to get them.  I got a couple of towels and a bar of
soap while Sam pinned up her hair, and after I turned off the lantern,
we headed towards the lake behind our site.

It was pitch dark, no moon, just a ton of stars over our heads.  I
watched Sam soap up her hands to slide her bracelets on and then we
washed each other in the cool lake water.  We sat naked in the water
afterwards, for a long while, just holding each other and staring up at
the heavens.  Sam said she'd never seen so many stars before.  The
sight of the night sky up here, so far away from the glare of city
lights, never fails to humble me, makes our world seem so insignificant
in such a vast universe.

After we dried off, I gathered up our clothes and Sam held her chain so
as it wouldn't tinkle while we padded naked along the little path to
our tent.  We both took a piss on some bushes, then, after brushing the
dirt off our feet, we lay down in the softness of our bed with just a
sheet covering us, since it was still quite warm.  Cuddling close
together, we drifted off to sleep.


We didn't hit the water until closer to ten the next morning.  Although
I had wakened around seven or so, Samantha's soft warm body was just
too much temptation for me, and I first spent long minutes just
watching her sleep before my hands began to gently trace along those
luscious curves and valleys that her nude form presented to me.
Several times, as my fingers brushed lightly over a nipple or dipped
into her naval, she would sigh softly in her sleep and the corners of
her mouth would curl in a smile.

When I could no longer stand the never-ending cuteness of her, I pushed
my hand between her thighs and pressed against her sex, feeling her two
rings pressing back against the edge of my hand.  With my other hand, I
massaged her lower back where she had two little dimples just above her
hipbones.  It was then she woke to see me smiling at her.

"I forgot to fuck you last night," I said.

I rolled her onto her back and I lay on top of her, taking my hard cock
in my hand and rubbing it up and down in her slit until she was nice
and wet and was shifting her ass around underneath me.  Her hands were
grabbing at my head soon after to try to pull me into her.  I reached
over to my bag to take out a lock, then I placed her chain under her
head and around her neck.  Moving her hands close together under her
chin, there was enough length in the chain that I could slip the
shackle of the lock through her two bracelets and click it closed,
trapping her hands at the sides of her head with her hair under the
chain.  I lifted myself up a little to get a better view.

Sam looked almost comical with her elbows sticking up and her hands
fastened uselessly underneath her face.  Her thick mass of hair was
pressed close by the chain to frame her head.  Her need was becoming
urgent, which she demonstrated by bringing up her feet to try to
position my ass closer to her so I could enter her.  I guided my cock
to push into her slick tunnel of delight.  Sam uttered a low contented
groan as I hit bottom, her hands grasping air, straining to touch me.
I held my position for several long minutes, watching her become more
and more aroused until neither of us could stand it any longer, and
then I began to pump forcefully in and out of her tight, wet vagina.

When she began to make too much noise, I lowered my body down to lock
my mouth over hers in an enthusiastic kiss, effectively stifling her
squeals of delight with my tongue.  We fucked this way for what seemed
like a long time before her second orgasm triggered mine with her cunt
muscles contracting and tightening around my cock and feeling like a
satiny smooth gloved hand squeezing and milking every last drop of
fluid from my body.  God, I loved screwing this girl.

I managed to grab a handy towel to wipe myself as I rolled off her,
stuffing the other end between her legs.  Despite the effort, there
still ended up a big wet spot on the sheet.  The air inside the tent
was hot and reeked of sex.  We lay for several more minutes, gasping
and panting from our early morning exertions, before I found the key to
unlock her hands.

With an enormous effort of will, I got myself up off the bed to make a
start on the day.  While I was getting dressed, Samantha pulled a dress
from her bag to show me.  She held it up and I saw it was a short
sleeveless light blue sundress, with over the shoulder straps that
buttoned to the front.  I asked her to try it on, so she gathered the
material up and put it over her head, then smoothed the dress down her
body.  With her bracelets and the chain, it was a bit awkward for her
to get the straps from her back to over her shoulders, but she soon had
them buttoned and stood before me, hands still in chains, fully

"It's perfect," I told her.  "Wear it today.  No shoes, no underwear,
but put your bikini on underneath later on before we go.  You look
really nice, Sam," I added.

"Thank you sir," she said.  "May I take my bracelets off now?"

"After breakfast," I said.  "Now let's get cracking."

The big washrooms on the hill had running water and showers, even
washers and dryers, but there were also outhouse type toilets scattered
around, one just at the end of our road, set in amongst the trees.
Most people didn't bother with them because of the smell, preferring
the cleaner big washrooms, but they were good if you couldn't wait or
didn't want to walk so far.  Or if you didn't want to be seen by a lot
of people.

I handed a towel to Sam, telling her to hold it around her hands, then
we set off down the road to the toilet.  I could tell Sam was a little
nervous at first, clutching the towel and her chain tightly in front of
her, and we did run into a couple people along the way, but we just
said hi and kept on walking.  Just two people who had recently woken up
and heading for the can.  Sam went into the ladies and I, the other,
took a piss, then waited outside for her.  I did hear her chain clank
on the seat or something, but she finished and we walked back to our

Our little clearing in the trees was our home, for now, and mostly
campers respected that.  You wouldn't barge into someone's kitchen
uninvited.  As I got out the food and stuff from the Jeep, Samantha
stayed near the other side of the table trying to hide the fact her
hands were chained in shackles from passers-by on the road.  While I
cooked us up some bacon and eggs, I did see a couple people seem to do
a double take when they glanced over, but I think it was more
Samantha's beauty that attracted the eye than the bracelets and chain
shining bright in the morning light, which she was keeping pretty much
out of sight anyway.

We were soon seated before a nice pile of bacon and fried eggs, bread
and cheese, orange juice, and lots of strong coffee to wash it all
down.  I helped Sam serve herself so she wouldn't have to reach and
show off or rattle her chain too much.  After we'd finished eating, I
gathered up the plates and stuff, handed her the dish soap, and said
she could take off her bracelets and then do the dishes.  Lovely to
look at and so handy to have along.  Sam was smiling a lot as she
worked, pleased with herself for passing yet another test of her
willingness to submit to whatever form of perversion came to my mind.

I started to gather up all the things we would need for our outing and
carry them down to the canoe.  I'd baked a bannock, which is like a big
bran muffin with raisins and chocolate chips in it, and I cut off some
slices, spread a little butter on them, and wrapped them in foil.  A
few fresh peaches, a couple cans of pop, and that would do for lunch.
Some packaged pastries, a bunch of cookies, and my canteen of water for
a snack.  I expected we'd be back here for a late dinner at some point
in the evening.

From the bottom of my clothes bag, I pulled out the bit gag I'd bought
for Sam.  I'd actually found this last year at a sex store downtown,
and from the moment I had lain eyes on it, although there was no one in
my life at that point to use it on, I knew that I had to have it for my
collection.  It was black rubber in the shape of a dog bone with two
steel rings through the ends and a leather strap.

The reason it had caught my fancy is that it was quite stiff, and upon
closer examination, I discovered that the rubber had been moulded
around a thin steel bar, the rings passing through holes in the rubber
and the steel as well.  Held tight in one's mouth by a chain and a
lock, the device would be almost impossible to remove, short of sawing
through the chain.  The leather strap and buckle would do for now,

I added some chains, three locks for which I left the keys in my bag,
and on the way to the boat, I picked up Sam's bracelets from the table
where she'd left them.  I told her sunscreen should make a slippery
enough substance for her to get them on later.

We made a trip to the washrooms to clean up and stuff, then we hit the
water, a bit later than I'd planned, but the sky was clear and the day
gloriously hot.  I knew it was about a leisurely three-hour paddle to
the falls, and with Samantha along to help, we could set an easy pace.
From our site, we paddled around our end of the lake and found the
mouth of the river.  Again, upon entering the river, in only a short
time we found ourselves totally alone with only the sounds of nature
around us.  Actually, we did meet up with several people in canoes
coming or going along the river and after a few pleasantries were
exchanged, we each drifted off our separate ways.

We stopped where the new bridge was built for the bike path, an orange
painted steel and wood structure to save the bikers from wading across
the river as I'd seen them do before, cursing at having to get their
feet wet, holding their bikes up out of the water.  There used to be
rocks in the river here and it was difficult to get through by boat,
but now the park workers had removed a lot of them and we could paddle
under the bridge without having to get out and push.  We stopped for a
swim, Sam stripping off her dress and I, my tee shirt.  I could see on
Sam's bum a couple of marks from her whipping last night peeking past
her bikini bottom, but it simply looked more like marks from the canoe
seat, or from something else.  After applying more sunscreen, we
pressed on.

We had to stop again and get out so I could pull the boat up over a
beaver dam, our bare feet sinking in the gooey ooze the industrious
creatures had used to plug between the jumble of branches and trees
that made up the dam.  Paddling on past the dam, I pointed out to Sam
the rounded piles of brush that were the beaver's dens.  I noted where
the river that we would take on the way back joined our stream, and
pointed it out to her.  We encountered one more dam along the way, this
one much bigger now than last time I was here.  The little buggers had
been busy, and it was a bit of a struggle to get us past it.

After many more twists and turns in the river, the roar from the
waterfall began to reach us.  Around the last bend, the vista opened
before us.  Well, it's not a big falls, but the river flowed over the
pinkish coloured rock in a twisting fashion, creating a rather
spectacular panorama.  There were several people about, in the water or
sunning on the rocks.  This little slice of heaven is located at the
crossroads of the river, a hiking trail, and the bike trail.  A bridge
stretched over the falls for people to walk across, and there were
toilets in the woods on the other side.

After we got out, I tied the boat to a bush, then Sam and I went
exploring.  At the top was another big pool, and after I made sure
Samantha knew the rock might be slippery, we waded into the fast moving
current at the start of the falls.  We spent a good three hours in the
area.  I'd brought along a watch so I knew.  Sam helped me carry the
canoe up the path to the pool at the head of the falls, and we lay on
the rocks in the sun, swam in the water when it got too hot, then lay
on the rocks some more.  After a snack, we set out again to travel a
little farther up the river.

Just a bit past the falls is what was left of one of the old railway
bridges.  Huge square blocks of grey stone had been used to shore up
the riverbanks, and the ominous looking structures towered over us in
our tiny boat.  The wooden beams, or perhaps steel, of the bridge was
no longer there, salvaged when the tracks were torn up, but the stone
abutments still stood proud, a testament to the engineers of days gone

A little past the bridge and we stopped at another waterfall, this one
not so spectacular as the last, just a long area of grey rock where the
river tumbled down and around the stones.  We took our lunch along a
trail that led around the rapids and stopped to eat on a hilltop
overlooking a marshy area where the river continued.

"Is this the swamp?" Samantha asked me.

"It's a swamp," I answered, "but not the one we'll visit later."

"It's really beautiful up here.  Thanks for bringing me."

"Thank you for coming, Sam.  I'm pleased that I could share it with
you.  I always like places like this, wide-open, quiet.  It's such a
contrast from work, the crowds of the city.  I think it would get
boring after a while though.  I'd miss the bustle of city life, things
to do, but it makes a nice break, don't you think?"

"I grew up on a small farm near a little town in Manitoba," Sam told
me.  "The open spaces were nice when I was a kid, but when I moved to
Toronto, with the excitement and the crowds, I thought I'd gone to
Heaven.  So much to do and see there.  But seeing your house and the
land around it, and now coming up here where there's no noise and
bustling crowds, the beautiful land all around, I'm starting to
appreciate a bit more my parents peaceful little farm."

"It's nice now in the summer," I said, "but when it's all under eight
feet of snow, there's not much to do around here.  You could own a
store or rent rooms to tourists, but then you work all summer to make
enough money to travel someplace warm in the winter.  There's not a lot
of nightlife in the towns around here.  Even if you had enough money
that you didn't have to work, I think you could run out of things to do
pretty quickly."

"I guess," Sam replied.

We sat together on the grass, watching big fluffy white clouds track
shadows across the marsh.  Later on, I roused myself to gather up the
remains of lunch and we headed back to the boat.  A leisurely float,
the flow of the river gently carrying us along, and we returned to the
waterfalls for a short swim before carrying the boat around and setting
it in the pool at the base of the falls.

It was much easier going back with the current taking us with it.  The
big beaver dam was less of a problem, as I just had to hold onto the
rope and push the canoe down the side of the pile of sticks.  Then we
waded out and climbed back in.  It was close to four in the afternoon
when I spotted the gap in the bush where the other river was and we
turned in.  More of a stream really, deep enough where it was narrow,
but in a few places where it widened, we had to get out and walk along
the sandy bottom carrying the boat, the water barely ankle deep.

"Are you going to be all right doing this on the way back?" I asked.

"I don't know.  Am I?"

I grinned at her.  "Maybe not, but we'll manage somehow."

The shallow spots weren't that long, the ever-present beaver dams were
not big either, and we made the beginning of the swamp in about an
hour.  I stopped in a shallow spot to hand Sam her bracelets and the
sunscreen bottle.  I told her to take off her bikini and to put her
dress back on.  After doing that, she rubbed some of the lotion over
her hands and pushed the bracelets on over them.  Then I grabbed the
chain in the middle and pulled her to me for a nice big kiss.

I gave us both a spritz of bug repellent, and after climbing up over
another beaver dam, we entered the marsh.  Sam was somewhat awkward
trying to paddle with her hands chained, but we were in no hurry now
and I told her to relax, to just push when we needed to turn or
something.  Away from the dam, the water was still and calm.  The
unusual thing about this area was where there was open water, it was
fairly deep, but the vegetation had formed sort of close islands all
around, the roots of the plants and bushes keeping the soil in thick
clumps so the sides going down in the water were steep.  You could get
a boat close to the islands, and if you were willing to scramble
through the plants, you could climb up and have a good view over the
big area.  But from down in the canoe the water seemed to branch again
and again, and you couldn't really tell where you were, since the
islands, some of which were rather large, blocked your view.

I knew from past explorations that there was a clearing of sorts at the
far side that we could get to, and it overlooked the entire area.  I
set my compass down in the bottom of the boat and we began to work our
way around the maze of islands.  Except for the sounds of our paddles
in the water, the tinkling of Sam's chain, the buzz of insects, and the
occasional screech of a bird, the swamp was dead silent.  Clouds
covered most of the sky now.  The weather report had forecasted rain
later on tonight, and I hoped it would hold off until we finished up
here and got back to camp.  At least without the sun it wasn't so hot.
When we got to what I figured was mid way, I drove the canoe between
two clumps of plants to steady it, then asked Samantha to turn around
and face me.

I took two short pieces of chain and a lock from a bag.  I motioned to
Sam to bring her feet closer to me and I lay one chain on her foot.

"I have three locks with me," I told her, "and the keys are all back in
the tent.  I'd like to chain your feet together now, and once the lock
is closed, that commits us to carry out the plan I told you about
yesterday.  Do you still want to go through with this?"

While I was speaking, I was putting the chains around each of
Samantha's ankles and hooking the ends through the lock.  The two
chains were long enough not to be tight around her ankles but too short
to slip off over her heels.  I held the open lock with my fingers while
running my other hand up and down her leg.  I could see a brief moment
of indecision flicker in her eyes, fear at being helpless out here,
fear of what would or could happen to her.  In the end, I saw her
smile, the thirst for adventure winning out over practicality.

Sam didn't have to tell me, I saw her decision written large across her
face when she looked up at me.  I smiled and clicked the lock closed,
that final sounding snap seemingly loud in the silent marsh.  I lifted
both her feet up to rest them on the center thwart, the lock hanging
down and banging against it, then I bent down to lovingly plant little
kisses on all ten of her sweet little toes.  Then, after Samantha had
settled back in front, I pushed off the bank and got us moving again.

I'd seen several areas along the way with of some kind of a plant
growing in the water, some sort of reed or water grass.  It had long,
thick leaves and when we came upon a large bunch of it, I steered the
boat into the middle and used my knife to cut some of the strands.  Sam
watched curiously as I took two of the stalks together and smacked them
down on my bare leg a couple times.  Then she got it.  I stretched out
to smack her bare arm with the stiff leaves.

"Ow!" she exclaimed.  "That hurt!"

I smiled and continued cutting the stalks until I had ten of them,
trimmed to all the same length, about two feet.  I used a different
part of the plant, a softer yet more fibrous stalk, to bind the bundle
of leaves tightly together at the base and again a few inches up.  I
held the finished handicraft up for Samantha's approval.  A very
passable flogger, I thought.

After taking a couple blind alleys and having to back track a bit, we
finally rounded a bend and came upon the edge of the marsh where the
little clearing was.  The rocky hillside could be glimpsed through the
trees.  The boat bottomed out on the sandy shore and I stepped out,
then pulled my end up over a fallen tree.  Sam put her feet in the
water and I helped her stand up, then told her to stay there while I
went to have a look around, not that she could go very far.  I hiked up
the hill a little until I came to the rocks and looked around.  The
rock face of the cliff was mostly overgrown with plants, but there were
several big boulders at the base.  I went back to the boat and pulled
it up onto the shore, then I untied the rope from the boat, got another
lock, and went to Sam.

"I'd like to make a small adjustment to your bracelets," I told her.  I
pushed her chain underneath one bracelet, then put the shackle of the
lock through a link.  I did the same with the other ring, then looped
the lock through the chain link.  Before I closed the lock, I looked at
her and, seeing only a look of accepting trust, I clicked the lock
closed.  Now, with the chain through the rings taking up space, she
could never slip them over her hands and her wrists were held closer
together, only a couple inches apart.

I unbuttoned the straps of her dress, then gathered the material up to
pull it over her head and off her arms.  I folded the dress and placed
it on the seat of the boat, putting a life jacket over it so it
wouldn't blow away if it got windy.  Then I picked up my precious
Samantha to carry her to shore and up into the woods.

Ever since we'd entered the marsh, I could see Samantha grow more
accepting as the reality of the situation unfolded.  I'd taken her the
distance, from companion to owned creature, from a free person to now,
a trussed up and helpless little animal being lugged through a deserted
forest to her eventual slaughter.  I could feel her tension as I
carried her, hitched up over my shoulder, her chained hands dangling
down my back, her chained feet bobbing before me.  She'd kick her feet
a bit or pull with her hands, the chains snapping taught, her limbs
pinned in sturdy steel, and I'd hear her moan softly as her submission
grew deeper.  I slid a hand up her thigh to feel her pussy, hot, wet
with her arousal, and I knew this was going to be good.  My cock had
been straining at the front of my swim trunks for a while now, eager to
get on with it.

I came to the rocks and set Sam down on a patch of soft grass.  She
could barely focus her eyes at first, so deep was she into her role as
a helpless little creature, and I just held her and stroked her for a
while.  She was constantly moving, shifting her legs, fidgeting with
the bracelets and chain with her hands, trying to find some means of
escape, of which there was none, and wouldn't be for quite some time
now.  I held her hands tightly in mine.

"Samantha," I called to her.  "Samantha."

Finally the glazed look left her eyes and she turned her face to me.

"It'll be O.K," I said to her.

She took a few deep breaths.  "I'm all right.  I just," she began to
twist her hands and shake her feet against the chains again, "oh, oh!"
It only took a couple of light strokes of my finger to bring her off in
an explosive orgasm that had her clutching tightly to my arm and
thrashing her legs around.  I wrapped my other arm around her ankles to
hold her legs so she didn't hurt herself in the chains and I let her
ride it out.  When she was done, I relaxed my grip on her and waited
for her to recover.  After a while, her eyes flickered open and she
looked at me.

"Does little one feel better now?" I asked.

She smiled.  "Thank you master, little one needed that."

"Shall we continue?"

"If it pleases master, may we?"

"I need to get some things from the boat," I told her, "wait here for

I left her to go the short distance to the canoe.  From the hill, I
could see over the whole marsh, and I verified we would not be
disturbed by anyone for at least a while.  From the boat, I got the
length of rope, my axe, her gag, and all the towels.  They'd make a
nice padding over a big rock that I'd noticed earlier.  I picked up the
flogger I'd made, then quickly returned to Samantha.  As I approached,
I saw she'd stood up and was trying to walk a bit in the chains.  She
could only move her feet an inch or two each step, and on the rough
terrain she was having trouble even keeping her balance, let alone
making any progress.  When I got to her, I saw, incredibly, she was
once again close to cumming.  This time my dick said, "I will not be
denied."  I listened to him, he's usually right.  I dropped the things
I was carrying and stepped to her.  Sam fell to her knees before me,
hands held up in supplication.

"Master," she said in a small voice.  "Please help me."

Hooking my thumbs in the waistband of my shorts, I pulled them down and
stepped out of them.  My raging member sprang free and she immediately
took it in her mouth.  But I was past that stage, and I took her head
to ease her down on the small patch of soft grass, then I knelt in
front of her.  Hooking my fingers through her ankle chains, I lifted
her feet high in the air and inched closer to her, spreading my knees
on each side of her hips.  I lined up, then entered her in one smooth
stroke, filling her up.  Her hands flew to her face and she let out a
little yelp, then I began to swiftly bang into her, holding her chain,
pulling her feet close against my face.  I opened my mouth to lick her
feet, then started to gently bite them on the sides and the tougher
skin of her soles as I felt the cum boiling in my loins.  Sam started
screaming as she came, low throaty sounds of lust that echoed back to
me from the rocky cliff nearby, but I didn't care, so far gone was I.
I yelled loudly too as I came, my cum blasting into her again and
again, leaving my head spinning when I was done.  I slumped down over
her, her legs pressed down to her chest with my weight, our foreheads
touching, tremors racking us both.

I managed to roll off her and fall on my back onto the forest floor
with my arms and legs spread out.  My hand came down on the things I'd
dropped, and I felt the rubber gag under my knuckles.  I was vaguely
aware of Sam stretching her legs out and rolling over to put her hands
upon my chest.  I picked up the gag and held it near her face, her
intake of breath indicating to me when she'd managed to focus her eyes
on it.  I felt her move her hands to take the gag from mine and when I
turned to look she had it held in her mouth and was looking at me.  The
vision of her pretty face with the black rubber bar between her teeth
brought me back to reality quickly and I raised myself up to fasten the
straps around her head.  I gathered up her hair and had her hold it out
of the way, then I buckled the gag tightly in back of her neck.
Samantha tried to speak but only a garbled sound was heard.  She yelled
and the gag muffled the scream somewhat.  The two big rings of the bit
pressing slightly against her cheeks contrasted with the small silver
one through her nostril.  I moved close to kiss her, pushing my tongue
past the bit to feel hers trapped behind the rubber prison.  I liked

I sat up and retrieved my shorts, pulling my watch from the pocket.  It
was going on to six o'clock.

"We'd better get a move on," I said.

It would be dark by ten, sooner if the cloud cover got thicker.  I'd
brought a flashlight but didn't think much of our chances of finding
the way out of the marsh in the dark.  I gathered up the towels I'd
brought and spread them over a nearby boulder, then went back to
Samantha and carried her over to it.

The rock was shaped a lot like a spanking bench, low and with a concave
top shaped to cradle someone's tummy nicely.  I leaned Sam face down
over the bolder with her feet just off the ground on one side and her
hands hanging down over the other.  Then I took the rope and threaded
it through her two bracelets, pulling the ends even.  I threw one end
around one side, laid the other end around the base of the stone, then
retrieved the end at the other side.  The two ends I tied together
around the chains at her feet.  The stone had a groove around the base
where it met the ground, so when I pulled the rope tight, it drew her
feet and her hands close to it with the rope slipping under the thicker
upper part, making it impossible for Sam to lift herself off it.  I
walked around to her head, and she turned her face up to me, drool
dripping from her gagged mouth.

"I've got to go find a nice stick to beat you with," I said.  "Don't go

I picked up my shorts and put them on, then I picked up the flogger and
tossed it towards where Sam was tied.  I took the axe and I disappeared
into the woods.  First, I went to the boat and scanned the marsh to
make sure we were still alone.  I happened on the perfect stick lying
in the stream near the boat, soft and springy from soaking in the
water.  Then, quietly, I moved back to where I could sit on a fallen
tree and watch my pretty captive struggle.

I watched her for perhaps half an hour while I idly worked on the stick
with my knife.  She'd struggle to free herself a bit, then settle down
to wait.  Her hair, so lovely, but now a major annoyance, would cover
her face when she tried to look around, and I watched her thrash her
head to try, unsuccessfully, to dislodge it from her eyes.  Then she
would give up and settle down to wait for my return.

I watched her get more and more agitated until she began to make
noises, and then started screaming, the sounds a little loud, but there
was no one around to hear anyway.  She really began to thrash around
and I was almost going to run to her when I saw her body get all tense
and her hips push downward with her thighs clamped tightly together,
straining against her bondage, in the grips of a major cum.  Her high
pitched, keening wail echoed off the rocks as her orgasm blasted
through her, shaking her body against the stone until she slumped down,
spent, or so I thought.

Samantha was only still for a few seconds before I saw her start to
struggle against the bonds again, and I saw her quickly achieve another
frenzied orgasm.  Her cum seemed like it would never end and it was
then that I did rush to her to try to settle her down.  In her
struggles, if she was to sprain an ankle or wrist, wrapped in
unyielding steel, the situation could soon grow to an enormous problem
way out here.

I ran to her rock and held her head up to me so she could see me.  The
sight of her face gave me a start.  She looked like she had been crying
for a while now and her face and her hair were soaked with her tears
and slobber.  Being unable to properly close her mouth with the gag in,
her drool had run into her nose and must have been choking her.  She
was still shaking and screaming, her eyes unable to focus on me, her
orgasm unabated as I held her head and screamed her name over and over.
Then her eyes widened as she recognised me finally.

"Mfft.  Mfftr.  Viff ee!" she sputtered.

I reached for the buckle to her gag to remove it while wiping her face
with a corner of the towel.  The tension in her body dropped a notch
but she began to shake her head making it harder to ungag her.  At last
the buckle came free and I pulled the bit from her mouth.  Her mouth
was sore and her breathing laboured so I just stroked her for a moment
to let her catch her breath.  I was shocked again when she managed to
finally speak.

"Oh Master, that was fantastic," she said, smiling widely.  "Please
don't stop now.  I need it so bad.  Whip me.  Please?  Hurry?"

"You're all right?" I asked incredulously.  "It looked like you were
dying."  Her eyes had already glazed over.  I had just turned to pick
up the flogger I'd made when I heard her call again.

"Master?  The gag?"

I held her head once more.  "Yes, little one.  Thank you."  Brushing
all her hair over the top of her upside down head with my fingers was
easy and I pushed the bit into her eager mouth to buckle it tightly
once more.  Then I took up my flogger and began to lay it onto her
quivering flesh.  I began slowly, maddeningly lightly at first but soon
I was putting more and more effort into the strokes, hitting her from
shoulders to the soles of her feet, and everywhere in between.  That
ridiculous green flogger I'd made in ten minutes stood up surprisingly
well, turning out to be much more effective than I ever would have
guessed.  The fibrous leaves began to break down a little after several
minutes hard use, but they held together and actually became more
supple, allowing me to put more effort into the whipping, with the
strands striking her skin evenly and yet not causing any significant

I'd lost count of the number of orgasms she'd had, it was mostly one
long continuous one with peaks and valleys of shaking, moaning, and
squirting of girl cum from her swollen and grasping pussy.  When the
leaves of the flogger became too ratty to have much effect, I quickly
snatched up the stick I'd dropped and began to smack her with that,
mainly on the more cushioned skin of her bum, but the backs of her
thighs presented a nice target also.  Sam's previous moaning became
garbled curses, then screams, as the supple stick bit into her flesh.
Of course I kept my swings in check, never wanting to leave any serious
marks on her beautiful body.  Certainly, I would never forgive myself
if I marked her in any permanent way.  But I spared no effort in making
sure she experienced this session to the fullest, and that hopefully it
would be one to remember in a good way.

I don't know how long it went on, but finally I saw she'd had enough
and I stopped.  Her whole backside was more or less an even flaming red
colour, and there were long minutes listening to her sob while I waited
for her to calm down.  I undid her gag, but she had it clenched tightly
between her teeth, so I left her for a moment to check the marsh.
There was still no one around that I could see, so I went back to Sam
with the canteen of water.  She'd unclenched her teeth and the gag was
on the ground below her head.  I held her head up and dribbled some
water over her lips, then poured some in my hand to gently pat it over
her back.

After untying the rope holding her down, I gently worked on the muscles
of her legs and then her arms, before helping her off the rock.  She'd
been tied down tightly over the boulder for well over an hour, and was
stiff as well as sore from her ordeal.  But when I sat on the stone,
she moved a little to curl herself around my side, and looking up, she

"Thank you master."

Those three little words and my heart soared, content that I had not
pushed her over the edge, that I had taken her there and brought her
back safely.

We stayed for about an hour longer as I held her and chased the bugs
off her.  I took a towel down to the water, and after rinsing her cum
from it, I took it back to lay its coolness on her burning hot back.
Later on, I helped her into her dress, then carefully picked her up,
got her settled into the canoe, and started on the trip back to camp.

From the cliff side I'd mapped out a more direct route back to the exit
from the marsh, and we made the beaver dam after only a half hour or
so.  There was a moment of anxiety when, after I'd taken Sam out of the
boat and had shifted it past the dam, her feet, where she was standing
in the water, had sunk down into the muck.  A branch or root or
something snagged on the chain around her ankles, and when I tried to
lift her she let out a squeal.  However, I reached down, managed to
untangle her, and got her settled back in the boat.  On the shallow
spots, I had to once again carefully lift her out of the boat and let
her stand in the water while I pulled it past, then go to her to carry
her back to the canoe.  It was only just beginning to get dark when we
reached the main river again, although there was still enough light
left for us to get back safely.  The wind was beginning to pick up a
little, and after I got us around the last dam, I buckled a life jacket
around Sam's middle.  She couldn't get her arms through with the chain
on, but it was better than nothing; if the boat would have tipped, she
would have probably sunk like a rock.

I handed her a less wet towel to cover her chained hands in case we met
someone along the way, then I leaned on the paddle to get us home.  Sam
had been in pretty rough shape when we left, but now that we were clear
of the marsh and back on the main river, she started to open up a bit.
She turned back and smiled sweetly at me.

"That was absolutely incredible back there, master.  Thank you."

"You don't have to call me master now," I reminded her, "Jim will do."

"I still seem to be your captive, sir," she said, wiggling her chains
and making them rattle.  I watched as she winced when her weight
shifted onto a tender spot.

"Are you very sore?" I asked.

Sam gave a little giggle.  "Oh yes.  I feel terrible, and wonderful at
the same time."

"Tell me about it, Samantha."

I'd asked her more to give her something to do, since we still had
about an hour left before we got back.  But then I sat spellbound as
she revealed to me her innermost feelings on what had transpired on
that hillside overlooking the marsh.  By the time she'd finished, my
erection was threatening to burst the front of my shorts.

"It was last night when you chained my hands together and then told me
you'd left the key back at camp.  I started to get scared in case
someone saw me like that, and then I started to get really scared,
especially after you locked me to the tree and I thought, 'what if
something happened to you and I'd be stuck there like that for God
knows how long.' But then everything ended up great and you got me back
home O.K.

"Last night in bed, I started thinking how hot I'd gotten chained up to
that tree, and I didn't really know why.  But I understand now, master.
It was partly the fear of the unknown, of what could have happened, but
didn't.  Fear of someone coming along and seeing me like that, too.
But mostly it was today, when you first chained me, when these locks
clicked closed and I knew neither of us had any way to get them off me.
I knew that I was totally in your power then, that I couldn't do
anything anymore without your help.  I couldn't walk; if you'd have
left me there, I could never have gotten out of that swamp.

"Then you gagged me and tied me down to that rock.  I couldn't move at
all, and I couldn't even yell for help, not that anyone would hear.  I
began to think that you had left me there all alone, and I really began
to panic.  I couldn't get free, and I could hardly breath, and then I
started to get so worked up that I just started cumming like crazy.  I
felt as though I would be there forever, chained down to that big rock
with a rubber bit stuck in my mouth.  I felt like I was floating away,
that there was nothing else around but me and that big rock I was
chained down to.

"It was beautiful, master, thank you."

I'd stopped paddling at some point and we'd been drifting with the
current while I listened to her.  I wanted to take her in my arms to
hold her close, but it would have to wait until later, when we reached
the campsite.  It was a while before I could speak again.

"Thank you, Samantha.  You are wonderful, more than I could ever have
hoped for.  I'm really glad you enjoyed yourself today."

"But master," she said, "You only got to cum once while I did so many
times.  You did all the work while I had all the fun, and now I can't
even help you row the boat."

I pushed us back into the middle of the river and got us going again.
"I usually come here alone," I said, "since my wife passed away.  It's
nice, a chance to clear my head.  But today, with you, it's like a
whole new world has opened for me."

"Did..." Sam began.  "Did you take Susan to the marsh?"

"She's seen it, but not to do what we did there.  She didn't like to do
stuff like that out in public.  We always kept the kinky stuff in
private, at home.  Even with friends like Mike, who knew what we were
up to, Susan was never comfortable admitting what we used to do in the
privacy of our house."

Even as I spoke, another canoe rounded a bend and passed alongside
ours.  Sam had seen them, an older couple with a big Husky dog between
them, and she just sat back on her heels to cover her chained ankles
with her dress while holding a towel over her hands.

"Evening," the man said.

"Might get some rain soon," I answered.

Samantha did look a little rough around the edges, and the woman in the
other boat picked up on it.

"You youngsters O.K.?" she asked.

"Wife got a little too much sun earlier on," I said.  "Her back's a bit

Sam managed to suppress her fit of giggles until the other canoe had
gone.  When she'd settled down, I told her that Sue would have been
mortified if some stranger had seen her chained up in a canoe and she
could never have gone through with what we did today.

Sam said, "I think most of the fun was never knowing if someone might
come along and see me like this.  I don't know what they'd do about it,
though.  Maybe run and tell the park rangers that I'd been captured by
a slave trader, and you were escaping with me in a canoe."

That absurd notion gave us both the giggles and I made various pirate
references until we made the end of the river and the lake opened
before us.  In the open water now, I could see far away lightning
flashing, and the low boom of thunder could be heard rolling around the

"Arrr, git the wimmin chained below, she be blowin' up a storm

It was past nine when the canoe grounded out on the shore behind our
site and I had Sam stand in the water while I pulled the boat up onto
land.  I then took her in my arms and kissed her lovingly before
carrying her up and into the tent.  Setting her down on the bed, I
rummaged in my bag until I found her keys, then finally she was free.
Well, she still had her bracelets with the connecting chain on, but at
least she could move her hands apart a little more now.

"It's dark enough now," I said, "and I'd really like it if you left
these on for a while longer.  I'm starving, but I have to get the tarp
up before it starts to rain.  I can do it myself, but if you think
you're up to it, I could use some help."

"Just let me change and I'll be out in a minute," she said.

I opened the truck to pull out my big tarp, then I lowered the rope I'd
strung up earlier.  I was just spreading the tarp along the rope when
Sam came out of the tent.  She'd put on her jeans and her feet were
bare.  Over her shoulders was what could best be described as a poncho,
a woven blanket thing with a hole for her head.  It draped down over
her arms and covered her chained hands nicely.  She'd brushed out her
hair, and the whole effect was a kind of earthy, Native American girl
look, that forced me to stop working and just stare.

"Sam, you look great!" I said, standing there with my mouth open.  When
she came closer, I examined her more closely.  She had her tube top on
underneath, and the poncho had pictures of trees and animals of the
forest woven into the design.

"I like it," I told her.

We got the tarp up with little problem, and I set up the stove on the
table, then lit the lantern and set it on low.  I had a container of
frozen beef stew and one of spaghetti sauce, but we settled on the
stew, quicker and less fuss.  While Sam tended the pot, I went to the
canoe to gather up all the stuff from before, then turned the boat over
and returned.  I found the locks I'd used on Sam, and from the toolbox
in the truck, I got out a can of WD-40 and sprayed some oil into them
to drive out the water so they wouldn't get ruined.  Then I gathered up
stuff for dinner and set the table.  I had to move the truck so the
back was under the tarp, and we'd just started eating when the rain
began.  The stew, along with some bread and cheese, was helped along
with a bottle of nice wine.  I saw Sam squirming on the hard boards of
the picnic table, and with the rain pounding on the tarp over our
heads, I had to shout for her to hear.

"Are you O.K.?" I asked her.  "You're not too sore?"

"A little.  It's all right."

By the time we'd finished the meal, the rain had let up somewhat, and
after I gave the dishes a quick rinse, I gathered up some dry towels,
my soap and shampoo, and taking my big umbrella, we set off to the
washrooms.  The road was muddy and Sam stopped to roll the cuffs of her
jeans up a little, then I held her close under the umbrella as we made
our way to the showers.  Along the back of the washroom building was a
row of perhaps eight doors, each leading to a cosy little niche.  A few
of the rooms were occupied, but there was no one else around.  I opened
the door to let Sam enter, then I went in behind her, closed the door,
and turned the lock.

The shower was divided into an area to take your clothes off and
another where the shower was.  It was big enough for a mother to wash a
kid or two in there, so there was enough room for the two of us.  I
turned on the water and then helped Sam take her clothes off, hanging
them on the pegs on the wall.  Before Sam got under the spray, I
adjusted the temperature so the water was a little cool, better to
sooth her still burning back and bum.  With all the noise Sam liked to
make, fucking her was out of the question, since I could hear other
people in the rooms nearby, but I satisfied my desires of the flesh by
soaping her lovely body and mine, then rubbing myself all over her.
With my slippery hands, I massaged her tired muscles and soothed her
tortured skin until she was purring with contentment.  I washed her
hair and mine, I kissed her, and told her how much I loved her, in
hushed whispers in her ear.  She had me sit down on the cool tile floor
while she took my cock into her mouth and sucked on it until I blew a
big load of hot cum down her throat as the water splashed down upon us.

We must have been in there over an hour, and after we'd dried each
other off and gotten dressed again, we both felt a whole lot better.
We passed a few people along the road, and I saw a couple guys trying
not to be too obvious in raping Sam with their eyes.  With her hands in
chains hidden under her poncho and her radiant face beaming above, we
simply said hi and went our separate ways.  I felt pleased as hell in
having her all to myself.  At the campsite, Sam made us a pot of tea
and we sat in the screened front part of the tent long into the night,
eating cookies and drinking tea, talking.  Sam told me that she used to
wear the two steel rings on her wrists a lot before she had the chain
added to them.

"I really liked the idea of the chain connecting them at first, I saw
something exactly like this in some movie once, a girl in a harem I
think it was, but then I realised that it wasn't a very practical idea
after all.  I thought I'd like to wear them out in public, where people
would see it and think I was some kind of slave girl or something.  But
I began to realize that most people don't think like that, that it
would just be too weird for others to accept, seeing me with my hands
chained together.  I saw this poncho for sale at a flea market, and I
thought it might let me wear the chain outside, but every time I was
going to do it, I chickened out and didn't.  But out here where we
don't know anybody, it just seems right somehow.  I don't feel as
strange walking around like this as I would back home."

"Well, it is weird Sam, and it's too bad, because if it was just the
two of us, I would have you wear them all the time.  Straight people
just can't accept many of the things we like, the stuff we do.  Things
are getting a little better with bondage and S and M moving slowly into
the mainstream, what with movies and things you see on television
sometimes.  You're starting to see more of it around, and people are
finding out it's not so horrible after all."

"It was really nice, what we did in the swamp today."

"It was great," I said.  "But if someone had come along and wanted to
cause a stink, I could land in jail for doing that to you.  Even though
it was consensual, even if you said you liked it, they'd just think
you're nuts and then send you off to the funny farm."

"Mmmm, I wonder if they'd chain me up to my bed."

I laughed.  "I doubt it.  They'd probably make you wear a nice suit and
have you sit in an office all day.  Teach you to be Miss Prim and

"Yuck!  I get enough of that working at the bank."

Later on, we went out to take a piss and look at the lake.  I could
still see lightning flashing around us, and the air was beginning to
have a definite chill to it.  We went back and I did a check of the
tent before we crawled into my big sleeping bag for the night.
Samantha was out like a light, and I lay next to her for a while,
feeling her warmth, and listening to her even breathing before sleep
finally overtook me.

I was awakened at some point by a loud rumbling of nearby thunder and
the pounding of rain on top of the tent.  I shone the flashlight around
our snug abode, but the water had not found its way inside.  Sam was
awake, touching me, looking lovely beside me, and we ended up making
slow, sweet love, her cries of passion matching the energy of the storm
as it passed over us.  We slept long into the grey morning, the pitter-
pat of water dripping off the trees a soothing background to the cozy
warmth of our little love nest.

Sunlight was breaking through the cloud cover when we finally went
outside to greet the day.  After a trip to the can, we got started on
making breakfast.  Sam wore her poncho with just a pair of shorts and
her chained bracelets underneath.  I had a flannel shirt and cotton
shorts.  It was cooler today than before, a definite change in the
weather after the storms of the night had passed through.  A good thing
too, the added clothing would cover the redness of Sam's back.  The
backs of her legs were reddened also, but it was fairly even and just
looked like a mild case of sunburn.  Some places on her back, and in
particular on her bum, there was no mistaking the fact she'd been
whipped and beaten with something.  Her bum had several raised welts
that were still quite tender, and there were some bruised purple spots
as well.

We both felt good, however, well pleased with the outcome of our foray
into the marsh, and we enjoyed a leisurely and hearty breakfast.

"If you feel up to it," I said, "we could paddle the other river today.
It's a long row but it's nice, no beaver dams to climb over."

"Sure.  Sounds good."

"Umm.  Do you think you could leave your chain on?"

Sam smiled wickedly.  "Do you think we can get away with it?"

"I don't know.  That cape covers it up nicely.  Put your bikini on
underneath, if it gets hot later, we'll go for a swim."

Sam didn't need to take her bracelets off, the swimsuit top had strings
that tied over the shoulder.  She untied them, then wriggled into the
suit and I helped her tie them back up.  She pulled her shorts back on
and I dropped her poncho over her head, then I brushed out her long
hair.  Sam cleaned up from breakfast while I made some ham sandwiches
and packed some cans of soda for our lunch.  I hung the wet towels from
yesterday over a rope between two trees, then got some dry ones out.
Down at the water, I got the canoe in and started loading things into
it.  Just before we set out Sam turned to me.

"Master," she asked.  "Could you bring a lock with you, just in case."

"I could do that.  The key too?"

Sam shook her head, no.  She must have had something in mind, but I
didn't ask.  I went to my bag and got a lock, made sure it worked from
its soaking yesterday, then left it open and dropped the key back into
my bag.

Before we finally got going, I rubbed some sunscreen on our faces and
legs, since the clouds had mostly disappeared.  Sam was able to paddle
quite well despite her hands being connected by her chain.  Alone, the
bracelets wouldn't look too unusual, and from afar, the chain between
them sort of blended in with the shaft of her paddle.  Not really, but
that's what I told her to bolster her will to be seen like that in a
public place.  Whenever another boat would come close, Sam simply
dropped her hands, resting the paddle across the front of the boat, and
the cape fell down to cover everything.  There was a bit of a head wind
that whipped Sam's hair around enticingly in front of me, and the water
on the open lake was a little choppy.  I asked her if she wanted to
wear the life jacket, but she said she felt comfortable with it nearby
where she could grab it in case we keeled over.

With her help paddling, it only took about an hour to reach the other
end of the lake.  There was a picnic area there off the main road, and
the other river was to the right.  I was bit surprised when, although
there were lots of people in the area, Sam just kept on paddling and
letting anyone who cared get a glimpse of her chain and bracelets.  I
was even more surprised, and I think Samantha was also, that no one
seemed to become too upset that I had a girl in my canoe whose hands
were in chains.  I saw a few people look, then look again, then just
turn away, sometimes smiling slightly, not wanting to bother us.  We
paddled along the river meeting other people, exchanging pleasantries.
When other boats did come close, Sam would lower her hands under the
cape and smile sweetly, leaving the people wondering if they had seen
right.  When we pulled into a quiet bay, she turned to me.

"People don't seem too bothered seeing me like this," she said.

"Maybe we haven't run into the right people yet," I joked.  "I've
noticed people come up here to get away from things, enjoy a change
from their hum-drum lives.  Even people in their air conditioned RV's
with the flush toilets like to think they're roughing it.  I've seen
some strange people here over the years.  People seem more likely to
let loose in the wilderness, and I guess as long as you're not being a
bother, any strangeness is a little more easily tolerated."

The river opened onto a small lake and another campground, the beach
crowded with lots of people and kids.  I asked Sam to keep her hands
covered for now, so we wouldn't upset folks, and I paddled over to a
sandy area on the other side of the lake.  We landed the canoe and
scrambled up the steep slope of loose sand to the top.  This was
another strange area, being mostly bare rock covered in patches of some
sort of lichen that felt rough under our bare feet.  What bushes were
there were small and stunted, growing in the sandy soil.  Despite the
heavy rains of last night, the area had a dry, desert quality to it.
We walked for a while and then sat down in the shade of a small tree.
Sam put her hands up over her head and around the base of the tree,
then clinked her two bracelets together.

I smiled.  "Not yet, my little minx.  Perhaps later we'll find a nice
secluded spot."

I slid my hands up under her cape and moved her bikini top up off her
tits.  Sam held onto the tree trunk and imagined her hands were locked
around it as I massaged her lovely breasts, tweaking her stiffened
nipples with my fingers.  I flipped her cape up and brought my face
closer to flick a nipple with my tongue, then I clamped my lips around
it and started to suckle on it.  Keeping an ear open for anyone coming
along, I sucked on her breasts for quite a while until she was
squirming her bottom around and making little contented noises.  I then
pulled away and sat up.

I grabbed hold of her chain and hauled us both to our feet.  Samantha
was visibly aroused and stood a little shakily.  Keeping her chain in
my hand, I led her back to the boat.  The campground beach was far
enough away that I felt unless someone was using binoculars, they
wouldn't be able to see us all that well, so I told Sam to take off her
poncho and her shorts.  I took off my shirt, took my shorts off, then
pulled on my swim trunks, giving anyone with the binoculars a nice view
of my naked ass.  Leaving our clothes in the boat, we waded out into
the warm water and had a lovely swim.

Sam could swim rather well with her chained hands, using a kind of a
dog paddle with which she was able to keep up with me pretty well.  I
came across a big rock in a little cove, partially hidden from the far
beach by the curve of the shoreline, that I was able to sit on with the
water just up to my neck.

"Hey," I called, "I found a nice chair."

Sam swam over and I turned her around to sit on my lap.  As she eased
her bum down on me, I pulled the crotch of her swimsuit aside and
guided my erect cock inside her.  I'd already had my trunks down around
my knees.  By holding around her waist and with the water taking away
most of her weight, I was able to slowly bounce her body up and down on
my cock in partial view of the people on the beach across the lake.  We
were far enough away that I felt nobody could really tell what we were
doing, and fucking in the open like that did lend quite a bit of a
thrill to it.

Sam started to make her usual noises, and I told her she'd better shut
up or I'd have to beat her with a stick.  I grinned when her horniness
doubled at that, although she did manage to put on a more innocent
looking demeanour.  We must have fucked there for twenty minutes before
I blew my load up inside her.  At times, when she was cumming hard,
she'd lean forwards to dip her head under the water and blow bubbles,
trying to mute her cries of passion.  So sweet.  I'd press her down
against me and molest her tits under her bikini top with my hands,
stretching out her peak, then continue moving her body on top of me,
stroking myself with her tight warmth.

When we were done, I floated Samantha off me and I pulled up my shorts,
then backstroked away from the rock.  I couldn't detect any unusual
commotion on the far beach, so I guessed no one had twigged to what we
were doing there for so long.  We waded onto the shore to dry off, Sam
throwing on her poncho again, then we got into the boat and took off.
The river continued past another bay with campsites all around, then a
long, fairly straight stretch, following the old railroad track.

Once past the campground, Sam just paddled normally most of the time,
only letting her cape cover her hands when another canoe came near.
She often didn't bother however, and let herself be seen by a number of
people, most of whom seemed unconcerned, or at least pretended
indifference.  We even went so far as to talk with a few canoeists,
with Sam rearranging her hair with her hands, the chain rattling and
sunlight sparkling off it and the shiny steel rings around her wrists.
Eyebrows were raised and the occasional comment was made, but her
unusual jewellery went largely ignored much of the time by the folks
who saw it.  Farther away from the campground, there were less people
about anyway, so it didn't matter as much.

We came upon a dam, a man-made structure that controlled the water
level in the lake.  After landing on the shore, Sam helped me carry the
canoe around and set it in the water on the other side.  We then
continued our paddle down the river.  I'd never gone past the dam, but
I'd looked at the map before, and the river continued on forever, one
of the main waterways of the old fur trapping routes, but I didn't plan
to go too much farther.

It was about an hour after the dam that I began to glimpse the high
rock face of a hillside through the trees.  I saw what appeared to be a
small stream leading off the main river and towards the hill, so I
turned the boat in and we proceeded slowly through dense bush along the
shallow creek.  After perhaps ten minutes, the water became too shallow
for us to continue, so we landed and I took our lunch bag, then we
continued on foot towards the hill.  We came upon a nice sunny clearing
near the base of the hill and sat down to have something to eat.
Samantha took off her cape, then, since it was warm enough in the
shelter of the hillside, she took off her bikini top as well.  Seeing
Sam's delicious body added a little something to the sandwiches, making
them seem to taste like the best ham and cheese sandwiches I'd ever

After we'd finished eating, I gathered up the trash and left the bag on
top of a rock, then we hiked around the area a little.  Neither of us
had brought shoes, but the forest floor was mostly covered in dead
leaves, softened from the rain during the night.  Sam spotted it first,
and I followed her eyes to the side of the bare rock hill.  Up, about
ten feet high, a pathetic looking tree had taken root in a crack and
had grown there, its few branches reaching up towards the sunlight.

Under the tree, at the base of the nearly vertical rock face, was a
large flat stone a couple inches high.  Sam stepped up on the rock and,
turning to face me with her back against the cliff, she raised her
hands high over her head.  It didn't take me too long to figure it out.

"I'll go back to the boat and get some rope," I said.  "Wait right
here, I won't be long."

Along the way, I picked up the bag with the sandwich wrappers and empty
pop cans, then at the boat, I left the bag and took the rope off the
end of the canoe.  Sam was sitting on the stone platform, naked except
for her bracelets and the chain.  I sat down next to her and began to
thread the rope through one bracelet then the other.  I looped the rope
through each one three times, then tied a tight knot a couple of feet
along the long end.

Sam stood up under the tree, and after a couple of throws, I got the
rope over it.  Slowly, tantalizingly, I pulled on it to draw her hands
up over her head.  I watched the tree carefully, and I grabbed both
ends of the rope and tugged hard to make sure nothing would come
crashing down, but the tree was solidly imbedded into the cliff, and
satisfied, I pulled up the last of the slack to raise Sam's arms
straight up over her head.

A little to the left was a crack that I managed to wrap the rope
through and around so I could tie it off.  I then stepped back to
admire my naked girl chained to a rock.

"All we need now is a dragon," I said, in reference to the drawing
she'd given me.

Sam's eyes were beginning to glaze over as she began to pull and
struggle a bit.  I watched her put more of her weight on her arms,
testing her bonds, until her feet left the stone beneath her.  She
raised up her legs and hung free, swinging slightly, suspended from the
two bracelets around her wrists.

I went to her and held her to take some of her weight.

"Master, could you raise me up a bit higher?" she asked.

"No Sam, I don't think that's a good idea.  Your wrists are going to
get bruised if you hang like that.  Your bracelets aren't suspension
cuffs, a nerve or something could get pinched and cause you problems
later on."

She groaned in disappointment, but lowered her feet to the stone again.
I began to softly caress her body, letting my hands travel over every
inch of her soft skin, and paying particular attention to her breasts,
her stiffened nipples, and lower still, between her thighs.  Her
arousal was building and she was already quite wet there.  With the tip
of one finger, I traced around her clit, then began to gently rub it
with the pad of my finger.

She started trying to push herself against me, attempting to get a bit
more pressure against my fingertip, but I kept my touch maddeningly
light, letting her heat increase slowly and then keeping her just at
the edge for torturous minutes.  Sam had her eyes tightly shut, and her
face and chest had a crimson glow from her arousal.  Her legs had
seemed to have gone all rubbery, so most of her weight was supported by
her wrists, but a glance told me that the blood circulation was good.
At least her hands were still a healthy pink colour.  When she was just
about ready to cum, I withdrew my hands and stepped back off the stone

It took a while before she realized the stimulation she was enjoying
was no longer present; her twitching stopped, and her eyes opened to
see me sitting on a nearby rock watching her.  She took a few deep
breaths to calm down, then she spoke to me.

"Master, why did you stop?"

A valid question no doubt, but I still had to laugh.

"Why, to torture you, my dear," I said.

Sam hung red faced with her chained hands tied to a rock cliff.  Her
front faced me, and I realized that the colour no longer matched that
of her back.

"Would you like me to beat you, darling?"

The beginnings of a smile pulled the corners of her mouth.  She saw
where I was looking, at those lovely tits of hers.

"Well, maybe a little," she answered.

Sliding off my rock perch, I went to find a stick.  Using my knife, I
nipped off a thin branch from a small maple tree, then stood before my
squirming captive and let her watch me strip off the leaves and shoots,
scrape off the thin bark, leaving me with a nice straight, thin rod
about two feet long.  I smacked her left breast on the inside curve.


A narrow red line instantly appeared where I'd hit her, and while she
hopped from one foot to the other, I looked around for something to gag
her with.  My eyes landed on her swimsuit top on the ground nearby, so
I rolled the material into a ball and held it before her face.  Sam
obediently opened her mouth to let me pack the fabric in.

Shortly thereafter Samantha was riding the crest of an endorphin-
induced high once more.  How someone could derive such seemingly
euphoric pleasure from having pain inflicted upon them was something I
have problems in understanding, but the contented smile on Sam's lips
as I smacked her with my stick proved that it was possible.  During the
session yesterday, I'd been watching her closely for some sign that it
was enough, that I should stop.  Everyone has limits and I had searched
for hers, yet she'd taken all I had given her and I suspected that she
was even left wanting more.  There was, however, only so much that I
would ever be willing to give.

A moderate spanking, sure.  The whip?  Skilfully wielded is good too.
A thin, stinging stick like the one I was now using worked well also.
Start off slow, let the hurting build up, get those wonderful pain
killing hormones coursing through the bloodstream.  Stoke that fire,
make it rage.  She's there now, flying high, right out there.  Scale it
back a bit, keep it real.  Softer, more well places strokes, keeping
the edge keen, a careful balance on the knife edge.  A gentle uppercut,
and again, against her soft wet core, hard enough to feel, to know the
fear of what could be.  Hearing the stick contact her flesh and clink
against her rings in there.  Excellent.

Doms that complain of their arm getting tired don't know what they're
doing.  Or, perhaps, it was Samantha's willingness and responsiveness
that made it so easy.  I passed my hands over her breasts and down her
belly, not touching her, feeling the heat radiating off her.  Her eyes
were open, aware of me, seeing me.  Encouraging me.  Two quick, sharp
strokes on those two little nubbins sticking out at me.  Her eyes fall
shut and she trembles, adds to the puddle of girl cum on the stone
under her feet.

I let the session drag out, keeping her primed for long minutes,
slowing it down a little, letting her drop back a bit.  Then building
it up once more and making her hold onto the edge again.  Samantha was
loving every bit of it.  I could see it in her eyes when she looked my
way, raw passion unleashed.  I banked her up one last time, then went
to a nearby rock to perch my ass and just watch her twist and writhe,
undulating her body in a highly erotic fashion.  I twirled the stick
between my fingers while I watched her cum and cum.  Such a simple
thing, used the right way, releasing such a great amount of energy.
Several minutes went by while Sam came down from her rush.  I watched
her push the gag out of her mouth and let it fall to her feet, then
breath deeply, taking in a huge lungful of fresh air.  When she finally
became more aware of her surroundings, I went to her and put my arms
gently around her.  She tilted her head up and spoke softly in my ear.

"Oh, Master," she cooed, "that was wonderful."

She brought her foot up to rub my leg.

"Please fuck me Master," she said, "With me like this?"

I pulled my shorts down a little and my prick sprang free, ready.
Lifting one of Sam's legs, I gently inserted myself into her boiling
hot slit.  Sam brought her other leg up and around my hips, locking her
feet together behind me.  I held onto her thighs and pressed her back
against the stone cliff, then began bucking my hips and banging into
her.  She was sore both in front and in back, and I saw her wince from
time to time with the pain.  She was also exhausted, but I felt her
have two weak orgasms, her cunt muscles clamping down hard on my cock
each time.  I held her up as I fucked her, her weight off her wrists,
the rope slack.  I didn't try to prolong it, I was a little worried
about her wrists supporting her weight for all this time, and I was
soon able to blast an immense load of cum up into her grasping pussy.
I got an arm under her ass to raise her up a little, then stepped to
the side and reached for the end of her rope.  After getting it free
from the crack in the rocks, I carried Samantha over to a patch of soft
grass and carefully lay her down.  I untied the rope from her bracelets
and I told her to wait for me while I went to the canoe for the water
canteen.  Then, pulling my shorts back up, I left her there.  I had
thought I'd heard people coming and when I got to the boat, I could see
another canoe making its way up the little river.  Taking the canteen
and Sam's cape I hurried back to her.

"Someone's coming," I said to her, "try not to look like you just got
beat with a stick."

Sam put on her poncho and straightened out her hair while I gathered up
her bikini pieces, then we sat together sipping water to await our
guests.  We heard them long before we saw them.  Two kids, a teenage
boy and presumably his girl friend, came upon us sitting together on a
little patch of grass.  They both got nervously quiet when they saw Sam
and me.

"Hi," I said.

"Hello," they said in unison.

The two went past us and turned left to walk along the cliff.  If
they'd have gone right and stepped up on a flat rock there, they might
have slipped in a big puddle of cum.  I asked Sam to show me her hands,
and she brought them out from under her cape.  As I suspected, I didn't
like what I saw.  That's not quite true, a big part of me did like it.
From her hanging all her weight on her bracelets, her wrists looked
sore and would probably be quite bruised by the end of the day.  I felt
around under the steel rings and noticed her wince as I pressed a

"You've gone and hurt yourself," I chastised her.

"It's not too bad," she answered.

"We'll see.  Come on, let's head back."

I steadied Sam as we walked back to the canoe and helped her get
settled in the front.  I paddled us almost to the main river, and we
had a swim to wash the dried up cum and sweat off us.  Sam found the
cool water soothing, so I let her soak for a while as I rubbed her
tired muscles and held her close to me in the water.  We then dried
off, dressed, and got going again.

Sam asked me if she could take off her bracelets and the chain for a
while, so I said yes and handed her the bottle of sunscreen.  I could
see her struggling and heard her moan in pain as she tried to work the
rings off her hands, and I told her to wait until we got back and I'd
try to help her.  At the dam there was no one around, so I had another
look at her hands.

She really had done herself an injury, and not only were her wrists
bruised from the strain of hanging by her bracelets, but her hands had
swollen up a bit too.

"Sam, you better leave these alone for a while until you heal a bit.
If you fight to try and get them off now, you'll just make it worse."
I didn't want to get her upset, but rather than a look of fear, I saw a
smile spread over her face.

"You mean I'm stuck like this?" she said, rattling her chain.

"Well, I guess you are.  For today, anyway."

I let her have a break while I carried the canoe and all the junk up
past the dam, then we settled in for the trip back home.  Sam helped me
paddle a bit, but when we reached the big lake, the wind was at our
backs and we mostly drifted back to the campsite.  It was past seven
when the boat touched shore behind the site, and the first thing I did
was lead Sam into the tent and give her a good rub down with my witch
hazel skin lotion.  I didn't think it would help, but I rubbed some
into her wrists, feeling the bones under her bracelets, making sure her
injury wasn't serious.

"There's nothing broken," I told her, "not sprained, I don't think.
Leave these on for now and we'll try to get them off tomorrow."

"Yes master.  Thank you."

We got dressed in long jeans and I wore a thick shirt, Sam, her poncho.
After a dousing with bug spray, we got started on supper.  I made a
fire in the fire pit, then set up pots on the stove for the spaghetti.
While Sam tended the pots of sauce and noodles, I attempted garlic
bread on the fire.  Doing it in an oven under the broiler, the bits of
garlic stay on top where they're supposed to go, but when you do it
over coals in a fire pit, most of the garlic falls off and gets burnt
up.  The stench did help keep the insects at bay, so we were able to
enjoy the meal without having to swat at mosquitoes, and the bread
actually turned out O.K.

After we'd eaten and got everything cleaned up and put away, we took
cups of coffee and the lawn chairs down to the beach to sit and watch
the sun go down.  A peaceful end to a fantastic weekend.

"Oh, Jim," Sam said, "This has been such a lovely trip.  Thanks for
bringing me along."

"Lovely?" I asked.  "Your hands are stuck in chains, your skin has been
flayed off.  I'd hate to see you having a bad trip."

She laughed.  "You know what I mean."

"Sure.  It's been great having you along, Sam.  Things really worked
out well."

"Could we do it again sometime?" she asked.

"Do you have vacation time left this year?"

Sam told me she still had another week left.  I could pretty much take
time off anytime, the way my job is.

"It's really nice up here in the fall," I said.  "Less people.  When
the leaves start turning colours, it's really beautiful.  I usually try
for a week around the middle of September.  The weather sometimes
sucks, but at least there's no bugs then."

"Could you bring me along next time?"

I grinned.  "Gets pretty chilly at night.  Be nice to have someone to
warm up the sleeping bag for me."

We sat on the beach long after sundown, watching the stars come out,
then, later on we went back to our site to drop off the chairs and grab
soap and a towel.  At the washrooms it was busy, but we only had to
wait a few minutes for a shower room to be free.  I'd thought I heard
some chuckles when we both went in together and closed the door, but it
didn't matter.  Gently, I patted soap on Sam's tender skin and helped
her wash so she didn't have to rattle her chain too much.  We finished
up quickly and I dried her and myself off, then we got dressed and

Back in the tent, I gave her a gentle rubdown with the skin lotion
again, and then we sat around the fire for a long while chatting like
long time lovers.  I'd only known this girl for a little over a month
now, and it was scary how well suited we were for one another.  Her
attitudes on a lot of things seemed more mature than her age would
indicate, and my being over ten years her senior never seemed to be a
problem for her.  As far as our sexual needs went, we both fit together
like two spoons in a drawer.  I felt happy when our conversation began
to edge around us having a more firm commitment to one another.

"Samantha," I said, "I know we've only known one another for a short
while now, but I want you to know that if you're open to the idea of us
living together, I'd be very pleased if you decided to move in with me.
You know I feel a completeness when I'm with you that I haven't had in
a long time now, and I think you feel it too; how good we'd be for one

"I think I'd like that, Jim, but it's a big step for me.  I think I'd
like to, but I'm not sure if I can just yet."

"It would be a change, for sure," I said, "but it would be a change for
the better for me, being closer to you, having you with me.  As far as
your work goes, a smart girl like you could find something closer to my
home if you wanted to.  Or not.  It wouldn't be a problem if you chose
to stay home, I have enough that we'd manage just fine."

"It would mean giving up my independence," she said.

"I don't think not being independent is something you would miss very

That one got her smiling.

"Think about it, Sam," I said.  "We've got all the time in the world."

Close to midnight, we took a walk down to the beach to look at the
stars once more.  With the cooler weather now, the sky was even
clearer, and the heavens were filled with tiny points of light.  As we
watched, a huge shooting star streaked bright, seemingly close,
breaking up in the thicker atmosphere into smaller pieces that twinkled
as they fell to earth.

"Make a wish," I said.

We held each other, cuddled and kissed long and with great passion.
Later on, in the tent after we'd undressed, I buckled the bit gag into
Sam's mouth and had her lay on her back.  I lifted up her feet and
pulled the chain between her wrists under her legs, then under her bum
so she was lying on it and her hands were pinned at her sides.  I
pushed my face between her thighs and feasted on her delicious pussy,
lapping up her bittersweet nectar each time it squirted from her
opening.  The gag actually did little to muffle her cries in the
silence of the campground, and each time she started making noise, I
just lifted my mouth off her and waited for her to quiet down.  She
quickly learned that if she wanted the stimulation to continue, she'd
better keep silent.

After that, I had her roll over onto her side and I snuggled up behind
her.  Taking her chain in my hand, I pulled her hands up behind her
back, mindful not to hurt her wrists more than they already were, and I
pushed my dick into her waiting pussy.  I hooked my fingers through the
strap of her gag with my thumb around her chain, and I held her firmly
like that while I slowly stroked my cock into her.  Samantha made me
proud as she managed to keep her silence through two more orgasms
before I let loose with a torrent of jism deep inside her.

I released my hand from her and unbuckled the strap of the bit gag,
then we just lay cuddled closely together until sleep finally overtook
us.  My cock softened and slipped out at some point, but I'd already
spread a towel under her before we had begun, so any mess wouldn't soak
into my sleeping bag too badly.

I awoke the next morning to find Sam's lovely rump pressed against my
side, my hand upon her hip.  She'd shifted one hand in front of her,
the chain under her waist, her other hand pulled behind her back and
touching me.  I woke her with a caress to her breasts, and she
struggled for a moment before she realised she was lying on the chain
connecting her hands.

"Morning, sweetheart," I said

"Mmmmm.  Good morning, master."

I unzipped the sleeping bag and helped her slip the chain over her
legs.  It must have been early, since there was little noise outside
and the light was still dim.  I found my watch and checked.  Five
thirty in the morning.

"Let's go for a paddle," I said.

After getting dressed, I made us some coffee and broke a piece off the
bannock, then we set out in the cool morning air.  Twenty feet from
shore, we were enveloped in the morning mist on the lake.  I paddled
through the thick fog, not knowing in which direction we were going,
then we drifted for a while and had breakfast somewhere out on the

All too soon, the sun burned away the mist and shapes began to form
around us.  We'd floated near to one of the islands.  I took Sam's
hands in mine to examine her wrists.  The swelling had gone down, and
she didn't wince so much when I prodded under her bracelets.

"When we go back we'll see about getting these off you."

"What time are we leaving?" she asked me.

"Afternoon sometime, I guess, why?"

Sam was looking at her chained hands.  "When did I put these on?"

I thought.  "Two days ago.  Mid afternoon?"

"Forty-eight hours," she said.  I felt her shiver a little.  "Wow.  I'd

I waited for her to continue.  When she didn't, I said, "You're great
Sam.  I love you so much."

She looked up.  "I love you too, Master."

When the mists had almost lifted, I dipped a paddle and took us back to

"Master?" Sam asked, "Could I leave these on till later, make it two
days even?"

"Sure, little one," I said, "Why not."

After a proper breakfast, we paddled across the lake and to the trail
we'd first taken on Friday evening.  Continuing past the spot of her
first punishment, we hiked up the hill and down the other side to the
next lake, not meeting with anyone along the way.  Sam had her poncho
on with nothing at all underneath, except for her bracelets and the
chain connecting them.  Stripping down, we had a nice swim, then sat
naked on the rocks on shore to dry off, before we heard people coming
and had to hurriedly dress.  Two men carrying a canoe came down the
hill and set their boat into the water near where we sat.  When they'd
gone, Sam let out a breath.

"You know," I said, "if you still want to come up here in the fall, we
could find a place where there would be no one else around."

The northern part of the park is a huge tract of wilderness accessible
only by canoe or on foot, I told her.  "The main canoe routes are
generally busy, but there's lots of side rivers and lakes that we could
take and not see anyone else for days."

Sam started to get a gleam in her eye.  "That might be fun," she said.

We walked back to the boat and I paddled back to camp, then we made a
start on taking everything down and packing up.  Sam made lunch, and
after eating, I got a bucket of lake water.  It was close to two in the
afternoon when I spread the last of the dish soap over her hands and
helped her work her bracelets off over them.  I watched her as she
helped me take down the tent and fold it up, keeping her hands close
together most of the time, a look of surprise coming over her when she
found herself with them far apart, reaching to do something.  After
having her hands chained for so long, she'd become used to being like
that, and found her freedom strange now.

It was with a little sadness, that I fired up the Jeep and we drove
slowly through the campground and out to the highway.  The roads got
wider and the traffic increased the closer we got to home.  I took us
into the city, and to Samantha's apartment building, parking in back,
carrying her bag up to her place.

"Stay for coffee?" she asked.

"No," I said.  "I'm going to stop in at the hospital on the way back,
see if there were any problems, then head home.  Thanks, though."

"Call me tonight?"

"Sure, Sam.  Thanks for a really swell weekend.  See you soon."

"Bye, Jim.  Thanks."

On the road again, the smells of camping fresh in the truck, cruising
under the shadow of the canoe on top.  Other drivers all seemed to be
in a big hurry as I breezed along in the outside lane.  At work there'd
been a minor problem, but my assistant had handled it.  Then on the
highway heading home, tunes on the radio, a big smile on my face.

[End of Chapter 2, The Ad.]