Home Showcase Presents
Surviver (sp.)

A Story By Dino.    ©dino. 2001.

Twenty people, ten dominant - submissive couples, stranded on a tiny south seas island for forty days. Every three days the couples will have to compete in two challenges for rewards and points. In the end, one of these couples will walk away with the grand prize of One Million Dollars.

The Cast: See who made it through the torturous audition process.  Meet the contestants and see some of their stories.

The Shows: Here you will see the shows, uncut and unedited.

The Making of Surviver: Disclamer, and some notes on how the show was created.

Brought to you by Home Showcase, the cable network that also brought you Slave Betty's Household Tips, Are You My Master?, When to Submit, Living on the Edge, and the new fall comedy Friends in Chains.
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