Jill Kelly Goes Back to Prison
by Deputy Duffy

The sun was making its first light as Jill slowly opened her eyes. She wiped the cobwebs from them, before she rolled over and gasped, noticing April, the sleeping beauty, next to her. Almost forgetting that she had just spent the night in another womanís bed. Still not believing how she spent the night enjoying another womanís body, another woman enjoying hers. Just the thought caused her to twinge with sweet emotions. Emotions not yet hardened by time, but memories of her white picket fence life, vanquished.

Her life often filled with erotic adventures, now, some of which warmed her, some that chilled her bones.

Jillís mind retraced the hands of time that had led her to this moment. It seemed like only yesterday that she first met April at the Vermont State Prison for Men when she went there to visit her husband Stan, who was serving out his sentence there.

Admiring how the rays of light honored Aprilís beauty, Jill reached out, but was almost afraid to touch the flawless skin of the woman who had become a close friend over the last year. The woman who had seemingly filled the void left in Jillís life, after her husband was sentenced to some serious time behind steel bars.

She brushed Aprilís lower lip, thinking of how friendship had blossomed into lust with an innocent kiss. A kiss that turned into more, and then into a night of passion and sexual exploration. A night that still left Jill with the taste of Aprilís essence on her tongue, even now, several hours later.

With her mind wondering, Jill slowly pictured the deputy, who had forever changed her life, tending to a horrific scene. She cringed, thinking about the phone call that informed her that he would not be using them for his wanton pleasures, just yet, as a fatal car crash had pressed him into his sworn duty. Jillís eyes welled up at the irony that someone had paid the ultimate price to spare them (as April was wrong about the deputy just wanting a blowjob), and had allowed them the lustful opportunity. They also welled up from looking at April, surprised that she could make her feel so alive, while, also wondering if she could ever walk in yesterdayís shoes.

Jill managed to drift back to sleep, after she stroked Aprilís blonde hair that she admired so, and kissed her forehead. When Jill woke up several hours later, April was already making breakfast. The smell of bacon awaking Jillís senses, she sheepishly, made her way into the kitchen, her nerves eased with a simple smile.

After they ate, they took a playful shower together, which concluded with a shaving session. They shaved their legs and under-arms, and then they also shaved around each otherís pussies. It was an act Jill, at one time, swore she would never do. Although, today, Jill found it strangely erotic to be so exposed to her new lovers touch. Especially when April applied some lotion to the newly shaved area.

Jill stayed at Aprilís house, day after day, afraid to leave, seemingly afraid to break the spell. April provided more love and understanding than Jill had ever seen. She also scratched an itch that her husband couldnít quite find.

The two women woke up on Saturday morning and showered after another lust filled night, a night in which Jill finally understood, the strap on dildo thing, and the pleasure that women can derive from it. April also showed her the fun they could have with things that go "buzz" and how to use the little balls on a string.

April fixed their hair and makeup after they dried off. She made them look extra slutty. Jill protested at her reflected glance, but April announced that she was just in that mood. Next, they dressed in their all black prison outfits, which were just small tops that clung to their breasts and small tight skirts. April also talked Jill into skipping their underwear, which also helped with the sluttishness factor. Clear stiletto high heels rounded out Aprilís look, while Jill wore smaller black pumps. When the women were finished dressing Jill started getting nervous, like she always did on visitation day.

The two women jumped into Aprilís four by four and made their way to the prison. As they drove Jill began feeling more and more nervous as she wondered how she would react to seeing her husband, after what happened last night. The fact that April also informed her that today was the day that Deputy Duffy had arranged for April to have a "special" visit with her husband, deep inside the prison, didnít help the nervous factor either. (The deputy keeping his word, even though, he had yet to collect his booty.)

They pulled into the prisonís parking lot. The barbed-wired walls, still sending shivers down Jillís spine. The women made their way to the prisonís backdoor, where they were met by a large, shotgun carrying, guard.

"We're here to see our husbands, and ah, Sergeant Adams told us to come back here," April mumbled, a little flustered by the imposing figureĎs weapon, pointed in her direction.

"Oh really," the guard barked. "Well... We will see."

The guard used a phone on the wall just inside the door, and after a short conversation turned back to the women, who shared concerned looks. Jillís knees knocked.

"Ok, he is on his way," the guard said, before he lustfully soaked in the women, dressed in their sexy attire. Even having them turn around for him. The large guard suddenly stepped back and licked his lips. Using his weapon, he motioned for the women to lift their tops.

"Itís alright Guard Wetley, Iíll sign for them," Sergeant Adams said, interrupting the action, as both of the women breathed a sigh of relief.

"Now, follow me girls," he ordered, after he signed them in.

Jill held onto Aprilís hand, as they followed the sergeant into a small room with no windows just inside the prisonís walls. He slammed the door shut and left the two women alone, as they both quickly realized the unfamiliar room stank like dried urine. The two women were growing nervous, as time dragged on and on. They checked their hair and makeup several times in the large mirror that adorned the far wall to pass the time. Finally the door opened and Sergeant Adams entered the room, followed by a young looking, taller guard, who seemed to be shadowing him.

"Ok ladies, letís get this over!" Sergeant Adams barked. "Ok, you first," he said, pointing at April.

April was a little taken back by the sergeantís peculiar attitude. (After all, she had sucked his cock dry on several occasions, and after that he definitely didnít forget her name, no one did.)

"Stand on the yellow line," the sergeant ordered, and April followed, quickly finding the line, as she was a prison visitor veteran, so she was used to following orders.

"Ok, look directly into the camera," the sergeant ordered next.

April looked into the mirror and was surprised that instead of her reflection she could now see a large camera pointed in her direction, a male guard standing behind it, operating it.

"Ok, I am going to ask you several questions, just give your answers loud and clear." He went on to ask her simple questions: name, husbandís name, date, followed by her height, weight, and even her shoe size, all of which puzzled April, but she answered. He also wrote the information down on a clipboard, and then had April sign it when he was finished. He handed it to the young guard and then he turned and looked April right in the eye.


Hearing his command, Jill gasped, and then covered her mouth with a hand. Even though April had a feeling it was coming she didnít like the way he said it and in the tone in which he said it. She just couldnít figure out what was wrong with him today. She looked at Jill and shrugged her shoulder and started removing her clothes. First her top, and then her skirt, and just like that she was stark naked. Sergeant Adams put her clothes, and her purse, into a plastic basket, but told her to keep her high heels on.

"Face the camera and lock your hands behind your head...elbows back!" Sergeant Adams barked, as he moved over and stood just off her left shoulder, his shadow peering over his shoulder, devouring her nakedness. Jill watched helplessly with twinges of jealously. Sergeant Adams began barking out orders, and as much as she didnít like it, April had been around enough not to argue, so she did as told.

First, he told her to slowly turn around in quarter turns, until she was facing front again. Then he had her lift her breasts up by just the nipples and then release them, several times. He also had her lean forward and swing her shoulders back and forth, but April really knew what they wanted to see swing back and forth. Turning around again, he had her bend forward at the waist. Then he ordered her to reach back and spread her ass cheeks for the camera, making sure she pulled her pussy open as well. Finally, he had bend down with straight legs and slide off her high heels and put them into her basket.

April, happy that the search was over, glanced at the young guard when she was finished. Ordinarily, she would have gotten a cheep thrill out of the "deer in highlights" look he was now sporting, as he seemingly couldnít take his eyes off her naked body, especially her enhanced breasts, but she yearned for her husbandís lusty eyes, not his.

"Ok, you next," Sergeant Adams said to an already trembling Jill.

"Me too!" Jill screamed, as her prayer that she wouldnít have to go through the humiliating procedure that she just witnessed April go through, went unanswered.

"Yeah, letís go, or you can go back home," Sergeant Adams teased, as he patted her on the back. "I mean, I already told your hubby that you were here."

"You did!" Jill cried, as she was really thinking about leaving.

"Címon Jill, you have to go through this eventually," April whispered, as she gave Jill a comforting hug, and then after some more encouragement, it was finally Jillís turn to face the camera.

After the background info was taken, Sergeant Adams again gave the command to "Strip." Jill, trembled noticeably, still not used to the lewd command. She looked to April for strength and slowly lifted her shirt over her head, and dropped it in her basket. She also searched for the eyes of the young man, now devouring her nakedness. He seemed mesmerized by her pink marshmallow nipples, causing her to cover her breasts with her hands. It took a minute or two and several commands for her to continue, before Jill did so. All eyes watched as she slipped her skirt off, and then she kicked her pumps into the plastic bucket, and then quickly returned to her defensive posture, which brought out a chuckle from the two men.

Sergeant Adams handed her shoes back and then he seemed to make Jill stand in front of the camera longer now than he did with April. It didnít help the speed factor that Jill balked at every order, at first, and then eventually complied.

Sergeant Adams again started with quarter turns, her hands locked behind her head. He had her turn her back to the camera and bend at the waist. Jill was mortified, especially when she spread her ass cheeks for the camera. "Wider and wider," Sergeant Adams ordered, seemingly not satisfied until he saw internal organs. He even told the camera operator to "zoom in on her shaved pussy," while she did this, which was the finale straw for Jill, as tears started streaming from her eyes.

Just when Jill didnít think she could take anymore, Sergeant Adams announced that it was, "Time to see the Doctor next." Jill snapped up and spun around. The women were more than a little surprised at the sudden announcement.

"Whatís up with the ĎDocí part Dad?" The young guard asked, seemingly for the women, who were listening intently for the answer.

"Cavity exam...son," Sergeant Adams said with a grin, before he pushed the naked women out the door. They were a little more reluctant now, because of their naked state, and his recent explanation to the young guardís question. They also wondered what exactly they just went through.

April also finally figured out why the sergeantís personality had changed so drastically today. Thinking that she finally got to meet his son, the football star that she had heard so much about, and she could already tell that he wanted to put on a good show for him, with her and Jill being cast as the main performers. She could also tell from the confused look on Jillís face that she didnít quite know yet, what was in store for them.

April again held Jillís hand, as they were led into a brightly lit room. An imposing steel table stood proudly in its center. A short, fat, bald man, wearing a white lab coat, joined them a few seconds later. He chatted with the two guards, as they were also staring at the naked women, who clung together, shivering in the cold room, and they also shivered from fear of the unknown. April noticed the cameras, hanging in the corners, wondering just how many other eyes were focused on them as well.

The doctor moved over and ordered the two women to, "Stand up straight, with their hands folded behind their backs, and their jaws wide open." They only followed the doctorís orders when Sergeant Adams moved over and barked at them, "Show the good doctor some respect!" While slapping Jill on the ass.

The women slowly moved into position. With the women in the doctorís position, the doctor slowly circled them, conducting what he called a "visual inspection" of their bodies. In reality, he took a minute or two, to admire Aprilís impressive breasts, and Jillís exceptional nipples. April managed a giggle, noticing the young guard doing his best to adjust his erection, now tenting his uniform pants. Jill, however, was offended by their hungry stares, which she thought were highly unprofessional.

The doctor, using a tongue depressor, proceeded to make a zealous inspection of their open mouths. April put a sudden stop to her search by clamping her lips down on the doctorís stick, as he slowly withdrew it from her lips. April even let out a teasing gasp, as it left her lips.

"Ah-hum...letís go...one of you up on the table...up on all fours...I ainít gut all day," the doctor said, as he also cleared his throat, trying to regain his composure.

"I know, Iíll go first," April said sarcastically, as she exchanged glances with a terrified looking Jill. She could also feel Jillís body literally shaking in her arms, when she gave her a quick parting hug.

April slowly climbed on the shinny table, resting her hands and knees on the tables cold surface, as the three men gathered around her backside. Jill wrapped her arms around her chest, as she was almost too afraid to watch, but was even more scared not too. She also burned with the knowledge that she would soon be next.

The doctor pulled up a stool behind April, while the two guards gazed over his shoulders, admiring the view. April flinched when she felt a slap against her thighs. After another one, she reluctantly spread them further apart for the doctor and his back up eyes. She even had to shuffle down towards the end of the table, until her ass settled into the doctorís waiting hands. He gave her ass cheeks a good squeeze, before spreading them apart.

"Donít get much opportunity to inspect much pussy in here," the doctor mumbled, as he wasted no time in pulling Aprilís pussy lips apart with his thumbs, admiring her deep pinkish insides.

April grabbed the tableís edge, when she felt the doctorís fat finger suddenly enter her pussy without warning. April also heard Jill gasp, as if her brain finally got the "cavity" part of the exam. April almost would have laughed, but the doctor added a second finger into her pussy, and began spreading his fingers apart, in quick V-like movements. She swore she could also feel the hot breath from the three men, blowing into her open pussy, but she robbed the men the satisfaction of looking back at them, robbing them the whites of her humiliated eyes.

The doctor was doing his best to open her pussy up as much as possible now, as his thumb joined into the act. April winced in discomfort, as there was nothing pleasurable about the doctorís cruel actions. She suddenly let out a small guilty giggle, as she remembered that Jill had to go next. (She knew Jill was just gunna love this part, especially, when she felt her pussy gape open, as the doctor used his thumbs to spread her as wide open as he could.) April winced in pain, and the doctor mercifully let go.

She was about to hop off the table, when she heard a rubber glove being snapped on. Almost instinctively, she lowered her shoulders to the table. Her sensitive nipples, reacting to the cold steel table, instantly hardened, sending a shiver down her spine, while a squeal almost escaped from her lips. Jill watched, mouth agape.

The doctor rubbed some lubricant on his gloved index finger and then he plunged it in, rather roughly again, only this time into her asshole. The doctor chuckled, "Ah, home sweet home." The two guards quickly chuckled, at his quip. April screeched, but the doctor continued his probing, while her ass unintentionally wiggled back and forth. (Much to the menís enjoyment, she was sure.)

The doctor pulled his finger out and quickly removed his glove. Then he used a wet nap to clean up Aprilís asshole, while Sergeant Adamís whispered into his ear. The doctor smiled and playfully slapped her ass. "Turn over," the doctor barked, reaching for another glove.

April did so, somewhat perplexed, as she thought the search was over. The doctor had April bring her knees up to her armpits and hold them there, by locking her arms under her knees. The doctor also slid her down to the very edge of the table. Then the doctor lubed up his middle finger, holding it high in the air, as if, for all to see.

April closed her eyes and braced, as he entered her asshole again, twisting and turning his middle finger as far as he could this time. Then with an evil grin, he lifted his finger upwards, and the three men watched as it pushed up under Aprilís pussy. Aprilís eyes snapped open. It went against all her instincts to not kick the cruel doctor away. But she could tell Jill was absolutely horrified, so she put on a brave face.

The doctor  pulled his finger out and took a wet nap and cleaned her anus off again. He reached for another wet nap and proceeded to use it on her pussy. The humiliating position and the doctorís actions, almost got to the tough skinned April, only the thought of seeing her husband kept her composer.

"Lemon fresh pussy," he teased, as he smelled the lemon scented wipe, just as April slid off the table.

"Next," he barked, as he motioned to Jill, while an angry April, was held back by the young guard, from smacking the wise cracking doctor.

"We have a problem here April?" Sergeant Adams snapped, and April slowly shook her head and relaxed her body. He smiled, turning to Jill. "Good, now get your pretty ass up on the table."

"Nooo w-w-way!" A terrified Jill stammered several times, but the men stood their ground. Sergeant Adams brought his hand down on her naked backside as the sound of smacking skin bounced off the walls. A second smack quickly followed.

"Ok, ok, please," Jill cried out, as she also rubbed her ass cheek, which already sported his handprint.

Jill, having just watched her friendís cavities probed, had to be helped into position by April, as Jillís body was seemingly a numb bundle of skin and bones.

Once in the doggie position, she quickly felt pressure on her pussy. Jill whimpered as she felt her pussy lips being pulled back and forth like the doctor was testing there elasticity. It also hit her that she was shaved clean, and knew that the men could see her most intimate parts, easily now.

Before she could fret about that fact, she let out a scream, when the doctorís fat finger abruptly entered her. Jill snapped her head back, only to be humiliated when her eyes met the three sets of hungry eyes, now taking in every inch of her precious pussy. She also noticed that each guard had a hold of one of her ankles. She was even more humiliated when the doctor began commenting on the "tightness" and "pinkness" of her pussy, compared to Aprils, while his finger and thumb was spreading her open.

"Too bad we donít have a speculum in here, eh Doc?" Sergeant Adams teased.

"Next time, Iíll borrow one from my gyno-friend," the doctor answered with a wink. Sergeant Adams moved over and pressed Jillís chest to the table and the doctor snapped on a new glove. April snarled at him, but he just blew her a kiss, and pushed her aside.

"Please, let me go, I change my mind!" Jill screamed, trying to jump off the table. The two guards had to physically hold Jill in position, now. Sergeant Adams pressing down on her back, his son holding her waist. Jill shivered, because her erect nipples were squashed against the cold steel, but mostly from fear.

With April stroking her hair, the doctor started to spread some lubrication onto Jillís anus. "Owww!" Jill sobbed, and tears began splashing off the tableís surface, when the doctor entered her virgin asshole. His actions jarring at first and then he began twisting his fat finger in and out, and then shocked Jill by quickly adding two fingers into her pussy as well.

"Whyyy!" Jill cried out, but the guards didnít let go.

The doctor chuckled, "This cats in heat...I think Iíll give her my special treatment."

He finger fucked both of her cavities for several minutes, as Jill and then even April pleaded with him to stop, which he finally did, announcing that she was clean. Although, Jill felt anything but, collapsing down on the table, after experiencing a powerful orgasm. She cursed her body for betraying her for the second time behind these walls.

The doctor handed some wet naps to April, as the two guards rolled the frazzled Jill over and pressed her knees up to her chest. They had April clean Jillís pussy and then her anus, as the three men watched. Jill was absolutely mortified. Finally, after the doctor checked Aprilís work by running his glove-less finger along Jillís pussy and sucking his finger clean, he announced that he was finished.

After several minutes of sobbing, April helped Jill off the table, just as Sergeant Adams moved behind April. With overpowering strength, he handcuffed her hands behind her back. As a result, Jill almost fell to the floor.

"Prison policy...they will be off soon," he shouted above the womenís vocal protests. Jill was next. Her head and heart sunk even lower, once again feeling like she was a prisoner herself. She also had no way to cover her nakedness now, and she was helpless to stop Sergeant Adams from squeezing both of her breasts, from behind her. After April received the same groping, they were led, still naked, and now handcuffed, down a long hall. They past some prisoners on the left, who were handcuffed to a wooden bench, and they all began hooting at the women, at first glance. April and Jill were cruelly made to stand, backs against the wall, just feet from the prisoners, as Sergeant Adams took a piss in the nearby restroom. Jill was squirming, trying to get out of their lustful scrutiny, but the young guard kept pushing her shoulders back against the wall, once even twisting on one of her nipples.

The women were finally led into a small room at the end of the hall and un-cuffed. April scanned the room. It contained a wooden table and two wooden chairs. A small end table in the corner with one lamp. A small refrigerator stood in the other corner, while pornographic pictures adorned the walls.

"Not much of a break-room," April sighed.

"No, but it will do April, and Jill I donít think your man needs to see yah in tears. Your face is a mess. Iíll be back in a couple of minutes with him," Sergeant Adams announced.

"Heís right Jill," April said, as she tried to dry her tears, but Jill was still trying to regain her composer from the days humiliating events so far; violation running through her veins.

"By the way April," the sergeant said, as he patted her ass. "It seems my new guard will be needing one of your blowjobs."

"Jesus! Why am I not surprised. But I ainít blowing the whole prison, and only after," April quickly gushed, and the young guardís face lit up. "Now, go get our men."

"Yes, my dear," the sergeant teased, before he left, his shadow following on his heels.

"Donít say a fucking thing!" April snapped at Jill, who was shaking her head, when they were left alone. "And Stop crying... youíre pissing me off."

April found a couple of white prison T-shirts on the table in the corner. She put one on and helped Jill into one. They were way too small to fully cover themselves, but they found if they sat in a chair they could at least pull them over their knees. April was thankful that at least they got Jill to stop crying. April found some water in the frig, and helped wash Jillís face, before they drank the rest.

Jillís husband came into the room a short time later. Jill jumped up, and they spent some time in a seemingly one-sided embrace.

"Jill, what's up with the prison T-shirt? Are you naked underneath that?" Jill husband finally said, spotting Jillís naked ass cheeks.

"Please Bob!"

"How did you get here? You know youíre deep inside the prison? And whoís that?" Bob said looking at April, who was standing in the corner. "Is that your new whore friend?"

"Please Bob," was all Jill could still manage, while April bit her tongue.

"What the fuck Jill!"

"I love you, Bob please!" Jill begged.

"I know, but donít do any crazy shit to see me."

"I know Bob. I know...I just miss you sooo much," Jill moaned, as she cried on his shoulder.

"I know baby, me too. I'm sorry, I just canít even stand to think...."

"Then donít...please just hold me," Jill managed, as she held her husband in her arms, while he was still flashing April dirty looks.

The two held each other, until Sergeant Adams came back and got him several minutes later. Then it was Aprilís turn to hold Jill in her arms, as Jill was recovering from her too short, and not exactly perfect, visit with her man. She also wondered if his hugs would ever again feel like Aprils.

"Itís gonna be ok, Jill." April repeated her words, over and over, but Jill only wondered.

Sergeant Adams came back in with Aprilís husband, and as soon as he closed the door, leaving the three of them inside, April tore off her shirt and jumped on the large man. The two were locked in a feverish embrace. Jill moved her chair out of the way, as she instantly felt isolated.

Jill shyly watched as Bull lustfully devoured his wife's body. He quickly stripped of his jumpsuit, and leaned April over the brown table, quickly entering her pussy from behind. The sound of slapping skin and horny groans filled the room. Jill watched in strange fascination as Bull violently pounded his smaller wife. April cried out like she was in pain, but Jill noticed Aprilís face was euphoric. She still wondered how April could take it, as he was fucking her like a wild beast. Slapping her ass, pulling her hair, just like she said he would. Only the fact that the table was bolted to the floor was keeping it in place. It also meant that April was receiving the brunt of Bullís blasts from behind. She also couldnít help but wondered how April could fall for a man like Bull. He was a man-beast, covered in hair and tattoos, and with an evil looking face. She also wondered if the weird feeling was just jealousy.

Finally the room filled with Bullís howls, and his paced slowed, before he crashed back into a chair. Jill gasped when she spotted Bullís throbbing erection, still leaking cum. She had never seen one so big and or thick before. It seemed to be pulsating before her eyes. She wondered how April could fit that inside of her. Then, as if on cue, she watched as April climbed on Bull, still sitting on the chair, and slipped Bullís cock back into her dripping pussy. April rocked back and forth slowly at first, and then they were back to a blistering pace.

Sitting just a couple of feet away, Jill was becoming more nervous and uncomfortable, as Bull would flash her a menacing look now and then and Jill would look away. She was not sure if she was supposed to watch or not, as April never told her she would be in the room when they did it. Although, after all they had been through, she was pretty sure April didnít mind at all if she watched. But for Jill, the whole thing, or maybe just Bullís imposing presence, simply made her uncomfortable. She also felt even more tingles of jealousy, running in her veins, as she watched April being fucked.

Finally the action died again and Bull was using Aprilís torn T-shirt to wipe up some of the perspiration dripping from his hairy body. April suddenly shifted over and grabbed Jillís hand.

"Jill, I want to formally introduce you to my man," April said, as she pulled Jill to her feet.

"Baby, I want you to meet my friend Jill," April said, and Jill went to shake hands. Bull just grunted at her however, as he continued drying himself.

"Thatís my Bull, man of many words," April moaned.

After several seconds of awkward silence, Jillís face blushed, as she was caught looking at Bullís cock, when he dried it with the shirt.

"Iím sorry, really," Jill gushed, but Bull just snickered as he caught her eyes.

"This is so embarrassing," Jill said, as she spun around and hid her face.

"No need for that Jill. We are all friends here," April said, as she spun Jill back around.

"Jillís even been keeping me warm at night, Baby" April said, and Jill shot her a stunned look.

"What?" April teased. "You did, and oh she has the softest lips."

"Please April!" Jill cried out.

"Címon Jill, show him how you kissed me last night."

"Please April, stop teasing me," Jill pleaded.

"Iím not teasing YOU my dear," April said, as she grabbed Jillís face in her hands and pressed her lips against Jillís, who struggled to get free. Soon Jill figured it was futile to fight, as April was relentless and Bull, watching with a grin, didnít seem to mind. Jill finally gave in and let Aprilís tongue find hers. She closed her eyes and tried to relive last nightís passion, but Jillís calmness didnít last long. Jill began to panic once again, when she felt Aprilís hand massaging her naked ass, she also felt the T-shirt riding up her body.

"April, what are you doing?" Jill said, as she broke the kiss.

"I was just giving him a peek at your hot little body, plus IĎm naked," April said, as she wouldnít let go of the shirt, which was now around Jillís neck. Jill made one last reach for the shirt, but April tugged it off and was playfully hiding it behind her back. Jill struggled for it until Bull got a hold of it and tore it to pieces. April grabbed Jill and kissed her again, their naked bodies rubbing against each other.

"Sheís just a little on the shy side," April said, breaking the kiss, to her husband, who was slowly stroking his cock back to life, as he watched the show.

"Check out her beautiful pink marshmallow nipples," April oozed, as she suddenly grabbed Jillís hands behind her back, as Jill once again struggled to get free. Jill gasped when she saw what Bull was doing, and she felt her stomach turn. She also knew she was in way over her head, with these two. April spun Jill around, but her instant feeling of relief was cut short, as April bent Jill over at the waist. Jill had grown all too familiar recently, as to why she would do this. She soon felt her pussy being pulled open by Aprilís fingers, and for the second time today she felt like her pussy was being put on a pedestal, for all to see.

"Pretty little pink pussy eh? Shaved it myself," April oozed, as Jill increased her struggle.

"Relax Jill, Jesus! Your going to give Bull the idea that you donít like him, and trust me, you donít want to do that," April said, as she suddenly let Jill go, causing her to flop down on the cold floor.

"Please April, no more." Jill moaned between sobs.

"No time to be a pussy, Jill, now get up on your knees," April said ignoring JillĎs pleas, as she pulled on Jill's arm, "I need yah to show him you like him."

Jill was frantic as to Aprilís meaning, yet when she looked up from Aprilís face, it was crystal clear. As was Bullís large rigid cock, now just inches from her lips.

"Please donít ask me to do that?" She pleaded.

"Itís alright Jill, all my friends have sucked his cock. Itís part of the gig. WhatĎs mine is his and his is mine," April teased. "Plus, even though you didnít want to at first, you have no problem with licking my pussy, now, do yah?"

Aprilís words cut like a knife, as she was confessing their sins.

"Please April," Jill could only manage, looking to the floor.

"Sheís never sucked cock before baby. Iíve been showing her how on that life like penis you stole for me," April whispered into her husbandís ear. His face grinned at the news.

"Go on, showíem what youíve learned," April snapped.

"But why April?" Jill whined, but instead of an answer, she felt her hair being pulled back. She suddenly felt Bullís sweaty balls being banged against her face. Her nose pressed into his body. His manly odor was overpowering.

"Ok, Ok, please just donít hurt me!" Jill cried out.

"Please Jill, enough of the melodramatics. Weíre just playing with yah. No ones gunna hurt anyone," April said, as she knelt down next to Jill, and quickly took her husbandís cock in her mouth. Jill tried to dry her eyes and stand up, but she couldnít, because Bull still had his strong hand on the top of her head, as he now did to April.

"Iím asking you to help me pleasure my husband, is that too much to ask?" April snapped, in-between breaths.

Jill now had a much closer look at Aprilís seemingly famous oral skills than she ever wanted. April was quickly moving her head back and forth, strings of saliva dripping from her lips. April suddenly gasped for air, and pulled her head away. She turned to Jill, as she held her husbandís slimy cock in her hand. She flashed Jill a "now or never look" as she rubbed it against Jillís red colored lips. Jill finally relented to Aprilís pleading eyes, closing her eyes tight, while opening her lips. Jill found herself quickly choking, as the large organ quickly invaded her throat.

"Just relax Jill," April whispered, as Bullís cock was relentless in its invasion. "Breath through your nose."

April pulled his cock out of her mouth, and let Jill breath, as she again showed Jill her technique. Jill managed a little better the next time, and April was helping her by moving her head back and forth over it. The two took their turns sucking, while Jillís jaw quickly ached, as it had to stretch to its limits, just to get around it. Bull started to grunt, and Jill began to panic that he might release in her mouth, but she was suddenly pulled to her feet by the hulk of a man. Then like a rag doll, she was lifted onto the table, and pushed onto her back. Bull then pulled April over in-between Jillís legs,  pushed on her back, which caused April to bend over at the waist.

"Relax Jill, you know you like this," April said, and she kissed the inside of Jillís thighs. Jill closed her eyes and propped up on her elbows, even spreading her thighs just a bit as she waited in nervous anticipation for April's velvet like tongue. April let out a groan when Bull drove into her backside. Jill also groaned when Aprilís expert tongue found her pussy. Soon April was thrusting back and forth, her tongue dragging across Jillís pussy, with each thrust. Bull would alter the speed of his thrusts and when he would slow down, Aprilís tongue would find its mark on Jillís engorged clit, sending waves of pleasure dancing through Jillís body.

A stinging slap of skin interrupted the action several minutes later. It startled Jill, who was just about to climax. When she opened her eyes, she saw April rubbing her ass. When their eyes met she motioned with Jill to change places. Jill slid off the table before she realized what that meant. She saw April take her place on the table and her heart leapt out of her chest, as she finally got their intentions. Jillís protests were cut off, before they could begin, when Bull roughly grabbed her cheeks and moved her into position. Using Aprilís torn T-shirt, he tied Jillís arms behind her back. He pushed her forward until she found herself inches away from Aprilís pussy, which reeked of sex. Jill was scared stiff, as she felt Bullís cock pressing against her pussy, and with her hands tied she also felt totally helpless.

"Please, nooo," Jill moaned.

A quick jolt shot through Jill, as Bullís cock penetrated her pussy. April was moaning for Jill to lick her pussy. Jill couldnít even think about doing that, as Bullís cock felt like it was tearing her apart. It felt like it was twice as large as her husbands, and Aprilís strap on dildo, creating a mixture of pleasure and pain. Bull was also reaching around and squeezing Jillís breasts as they dangled from her body. His rough hands, grating against her smooth skin and he also spent time pulling on one of her nipples.

Bull suddenly grabbed Jill around the waist and really began to slam away. April, realizing Jill wasnít even trying to lick her pussy, slid off the table and stood by her side, encouraging her husband to "fuck Jill." She also reached down and began rubbing Jillís asshole.

"I think someone found out something today," April said, before she let some saliva drip down from her lips onto her target. "But I donít think sheís ready for this yet," April said as she pulled Bullís cock from Jillís pussy and began sucking on it, while her husband sucked on her extended finger.

"Mmmm," April purred, rubbing her lubricated finger on Jillís asshole.

"Oh my!" Jill cried out when she felt Aprilís finger slid into her asshole.

Bull grinned, and he drove his cock back into Jillís pussy, while his wife fingered her asshole.

"Thatís it baby....letís fuck this tied up bitch!"

Jillís head was spinning, as her body finally sent out waves of pleasure, easing the pain, and soon Jill shocked herself, "Fuck me! Oh, fuck me."

Bull began huffing and puffing after a few more minutes of this. He started crying out expletives, and then he pulled out of Jill and spun her around and pushed her to her knees. April also bent down next to Jill, who was too stunned to panic. Bull forced his cock into Jillís mouth. She squirmed, as she knew the bitter taste was her very own pussy juices, but he quickly pulled out and unleashed a stream of cum that caught Jill in the face and hair and smaller ones soon followed. Jill held her eyes shut. April used her hand to guide her husbandís cock back into Jillís mouth and she got her first taste of cum. Jill reluctantly cleaned off Aprilís husbandĎs cock, per Aprilís request, before he crashed down into a chair. Jill kept her eyes closed, as she prayed what just happened, really didnít. The thought of the hulking man coming on her face repulsed her, as did the taste of his cum now in her mouth. She could also feel some of his cum sliding down her face, causing her to gag.

April untied her arms, with a giggle, "And we thought your face was a mess, before."

Jill suddenly felt a soft cloth against her face and Aprilís soothing touch. Although it wasnít working this time, as tears were once again escaping from her eyes. The realization of what has just happened was also starting to sink in. Jill ripped the T-shirt piece from April, to clean her own face.

Jill suddenly heard a familiar voice in the room, but she didnít realize how familiar the voice was, until she saw her husband looking down on her, with disgust in his eyes. She tried to spring to her feet, noticing that they were alone, but her husband pushed her back down.

"How could you!" He screamed. " I mean, when the guards showed me the tape of you getting strip searched, as sick as I was about it, I could rationalize that you were doing it just to see me and the same with the doctor today. Although, I canít believe you seem to like it when he finger-fucked you."

"Please honey, I did it for you!" Jill pleaded, as she staggered to her feet.

"You know, they sit here drinking, watching the naÔve wives and girlfriend tapes. Watching them all strip naked. Itís like a big party. Ever hear of the word NO!" He screamed at Jill. "And then to top it all off, they handcuffed me to this chair and make me watch my so-called sweet innocent wife begging to get fucked, by my cellmate, of all people, while his whore of a fake titted wife, fingers her ass."

"P-p-please honey," Jill could only mumble.

"Sergeant Adams got a big kick out of it. Bragging about how he put the whole thing together the first day he saw you, and how he can turn any convictís women into a common whore. He even said you didnít know that you were being watched. Jill, I didnít think you were that fucking dumb. There are cameras everywhere!"

"Please honey, it wasnít like it looked," Jill cried out, as she was frantic.

"Yeah, and thatís not his cum dripping from your hair!" He snapped. Jill grabbed his arm and begged for forgiveness. "Look at you. Maybe he was right!"

"Things just went too far," Jill pleaded.

"Please! You said youíd wait for me. You promised. I never want to see you again. You fucking whore!" He blasted, as he turned to leave, but Jill was still clinging to his arm, as she was begging him to listen to her side. Her husband suddenly turned around and slapped Jill on the side of the face, knocking her to the floor. He smiled, as if seemingly leaving her with an exclamation point.

"Donít worry, weíll make him pay for that," Sergeant Adams said, entering the room, while another guard led Jillís husband away.

"And donít worry about April. Sheís busy sucking my sonís cock," Sergeant Adams said with a laugh.

"Like father, like son!" He said with a laugh, as he left the room, leaving Jill alone to her tears.

Jill began crying out incoherent rants. She curled up on the cold floor, in a fetal position for some time, before a pair of guards came in and tried to comfort her. After awhile, they just kept telling her it was time for her to go.

Finally, the guards seemingly grew tired of the sobbing women, and they carried the naked women, out the side door, and unceremoniously dumped her on the dirt ground. Sergeant Adams came out a short time later, and dumped her clothes, purse, and shoes on top of her head.

"Stand by your man." Sergeant Adams sang, with an evil laugh, as he turned and slammed the prisonís door shut.

Never again - never again," was all Jill could mumble, and she never did. She never saw her husband again, never saw April again, in fact, she never stepped foot in the great state of Vermont again.

The End

Here is an Alternative ending for the story.

Jill was more than worried, she was crying out incoherent rants, as she lay on the cold floor, in a fetal position for some time, before some guards tried to comfort her, but really they just kept telling her it was time for her to go.

Finally the guards seemingly grew tired of the sobbing women, and the two large guards carried the naked women, out the side door, and unceremoniously dumped her on the dirt ground. Sergeant Adams came out and dumped her clothes and shoes on top of her head.

"When yah see Deputy Duffy, ask him whose prison he thinks this is anyways!" Sergeant Adams said with an evil laugh.

Jill managed to get her clothes on before she stumbled to the parking lot. Looking through blurry eyes, she scanned the empty parking lot. Her heart sunk, as she crashed back to the ground. April's four by four was nowhere to be found.<

"April!" Jill cried several times, as she waited and waited. Her head was spinning with confusing questions. She finally started the long journey back to April's house as night fell. It took nearly two hours to make it back to April's house by foot, as she had rejected several offers for rides from eager men. Jill staggered up the front stairs of the darkened house, only to find the door locked. She used her remaining strength to pound on the door.

"April!" Jill screamed over and over. She even tried her car door, but it was still locked, and her car keys were inside Aprilís house. Back at the front door, Jill finally succumbed to the emotionally and physically draining day, and she passed out on the front porch of April's house.

The sounds of birds chirping, and the rising sun, woke Jill from her stupor, early the next morning. Jill looked at her clothes and cringed at the realization that it wasn't all just a bad dream spinning in her head, as she had prayed. She rose to her feet, her body feeling every bit of the physical grind she went through yesterday. Jill winced with every step, as she made the way around back. She looked through the large glass sliding door; it was also locked.

She was still adjusting her eyes to the new day's sun, as she pressed against the glass. She rubbed her eyes several times, as she felt like they were playing tricks on her. The place looked empty, just some boxes scattered about. "It just couldn't be," Jill kept saying.

Jill saw an old shovel on the ground. She picked it up, and then in a fit of rage, smashed the glass door with it. She entered the apartment and searched the rooms. Her worst fears realized. The place was deserted, and April was gone. The hook, that once held her car keys, empty. She spent most of the day wandering around the apartment praying that April would show back up. She just needed some answers, but she, and they, never appeared.

Jill finally went out front to her car. She looked in the window and saw her keys dangling from the ignition. She also noticed that the passengerís door was unlocked. Feeling even more foolish now, she opened the door and slid in. There was a small note hanging on the driver's visor, it was written in April's trademark red lipstick. It simply read, "Jill...D.T.A....April."

Jill drove back to her Connecticut home, although she drove on automatic pilot, as she tried to figure out how things went so wrong. She kept asking herself about what happened to April and what was the meaning of her note.

It took Jill several days before she started to make phone calls back up north. It seemed like the harder she tried, the fewer answers she got. After weeks of trying, she turned to the one friend she always had, her mother. She moved with her to the left coast, far away from the Sleepy State, but the miles didn't stop the nightmares. Jill was tormented for years; she even tried several attempts at professional help.

Jill was slowly getting better with the passage of time, when she suffered two painful blows. Her elderly mother passed on, and then several days later, her husband Bob called. She thought he was calling to give his condolences, but instead he told her that he was getting out of prison soon and he wanted to finalize the divorce. Then he really dropped a bombshell. He told her he was getting remarried and his girlfriend was pregnant with his child. Jill dropped the phone, and crashed to the floor, as it had always been her dream, to have a family, especially with Bob. She also couldnít figure out how all that happened with him in prison.

The news sent an already fragile Jill into a complete melt down. She quit her job, gave up her momís small apartment, and sold her stuff to buy a used car. Something in her head told her that she just had to see Bob one more time. Jill was in an emotional haze, but somehow she traveled across country, just to sign the papers.

Once back in Vermont, Jill ran into a friend of April, she meet once before at the prison, as she gassed up her car. They shared an awkward conversation in which she got the shocking news as to the identity of Bob's fiancťe. It was a now 42 year old, April. (It seemed that April's husband Bull had been killed several years earlier, in a failed bank robbery. April and Bob became close shortly after his death, as Bob and Bull were cellmates and Bull made April promise that if anything happened to him, his name would live on.)

Jill found herself in front of a small bar that they planed to meet at, the shocking news still dancing in her head. She was as white as a ghost, when she saw the two kissing and cuddling like a pair of teenagers, through the nearly empty bar's window, erasing her thought that maybe Aprilís friend was lying. Jill got in her car and was about to speed away, but an evil force seemingly took over her body.

Jill revved the engine of her car. She put on her seatbelt and adjusted it extra tight. She took a swig of her JD bottle and threw it in the back. She slammed her foot onto the gas petal, and with screeching tires, headed right at the bar, towards the window in which Bob and April sat. She jumped the curb and with a horrendous crash slammed into the side of the bar, smashing through the wall and crashing into the bar. Bob and April pinned in-between. When the dust settled Jill, wincing from shoulder pain from the seatbelt, spotted the lifeless bodies in front of her.

"D.T.A." Jill said, with a giggle. "Donít trust anyone."

The End

Alternative ending #2

She walked into the bar and signed the divorce papers. Pretending to not even notice April. Jill rose to leave and asked her husband if he could look at her tire, before she made her trip back home. She then glanced at April, who just blew her a kiss, and said those three initials again, "D.T.A."

Jill had years of pent up feelings towards April. She dreamed of what she would say or do if she ever saw her again, but Jill just moaned, "Why?" Before she followed her soon to be ex-husband out to her car.

Jill raced out of that parking lot, hitting the pavement running. She guzzled from the bottle of JD that she carried in her car, as it seemingly had become her lone friend as of late. She finished off the bottle that she had started earlier and tossed it out the window. She was soon doing ninety on the freeway and was becoming hazy. She began laughing hysterically when she heard the pounding coming from the trunk of her car. Her husband seemingly recovered from the tire-iron blow that she delivered to the back of his head, before dumping him into the trunk.

"You shouldn't have hit me asshole!" Jill screamed out.

Jill saw her target fast approaching, while cranking up the stereo to ear piercing levels to drown out the noise and the pain. Jill hit the entrance of the bridge. Her car riding up over the edge of the bridge in a horrendous crash of flying debris, and splashing sparks, before it finally made its way over the side of the bridge, and plummeted below, to its inevitably fatal finish.

"D.T.A. April." Jill was heard screaming from the car. "Don't trust anyone!"

The End.

Jill Kelly. R.I.P.

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