The Movie Starís Box
by Deputy Duffy

The beautiful movie star was confused. In her next movie she was supposed to portray a woman, unjustly sent to prison. In preparation for her role, her agent had made a deal with a small town sheriff in Southern Vermont to spend the night in jail. But instead of taking her to the local jail, the deputy that picked her up at the bus station, (telling her it wouldnít look right to pull up in her fancy limo,) and took her to the State Prison for Women.

The huge, frightening complex was very different from the cozy little jail where she had first met the sheriff, and the world famous actress protested vehemently to the deputy.

The grinning deputy told her not to worry. "The sheriff has taken care of everything," he assured her with a sly smile.

The deputy was young, but acted like a gentleman. The courteous treatment stopped, however, as soon as they entered the prison. Even though she was a famous celebrity, renowned for earning millions for each motion picture, she was to be treated just like a common criminal. Sheriffís orders.

The deputy led her into a small room that was in the center of a larger one, just inside the prisonís back door.

"Could you put your valuables in that box, on the table, for me?" the deputy said once inside. The actress did so, as the cardboard box was easy to find, sitting on the only steel table inside.

"Whatís this all about?" the actress quizzed, when she was finished.

"Now, I want you to take of your clothes and hand them to me, one by one, for inspection, and then Iíll put them in your box," the deputy said, grabbing the cardboard box.

"Oh yeah, right! Look I think there has been a misunderstanding. I need to see the sheriff," the actress sneered.

"I just talked to the sheriff, and he told me make sure you were properly searched before you saw him. But donít worry, heíll be around shortly enough," the deputy said, trying to hide his excitement.

"But where are the female matrons?" The actress quizzed. She also saw for the first time that the box had her name written on it.

"Sorry, this is Vermont. We are a little behind the times... I must admit. Looks like youíre stuck with me. If you want me to help, I will gladly," the deputy said, rubbing his hands together, excitedly. The young deputy had hardly slept a wink since his father had told him about the actressí pending visit.

"No, I can do it, thank you very much." Her words dripped in sarcasm. "I just canít believe that this is hap..."

"Believe it," the deputy interrupted, impatiently snapping his fingers.

The actress shook her head and looked down at her expensive blouse. He watched, with glee, as she slowly unbuttoned it, button by button, before slowly slipping it off her shoulders. He almost gasped when he saw her famous, strapless, pushup styled bra come into his view. But he held it in, as he simply dropped her shirt into the box upon receipt.

"Letís go, honey-pants," the deputy hissed, and more snapping followed.

After a scrunch of her nose, she started to unbutton her jeans, while kicking off her pumps. The young deputy could not help but smile, when the pretty actress had trouble taking off her extremely tight jeans. As a result, she was putting on one hell of a dance for him, before finally wrestling them down her legs.

"You can put your heels back on," the young deputy announced, picking up her jeans and stuffing them into the box.

The actress stepped back in her shoes, while thinking, ĎWhat could I possibly hide in my red bra, and matching thong panties?í The actress leaned against the table, somewhat relieved, as she figured the search was over.

After he scanned her from head to toe, the deputy circled his finger air. "Turn around for me."

His face flushed as their eyes met. The actress rolled her eyes before she slowly turned around, wishing she had a more conservative pair of panties on. The deputy, however, was happy with his view, and his decision to let her put her high-heeled shoes back on.

"Ok, now, I need you to lean forward and put your hands behind your head, with fingers locked," the deputy said, trying to sound authoritative and not like a horny teenager.

"No way! Thatís just not right," the actress cried, while quickly spinning back around.

"Hey, I donít tell you how to act, donít tell me how to conduct a strip-search," the deputy barked.

"Strip-Search," the actress groaned.

"Oh yeah," the deputy said, trying to contain his smile. "All new jailbirds get one upon arrival."

It finally hit the actress that she was going to be totally nude in front of this man before this was all over, whether she liked it or not. She knew she wasnít in a position to argue, anyways, since this was her, (mostly her agentís) idea. So with defeated shrug of her shoulders she turned back around and assumed the position, feeling much like she did at her first auditions in Hollywood.

The young deputy moved up behind the actress. Even though he was 26, and had already stripped over one hundred women, he never remembered being as feverish before. His fingers trembled as he ran them along the back of her bra and then traced around the front, making sure they slipped into the braís cups and brushed by her nipples. Since the actress didnít verbally protest, he became bolder, until he had both of her medium sized breasts cupped in his hands, caressing them softly.

"What are you looking for in there, a fucking tank?" The actress finally hissed, looking over her shoulder, tired of the young manís groping.

"Sorry, thought I found something in here," he said, while holding up her small red bra, before dropping into the box.

"Hey, what the..." The actresses hissed, a little embarrassed at being exposed in front of the young deputy, and a little embarrassed that she hadnít even realized that he had slipped it off of her. Only his strong hand on her interlocked fingers had kept her in place, saving the deputy from a slap in the face.

"Just one more thing," the Deputy said as his hand started to run around the waistband of her panties.

"Please, just let me slip them off," she whined, as she didnít want his hands all over her bottom, like theyíd been on her breasts.

"Ok, but you have to do it with straight knees," the deputy said.

The actress, in her haste, didnít even realize the view she was providing the young deputy, as she slowly peeled her red panties down. The deputy definitely enjoyed the view, judging by his grin, which couldnít have been any wider.

The actress stood up, and handed her panties to the deputy, who pretended to put them in the box with the rest of her things, but instead, he slipped them into his pocket. (A little souvenir for his collection.)

"Ok, I need you to climb up on the table and get on your hands and knees," the deputy said, rubbing his hands together -- again.

He had to say it several times, interrupting her vocal protests. He finally smacked her on the ass, which caused her to let out a yelp, before she jumped up on the table. Walking around the table, he helped her into position, on all fours, with a tug here and there.

The actress let out an ear piercing squeal when she felt the leather strap rap around her left ankle. "What the fuck are you doing?" Her voice was filled with concern.

"For our safety," the deputy said, as he slipped her other ankle into the other strap. He double checked the short chain that connected each strap to the stainless steel table. The actress cringed when the deputy moved in front of her, noticing, due to the tableís height, she was staring right at his crotch.

"Please, not my wrists too," she whined, just before the pair of handcuffs that were connected to a chain that was welded to the table, were slapped on her wrists.

The deputy stood back with a pride-filled smile. Usually only violent criminals got "locked down," but the deputy was just following orders. Before he left with her box, he couldnít help but spread her thighs a little bit wider, to get a better view of her famous pussy. He wondered if she shaved herself or if she was waxed professionally. She looked so inviting, either way. He also would have loved to have given her a cavity search right there, but he was under strict orders not too.

The actress was left mumbling under her breath, cursing the day the young deputy was born. Here she was: a famous movie star, use to being treated with class and respect. But today... she had been unceremoniously stripped naked and left kneeling, helplessly locked down, on all fours, like a puppy dog, on the exam table!

Clearing her eyes, she finally noticed that this room had large glass windows on both sides, which left her exposed to the office workers sitting in the large reception area on the left, and to the waiting cells on the right. The workers made no secret of their enjoyment at seeing the famous movie star naked and openly leered at the blushing celebrity, as did the two women watching from their holding cells. She also noticed, with surprise, that they were as naked as she was.

"No acting job can be worth all this," she cried to herself. "Although they say itís Oscar type stuff."

But what really confused the female superstar was that when she was stripped her clothing, her purse, and jewelry had all been placed in a large cardboard box.

She watched, through the glass, as a male secretary methodically sealed the cardboard box with duct tape. Then the secretary stuck two labels on the box, carefully turning the box each time so that the dazed star could read the labels through the window. It looked like one of the labels was an UPS Ground Shipment label.

The beautiful actress was left kneeling on the table for a good 20 minutes. But although the office workers were still openly gawking at her, she barely noticed. She had become accustomed to people doing this to her, of course, never quite like this before. She just couldn't take her eyes off that box!

ĎI'm sure the sheriff will get here soon, and open that darn box, so I can get my stuff and get outta here,í she thought.

But her next visitor was not the sheriff. It was the grinning UPS man, carrying her box.

The naked celebrity blushed 10 shades of crimson when the gawking UPS man entered the room and sat the box next to her. The beautiful actress noticed that the deliveryman didn't seem surprised that there was a naked woman on the exam table, but he seemed taken back when he realized that one of the top box office stars in the country was bare-naked in front of him.

The blushing star even gave the deliveryman her autograph, while on her hands and knees. Though, with the cuffs on, it was basically a scribble.

And then to her horror, the grinning UPS man picked up the box containing all of her clothes and stuff, and headed for the door!

"Where are you taking my clothes?" The star asked desperately. "Please don't take them away... I'll be left... totally naked!" she pleaded, "this is all a terrible mistake!"

"Sorry Miss... Iím neither judge or jury, but I've got a schedule to keep," the UPS man said with a mischievous grin. "I'm going to have to load this box onto my truck, same as all the rest!"

He paused and smiled. The UPS man wanted to give the naked star the mental image of her precious box bouncing around on the back of his truck just like any other piece of anonymous cargo!

"But don't worry, Miss," the UPS man said, "your package will arrive at its final destination in three to seven business days," he explained cheerfully.

Then UPS man playfully swatted the humiliated star's bare bottom. "Have a nice day," he said mockingly as he took the box out of the room with him.

The actress was left mumbling to herself again. The sheriff smiled as he looked through the glass window at the naked, squirming movie star, trapped on her humiliating perch, while thinking how beautiful women always looked so defeated when theyíre in this position! The sheriff knew that the star was confused. Everyone had told her that everything would be explained to her as soon as the sheriff showed up. He tried to stay out of sight for now, as he was happy just watching the show.

The deputy returned to the room and told her that the doctor would be in shortly to finish her search.

"In fact there he is now."

The first thing that the doctor saw when he entered the exam room was the naked superstar's perfect bare ass, staring back at him. The sight took his breath away. He hoped he was up to the task of following the sheriffís orders.

The actress looked over her shoulder at the doctor. He was an older distinguished looking man, dressed in all white, but her head was spinning.

ĎWhy do they need a doctor?í she asked herself.

"I would like to introduce you to Dr. Duffy. He will be handling your processing from here," the deputy said, before he left the room, but didnít go far. Instead, he took a seat right outside the door, just in case he was needed.

The doctor gave the deputy a wink in passing and a laugh at his little white lie. (In fact his surname was Jones and he was a local car dealer, who had loaned the Sheriffs Department a couple of cars in return for a favor some day. And today was HIS day.)

The so-called doctor, wearing a borrowed white lab coat, quickly reached for a rubber glove and the tube of jelly in his pocket. While the movie stars incarceration was a total mystery to her, the doctor was determined to get to the bottom of it.


"What the?" The sound of the doctor putting on a thin rubber glove had startled the famous actress.

"Oh god, I think there has been some sort of mistake," the actress cried, as she slowly started to realize what the doctor might be in there for.

"Really, I think things are proceeding rather nicely," the doctor said with a grin.

"Hey, what are you going to do with that?" The actress hissed, watching him, wide eyed, over her shoulder.

"The lubricant? Oh, that's for my glove, so I can search that pretty little pussy of yours, although, by the looks of it, I probably donít even need it," the doctor said with a laugh.

"I hope youíre kidding... donít even think..." the actress started, before she was interrupted by the doctorís large finger being thrust into her pussy.

"Owww... what the... Címon everyone is watching," the actress shrieked, only her restraints keeping her in place.

"You said you wanted to know what it was like to be sent to prison... well... welcome to prison," the doctor said, as he slowly moved his finger in and out of her pussy.

"But... weíre supposed to pretend, like we do in the movies," the actress cried.

"Sorry, Iím not much good at pretending," the doctor managed, trying to suppress his giggling, by concentrating on adding a second finger to the first.

"Please, this is so humiliating... Why are you finger-fucking me? Please, I think Iíve seen enough, I mean I get the idea," the actress begged, feeling the doctorís fingers almost hitting her special spot.

"Weíre almost through here. I see you have nothing hidden in there... but just doing my job..." he said with a (if she only knew,) laugh. "Ok, now I just need you to spread your knees wider, put them into the padded notches in the table," the doctor said, after slowly removing his fingers.

The actress, relieved to be finger free, looked back and saw the notches, but they looked like they must have been four feet apart.

"Címon, thereís no way I can spread my knees that far! Look this has gone far enough," the actress cried. "Do you know WHO I am?"

"I bet you can... look here you go," the doctor said as he slowly spread her knees apart, and into the notches, while lightly pressing her shoulders down to the table. (He also knew exactly who she was and was mentally recording every minute of this.)

"Man, why do I have to be spread out like this?" The actress whined; as she knew that due to her reluctant arousal, at the doctorís pussy probing, her pussy must have been gaping wide open, in this lewd position. She was also fearful of where this was heading.

"Itís time for the rectal search," the doctor said rather blandly, which was in sharp contrast to his inner feelings.

"No way! Anything but that," the actress begged, her fears realized. She was also struggling to break free, but it seemed that the more she struggled the tighter her restraints became.

"Oh, tell me you never took it up the butt," the doctor teased, enjoying her struggle, especially in her spread out position. "It might even get you out of this mess... you know?"

"Never! Iíve seen some girls who do it that way, and it makes their bum holes look real gross," the actress cried, nervously looking back over her shoulder. She also stopped her futile fight for freedom.

"Your pink little hole does look nice and tight," the doctor said, as his finger lightly rubbed her anus. He was so looking forward to this part. He used his free hand to press on the back of her shoulders, pressing her chest onto the tableís cold steel.

"Please... donít do that... Iíll do anything... You can even play with my pussy some more," the terrified actress cried, as tears welled up in her eyes. She even tried to get up several times, but the doctor rebuffed her actions with a stiff palm to her back. The actress squealed as her erect nipples were pressed onto the cold steel.

"Stay there," the doctor hissed, "and try and relax."

"Please Nooooo!" the actress cried out, nervous that the doctor was going to use more than his finger to "search" her rectum. "Please... take my pussy... not my ass!"

"Really now... is this exam getting you all hot and bothered?" The doctor said with a laugh, just loving the bargaining part of the search. A sudden thought flashed into his head. "If I free your hand, will you reach back and play with your pussy? As I really canít do that."

"Play with my pussy?" the actress groaned.

"I gave you a choice," the doctor said, snapping on a new glove.

"Alright... alright, but isnít there somewhere we can go. I mean, everyone is watching," the actress pleaded, as the group of onlookers suddenly flashed into her mind, but she dare not look their way.

"Címon youíre an actress... itís time to perform," the doctor teased, enjoying his moment in the sun. He also rubbed some lubricant onto his gloved forefinger.

"But Iím not a porn star... and my legs are starting to hurt," the actress said in a squeal. Her emotions flooded with helplessness.

"Ok, then make me another offer," the doctor said, rubbing his lubricated forefinger against her asshole.

"I donít know," the actress whined. "Oh, Iíve got tons of money."

The doctor started to press harder against her asshole, until his finger slowly pushed in, up to his first knuckle.

"Owww... If you let me go... I can even suck your dick... anything please..." the actress pleaded.

"A blowjob?" The doctor purred. "Really now... I donít know... like you said youíre not a porn star. Youíd probably just pretend to give me one, like they do in real movies," the doctor said his finger up to his second knuckle now, while running his other hand over her silky smooth ass. "Youíre really tight back here... It would be so..."

"No, really, I will, I promise, I will suck you good," the actress stammered, trying to shake his finger free. "You can even come on my face!"

"And how about my kid? Will you go down on him after?" The doctor asked, remembering his promise to the sheriff.

"Your kid? Thatís gross," the actress cried out in disgust.

"Címon, heís 26 years old now... he just looks young."

The actress stopped her struggle, when the doctor mercifully withdrew his finger. She flashed the doctor a puzzled look over her shoulder.

"You know my son... the deputy... He drove you here... stripped you down... got you into my favorite position and all," the doctor said, following the deputyís prior fictitious lead, before adding with a laugh. "Plus I think he has the hots for yah."

"Oh, Iím sorry, that guy... well if I have too... But thatís it... and not at the same time!" she said in disbelief, amazed at just how badly her day was turning out. The deputy, however, sitting just outside of the door nearly fell off his chair when he heard her answer.

"And donít forget the sheriff, heĎll probably want one too," the doctor hissed.

"Oh my, that old guy! Ok, but thatís it! I ainít blowing the whole place!" the actress screamed, thinking the doctor was getting a little greedy with her lips.

"So, do you give a good blowjob?"

"How do you think I got into movies?" the actress said, regretting it the second it left her collagen-injected lips.

"So that stuff about the casting couch is true?" The doctor perked up.

"Yeah, itís either you're an unbelievable actress, or you give unbelievable head," she said, still not believing she was saying all this. "Now, please let me go."

"Well, Iíve seen some of your movies, so I figure you can suck with the best of them," the doctor said with a laugh, while the actress just flashed him a dirty look. "Why donít you tell me about how you got your big break, it was playing that hooker... and then she meets that rich good-looking guy?"

"Yeah, sort of, I did some stuff before that role, but please, my legs are killing me!" the actress pleaded. "Please let me up and Iíll answer all your questions."

"YouĎll answer my questions or else..." the doctor said, trying to sound menacing. He took one last look at her backside, trying to memorize it. "But I guess your knees have to be hurting a little... and just to show yah IĎm a nice guy." The doctor said, as he un-cuffed her ankles from the table. He moved over to her head and loosened the chain holding her handcuffs and helped the actress flip over onto her back.

With the actress on her back, he tightened the chain back up, raising her hands just over her head and just slightly hanging off the table. The actress moaned, somewhat relieved, but it wasnít really what she really had in mind, in fact the whole day so far fell into that category. She made a promise to herself that when she got home, she would fire her fucking agent, who had set this whole thing up.

"Please, why do you have to cuff me to the table?" the actress pleaded.

"Just let your feet dangle off the side of the table, and start your story," the doctor said, ignoring her plea.

Reluctantly she complied. She figured everyone had seen all she had by now anyways, although, she thought the small prison sure had a lot of male office workers in it, and it seemed to be coffee break time.

"Ok, I was in Hollywood for awhile... I just couldnít get that big breakout role. So when my agent told me about the hooker part, I went for it. Even though, I heard all these bad rumors about the producerís auditions. But I was desperate and I figured this could be my shot to make it big," the actress started, her voice rapid.

"Were you right?" The doctor injected.

"What? Oh yeah, about everything. There were like 150 girls going for the part, so when he called me back to tell me that I had made the top ten, just from my reading, I was thrilled... but when I went back, I was less then thrilled."

"Go on," the doctor said, moving to her side. He noticed the sheriff through the window, and the two exchanged winks.

"Well, he had the ten finalists lined up shoulder to shoulder. We were all dressed like hookers. The producer walked back and forth checking out how we all looked in our outfits. I felt so cheap. Then he stepped back and said he wanted to see our tits. And then I really felt cheap."

"Just like that," the doctor interrupted.

"Yeah, just like that."


"Well three of the girls stormed right out, while a couple of the girls had their tops off before he even freekiní finished. Honestly, I was a little scared, but I really wanted the part, and it wasnít the first time I had to show my tits, for a role, so I finally figured what the hell."

"Well, you do have a nice rack, real too," the doctor said before reaching down and squeezing her left breast.

"And that's what he did. He went down the line and got him a good feel on the seven of us," the actress mumbled. (More than a little humiliated that this hick town doctor was feeling her up, not even pretending to be conducting some sort of search, like when he fingered her pussy and asshole, earlier.)

"It was pretty embarrassing, but it only got worse. Then he said he wanted to see our butts. He ordered us to strip naked. After looking around at each other in disbelief, one girl started and then we all took off the rest of our clothes. He even had us all bend over and he ran his hands over our asses. Some of the girls were weeping, but I was doing my best to keep it together. I didnít want to give him the satisfaction. I guess it was good training for today," she said as she flashed the doctor an evil eye, which he reacted to by blowing her a kiss and twisting her pink erect nipple.

"Then what," the doctor chirped excitedly, enjoying her story and her hard pink nipples.

"OWWW... Well then THE PERVERT said he wanted to examine our pussies. Two more girls left in a huff. Then there was five of us left... well... one by one we climbed onto his desk and he has his fun, poking and prodding our pussies. It was so humiliating," the actress said, as she felt a sensation between her legs. "Hey doc, you wouldnít happen to have a brother, who is a big time movie producer, do yah?"

"No... Ah... no I donĎt," the doctor said, almost embarrassed for a second, as he removed his middle finger from the actress's pussy. "Ah, just go on."

"Well, he said we were all prime time pussy, and that he still couldnít decide, so he said he would let his little head decide for him. Then he ordered us to our knees. One of the girls slapped him in the face and stormed out. After all Iíd been through, I figured Iíd stick around, since my chances were getting better, plus, I could tell he had a small dick, so it wasnít all THAT intimating," the actress said with a laugh. "Doc... are you sure you donít have a brother in Hollywood?"

"Funny," the doctor groaned. "Continue."

"So he gave us all like thirty seconds. He said that the one that made him spew got the part; and the other three girls just for making it that far still got smaller roles in the film. Well by the time he got to me the other three girls had already had their chances. It was pretty gross, but I remember I did my best. I gave it everything I had at that point. I just pretended that he was the sexiest guy in the world, which he wasnít. As I did each time it was my turn. It was on my fourth turn that he finally came in my mouth. It was pretty discussing to swallow, but I managed not to puke... and at least I got the part," the actress said, as her stomach turned, remembering that fateful day.

"That's some way to get it, and then what happened on the set," the doctor teased, still not satisfied.

"Well, thatís the kicker, once word got out how I got the part, the guys on the set used it against me. First the director let me know that he wanted his. Then a couple of the other actors wanted one. Then some guys on the crew. Then more," the actress said her voice trailing off.

"Whatís the most guys you ever blew in one day?" The doctor asked.

"Youíre kidding right?" She hissed, but by the look on the doctorís face she knew he wasnít. "Youíve gut to be kidding me... canít you just let me go?"

"Tell me... or you WILL be blowing the whole place and a lot more... Ever been triple penetrated?" the doctor hissed.

"Fuck you... you sick pig! I will have you disbarred... I will have you... What the fuck are you laughing at?" The actress sneered, incensed at the doctorís chuckled response.

"Youíre in no position to make threats you silly girl." Then he began pointing to the corners of the room. "Look up at the ceiling. How did yah miss íem?"

The actressís eyes lit up, in horror, when she figured out what he was pointing out. In each corner were smoked domes that must contain...

"Cameras!" the doctor said with a wide smile. "Yep, we have it all on film and with a little editing..."

"You fucking bastard!" the actress shrieked, immediately knowing what a tape like that would do to her career.

"Now, are you ready to continue your story? And you better tell the truth, cause Iíll know if you arenĎt... Iím good like that."

"What the fuck was I even talking about?" the actress sneered in defeat.

"You were just about to tell me about your cock sucking days," the doctor said running a finger over her bottom lip.

"Ok... Ok... but donít touch me anymore! Youíre making me sick!" she hissed.

"And donít make me mad... if yah know whatís good for yah!" the doctor said, running his finger across her neck with a hiss. The actress shuttered. She took a gulp and a few minutes to regain her composure.

The doctor used his hankie to help clean off her face. "Now, tell me, how many guys youíve sucked off in one day?"

"Oh god... I donít know... but it was a lot." the actress mumbled looking up into the doctorís evil eyes. "I was so young and naive back then. I must have only been 21 or 22 years old. I do remember this one day, though, we were having some camera problems. (Her eyes instinctively flashed to one of the smoked domes.) Well a couple of the guys talked me into doing a little strip number on the set, to keep them occupied. I had a crush on one of them and we were all a little bored too. Honestly it was a little embarrassing, but they had all seen me nude before, anyways. While I was dancing, more guys started showing up... and more...

"Next thing I knew, they were lined up, dicks in their hands, waiting for their blowjob. I didnít want to... but there was too many of them and someone stole, or hid my clothes. Plus, after the first one it didnĎt matter, I just started going down the line, finishing them off pretty quickly, as I had learned a few tricks by then.

"I remember one time looking down the line and there must have been ten guys all jerking on their dicks, waiting for my lips... Funny, I never even made it to a couple of them before they blew. Then they even got me a stool to sit on, when I tried to get out of there by complaining that my knees were raw."

"Really, that was nice of them," the doctor said, wisely.

"Whatever... Anyways I lost track of the number of guys after twenty. I think some were even going twice. I donít even remember how it ended. I just remember that I was just covered in cum. It took me hours in a hot bath to get it all off of me. And like a half a bottle of Jack Daniels to get that taste out of my mouth... and my jaw hurt for like three days. Luckily the movie was a smash hit, so I never had to go through anything like that again. Now I just suck whom I want, when I want." The actress finished with a sneer.

"Tell me about your first blowjob," the doctor said, enjoying listening as much as looking at the naked actress. He also figured it was time for a different look, so he brought her legs up on the table and hooked her heels together while he spread her knees apart. He also knew the rest of the office was probably enjoying hearing her tales, as well, as he wore a small microphone on his coat pocket.

"Please, Iím cold," the actress whined, while also hating her new position -- especially when the doctor fanned her pussy lips apart.

"Tell me," the doctor barked, spreading them even further.

"Ok, Ok!" The actress screamed. "I was like eighteen and I was sleeping over my cousin Allisonís house. She had an older step-brother. Well, I did it to him. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"How did it happen girl?" the doctor moaned, still playing with her pussy.

"Oh, man. Well he came into our room one night, when we were sleeping. He pulled the covers off of me and I slowly woke up. He put his hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming, because he started feeling me up too, over my silk teddy. It was weird. I hated him for doing it, but it still felt good, Ďcause it was the first time for me and all," the actress said, with a sniffle, happy that at least the doctor had finally stopped his pussy positioning.

"But then he shocked me by taking his shorts down and grabbing me by the hair. I didnít even have a clue. I suddenly had his dick in my mouth. I guess I just did it naturally. I was never more scared, though, than when he came in my mouth for the first time! I thought I would die, but in the morning no one acted any different. It even got to the point where I looked forward to his nightly invasions, as sometimes he only played with me... As sick as that is to admit."

"So, I guess he trained you to suck dick," the doctor teased.

"Yeah, I guess itís even come in handy," the actress said with a nervous laugh.

"And will it come in handy today?" The doctor spoke, as he moved over and unchained the actress from the table.

"Well, I guess, only if it gets me out of this hell-hole," the actress said, this time without the laugh.

"I guess that depends on how good you really are," the doctor said, grabbing the actress by her handcuffs. "But first let me introduce you around the office, Iím sure they would like an autograph or a picture. We donít get many stars around here."

"All right, just give me back my clothes," the actress said, relieved to be un-hooked from the table.

"Nonsense! Plus we already mailed your stuff back to your mansion... remember? We didnít want anything to happen to it," the doctor said with a unreturned smile. "There is my, ahh, son now. Deputy Duffy would you show our guest around? And then bring her to my ahh, office."

Deputy Duffy nodded as he extended his hand out and grabbed the actress by her cuffed wrists.

ĎMake that, Iím going to kill my agent, as soon as I get out of here!í she thought, as she was led away.

The naked photos taken of the actress that day have become legendary. She had to pose with the mayor, sitting on his lap. She posed with the office workers, each one with her standing in front of them as they cupped her breasts in their hands. She even posed with the local star quarterback, who got several pictures while making out with the star, as he played with her tight little ass. Only the actressí training had guided her through the humiliating experience.

Back in the doctorís office, (an empty solitary cell) the actress had sucked him off as fast as she could. The doctor of course got some of the best pictures. He got some of the actress with his cum still dripping from her lips and chin. The Sheriff also got some good photos, after he gave the actress a "pearl necklace" for a souvenir. The deputy wasnít happy with just a blowjob though; he took the actress back to his place and spent the rest of the night fucking the actress until his dick was raw. The deputy captured all of the action on his secret home video recorder, for a reunion in time.

After that day, the actress left Vermont, with her prison tapes, and some first hand knowledge of prison life, vowing never to return.

The most ironic part of this little tale is that the actress never did get the woman in prison part, after all. They gave it to Sharon Stone, instead. Guess we now know who gives better head.

The End.

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