The Voice
by Deputy Duffy

Chapter 3

Debbie was ordered out of the bath by the voice, and then for the second time today she had to dry off and massage in body lotion, all in front of the mirror.

Debbie wrapped herself in a towel and headed for the kitchen, carrying the speakerphone. She set it up on the kitchen table and nervously took a seat.

"Are you ready for your last task?" the voice bellowed.

"Yah," Debbie lied, still flustered from her perverted bath show.

"Ok it's simple, I want you to get your personal phone book," the voice boomed.

"My phone book, ok it's right here," Debbie said, a little confused, as she got the little green book that had their families' and friend's phone numbers in it.

"Ok it goes like this, I want you to call up one of the people in the book, have them come over, serve them dinner, and then serve them yourself," the voice barked.

"Oh simple," Debbie said sarcastically. "Yah I'll just call them up, you wanna come over and fuck me, so some sicko can watch."

"Debbie you're wasting time, you have one hour, and remember you can't fail this task, also remember I'm listening, one false move and Game Over," the voice roared.

"I get it!" Debbie cried out.

Debbie sat in stunned silence, before she flipped through the book, back and forth, reading off name after name. She finally copied down four names and numbers from the book that she thought she might be able to get to come over on short notice.

"This can't be happening!" Debbie cried out, starting to panic. She also was suddenly reminded of the simple fact that she hadn't had sex with another man in over eight years.

She stared at their names, as she reached for the phone, but just couldn't dial the numbers. She finally mustered some courage by looking at the refrigerator that was decorated in pictures that her boys had drawn, and dialed an old boyfriend's number, but it was disconnected.

"That figures, that bum never paid his bills," Debbie moaned.

Debbie dialed the next number, it was her car mechanic, but the phone was picked up by a female voice, so she quickly hung up.

"Ah, that guy would have gotten grease all over me anyways," Debbie groaned.

The next number was her younger cousin's. She always thought he showed her more affection than he should have when they were younger. As sick as it made her feel, she mustered up her courage and invited him over to eat when he answered. But he said he was going out with the boys and hung up, before Debbie could even beg.

"I can't believe I was thinking about fucking my cousin!" Debbie cried out, as she read the last name on her list over and over.

"Oh man, Jack Sumner," she groaned, as just thinking about him made her skin crawl. Jack was a good friend of her husband, who had given them a lot of business over the years, and he had also given Debbie many an uncomfortable stare. He was also the hug and kisses type that Debbie hated.

Debbie suddenly shook, when she remembered the time she was coming out of the garage, carrying two gallons of milk and Jack rushed up to her. Debbie thought he was offering his assistance, but instead he took the opportunity to slip a hand into Debbie's shirt as he copped himself a cheap feel.

Debbie picked up the phone again and called her cousin again, but only got the machine.

"Fucking fag," Debbie cried, as she slammed the phone down. "Yah, you go out with the boys, when you could have come over and..."

Debbie slammed her head down on the table. "Man, what the fuck am I doing?"

Debbie spent some time pacing the floor back and forth. Looking at the clock, she knew she had run out of time and alternatives. Seemingly in an act of desperation, she picked up the phone and called Jack's number.


"Hello Jack, it's Debbie."

"Oh Debbie, hi what's up?"

"Nothing really, Jack."

"Everything all right?"

"Yah I guess, a little lonely maybe."

"Yah well Debbie, hubby will be home tomorrow."

"Yah I know, it's just I made this great lasagna, and well I hate to eat alone."

"Yah, I know what you mean."

"So what do yah say Jack?"

"Are you asking me over?"

"Yah, you like lasagna right?"

"That's not all I like," Jack said, which made Debbie squirm in her seat.

"So I'll see yah in a little while?"

"I don't know Deb, I have a date later, need a little, well you know."

"Please Jack?"

"I don't know, she's a sure thing."

"Please Jack, you won't be disappointed," Debbie mumbled.

"Really, will yah even wear the gold dress?"

"Ah the gold dress," Debbie moaned. "Sure I guess."

"I'll see yah in an hour," Jack said, after a brief silent moment.

Debbie put down the phone and slumped in her chair. She had been embarrassed before, but this was a new low. She just propositioned her own husband's friend of all people, Jack Sumner.

She sat up in the chair, as her stomach turned when she pictured Jack naked. Jack was a stocky man in his forties, and once Debbie saw him with his shirt off, and to her, it looked like he was wearing a fur coat. Suddenly the phone rang and Debbie jumped, before slowly answering it.

"Very good Debbie, now let's make some lasagna," the voice boomed. "Now Debbie take off the towel and put on the apron that's hanging on the stove, and get to work."

Debbie started to make dinner wearing just the apron and her high heels, as she almost laughed at the voice's perversion level. She put the lasagna in the oven and put some corn on low, finally she put some bread sticks on the oven's top, and opened a bottle of wine.

"Ok, let's check out the gold dress," the voice barked, just as Debbie was about to sit back down.

Debbie cringed, as she almost forgot about that part. Debbie made her way into the bedroom and found the gold dress in the back of her clothes closet, and quickly slipped it on. She shook her head when she remembered the one and only time she'd worn the dress. Her husband bought her the dress to wear, when they had to meet some important clients. When she tried it on, she found out why, as the thing barley covered her body in any and all directions. It was too low cut in the front and back and was too short, although her husband, and his clients didn't seem to think so. It was an incredibly long night for Debbie, as she was ashamed that her husband would use her seemingly as a trophy wife.

Debbie slipped on the small gold panties that went with the dress and headed for the bathroom mirror once again. The voice made Debbie shift and turn into all sorts of positions in the skimpy dress, each one causing Debbie to cringe.

Finally when the voice had seemingly had its fun, and had given the dress its seal of approval, Debbie brought the speakerphone into the living room and set it up on the coffee table and nervously waited for Jack's arrival.

A short time later the doorbell rang and rang; it took several tries before Debbie staggered to the door.

"Hi Jack, thanks for coming over," Debbie said in her cheeriest voice, as she opened the door.

"Brought a bottle of wine," Jack said, as he gave her a small kiss on the cheek.

"Come on in," a stunned Debbie said, as she was surprised that he brought a bottle of wine, as he always drank their booze, and he gave her a kiss on the cheek, usually he tried for the lips.

"Dinner's almost ready," Debbie said, as she led Jack into the kitchen.

"Looking forward to it, you were always a good cook," Jack said as he opened the wine. Debbie drank a glass down in record time and poured another, her plan was simple, let the alcohol work its magic.

The two sat down and ate, Debbie was doing her best to be friendly and not talk about her husband, or Jack's wife, even though they were separated. It even seemed like Jack was following the same plan. As a result the dinner conversation was brutally awkward.

Debbie cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher, none too surprised that Jack didn't even offer to help. He just seemed intent on watching her every move, in the sexy dress. The two moved into the living room and settled in on the couch.

"How's the wine?" Jack said, as he poured Debbie another glass.

"Good," Debbie lied.

"It should be, it cost 30 dollars," Jack moaned.

Debbie had all she could do to not laugh in his face. She was still asking herself why she'd called Jack.

"So Debbie, why don't you tell me why you really called me," Jack said, with an evil grin.

"I ah," Debbie managed, as she knew the question signaled the beginning of the game, and Debbie had hoped that she would be more inebriated before they got to this point.

"The wine is great, but wouldn't a Crown hit the spot right about now?" Debbie said, as she went to the liquor cabinet and came back with two snifter glasses full of Crown Royal.

"Hey thanks Debbie, I didn't know you drank Crown," Jack said with a smile.

"There are a lot of things that you don't know about me," Debbie teased, but hated herself for doing so.

"I bet," Jack said with another smile. "Like what?"

"Like for one," Debbie said, as he gulped a sip of Crown, which burned her lungs. "Like I never really minded that you always flirted with me."

"Really? Well you hid it well." Jack snapped.

"Yah, I hide a lot of things well," Debbie moaned.

"Yah I know, like the simple fact that you like to hide that luscious body of yours." Jack said with a sly smile. "In fact, stand up for a sec, and let me take a closer look at you in my favorite dress."

After an another gulp, Debbie stood up and offered an awkward smile, as she really hated the way he looked at her, like he was always mind fucking her. Jack had her turn around slowly until she was all the way around.

"And there is that ass," Jack shot, which caused Debbie to turn back around.

Jack reached out a grabbed Debbie's hand. "Debbie, you were carved out of stone by a sex maniac!" He oozed, as he kissed her hand. Just the kiss sent shivers down Debbie's back, never mind his one liner.

"Hey let's dance," Jack said, as he moseyed over to the stereo. Debbie's heart was pounding, as she always hated to dance with Jack, as he had a bad case of wandering hands. The sounds of soft music bounced off the walls as Jack grabbed Debbie's hand and pulled her close to him.

The two danced for a while, as Debbie had to fight her urge to slap his face, as his hands were doing their own dance over Debbie's back and lightly over her ass.

"Ah that's enough dancing," Debbie cried out, when she felt Jack's hand wander under her dress, pressing against her gold panties.

"Oh Debbie, just some harmless fun," Jack mumbled.

"Yah I know Jack," Debbie said, as she wondered how she was going to go through with it, if she couldn't even stand to dance with him. She immediately went to the back to the liquor cabinet, as she figured alcohol was her only answer. She sank back down on the couch with Jack, who immediately moved closer. Jack slowly moved his hands up to the back of Debbie's head and caressed the back of Debbie's short hair.

"Love the hair Debbie, short and so sexy, like you," Jack whispered into her ear. Debbie only snickered at his comment.

"Man you are tough," Jack said, as he stood up. "You change colors quicker than a stoplight."

"Jack I'm sorry, I'm just nervous, you know I never." Debbie groaned.

"Never? Man you have two kids!" Jack shot.

"No, you know, never cheated, since I was married," Debbie moaned.

"Oh is that what you're worried about? What you think your husband hasn't?"

Jack's comment hit Debbie like a tone of bricks, as her husband had promised her that his cheating ways were over when they got married, although Debbie wasn't that naive. She knew in her heart that he may have cheated, a time or two, as he did have a wondering eye, and she also knew that's exactly how she got together with her husband in the first place.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that," Jack said, as leaned down and wiped away a tear from Debbie face. Jack also leaned forward and found her lips with his. Debbie stomach turned, as he increased pressure, and soon his tongue was searching for hers. He pulled her to her feet and wrapped his arms around her. The two were soon locked in a sloppy wet kiss, Jack's tongue exploring every inch of Debbie's mouth.

Jack's sudden movements startled Debbie, when he spun her around and crashed back onto the couch.

"Debbie you're a great kisser, really got me going," Jack said, as he rubbed his hand over the front of his pants. Debbie couldn't help but notice the large bulge that had tented the front of his pants.

"Thanks," Debbie moaned, scared of what his pants were concealing.

"Now Debbie, dance for me," Jack hissed.

"Ah dance," Debbie said, as she started to move her hips back in forth. "Like this?"

Debbie continued her awkward dance, as she felt like a rookie on amateur night. Jack suddenly grabbed her by the waist and spun her around and pulled her back onto his lap.

"Ah yes, now this what I was talking about!" Jack said excitingly, as Debbie was doing her best to get off his lap, as she could feel his hard cock, poking at her backside. Finally breaking free she stood back up, and continued her swaying.

"That's nice Debbie, but do me a favor, lose the dress," Jack hissed.

Debbie instantly felt like a cheep whore, normally she would have slapped him for that. In fact she would have even slapped her husband, if he ever talked to her like that.

Debbie kept dancing, stalling for time, as Jack kept chanting, "take it off." Over and over.

Debbie was thankful that the booze was kicking in, because she felt almost numb as she reached up and slipped the strap off her right shoulder and then slid off the left. She spun around and wiggled her hips, she figured if she was really going to do this then she would at least tease the Asshole first. Debbie slowly let the dress fall off the front of her body, as she looked over her shoulder at Jack, who was sitting back on the couch, with an amorous smile on his face.

Debbie continued her dancing, her back towards Jack, as she finally let the dress slip off. It gathered around her ankles, until she kicked it to the side. She was now dancing in only her gold panties and black heels. She covered her breasts with her hands and spun around. She kept spinning around showing a little and then turning back around again. She had her back to Jack, as she shuffled back towards him, as she was shaking her gold panties, just inches from his face. She started to shuffle forward again when Jack grabbed her by the waist, tossing her onto the couch.

"Teasing time is over, Bitch!" Jack snapped, as his body weight slammed on top of Debbie.

Debbie's head spun with emotions, and alcohol, as she felt Jack take her left nipple in his mouth. She closed her eyes tight and tried her zone out method again, as she realized that she had gone too far to turn back now.

Jack spent some time sucking on Debbie's puffy nipples before sliding down Debbie's stomach. Jack threw both of Debbie's legs over his shoulder and grabbed Debbie's panties by the waistband and quickly slid them down her smooth legs. He held them to his nose and took a deep breath, before throwing them on the floor.

Jack held both of Debbie's legs in his hands slowly fanning them back in forth, before slowly dropping a leg on the couch and slipping one over his shoulder.

"Ah shaved Debbie, who knew?" Jack moaned, as his face was only inches from her pussy. He spent some time kissing and licking around her pussy, finally in a sudden move, drove into Debbie's pussy, causing her whole body to shake. Jack's tongue moved with furious accuracy, as if he remembered how long and how much he had wanted this. Debbie also couldn't help but notice, as she was no longer in her zone. Her eyes looked down in horror, as it seemed like Jack was crazy with lust, as his tongue was darting in and out. His fingers were also hard at work, first one and then two. Debbie started to plead with Jack to stop, as she fought against her body's reaction, to his lusty actions. Debbie's head was swimming in ecstasy, as her body convulsed.

"Please, I can't take any more!" Debbie cried, as she experienced a series of powerful orgasms, which had been a mixture of pleasure and pain, as she felt guilty that Jack could make her feel so.

Debbie was still recovering, when she felt Jack climbing up her body. She felt her breast's being licked and sucked again and then felt Jacks lips on hers, but Jack kept climbing up her body. Debbie soon found out why, when she saw that Jack had his pants off and his large throbbing cock was now poking right at her face. Debbie tried to move her face out of the way, but Jack was persistent and soon she opened her mouth, just to stop it from being rubbed and slapped against her face.

"That's it, suck my cock," Jack hissed. "Suck my cock, you little whore wannabe."

Debbie tried to relax, but his large cock invading her mouth, was causing her gag reflex to work overtime. It didn't help when Jack started pumping his hips back and forth. Debbie was starting to panic from a lack of air and from Jack's increasing excitement, as she had never had someone release in her mouth before.

Debbie breathed a sigh of relief as Jack slid down her body; a couple of minutes later, but it was short lived, as she felt Jack quickly enter her wet pussy. Jack was the largest by far of any lover Debbie had ever had. She instantly felt like she was being torn apart, as she let out a piercing shriek. Jack seemed to be turned on by Debbie's pleas, as he picked up speed and the depth of his thrusts. Debbie felt defenseless under his body weight. She also found herself on the verge of yet another orgasm, which really made her panic, because she had never been able to do that with her husband.

"Please Jack, oh please," Debbie moaned, as she wanted him to stop, but Jack must have taken that as encouragement as he was now fucking Debbie with an unbridled intensity. Soon Debbie's pain was replaced by pleasure, as her body betrayed her mind. Her body convulsing in orgasmic bliss.

"That's it cum for me baby," Jack teased, as Debbie's body slowed. "See why they call me, Jack Hammer!"

Debbie was relieved when Jack finally stopped and rolled off of her, after a couple of deep strokes. She took several deep breaths, but she soon found herself up on the couch, facing the window, her legs spread wide apart.

"Ok Debbie Get ready, I'm about to get real sinful on your ass!" Jack hissed, as he forcefully entered Debbie from behind.

"OW JACK!" Debbie cried out, as he drove deeper and deeper. The sounds of slapping skin soon drowned out the soft music playing in the background. Debbie was becoming increasingly light headed, as the alcohol and the day's events were taking their toll. Debbie sighed every time Jack stopped, as she thought he was finished, but instead he would just toss her into another position.

Debbie soon lost track of the number of different positions Jack had fucked her in. She was almost semi-conscious when she felt Jack's hot cum pouring onto her breasts. She only remembered the evil look on his face, as he did so, time after time.

Debbie's next recollection was waking up near dawn, her head throbbing, but her pussy throbbing worse. She stumbled into the bathroom on sore legs and bypassed looking in the mirror as she vaguely remembered Jack coming on her face several times. Debbie turned the water on as hot as it would go, and scrubbed her body thoroughly, as she could still smell and feel Jack. She was only thankful that she couldn't taste Jack as well.

Debbie dried off, stumbled back into bed and drifted back to sleep, not waking up until several hours later. Debbie's heart warmed looking at the clock; it was 11 AM and her husband would be home in a couple hours. Debbie's head was still spinning with questions; none of which she knew the answers to. She slipped on her silk robe and stumbled into the living room, stopping dead in her tracks, when she saw the speakerphone.

"Oh shit," she moaned. "Hey are you still there?"

Debbie slowly grabbed the phone and put it to her ear, hitting the call button, the phone went dead, and Debbie fell back onto the couch.

"Hey, If you're still watching!" Debbie screaming into the air, as she waved her middle fingers in the air. Debbie was startled by the doorbell ringing and even more startled when she went to the front door. The paperboy was standing there with two older boys; one whom she noticed had him in an arm lock.

"Ah Excuse Me, Mrs. W. But do you remember me I used to cut your grass?" A tough looking young man dressed in black asked.

Debbie was a little stunned at the boys' sudden appearance and she was a little embarrassed to see the paperboy after what happen yesterday. She looked over the other boys, they were both tall, one was dressed up nicely, in a shirt and tie, but the one that was doing the talking, was really mean looking. His eyes were as black as coal, and his voice as rough as sandpaper. His baldhead and V-shaped goatee weren't helping Debbie's composure any either; and she was sure that her husband had always cut their grass.

"This is my younger brother," the tough looking boy moaned, smacking the paperboy upside the head, "and this is my friend Tony."

"Ah... Hi," Debbie managed, as she instinctively clutched her robe.

"Well sorry to bother you, but you see we have a little problem here," the tough looking boy said, looking at Debbie`s clutched robe.

Debbie was having trouble breathing as she listened to the boy.

"You see my brother here is a bit of a liar, and his last lie included you," the tough boy said, as the boys made their way into the front hall. "You see, he said that, well you offered to let him see you naked, like you were some sort of exhibitionist, he even described your breasts in full detail."

"Oh my," Debbie sighed, with a blush.

"Yah, you see the way we figure it, Bro here owes you an apology, of course there's a slim chance that it did happen," the tough boy teased.

Debbie just looked at them in stunned silence.

"That's what I thought," the tough looking man moaned, before slapping his brother's face. "Now apologize fool."

"Owww, you're hurting me, please for once I didn't lie!" The boy said, with a freighting squeal, before another slap found its mark.

"Please stop it!" Debbie pleaded. "Ah, he might have been right."

"What?" Both the tall boys said, seemingly simultaneously.

"No it was just, I ah had a little too much to drink, and I may have flashed him a little," was the best that Debbie could muster.

"I don't know, she might be just trying to save your Bro from an ass-kicking," the other boy growled.

"Yah there is no way a woman like you would ever let someone like my Bro see them naked." The tough boy said, as he smacked his brother in the face again.

"Please, ah, yah, it was just a," Debbie mumbled, as if her mouth was dried up.

"Prove it," the tough looking boy interrupted.

"What?" Debbie screamed.

"Well he told us, in some detail, about your breasts, let's see if he was right," the boy barked.

"You're kidding me right?" Debbie said, with a nervous laugh.

"No, let's see what's under the robe," the tough boy said, as he pulled at the robe. "Show us your tits."

"But I'm totally naked under the robe," Debbie cried, as she backed away.

"Even better," the tough looking boy said, as he licked his lips, and moved closer.

Debbie felt like running, but she had backed herself literally and figuratively into a corner as she was now standing against the far wall and the three boys blocked her way into her living room.

"Well let's go, if you did it once," the tough looking boy snapped.

Debbie's hands trembled, as she fidgeted with her robe, "please will you just leave, my husband is coming home soon!"

"Well then you better get it over with, because we aren't leaving until we know the truth," the tough looking boy snapped.

Debbie trembled as she untied her robe. Looking down at the floor Debbie opened the robe and quickly flashed the boys.

"Ok there, now please leave," Debbie mumbled, as she tried to make her way into the living room.

"I don't think so," the tough looking boy said, blocking her way. "Much too fast, in fact he said you showed him your ass as well, so why don't you just lose the robe all together."

"What?" Debbie snapped, as she flashed the paperboy a look that could kill. Meanwhile the tough looking boy began tugging at her robe as if he was growing impatient.

"Ok, Ok!" Debbie screamed, "but if I do it, you promise to leave."

"Just do it!" The tough looking boy screamed.

A startled Debbie, slowly let the robe fall open in the front, before slipping it off each shoulder and dropping it to the floor. The tough looking boy quickly picked it up and folded it up over his arm. Debbie now stood stark naked in front of the boys, as she covered her breasts with an arm and her crotch with the other.

"God I love `the don't look at me, I'm naked' dance," the tough looking boy moaned. "Ok enough, put your hands on top of your head."

Debbie just shook her head from side to side, a small tear rolling down her cheek.

"Look I will ask one more time and then."

"Ok please, just leave the other one alone," Debbie mumbled, as she saw that the paperboy was openly crying too.

"Ok, get Dip-shit out of here, he doesn't deserve a look, fucking crybaby," the tough boy groaned, as the other boy threw the paperboy out the front door.

Debbie was frantic, as the two boys looked her over, especially when she slowly raised her hands away, after the tough looking boy raised his fist to her.

"Well what do you know, Dip-shit might have been right after all, look at those nice puffy nipples," he said, before he reached out and squeezed her left breast a couple of times before Debbie batted his hand away.

"Please leave!" Debbie pleaded, which brought out laughter from the duo.

"Nice tits lady, but sadly I'm an ass man, so let's turn around a put your hands on the wall," the tough boy barked.

Debbie did so, almost happy to be away from their stares. She also figured the boy had been arrested a time or two, as he was now kicking her legs apart. Debbie listened in horror, as they traded lewd comments about her ass and what they wanted to do to it. She tried to turn back around, but a strong arm to the back, was keeping her in place. She suddenly felt hands groping her ass. She then gasped when she felt her ass cheeks spread apart.

"Now this is a Grade A Ass!" The tough boy said, with a handful of it.

"Oh Man! This bitch is shaved!" The other boy cried.

"Oh wow, let me see!" The tough boy said with excitement. "Yah, it's great you can see everything, watch when I pull on the sides, look how it opens up."

"Look at that, we hit pink!" the other boy cried. "Look at how tight her asshole is, man that would be fun."

Debbie was hysterical, as her pussy was being manipulated. She also thought she was about to be raped by the duo. She shrieked, suddenly feeling the back of her head being pulled back.

"Well, well, who knew we had an old slut living in our neighborhood?" the tuff looking boy hissed into her ear, his hands full of Debbie's breasts. "Listen, sadly I have to go to my grandmothers, it being Sunday in all, but I will be back to fuck the shit out of you later, and I promise that ass won`t be so tight after I`m done with it."

He finished his statement by giving Debbie a sharp smack on the ass, before he made his way out. Debbie sank to the floor, as she watched the two boys exit out the front door. She looked around for her robe and then like in slow motion, she remembered the tough looking boy had her robe around his arm when they left, like some sort of souvenir. Debbie rushed to lock the front door, and then crawled into the living room.

Debbie sank down on the couch, feeling as low as she had all weekend. She seemingly didn't even have the strength to shed tears anymore. She just sat there trying to figure out how one phone call could have done so much damage.

Debbie heard the speakerphone rattling. When she leaned forward she thought she heard her name, through the static. She was puzzled at first and then realized the batteries must be fading, as she broke into insane laughter.

Debbie rose up of the couch, as if some sort of force took over her naked body. She went to her kid's room and came back to the living room carrying her son's baseball bat. Debbie looked down at the speakerphone, and then in a hitting display that would have made Ted Williams proud, laid waste to it.

Debbie stumbled into the bathroom next, taking one last look at her naked, baseball bat swinging self, before unleashing a fatal blow to the bathroom mirror. Debbie was surprised that there wasn't some sort of camera or something behind it, when it shattered to the floor.

Debbie, seemingly still in her trance, went into her bedroom and got her private papers and the strong box that include the family's important documents, and put them in the trunk of her car. Then she got her husband's strongbox, followed by the photo albums, and her son's favorite toy box. Finally she took the picture off the wall of her mom, and put them all in the trunk.

Debbie made her way into her bedroom and put on her favorite pair of sweats and her fuzzy bunny slippers. She went to the garage and threw her husband's golf clubs into the back seat before backing her car across the street; ironically enough in the same spot the white truck had been parked. Debbie raced back across the street and back into her garage. After some searching Debbie finally spotted the gasoline bottle. She brought it into the house and poured its contents from one end of the house to the other. Using a stick match, she lit the gas, and was suddenly knocked off her feet, by the sudden explosion, that rocked the house. Debbie stumbled to her feet, and made her way back to her car. Debbie sat on the trunk of the car as she watched her one-time dream home, which in one weekend turned into the house of horrors, burn.

Debbie wasn't sure if she would ever know who was behind the voice, although she had her suspicions, but she was sure that she wasn't going let it ruin her life. She also swore that she wasn't going to be the laughingstock of the neighborhood. She simply sat there, watching the flames burst through the windows, sirens off in the distance. She suddenly thought about her husband, it was his goal to move his family to a warmer climate, and a better neighborhood.

"Well hubby, looks like we pack up the family and move to Beverly Hills, after all." Debbie said, as a tear rolled down her cheek, another quickly joining it, when she saw her husband's car racing down the street.

The End.

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