Learning from the Legend

by Deputy Duffy


I still can‘t believe that I am a deputy for the Vermont State Police.
Honestly, I only got this job because my father is the sheriff. I have been
working for him for many years and have had my fair share of adventures, but
I guess I should start at the beginning.

After I graduated from high school, where I went to an all boy boarding
school, my father sent me to the Police Academy, seemingly to follow in his
footsteps. At the young age of 19, I graduated from the Police Academy, near
the top of the class. The day I was sworn in as a Deputy for my father, is
still the only day I ever recall him saying he was proud of me.

My father started me off slowly at first. I would do paper work, work road
details, basically learning the ropes. Living and now working for my father
was never easy. He had a bad reputation and was a tough man to get along
with. I also knew about his nickname, Strip Search Duffy, for his affection
for them and conducting them frequently. I still think this is why my mother
left us when I was young and I never saw her again.

Growing up with Duffy, as a last name carried a heavy burden. Our town is a
small one. There is one supermarket, one bar, one gas station and so on.
Everyone knows each other, so making friends, especially girlfriends, was
nearly impossible and then going to an all boys school, didn't help that much
either. There was a college on the edge of our town that we were in charge of
policing, so I was hoping this would soon change.

I was working late one night, about six months into my training, when my
father called in, informing me he was bringing in a couple of drug suspects.
I knew he was working the college detail and knowing my dad, I figured the
suspects were probably female ones, so when he showed up with two college
cuties in tow, I was none to surprised. He led them into the processing room
and slammed the door shut. I began to feel flushed, as I began to imagine my
father conducting a strip search of the two women.

After about a half and hour, my father came out of the room and went across
the hall, to use the men's room. He also left the processing room’s door
half-open. Curiosity got the best of me, so I crept up to take a peek. What
my eyes saw I will never forget. The two young woman were standing back to
back, while their wrists were handcuffed together, but the most surprising
thing was they were also buck-naked. There was a blonde, lean and tall, with
nice perky breasts. The other girl was a brunette, she was a little on the
heavy side, but her breasts were huge. Both of them had their heads down, I
could only assume they were totally humiliated. I was moving in to get a
closer look, when I heard my father voice behind me. "Care to join me?"

I quickly returned to my desk, Like a kid caught with his hands in the cookie
jar while hearing my father’s laughter behind me. For the next couple of
days, my father laughed and teased me, every time he saw me, while also
sharing the story with my fellow deputies. He was obviously enjoying my
embarrassing moment.

About a week later he called me into his office, for a man to man talk, as he
called it. He said a lot that day, but the thing that stuck in my head was
when he said. “If I was his son, then he couldn't stand to have me running
away, every time I saw a naked woman.”

The very next day, he called me into the processing room. I entered the room
and was surprised to see Ann Davis sitting on the large stainless steal table
that was in the center of it. Ann and her drunk of a husband, owned and ran
the Crazy Horse, which was the only bar in town. A place I still wasn’t old
enough to get into, if I wasn’t a deputy.

"You know Mrs. Davis?" My father asked.

"Yah," is all I could mumble, as I shook her hand.

"Ann is here to help us out with your little problem. Today I will be showing
you how to process a female suspect, from now on, we will treat Ann like a
suspected drug dealer," my father growled.

I looked surprisingly into Ann’s eyes, but she just looked away. She hopped
off the table and my father quickly grabbed Ann by the wrists and pulled them
above her head.

"Easy," she groaned.

"The first thing you should do is frisk the suspect," my father said, as he
rubbed his hands together.

With everything happening quickly, my mind raced. Why would Ann agree to do
this? She had to know my father had the Hots for her? Hell half the town did.
Ann was a certified fox. She had long blonde hair and a killer body, yet here
she was submitting to my father’s pat down, (Looking for contraband) as he
called it. I also wondered just how far this was going to go.

My eyes took in every detail, as this was the closest I had ever been to the
stunning woman. Ann was dressed in a tight blue skirt, and a half opened,
tight blue sweater (that was seemingly her trademark,) which hugged her
rather large breasts. A cleavage lover’s delight, she was. She also wore
silver spiked, black high heels, that made her seem about six feet tall, a
little taller than my father and me.

I watched, mouth a gape, as my father was running his hands over her body,
rather roughly, as he was asking her rapid-fire questions, all of which she
seemed none to happy to have to answer. He told me to write her answers down
on the clipboard that was hanging on the wall.

Name: Ann Davis Age: 29  Height: 5'7"  Weight: 122  Measurements: 36d-24-35.

I was surprised at the measurements thing, as was Ann. Funny at the time, I
didn’t even know what the numbers I wrote down, even meant, as I wrote them
down on the sheet of paper, which now hangs from the top of my work locker.

My father grabbed the clipboard away from me, having finished giving Ann's
body a good going over. “Your turn,” he said, as he hung it up.

I turned to look into Ann's green eyes, already welling up with tears, as she
was in obvious emotional distress. In my blue uniform and with my babyish 19
year-old face, I knew I had to look more like a Boy Scout does, than a Deputy

I moved, with weak legs, slowly towards her, face flushed, heart racing,
still not really believing this was happening. I started following my father’
s instructions that he was barking out. I started by running my hands over
her the back of her blue skirt, up over her back, then down her front, just
lightly brushing a breast, and then down to the front or her skirt. I let out
a deep breath, as I stepped back and Ann followed.

I thought I did a good job, but my father just looked at me and laughed. "Son
you weren't paying attention," he huffed, something I’ve heard from him
hundreds of times before. He moved next to Ann, and locked her fingers behind
her head, and pushed her elbows back, thrusting her chest into his waiting

"When searching a busty suspect like her, you have to take your time and do a
thorough search. She can hide a lot of contraband in there," he said while
seemingly fondling Ann's breasts over her sweater, with his meaty paw. He
suddenly stopped and shoved her towards me.

I apologized to Ann and I went next, trying to do a better job this time. I
was really trying to act professional, but I have to admit I loved having
Ann's soft sweater covered breasts in my hands. The feeling was electric. I
noticed Ann squirming under my touch, but she remained surprisingly silent.

"Son when a suspect is wearing heavy clothing, you might have to make some
adjustments,” my father said. “Now unbutton that sweater," which brought out
a gasp from its owner.

By the tone in his voice I knew he was serious, so I started to fumble with
Ann's buttons, her perfume intoxicating. She had a worried look on her face,
but she didn’t protest. There were only a couple of buttons, buttoned, so the
sweater quickly fell open, exposing her small blue bra to our eyes. Her
breasts were practically spilling out of the cups. I again searched her, per
my father request. Running my hand over the bra and checking under the
straps. The next command totally shocked me, and I’m sure Ann as well. He had
me lift each breast out of its cup and inspect each one. I had to admit the
feeling of power was almost overwhelming, as my hands could seemingly do as
they please, with her flesh. I’ll never forget’em; they were soft and full,
with large shiny areolas topped with nice brown nipples. Ann squirmed even
more under my touch now, as I quickly massaged her naked breasts. My father
whispered something in her ear, which seemed to calm down a bit, although I
remembered a lone teardrop running down her cheek.

I was almost a little disappointed when my father told me to stop, however
that quickly faded when he announced that her lower-half search would be
next. He helped me pull up her tight skirt, which revealed her small blue,
silk like panties. I roamed my hands over them, patting them down, looking
for contraband. The materials silky feeling, and what they protected, sending
shivers down my spine.

"C’mon guys," Ann finally verbally protested. Ignoring her plea, I gave her
ass an unyielding rub down. I was surprised, for a larger size ass, at just
how firm it was.

“That’s enough son,” my father said as he tapped me on the shoulder, a sigh
escaping Ann’s lips. We stepped back, Ann reacting to this by quickly pulling
her skirt down and she started to stuff her breasts back into her bra.

"Ann, what are you doing?” My father hissed. “You’re going the wrong way!”

"What?" Ann cried out.

"Strip!" My father barked. "And I mean now!"

"Look I don't wanna." Ann started.

"I know you don't want to, but you have no choice, once you start you can't
change your mind," he interrupted. “Now get naked!”

"Why am I doing this?" Ann cried out, as she began to shed her clothing. She
wasn't the only one asking that question. I stood back like a deer in caught
in the headlights, watching her unintentionally seductive strip-show. She was
only going to be the second live naked woman for me. The other one was a
drunk 18-year-old girl, who had a stick-like figure, who also took my
virginity, in the back seat of my car, a couple of weeks prior, but she didn’
t possess the womanly curves Ann Davis did.

Ann passed her clothing to my father, pausing only when it was time to shed
her panties. Left totally naked, my father let her put her heels back on. Ann
tried to cover her voluptuous body with her hands. My father was seemingly
having none of that and quickly barked. "Ann put your hands back on top of
your head and spread your legs, two feet apart."

"Bastard!" Ann shot back, but quickly complied, when my father slapped her on
the ass. We certainly took our time soaking in the beautiful specimen now on
display before us, even making her turn around slowly, several times.

"Natural blonde," my father whispered to me, pointing to the blonde triangle
that seemingly pointing us to the promise land, while his comment broke me
from my hypnotic like trance.

"Ann let’s have a better look," my father gasped, and so did she, when he
ordered her to turn around and grab her ankles. Ann hesitated at first and
then slowly, almost teasingly complied. After a thorough visual inspection of
Ann, in her lewd pose, my father announced it was time for an even closer
look. He moved by her side, I the other. I watched in amazement, as he
reached around and spread her ass cheeks apart, which gave us a spectacular
view of her anus and pussy lips, which surprisingly to me, were free of pubic

“Ann reach back and spread your pussy open, or I will!” My father ordered.

I knew this really only gave Ann only one option, I was staring at her pussy,
and suddenly her fingers made an appearance. They spread her pussy lips open,
for our eyes and we saw her pinkie insides, for the first time. Pink,
instantly becoming my favorite color, long before Aerosmith wrote that song.
If my father wasn't with me, I think the site would have been too much for me
to handle, but my father was cool and in complete control, he hadn't even
broke a sweat, while I was covered in it.

My father quickly let go of her ass cheeks, much to my chagrin, and pulled
her over to the steel table.

“Up you go, on all fours,” he hissed.

I watched in stunned silence, as she complied, not even a word of protest.

"What a sight. Man this was almost too good to be true," I thought, when she
was into position, which quickly became my favorite.

Watching my father in action, I had a new respect him, for the first time I
was proud to be his son. He announced it was time for the cavity search, Ann’
s head snapped back, but my father snapped his fingers at her, and she
quickly looked away.

He patted me on the back, saying I should start with her perfect pussy. I was
shaking, so he grabbed my wrist and helped my guide my extended index finger
into her pussy cavity. Letting go, he explained the make up of one, using
medical terms, most of which went over my head at that moment. I was just
lost in lust, as I probed my finger around and about her glistening pussy,
another first for me. Professionalism flying out the window long ago. I added
a thumb to help expand her flesh, all while mine burned. I leaned forward for
an even closer look, my nose picking up her womanly scent. My father let me
take my time; as it was my first time, he announced, which silenced Ann's
whimpered protests. I finally spread her as open as much as I could, taking
one last mesmerizing look at her fleshy pink insides.

My father told me to clean up my hand, as he pushed on the back of Ann’s
shoulders. Ann moaned, as her breasts pressed into the tables cold surface.
He had her rest her face on her folded hands, as he tucked her knees up next
to her ribs, announcing that it was time for the rectal search. Ann’s only
reaction was to call for the lords help. I could only shake my head, at her
new position, which was the lewdest yet.

We put on rubber gloves and my father went first this time, showing me how to
lube up the glove first and then he proceeded to lube up Ann's anus. He went
slowly and I couldn't really make out every thing that was being said, as I
watched in astonishment, as he slowly worked his finger in and out of her
asshole. My father watched over my shoulder as I went next. Ann squirmed on
the table, as my finger entered her backside, her backside wagging back and
forth. Never, when I woke up this morning, did I think that I would have my
finger deep inside of a woman’s anus. I was definitely enjoying myself now,
more than I probably should have. Ann looked back at me several times over
her shoulder, almost pleading me to stop with her tear filled green eyes.

"No such luck," I thought.

Instead I inserted two fingers into her soaked pussy that was gapping wide
open at me, offering me an open invitation. I started awkwardly thrusting
each hand back and forth several times, before finding my rhythm. Ann was
thrashing around on the table while letting out groans, this time of
pleasure. After what seemed like several minutes, my father suddenly patted
me on the back, chuckling, telling me that he thought she had enough. I
disappointingly withdrew my fingers and cleaned up her juices from my hands,
with a wet nap. My father used one to clean up Ann, who was lying face down
on the table, sobbing.

"Ann," My father said after several minutes had past, to let Ann regain her

"What now?" Ann mumbled as she sat up on the table.

"I need you to take care of one more thing," he said, pointing to the front
of my pants.

I was more than a little embarrassed that I still had such a noticeable
erection, for obvious reasons.

"Don't be embarrassed son, it happens,” my father said with another chuckle. “
Oh well I'd love to stay, but I have Penny waiting for me in my office."

“Penny?” I thought. “Oh yah, she is that cute red headed barmaid, who works
for Ann, at the Crazy Horse.”

My farther left, quickly slamming the door behind him, and for the first time
I was alone with Ann, who quickly slid off the table.

"Look asshole!" Ann immediately cursed at me. "I only fuck my husband, so
don't get any funny ideas."

"I'm sorry Ann, really, I think, I ah, just got a little carried away," I

Ann looked at me with her arms on her hips with a (no shit) look on her face,
still stunningly naked.

"It's just...Well you are just so beautiful,” I said looking into her eyes,
only this time it was mine that were glazed over. “And your body, it's just
so overwhelming.”

"Well, at least you know how to apologize," she hissed, still a little mad. “
I mean your farther said that since it was your first time, that you would
probably get carried away, but I never...”

“I am sorry, really,” I quickly mumbled.

“You should be, but I guess a deals a deal.“ She quickly followed and I was
a little confused. I thought she was going to start to put her clothes on,
but instead she knelt down in front of me. Just the site of the top of her
head, inches from my crotch, almost sent me over the edge, never mind when
she looked up at me with her green eyes.

“Ok, I guess I’ll get it,” she said sarcastically. She unbuckled my gun
belt, and placed it on the table, which is a mistake I would never make
again. She quickly peeled down my uniform pants and then my boxers, finally
freeing my throbbing cock. A moan escaping from my lips, as the cool air
enveloped me.

"Ann, what the...Really you don't have to do this." I moaned, as now it was
my turn to be totally embarrassed.

"Let's just get this over with," she hissed, as she grabbed my hard cock, in
her soft hand, and pulled it down towards her mouth. "And don't think I'm
going to swallow, and don't touch my fucking hair, or fuck my face."

She finished her orders by running her tongue down my cock and back up. I
reached for the table for help, as it seemed like my legs unexpectedly
jellified. She looked up and giggled, “plus I don’t think you’re gunna last
that long.”

I would have responded, but her lips and tongue were now working their magic.
I was too stunned to do anything other than grip the edge of the table and
try to enjoy my first blowjob. She was quickly applying increased pressure,
her blonde hair swaying back and forth, probably trying to get it over with
as fast as possible. Slurping sounds, soon flooded the room. It felt so damn
good, I wanted the feeling to last forever. Although I knew that as hard as I
tried not to, she was winning the battle, and I was going to erupt soon. I
felt a rush swarm over me as my body quivered. Ann pulled my cock out of her
mouth, but was still jerking me, back and forth, with her hand, as I sprayed
cum over her swaying breasts that I had enjoyed so much earlier. She finished
by rubbing my cock over her nipple, effectively milking the rest out.

Ann suddenly stood up. Looking down at her cum covered breasts, she flashed
me a dirty look.

"The bathrooms are across the hall," I mumbled, still stunned by the day’s
climatic ending, and with sweat streaming down my face.

"Well at least you will always remember me,” she whispered into my ear. “I
mean you never forget, who gave you, your first blowjob.”

I could only nod in agreement, I knew I would never forget her or this day
for that matter. I watched as Ann gathered up her clothes and quickly headed
across the hall.

And so it began.

Just to cure my curiosity, I did a little detective work: It seems my father
found Ann and Penny serving drinks after hours, one night, at the Crazy
Horse. Ann's husband had long since passed out drunk. My dad rounded up the
remaining customers, there were twelve of them in all, and he apparently
threatened them all with a trip down to the station, but instead worked out a
quick deal with Ann and Penny. The deal was he would let them off the hook,
but they owed him one, little did Ann and Penny know what they were getting
themselves into, when they agreed.

I even found out later, that he let most of them go home, except for two
college girls, who were celebrating their 21rst birthdays. He had each one
strip for him, as he sucked down some beer, after which they each did their
own sucking.

I think I'm going to like working for my father after all.

The End


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