Blame it on the Potion
by Deputy Duffy

The light coming from the laboratory flooded into the darkened hallway. A leggy blonde stood off in the shadows, watching the lone figure working inside the lab, intently. "Working late again Fran?"

Fran jumped when she heard the question and then cringed at the teasing way the beautiful blonde had asked it, but she didn't respond, as was her way of late. She knew that she would indeed be working late in the laboratory, once again. It had been nearly six months since she came to work for Dr. Winkers and she had seemingly become a slave to the grind. Her social life took a back seat once again, this time to her work.

"Don't forget the lights," the blonde purred, before she made her way into the darkness. Fran just shook her head, remembering that she had left the lights on one night, but more because the blonde had teased her about it ever since. She also shook with an internal anger as to why she always let the blonde have her fun. Fran was highly educated; she had her masters in chemistry from one of the nation's top universities. While the blonde, who everyone unimaginably called Blondie, was just Dr. Winkers' secretary and a lousy one at that.

Fran's mind suddenly took a journey back to their first meeting. She came in search of a job. She had read about Dr. Winkers' work in cell research and wanted to put her education to good use, as she felt that she had scarified so much, even finishing at the top of her class, once again. Her favorite professor even gave Dr. Winkers a call on her behalf.

She strolled into Dr. Winkers' office, résumé in hand. She was ever so nervous, so the empty office startled her. She stood in front of the lone desk for several nervous minutes, before the office door opened up and in walked the most beautiful creature Fran's eyes had ever laid upon. While her beauty was stunning, her business attire also startled Fran. She sported cleavage galore, the shortest of skirts, and amazingly high heels. Fran's heart rate roared as the blonde moved closer, her perfume captivating, her voice sultry, as they made their introductions. Her sudden appearance into Fran's life forever changed it. She even botched the interview with the good doctor, but somehow still got the job.

Fran snapped back to reality by an overflowing test tube. "Oh Darn!" she cried out as she frantically cleaned up the spill. Fran spent the rest of the evening in the cold and lonely lab, working on Dr. Winkers' project, all while images of Blondie danced in her head.

Back at work after only a couple hours of sleep, Fran, with the help of a strong cup of coffee, made her way into the meeting room for the weekly get together. She was surprised that her coworkers were already there, as it was a first. A nod followed her entrance. As she sat down she giggled at her little joke to herself. Every time she saw the two thirty-something men that she worked with, she liked to call them Mack and Myer, after an old TV show. Then when Blondie walked in a couple minutes later, she giggled some more, as she called her Jennifer, under her breath, after another old TV show. Nick at Night was seemingly her best friend of late.

"Dam it to hell," came sputtering out of Dr. Winkers' mouth, following his entrance into the room. "We're so close too."

Blondie didn't have a nickname for Dr. Winkers. She used to call him, The Professor, or The Nutty Professor, but quickly found out that he wasn't even that bright.

Everyone suddenly wanted to know what was up, and the good doctor went on to inform them that their funding for a research assistant had been cut from their budget at the last second by the suits upstairs. The room suddenly burst into moans and groans.

Fran groaned as well, and then her face flushed, as she remembered the group interviews for the research assistant position. It was a normal job interview, except for the simple fact that the candidates had to strip down to their underwear, to be hooked up to Dr. Winkers' fancy monitoring equipment. Fran also couldn't help but notice that they were also 90% female.

Due to the struggling economy Fran hypothesized, some of the candidates even offered to strip off ALL of their clothing, much to Mack's and Myer's delight. Fran was relived when Dr. Winkers politely declined their offers, but Fran was still surprised at just how many women didn`t wear bras to their interviews, again much to Mack's and Myer's delight.

"What are we gunna do?" Dr. Winkers asked, snapping Fran back to the present. "At the end of the week, everyone is coming to see our work!"

The room filled with shaking heads. Dr. Winkers just held his face in his hands as he moaned, "We're doomed."

Fran couldn't help but giggle. (Her TV thing again.)

"Well Fran! I'm glad you think it's funny that we will all be looking for work, next week!" Dr. Winkers said with a glare.

"No it's not that..." Fran started, her face a flame, as all eyes turned to her. "It's just a... I was the..."

"Let's go spit it out," Blondie hissed.

"I mean there has to be another way," Fran mumbled, her mind searching.

"Not without a test subject and with no money. We're doomed." Dr Winkers moaned.

"We still can have one. I mean there are four of us and you, and well you need four people to monitor the equipment, right?" Fran said as she looked at Blondie, who again was dressed in little more than glorified underwear. Fran even looked at the doctor and then back at Blondie, several times.

"Math Fran! So what are you saying?" The doctor quizzed.

"Well Blondie can help us, right?" Fran finally spit out, in frustration.

"Ah yah I guess she could," Dr. Winkers said and Fran liked the look on Blondie's face when he did. "That was a good point, although I'm surprised at your boldness Fran. I never would have thought that YOU would have volunteered."

"Volunteered?" Fran wondered as the group suddenly rose, sporting looks of relief.

"Hey wait a sec," Fran moaned as Mack and Myer both slapped her on the shoulder, as they made their way by, also chuckling.

"That's not what I meant!" Fran cried, as Blondie made her way by next, her frown turned upside down.

"Dr. Winkers, please we need to talk," she pleaded as he approached.

"It's really no sweat Fran; you just lie there anyways. What's to talk about? Gee whiz," Dr. Winkers said while he cleaned his coke bottles like glasses, as he walked on by.

"No sweat," Fran groaned, as she saw the irony of a bead of perpetration falling down her cheek. "Oh what have I gotten myself into?" Fran was left to wonder alone, as the room had cleared out.

The rest of the day Fran tried to get the doctor alone, to plead her case, but to no avail. Fran found herself alone once again, only now she was working on a formula that now she would be drinking herself.

Fran's few hours of sleep were now interrupted with nightmares of a bra and panties existence. While her life back at work was an ever increasing, nervous tick-tock of time. Mack and Myer, she could only assume, were responsible for the small string bikini that she found in her desk. Blondie was far bolder in her teasing. She simply handed Fran a tanning salon's business card.

"Just strip naked in front of the owner and tan for free," she purred into Fran's ear. "I don't know why that's not on the card. It has always works for me." Fran quickly blushed at the thought.

"Plus you could use the practice," Blondie whispered into her other ear, before she turned to leave and left Fran to watch her wiggle away.

The days clicked off painfully slow for Fran now, as the tension built. She found herself sitting in her one-room apartment, staring at the ceiling, not believing that she was only hours away from testing Dr. Winkers' potion, in front of the suits. While that didn't faze her, as she'd done most of the work on the potion and was confident that it was safe. She just couldn't get past the simple fact that she would be stripping to her underwear in front of her co-workers, Dr. Winkers, and god knows who else in the observation room. But worst of all, in front of Blondie, who always made Fran feel like an ugly duckling, by way of comparison.

Fran, with tears forming in her eyes, pulled out the string bikini and the envelope that Dr. Winkers gave her. He said that it contained her pre-testing instructions. She then headed for the bathroom. After a hot shower, she wrapped herself in a towel. Grabbing the envelope, while sitting on the hopper, she read the instructions.

Dear Testie: As you know by now, it is very important to follow proper procedure, as to not compromise the testing. There is to be no eating or drinking 6 hours before the testing time.

"I guess getting shit-faced is out," Fran said with a giggle, before she continued to read.

You will be properly groomed for the test. Please shower, but do not use body lotion. Females: Please shave your legs and underarms, as well as all of your pubic hair. This is very important as to not contaminate the results.

The instructions went on, but Fran couldn't get past the shaving part. She shaved her legs and underarms all right, but never even dreamed of shaving her pussy, as she thought only bad girls did that. Plus with her love life, there was really no need. Her pillow didn't mind the fur coat.

Fran slowly slipped her towel apart, her face flushing when her dark full bush appeared. She got up and began pacing the floor, building up some courage, while also trying to figure a way out of her predicament.

"Me and my big mouth," she groaned, as she finally sat back down and grabbed her scissors, stopping to take one last look, before she started trimming away. While the trimming went fairly smoothly, the shaving did not, as it was her first time, so she struggled with technique and her composure. A small tear even rolled down her cheek, when she was finished.

Fran spent some time examining her freshly shaved pussy, with the aid of a small hand held mirror. She was looking, and feeling much like a little girl again, while exploring herself for the first time. Only she was a grown woman and knew there was nothing wrong with what she was doing now, as she ran two fingers up and down her prominent pussy lips. She cringed at just how prominent they were, as if she had forgotten. Their deep pink color filled her eyes, matching her cheeks. An audible moan suddenly escaped from her mouth, as her finger swooshed inside. In and out her finger plunged. Her body responded to her touch, yet she still felt shameful and suddenly stopped before she finished the deed.

Instead Fran took another shower, only it was a cold one this time. After drying off, she grabbed the bikini. She struggled with the strings, as she had never had the courage to wear one before. Finally dressed in the bikini, she moved in front of her full-length mirror, quickly cringing at the barely covered reflection staring back at her. Not even from body issues, as she had been given a fortunate set of genes. She was having problems with, just how much this bikini showed of her womanly curves. She suddenly jumped out of the mirror's grasp and headed for her underwear drawer. She spent some time fishing around before grabbing the most conservative white cotton bra and panties set she could find.

"These will have to do," she moaned still not happy, as she stared at her reflection again, but was determined to get through this. She didn't want to start the job search, cattle call, again. She almost laughed at the silliness of being scared to be seen in her undies in front of others at her age. "I'll just pretend that they're all in their undies too, like in that Brady Bunch episode," she told herself.

Fran watched TV for a couple of hours before she dressed in her work clothes and headed out the door. After the short ride to work Fran took the elevator up to the lab. When the doors opened Fran got off the elevator and walked into the lab. She got there early, so it was empty, except for the night-time janitor, who was busy cleaning the seats in the observation room, which would be filled with fannies, all too soon.

"Hi Fran, ah you're early," the elderly janitor said, as he spotted her.

"Yeah I guess," Fran moaned, trying to ignore him as the old bugger always gave her the creeps.

"Well we are all cleaned up and ready to go for yah," he said rather gleefully.

"That's good," Fran moaned.

"I'll see yah later," the janitor said as he turned to leave. He was also chuckling, which Fran thought was odd.

Fran moved over to the exam table. She hesitated, before sliding onto the table, lying on her back. Her eye's squinted from the bright light hanging overhead, acting like a spotlight, only Fran didn't feel like a star.

"Well at least the people in the observation room will only get to see the souls of my feet, once I'm on the table," Fran moaned as it was her first positive thought of the day. "How did I get myself into this? Man I'm such an idiot," was her next thought, as she was back to her negative waves.

Fran heard some voices a short time later, and jumped off the table just before her co-workers entered the room. They were quickly followed by Blondie, who walked right up to her and handed her a red silk robe. "Here yah go Fran."

Fran could only gasp, as she held the silky material in her hands, but she also gasped at Blondie's outfit, a leopard print dress, that barely contained her large breasts and was obscenely short, never mind her stripper-like, stiletto heels.

"They're called tits Fran," Blondie teased, as she caught Fran's eye.

"I know," Fran embarrassingly mumbled, as her face burned. "Remember I have some too."

"Well, we shall see," Blondie sneered just a Dr. Winkers approached, and Blondie turned to leave, not before she giggled and slipped in a wink.

"Hi Fran," Dr. Winkers said, before he seemingly noticed the robe. "Hey, nice robe."

"Yah," Fran moaned. "Blondie, ah..."

"I know, why don't you go and put it on," Dr. Winkers interrupted.

"What?" Fran gasped.

"Yah, go to the women's room, take off all your clothes and put it on."

"Ah... we're not... ah... ready to start... already?" Fran stammered.

"No, but you'll already be ready."

"Nah, I think I'll skip the robe," Fran snapped, as she trembled with the thought of working in the silky, sexy, robe. It also just smelled of sex.

"Ok suit yourself," Dr. Winkers moaned. "Better get my potion ready."

"Ok," Fran could only moan. She turn to leave in a huff, because she knew whose potion it really was and because it reminded her just who was going to be drinking it. Fran spent the next several hours working on the taste of the potion, in the small backroom. Her secret weapon, children's cough medicine. She had been a sickly child and had gotten accustomed to it taste. Only she wasn't a child anymore, yet in her predicament, she was certainly feeling childish.

"It's almost time Fran," Blondie said entering the small room. "The Doc wants me to help you."

"Help Me?" Fran gasped.

"With your hair and makeup."

"What for?" Fran snapped.

"Well you are going to be the center of attention," Blondie teased. "Plus Fran, a little makeup once in a while wouldn't kill yah."

"No thanks, I'm not a model," Fran hissed.

"Well today you are, so just shut up and turn around," Blondie spat, as she spun around Fran's stool and grabbed her by the face, and began to powder it, silencing Fran's protests. Blondie spent some time on her eyes next and finished by applying a fresh coat of fire engine red lipstick. Fran tried to remain calm, but Blondie always made her nervous, and it didn't help that when she brushed Fran's brown hair, she was standing right in front of her, her breasts swaying inches from Fran's face, her fragrance filling Fran's sense of smell.

"Ok Fran, all set," Blondie said after she sprayed Fran's hair with a good half-a-can of hair spray.

"Looking good, if I don't say so myself," Blondie purred into Fran's ear.

"Stop teasing me, Blondie," Fran moaned.

"Trust me Fran, you're hot. Now how about that robe?" Blondie said as she held up the small red robe. Fran's heart raced as she just stared at it. "C'mon Fran stand up and strip out of them duds."

"I ah, I mean," Fran stuttered. "Strip, ah naked?"

"C'mon Fran, it's just us girls, don`t be shy," Blondie purred, before she snapped. "Now go ahead, strip it!"

Fran's body shook as Blondie said it and Fran finally mumbled that she had a little more work to do.

"Suit yourself Fran, I just thought you might look nice in it," Blondie said and then she turned to leave. "Be out there in ten minutes."

Fran looked at the wall clock. She had finished her work already, so she just watched, as the hands of time marched on, in front of her eyes. Even though she willed it to stop, the ten minutes flew by. She opened the door and walked into the lab, with knocking knees. Fran's eyes blinked as she tried to adjust to the lab's bright lights. Her senses flooded with imagery. First she saw that the exam table was moved to the front of the room, right next to the glass window, which separated the lab, from the observation room. Then she noticed the two video cameras focused on the exam table. Her eyes shifted to Mack and Myer, who were stationed at their monitors, now only feet away from the table, each wearing wide grins. She also figured the cameras must have been their idea.

Fran slowly inched towards the exam table. She could see blurry faces of spectators, sitting on the other side of the glass. She noticed a couple more still filing in. She began to panic, as she didn't expect so many and the simple fact that they all appeared to be men. She noticed the suits from upstairs, front and center.

Then Fran started scanning faces, gasping when she saw familiar ones. First she noticed her old high school science teacher and her principal sitting next to the gray haired professor that helped her find this very job. She gasped as she suddenly noticed Dr. Winkers' 18-year-old son and his buddies in the crowd too. She could only shake her head when she noticed that they were eating popcorn. She even noticed the old creepy janitor sitting in the back row, with two other old guys in similar uniforms, passing a brown paper-bag back and forth. When he caught her eye, Fran instantly remembered his earlier chuckling. She could only cringe as he even toasted her. She also noticed a couple other familiar faces, but couldn't place them, before the observation room suddenly went dark.

"Hi Fran ready?" Dr. Winkers asked, just before Fran jumped.

"What the frig!" An emotionally frazzled Fran screamed out.

"Sorry Fran, didn't mean to surprise you and WOW speaking of surprises, you look good Fran. I mean really good," Dr. Winkers said, as his eyes lit up.

"What?" Fran snapped.

"I mean your makeup and hair, you look, ah pretty," Dr. Winkers mumbled.

"Oh Sorry, I ah forgot," Fran said as she looked to the floor, not use to complements about her looks. "Thanks."

"Well are we ready Fran?" Dr. Winkers asked as Fran noticed Blondie moving to the other side of the exam table, running her hands over the table's surface, like a model, a wicked smile on her face. She even blew her a kiss for good luck.

"Fran Hello, it's time." Dr. Winkers said snapping his fingers.

"Oh sorry, I guess, I'm nervous," Fran mumbled, in a gross understatement.

"Yah I can see that," Dr. Winkers said. "Just remember that you're a professional and more importantly, all of our jobs are on the line here."

"You're not helping," Fran gasped, but Dr. Winkers had already begun his speech to the crowd of onlookers, now sitting in the dark. After a ten-minute speech, all of which Fran trembled through, while thoughts of running away, danced in her head, but the new BMW that she just ordered, was there as well. Fran also wondered just how many faces there were in the dark now and if they all were supposed to be there. Dr. Winkers suddenly turned to introduce Fran. She heard some muffled applause coming from the spectators, as her face flushed.

"All right Fran, we are ready to start." Dr. Winkers said as he motioned for her to come forward. Fran was lightheaded as she instinctively came forward, the overhead light acting like a spotlight, although for the second time today, Fran didn't feel like a star. "Well Fran we are waiting."

"Waiting for what?" Fran quickly mumbled.

"Waiting for you to disrobe, so we can start."

"Just like that?" she said to Dr. Winkers, who was just nodding his head. Fran looked ahead, and then at the cameras, and then at her co-workers, each offering little comfort. She also thought she heard someone yell, "Strip the bitch," from behind the glass.

Fran looked down at the white lab coat that she always wore. She unbuttoned the top button, and then the next, until she had it unbuttoned. When she finished she just stared ahead at the darkened silhouettes watching her.

"Here let me hang that up." Dr. Winkers finally said, as he slid the coat off of Fran. Fran watched as he hung it up on a wooden clothes tree, attached to the head of the exam table. He turned around and stood off to Fran's side. "Ah snap it up Fran, time's money."

Dr. Winkers, tiring of Fran's stalling ways, finally decided that her white blouse was next. "Lose the blouse Fran."

Fran, with trembling hands, slowly unbuttoned it. Dr. Winkers again helped her, by sliding it off her shoulders. Fran quickly covered her white bra covered breasts with her arms, which brought out some giggling from Blondie. She also heard, "nice hooters lady," followed by some applause from the other side of the glass.

"Please no comments from the peanut gallery," Blondie snapped, and Fran figured that she must have heard them too. She also wished she was flat as a board as she looked down at her full breasts that seemed to be spilling out of her bra.

"Sorry Fran," Dr. Winkers moaned, "please continue."

Fran could already feel the heat of stares. She also knew that her skirt was next. She mustered up some courage and unzipped it and slid it down her legs. Fran was now wishing that she had worn the red robe after all, because stripping, in front of a crowd of onlookers, was almost unbearable. She also realized that the Brady Brunch thing, wasn't working for her.

Dr. Winkers hung up her skirt, as Fran moved next to table, yearning for its shelter. She also wished she had left the sexy white thigh high stockings at home.

"Ah Fran not yet," Dr. Winkers said, as he held his arm in front of her. His arm brushing her ample breasts.

"What?" Fran quickly shot.

"I need you to take off the bra too."

"Yah right!" Fran snapped, as quickly as Dr. Winkers said it.

"Listen here Fran," Dr. Winkers said as he grabbed Fran's arm and pulled her close to him, just before he whisper into her ear. "Look just do it, you have too, for proper testing, and don't you dare embarrass me, in front of my bosses."

'Oh yah, embarrass YOU,' Fran quickly thought. `You're not the one with the TITS.'

"Now get that bra off," Dr. Winkers said as he let go of her arm, "or I'll yank it off myself!"

Fran was shocked at his tone and his request. She frantically looked around the room, unsure of which way to turn. There were eyes in all directions. She wiped a bead of sweat from her brow, even in the 55 degree room.

'This can't be happening,' Fran shivered, as she slid her left arm under her bra and with the other lifted it over her head and handed it to Dr. Winkers, who hung it up, while Fran quickly tried to get on the table, once again.

"Hold on a sec!" Dr. Winkers snapped. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

Fran almost instinctively grabbed her panties with her hands forgetting about her naked breasts for a second.

"That's right them too."

"NO WAY!" Fran screamed.

"Lower your voice!" Dr. Winkers barked. "I thought you knew that you were going to have your temperature taken during the exam."

"Yah I did," Fran mumbled. "In my mouth."

"Silly girl, you also know you will have a breathing tube. Can`t do both in there." Dr. Winkers teased.

"Then... Oh My God!" Fran shrieked as it hit her.

"That's right! We're going to have to use the good old fashion rectal thermometer," Dr. Winkers said seemingly loud enough so everyone could hear.

Fran could here some rumbling from the spectators, as she fumbled for some words. "Please, I don't think."

Dr. Winkers again pulled her next to him again. "You better think! Look you might not respect me, but you will respect the jacket!" he hissed, pointing to his white doctor's jacket.

Fran had her panties halfway off before she realized that she didn't even know what that meant, but they were soon wrapped around her ankles, so it was too late anyways. She used her hands to cover her crotch, as she stepped out of them, quickly kicking them under the exam table. She watched in horror as Dr. Winkers bent down and picked them up. He held them up and shook them out, before he hung them up on the tree as well, as Fran cringed, noticing her clothes were piled up, in the exact opposite way, in which she had taken them off.

Blondie caught Fran's eye, as she motioned for her to lie down, on the table. Fran let out a sigh, as she finally slid onto the table. Her eyes now stared into the bright light. Her back experienced the table's cold surface. Fran folded her hands over her chest and squeezed her thighs tight, while trying to adjust into a comfortable position, on the small table.

"Now just relax, and try to bring your heart rate down," Dr. Winkers said as grabbed her by the right wrist. Fran's head snapped up as Blondie also grabbed her by the right ankle. She heard the distinctive sound of Velcro straps being opened and then closed. She was strapped to the table before she realized what they had just done. She tried to pull away, but the Velcro was doing its job. Fran could only offer a plea of mercy, as her other wrist and ankle quickly followed.

When they backed away from her, Fran squirmed about helplessly on the table. Her face a flame now as she didn't have anything to hide her nudity. She suddenly remembered last night's shaving episode and quickly looked down at her pussy. She could see it, and she knew everyone else could too; but at least her pussy lips were tightly snuggled together, seemingly guarding her hidden treasure. She also tried to remember if she ever saw the straps, or the metal leg extensions that her legs were now strapped into, before. She even let out a nervous laugh as she thought to herself, if you're trying to get my heart rate down, strapping me to a table butt naked ain't helping the cause, guys!

Fran watched as Blondie approached again. Her body flinched as Blondie applied the first sticky pad, and then the next. Fran knew these were for the EKG machine. She just shook her head as she suddenly realized that Blondie was doing her job. All those years of studying and studying; the night classes she took to become a certified EMT and now a lowly secretary was doing her job, while she lay there like some sort of medical model, and a naked one at that. Fran flinched again as Dr. Winkers pricked her with a needle, to start an IV, which would then be used to monitor her blood. He hooked her up to his fancy blood monitoring machine, while Blondie continued her work. Fran was kind of surprised that at least Blondie put the pads in the proper spots.

With the pads in place, Blondie began hooking up the EKG wires, as Dr. Winkers returned and quickly slipped a halo on Fran's head, which she knew was to record her brain waves. Dr. Winkers moved onto the breathing apparatus next, which was like an egg-shaped ball with a breathing tube burrowed through the middle.

Fran opened her jaw wide and couldn't help but notice that Dr. Winkers seemed to enjoy slipping it into Fran's mouth. He even had to do it a couple of times, "to get the proper fit," he said. Meanwhile Fran's stomach turned as she realized the metaphor. But Fran didn't have long to fret about that, as she suddenly felt her legs rising with the leg extensions. Fran tried to lift her head, but the halo held her head in place. Fran's eyes started to well up, as she realized that she was now in a sitting position, only lying on her back, and they also welled because she knew what was next.

Fran's whole body shook, as she heard the distinctive sound of a rubber glove being snapped on, even though she knew it was coming. She started blinking her eyes furiously to try to clear them. When they cleared somewhat, she saw Blondie applying some lubricant to Dr. Winkers' extended index finger, before Dr. Winkers turned his attention back to Fran, who felt her legs being lifted a little higher and spread a little wider, as she suddenly realized the leg thingies could be moved into any position they desired. She noticed Dr. Winkers pausing, as if to see if she was in the proper position. She also noticed a sly smile on his face. `Or was he just admiring the view?' she quickly thought before she wanted to scream, `Hey doc, close my legs, I ain't having a baby here.'

"Just relax Fran; remember I'm a doctor." Dr. Winkers said, just as she felt the coolness of the lubrication on her anus. Fran wanted to scream at him again that he was a Doctor of Science, and not a Medical Doctor, but then she tried to scream at him to get his finger out of her asshole, but with the rubber egg in her mouth, all's came out was murmured gargling. Fran felt sudden relief as his finger withdrew, but not before it did some cruel twisting and turning. Fran could only bite her oral obstruction, as she quickly felt the thermometer start its invasion, causing tears of pain and humiliation to flow. While her body filched about, as the thermometer was much larger than DR. Winkers' finger. The bonds again doing their job of holding her in place.

Fran felt a hand on her chin and heard Blondie's voice. "It's alright Fran, the worst is over now, just try to relax... I know Honey, I know...." Blondie used a soft cloth to dab some of Fran's tears. "Plus you're going to ruin my makeup job," she added with a giggle.

"C'mon Sissy, don't embarrass me in front of all these people." As soon as Dr. Winkers said it, more tears started to flow, as Fran wanted to thank him for the reminder, as she almost forgot the view the spectators must have off her. She also watched in horror as one of her coworkers moved one of the cameras so that it seemed to be focused right between her legs. As if he wanted to remind her that her humiliating day on the table was to be preserved forever on film.

"Give her a couple of seconds, now just go away," Blondie whispered to Dr. Winkers, who turned to address the crowd. Fran was a little surprised with Blondie. Today was the first time Fran could ever remember that she stuck up for her.

For the next ten minutes, Fran just closed her eyes and tried to relax, as they needed to bring her levels down. The room also flooded with soft music. Blondie also shut off all the lights, except for the light directly over the exam table, as now only a cone of light lit up Fran`s body.

Dr. Winkers suddenly announced he was satisfied with her readings, so he took off Fran's breathing apparatus. Before Fran could even utter a word, he lifted her head and poured the test tube of liquid down Fran's throat. Fran was now choking on the potion that she had worked so hard on. The liquid quickly burned her mouth and then her throat. The breathing apparatus was snapped back into place, as the liquid continued its journey. Fran was left alone for ten minutes again as the potion went to work. Fran also knew that she just went past the point of no return.

Dr. Winkers called out time and they all recorded their readings, which brought Dr. Winkers and Blondie up to the table again. Dr. Winkers simply grabbed the rectal thermometer and pulled it out. He quickly wiped it off and took a reading. Fran could only wince as it entered her once again. Fran also winced because she knew that the test was set for one hour, and then the cool down, so this would happen five more times.

Time moved painfully slow for Fran now, as she began to perspire under the light's rays, and the heat of the stares. The potion was also kicking in, making Fran tingle all over. To Fran, it felt like an army of ants was marching over her skin. Her senses seemed to be on high alert. Her body now showed tell-tale signs of sexual excitement.

Each time Dr. Winkers checked Fran's temperature the feeling seemed to become more intense. The discomfort of earlier, now replaced with twinges of pleasure. On the fourth temperature check, Dr. Winkers even changed to a larger rectal thermometer, which seemingly stretched Fran's anal cavity to its limits, while it also caused Fran's body to shudder, with a mixture of pleasure and pain. It also spiked her readings. Her bonds once again tested.

Blondie, following Dr. Winkers' orders, used a soft cloth to help soak up some of Fran's perspiration. She started with Fran's face and then down her neck. Fran's head was in a fog, but she still knew what was next, as she felt pressure on her breasts. Her nipples had become almost painfully erect, as her body tingled with sensations, especially as the cloth was dragged across each bumpy nub. Blondie continued her dance down Fran's body, finally resting on her pubic bone. She folded the damped cloth before she patted Fran's glistening pussy. Blondie flashed Fran a devious smile, but Fran couldn't bear to watch. Blondie checked her work by running her finger from the top of Fran's pussy, to the bottom. Fran's eye's suddenly snapped open, as she could have sworn she felt Blondie's finger, slip quickly inside of her aroused opening.

Fran strained her eyes as she heard Blondie moan, "All set," as she returned to her station. Fran's eyes bulged, as she could make out that her pussy lips were no longer tightly nestled together. Instead they fell to the sides, like a drunken rose. Her hidden treasure was now exposed for all to see.

Fran was painfully aware of her body's aroused state for the next two temperature checks. She was never so happy as when Dr. Winkers announced that the hour was over, and that she would need a ten-minute cool down. Fran's happiness was brief however, as she noticed the door to the observation room open. She cringed when the spectators started flowing into the lab, many offering their congratulations to Dr. Winkers, while many using the opportunity to get up close and personal with Fran.

Fran was suddenly surrounded with onlookers, many not even disguising their ogling. The suits, her former teachers, the old janitors, all discussing her naked body. A couple of them poking and prodding, all while Fran frantically strained against her bonds. Dr. Winker's son even used the opportunity to tweak Fran's erect left nipple. Fran's cool down period was anything but. Suddenly Fran's racing heart caused an alarm to go off. The piercing buzzing sound, instantly filled the room until Blondie shut it off.

"All right, show time is over," Blondie announced as she returned and noticed a couple of the men openly groping Fran`s breasts. Dr. Winker's son was even running a finger over Fran's pussy. "Let's go, there's a bar across the street, some of you guys look like you could use a beer, or a cold shower!"

Blondie pushed the onlookers out the door, while she let her co-workers gather their data, and their video tapes, and then noticed they were just lingering.

"C'mon guys, I think she has had enough!" Blondie snapped, as she shooed the reluctant to leave men out the door. "Men!" She gasped, as she moved back over to Fran, who was smarting over the tapes now in Mack's and Myer's hands. Blondie began to pull off the sticky pads, as Dr. Winkers took off the halo; and then he just stood and watched.

"Ah you too," Blondie moaned.

"Me, but this is, MY LAB!" Dr. Winkers snapped.

"Yah and this is, MY PUSSY," Blondie said lifting up her dress. "And if you want some more of this, you'll leave now."

Dr. Winkers stood in stunned silence for a second, before he bolted for the door. Blondie giggled as she started removing the breathing apparatus from Fran's mouth. Blondie seemed to be reading her face. "Don't look at me like that. I don't even have a high school diploma, and I make more money than you do!"

"Blondie could you please free me," Fran managed, ignoring Blondie's confession, because she was still painfully aware of her nakedness and her humiliating position.

"No problem," Blondie chirped and Fran quickly sighed, as Blondie moved between Fran's legs. "All in due time."

"What?" Fran quickly moaned.

"Just have to clean you up first," Blondie said, as she twisted on the thermometer, still deep inside of Fran. "This is the biggest rectal thermometer I could find."

"Huh," Fran moaned.

"I mean... I saw... seen..." Blondie mumbled. "It's big eh?"

"Yah it was pretty big," Fran moaned out, as Blondie slowly slid it out. "Can you at least put my legs down, I'm starting to cramp."

"Sure, just let me get this," Blondie said as she used a damp towel to clean Fran's anus. Fran could only roll her eyes, as Blondie whistled as she worked.

"Well that's good enough, for now," Blondie said before she lowered the rails that held Fran's legs up, but left them spread apart. Fran moaned her thanks, as the blood rushed down her legs. "Do you know my place is on the top floor? Maybe you should come up for a hot bath?"

"Yah," Fran moaned. "I mean, yah I knew you lived upstairs!"

"It would be easier," Blondie said, as she moved over to the sink.

"Ah Blondie, I can wash myself," Fran moaned, as she watched Blondie wet another washcloth.

"Yah I know, but what fun would that be?" Blondie purred as she strolled back and simply dropped the face cloth onto Fran's stomach. With a sly smile, Blondie grabbed the cloth and started making small circles over her belly button. "Now which way do I go from here?"

Fran was going to offer a plea, but was too tired too, so she just remained mute, as it seemed like Blondie was back to her teasing ways. Fran also felt helpless, as she had for some time. She also now knew that testing her bonds was futile.

"Do I go up here, and wash your big boobies," Blondie teased as she ran the cloth up to just under the swell of Fran's breasts, "or do I go down here and wash your bare pussy. You BAD girl."

Fran wanted to protest at Blondie's teasing, but just couldn't find the words.

"I think I'll start with these," Blondie said as she ran the cloth up onto Fran's left breast. "Who knew you had these, under that silly white lab thingy, you always wear, quite impressive and your nipples... I`ve never seen nipples that hard before... Yes and hmmm... here they come again..."

Fran closed her eyes, but not her ears, as Blondie's continued washing her breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples, while also continuing her teasing. "Man if you could have seen the look on your face when Dr. Winkers told you to take off your bra! I'm not even sure that was necessary, but they all seemed to enjoy it, when you did."

Fran opened an eye briefly, as the cloth finally left her breasts and started to make its way lower and lower.

"And then when he told you, to lose the panties too, I thought you might wet yourself," Blondie purred as the cloth ran over Fran's inner thighs. "But you were a trooper; I'll give you that. I mean you took one for the team, ah literally, I might add."

Fran's body flinched, as the cloth ran over her pussy, while Blondie continued. "I mean being spread out like that: butt naked; your pussy shaved bare; your lips in a state of arousal; never mind with that thermometer sticking out of your ass."

"Please," Fran gasped, as she felt Blondie's fingers spread her open again.

"And then I remember I spread you out like this," Blondie purred.

"YAH I KNOW!" Fran snapped, finally tiring of Blondie's teasing.

"OH! Did I hit a nerve? Ah sorry `bout that Fran. I guess I couldn't help myself. I mean I could smell your arousal. I just had to see if you were as wet as I thought you might be, and when your pussy lips just fell apart. I mean sometimes I get turned on, but."

"I wasn't turned on!" Fran snapped.

"Really?" Blondie said with a giggle. "That's not what my nose and my eyes told me."

"Well I wasn't, or maybe it was the potion," Fran mumbled. "Now free me please, ah I think I'm clean enough down there, now."

"Yes you are," Blondie said as she licked her finger, and dropped the damp cloth on her stomach again. "Ok Fran I'll free yah, and maybe I'll buy that potion excuse, but answer me this... how did it feel knowing all eyes were on you? Hmmm... knowing all eyes were on your naked body... your breasts... your big brown erect nipples... you're exposed pussy... all for the taking... hmmm Fran?"

Fran's face flushed again with the questions, and because Blondie dragged a fingernail across her erect nipple, as she spoke.

"How did it feel Fran? You had to know that every man was fantasying about having you, devouring you, fucking you, enslaving you," Blondie purred, as she leaned her head down towards Fran's chest. "Licking your breasts," she said before her tongue followed her words. Blondie took a couple of licks, before she sucked on Fran's left nipple, to which Fran could only muster a feeble protest. "Biting your nipple." Fran shrieked out, as Blondie did so, as she did when she bit the other one.

"Please Blondie stop," Fran cried out, as Blondie raked her nipple in between her tongue and her teeth. She moaned her thanks, when Blondie finally did, but not before leaving her with raw nipples.

"Kissing their way down your stomach," Blondie said, again following her words, "and then licking your pussy," she mumbled, before she brought her tongue down and split Fran's pussy into two halves, which brought out a gasp from its owner as it was a first time anyone had done that to her.

"Sucking your clit," Blondie moaned, as she suddenly brought her whole face down onto Fran's pussy, and sucked on her clit hood. "Fucking your wet, moist, pussy," Blondie managed, in between breaths, and as she slowly added her middle finger to her sucking, as Fran begged her to stop. Suddenly Blondie stood up and giggled, but her finger never left Fran's pussy.

"Stop but I wasn`t finished," Blondie said wiping her face with her other hand. "Your mouth says stop, but your pussy says, go, go, go."

"Please, I ah... Owww...." Fran's plea seemingly turning into a moan as Blondie's finger slid in deeper. "I've never."

"Like I was saying, and with that thermometer, you know, sticking out of your ass... they were all wishing that was them... their cocks buried in your ass... you on all fours... fucking you like a farm animal..." Blondie oozed.

"Please don't tease me anymore," Fran mumbled.

"Please, I know I would have, I mean if I had a cock," Blondie said looking into Fran's face, her middle finger quickly snapping back and forth, inside of Fran`s pussy. "I do have a cock, you know."

"Oh not like that Fran," Blondie quickly snapped, reading Fran's face. "It's a strap-on, and it's bigger than most men's cocks."

"You like girrrr... OH PLEASE... Don`t make me come... not like this!" Fran moaned out.

"Yah I enjoy the company of women, as well as men, and if you lie and tell me that you don't want me, then I'll free you and you will never and I mean NEVER have me," Blondie said, all while her thumb began to circle Fran's clit, her finger moving faster.

Fran's head was swirling. She had been fantasizing about Blondie since the day they first met, but with time, she also grew to hated her, and her teasing ways. Swirling cause, Blondie's long finger was also doing its magic. Fran tried to speak, but her voice was replaced with a squeal, as Blondie's thumb found her throbbing clit, as well. Fran relaxed her body as she knew she was losing the battle anyways.

"It's ok Fran, I'll let your body do the talking," Blondie said, as Fran's body began thrashing on the table, testing the holds of her restraints, one finally time. Audible moans filled the air as Blondie gushed. "That's it Fran... cum for me baby... cum for me, you little whore... just think of how many guys are going to whack-off tonight... to your naked helpless image... I bet they are across the street right now... your tape in the VCR... the whole bar watching... watching YOU..."

Fran's body finally slowed after a series of powerful quivers and some loud cries of pleasure, from its owner. Blondie, with a proud smile, slowly withdrew her finger and brought it up to Fran's mouth. Fran was a little reluctant at first, but she finally sucked her own juices from Blondie's persistent finger, tasting herself for the first time. Blondie then used the wet cloth to clean up her hand and then Fran's pussy, all while Fran caught her breath.

Blondie finally unstrapped her from the table. Fran just rubbed her freed wrists, as her focus slowly returned. Blondie suddenly left the room, as Fran sat up on the table, trying to get some feeling back into her legs. She watched as Blondie returned and held up that red robe again. Fran slid to her feet, shaking her head, and finally made her way into the robe.

Fran was a little puzzled, and still a little mad that Blondie had just taken advantage of her. Although she never remembered her body feeling so alive, it must have been the potion, she thought, as she watched Blondie stuff her discarded clothes into a large hand bag.

"C'mon that was just the appetizer," Blondie said, as she reached out and took Fran's soft hand. "Just wait until the main coarse, and if you're nice, and eat my pussy like I know you wanna. I just might fuck you up the ass tonight, with my strap-on."

Fran could only gasp as she wasn't really sure if she was ready for that, or a night with another woman, especially Blondie, or if she could ever face her boss or her coworker again, after all she'd just gone through. Fran suddenly noticed that she was still holding Blondie`s hand, as they waited for the elevator. Looking into Blondie's lust filled eyes, she knew that it was now or never, although she was still a little afraid to make her fantasies, a reality. She even giggled to herself as she thought, there's always another night of, Nick at Night.

"We'll start with a nice hot bath, I have a tube for two. I can't wait to lose this dress." Blondie purred as she suddenly leaned forward and pressed her lips into Fran's, and gave her a soft passionate kiss. Blondie broke away, as the doors opened and Fran caught her breath.

"C'mon Fran, you won't be disappointed," Blondie said, as if she was reading Fran's wavering mind, before she helped Fran into the elevator. "Plus you can always, blame it on the potion."

The End

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