Willie 2
by David C. Gross & Peterloaf © 2003

Close to the end of my two-week stay at the spa, i was forced to come to two earth-shattering realizations about myself that would completely change my life forever. The first realization is that i am the happiest that i have ever been but, surprisingly, it is not as the free human girl that I was before. Rather, it is as the full-time pony girl that i have been for the past fourteen days.

The second realization is that there is now no possible way of my ever being able to go back to the life that i once enjoyed on the outside. But, that is okay with me because who i was then, is not who i am now. i am now and will forever be, Willy's pony girl.

My Trainer Willy's constant attentions and the forced pony girl training here at the Flanders spa have truly transformed me forever. i have become what Willy later told me he knew i would become under his whip, which is a willingly bitted, booted, collared and harnessed pony girl, for life.

Willy even has me wearing a pony butt plug tail that he installs in my anal opening each morning, after of course, i take care of my business outside and iíve had my morning enema. He removes it each night before he puts me to bed, in case i need to do my business during the night.

My tail is made of real horsehair. It hangs down almost to my ankles. It even matches my own hair color exactly. i suspect He knew just exactly what my hair color was, before i even got here.

i've also gotten used to having people hear me coming, as the clip-clop sound that is caused by the horseshoes on the bottom of my pony boots is pretty distinctive. But, most arousing to me, are the bells that i have to wear. i wear bells that hang from clamps on my nipples and they are also on cuffs that are buckled and locked around my ankles. They jingle and jangle constantly as i trot or run.

The other thing that has been one of the hardest things that i have had to get used to, is being handled and, treated by other people as if i am nothing but a domesticated animal.

But a domesticated animal is, i realize, what i have become. i am not even allowed to bathe myself. Either that is done by Willy or by one of the grooms who work with Him, because when I am being bathed I am always kept in restraints, and in a collar that is chained to the ceiling of the wash stall. The grooms do not even speak to me at all, except when they are explaining to me why they are doing something so as not to spook me or scare me.

Another thing that has been hard to get used to, is being talked about by other people who seem to think that because i am in pony girl rig that either i am incapable of understanding what they are saying about me or that i don't matter because i am a pony girl.

One time, for example during one of our early morning exercise runs, a young teenage girl, who could not have been more then 15 or 16, came up to Willy and asked Him if He would be willing to sell me to her. She said she had always fancied having her own pony girl to pull a cart around her parentís 10,000-acre estate.

Talk about a shock, this girl was actually offering to purchase me! In addition, she acted as if i was nothing more then an animal that could be bought and sold without a second thought.

Of course, Willy had to politely refuse her request, explaining to her that i was not his to sell, at least not then anyway, but that i was also a guest of the Spa, just as she was, who was here being trained.

My girlfriend Ruth, the person who was the one who got me into this, came to see me just before she left for home, as she had arrived here a week or so before i did. i was outside and i was tightly harnessed to a Pony cart, standing at what is called pony girl attention. My reins were hitched well up on a pole, out of reach of my bound hands.

i was there, waiting for Willy to take me out for what has become one of our now twice daily runs around the roads and cart paths that mark the inner perimeter of the resort.

Because i was in blinders, and a neck stiffening head harness i did not see her approach until she came and stood directly in front of me. i wear these to keep me looking straight ahead. This is to prevent me from being distracted by anything while my Master is driving me.

"Wow sweetie, i was right about you, what a beautiful and obedient little pony girl you've become, just standing there at attention and not moving at all. And in such a short time too. Is Willy treating you okay?"

Bitted and head harnessed, i could only tap my hoof-booted foot to tell her that yes i was being treated well. What i did not want her to know was that at that minute i was also a sexually very frustrated little pony girl as Willy had still not got around to fucking me.

i watched her nose twitch and a sly smile flicker on her face. "It smells like you are having a ball, would you like it to go on like this for the rest of your life?"

i looked at her, thinking about how much i was dreading going back to the city, to my humdrum life, to my wet dreams and fantasies, to my lonely life as a market researcher.

Ruth watched my face, reading these thoughts and feelings as if she were scanning the headlines of a local newspaper. She looked me right in the eye, and told me that Willy had come to her and asked her if she would ask me if i wanted to be his own permanent pony girl?

i was thunder-struck. He wants ME? i thought, my head swimming in confusion and lust.

"Youíll be his private pony girl, here at the spa. It would be a 24/7/365 situation. Youíll never be free, again, youíll never have a choice in what will be done to you or for you."

The fact that i was tightly bitted and head harnessed at the time prevented me from answering her. All i could do was tap my hoof booted foot again, and whinny in total excitement.

Willy wants ME as His pony girl! i thought, my pussy gulping and juicing all over the cooze strap between my labia, soaking my Danskin bodysuit.

If i had not been so tightly hitched to the cart i know that i would have been dancing for joy. Ruth thankfully, understood my toe taps and my obviously excited whinnies as yes answers to her questions.

Ruth smiled at that, "You've really gotten into the proper character over the last two weeks haven't you? You've even learned to answer like a pony girl."

i shyly tapped my foot once to say yes. But then again, with the bit in my mouth preventing human speech, what choice did i have but to tap my foot and whinny?

She surprised me by asking me if i was truly enjoying myself, and surprising me again, she quickly reached down between my legs for the definitive answer. "My God girl you're absolutely dripping wet! You really are enjoying yourself arenít you?"

"You've truly become one hot little pony! And in such a short time too. Willy should consider himself a very lucky man."

i must have turned about 1000 different shades of red, because i had to lower my eyes in shame. i could not even dare look her in the face again. Nevertheless, i had to admit to myself that what she had said was absolutely correct about me. i had gone from what i had been to what i was now, which was what Ruth had called me "a hot little pony."

i thought about how i always react when my Master touches me. i seem to be equipped with some kind of a switch that it seems only he knows how to operate. It seems like anytime that Willy deigns to touch me even in the smallest way, i get so hot and wet that i find that i just cannot help myself.

Ruth put her hand under my chin, raised my eyes back up to hers and asked me if i really truly understood, that once i signed myself over to Willy, that would be the very last decision that i would ever be allowed to make as a free person.

"There will be absolutely no going back." She said, watching my eyes for signs of understanding. "From that point on you will be stripped of your humanity and will become nothing more than a domesticated animal. You will be a thing, a piece of his personal property and all the decisions from then on will be made for you by Willy."

For the third time, i tapped my hoof-booted foot and whinnied twice to indicate to her that my final and irrevocable answer was yes.

She then told me that when she suggested the Flanders Resort & Spa, she rather suspected that something like this just might happen. She also said that it had happened before to some other women, with some other trainers, and that is why she had personally arranged for Willy to be assigned to be my personal trainer.

Damn, i thought, how could she have possibly known? i had never even dreamed of mentioning my submissive bondage and slave girl fantasies to her.

"You are very lucky sweetie, if you're going to have a master for real, and it seems that you are, Willy is the one I would want. And to think that he has chosen you out of all the girls he has trained over the years."

She then asked me what i wanted her to do with all of my stuff in my apartment at home. She asked me if i wanted her to sell it all. i again tapped my foot in the affirmative.

After all what did i need all that stuff for, i was going to be a ponygirl!

Next she asked me what about my job at home? Did i want her to turn in my notice for me?

i again tapped yes.

Finally, she asked me about my car, did i want her to sell it?

i tapped yes for the final time.

"Okay," she said. "You'll have to sign a power of attorney when you agree to be Willie's pony girl, and then I can do all that as his agent."

i tapped yes, hoping that she would understand that i meant okay. i was more content at that moment than i had ever been before.

She then told me to be happy, kissed me, and left.

i thought to myself, Girl you are finally happy and contented because you are finally where you were destined to wind up and you've finally become what you were always destined to become, which is a pony girl, Willy's pony-girl.

Willy, my trainer and my Master to be, came out of the stable a few minutes later. Hearing His footstep and smelling His aftershave, i stamped my foot and whinnied excitedly twice to let him know that i was ready and eager to go. He just looked at me, laughed and told me that i needed to be patient, that He would be ready when He was ready.

Then, before we took off, He too came and stood directly in front of me. Unhitching my reins from the ring He looked deep into my eyes with a questioning gaze. Holding them in His hands, He asked me if Ruth had been by and had she asked me what He had asked her to ask me.

i tapped my hoof-booted foot that yes she had.

He then asked me what my decision was.

Again using the tap code that He'd taught me, i tapped that my final and irrevocable answer was YES!

i was rewarded with the biggest, brightest smile that i had ever seen on His face. And then i got a big hug and a hot wet probing kiss that left me dizzy with lust and need.

"When Ruth came to me, and told me about you and showed me your picture I hoped that you would be mine." He whispered into my ear, his hands upon my bound and delivered body, stoking my lust-fire to a previously unknown intensity.

He went on seriously, "You do understand that you are going to be kept as a full-time pony girl don't you? You know that there will be no time in the future when you will be free of harness or restraints? You also understand that you will be living in the stable full-time from now on?"

*Author's Note* the "pony" stable at Flanders Resort and Spa is Air Conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. So it is very comfortable for its residents.*

i tapped that "Yes i understand and i accept Your Mastery without any reservations." To prove it i cuddled against His chest and nuzzled His hand. He smiled and carefully fed me one of His "special" sugar cubes.

"You know, I too have been on vacation for the last two weeks. My normal job is assistant manager of this spa. Having my own personal pony girl will make getting around the grounds much more efficient." He said, patting my rump and picking up the buggy whip. "Not to mention more fun." He continued, getting into the pony cart and popping a star of sudden pain onto my Danskin covered rump.

As i ran He told me that sometime in the next few days my clitoris, ears, nose, labia and nipples would be pierced, and permanently ringed. "That," He said, "will allow me to have even better control of you."

So to make a long story short, yesterday, at the end of my official stay at the Flanders Resort & Spa, i willingly and happily signed myself over to Willy. i must admit i was somewhat apprehensive and more than a little jumpy. i was scared about what was going to be done to me. i had agreed to this so quickly, perhaps too quickly. But then, having had time to think it over, it had begun to work on my mind. Not that i had any choice in the matter. Choice is something i will never have again.

i am sorry to say that i gave the groom who came for me the next day a bit of trouble. i guess that i had been expecting that it would be Willy personally, who would be the one to take me to the branding and piercing stall. As i was being taken from my stall, naked and restrained in shoulder harness and hobbles, i was hanging back a little, not really resisting but not exactly willing to follow him either. He jerked my bit reins a little too hard, which hurt my mouth and before i thought it through i tried to kick him. But my foot was snubbed short by the hobbles around my ankles so i missed.

As a result, i got three hard, painful smacks on my vulnerably unprotected rump with a riding crop. i quickly and very painfully learned that he was not going to allow me to give him any more trouble.

"Youíre going to be a good little pony girl arenít you? Youíre not going to give me any more trouble now are you?"

i meekly tapped my foot that, Yes, i was going to be a good pony girl now, and No, i wasn't going to give him any more trouble. i really did not want any more swats with that riding crop. It really stings.

i later found out that it might sting right then, but that it doesn't leave anything more then a reddened area after it is over with, but the point got painfully across, about who was in charge.

He then proceeded to lead me over to a part of the stable that i hadn't yet seen. "Where is Willy? i thought in rising panic. i did not have to worry long, however, because when we got to the branding and piercing stall Willy was waiting for us, a smoldering look in His eyes.

i blushed to see my girlfriend Ruth there as well. She came over to me and said that she was there as a witness who could later affirm that i had willingly agreed that i wanted this to happen to me, and that i willingly gave up my humanity.

i will admit that i was very relieved to see them both there. i was worried for a while that Willy had changed His mind about branding and piercing me personally and that He was going to allow someone else to do it for Him.

Willy took me off to the side of the stall, and Ruth went with us. He surprised me by temporarily removing my bit, looking me right in the eye and saying, "Now you understand that the things we will do today are permanent and non-reversible? I am giving you one last chance to back out. If you do not want to become my branded and pierced pony girl, now is the time to say so. After it is done it will be too late."

i was shaking with fear and desire. i wanted his rings and marks. i wanted to be his, forever. Yet i was afraid of the pain, terrified that i would shame both my Master and myself.

It was the hardest thing iíd ever done but i looked him right back in the eyes and said, "Please, Master, make me your pony girl! Unconsciously i tapped my foot twice as well, making them both laugh. i blushed and cast my eyes downward.

He then re-installed my bit.

At the Flanders Resort and Spa, they brand their livestock the old-fashioned way, with a branding iron heated by an open fire. i was taken to a bucking rack, and the groom, at Willy's direction, proceeded to strap me down so tightly that i was completely immobilized.

The bucking rack is normally used for when it is time for ponies to be bred. It is used to keep the mares still and allow the stallion to impregnate them without fear of injury to either the mare or the stallion. It consists of a padded sawhorse upon which i was forced to lie out lengthwise, my big breasts hanging down on either side, my ankles spread and strapped to the supports so that my pussy and ass were presented. There was a wide, heavy collar attached so that i could not sit up. With my arms still fastened up behind my back in the shoulder harness i was completely, deliciously helpless.

Willie came over to where i waited and showed me his personal brand. It is a stylized W, three and a half inches tall. "I designed and cast this myself, several years ago, in the hopes of someday finding the right pony girl on which to use it."

i think i surprised him by tapping my foot against the support, whinnying and nodding my head in encouragement. i was feeling lightheaded and wanted it to be over quickly, before i lost my nerve.

"I am going to have the vet give you a local pain killer to deaden the pain of the brand but the piercings will be done without such protection." He said, His voice horse and raspy with emotion. "Afterwards we will manage the rest of the pain as needed."

He had the vet give me a shot, which deadened my left bottom cheek within just a few minutes so that i could not feel it at all. Craning my neck, i watched as the glowing hot W came and hovered over my up- thrust bottom. i strained to look back at Master and saw that He was sweating, His eyes fixed upon my as yet unmarked flesh, His trousers tented with promise of rewards yet to come.

He then deliberately pressed that hot, smoking iron into my bottom, burning His stylized W into my flesh and making me His forever. i screamed, not from the nonexistent pain, but in passion, in fulfillment, in gratitude.

Then, while i was dealing with that, the vet stepped up and quickly pierced my open labia, leaving two gold-plaited steel rings dangling from my lower lips. Somewhat protected by the pain medication i never-the-less felt the metal pierce through me, felt myself spiraling upward into a passion-state unlike any iíd ever known.

When they used a vacuum pump to engorge my nipples, prior to piercing them, i began to fight my restraints, wanting my Master to take me then, wanting the coming pain to be assuaged by the pleasure of His cock in my gulping, gripping vagina.

Understanding my need, He stepped behind me and placed his hot cock between my burning labia, slowly thrusting inward while the vet positioned the piercing tool on my throbbing and still sensitive left nipple.

When the pain came it did not feel like pain, rather only like a lovers gentle bite. Something wonderful happened inside me, a blossoming of passion, an awareness of my Masterís big hard cock stretching my vulva, pleasuring me, exciting me, driving me upwards and inwards and into what i have since come to know as my slave state.

When i next became aware of my surroundings i was being released from the rack and stood up against a wooden post. Tight leather straps were being cinched around me at waist, shoulders, throat and forehead. My right leg was being attached to a hanging rope and hoisted up to the side so that i was trapped in a high, exposing kick, my twice-pierced, stretched and freshly fucked pussy open for all to see.

A final strap was cinched around my numb left leg, pinning it to the post below me and again i watched as my Master picked up the branding iron. Ruth came to stand next to me and i felt her fingers touching my throbbing clitoris, massaging it to distract me from the coming brand.

Again i felt the painless pressure as the brand burned into my flesh, smelt the stink of the rising smoke and knew i was being claimed, possessed, cared for.

When the vet pierced my ears and nose i hardly noticed but when he did my clitoris i nearly passed out with the sharp stab of pain. Only my Masterís cock thrusting into me as i stood there, strapped against the post, brought me up into my slave state once again. His long and hardened organ seemed to draw the pain from my bleeding clit, even though his thrusts hammered his groin up against my thrice-pierced pussy time after glorious time. When He began to cum i screamed out in my happiness, sounding like a mare in her ecstasy.

So i now have brands on my bottom and thigh, permanent rings in my nose, ears, nipples, clitoris and both labia. i know i am my Masterís property. i am content.

After i was branded and ringed, He told me that He had arranged with the resort for permanent lifetime stabling for me here at the resort.

He said that i would be staying here at the spa for the foreseeable near future. Happily, i went back to my stall with the groom leading me by my reins, but this time he was gentle about it; he even fed me a sugar cube before washing me and put me down for the night

The dressings on my brands and piercings were cleaned and changed every day and the brands themselves were cleaned and debrided under anesthetic until finally a couple of weeks later, the crusty, scabby stuff finally could be completely pulled away, leaving two beautifully clear brands.

During this time of convalescence i was not trained or worked. But Willy came by my stall every day to get me up; He washed, and harnessed me as always. He also fed me one of His special sugar cubes, along with my breakfast, which He fed me by hand, which i have grown to love as you might well imagine.

A couple of additional weeks went by before the Veterinarian certified that i was ready to start training and working again. Willy came, took me out to the outdoor ring, and started me lungeing again to find out what the enforced month-long layoff had done to my responses, happily i did not miss a single hand, verbal or rein signal.

Although my endurance and stamina left something to be desired so He decided that he needed to work me back slowly to where i had been, but it did not take very long, just a week or two before i was my old self again and He had me trotting and galloping happily all over the resort.

Many people came up to us and told Willy that He was a very lucky man to have such a pretty and such a beautifully behaved, and trained pony girl like me. He agreed saying that He had missed out not having a pony girl to pull him around, and now that He did, that He was never going to give me up.

Many people have also tried to buy me from Him, but He has always said that His answer is NO. i go to sleep every night in my stall secure in the knowledge that He will never sell me. i am Willy's pony girl for life.