Rehearsal Fun
by David

(Based on a true story)

We were bored out of our minds. Ten hours at a Community Theater tech rehearsal with nothing to do, and still five hours to go. Sitting in the storage room, Jen, Mary, Dave, Ashley, Aaron, and I decided to play Swap (a card game, get your minds out of the gutter). Simple rules: you are dealt four cards, you then pick one card to pass to the person on your right. Then you go the other way, and then across, and so on until you had swapped with everyone. The person with the highest card loses.

Let me describe the players. Dave and Aaron were my friends, entourage, wing-men, you get the idea. However, when at the theater, I usually hung out with Mary and Jen, as we were the most competent technically. Ashley knows Dave from high school. All of us were in our early twenties except Mary, who was nineteen.

Mary, a year younger than I, had yet to hit her growth spurt, and was short and--ahem--undeveloped. Jen, on the other hand, was three years my senior and hot as hell. She had small-ish breasts and a nice ass. Pretty, too (nothing against Mary, just not really my type).

Jen and I had been flirting for the entire rehearsal week. She would step up on a step stool (I’m tall) to fix something and put her breasts right in my face. One time, when she was bent over screwing something (with a drill, jeez), the top of her little pink thong peeked out from her pants. I had a hard time hiding the hard-on in my pants.

We started with the usual bets and penalties, loose change, candy, and such. Jen was by far the luckiest. She had a huge pile. I was strait-up broke.

“How about strip-swap?” I suggested slyly. Everybody laughed nervously, glancing around at each other.

“All right,” Jen said confidently, “if you want to embarrass yourselves even more, go for it.” So we started. I lost my shoes and socks right off the bat. Nervously, I thought about what I had left: shirt, undershirt, jeans, and boxers. Dave and Aaron both lost shoes and a sock. Ashley lost one shoe. Mary lost both shoes, both socks, and a shirt, but she had an undershirt on.

It was here when Jen’s winning streak screeched to a halt. She lost her shoes and socks. Then lost again.

“Okay guys,” Jen said nervously, “haven’t we gone far enough?”

“What, didn’t you want to embarrass us?” I taunted. "Here’s a deal: double or nothing. I lose, I take off my shirt and pants. You lose, you take off yours."

“Deal.” Jen agreed. Dave and Ashley had backed out by now and they were just watching. I had a four, a six, a ten, and a jack. Jen showed hers. She had a two, a four, and two kings! She inhale sharply, looked around, and then looked at the ground. She bit her lip and took off her top and pants. She had a black bra and some tight black boy-shorts on.

“What cup size?” I teased, trying to get her a bit more comfortable.

“C,” she said.

We played again. I lost this time. I took off my shirt and pants, leaving me in white boxers and a white undershirt.

“Are you wearing tighty-whiteys?” Jen teased.

Pretending to be offended, I pulled my undershirt over my boxers.

“How about triple or nothing?” I suggested, “I lose, I strip naked and you can do something.”

“What if I lose?” Jen asked, grinning.

“How about you give him a lap dance with no clothes on?” Aaron suggested.

“Nice idea, man,” I agreed, “a lap dance it is.”

Mary and Aaron were both out of the game now. It was just me and Jen.

We swapped. I got an eight, a nine, and two jacks. Shit. Jen showed hers. She had a four, a jack, a queen, and an ace.

“Ha, ha, ha,” I laughed slowly. I was now going to get a lap dance from a ridiculously hot girl who I’d actually jacked off on. Only once or twice! I’m human, aren't I?

She stood up and leaned back against the wall . I walked up to her and knelt down. Looking up, I met her gaze, which was uncomfortable and nervous. I gave her a reassuring smile, and she smiled back seductively. Staring at her crotch, I could see the swells of her mound, and a faint wet spot showing through. I reached up and slowly pulled down her panties. When I got just past her beaver, I stopped. I could make out every detail of it. I leaned in and inhaled slowly.

“Remember, just a lap dance.” Aaron reminded me. Dave threw a wrench at him.

“All right, lap dance first.” I agreed. I pulled her underwear down the rest of the way. She smiled as she unhooked her bra and bared her luscious breasts. She grabbed my arms and pulled me up until my face was an inch away from hers.

“You cheated at cards, didn’t you?” she breathed.

“Yeah, I did,” I admitted, smiling.

“How about, to make it even, you have to take off your boxers.” she suggested innocently.

“Good idea.”

I slipped out of my boxers and my displayed my tent-pole as I sat down in the chair. Jen’s face lit up when she saw my cock.

“I was worried you were going to have a small one,” she said, straddling me. She held herself just a foot above me, and then sat down on my thighs. She rocked pelvis back and forth seductively, her moist lips grinding on my thighs. Slowly, she moved up my legs, until her clit was rubbing against my shaft. She leaned forward and let her breasts jiggle in my face. I cupped one and began kneading it, while I started sucking on the other’s nipple.

After about two minutes Jen and I had had it with lapdancing. I picked her up (making sure to get a nice feel of that ass) and sat her on the chair. With her feet on my shoulders, I started fingering her pussy. Tickling her G-spot and licking her clit, she came with a loud moan. I stood up. She spread her legs wide open and I humped her lips, sliding in between them. Then, with a grunt, I entered her warm, sweet pussy. Still coming, I could feel her pussy clench and unclench on my dick. I pulled out and shot a my load on her tummy and boobs.

We had wonderful times together, sometimes the two of us, sometimes with others! It was a great year.