Naked Cop
by Destronger

In every city, there always has to be that one place, that one section, that one neighborhood that its inhabitants would consider as the worst possible place to live in. For the city of San Angeles, that place is in Washington District. It is quite an irony, considering that the district is named after a famous person in history. The citizenry had continuously clamored for city hall to do something about the deteriorating peace and order but there never seems to be anything done about it.

For those who uphold the law, they know a possibly good reason why. Anthony Gello, current head of the Gello crime family, has hands deep in the pocket of city hall. The mayor owes him for the tremendous support in getting him to his seat. Washington is Gelloís own kingdom in the empire that is San Angeles. For the dedicated cops of Washington District, it is their mission to put this serpent down, if they could only connect him to his many criminal operations.

"This is a bad idea," Det. June Yore said. The 5í3" woman is wearing Goth punk clothes and she is sporting a platinum blonde hair cut short, really short and dark mascara to match. Sheís 29 years old but she still looks young enough to pass for a high school teen. Amazing.

"We have no choice, we already lost two good agents," Det. De Leon said.

They are in a surveillance van disguised as a delivery vehicle, parked a good distance from Titoís, a dance and bar club. Undercover agent Salvador Rourke had been going through many drug pushers and dealers to ultimately meet with the supplier, the "mysterious" Ramon Escudero. That was all they know of his name. If they could somehow entrap him, they could make him spill out his connections to the Gello mob. So far, two agents were to have made it all the way to meet Escudero himself but wire transmissions just ended abruptly and when the team would move in for the bust, there are no evidences to be found that their agents had been there at all. All those meetings took place at Titoís

"Yes, but one rule in going undercover is never to introduce an unexpected element. It spooks the crooks. Theyíre only expecting you, Rourke," she tried to protest. She only got onto this case because she was the only woman with undercover experience and her gender would, they hope, raise no alarms.

"I donít like it either but thatís the captainís orders," Rourke said.

"Okay, normally, you would wear a wire or a recorder so weíre going a little high-tech this time. A small earpiece so we can hear your conversations," De Leon said as he handed the earpieces to the both of them. They took the devices. He explained further, "Our two boys wore wires and we think that they mustíve been given a body search and that gave them away. Good luck."

Yore and Rourke got off the van. Rourke is carrying a bag of money. They slowly walked their way to Titoís. This part of Washington is decidedly cleaner in appearance compared to the rest of the neighborhood. Apparently, Gello doesnít want any of his properties looking like the dumps. He, of course, is a partner in the ownership of Titoís.

They got in through the clubís doors. By daytime, there is nary a soul in the club except for the employees who maintain the place for the partying that takes place every night. It sure looks strange seeing this place in a more bright condition. A husky voice called out to them, "Sally, Sally, Sally. Iím glad you could make it. Whoís this friend of yours, eh?" It was Alan, a thin mustachioed man who looks too Caucasian to be speaking in a Latino accent.

"My girlfriend," Rourke replied.

"You know Ramon donít like unexpected guests," Alan said, a frown on his face.

"Well, you know, I never met any bigwigs before so I, ah... thought Iíd bring her in for good luck."

"Naw!! Heís just a scaredy cat, thatís why he brought me," Yore said in a teasing tone. She smiled at Alan in hopes that he would think sheís coming on to him somewhat and make him reconsider.

"Iím just saying he donít like no surprises, thatís all," Alan said. "I mean, we caught cops trying to get in before."

"Aw, címon. Do I look like a cop to you?" she said this in a poo poo voice.

"Haaa... Okay, I guess you could come." Finally, her gambit worked.

They went to the bar and then wound their way behind it. On the floor behind the bar is a trap door. When Yore saw it, she couldnít help but think how clichť this sort of thing really is. Alan was first to go down. "Watch your step," he said. It was a metal stairway. That its color is black didnít help any one to see the way down. There were no lights. Why, oh, why does this have to be so clichť?

The steps, fortunately, were not so narrow that they didnít have a hard time going down. Still, it was so dark. Yore felt a hand brush up her behind. She couldnít tell if this was done on purpose. Nothing she could do about it right now, anyway. Ah, how she would have liked to deck the bastard who took the chance to touch her.

Now that they have reached the ground, she and Rourke could see that they are in some sort of hallway. A dim light at the end of the hallway is all that illuminates it. "Donít be so scared, sweetie. Weíre all here to protect you, okay?" Alan said. Apparently, heís getting comfortable with the fact that sheís around. Yore wondered if it was her imagination that before they went in, the men were grinning at her.

When they reached the end of the hallway, there was a door underneath the dim light bulb. And in they went, only to find another dimly lit room. After a moment, Yore and Rourke realize that it wasnít so dark after all. It was just the way these lamps were made to accentuate some type of mood. But romantic it is not.

Now, that she could see better, Yore realized that Alan and his men are indeed sporting grins. "Huh? Whatíre you guys smiling about?"

"Well, we always had a problem with cops trying to plant a good one on us... so we now make it a point to search newcomers... thoroughly," said Alan. "I need the both of you to strip."

A wave of panic hits the two undercover cops but Rourke steps in, "Hey, look, she could just step outside for this meeting."

"I donít think so. You see, we have a problem with trust. We need to know if we can trust you. We gonna check your clothes for any wires, comprende?"

Rourke looked at Yore with a look of concern on his face. "Yeah, yeah, I think I can do this," she told him and proceeded to take of her jacket first and, then, start unbuttoning her pants.

Her partner also began taking off his clothes. Slowly, they took off with their jackets, their shoes, then, the pants. Yore could tell that they were enjoying every moment of this.

Alan and his men saw guns holstered at Rourkeís ankle to which Rourke replied, "I like to keep safe, okay?" Perhaps they saw something like this before, they let the matter go.

Finally, there is nothing left but the undergarments. "Oh, and your underwear, too," Alan added.

"What?" Yore exclaimed, while Rourke said, "No way."

"Unless you got something to hide like, say, a recorder or mike, you gonna take them off."

"All right, all right," Yore said, "I canít imagine who youíre more excited to see naked, me or him?"

Her joke, it seemed, fell flat and didnít get through. Alan and his men just kept grinning and staring at her. She tried to cover her breasts and crotch with her hands. "Ah, the both of you gonna have to lift up your crotch, then you gonna have to show us your... asshole."

Good god! Are they being subjected to some kind of humiliating game? Even if they werenít, better put some realism into their performance. Despite this being a play, it really did get to her. Yore screamed at Alan, "My ass--...? What is this? Some kind of game? Not enough you see me naked, you wanna fuck me too?"

"Hey, I didnít make the rules here," Alan told her. Obviously, this was all part of a setup for security. Alanís men are checking their clothes inside out for any tape recorders or any listening device. They will have to play along if they want to make it all the way to the big boss.

"Donít worry, June, Iím here," Rourke said to Yore in a reassuring voice. Was that really concern on his part? Yore wondered. Was that real? Sure, they have worked together in the past but she couldnít remember either of them entering any romantic notions. Perhaps, it was just the moment. As much as she is playing her part in this bust, she couldnít help but feel humiliated at their current situation. Exposing herself to complete strangers, once, when she was a rookie, she would be arresting exhibitionists. But, ah, where were her thoughts taking her?

Back to their situation, she pulled up her crotch and exposed her pussy to these perverts. Turned around, bent over and showed off her anus and covered herself with her hands again. This was all so sudden, her face is red from the anger and humiliation. Still, sheís a cop. She let thoughts that this is just part of the job go through her head over and over just to calm her down. Now, thatís better.

Rourke also did what he had to do to satisfy these gangsters. Clearly, his face is red from this embarrassment. "All right, are you happy now? Can we get our clothes back?"

"Yeah, we wanna see him so Sal can do what he has to do and we can get out of here," added Yore.

The room suddenly got flooded with lights. "Yeah, you can see me, Chiquita, but getting out of here? I donít think so?" said the Latino in the white suit, standing at the other end of the room. "Alan, you stupid asshole. Theyíre cops!"

"Huh? What?" a dumbfounded Alan said.

"Youíre Escudero, arenít you?" Rourke asked the man in white.

"What are you talking about? We ainít cops!" Yore asked him.

"Yes, you are. You gave yourself away. Unless you a stripper, no woman stripping in front of several men would have that much self control in her," Escudero said. A truly wide grin showing on his face. One of his gold teeth in full view for all to see.

"R-r-really? You can tell?" both cops asked... Was Escudero really this smart?

"Nah! Of course not! I was just testing out my new toy," Escudero said as he waved something that looks like a black box. "Itís a device that measures the presence of radio transmissions in an area. Iím always careful, how do you think I managed to evade you police for so long, ha?"

"All units! Move in, move in! This operationís a bust!" screamed Rourke, hoping that the little radio attached to his tooth is working.

"That not gonna do you much good, hijo. This room is sealed with a lot of concrete and steel and I add some more stuff to make sure no signal can come in or out. Only way to call in or out is with this telephone," Escudero pointed to the one on his desk. "Face it. You two are screwed," he, then, pointed his fingers at both of them and he laughed an evil laugh.

"Too bad, girly. We really enjoyed your striptease. Hahahahaha!" Alan said.

Realizing that theyíll both be killed anyway, Yore decided to take action. With her left hand, she grabbed the arm of the man to her right and knocked him in the solar plexus with her elbow. While he is still reeling, she took the gun from his hand and shot the man to Escuderoís left. The man to Escuderoís right took aim and fired, only to hit his compatriot whom Yore used as shield.

With the sudden turn of events, Rourke joined in and punched hard the henchman next to him. Fortunately, the henchman was surprised and the gun is still in his holster and couldnít take it out so soon. One of the henchmen who inspected their clothes brandished his gun. Rourke is unable to take gun out of the holster so he just fired directly. Lucky that it is an automatic pistol that he was able to fire several shots to make sure his attacker would stay dead. He is not lucky enough to avoid a shot that went through his calf. And down to the floor he went.

Yore saw it was Alan who shot Rourke. She fired off a couple of rounds to scare off Escuderoís henchman and then shot one at Alan who got hit in the abdomen. Then, she turned her attention back to Escudero and the henchman. They were both gone. They went through a passageway in the wall to their back. Looks like they got scared by a naked couple turning the tables on them.

She went to Rourke to check out on him. As she was about to kneel down and check his injury, he shouted, "Look out!"

It was Alan, who decided to take one more chance at killing them but Yore was faster and her shot flung the pistol from his hand and another that hit his shoulder. In terrible pain, he couldnít do anything but back down. "Bitch!" he cursed.

"You alright?" she asked her partner.

"Just go after them. I can take care of here," he replied.

Alan gives the both of them mean looks. He said to them, "Y-youíre gonna pay... assholes..." Somehow, his Latino accent disappeared.

They noted this and Yore looks at him. She said to him, "Youíre no Latino, youíre just some wannabe!" And she kicked him to the head before going after Escudero.

Figuring that Escudero couldnít have gone that far, Yore picked up a couple of clips and went through the secret passageway. Once she got in, it looked like a sewer tunnel with some portions retrofitted with planks and ways built over the water flowing below them. The bugger certainly made plans for escape. She went after them still.

Once she crossed the makeshift bridge, she wondered how she was going to be able to track them down. Then, she saw arrow signs written in chalk on the cold dry floor. Could the son of a bitch really be so stupid and paranoid enough to get lost that he would put them there? Only one way to find out and that is to follow the arrows.

She quickened her pace and found that it seemed to take her a block away. She hopes that she isnít making some stupid rookie mistake. That feeling doesnít last for long as she saw a metal stairway leading up. This has got to be it, she thought.

She realizes she is going up a trap door. A scent wafts down from above. It smells like a kitchen, she thinks. She slowly pops up her head and sees a frying pan headed her way. She quickly ducks down and soon as it passes, she gets up again, this time with as much of her upper body out and shoot at the legs of whoever tried to hit her.

It looks like it was one of the cooks. He keels from the pain. The rest of the staff seemed very surprised at the sight of a naked woman in their kitchen. That moment has to seem so surreal for everyone present. It must be one of Escuderoís restaurants. She wonders if she ever ate here. The thought that the kitchen has a trap door that leads to the sewers is sure to give the shivers out of anyone. She quickly got up and declared, "Freeze! Police!"

She heard a car starting. It has to be Escudero.. She races toward the door leading out to the back. A gust of air hit her naked body as she realizes she is outside. She sees a grey Mitsubishi Lancer going out of the alleyway. Someone in the car tried to take a few shots at her. She avoids them all and then goes after her quarry. She shot out a few rounds to keep them from shooting back.

The car was able to pull itself out of the alleyway and out into the streets. She ran as fast as she could. The pavement is truly hard on the soles. When she stepped out of the alley, she had to pull herself back. What had she gotten herself into? This was Dulce Avenue, a busy route with lots of people going about and she is pursuing her quarry totally in the buff. She wanted to slap herself in the head for not at least taking her jacket with her.

"Leon!" she said aloud, hoping that maybe they would be able to pick up the signals from the transmitter in her ear, "The operationís a bust. Suspect Escudero is getting away..." At this point, she realizes she would lose sight of that Lancer. Some people are already giving her strange looks.

She couldnít stand it anymore. She decided to step out and declares to the next bypasser, "Police! I need to take command of your coat!"

Stunned at the sight of a naked woman with a gun pointed at him, the man asked, "Uh, are you trying to hold me up?"

The Lancer is getting farther. This is taking too much time, sheíll just have to wing it. "Shit!" she cursed and ran as fast as she could. The possibility of catching up to the car on foot is very much impossible. Itís getting too far. The thought that sheís just uselessly humiliating herself kept running through her head.

Inside the Lancer, Escudero and his henchman are laughing that they got away this time. Escudero kept looking back, trying to imprint to his memory the sight of a naked woman in the middle of the street chasing after them. "Man, I wish I had a camera wití me. This makes a great story over a party."

"Yeah, boss," his henchman said. He, too, couldnít help it but also look back in amusement, so much so that he doesnít realize they are reaching an intersection and a truck is coming from their left. The truck driver tried to honk to warn them but it was too late.

The impact was hard. The Lancer spun to the right and rotated 180 degrees and collide with the car following them. Yore couldnít believe it. When all seemed so hopeless, this fortuitous turn of events happen. Her luck is changing, for the first time today, there is a reason to smile. Then, a waft of wind wraps around her still naked body, just in time to remind her of her physical predicament. She could only sigh.

So many people, pedestrians, commuters and drivers are having a field day with the sight of a naked woman running in the street. Many of the men are hooting and honking their horns for her. She could hear cheers and a few calling her to have shame on herself. She is sporting a red face as she races toward the Lancer.

The passenger door opens and Escudero steps out. He is still shaken by the accident and his steps are wobbly. He turns to see that Yore is catching up to him. Raising his gun, he tries to take some shots at Yore. He misses hitting only the windshields of other cars.

Yore takes cover and release warning shots by intentionally missing Escudero. Apparently, he decides they were real and makes a run for it. Again apparently, he is still sprite enough to run. Yore is hating every minute of this chase. Her feet are hurting and her breasts bounce as she runs after him. Whereís backup when you need them?

Escudero manages to run half a block before he starts slowing down. He is not a man known for keeping himself physically fit... This enables Yore to catch up to him. He is finally frustrated and starts shooting wildy in Yoreís direction. Pedestrians panic and take cover.

Yore decides that she has to end this as soon as possible and shoots. She nicks Escudero in his right calf. He screams in pain. Some of the pedestrians laid down on the ground for cover and it was the misfortune of one skinny young man to be Escuderoís hostage as he is lifted from the pavement and into the manís arms. Yore wanted him to be alive so they could use him. This is not good. "Shit!" she mutters.

"Hey, Chiquita! You better drop that gun or I blow this kidís brains out!" Escudero declares.

She manages to come to about fifteen feet from him. "Itís going to be all right, kid," she tries to assure the hostage but she can see he is far from distressed. He is wide-eyed at what he is seeing in front of him. "Iím being rescued by an angel," he whispers to himself. This she does not need.

Police sirens are blaring. They are still of some distance but theyíre coming. She tells Escudero, "No, you drop it! The police are coming and youíve got nowhere to go. Give it up!"

"N-n-no! Iím gonna make demands!" he refuses to give in. "You do as I say or this hijo gets it!" Pressing the gunís muzzle deep to the boyís throat, he is getting desperate. Could it get any worse was the thought running through Yoreís head. She had hoped she could catch him soon but backup is coming and, very soon, the media. Her heart is thumping at the very thought of further humiliation.

Just then, the boy starts to convulse a bit. He couldnít stand up straight any more and he keeps going forward . Escudero is having a hard time keeping him in his control, "Wh-what? What the hell is this?" The boy falls to the ground on his knees and makes groaning sounds. Yore notices the bulge in the boyís pants. Did he have just a hard on? Was he cumming?

Escudero is panicking he is losing control. "Wh-wha? Get up! Get up!" he ordered the boy. Escudero makes the mistake of waving his gun into the air which gives Yore the opportunity to shoot the weapon out of his hand. Blam! He holds his bleeding hand, stumbles and whimpers.

This gives Yore ample time to get close to him and kick him to the groin, hard, really hard. The only way she could make sure he wonít do anything, seeing as how she does not have any handcuffs with her. He doesnít fight back anymore. What a wimp!

She takes the gun away from Escudero and checks on the boy. "Hey, you all right kid?"

He could only look at his pants, particularly his groin, and say, "I think my momís gonna kill me when she finds out I crapped in my pants..."

Two uniformed policement make their way through the gathering crowd. They were stunned at the sight of Yoreís naked body but they quickly regained their composure and one of them started reading Escudero his rights.

The press have arrived and started taking pictures and asking questions. Questions like whether this is the new standard procedure and that naked police personnel would become the norm for this town. The commissioner and the mayor would certainly be pulling their hair over this. And the crowd is starting to really grow. She rolls her eyes wishing that this would be all over.