Deputy Duffy Goes to Puppy Heaven

By Deputy Duffy



It was a hot spring night and I was on routine patrol. It was almost 2am, and
 I was working my way back to town, to get a bite to eat, when out of the
blue a beat up Chevy flew past me. I almost thought I recognized the car as I
took off after it, my pancakes would have to wait. Pedal to the floor, I
slowly caught up to it and hit the lights. I was a little surprised when it
quickly pulled over. Now in my lights, I could see clearly that it was Derek
Smothersí car, all right. He was a local bad ass, or so he thought. I
suddenly had an uneasy feeling about this stop.

"Derek would never just pull over, at least without a little chase first," I
thought, again and again. Just in case, I unclipped my gun as I slowly
approached the carĎs passenger side, so as to stay off the road way. Using my
flashlight to light up the carís interior, I quickly noticed that there were
four occupants. Two in the front, two in the back. I tapped on the passenger
side window, carefully watching as the passenger rolled it down.

"Keep your hands where I can see them!" I commanded sternly.

Taking a quick look around the car, the four passengers complied with my
order. One thing I also quickly noticed is that they were all women. I
remember almost feeling a slight sense of relief, as I used my flashlight to
light up the driverís face.

"Miss, would you turn on the interior light?" I asked.

"Iím sorry Duffy it doesnít work," the driver mumbled.

"Thatís Deputy Duffy!" I quickly barked, while thinking the voice was
familiar. I slowly recognized the driver as Amanda Smothers, Derekís sister.
Her family was also well known around town, as they were always up to no

"Deputy Duffy...More like Deputy Dog," I heard the front seat passenger
mumble. Using my flashlight, I lit up the passenger in front of me.

"Ah, the lovely Angel Harding," I thought to myself, as the light lit up her
hard features. "What a piece of work she was." I again thought, before I
shifted my flashlight to the back seat. I light up the two back seat
passengers. Although they were good looking young women, I did not recognize
them, so I turned my light and attention back to the driver.

"Amanda, are we in a hurry tonight?" I asked.

I almost chuckled, as I listened to her half-ass excuse. Honestly I used the
opportunity to check her out instead, since I hadnít seen her in awhile.
Amanda always had the classic girl next door looks. Although she didnít act
that way. I mean everyone says sheís cute, but to me, not shockingly so. She
did have nice light brown hair that was clipped back off her face. My eyes
traveled south. She was wearing a tight sky blue tee shirt that hugged her
body, making it very obvious to me that she wasnít wearing a bra. As my eyes
continued south, she wore a short white skirt that barely hide her nice
tanned legs that were capped off with tennis shoes.

"Amanda, isnít this your brothers car?" I asked, as Amanda caught my
wandering eye and already knowing the answer.

"Yah," she said looking at me, batting her pretty green eyes.

"And does he know you have it tonight?" I asked.

After waiting for a minute or so for an answer I added. "I mean, he gave you
permission to use it? I mean, if I give him a call and ask?"

"Please donít," she pleaded, as more cries of leniency came from the back
seat, which answered my question.

"Quiet!" I barked, trying to regain control of the situation "Iím going to
need to see all of your licenses; just so I know whom Iím dealing with."

I enjoyed watching them nervously fumble for their licenses, before I flashed
my light at Angel Hardingís license. Doing the math, she was 24-years-old, or
so her license said.

"24...Angel Címon, you canít be more than 19," I said, as I laughed.

"Fuck you," was her quick reply.

"Watch your tongue!" was my quick reply, although I should have excepted so
much. I knew Angel was a tuff, biker chick in the making, complete with the
dirty blonde hair, large breasts and a mouth on her that would make a sailor
blush. I was not surprised that Angelís outfit consisted of a black Harley
shirt, cut off down the neck, so her ample cleavage showed, as well as her
rose tattoo that was just over her right breast. She also had on cutoff jeans
and work boots.

I turned my attention to the two foreign back seat passengers. The one
closest to me was named Kim Stevens: age 19. She had short brown hair and was
by far the most conservatively dressed of the four girls, as she wore a light
blue blouse and full white pants. She even seemed to squirm when I used my
flashlight to check her out.

This was in sharp contrast to the lovely creature sitting next to her named,
Farra Polensky: age 20. She pointed out that she had no ( r ) at the end of
her first name, like I cared. What I did care about was that Farra had nice
blonde hair, which she wore in a ponytail, exposing her stunningly good
looking face. I loved the added touch of the purple glossy lipstick. She was
wearing a tight fitting pink top that did little to hide her assets. She also
wore a tight, tight black skirt that was more like a wrap. When I light her
up, I could have sworn she opened her legs a little, exposing her small white
panties to me. I loved how her well-tanned skin seemed to glisten under my

Pulling myself away from the Hard-on Maker, I turned my attention to Amanda
who was 21; by her drivers license, but I knew that she just graduated from
high school last year, so I figured I had a couple of altered driver licenses
in my possession. I figured Iíd let that go, for now. Instead I had Amanda
pull her car off the main road, onto a side street that led to the closed

"Where we all coming from tonight and you betta tell me the truth?" I said in
my best cop voice, when I was back at their car.

After a bit of hesitation, as everyone looked around the car. "Weíre coming
from a party in town," Amanda mumbled, "but I wasnít drinking," she quickly

"Oh nice, like heís going to fucking believe that!" Angel shot, while
punching Amanda. "Nice fucking job."

"Donít touch her," Farra snapped from the back.

"Fuck off," was Angelís reply. "You fucking whore," quickly followed.

Try to regain control of the situation, I screamed at them several times to
keep quiet, but they just ignored me, as the verbal tirades continued. I knew
it wasnít going to be easy dealing with this crew. I kept my composer the
best I could, although I was internally laughing my ass off.

Proceeding to the back of the car where Kim was obviously embarrassed by the
scene around her. I proceeded to ask several questions to Kim all that she
answered after a bit of hesitation. It seemed the four of them where coming
from a house party, everyone was drinking, except for Amanda, she swore.
Everything was going fine until the three of them walked in on Farra, who she
said was, entertaining three young men.

"What do you mean, when you say, entertaining?" I asked her several times.
She just blushed and said, "you know."

I enjoyed watching her squirm, since I kind of knew the answer anyways, but I
had to keep asking. Angel, who must have been listening to Kimís story, as
she was screaming at Farra, quickly joined in. "She was blowing them, you
fucking pervert!"

Amanda quickly chipped in with, "and one of them was Angelís date, and one of
them was my brother and the other one was one of his friends, I think."

I was looking at Farra, who had a sly grin on her face, when she added. "Angel
ís just mad because I got to them first. Plus there was three of them, and
you know how convincing Derek can be, what else was I going to do?"

Angel quickly jumped in, "well it looked like you were enjoying it to me!" fo
llowed by a stream of obscenities that Farra was quickly returning.

 "Ok," I announced, starting to lose my cool, and before a catfight broke
"Looks like Iím going to have to call my dad out here, to lend me a hand."

"Call your fucking daddy!" Angel quickly screamed.

"Wait!" Amanda screamed louder, as I took out my radio.

"Please donít call the Sheriff," Amanda pleaded. "Weíll behave."

Angel looked at me and then back at Amanda. "His dad is the fucking sheriff?"

The two girls in the back seat crouched close to Angel, who I swore
whispered, Strip Search Duffy. When they sat back with a look of panic on
their face, I could only assume my suspicions were correct. One again, my dadí
s reputation never ceases to amaze me.

"Please Deputy...We will be good," Amanda purred.

"Are we going to be good?" I said while pointing the flashlight in Angelís
face, enjoying my newly acquired power, until she just nodded.

"And no more fighting." I said, now lighting up Farraís face.

"Yes we will behave, just tell us, what you want us to do? And we will do
it." Farra added her voice trailing off.

Angel spun around quickly, flashing Farra a look that could kill, at least I
think she did. Amanda whispered something into Angelís ear that seemed to
calm her down. I knew that they weren't hardened criminals, so I figured I
would just let them go with a warning, after I had a little fun, of course.

After a brief pause to let them settle down. I turned my flashlight to the
roof over Angelís head, who was now sitting back against her seat. I was
looking in the window, my forehead resting against the top edge of the cars
roof. I didnít know what was going to happen next, but I couldnít help but
notice Angelís ample cleavage, heaving just a foot away from me. She must
have noticed my stare, because she gave me the dirties of looks. I just
smiled back at her. She looked around the car and it seemed like everyone was
waiting for her to do or say something. Seemingly in a huff, Angel reached up
and pulled her Harley shirt down off her shoulders, causing her bra-less,
torpedoed like breasts, with their huge brown nipples, to spring out.

"Is this what you where waiting for, huh, you want a little show?" She

After the initial shock, I was taking my time with my gaze. Enjoying the fact
that Iím probably the last person in the world, she wanted to show her tits
too. All while she looked at me, waiting for my answer.

"Theyíre nice, a little big for my taste, but nice," I finally said, with a
wide grin, which seemed to piss her off, even more.

"Mine are a little smaller and more natural looking," Farra oozed, from the
back seat, "Donít you think?"

Farra took this opportunity to peel off her top. Predicting Angelís reaction
to this, I used my flashlight and forearm, to keep her from spinning around
and killing, the sexy Farra. This also lit up the back, as Farra was arching
her back, pushing her very firm, full breasts forwards. They were well tanned
with nice shinny nipples, which she was teasing with her fingers. For the
next several minutes, all eyes were on the show Farra was putting on.
"Címon, Amanda, yours are better, letís showíem... Go ahead!" Angel hissed.

"They arenít that nice." Amanda said, pointing at Farra, who was still
caressing her lovely breasts. I think she knew she had a tough act to follow.

"Fuck that whore!" Angel barked while turning to me. "Those are still too
big, arenít they?"

"Yah, a little," I mumbled, lying my fucking ass off, while again reluctantly
turning the flashlight towards Amanda, while also noticing that the Hard-on
Maker had done her job.

"Oh man," she whispered, as she slowly lifted her sky blue tee shirt over her
head. "I canít believe weíre doing this."

 I had to concur with her last statement.

"Nice huh," Angel whispered to me. "Thereíre a nice firm B cup, but just look
at those nipples, so nice and perky. They look like they want to shoot off
her chest, they just beg for a good sucking."

"Angel!" Amanda quickly gasped at her friendís description of her breasts,
while I again concurred. I did the best I could to keep my poker face,
something my father taught me. Never let them know what you are thinking or
feeling, but inside I was jumping up and down little a little boy who got a
new bike for Christmas. I was in Puppy Heaven.

I switched the light roaming back and forth between the three girls, who did
their best to show their assets, when it became their turn. Finally my light
came to rest on Kim. I didnít think she would go for it and frankly, I didní
t care if she did or didnít.

Angel looked over her shoulder at Kim and then back to me. "Thatíll never
work, plus I donít think she has any tits."

"Címon Angel, be nice," Amanda huffed. "Sheís just a little shy."

"Frigid is more like it," Angel added, which was followed by a slap on the
side of her head, from Kim. I again used my flashlight to keep Angel in

"Hey sheís doing it," Farra said excitingly from the back seat.

Returning my light to the back, I saw Kim slowly unbuttoning the buttons on
her blouse. She looked around the car before peeling back her blouse,
revealing a white silky bra. Her face was flushed and her hands trembled
slightly, as she unsnapped the front latch of her bra and slowly open the two
halfís. Her breasts were definitely the smallest of the group, but they were
well proportioned. She had almost no areola, but she had two long pink
nipples that compared with her white, almost transparent skin, gave her quite
an exotic look.

Amanda was the first to comment. "Oh, Kim those are nice!"

Farra added a not bad, as she reached over and flicked Kim's long nipple,
causing Kim to fold her arms over her breasts.

"I didnít think she had it in her," Angel moaned and then laughed.

"Well, that was fun," I said sarcastically, not wanting them to know how much
I enjoyed their show. I also wanted to see just how far they were willing to
go with their little game.

"Not impressed, eh big boy," came Farraís sexy voice from the back. "Well
maybe this is more like it, eh?"

Farra spun around, she flipped up her short wrap, before she began tugging
down her small thong panties, right down to her knees, which were resting on
the cars bench seat. Feeling the heat from my light, she waged her backside
back and forth, while looking back over her shoulder.  She was also licking
or rather sucking, her finger, with her purple lips.

"Geez...Put your eyes back in your head!" Angel snapped. "You want to see an
ass?  This is an ass!"

With that comment, she leaned over and grabbed Amanda by the waist and
despite Amanda's protests, she quickly had her in place. Her knees, on the
bench seat, her backside turned in my direction, her head resting out the
open drivers side window. Angel grabbed the bottom of Amanda's skirt and
slowly lifted it up and tucked it into the waistband. My eyes and light,
turning to the front again.

"Amanda, you dirty girl," Angel hissed.

Angelís hand massaged Amandaís now naked ass, as she didnít wear panties.
Amanda had some reply about it being hot or something, but I was to
mesmerized to really hear what was being said right then. What I did notice
was that my flashlight was getting a little dimmer.

"Oh fuck... Please batteries hold up... For the love of god," cursing the
lord and myself, for not changing them more often.

I was torn as to what to watch. The seen in the back seat, where Farra had
turned over and had one leg on the seat in front of her, which exposed her
fine pussy, lightly covered by fine blonde pubic hair. She was running her
small fingers over her lightly covered pussy lips, while letting out sexy
moans of pleasure. In the front seat Angel was giving Amandaís firm backside
a thorough going over. Each girl seemed to be trying to one up each other,
every time I shifted my light between the front and the back seat.

"Check this out, Deputy Do...Duffy, I did it this morning," Angel oozed, as
she spread Amanda's ass checks, revealing her freshly shaved pussy, to me.

"Look, at how pink it is," Angle continued. "So pretty, bet you would love to
able to do this." She added, as she leaned forward and ran her tongue along
AmandaĎs pussy lips, causing Amandaís body to shake.

"Angel, not here!" Amanda moaned. "Oh God Angel...Owww not so deep."

"Hey no fair, that's cheating, guys always go for that lezbo shit," Farra
chirped up from the back, also watching Angelís tongue dart in and out of
Amandaís pussy.

"Kim, help me out here please," Farra pleaded.

 Kim, who had put her top back on, just gave her a disgusting look and opened
the back door, just as my light went dead.

"Ah, the fucking batteries," I cursed.

I didnít know what to expect next, as Kim turned to me and rested a hand on
my shoulder as she spoke. "Sir, can you please take me home? I really canít
deal with all this girl, girl stuff, plus they will be going at it, all night

"Ok, just tell me where you live and I'll drop you off," I said, although I
was still a little bummed that the show was over and what I was really
thinking was. "Fucking batteries, if I ever see that fucking bunny!"

Kim suddenly leaned forward and gave me a light kiss on the cheek.

"Not my home, yours silly," she purred.

"I think I can do that," I added quickly, surprised that the shy Kim would be
so forward. Gotta love college chicks.

"And I think I can do something with that," she whispered, as she ran her
hand over my erection, that I had for sometime now and it was tenting the
front of my pants.

"Ok, maybe sheís not that shy after all." I thought.

I led her hand and hand back to my patrol car. I opened the car door for her
as she gave my another soft kiss. After she did this, I spun her around and
quickly handcuffed her hands behind her back.

"What are you doing this for?" Kim screamed over and over.

"Just relax Kim," I whispered in her ear, as I sat her in the front seat. "We
have all night to fuck. In fact I have tomorrow off, but now youíll just have
to be patient."

I started up my patrol car and turned on my spotlight, aiming it at the back
of Derekís car. I locked my gun belt in my trunk and scampered back to the

"As much as I was looking forward to fucking Kim, I wasnít just going to
leave the three girls in heat," my brain screamed. "Plus I still had their IDí
s in my shirt pocket."

I opened the back door and quickly slid in, taking Kimís spot in the car. I
noticed that the girls had just started to fix their clothing. I also noticed
that they all had surprised looks on the face, as their eyes were focused on

"What, I leave and the party stops?" I said with a laugh.

"We just thought, I mean, we gave you a good show," Amanda muttered. "and you
let us go."

"Yes you did, but your not going to get a guy all excited and then run off,"
I said as I unsnapped my pants.

"What are you doing?" All three of them seem to ask simultaneously.

I just ran my hand over Farraís shoulder and then over her great tits that I
had admired some much earlier. "You my dear can start by sucking my dick!" I
whispered into her ear.

"No way Farra, donít do it." Angel barked.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Farra helped me slide my uniform pants
down, my erection poking free from my boxers. My dick felt so hot, I fully
excepted to see steam coming of it, as farraís lips made their first contact.
She hesitated for another moment, before putting it in her warm mouth.

"As for you two," I said turning my attention to the wide-eyed front

"No way Iím sucking your dick too!" Angel barked.

"Youíll do what the fuck I tell you too!" I shot back louder.

"Why should we? I mean your getting your blowjob from the queen," Angel came
back with.

Boy was I, Farra was now bouncing her head up and down, her tongue wrapping
around my dick. She was even better than I thought she would be.
I took out their IDís from my pocket.

"I still have these, you know doctoring drivers licenses is a serious
offense," I said playing my trump card. "Plus Iím the law, and Angel you
should really learn to show the law a little more respect."

Angel responded by giving me the finger. I should have figured that would be
her response, but I couldnít get mad at her at that point. Amanda quickly
swatted Angelís hand.

"Well, I mean, what do you want?" Amanda asked nervously.

With Farra increasing the sped and tempo of her blowjob, it was a little hard
to think clearly at that point.

"Well, for starters, get out of them clothes and throw them back here." I

"What...What if a car comes by?" Amanda sputtered.

"A car on this road...There hasnít been one yet, plus at this time of night,
I think were safe," I quickly responded.

Grabbing Farraís ponytail, I slowed down her tempo. I figured she was trying
to get me off as quick as possible, and she was doing a good job of it. I
watched as Amanda and Angel slowly removed their shirts and pants, the
spotlight doing a good job of lighting up the cars interior. I was none to
surprised that Angelís clothes slammed into my chest.

"Well now that were a little more comfortable. I must say Angel you did a
good job licking Amandaís pussy, so Amanda letís see yah return the favor,"
I groaned.

"That's it, we can do that, but no cock sucking." Angel said with a little

Angel got into the same position that Amanda was in earlier. Amanda was
looking at Angelís ass staring her right in the face. She flashed me a
concerned look.

"Címon Amanda, Iím sure you've done it before," I said as farraís mouth
enveloped me.

She shook her head back and forth. "Angel, usually just does stuff to me. I
mean I like guys. I mean, canít I just suck your cock too."

Hearing her say this almost made me cum in Farraís mouth right then. I had to
stop Farra by pulling up on her ponytail.

"Amanda just do what he says," Angel said with a smile.

I didnĎt like that smile on AngelĎs face, so I added. "Thatís right do what
I say, lick her pussy, make her good and wet for me, so I can fuck her."

Angelís head snapped around, looking at me in the eyes, her smile now gone,
but remained silent, probably because Amanda finally went to work. I had
Farra climb over me. It was indeed time for some fucking. I also wanted to
get a better view of Amandaís pussy licking. I got Farra into position, one
knee on the bench seat the other on the floor, her chest pressed to the seat.
This gave me a clear shot at her soaked pussy. I slowly entered her pussy
from behind trying to find a good position. I grabbed the headrest in front
of me and this left my head resting right next to Amandaís. I watched as her
tongue ran along Angelís hairless slit as she followed her directions. Farra
on the other hand, didnít need instruction, she was thrusting her backside
back and forth, effectively fucking me. This young woman was already a pro.

"Yes, Amanda eat my pussy," Angel cried out from time to time.

After a few minutes of this, I had Amanda stop. I loved how her face
glistened with pussy juice.

"I want you to taste farraís pussy too." I moaned, as I grabbed Amanda by the
hair and pulled her half over the front seat. Bringing her face down to my
cock. She pleaded innocents at first, but was soon slurping away, like a pro.
I helped Amanda back into the front seat, as I had another idea.

"Amanda spread her pussy lips with your finger," I whispered.

I watched as she obediently spread Angelís pussy open. It was silky bright
red. Her musky smell filled the air.

"Now use you fingers on her," I ordered, as farraís pussy found my cock
again. While Farra continued her grinding, soft moans escaping from her lips.
I watched Amanda finger her friendís pussy. I had Amanda use more fingers.
Until she had all four in AngelĎs pussy. She tried, per my request, but just
couldn't get her whole hand in her pussy.

I had Amanda spit on Angelís anus next, and lick her finger. She had a
horrific look on her face, as she had to know what was coming next, but Angel
offered no protests, even as Amandaís finger plunged into her asshole. She
just cried out louder and louder, as Amanda began finger fucking both her

Farraís tight pussy was doing itís magic at this point. I just couldnít hold
out any longer. I gripped the head rest even tighter, as a blast of cum
erupted from my dick, deep in farraís pussy. She seemed to use her inner
muscles to milk out my cum. I had farra spin around and use her mouth to milk
out the rest, you know, just to be sure. I heard loud cries coming from
Angel. I figured I would let her cum at this point, so she might be a little
more cooperative, as she still had some work to do.

I ordered the girls out of the car, after a brief rest. They were a little
hesitant, being naked in all, but finally complied. I had all three of them
lean over the front hood. What a site they presented. I only wish I had my
camera. I spent some time examining each one of their pussies. Giving each
one of them a good going over, especially Angel. My dick was coming back to
life, so I had Amanda, with the help of a handful of hair, use her mouth on
it. When my cock was pointing to the sky, I had Amanda bend back over the
hood and did some doggie style fucking. Each of them getting a few strokes,
before I would move over to the next one. Then, while I would fuck one, I had
the other girls lick each other. They didnít even fight me anymore, even

Every time I would get to close to Cumming again, I would switch up, and
change partners. I made sure I fucked each one of them and that they had a
chance to eat each other out. I was fucking for a while now, my uniform shirt
absolutely soaked with perspiration. I knew I couldnít hold out much longer.
I had the three girls squat down, shoulder to shoulder. Amanda in the middle,
Farra and Angel on her sides. The three girls seemed to now what was coming
next and none of them seemed to happy about it. I gripped Amanda's soft hair
and began fucking her mouth. The combination of events, and the fact that
Amanda's mouth felt so damn good, brought me to the brink of ecstasy in no
time. I pulled out of Amandaís mouth, just as a spurt of cum escaped from my
cock, hitting Amanda right in the right cheek. A second shot quickly
followed. I ordered the girls to stick out their tongues. When the three
tongues touched, I ran my dripping cock over them, back and forth, making
sure they all got a little cum. Farra once again used her skilled mouth to
finish me off completely. Completely exhausted, I just slumped over the hood.

"Can we go now?" Amanda whispered, as she wiped some of my cum from her face.
I just nodded.

I watched as they got dressed, trying to regain my composer and my strength.
Farra was the first dressed, as she didnít wear much. She skipped over to me.

"Man that was exciting," she said as she approached. "Iíll do just about
anything, for a man with a badge."

I could only nod my head, as she had already proven that point.

"Are you going to fuck Kim later?" She purred into my ear.

"What do you think?" I mumbled.

"I think you are," she answered.

"Actually she made the offer," I said.

"Really, maybe the whole show thing got her all fired up," Farra said.

 "Maybe," I mumbled.

"Can I come with you, I mean come too?" She asked.

"Why?" I asked, as the request caught me off guard.

"Well like I said, IĎll do anything, or just about, that you say. Plus Kimís
my college roommate, and well, Iíve been trying to get in her pants for a
year now, and I figured."

"That I'd hook you up," I interrupted her.

"Well, yah, I couldn't help but notice that you like the girl, girl, thing
too." She added.

"Ah, you could say that, but what's in it for me?" I teased.

"Well...Me dummy," she said, as she nibbled my ear. "Plus I can show Kim how
to give YOU a tag-team blowjob, that youĎll never forget."

"I see, yah I gu...," before I finished, Farra was jumping up and down,
kissing me on the cheek.

I led farra back to my patrol car, hand and hand, stopping only to give
Amanda and Angel their fake licensees back and thanking them for a great
evening. None to surprised that I got a, fuck you asshole, look from Angel.

As I opened the back seat of the patrol car, Farra leaned forward and gave me
a soft kiss, before she purred into my ear. "Interesting night eh?"

"Nope, just another night for good ole Deputy Duffy." I said with a laugh as
I closed the door. "And it wasnít over yet!"

The End


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