This is a work of fiction with scenes of sex and bondage between two
 adults. If this offends you read no further! You should be over 18
 years old to be reading stories like this. This (was) my first attempt
 at writing a story and if you would like to comment I can be reached

 Since my writing skills have improved slightly over the past year I've
 made a few minor changes to this story.  D.D. June 2000

C/W Dino May, 1999


 The first thing I noticed was the lack of movement in the boat.
 Sunlight was streaming through the starboard side and I could hear the
 waves outside. Last nights storm came up suddenly and was one more
 violent than I had ever before faced. I have had the Christy, a 38
 foot beauty, for 6 years now and I'd had no doubt it could ride out
 anything nature could throw at me. I inherited her from my uncle, a
 retired NASA engineer, who had built her with space shuttle technology
 using more than few spare parts and materials from manufacturing
 overruns. This was all on the up and up, since components were
 rejected for even the slightest defect, and were routinely scraped
 rather than take a chance on a bad re-work job.

 As I climbed out of the bunk I took a glance at the status board.
 Many more red and amber lights than green, and some of the systems
 were down completely. I noted some water by the engine room door as I
 climbed the ladder and undogged the hatch. The sight that greeted me
 up on deck was right out of a brochure from Club Med, or some other
 travel destination. The white sand beach of the lagoon was marred only
 by a long scar ending at my boat. Sunlight sparkled out in the lagoon
 and a warm breeze stirred the tangled rigging hanging from the main
 mast. I noticed broken pulleys and a few cleats ripped from the maple
 deck, but the mast was still sound.

 I climbed down to the stern platform and jumped onto the sand. A walk
 around the ship showed some damage, a bent rudder, the keel had been
 lost at some point, probably in the lagoon somewhere, and most
 worrisome, a gash about five feet long on the port side near the bow.
 The fiberglass coating had chipped away revealing the alloy mesh
 underneath. The rubberized inner coating must have also been punctured
 for the water to seep into the engine room and cabin. My first job
 will be to find some fresh water and flush out the electrical systems
 before the salt water does any more damage.

 As I walked back around the boat I opened the panel at the stern and
 released the plug to drain the spaces between the outer and inner
 hull. I then set out down the beach to try to find out where the heck
 I had landed.


 When I woke up I rolled over onto my stomach and tried to get some
 feeling back into my sore arms and numb hands. The chain locking my
 wrists behind my back was not so tight as to be painful, but I
 couldn't slip my hands free no mater how I tried. As the feeling came
 back into my hands I raised my legs up and felt the sores on my ankles
 caused from the rubbing of the chains binding my feet together. I was
 able to take short steps, more of a shuffle really, with the lock
 connecting the chains between my feet. I could also move around by
 hopping, but the heavy lock would bash my heels and with my arms
 useless it was hard to keep my balance.

 I had been left here my the men, slave traders I guess they were, God
 I guess about two weeks ago, bound worse than an animal. They left me
 here naked and with no food after I shuffled off and hid under a
 rotted log in the forest while they weren't looking.

 I struggled out from under the bush that gave me some shelter from
 last nights storm and managed to sit up. If I had not escaped from the
 men I would probably been sold to a brothel or a rich master who might
 beat me and treat me badly. I had seen sex slaves treated this way and
 knew that was not for me.

 I have had fantasies of being captured and chained up in a dungeon by
 gentle count or sultan and treated with a kind, yet firm and loving
 hand. Now a part of my fantasy had become a reality. However, my past
 bondage experiences have never left me so helpless, and certainly
 never for so long as this.

 I reached over with my feet as I was thinking, and moved my stick
 closer. This stick I found in the pool of water nearby and the ends
 were worn smooth from it being in the waterfall. I grasped the knob on
 the end between my bound feet and positioned the smooth, thin end at
 the entrance to my pussy. As I lay back on my arms I moved my feet
 back and forth and imagined myself being fucked by my master.

 I rolled over onto my side and pumped my feet faster and faster. The
 bumps on the smooth wood were sending waves of pleasure through my
 clit and pussy lips and the chains and heavy lock banging on the stick
 were causing wild vibrations deep inside me. My long hair had wrapped
 around my neck and chest, so reaching with my hands, I grabbed some
 and pulled. As the hair slid across my breasts and tightened around my
 neck the first wave of the orgasm hit. I rocked back and forth,
 grasping at my silky hair and pumping the slick wood in and out of my
 burning cunt as wave after wave crashed over me.

 Finally my orgasm ground to a shuddering halt. As I straightened my
 legs the stick pulled out from my cunt with a wet plop. I lay there
 moaning and gasping for air for a few minutes until I could open my
 eyes. Not five feet away from where I lay was a ripe mango which had
 fallen during last nights storm. I rolled and wriggled till I could
 bite into the juicy fruit. I had been eating the fallen fruit around
 this pool for most of my time here and yet this one tasted especially
 good. Last night during the storm I was thinking how I might die here
 chained up like this, but this morning, I had a feeling that things
 might just get better.


 As I walked, I thought of the task of repairing the Christy I faced.
 The damage was not as bad as it could have been, and there were worse
 places to spend a few weeks than here. The bottom of the ocean came to
 mind. When I came to a rocky outcrop which formed the north arm of the
 lagoon I turned inland, up a small rise and into the lush jungle.
 After about 10 minutes I began to hear the roar of a waterfall over
 the twittering of jungle birds. I had seen no sign of a path, or any
 evidence of humanity, but I still expected to see the high-rise towers
 of some resort hotel looming up over the trees.

 I came to a small clearing and gazed into a picture perfect pool of
 clear water surrounded by lush ferns and trees, with a stream falling
 over some boulders and into the pool. "Oh yes" I said to myself
 thinking, this will not be bad at all.

 Suddenly I was startled by a rustling in the leaves to my left. The
 face of a young lady popped out from under the leaves and looked at me
 with wide eyes.

 "Oops, I'm sorry if I have disturbed you," I said. " I just need to
 come back and get some water."

 "Please don't go," she said as I turned away.

 I watched as she crawled out from under the leaves and tried to sit
 up. My jaw dropped as I began to believe what my eyes saw. Her hands
 were chained behind her back and her feet were also chained together.
 Her skin was a light brown and her long black hair was tangled around
 her face and body. It didn't look like she had on any clothes.

 "Do... Do you need any help?" was all I could stammer out.

 Her chest began to hitch and she started sobbing. I moved closer and
 bent down to brush the hair from her face. This brought on louder

 "Please don't leave me," she managed between sobs.

 I helped her sit up and held her until she had calmed down a bit. As I
 gently stroked her head I examined her bondage more closely. She had a
 chain wrapped twice around her wrists and locked with a brass padlock.
 There were two pieces of chain, one around each ankle, and fastened
 together with a heavier lock. The skin on her ankles was rubbed raw in
 spots, I guess from her trying to move around. There were some fruit
 pits and peels around on the ground where we were.

 "Let me clean you up a bit," I said after she had calmed down some.

 I helped her stand and then I picked her up and carried her to the
 edge of the pool. As I washed the mud off her back and arms I asked
 her who did this to her.

 "I was kidnapped by some men at another island where I worked at a
 resort," she said. "They took me by boat to another, larger ship. I
 guess I was sold to some other men who put these chains on me and kept
 me in the hold with five other girls. They said I was to be sold at an
 auction as a slave."

 "How did you get here?" I asked, as I gently rinsed her legs and

 "There was a big storm coming up so the ship anchored in a bay to let
 it pass. Two of the men brought me to this island in a small boat, I
 guess so they could have some fun. Their boat started to slip back out
 to sea, and I managed to get away and hide in the jungle when they
 went to get it. After, they were looking for me, but I was able to
 hide and so they gave up and went back to the ship."

 "How long have you been here?"

 "It must be about two weeks now," she said. "I was able to find fruit
 on the ground to eat, and once I found a fish that was caught in a
 pool on the beach. I couldn't cook it or anything so it wasn't very
 good to eat. I haven't been able to move around much lately because of
 the pain in my ankles from the rubbing of the chains. I didn't think I
 would be found at all because this island is so far out that tourists
 hardly ever come here."

 "My boat was washed up on the shore in last nights storm," I said as I
 combed out her hair with my fingers. "There is some damage, but I
 think I can fix it and get us out of here."

 "Thank you. It looks like you are saving my life," she said, and she
 graced me with the most lovely smile I have ever seen.

 "You are a very beautiful girl, and very brave to have gone through
 what you have. I'll bring you back to the boat and try to get these
 chains off."

 With that, I helped her stand up, then I lifted her over my shoulder
 to carry her back to the Christy.

 As I made our way back to the boat I couldn't believe the luck. I get
 to save this poor girl from a horrible fate and yet get to enjoy every
 minute of it. I was holding her waist and her pinned arms as she was
 bent over my shoulder. Her hair, which reached past her lovely bum
 when she stood, tickled the back of my legs as I walked. The three
 things I like the most are long hair, bare feet and bondage, and here
 I stumble across all three in one cute package.

 "My name is Bill," I said as I nuzzled her side. "What's yours?"

 "Kira," she answered.

 When we reached the boat I sat her down on the rear platform and
 climbed up beside her. I then lifted her up with one arm under her
 legs and one under her back. I carried her over the deck and sat her
 down on a bench in the shade of the top cabin roof.

 "I guess you are starved," I said. "Wait while I get you something."

 I went down the stairs to the lower deck. I poured two big glasses of
 milk, grabbed a box of cookies, and headed back up.

 "We might as well enjoy this milk because it won't last with the
 fridge not working."

 I held the glass to Kira's lips and she drank greedily at first, than
 more slowly. I broke off some pieces of cookies and fed them to her.

 "I ate nothing but fruit that had fallen around where I was," she
 said. "I had to peel it behind my back and then eat it from the
 ground. At least there was water close by where I ended up"

 As she talked I rubbed her shoulders and back under her bound arms. I
 couldn't imagine how she stayed sane, bound as she was for so long
 with little hope of rescue. She began to relax and I gave her another
 sip of the cold milk.

 Taking the empty glasses I told her I had to go back to the pool and
 get some water to wash out the salt water in the engine room.

 "I have to do this soon before the salt corrodes things beyond
 repair," I said. "After that, I'll try to get you a little more

 Again, that gorgeous smile. "Thank you, you are very kind."

 I went below and opened the engine room hatch and waded down into the
 thigh high water. I reached down and opened the drain in the back and
 looked around. The water had splashed over everything in the room, but
 the battery compartment had sealed itself off and the fuel cells
 looked in good shape. I grabbed the folding cart and two collapsible
 water jugs and climbed back up on deck.

 "Wait for me, I won't be long," I said as I headed off.


 Bill seems like such a nice man, I thought, as I sat back on the soft
 cushions of the bench. He didn't seem too horrified at my predicament
 however. Some men I have met were shocked when I revealed my desires
 to be tied up, and many were just not interested at all. I remembered
 one boyfriend I had at collage in San Francisco who laughed when I
 presented myself naked and handcuffed to his dorm room bed. That one
 really hurt, especially after he started to tell his friends. Though I
 did have a few interesting encounters afterwards, as word of my sexual
 preferences spread.

 While I was thinking I was twisting my wrists under the chain binding
 them, and rubbing my thighs together. No! I must stop this now and
 wait for Bill to return.


 Kira is such a beauty, and so helpless. Just how I like my women, I
 thought, as I hiked through the jungle towards the water pool. She
 doesn't seem too embarrassed by her nudity, or her being bound. In
 fact she hasn't complained about any of it. I guess she's relieved to
 have been rescued, but maybe if I can play it cool this will turn into
 a real nice time. I know she must have noticed the bulge in front of
 my shorts, and once, when I lifted her onto the boat, her hands
 brushed across my hard on. Even though she looked away, I thought I
 saw a trace of a grin there.

 When I reached the pool I quickly filled the two jugs and put them
 back into the cart. Looking around, I grabbed a bunch of bananas and
 some coconuts from the ground, and headed back.

 Looking at my boat when I reached the beach I saw Kira, sitting where
 I had left her, the breeze from the sea gently lifting her lovely
 hair. When I reached the boat I tossed the bunch of bananas up on

 "Look what I found for lunch!" I said

 Kira's face dropped and after a few seconds I burst out laughing.

 "No, don't worry," I said. "I'll heat up some beef stew from the
 fridge. Unless you'd prefer the bananas?" I added with a grin.

 That got the giggle I was looking for.

 "Well I think I'll have the stew if it's O.K. with you," she said.

 I climbed up on the deck and gave her shoulders a squeeze.

 "Lets get you below and I'll try to make you more comfortable," I

 I picked Kira up and carried her down to the cabin. I took her into
 the forward cabin and gently lay her down on the big bed. I then
 fetched the first aid kit and a wet wash cloth. Lifting her feet up, I
 let the chains slide up her legs and daubed the sores on her ankles
 and feet.

 "This doesn't look too bad," I lied. "I have some antibiotic cream I
 can put on that will help these scrapes heal."

 I gently spread some of the cream on the sores with one hand as I
 rubbed the soles of her feet with my other hand. Like everything else
 about her, her feet were perfect; not too big or small, soft and
 smooth, damn, I have a tent in my pants! I used some cloth bandages to
 wrap her ankles and I fastened them with two safety pins. I put a
 little of the antibiotic cream on some scrapes on her elbows, and some
 on the bug bites that were on her in various places.

 "This will stop the chains from rubbing on you and let these sores
 heal," I said. "I'll let you get some rest while I start on lunch.
 Later on I will try to get you free."

 I remembered the glint of the lightning off my hacksaw as it went
 flying over the side last night. I was using it to cut loose the main
 sail during the storm but, when the lightning struck, and it seemed to
 crash right on top of me, my saw went one way and I dove for the cabin

 "I lost my hacksaw in the storm last night but I'll find something to
 free you with," I said.

 Kira looked at me over her shoulder and smiled sweetly. "I'm all
 right, now that you have found me," she said.

 I went back to the engine room and rigged a pump. Taking the suction
 hose outside I put it in one water jug and started the pump. Than I
 went back inside and began washing down the equipment inside the
 engine room. When the first jug ran out I moved the hose to the second
 and continued to rinse the outside of the electrical panels and the
 backup diesel engine. When I finished the water from the two jugs I
 drew a glass of what was suppose to be clean water from the filter and
 tasted it. There was salt water mixed in with the supply from the
 filter. That meant that the filter membrane had ruptured during the
 violence of the storm.

 The reverse osmosis filter supplied distilled quality water to a
 catalytic reactor, which split the water into hydrogen and oxygen for
 the fuel cell to make electricity. Some of this NASA technology was
 experimental prototypes, but the fuel cell was a proven model from the
 Apollo program. As I opened the drains to the systems I hoped that the
 salt water had not ruined everything. I carry spare parts for most
 things on board so I should be able to fix at least the filter to
 provide drinking water when we get out to sea again. I had used a lot
 of diesel fuel fighting the storm, and with no power for the electric
 motor that left good old wind to take us out of here. There were solar
 cells on the top cabin roof to charge the batteries for the navigation
 computer and radio, so I felt sure we would make it back to
 civilization sooner or later. Meanwhile, I felt that Kira and I would
 have a nice time on this island.

 I looked in on Kira and found her sleeping quietly on the big bed so I
 left her to get some more water. On the way I dumped some frozen stew
 in a pot and grabbed the grill from behind the door. Halfway up the
 beach I kicked together some driftwood and set a fire. Then I headed
 back to the pool to fill the water jugs again.

 On the way back I placed the grill over the fire and put the pot of
 stew on to heat. Back at the boat, I dumped half of one jug of clean
 water into the fuel cell system and the other half into the filter.
 Than I closed the drains and filled the fuel cell and reactor with
 clean water. That done, I set out some plates on the table and cut up
 a loaf of bread, and then I went out to get the stew.

 When I returned, Kira was shuffling out of the bathroom and over to
 the kitchen table.

 "These bandages you wrapped on my ankles really help a lot," she said
 to me. "Can I help with anything?" as she waved her bound hands behind
 her back.

 I put the pot down on the table and helped her sit down. "You don't
 mind sharing a spoon, do you?" I asked, as I scooped up some of the
 stew and held it to her lips. She tested it with her tongue, and then
 wrapped her lips around the spoonful of stew.

 I fed Kira most of the pot of beef stew, occasionally breaking off a
 piece of bread and dipping it in the rich gravy and popping it in her
 mouth. After she had eaten, I poured her a glass of juice and held it
 for her to let her drink it down.

 "Wow!" she said. "That was the best meal I ever had."

 "Starvation can do that," I said, as I finished the last bits of the
 meal. "Lets move to the couch and I'll start on getting you free."

 She stood up and made her way to the bunk on the other wall as I
 rummaged through my tool box looking for something to cut the chains
 binding her. I found a small file and I sat down beside her. Taking
 hold of the chain around her wrists, I scratched the file over a link.
 The file didn't even mark it.

 "This chain is hardened," I said to her. "I'll have to cut the lock
 apart to get it off."

 I started to file the brass lock near the top.

 After about an hour I had made a small groove in the side of the lock.
 After two hours I began to hit the shackle inside the lock and was
 filing on an angle to cut around it. While I worked on the lock we
 talked, first about things in general, but soon the conversation
 turned much more interesting.

 I never liked to force anything on another woman but preferred it if
 interests were shared willingly. I had dated women who had wanted to
 be forced to comply with my wishes, but I much preferred someone who
 would willingly submit to my desires, and even to sometimes initiate
 things on her own. Kira had not complained about her bonds or her
 nakedness, and I suspected there was something more to it than just
 being grateful for her rescue. It turned out I was right.

 I had asked her how she could stand being tied up like this for so
 long and her answer surprised me.

 "I kind of like the feelings of helplessness that I get when I'm tied
 up. Even when I was young, I would use a belt or skipping rope, and
 tie my feet and hands, and pretend that I was being held hostage by
 some rich sultan or someone. Later on, in highschool and collage, I
 would tell some of the boys I dated of my fantasies, but I never found
 anyone who had these same kinds of interests except for one.

 "I had dated a boy in collage in San Francisco. Like all the rest,
 when I told him about my sexual tastes he lost interest in me. But he
 introduced me to his older brother and we dated a few times, dinner or
 the theatre, that kind of thing. One day he asked me if I would like
 to visit his friends farm about two hours north east of the city for
 the weekend.

 "When we arrived at the farm I met his friend, Leon, and we went
 inside the old farm house. There were women and men coming and going
 and I began to notice the some of the outfits they wore were kind of
 bizarre. After coffee, Leon took me out to see the rest of the farm
 and we went into the big barn in back. What I saw inside almost made
 me faint.

 "In three of the stalls were not horses, but women wearing nothing but
 leather straps and buckles, just like a harness for horses. "These are
 our pony girls," Leon told me. "The men and women here belong to a
 club where we act out our fantasies to train, or be trained, as
 ponies." On the other side of the barn two of the young men, "grooms"
 he called them, were harnessing three more girls to a small wagon. The
 girls were wearing thick leather harnesses around their bodies and I
 saw their hands were bound tightly behind their backs. They also had
 bridles on their heads and there were even shiny metal bits in their

 "I stood there weak kneed as Leon talked to one of the young men, and
 then he turned to me and asked if I would like to go for a short ride.
 I had moved forward as in a dream and I kept on staring at the girls
 who were hitched to the wagon, one in front and two side by side
 behind the first. "You can touch them if you like," said Leon. "They
 won't bite."

 "I reached out my hand and slowly stroked the side of the nearest
 girl. At my touch she shook her head and pawed the ground with her
 bare feet. There were small bells attached to her harness and they
 jingled merrily. Leon had climbed up on the seat of the small wagon
 and stretched out his hand to me. "Come on," he said, and I climbed up
 beside him. He shook the reins and the team moved out of the barn and
 into the bright sunshine. He cracked a whip over the girls heads and
 we headed along the trail leading across one of the fields.

 "The sight of those naked and bound girls ahead of me still gives me
 shivers. The girls acted so much like real ponies, pumping their
 strong legs up and down and shaking their heads to make the bells
 tinkle. Leon drove the wagon around the field and back to the barn.
 We stopped in front of the barn and climbed down. He handed the reins
 to an older woman wearing a full riding outfit and he turned to me and
 asked what I thought."

 Kira went on to tell me how she believed that fantasies were all
 right, but the people in this pony club had chosen to live their
 fantasies full time.

 "Leon told me that the girls, and even some boys that wanted to be
 trained as ponies, would have to submit to anything that their masters
 wished. That might include being whipped or sold to another master. I
 was at first intrigued at the idea of being harnessed like a beast,
 but I didn't think I wanted something like that for life. I knew I
 didn't want to be whipped or beaten. That kind of pain may be alright
 for some, but not for me.

 "When I escaped from the men who had captured me, it was because I
 knew I would never be able to stand for being beaten and owned by
 someone else. I was getting tired of being alone in this world and I
 figured it might be better to have my fantasy of being tied up and
 maybe rescued or maybe not."

 As she talked and I worked on the lock we had changed positions
 several times and my arm was getting sore. I moved her arms to her
 side and held the lock so she could look back and see the progress.

 "Lets take a break," I said "My arm is getting tired from this. Are
 you OK?" I asked her.

 "I'm fine, Bill," she answered. "Can we lie down on the bed for a

 Well gee I don't know. "Sure," I said. I helped her stand up, and then
 I picked her up to carry her into the bedroom. I sat her down on the
 big bed and then I sat beside her.

 My arm was still around her back and I was gently rubbing her hair and
 arms. I reached up with my other hand and brushed the hair from her
 face and gave her a small kiss on her lips. She slid a little closer
 to me and returned the kiss with more passion.

 "Kira," I said to her. "I don't want you to think you owe me anything
 for rescuing you. Helping someone in trouble is what any normal person
 would do. But I guess you realize how much you turn me on, and I have
 to tell you that your situation has a lot to do with it. The way you
 are chained up is a real turn on for me. I have always liked the
 "helpless captive" idea and here you have come gift wrapped to me.

 "I know how you have found it hard to find someone with similar sexual
 tastes to share in your fantasies. Although I have met lots of women
 in my life, none have really had the same kind of preferences that I
 have. I dated a girl once who liked to be tied up but could only enjoy
 sex if I was to whip her at the same time. I tried it a few times, but
 she kept wanting more pain and I didn't feel right beating her like
 that. Another girl I met wanted me to control every aspect of her
 life. That was fun for a while but it got so she couldn't make even
 the simplest decision for herself. I would have to tell her when and
 what to cook, when to eat, even when to shit.

 "I know it's hard to find the right match. More so when you have
 specific fantasies and won't settle for a plain vanilla relationship.
 But you shouldn't get down about it. You are a very pretty girl and
 I'm sure there is someone around for you."

 Maybe someone like me, I thought.

 Kira snuggled closer to me and whispered in my ear "Take off your

 I stood and pulled off my T shirt, and then I undid my shorts to let
 them fall to the floor. My penis, which had been up and down all day,
 sprang to attention. Kira leaned forward to take it into her mouth and
 began to slowly suck on it.

 As she slowly took my cock into her mouth I stroked her head. Leaning
 over, I ran my hands up and down her arms and planted soft kisses on
 the top of her head. When my hands reached hers, she grasped them
 between her bound hands and she swirled my cock around her mouth with
 her tongue. I moved over to sit on the bed beside her and she
 followed me, never missing a stroke.

 After a few minutes I stretched out on my back and helped her on top
 of me with her legs around my head. I grabbed her hips and slid her
 body up so her crotch was near my face. With her knees bent, her moist
 sex opened up to me and I gave her cunt a big lick. While I tongued
 her slit, her mouth again found my swollen member, and she began
 sucking in earnest. I brought my legs up to help support her shoulders
 as my hands first rubbed her ass and hands, then her feet, which were
 in the air above my head, all the while tracing small circles around
 her swollen clit with my tongue.

 When I felt her orgasm near I hooked my thumb through the chain around
 her ankles and pulled them towards her ass. Then I found the chain
 connecting her hands and hooked it with my fingers. Her mouth had lost
 my dick at this point and she began moaning loudly as I poked my
 tongue deeper into her fragrant snatch. Her thighs started to squeeze
 my head and she started to rock back and forth on top of me as she
 began to cum. Her snatch was pulled from my face so I replaced it with
 my other hand and plunged two fingers into her hot cunt as I fought to
 hold her chains with my other hand.

 She came for about half a minute as she thrashed her head back and
 forth in my crotch and struggled in the "hog tie" I had her in. My
 fingers in her cunt were slick with her juices. I slowly released my
 grasp on the chain at her wrists and lowered her legs. I rolled her
 off from on top of me and reached over the bed to the shelf to get a
 towel to wipe my face and her sopping wet pussy. When I moved her hair
 from her face she opened her eyes and gave me a big grin.

 "That was fantastic!" she said.

 "Oh but we're not done yet," I replied.

 I stroked her flat belly and lush bush. I helped her roll onto her
 back and I placed two pillows under her to keep the weight off her
 arms beneath her. I then raised her legs in the air and knelt in front
 of her with my knees on either side of her hips and my dick aiming at
 her cunt. I hugged her legs and slid myself closer to her. With her
 feet in my face, I started to work my throbbing cock into her slick
 pussy. Kira was able to just touch my dick with her fingertips as I
 slowly pushed into her. I started to stroke in and out of her as I
 planted kisses on the soles of her bound feet while rubbing my hands
 up and down her silky legs.

 I began humping harder and faster, occasionally shifting my knees to
 get closer to her. While I was holding her legs I began to play with
 the chains binding her feet together. As I felt my own orgasm
 beginning to stir I grasped the lock between her ankles tightly and
 pressed my face into her feet, kissing them and taking little bites on
 the tough skin of the bottom and sides. Kira was shifting her bottom
 around in little circles and with each in stroke she would tickle my
 balls with her fingertips. It wasn't too long before I began to feel
 that freight train rumbling around the bend and heading for the

 With my arm around Kira's thighs I pulled her closer to me and buried
 my face between her feet as my orgasm started to peak. That amazing
 feeling began of my very being flooding into my cock and through, into
 the hot waiting pussy in front of me. I could hardly keep my balance
 as wave after wave of hot cum shot into Kira's hungry snatch and I
 almost toppled over, catching myself at the last moment as my orgasm
 began to die down.

 I crossed Kira's ankles and bent her legs, then bent down and planted
 a big kiss on her damp forehead. She opened her eyes and gave me a
 huge grin. "Wow!" was all she could say. I grabbed the towel and
 pulled out of her, using the towel to catch the mess that was sure to
 follow. I then pulled the pillows from under her and helped her roll
 over onto her stomach. Rubbing the feeling back into her arms, I told
 her how fantastic she was.

 At some point it had started raining outside and we lay on the big bed
 together, listening to the rain drumming on the roof of the cabin and
 watching it streak down the windows. Kira's head was on my shoulder
 and as I lazily stroked her back and long hair I thought on what a
 brilliant stroke of luck it was crashing on this particular island.

 We slept for about an hour with Kira's head on my shoulder. When I
 woke, the sunlight had returned and was slanting in the west side and
 highlighting her smooth ass and her shiny black hair that partly
 covered her waist and her side. I tried to move my arm from under her
 without waking her, but she woke up with a start and briefly struggled
 with her bonds before she became aware of where she was. I brushed her
 hair from her face and gave her a peck on the cheek.

 "Good morning Princess," I said to her.

 "Good morning to you my Prince," she answered. "What time is it

 "About mid afternoon, I guess. Lets go back to the other room and I'll
 finish getting your arms free."

 I slid off the bed and after pulling on my shorts I headed to the
 toilet. As I finished a nice piss I turned to watch Kira shuffle in
 and sit down on the toilet. Not only was she not embarrassed to pee in
 front of me but she began to talk about how nice the sex we just had
 was. She blushed a bit however, as I wet a washcloth and passed it
 between her legs and ass. I just gave her a smile and a hug and I
 helped her hobble over to the couch in the kitchen.

 I reached into a cabinet and pulled out a bottle of Australian wine.
 After showing her the bottle and getting an approving nod, I opened it
 and poured some into a glass. I then held it to Kira's lips as she
 drank from it. I took a drink myself, and then I picked up the small
 file I had been using and started sawing the lock where I had been
 cutting before. While I worked I talked a bit about myself.

 I had worked as a stock broker, first in Toronto and then in New York,
 and I had been quite good at it making large fortunes for some people
 and a small one for myself. However I could never really stand the rat
 race and longed for a more quiet and simpler life. I'd use some of my
 vacation time to go to Florida and help my uncle build this boat, and
 when he died I was pleasantly surprised to find he had left it to me
 in his will. Earlier that same year my wife had left me for another
 man, so I quit my job, sold everything, and set sail for parts
 unknown. For the last six years I have just travelled around, and have
 enjoyed every minute of it. Besides food and fuel my needs are few,
 and the money I have is invested well so if I decide to settle down
 someplace I could live the life of leisure if I wanted.

 After about a half hour of sawing on Kira's lock I stood and went over
 to my tool box. Returning with some pliers and a big screwdriver, I
 gripped the lock with the pliers and tried to pry it open. The side of
 the brass where I had been cutting began to bend and then the lock
 popped open. I held her arms as I unhooked the lock and unwound the
 chain from around her wrists.

 "Don't move too fast," I cautioned. "This may hurt a bit."

 I rubbed her arms and shoulders as Kira slowly brought her arms to her
 sides and then to the front of her body for the first time in two
 weeks. She began to smile and then so did I as she moved her hands up
 over her breasts and then down across her belly and thighs. She then
 turned, and putting her arms around me, gave me a big hug.

 "Thank you, Bill," was all she could say.

 I reached over and filled the wine glass, then handed it to her.

 "Here, drink this, then let's go for a swim."

 After we had both drank some of the delicious sweet wine I picked her
 up and carried her up onto the deck. The tide had come up and the
 water was about twenty feet from the boat as I helped her down onto
 the sand. I carried her out into the warm water of the lagoon.

 Even with Kira's feet bound together by the heavy lock and chain, she
 could still swim like a fish. Like a mermaid? With her long hair
 flowing around her body and her legs together that's surely what she
 reminded me of. We splashed around in the water for a couple of hours
 and made love again in the shallows at the south side of the lagoon
 before slowly paddling back to where my boat was beached. I grabbed
 the cart with the water jugs and went back to the fresh water pool to
 fill them again. When I returned to Kira I poured some water over her
 and myself to wash off the salt. I unwound the bandages from her
 ankles and rinsed them and the scrapes made by the chains and hung the
 bandages over the rail to dry.

 The cream I had put on her ankles had done some good and I told her to
 try not to move around much for a while till the bandages dry out and
 I could put them back on her. I then went inside and picked up a
 blanket, the half full bottle of wine and two glasses. I also found a
 brush for Kira's hair. I spread the blanket on the beach near the fire
 pit from lunch and then I carried Kira over and lay her down. I poured
 the wine and handed her a glass.

 We lay on the blanket and I watched Kira comb the tangles out of her
 long hair. We then cuddled and touched each other for a while, until
 the shadows from the forest lengthened along the beach. I told Kira
 again how pretty I thought she looked and how much I enjoyed our time
 together today.

 "I had gotten use to my being alone," I said. "But finding you here is
 going to make this time on the island a whole lot nicer. I feel really
 lucky to have found you."

 "I think I was lucky to have you find me," she replied. "I didn't
 think that anyone would ever come out to this island and I was
 beginning to believe that I'd die out here."

 I got up and started to toss some driftwood into the fire pit. I
 couldn't think of anything to say to Kira's last statement so I just
 said "Fish for supper?" and wandered off to the boat. The thoughts of
 such a beautiful creature as Kira suffering a most horrible death were
 heavy on my mind as I prepared the dinner.

 I made a sauce with a jar of tomatoes and added some herbs from the
 fridge. I noticed the batteries were fully charged from the solar
 panels and I reset the breakers to power the fridge. There may be
 enough power to run this, I thought, and keep all the food from
 spoiling. I then opened another bottle of wine and added some to the
 sauce. I cut up the rest of a bluefish I had caught yesterday and
 carried everything back outside. After making a fire, I put the grill
 over it and set the pot on top to simmer. I went back and got plates,
 some bread, the bowl of fish pieces, and a shirt for Kira.

 "I thought you might be getting cold," I said as I handed her the

 I bent down and gave the pot a stir, then added the fish. When I
 looked up, Kira had put on the shirt and was standing looking at me.
 She gave an awkward twirl, almost loosing her balance, and I was
 unable to suppress a giggle. Rather than concealing anything, the
 flannel shirt seemed to accentuate her lovely breasts and barely came
 down past her pussy in front. Her hair hung down past the shirt in
 back and seemed to hug the curves of her ass and curl underneath. This
 sight caused my dick to start twitching inside my shorts. I moved over
 to her and gave her a big hug.

 "You look marvelous," I said. "And I'm not kidding."

 We sat down on the blanket and had dinner. Maybe it was the company
 but the fish was delicious. Later, after I had cleaned up the dishes,
 we just lay on the beach and sipped wine while the stars came out. I
 put more of the ointment on Kira's ankles and wrapped the bandages
 underneath her chains. The wounds looked much better now and I told
 her that tomorrow I would try to cut loose the lock that bound her
 feet together.

 "It will probably take a few weeks to fix the boat and for me to get
 you off this island," I told her. "I have stuff to patch the hull on
 board and I can fix the sails and we should be able to get her back in
 the water without too much trouble."

 "I'm not in any hurry," Kira said. "There's no one waiting for me back
 home, and I really don't miss much about my life back there. I like
 you a lot, Bill, and if you want, I would like to stay with you after
 we leave here."

 "I would like that, Kira" I said.

 A little later I carried Kira back to the boat and into the bedroom. I
 put away the blanket from the beach and then returned to her. Kira was
 lying on her stomach and she had her hands behind her back. When I sat
 beside her I held both her wrists with one hand and I whispered in her


 "Please," was all she needed to say.

 I went into the other room and picked up the chain I had left on the
 couch, the one that had bound her wrists for the past two weeks. I
 found a lock in a drawer and returned to the bed. I showed her the
 lock and the key, then replaced her chain around her wrists and locked
 it with my lock. Kira gave a little moan as the lock clicked shut.

 I rolled Kira onto her side and then I lay down behind her. She drew
 her knees up and I slid my dick into her hot pussy from behind her. As
 I pumped away I would fondle her tits and pinch the nipples with one
 hand while I held tightly to her bound arms with my other hand. After
 only a few minutes we both exploded in a mind blowing orgasm.

 After, we both fell asleep cuddled together with my arms around her
 and my face in her hair. Her hands remained chained behind her, the
 same way I'd found her that morning.

 I awoke to the sound of rain drumming on the hatch above my head. Kira
 was sleeping soundly on her stomach and I reached down to the floor to
 retrieve the key from the pocket of my shorts. Quietly, I unlocked the
 lock and took the chain off her wrists. Her hands slowly slid across
 her butt and down to her sides and I gently stroked up and down the
 small of her back. I didn't notice when she opened her eyes but as her
 hand came up to brush the hair from her face I saw her look at her
 freed arm and smile as she remembered that I had released them

 "Good morning sweets," I said, and gave her back a small kiss.

 I got up and padded into the kitchen and soon came back with two
 glasses of orange juice. At some point in the night the fridge had
 stopped from low power, but the juice was nice and cold so I knew the
 food wasn't going to spoil. I sat down beside Kira and handed her a
 glass. We cuddled for a while on the bed and soon I noticed that the
 rain had stopped.

 "I am going for a walk around the island to see what's here," I said.
 "I'd like you to come too, but," shaking her foot and making her
 chains rattle, "I don't think you could keep up. Please help your self
 to anything you want. There is water in the jugs outside but if you
 feel like cooking something use the fire pit outside. We will need all
 the fuel we have for when we get out to sea again. I should only be
 gone a couple of hours so when I get back I'll cook us some brunch."

 "OK, see you soon," she said.

 I put on my clothes and hiking boots and headed outside. The clouds
 had disappeared and the sun was shining brightly as I made my way down
 the beach. As I scampered over the rocks at the end of the lagoon I
 thought back on yesterday, and Kira. Wow, what a beauty. Sleek black
 hair, smooth golden skin, and the face of an angel. Yes it was a
 stroke of luck to end up on this island, for sure.

 The rocks soon gave way to more sandy beach and I wandered along for a
 while until I saw what looked like a break in the trees. I turned up
 and made my way along the rocky trail until I realised that this must
 be the stream from the water pool behind the boat. I cut back through
 the forest and back to the beach again, and I continued along it.

 After about an hour I checked the compass and found I had covered over
 half the circumference of the island. Even sooner than I expected I
 saw the mast of my boat and I'd encountered no sign of humanity, save
 for some bits of litter that had washed up on the shore. I had robbed
 four eggs from a bird nest along the way and these I held up as I saw
 Kira sitting up on deck.

 She saw through my forced smile and said "There's no one on this
 island, is there."

 "It's so small we are lucky to have the water pool here," I said. "No
 people, no buildings, I didn't even see a sign of people ever being

 "It's alright, Bill," she said. "I'm quite happy to stay here with

 While I had been gone, Kira had found the flour and stuff and mixed a
 batch of batter for griddle cakes. I cooked the cakes and the eggs I
 had found, along with some ham, and we had a lovely breakfast.

 After we ate I picked up the file I had used yesterday and started
 working on the chains around Kira's ankles. I quickly found out the
 chains were hardened like the one that had tied her wrists, and the
 file didn't mark them. I also soon realized that the heavy steel lock
 between her feet was also hardened. In fact, after a half hour of
 sawing different parts of the lock there was hardly a mark on it and
 the edge of my file had worn smooth. Kira had been watching me and she
 understood the problem before I said anything.

 "I don't think I can get this off you, Kira," I said. "I use to have a
 disk grinder, but I traded it for a gasket set for the engine six
 months ago. Besides, there's no power to run it. I really don't have
 anything here that will cut this off you. I am afraid you are stuck
 until we get back to civilization."

 I thought I saw the trace of a smile cross her face as my words sank

 "It's OK," she said. "Maybe I won't be able to help you as much as I'd
 like to with the boat, but I'll try."

 She lifted her feet up and touched the lock and said "This doesn't
 bother me too much, you know."

 I held her feet up and stroked the inside of her thigh.

 "I guess you have figured out that this," I rattled her chain,
 "doesn't bother me much either."

 I moved my head under her feet and parted her knees. Then I brought my
 face down to her warm bush and dipped my tongue into her slit. She
 must have washed earlier, because there was only a faint womanly
 smell. She was already wet down there. She lay down on her back and
 pushed on the back of my head with her feet. I licked around her cunt
 and then I parted the lips with my tongue and flicked it across her
 clit. Her ass started jumping and she hooked her feet around my neck
 to press my face tighter to her and she began humping my head. I
 sucked her little erect clit in and out as I pushed my tongue into her
 tight cunt. Soon, she arched her back up and I felt her push her arms
 underneath her and grip her wrists together. Then she exploded in
 orgasm that lasted almost half a minute as my face was crushed into
 her and my mouth was soaked with her tangy tasting pussy juice.

 Fan fucking tastic, I thought, as I slid out from under her and gasped
 in air. I sat up and wiped my face with my shirt and watched her come
 back to earth.

 It took about four weeks to get the Christy back to sea worthy
 condition. Both Kira and myself worked on the task, taking many breaks
 during the day to swim, have sex, and just laze around on the beach. I
 kept expecting the pirates that had kidnapped Kira to show up and
 reclaim their treasure, but as the time went on I began to relax. I
 guessed that they'd thought she hadn't survived long, or perhaps the
 sailors that brought her here didn't want their captain to find out
 how one of his valuable girls disappeared from his ship.

 I was unable to restart the power system since the salt water had
 destroyed the catalyst used to produce the hydrogen for the fuel cell,
 but the solar panels kept the batteries charged enough to keep the
 refrigerator running, so we had a way to keep the food fresh. The
 water filter I was able to fix with some new membrane, so drinking
 water was not a problem either.

 I patched the hole in the hull with some fiberglass cloth and a half
 gallon of resin. I added some support from inside by removing a
 cabinet and a wall panel in the bedroom, shaping some pieces of wood
 to fit, then resealing the inner hull and replacing the wall. Later
 on, some grinding on the outside, and some paint, and it will be as
 good as new. We were also able to patch together a full set of sails
 and repair all the rigging that was torn down during the storm.

 The most strenuous task was to get the boat off the beach and back
 into the water. We did this by digging out a channel behind the boat
 and part way under the hull. As the tide came in it would wash more
 sand from under the boat and then we would go and dig some more. After
 five days of this the boat began to slide down into the channel and
 eventually we managed to winch the boat off the beach and further out
 into deeper water. I found the keel stuck on the reef in the lagoon
 and the mounting flanges on the boat and on the keel were undamaged.
 When the storm had brought me here, and I had grounded out on the
 reef, the bolts holding the keel on had sheared off as designed. It
 was easy to float over the keel and winch it into place, and after a
 little diving we'd installed new bolts in place.

 When all was ready we sailed away from our little island and made
 course for New Zealand. The navigation computer would not boot up and
 the radio was also dead. I figured the lightning bolt that had made me
 dive for cover in the storm had in fact hit a lot closer than I had
 thought, and had killed most of the electronics on board. However, I
 had charts on paper, and a hand held Global Positioning System unit,
 so finding our way back to civilization was not a problem.

 After five weeks at sea we arrived at Auckland and docked there in the
 late afternoon. I hurried ashore and found a tool rental shop and
 picked up a small disk grinder just before they closed. I then
 returned to the boat to release Kira from her bonds. I spread a tarp
 on the floor and wrapped her feet with wet towels so the sparks
 wouldn't burn her. I then clamped the lock between her feet to a piece
 of wood. As she held it, I lay the grinder wheel into the shackle of
 the lock. After less than ten minutes I had her feet free.

 Kira was ecstatic to finally regain the use of her legs after so long.
 She began by taking a few small steps around the cabin and soon she
 was running and skipping the length of the boat.

 We settled in the bedroom, her, with her legs spread wide inviting me
 to enter her. We started in the good old missionary position, then
 switched to me on my back and her on top of me, riding my cock for all
 it was worth. As we both began to peak, Kira threw her head back and
 her hair cascaded down her back and tickled my balls. This sent me
 over the edge and I arched my back up to drive deeper into her. Kira
 rocked back and forth as she came and I could feel her cunt muscles
 milking my dick and seeming to pull it in deeper.

 After we had come down, we lay on the bed for a while, basking in the
 warm afterglow of our lovemaking. A bit later on we both got cleaned
 up and went out into town for some supper. It was so nice to have Kira
 walking beside me for a change. We found a nice restaurant that
 overlooked the harbour and I ordered some champagne to celebrate our
 good fortune. We had a great dinner with fresh salad, clam chowder and
 some nice steaks. As night began to fall we took coffee "to go" and
 walked along the beach. We found a group of young people partying
 around a fire and joined in. We danced in the moonlight and it was
 much later on that we returned to the Christy.


 Kira has stayed with me for this past two years and after the repairs
 at Auckland were completed we sailed on to Australia, Japan, Thailand
 and the Indian ocean. When we are out sailing, I would often put the
 chains back on her hands and feet like when I first found her. She is
 quite happy to stay like this and be my pampered bedroom slave. I will
 keep her bound like this sometimes for weeks at a time and she has
 never asked to be let loose as I literally wait on her hand and foot.

 [The End]

 This was my first ever story. I wrote this story mostly to see if I
 could do it. Plus, I really wanted to give something back for all the
 great (and even the not so great) stuff I have read from the 'net over
 the years. Comments about this story are welcome.

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