by Deputy Duffy

It was a cool summer night as Allison Clark walked along the beach road. She was searching for the small nightclub where her cousin’s band was playing, but she just couldn't seem to find it. She was walking and wishing that she had written down the directions; but her cousin Amy had made it sound so easy. It was Allison's first trip to visit her older cousin, her first trip anywhere. Her parents saved up some of their money and bought her the plane ticket for her 18th birthday.

She’d felt like a fish out of water, ever since the day she first arrived. Allison, who’d spent the first 18 years of her life working on her parents' farm, was thousands of miles from home, on her own for the first time. To her, it was like she was on a different planet. To her, everything was so different here. She glanced down at her outfit, letting out a gasp.

"I can't believe they really dress like this out here!" she cried.

She examined her outfit or what there was of it. There was a small black top that was made of a silky material. It crossed and clung to her breasts in the front, but was open in the back, so she couldn't wear a bra. She had on little short shorts made of rubber that were red to match the color of her short messy hair, and finally a pair of black spiked boots that made her feel like she was walking on her tiptoes. Amy had let her cousin borrow some of her clothes because she’d said that she would look hot in them. Allison didn't really know what that meant, but due to the lack of clothes and the cool ocean breeze, she was feeling anything but hot.

Allison continued her journey, in search of her cousin. The street was a buzz of activity. She passed several women wearing small outfits similar to hers. She noticed that they were waving at the passing cars and several of them were flashing their breasts.

"Geez, everyone is so friendly around here," Allison thought. "I can't believe the girls around here are so forward, back home we would never just show ’em what we got, or even dream of asking a guy if he wanted a date."

Allison suddenly heard a distinctive siren approach and spotted a police car pull up to the side of the road. She watched as two policewomen got out of the car and walked towards her. Allison couldn't believe her eyes; even the police dressed in next-to-nothing out here. The two policewomen had on matching outfits consisting of black leather vests with their police badges clipped on front of them, tight black spandex shorts, thigh-high black boots, and matching hats and gloves. She watched their nightsticks swing against their hips as they approached. Allison continued watching, wide-eyed, as the two policewomen walked right up to her.

"Well what do we have here?" the taller, older-looking of the duo barked.

Allison turned around, not believing that they were talking to her, but they had to be, it seemed the street had suddenly emptied.

"Don't ever turn your back on me, you whore!" the older one hissed.

Allison quickly turned back around, while growing increasingly nervous.

"I thought I told you whores to stay off my streets!" the older one barked.

"Please I'm not a whore; I'm a good girl," Allison managed, slightly confused.

"I just bet you are," the younger one joined in sarcastically. "I just bet your customers love the accent too. How many acting classes did that take?"

Allison was now shaking, unable to respond, confused as to her meaning. The two policewomen were now standing face to face with her, seemingly nose to nose with her. Allison, while scared as to their intent, couldn't get over how beautiful both of them were. ‘The police back home surely didn't look like this,’ she thought.

“Cat got your tongue, whore?” the older one asked, running a gloved finger across Allison’s red hair, just above her ear.

“Please, I was just looking for directions to a club, I mean the club, I mean...” Allison said, stumbling with her words, her mouth seemingly too dry to speak.

"Silence you whore!" the taller one screeched. "It has been a long day and I'm not in the mood for the ‘I'm innocent, I swear’ shit; so spare us."

Allison again tried to speak, but a gloved finger pressed against her bright red painted lips stopping her.

"But it's your lucky night," the tall one continued, "we will spare you the ride downtown to jail, which spares us the paperwork, and we'll do a little search right here; if you’re clean, we’ll let you go."

Allison tried to protest again, but was again cut off, this time more forcefully.

"Be a good little girl and I won't have to use this," the tall one hissed, as she tapped on the nightstick that was swinging from her belt.

Allison was even more surprised when the officer finished her warning by leaning forward and planting a soft, quick kiss on Allison’s lips. Allison was aflutter, she was as nervous as she had ever remembered being, but somehow strangely excited as nothing like this had ever happened to her.

‘Why did she kiss me?’ Allison quickly thought. ‘And more importantly, why did I let her?’

Allison felt her wrists being grabbed and pulled up over her head. She was led over to a nearby light pole and made to bend forward and lean her hands against it. Her feet were quickly kicked apart. She had to arch her back just to keep from falling down.

Allison watched, as a young woman came out of the coffee shop near where she was now standing. She gave some coffee and a doughnut to the taller policewoman who thanked the woman with a strong kiss on the lips, before the women ran back into the shop.

"Geez, even the police are friendly around here," Allison thought. “Oh my!”

Allison was startled, by pressure rubbing against her shoulders. She quickly snapped her head back and saw the younger policewoman behind her, smiling.

"Just relax; if you don't fight me, it will be better for us all," she purred into Allison‘s ear.

Allison had been taught to respect the law by her parents, so she figured she had to let them do their job, even though it was embarrassing to be frisked in public. Then she figured they would let her be on her way. Plus she knew she didn't have anything to hide. ‘Maybe,’ she thought, ‘they would even know where the club was.’

The young policewoman began rubbing her gloved hands softly down her naked back, sending shivers down Allison’s spine. The hands traveled across the back of her shorts, down one leg and back up the other. The gloved hands continued up the front of her shorts, traveling over her top next, just brushing her breasts on the way by before they made it back on top of her shoulders. Allison suddenly felt a sense of relief, figuring the search was over and rather quickly at that.

"I think we should give her the special search, just to make sure," the taller, older woman hissed, as she flashed Allison a wicked smile.

Allison cringed at the statement and because the young woman's gloved hand’s started traveling down her body, this time with more force, even stopping to squeeze both of her ass cheeks, on the way down this time. Up the front they came, running over her firm breasts, lightly at first and then stopping to squeeze each one several times. Allison’s face flushed, her jaw clinched, as it was the first time that anyone had ever done that to her. She was a late bloomer and was still getting used to her new body. She hadn't even had that much time to explore them herself. She felt the young woman’s hands suddenly pull open her top; her cone-shaped breasts sprang out from their confinement.

Letting out a gasp, Allison tried to stand, as this surprised her to say the least, but a strong forearm to her back sent her reluctantly back into position. Both policewomen spent several minutes comforting her with words, although it wasn't doing much good. Allison was having all she could do to keep it together now as no one had ever seen her newly formed breasts naked before. Yet here they were hanging from her body like Christmas ornaments, seemingly for all to see.

The young policewoman's hands went back to work, the light pole acting like a spotlight. The hands slowly cupped each breast, as if they were weighing them, before the gloved fingers began squeezing them softly, as Allison whimpered. They finished by giving them one last squeeze, a sultry voice also telling her how good they felt.

An open palmed hand started running back and forth across her exposed pink nipples. The rough leather gloves caused Allison's nipples to become hard little bee bees. Allison had never felt them this hard before, not even when she went swimming in the cold cement pond back home. The gloved hands suddenly began pulling on her erect nipples, causing Allison a mixture of pleasure and pain. Allison was looking to the older policewoman (who was standing on the other side of the light pole) for relief; but she was busy watching her partner’s work, busy watching Allison’s breast manipulation.

Allison finally felt some relief, as the gloved hands left her breasts; but much to her chagrin, they didn’t cover them back up. They were just left exposed to the cool air and the crowd of onlookers, who were gathered at the nearby buildings and shop windows, but didn't dare get closer.

Allison’s sense of relief was again brief, as the gloved hands grasped the waistband of her tight rubber short shorts.

’They wouldn’t do that, not right here!’ Allison thought, but as quickly as she thought it, it happened, leaving her rubber shorts bunched around her knees.

Allison instantly felt a rush of cool air swamping her hot flesh, as a moan escaped her lips. It wasn’t long before she could feel hot breath against her backside, but she was too embarrassed to look back now, a small teardrop even splashed on the cement below.

The older policewoman, finished with her coffee, suddenly joined her partner, as both women were now studying Allison's backside view. Allison suddenly felt like a fish in a fish bowl. When she left home yearning for adventure this is not what she had envisioned.

Allison closed her eyes. She knew the policewomen were in complete control of her now and there was nothing she could do about it. Allison felt some gloved hands start roaming over her naked skin. They ran over her ass cheeks, over her thighs, even lightly brushing her sex. All the while her legs were like rubber, her face aflame. Allison cringed as she heard the policewomen giggling like schoolgirls, obviously enjoying their work.

Allison suddenly felt gloved hands firmly grip her ass cheeks, before they slowly pulled them apart. She felt a rush of cool air again, as gloved fingers slid inside her ass crack. This time, when they pulled apart, she felt her pussy lips being stretched apart too; even more when two fingers worked in a V-like motion. She moaned a feeble protest, as she knew that their eyes could now see her most intimate of places through her fine red pubic hair.

A gloved finger suddenly began running against her spread pussy lips, slowly at first, but soon it increased in speed and in pressure. Allison had never experienced anything like it; it felt infinitely better than her own. Her body was tingling all over; it felt like a thousand ants were crawling all over her body. She even felt a bit lightheaded. Soon another finger joined the first. This one ran in the other direction. This one also found her special pleasure zone, on the top of her pussy, which she still called her love button, but she knew it was her clitoris.

Allison was doing all she could to remain standing as the fingers were having their effect, when she also felt pressure on her right breast. She opened her eyes ever so slightly and saw that the older policewoman had her mouth over it kissing it at first before she began sucking on her erect nipple. Allison bit her lower lip as her nipple seemed to melt in the woman’s warm mouth. Allison cursed herself for enjoying it so.

The policewomen kept up their actions, their rubbing and sucking, increasing in intensity with time. Allison's body started quivering, cries of pleasure, escaping from her lips. Allison’s body seemingly alive for the first time, but her head was miles away, up in the clouds.

‘What are they doing to me?’ Allison asked herself over and over. ‘And why does it feel, SO GOOD?’

Allison just couldn't stand it any more, the policewomen’s intense pleasurable actions, long since overtaking the perverseness of it all. It was just too much for her to fight anymore. Allison gave in, and almost instantly, let out a scream. "Ahhhhhhh…I‘m CUMMMING," flooded the air. Her body suddenly racked in a series of violent quivers, seemingly lighting strikes, could do no better.

Finally the gloved fingers stopped their assault and her shorts were pulled back up. The suction on her nipple had also stopped and her breasts were also covered back up. Allison’s body had stopped its quivering, but she still felt dizzy, it almost felt like she was going to fall. The older policewoman stood up and caught Allison (seemingly just in time) cradling her in her arms, while carrying her towards the police car. Allison was still too dazed from her first sexual experience to protest, but still wore a look of concern on her face.

"Don't worry," the older policewoman whispered into her ear, "we’re just going to take you back to our place. We have plenty more to show you. I guess it turns out that you aren't a whore after all... at least not yet!"

The older policewoman helped Allison into the back seat of the patrol car; resting Allison’s head in her lap, even giving her a long deep kiss as her partner quickly drove off.

‘They’re awful friendly around here,’ Allison thought. ‘I think I'm going to like it here after all.’

The End

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