Jill Kelly Goes to Prison
by Deputy Duffy

Under threatening skies, Jill Kelly walked into the Vermont State Prison for Men. She was there to visit her husband Bob, who had been sentenced to 12-20 years on a drug possession charge, six months ago. Bob and his long-time buddy Stan were nabbed trying to cross the US border into Canada with a suitcase filled with cocaine, and ecstasy. His lawyer told her that he might be out in 8 years on good behavior, if heís lucky.

Jillís thirty-year-old legs felt weak as she entered the visitorís entrance. When she married her high school sweetheart, ten years ago, she could have never predicted that he would end up in such an imposing place.

ĎEight years in prison, how could this have happened?í she thought, as she spotted the visitor check in sign.

"Hi, Iím Mrs. Kelly. Iím here to see my husband."

"Ah, Mrs. Kelly," an old guard responded, sitting behind a large glass window just inside the door, and then he added with a chuckle. "I see youíre a virgin."

"I beg your pardon!" Jill snapped.

"Donít get your panties in a bunch... I just meant itís your first visit," the guard shot back.

"Oh, sorry, Iím just nervous," Jill said, noticing that she could see a waiting room behind the glass. There were six women obviously waiting for their visits. Jill scratched her head, and she thought it was weird that it kind of made her feel good, because at times she felt like she was the only one.

"Here take this," the guard said, sliding her a manila envelope. "Put your valuables in it... purse... jewelry... everything."

"Everything?" Jill snapped.

"Yeah, everything valuable, your watch, your car, your house... just put them all in that little envelope!" The guard snarled.

"Oh, Iím sorry again. I guess I had a little too much coffee this morning."

Jill complied with his order and then the guard handed her some forms to fill out, before he buzzed her into the waiting area. Jill took a seat. She was nervous but anxious to see her husband. (Still fuming that she had to wait six months after her husband was sentenced before they would allow her a personal visit with him.)

ĎWhat cruel person thought up that frigging rule? I mean, Iím his wife after all,í she burned, signing her names to the forms.

Meanwhile, outside of the waiting area, two men dressed in uniforms looked the women over. Sergeant Adams spotted Jill on the waiting roomís surveillance camera. Sergeant Adams was a husky man in his late forties. He was also in charge of prison visits on the weekends.†

"There she is... looking good, eh?" he said, nudging his hunting buddy, who also happened to be the sheriffís only son, Deputy Duffy.

"How the hell did I miss her at the trial?" Duffy sighed, as they checked her out. "Nice long soft brown hair, adorable face. Wow! She looks so young and innocent," Duffy whispered, before he asked. "You sure sheís thirty?"

"Yeah, she thirty all right, cute little thing ainít she?" Adams said, as he read her file.

"Usually I never miss the cute ones."

"You were too busy testifying against her fucking husband," Adams said with a chuckle. "Fucking drug smuggler piece of shit!"

"Easy now... remember that blood pressure. Donít you think she will recognize me?" Duffy said.

"I donít know, most of the time her eyes were all watered up," Adams teased.

"Only one way to find out," the young deputy said, as they approached Jill.

"Hello Mrs. Kelly, Iím Sergeant Adams and this is...."

"The jerk that took away my husband," Jill interrupted.

"I was just doing my job maíam," Duffy smirked, as he thought. "I guess I just have one of those faces."

"Have you signed your forms?" Adams asked.

"Yeah here, can I see my husband now? Itís been so long."

Jill hadnít been able to even hold her husbandís hand in over a year and a half since Deputy Duffy arrested her husband and his best friend, since she wasnít able to come up with the million-dollar bail bond.

Deputy Duffy made the arrest quite by chance. Duffy and Sergeant Adams as well as several guards from the state prison were hunting in Northern Vermont, near the United States-Canada border. While stalking a buck, he ran into a couple of men who were looking for a small road that led into Canada that the deputy knew was unmanned most of the time. He only became suspicious when he told them a better way to get to the border, but they were insistent, so he showed them the way. He also called the border patrol and had them waiting at the border. The drugs were quickly found in the trunk of their car.

"I understand your impatience, but we still have our procedures," Adams said, before he added, "If you come with us we will start your search."

"Search?" Jill screamed out.

The sounds of nervous laughter from the other women quickly filled the room.

"Didnít you read the forms? Before you can see your husband, we have to perform a search for illegal contraband. See, itís on page two," Adams scolded, showing her the forms.

Jill shook her head as she thought, "I must of read them too quickly."

"Letís go... your hubby is waiting," Adams barked.

Jill got up slowly. Her breakfast tossed in her stomach, as she followed the two men. They stopped in front of a black door with the words "visitor processing" written in yellow.

"What going on? I mean, GUYS, where are the female guards?" Jill asked nervously.

"I donít know... maybe in the female prison," Adams answered sarcastically. He had been down this road many times before.

"Youíre not, I mean, what do you think Iím an idiot?" Jill screeched.

"Whatís the problem? You signed the forms. It gives us, the prison personal, the right to search you and your belongings," Adams said, scanning her over.

"No fucking way Iím letting you guys touch me!" Jill cried out.

"Geez buddy, I donít think she likes us much," Adams said with a chuckle. "Oh well, have it your way. Iím kissing my wifeís soft lips tonight."

"Fuck you!" Jill snapped.

"Nice language, and I thought you were the shy and innocent type," Duffy said, before Adams added, "Well, see yah in three months."

"Three months?" Jill moaned.

"Yeah, you only get personal visits every three months, unless properly authorized," Adams said with a sly smile.

Jill threw her hands to her hips. "First you make me wait six months and now three more... Iím his wife for..."

"And this is prison. Not a fucking Holiday Inn!" Adams shouted out.

"You canít do this, just wait until my lawyer hears about this one," Jill said, and then she turned and scampered down the hall.

"I hope he does a better job than he did at the trial," Duffy hollered, just before Jill slammed the exit door.

The two men shared a laugh.

"I guess her old man goes hungry today," Adams said.

"Do you wanna tell him or can I?" Duffy said, and the two men shared another laugh.

"Oh well, lets see what else we have today, I mean Iím here anyways," Duffy said.

(Deputy Duffy didnít work in the prison, but he was on special assignment. He would also come to visit his older hunting buddy Sergeant Adams when informed that he had someone special coming in because Sergeant Adams thought Deputy Duffy, despite the fact that he was only 26 years old, was the best female processor in the state.)

Jill left the prison and returned home. She cried herself to sleep the next couple of nights from the pain of missing her husband, and because she blamed herself for not having the courage to go through with the menís search.

"How selfish could I be? How can I ever face my husband again?" She cried, over and over.

She talked to her lawyer repeatedly, for several weeks. He told her that since she had signed the consent forms, which was a legal document that gave any prison personnel, male or female, permission to search her for contraband at anytime within the prisonís walls. He just couldnít find any way around it. If she wanted to see her husband she would have to let them search her. Her lawyer also informed her just what type of search they could perform if the so chose.

"STRIP-SEARCH!" Jill screamed out when she heard the news. "Noooo!"

She also talked to her mom, who had been her tower of strength during the trial, unlike Bobís family, who disowned him after his arrest, and she built up Jillís strength once again. She even offered to come with her when Jill went back.

Jill also talked to her friends and her coworkers from the little bookstore where she took a job after her husband got arrested. It was the only job she could find since she hadnít had a job since high school. She never needed one. Her husband had a good job as a stockbroker that paid well and his father had also given him a large sum of money when he graduated from high school. They lived in a large house, drove fancy cars, and took luxurious vacations. They lived a charmed life. Then, Jillís husband Bob had a streak of bad luck. A change in the stock market, and some bad advice had cost Bobís clients millions, and nearly wiped out Bob.

He became desperate. He needed quick cash to maintain their current lifestyle. He swallowed his pride and asked his father for some quick cash, but to no avail. His father told him that he would have to change his ways, and make do. He suggested selling their home, which was worth almost a million dollars, but Bob was too proud to sell his home. Thatís when his friend Stan came up with the drug delivery scheme that landed them both in jail. Stan made it sound so easy. Just drive the drugs up from Connecticut and make a delivery in Canada. Stan, as it turned out, took the easy way out and hung himself in jail, while waiting for trial, leaving Bob to take the fall.

Jill gathered up her strength and made another Saturday appointment. She tried to call and write her husband several times to let him know what happened -- why she hadnít been there to visit him, but, they told her that she didnít fill out the proper forms.

Finally, it was time for her Saturday visit. She found herself back outside the prisonís walls. She took one last look at her outfit, having dressed extra conservatively, not showing any skin at all.

"Just letíem feel me up through all this," she said, as she entered the prison again. She walked with a new sense of purpose. She didnít want to let them get the best of her. She strolled with renewed confidence, but most of all she was desperate. She needed her husband to co-sign the sales agreement on their home, so she could make ends meet, at least for a little while. Her job at the bookstore just wasnít paying the bills.

Jillís heart raced as she entered the waiting area again. She thought it was strange that this time she was alone, as she had made sure she filled out all the forms they had this time, reading them all extra carefully.

"Mrs. Kelly, would you come with us," a deep voice bellowed, almost causing Jill to jump off her chair. Jill looked up and saw the same two men that she saw on her last visit, each wearing a smile. Her stomached fluttered as she followed them down the hall.

ĎWhat do these guys fucking live here?í She said to herself.

Jill noticed a tough looking, dirty blonde woman leaning against the black door. Jill looked her over. She was about the same height 5í6", as Jill, although, she looked like she was just a little heaver then Jillís 115 pounds.

Jill blushed when she got an even closer look at the woman, who was dressed in a simple white T-shirt and small black skirt. Both of which were way too small to cover her pronounced curves. She also wore a pair of heeled clogs.

Sergeant Adams cleared his throat. "Deputy Duffy this is April James. Sheís here to see her husband Bull James, who is back with us for another stay."

After a brief exchange of greetings they entered the processing room. Jill felt even more uncomfortable now. April looked and acted like she had been though this before. She was even smiling and joking with the two men.

ĎWas she actually flirting with them?í Jill wondered, as she scanned the small room, which was bare, except for a stainless steel table that glistened at one end.

Jillís mind was racing as she moved over to the table. She was a little miffed that they didnít even ask her if they could search the two of them together. Jill also couldnít help but wonder if April knew that her large nipples showed through her shirt and could easily be seen by the men.

"Ladies, Deputy Duffy is here as a member of the Vermont State Police Special Task Force. It seems that there has been some concern that illegal contraband has been finding its way into our correctional facility. He is here to assist us, and help us re-examine our procedures," Sergeant Adams announced.

Deputy Duffy had all he could do to keep his poker face on. Heíd been anxiously waiting for Jillís return. Jill, on the other hand, couldnít believe how young the deputy looked up close.

She looked him over. ĎGee... he looks like he is just out of high school. Ok, he is a semi-good looking guy, but still...í

He moved over in front of her.

Ď5í10" 190 pounds,í she guessed. ĎNice green eyes, cleanly shaven, baby faced.í Maybe it was the blue uniform, or the short haircut, but for a second she felt strangely attracted to him.

ĎBut wait! He was the ass that took my husband away from me, and now he wants to search me too,í Jill quickly reminded herself. It was almost too much for her to handle.

"Alright ladies," Deputy Duffy said clapping his hands. "Letís do a little manual pat down. Jill step forward and stand on the star."

Jill scanned the gray floor, until she saw that in the center of the room there was a large silver star. She slowly moved over to it, although, she didnít feel like a star. She figured this had to be some sort of sick joke on their part.

"Hands on top of your head," Duffy ordered.

Jill slowly complied. She hated being the center of attention, and she trembled at the thought of this young man putting his hands on her.

"Hey Sarg, did you bag anything after I had to leave the other day?" Duffy said to Sergeant Adams as he moved behind Jill. He began to run his hands over Jillís shoulders and down her back. She trembled at his first touch.

"Nah, didnít see shit. My buddy bagged a doe though," Sergeant Adams replied.

Jill felt his hands brush the back of her pants. Then felt his fingers running inside her waistband and then traveling over the top of her ass. They applied more pressure then she expected, but as she started to protest, they left and traveled down her leg.

"Man, I havenít shot anything for a couple of years now," Duffy said, his hands now running back up the other leg.

"Well, unless you count the couple of dudes who tried to rob that 7-11," Adams said, and then he laughed

Jill braced her body. She figured if his hands traveled down the back they would probably travel up the front on the way back up. She figured right. She felt his run up and press right against her crotch. It was all she could do to fight her natural instinct to turn around and slap the deputy.

His hands were now running around the front of her pants waistband. "Dude, you know what I meant," he said and then his hands glided over Jillís flat stomach. Jillís body was quivering.

"Yeah I know," Sergeant Adams said, "But those two assholes, will never be back here again."

"Thatís for damn sure," Duffy quickly replied.

Jill whimpered, as his hands found her heavy sweater-covered breasts, and slowly moved over them, but also due to the topic of their conversation.

ĎDid the Deputy who is lightly squeezing my breasts now really kill two guys or are they just trying to make me more nervous then I am already,í she thought, although, she didnít know if that was possible.

"Please," she moaned, feeling the pressure increase. She sighed, as his hands left her breasts and rubbed around her neck, and then they started running through her hair.

ĎSo much for all that time this morning, making it just right,í Jill thought, Ďbut at least thatís over. The nerve...í

"Man look at all this hair," Duffy said, as he undid her hair clip.

"You going to see Bon Jovi later?" Adams said with a laugh. He was almost giddy with excitement. He just loved watching his buddy in action.

"Alright Jill... step back... April over here," Duffy said, pointing at April.

"Goodie, my turn," April giggled, with a snap of her gum, as she stepped to the star.

Jill flooded with relief. ĎAlthough it had been a little embarrassing, all in all it wasnít that bad,í she thought, before she cringed. ĎDarn, I canít believe I made my husband wait three more months for that... what was I thinking?í

Jill couldnít help but watch as Deputy Duffy started to run his hands quickly down Aprilís back and up over her front. She scrunched her face when his hands cupped Aprilís large breasts.

ĎHeís sure taking his time there,í she thought.

Sergeant Adams moved to her side. ĎNow why is he searching her breasts,í she wondered as she watched, before she thought, ĎThatís not searching guys... thatís feeling up.í

"Very nice... Alright, April step back," Duffy said, and then waited until she did. "Now that we know that youíre not carrying any large contraband we just have to search for the small stuff, and then you can proceed with your visit."

Jillís heart sank, remembering her lawyerís words.

"We might as well start with you April," Duffy said, as the two men were now standing, shoulder to shoulder, on the star. "Jill stand over here next to me." Jill did so but was confused as too why, before the deputy cleared his throat. "Just lift..."

"I know the drill," April interrupted. (April was a veteran at this. Her husband had been in and out of jails all along the eastern seaboard.)

Jill was stunned when April lifted her white T-shirt up over her breasts. She swore the men gasped when they saw her large areolas, and bumpy brown nipples spring into view. April then lifted her small skirt up and bunched it around her waist. Jill quickly noticed that she wasnít wearing panties and that her pussy was completely shaved, as she assumed, did the two men, judging by where their eyes were focused. Jillís face quickly flushed.

"Iím sorry April, I forgot youíve been though this before," Duffy said, when April stood with arms by her side, palms facing the men. He also soaked in her body. His buddy had told him that April had a body built for porn. The young deputy instantly agreed with his analysis, giving Adams an approving wink.

Jill was completely blown away, at the power these men had, as she thought, ĎThereís no way they were gonna make me strip too! I canít! I wonít!í

"Turn around April," Duffy said, as he swirled a finger in the air. April followed.

"Nice tattoo... red bull... Oh I get it," he said with a laugh, remembering her husbandís name.

Jill couldnít help but look. She had a nice red bull tattoo on her right ass cheek. She also couldnít help but watch as they made her grab her ankles and then reach back and spread her ass checks, which Jill thought, wasnít so nice. Watching this was almost too much for Jill. She wanted to run out the door screaming, but April looked up at her and smiled, like it was no big deal.

Jill looked away when the two men moved in for a closer look at Aprilís back view. Now, she just couldnít bear to watch, mostly, because she knew that she was next. The two men were just inches from Aprilís stretched open pussy, admiring her bright pink insides, when a buzzing sound broke up the action. It was coming from the red phone on the far wall. A perturbed Adams went over and answered it.

"Hello Sheriff. Yeah, heís here, one sec." Adams held the phone up. "Deputy Duffy your dadís on the phone."

Jill shook her head. ĎThe young deputyís father is the sheriff. Well now that just figures,í Jill thought, as the Deputy moved over to the phone. ĎNo wonder he acts like he owns the place.í

The two men both seemed to be chatting away on the phone with the sheriff, when April nudged Jill. "First time eh," she whispered.

"Yeah, is it that obvious?" Jill whispered back.

"I could tell by the way youíre dressed. It looks like youíre on your way to church, and it looks like youíre gunna pee yourself."

Jill snapped her head around at April, but didnít have a reply.

"Itís alright girl. I remember my first time too, but it was before I had these," April said, as she pointed to her breasts, which were still exposed. "They were a gift from my old man."

"Theyíre nice," Jill managed, although, she was slightly embarrassed at her closeness. "Why didnít she at least cover herself back up?" She thought.

"Yeah, nice to look at... which helps a lot in here, but theyíre like carrying a ten-pound bowling ball on your chest," April said, and the two women shared a light giggle. "Thatís it girl, you gut to lighten up. Itís the only way to make it through this... Can I ask how long is your man in for?"

"The lawyer said at least eight years," Jill answered.

"Eight fucking years... oh man... then you better learn to play the game," April whispered.

Jill looked at April with a puzzled face.

"Look, do you love your husband?" April asked.

"Yes!" Jill replied emphatically.

"Alright, then you have to learn for his sake," April whispered. "How long has it been since youíve been with your husband... you know sexually?"

"I donít know," Jill groaned, a little embarrassed by the question and also the fact that it was being asked by a nearly naked women, whose large breasts were brushing against her arm. "Ah, I havenít been able to touch him for nine months... oh, and then there was like a little more than a year for the trial thing."

"Thatís almost two years?" April interrupted.

Jill looked down, ashamed.

April moved closer to Jillís ear. "If you love him, and you wanna stay with him then you have to check your ego at the door and swallow your pride, otherwise, forget he ever existed and move on."

"No way! He is the only man Iíll ever love," Jill groaned out.

"I know how you feel. I would never leave my dumb-ass husband either. Ok then here is how it works around here... quickly Ďcause we donít have much time," April hurriedly whispered, as Jill leaned closer. "When you come to visit, wear something like me... something simple. Forget the bra Ďcuz they wonít let you take it in anyways."

Jill couldnít believe what she was hearing.

"If you wear an outfit like yours then they make a big show out of stripping it off of you... youíll see. Usually I just flash em, and then Iím in."

†Jill looked at April with a scrunched face.

"I think they just wanted someone more experienced to make it easier for you. They even told me how you chickened out last time," April continued, as Jill shook with anger, remembering that day.

"You have to pretend you like it and them... no matter how much you wanna scratch their eyes out. Look if they sense fear or shyness, they will just use it against yah. In here theyíre all power hungry."

So far, that was one thing Jill could agree with.

"When you finally make it into see your old man, dressing like this works too. It gives your man easier access to your body, since the guards wonít let you take off your clothes in the visitorís room, but will let you get like this."

Jill once again flashed April a stunned look.

"Believe me! When your man finally sees yah, heís gonna want touch you everywhere and heís gonna want to be touched. Shit, theyíre locked in cages 23 hours a day. 23 hours -- nine months -- do the math girl."

Jill looked down in shame. "Donít the guards... w-w-watch... I mean?" She mumbled.

"Yeah they watch. Theyíre perverts too. But believe me youíll get to the point where being with your man is more important than that," April said, as the deputy hung up the phone. "Oh yeah, just donít tell your man what you had to go through to see him. There are some things a guy in prison just doesnít need to hear."

The two men ended their conversation and marched back over towards them. Jillís heart pounded.

"Ok, where were we...? Ah yes, Jill are you ready?" Duffy asked.

Jill nodded her head, which was still spinning from Aprilís sermon.

"Very good then why donít you start by unbuttoning that sweater," Duffy said, rubbing his hands together.

Jillís fingers fumbled with the buttons. Se had lied when she said she was ready. She also couldnít believe she was actually going to strip for the men. She watched as Adams positioned April so she could watch too.

"Ok, now hold it open."

Jill slowly opened her sweater up, exposing her white bra to their view. Her face flushed again.

"All the way," Duffy barked.

Jill spread out the sweater a far as it would go. Her arms were like rubber. Tears were already forming in her eyes.

"Now, off."

After a stalling breath, she finally took it off and handed it to Adams for inspection, following another command.

"Ok, lift your bra away from your tits and shakeíem out."

Jill smacked her lips, and hesitated for a moment, a little confused by the order, and she also hated the word "tits."

"Need some help," Sergeant Adams barked, snapping the nightstick off his belt. Jill jumped back, but the table stopped her retreat. Sergeant Adams brought his nightstick up and ran it over Jillís left breast.

"P-please," Jill pleaded, as she felt it trace her nipple. "I can do it."

Deputy Duffy patted Adams on the shoulder and the nightstick fell. Jill reluctantly pulled the cups away from her breasts and began to slowly shake her shoulders.

"Lean forward and continue."

Jill did so, almost breaking into tears, but trying not to give them the satisfaction. She knew that somehow, someway, she had to make it though this, for her husbandís sake.

"Ok, since bras arenít allowed in the visitorís room. Iím afraid Iím going to have to confiscate it... hand it over!" Sergeant Adams barked out.

Jillís eyes shifted to Aprilís face, and she flashed her that "see" look.

Jillís face burned now, as she reached back and unhooked her bra, suddenly remembering that no one but her husband and her female doctor had seen her naked breasts since she had developed. Slowly, unintentionally seductively, she slid the straps off her shoulders and pulled it away from her body. Her hand trembled, as she handed it over to Sergeant Adams and then quickly covered her breasts with her hands.

"Look buddy, another one for my collection... man this thing is heavy," Adams said, pretending to have trouble lifting it.

The two men laughed, which added to Jillís embarrassment, and then they just stared at her.

"What?" Jill managed, hating their lustful looks.

"Are you gonna just stand there and massage your tits all day, or are you gonna put your hands down so we can inspectíem?" Duffy said, with a smirk.

It took Jill all she had to slowly drop her hands. She fought to not cover them back up, and it didnít help that the two men didnít even hide the fact that they were gawking at her exposed breasts. Jill wanted to die as the seconds slowly ticked by. She joined the rest of the eyes in the room and looked down at her breasts. They were medium sized, a little on the pointy side, but it was her pink marshmallow like nipples that embarrassed Jill the most. But from the smiles the two men traded, they seem to enjoying them.

"Ah hum... unbutton your pants," Duffy managed, almost losing his professional demeanor for a second.

Jill wiped away a tear and then fumbled with the three buttons on her pants, but got them unsnapped.

"Ok, now put your hands over your head."

Jill did so, although a little confused. "Whatís this all about?" She thought.

"Now shake your hips."

Jill slowly, reluctantly, shook her hips. She also knew that she was shaking her tits too. She looked at April, who again flashed her that "see" look and Jill remembered what she said about them making a "show" out of it. She also wished that she had talked to April sooner. Her pants started to slither down her thighs before dropping around her ankles. She finally got the shaking of the hips thing.

"What, you planning on doing a little jogging later?" Adams said when Jillís running shorts came into view.

"Can you please pull them shorts down?" Duffy said annoyingly. ĎI thought her pants were awful fluffy earlier,í he thought.

Jill heard the menís laughter, as she pulled down her shorts that revealed her large granny-like white panties. Even April could help but chuckle at poor Jillís panty selection.

Jillís face was beet red. Her heart felt like it was going to explode out of her chest.

"Are there any more clothes under your huge panties?" Duffy hissed.

Jill shook her head back and forth. She looked at the Deputy with watery eyes. He just placed his hands on his hips and tapped his foot. Jill knew what he wanted. After a deep breath, she mustered up all her strength and rolled her panties down. Standing back up she used her hands to cover her crotch.

"Now, finally, turn around," Duffy barked.

Jill turned around. It was a little awkward with her pants, shorts, and panties still wrapped around her ankles.

"Now bend forward at the waist and untie your shoes, take them off, and remove the pants and stuff."

Jill bent over and started to untie her shoes when she looked at the two men between her legs, staring at her ass, thatís when it hit her, the view she must be giving them. She picked up the pace and piled the rest of the clothes on the table. A teardrop splashed on the floor by her feet, as she picked up her discarded clothing and handed them over. Sergeant Adams again examined them.

"Now get your cute ass on that table, on your back," Duffy punctuated his command with a slap on Jillís ass. Jill hopped on the table and fell back, her feet dangling off the side. Her mind, seemingly behind her instinctive responses to the deputyís commands.

"Now, what is going on?" she cried out, as Sergeant Adams grabbed her arms and pulled them over her head. She tried to pull away, but he was stronger. She shuddered as the cold steel slapped against her wrists. When Adams moved away she realized by the feel and the sound that he had handcuffed her to the table. She flooded with helplessness.

"Please, Iím not a criminal," she pleaded, but by the amused look on his face, she knew it was a futile one.

"Put your feet up on the edge of the table," Duffy barked.

"But why?" Jill whined, as she looked down. The deputy was standing in-between her legs. She knew she would have to spread her legs wide to avoid him.

"Do it!" Duffy screamed, and Jill shook, and then complied.

"Wider," Duffy barked, and then he added, "thatís better," when she complied.

Jill had never been this mortified in her life. She always hated this position at the doctorís office, but in this environment, cuffed hands over head, it seemed a million times worse.

ĎHow am I ever going to do this again,í she thought.

"Jill, you know it would be easier on everyone if you would shave your pussy, next time."

Jill gasped, "Never!" She just couldnít believe this could get any worse.

"Well, since I canít do a visual search, Iím going to have to do a manual one."

Jill was wrong, it just did. "Please nooo," she moaned, as it just hit her why they cuffed her to the table, as the cuffs stopped her from fleeing.

"Relax Jill, before I can proceed I have to have your permission, just to be ethical," Deputy Duffy explained. "If not, Iíll un-cuff you from the table and you can go home. I just want you to know that itís your free will."

Jill filled with fire. ĎEthics! This asshole doesnít have an ethical bone in his whole body,í Jill screamed inward. ĎAnd if I was free... why the cuffs?í


"You canít be serious," Jill whined.

"Iím afraid so, or youíll have gone all this way for not," Duffy said, as April sat on the table next to Jill and also whispered, "Címon honey, you can do it. Itís just your pussy."

"Yeah, I have to make sure youíre not a drug smuggler too," the deputy said with a smirk. Jill looked at him in disbelief. ĎHow could such a nice looking young man be so evil,í she wondered.

"I need to hear it out loud."

"God! I canít believe this!" she screamed out. "Alright, search my fucking pussy. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"Alright, I think I will! If I can find the fucking thing, under all this hair!"

Jill closed her eyes, and braced her body, just before the deputyís finger found its mark. It ran along her puffy lips, before slowly entering her pussy. She cringed at his light laugh, as he was obviously amused at how wet she had become. Jill squirmed about on the table, hands testing her steely binds, as Duffy added another finger into her pussy and then he started thrusting them upwards and inwards, finding Jillís special spot. She fought against the moans escaping from her lips. It had been a long time for Jill. She was always worried about her husband, too worried to even masturbate. So as hard as she tried to fight it, her body was betraying her. Jill quivered when she felt another finger start to rub her clit. This was too much for her.

"Hey what the..." she growled, as she opened her eyes in a panic, and tried to jump up, the cuffs digging into her skin. She was surprised to see that the finger rubbing her clit belonged to April, sitting on the table next to her. April just pressed a finger from her other hand to her lips and hissed.

ĎWas April doing this because she wanted to, or were the two guards making her?í Jill asked herself, as she relaxed her body. The fingers continued there probing of Jillís helpless body. Her skin tingling and audible moans were escaping from her mouth, now.

ĎOh my god, not now, not here,í Jill thought, as she felt a soft hand start squeezing her breast, fingernails lightly scrapping her sensitive nipple. She didnít have to open her eyes to know April was doing the squeezing.

Deputy Duffyís fingers were now aggressively thrusting in and out, much harder and much more skilled than she had ever experienced before. Aprilís soft, yet wicked hands, hard at work. It was too much for Jill to take. She finally gave in. She knew she had lost the fight anyways.

"Please... oh please... Iím cummming!" Jillís voice flooded the room, echoing off the soundproof walls. Her body was thrashing about on the table, as Jill enjoyed her first orgasm in years. Quickly a mixture of pleasure and pain raced through Jill. She had never experienced anything quite like it before, even in her married life, but she felt guilty that it happened here. Tears started to flow down her cheeks, while Sergeant Adams unlocked her cuffs. April lifted her up off the table into a sitting position, her arms locked around Jill in a warm embrace. Jill rubbed her raw wrists.

"Itís going to be all right," April whispered into Jillís ear, as she caressed her back.† "You made it though, your first time... now you..."

"No she didnít... there is still one more thing," Sergeant Adams interrupted.

"Címon guys, sheís been through enough for one day," April pleaded.

"Well, we still have to know if sheís gonna play by our rules... she still seems a little rebellious," Adams said. "Thatís why I went with the cuffs."

"Please, she hasnít been with her husband in like two years. Could you guys give her a break just for today, please for me?"

"Well... I guess so, but just for you," Adams said softly, looking at his buddy, who was nodding.

Jill tried to dry her eyes, using her running shorts.

"Well April, it looks like youíre gonna have to pull double duty then today," Adams said, as he picked up Jillís bra.

"Whatever... just leave us alone so we can dress and get ready!" April offered, sliding off the table.

"Alright, Iíll tell my guard to fetch your men," Adams said and the two men left the room, not before giving each other a high five.

"April, what the fuck just happened?" Jill whispered.

"You just went through your initiation my dear. Welcome to the prisonersí wivesí life," April said, jumping off the table and finally pulling down her top and fixing her skirt. "But they donít do that all the time. Like I said before, most of the time I just flash them and Iím in. Just be thankful they didnít check your asshole, too."

"And the double duty stuff?" Jill asked meekly, sliding to the floor and she was thankful of at least that one point, although, it didnít make her feel much better.

"My guess from the bulges in their pants I have a couple of blowjobs to perform, or theyíre looking to Ďpull a trainí but I donít exactly know, every time itís different. Iíve had to serve them beer naked, or masturbate for them," April answered.

Jill once again looked at April in disbelief, as she was handing Jill her panties.

"Oh, and you know that three months crap, in between visits, thereís ways around that too. I come here whenever I fucking want to. You do favors for them and they do favors for you, itís that simple..."

"Who the guards?" Jill interrupted, pulling up her pants, also wondering how April could be so nonchalant about it.

"Yeah, guards, prison officials, cops, deputies, and whoís ever here," April giggled. "One time they even had me blow this fat mailman just cuz he was by. Like I said, itís a power thing."

"Oh my god," Jill gasped, as April wasnít helping her anxiety level any.

"Yeah they have this room. Itís like a break room or something, but it looks like a small bar room. They drink beers and watch sports and sometimes use us for their entertainment. But if you behave they arenít cruel about it."

"Do I have to?"

"Only if you want a favor from them, like I did today," April interrupted.

"Iím sorry about that April, I didnít mean..." Jill whispered.

"Thatís ok. Iíve kind of gotten used to it over the years. Iím no slut, or maybe I wasnít one, but my hubby keeps fucking up. Sometimes it really ainít that bad, well, once youíve learned to play along," April said.

"I donít know if I can do that," Jill said nervously.

"Most of the time they just want a blowjob. I donít think they get them at home too often and they usually donít last that long."

Jill looked up at April with a panicked look on her face.

"Oh no... donít tell me," April said, before she laughed.

"Isnít that gross?" Jill groaned.

"What sucking dick, or the fact that youíve made it this far in life without sucking one?" April teased.

"Please April," Jill whined.

"Iím sorry Jill. I didnít mean to make fun of yah," April said as she was helping Jill fix her hair.

"Do you like it?" April managed.

"Giving head? It really ainít that bad. Itís really the one time a woman has power over a man. I mean you have his sole reason for living right in your mouth, and if youíre good at it you can get stuff from íem," April said, before she added, "I canít honestly say that Iím looking forward to sucking that cocky young deputyís cock, but Iíll make him cum in thirty seconds and then if I ever need him I will promise more. He probably has a three inch dick anyways!"

For the first time the two women shared a laugh and a hug.

"Wait! What about the..."

"Cum," April said with a scrunched face. "Yeah, they always come on you."

"Oh, gross."

"Sometimes it is Jill, again most want your face, or you can swallow if you want. Itís less messy."

Jill was stunned.

"Just the facts of life." April simply shrugged her shoulder. "They told me your name was Jill Kelly. Do you know you share names with a famous porno starlet?"

"Too bad it isnít me. Iíd probably have my husband out of prison by now," Jill said, and they shared another laugh.

"Or at least know how to suck a cock, and take a facial," April said, and then pressed a small kiss to Jillís flushed cheek. "Look, relax, weíll get together. Wait for me at my truck. Iíll teach you everything you need to know. Itís the big black four by four parked out front," April said, just as a young guard came into the room. Jill was happy that she had just finished dressing. She was also a little uneasy about what April meant by "get together" remembering her soft hands taking liberties with her helpless body, but her husbandís face suddenly flashed into her head. It was finally time.

"Letís go ladies," the guard barked, holding the door open.

The two women skipped down the hall to the visitorís room. Jill saw her husband nervously pacing the floor through the doorís small window. Jillís heart raced as the door opened. She jumped into his arms. The two locked in a warm embrace. Jillís tears were flowing again, as she had just made it through the most humiliating day of her life... So far.

The End.

Look for "Jill Goes Back To Prison" to see what happens to Jill next.

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