Office Games

by Dark Pen


Part 1

 Brad was annoyed with himself.  It was Friday and today at lunch he had picked up a couple of CD's at the mall near where he worked, then he'd left the damn things on his desk.  Fortunately, it was only a ten minute drive from home, so he jumped into the car and took off.  He had a key to get in.  Most of the programmers did, because they were known for working at odd hours.  Not that things had been hopping lately, what with the downturn, but his company was doing well enough.

 He pulled into the parking lot and got out of the car.  The door was locked - no surprise at nine at night, so he unlocked it and made his way quietly into the dim building.  For some reason, Brad was always quiet when he moved, something that caused his co-workers some annoyance since he scared the hell out of them on occasion.  He didn't do it on purpose, it just happened.

 As he moved through the cubical farm that management called a work space, he noticed that there was light coming from a cube in the corner.  A year or six months ago, this would not have been unusual, but now-a-days the place was almost a ghost town after five, and you never saw anyone after seven.  Brad walked into his cube and grabbed the CDs then turned to go out when he heard a sound coming from the lit cube.  That was interesting, especially since it was Donna's cube and anything having to do with Donna he found very interesting.  They were actually working on a project together, but there was no need for OT and anyway, he figured that a good looking woman like her would be out partying on a Friday night.

 He thought about Donna as he walked toward her cube.  She was very hot.  She stood about five-eight, in the three inch heels that she always wore.  Those weird, wide heeled boots that were in style.  She was thin, although not painfully so, had a narrow waist and a small, tight ass.  Her breasts were perhaps a b-cup, and she had long, thick brunette hair that fell almost to her waist.  Her face was... pretty, but not excessively so, but she did have very clear, blue eyes.  Her ears were pierced, three on the left and five on the right.

 She was a very bright young woman.  Donna was 15 years younger than Brad, who was thirty five.  He knew from talking to her that she had graduated high school at 16, then collage at 19.  She'd decided to get some work experience before going back for a Masters.  She and Brad had started on this project just a few weeks ago.  He had been at the company for a while, ten years in fact, and was one of the senior programmers.  He'd found that despite the fact that she was so young, she took her work seriously.  But not seriously enough to loose a sense of humor and proportion and certainly not enough to be here at nine at night when there was no need.

 Brad froze at the next sound.  That sounded like a moan.  Moving as quietly as he could, he moved past her cube then behind it.  Her cube was quite private.  The walls were all high and the side with the door was up against a wall, so when leaving it, you could only make a right.  Her desk was set up to face the doorway.  Behind her, the other wall of the cube would have been against a wall, but there was a circuit breaker panel there.  So they had moved the cube wall away from the panel and made a sort of ally way behind her cube.  No one went back there unless they had to get to the breaker panel, but if someone did, and looked over the wall, they'd actually be behind her desk.  Brad was certainly tall enough to look over the top of the wall.  Another noise, clearly a moan, sounded as he moved to the back wall so that he could peek in.  There were also squishing sounds, sounds that sounded like sex.
 Brad wondered why she would be having sex here.  He knew that she had a room mate, but really, there had to be somewhere else to go!  He peaked over the top of the wall and looked down.  He blinked, needing a few seconds to take in what he was seeing.  But boy was he glad that he hadn't made any noise!

 Donna had turned her chair so that her legs were to one side.  Her skirt was unbuttoned and her long legs spread very wide.  He could see that her pussy hair was as dark as the hair on her head and that she'd shaved it into a strip about as wide as her vulva.  More he could not see since her hand was covering the rest, but it was obvious that at least one finger was buried inside her.  It looked like she had poured some kind of lubricant all over her crotch, because her hand was soaked, and the pubic hair that he could see was matted with wetness.  She'd actually put what looked to be a hand towel under her crotch.  Her other hand was busy under shirt, and she was staring at the computer screen.  Since the screen was a 21" screen, he had no trouble identifying what she was looking at.  And when he realized what she was looking at, that was almost as shocking as what she was doing.

 She was looking at his web page, reading one of his stories.  She didn't know it was him, of course, because he used a different name when he wrote.  But he could not believe that she was getting off on what he'd written.  It wasn't that he didn't write well.  He got occasional complements.  It was the type of writing that he did.  All his stories were about women, usually young, being sexually tortured.  There was no non-consensual stuff in it, but all the stories contained heavy BDSM, watersports, piercing, in fact, almost everything.  Well, he didn't write about mutilation or snuff, but the stories weren't light reading, there was often blood, extended bondage and slavery and even some scat.

 He'd always wondered what kind of people read his stuff.  The stories weren't politically correct, by any means, and, aside from people online, he had never personally show it to anyone.  Now he realized that someone he did know was reading it.

 Donna was obviously approaching a climax.  Her one hand was a blur at her crotch, and he could see her other one bunching beneath her shirt and squeezing her breast.  Brad could actually smell her arousal and it was an intoxicating smell, something his rock hard cock could attest to.  Finally, her head went back and her body convulsed in what seemed to be a very intense orgasm.  Brad ducked down so that he couldn't be seen, but Donna was obvious to anything but the pleasure racing through her body.  He still watched, as she lay there, her hand making squishing sounds as she slid it through her sex.  Then she withdrew her hand, it was literally soaked, and let strands of liquid drip into her mouth.  Brad almost came in his pants.  Finally she sucked each finger into her mouth, and licked her hand clean.  She then sat up and clicked on her mouse, reaching across her body to use her dry hand.  When his page came up, he noticed that about half of the stories had been clicked on.  So, he mused, it wasn't a fluke, she'd read a lot of his stuff.

 Brad ducked down and quietly made his way out of the office.  He had a lot of thinking to do...

 By Monday, Brad had formed something of a plan.  If nothing else, he wanted to see what else she did in her cube which meant getting some camera gear in there.  This was not hard, since the company wrote the software for small, high fidelity cameras.  It was an ongoing project and he knew that there would be some floating around that he could make use of.  He'd written the lion's share of the software for the things, so hooking them up would be no problem.  They were small enough that concealing them wouldn't be too much of a problem.  Her realized that this was going to take some time to think out and to implement.  By Friday, Brad had all the hardware he was going to use.

 It had been a difficult week, he mused as he entered the office at around midnight.  Working with Donna and keeping from her what he knew about her was hard.  She was very attractive and he was sure that she had a lover.  Plus, he figured that he wasn't her type.  He was about six one, and very unremarkable looking, very none descript.  He had brown eyes, long brown hair, was slim but not skinny; pleasant enough but nothing to write home about.  Definitely not the kind of flashy guy that a pretty twenty year old would be interested in.  He didn't do the club scene, at least the normal kinds, didn't drink, and was a pretty quiet guy.  His writing and his other hobbies, like leather, metal and electronics work, kept him home.  He and his last lover had split a year ago.  They'd found that sex was the only thing between them.  She was an environmentalist who had no liking for technology and they'd found themselves on the wrong side of political issues once too often.  Too bad, too, she had been an excellent sub.

 He sat down in Donna's chair and looked around.  There were some obvious places to put the cameras, but he wanted to have certain views.  It took a long time to position one that was under her desk facing her chair.  There was one that looked into the cube from above and behind her chair.  Other's were added as well, until he had what he thought would be good coverage of the girl from several angles.  Wiring was actually easy, since there was a raised floor there and the cameras were made to be easily concealed and installed.  There was also a small mike that he added as an after thought.

 He came back the next night to do all the wiring.  The wires were pulled together and led to a small transmitter.  The transmitter plugged into regular AC outlet and powered the cameras as well as itself.  Sunday evening he tested it.  Brad plugged the wireless receiver into his personal laptop and triggered the system.  All but one camera worked perfectly, but there were two that needed to be slightly repositioned.  He did that, then figured he'd look for the replacement later.  There had to be one around.  The feed was great and gave him a color vid feed of her cube.  The software gave him a six paneled view, one from each camera, and he could click on a panel to enlarge.  Hell, the one from the ceiling gave him a perfect view of the computer screen - enough so that he could read most of what was on it.  Brad shut the thing down, pocketed the receiver and left.  He could hardly sleep that night.

 The next few days were interesting, but hardly exciting.  Donna did nothing out of the ordinary during the day and he was too afraid to leave the receiver there over night to allow the system to record.  Paranoid, he knew, since most people wouldn't even recognize the thing.  Still, if it were found, it could be awkward, to say the least.  Friday afternoon, however, when he activated the vid, things started to heat up.  Donna had come to work in a dress, usually she wore pants of some sort, and was looking very nice.  He had a clear shot of her panties from the desk-cam.  There wasn't much light, but he could see a little bit.  But at around two, when he looked again, he saw that she was on his website again.  Quickly, he activated the record function, and sat back to watch.  Sure enough, she clicked on another story and he could see her hand drift down between her legs.  She actually pulled back from the desk a little to give her hand more access, and that gave the desk-cam more light.  He could see her panties, white for a second before her hand blocked the view by rubbing her sex.  She pulled away and clicked to a different page as one of the other girls from the office walked into her cube.  Her legs were still open, and he noticed that she seemed to have a pad on under her panties.  Brad figured that she was menstruating.

 Then he was interrupted as someone came in to talk to him.  The conversation lasted for almost a half hour, and when he got back to looking at the vid, Donna had left her office.  She hadn't left the building, but she had left the cube.  Brad sighed.  At five it was time to go home, and he figured he'd take a chance.  He left the cameras on and let it record.  His laptop had enough space to record for several hours, so he figured he would come back at around ten pm to get the machine.

 He got back at eleven and found the building empty.  He hunted through the store room and came across a nice low-light camera.  He put that one under her desk and then replaced the non working one with the original desk-cam.  His tests showed that this worked very well.  He couldn't wait to get home to view the recordings.

 They were a disappointment, that was for sure.  Donna did go back to his web page and read through a story.  But there had been no masturbating and the only thing that the mike recorded was office talk between her and Sandy.  Oh well, what did he expect.  Still, it was frustrating but it was late and he was tired.

 When he got up the next morning, he checked his email accounts.  As usual, there was a ton of spam, and Brad heartily wished that they'd all just fuck off and die.  One of his accounts was for his website and the name he used there was Edge.  After all the spam deletion, there was one email from someone called need2sub.  It was a very nice piece of mail, the kind that authors like to get, telling him how much his work turned her on.  She went on to say that she had no real life experience, and even though she knew that his writing was fantasy, she was longing to experience sex as a sub; to actually do, or attempt to do some of the things he'd written about.

 That was interesting.  His work was fantasy, but there were a number of things that could be done in real life - if the sub was into pain and was very perverted.  That type of sub was rare, especially ones with a body type that attracted him.  There was a reason why his stories usually had young teens in them.  They were the ones with a body type that he liked, lean, waifish and small breasted.  Having spent time in the company of actual teens, at either family or friends houses, he knew that he had very little interest in them.  Really, he thought, how could an actual teen have the experience to give him the reactions that he desired of a sub?  Fact was, they had neither the mental maturity or the experience.  They had nice bodies though.

 need2sub had included an ICQ number and an offer to chat.  Hmmm - perhaps.  The rest of his weekend was uneventful.  Pervert that he was, he saved the small clip of Donna playing with her panties.  Monday at work things were very slow.  The project was going OK, but they were waiting on some info.  He and Donna had nothing to do from lunch on and he figured that he'd tune in and see what she was doing.  Then he came across the email that contained the ICQ number and he figured he'd see if need2sub was on.  He got on ICQ and started to contact her, idly staring at the pictures from the cams in Donna's office.

 He sent off the message to need2sub and sat back watching Donna work at her computer.  Then his attention was taken from the vid as need2sub came back.  Wow - that was fast.

 need2sub:  Hello, thankYou for Your message.  i didn't think You'd contact me.
 Edge:  I'm glad you enjoyed my stories.
 need2sub:  They are extreme, but i find that i am drawn to them. <blush>
 Edge:  They're not reality, that's for sure.  But they are fun fantasies.

 Brad glanced up.  Donna was still engrossed in her computer screen, so he went back to his ICQ conversation.

 need2sub:  i have never subbed to anyone, but would like to.
 Edge:  Any*one*?  You are female, right?  Does that mean that you'd sub to a female?
 need2sub:  Are You a woman?  Your stories are written from a male perspective.

 Brad thought it was time to play a bit.  He wanted to see how receptive she was, but didn't want to give the impression that he was a 'down-on-your-knees' wannabe Dom.

 Edge:  No, I'm quite male.  But you didn't answer my question.  You don't have to, of course, I was just curious.
 need2sub:  <big blush><squirm>  Um... yes, i like men and women.  Well, i think i like women.  I'm very turned on by the thought of having sex with one, but i've never actually done more then kiss. <sigh>

 Brad was starting to enjoy this.  It was amazing the things that people would tell you online that you would never find out in person.  Of course, her purpose in seeking him out was to tell him how sexually aroused his stories made her - also not something that would normally happen in person.

 Edge:  I think that bi-women are a total turn on.
 need2sub:  me too.  BRB

 Hmmm. Brad wondered about this woman.  He looked up at the monitor and saw that Sandy was once again talking to Donna.  He went back to cruising the net waiting for need2sub to contact him again.  Then, someone came in and wanted him to go look at some code.  He said he would in just a sec.

 Edge:  Gotta go for a few.  BBL.

 He left with Ed and ended up spending some time going through the code.  When he got back to his desk, he unlocked the screen and opened ICQ.  There was a message there.

 need2sub:  Sorry, i have to go.  But if You wanted, You could contact me later.  i'd love to talk. <smile>

 That was the end of the message, and she was no longer online.  Oh well.  Perhaps he would look her up later.  He puttered around until it was time to go, occasionally glancing up at the monitor to see what Donna was doing.  He wished that he could set the thing up to work from home, but the transmitters were very short range.  He decided to take a chance and set the thing up to record from 6:30 to 9pm.  He smiled realizing that this might be an excuse to get that new hard drive he wanted.

 He booted up the computer when he got home, but need2sub or n2s as he now thought of her, hadn't come on.  Brad opened Edge's email and scanned it.  Ha!  Another note from n2s... that was good.  Opening it he saw that it had been send this afternoon, sometime after they had messaged.

   ThankYou for taking the time to talk to me.  i hope that i didn't scare you off.  i know that i seem pretty eager, but the net lets you say things that you wouldn't normally say.  i don't know if You already have a sub, but if You are interested in cyber play, please let me know.  If you aren't interested, i understand, especially since You don't know me.

 i will tell You though, i am over 18 :)


 Now that was interesting.  She was moving pretty fast, but at least she wasn't sending him actual contact info.  That would have scared him off.  People were, after all, pretty strange.  Look at him - he spent his time writing hard core S&M and making bondage toys.  Brad got up and made some food, and by the time he got back to he computer it was almost six thirty.  He looked down at the screen and saw the ICQ icon blinking.  Sure enough, it was her.

 need2sub:  Hello
 Edge:  Hi.  Sorry I had to leave earlier, I was at work.
 need2sub:  Yea, me too.  In fact, i'm still at work.
 Edge:  Working late?
 need2sub:  Not exactly.  i don't have access to a computer at home that my roommate can't see.  And she is home tonight.  Plus the equipment here is better <grin>
 Edge:  I see.

 Brad waited.  He wanted to see what she'd say next.

 need2sub:  Did you get my email?
 Edge:  Yes.

 More waiting.  Brad didn't elaborate on purpose.  If the woman wanted to play, he was willing - but she'd have to work for it.

 need2sub:  i'm sorry.  Did it offend You?
 Edge:  Not in the least.
 need2sub:  Oh.  Sometimes people are put off.  i mean, meeting people irl that you hooked up with on the net can be dangerous.
 Edge:  True enough.  I don't have any objection to cyber.  It can be interesting.  Do you have any specific interests?  Something that you want to try?  Cyber can be tricky since much more is put onto the sub.  You're the one who would have to do what you are told and sometimes that can be rough.
 need2sub:  Yes, that's true.  Naturally it's limited.  But it's better than nothing.  It's a safe icebreaker as well.  i would try my best to do as told.
 need2sub: i don't think that i have anything specific in mind.  It all looks good to me <blush>.
 Edge: so, you're the experimental type, eh?
 need2sub:  i would follow your directions as best as i could.
 Edge:  Hmmm.  OK.  I need some specifics about you.  Nothing like your name or where you live, but I would like to know what you look like.  It would be stupid of me to tell you to tightly bind your breasts into a ball if you were an A cup.
 need2sub:  Uh oh.  Do You like big breasts?  mine aren't that big...
 Edge:  No, big breasts are not a requirement <smile>.  Describe yourself for me please.
 need2sub: Yes Sir.  i am about 5'7" and weigh around 125.  i have 36-B cup breasts with large, dark nipples.  my waist is a 24.  i have blue eyes and long, dark hair.  It's very thick and i love to have it played with.  i also have dark pubic hair that is mostly trimmed.
 Edge:  Only mostly?
 need2sub:  Well... i don't like those little strips, so i have one that's wider. <blush> i don't shave my lips.
 Edge:  Oh?  Why not.
 need2sub:  this is embarrassing.
 Edge:  Well, we've only just met, so I won't be upset if you don't tell me.
 need2sub:  i want to... but...
 Edge:  Yes?
 need2sub:  i *should* tell you but...
 Edge:  There isn't really anything that you *have* to tell me.  For now, what ever you want to tell me will be enough.
 need2sub:  Yes, Sir.  if You don't mind then, i'll wait.
 Edge:  No problem.  You say you've had no rl experience.
 need2sub:  no Sir.  Is that a problem?
 Edge:  No, but in order to play, I need to know things about you and your sexuality.  Otherwise I won't know what to do to turn you on, especially since I have no visual cues.  Have you done any self bondage?
 need2sub:  Not really, aside from clothes pins on my nipples and um... lower lips.  My nipples are very sensitive and it hurt a lot.  i liked how it felt though... if i were tied, then i think i could stand stronger ones.  It would turn me on to know that i couldn't remove them.
 Edge:  Do you masturbate?
 need2sub:  yes.
 Edge: A lot?
 need2sub:  yes <big blush>
 Edge:  Do you like answering my questions?
 need2sub:  yes.
 Edge:  Since you are at work, I guess there isn't much that I can have you do.
 need2sub:  Well, there is no one here.  It might not be a good idea for me to strip, but there are other things i could do.
 Edge:  Oh? Have you suggestions?
 need2sub:  no Sir.
 Edge:  What are you wearing?
 need2sub:  i have on a skirt that goes below my knee, heeled boots, thigh highs, panties, bra and a blouse.
 Edge:  Are you wet?
 need2sub:  yes Sir.
 Edge: Can you hike up your skirt to get to your panties?
 need2sub:  Just a sec....
 need2sub:  There.  It's pulled up.
 Edge:  Please remove your panties.

 It took a short time for her to respond.
 need2sub: They are off, sir.
 Edge:  Run your hand over your sex and tell me how it feels.
 need2sub: LOL i don't type too well with just one hand, but I'll try.  It feels good, i am very wet.
 Edge:  On a scale of one two ten, what is your arousal level?
 need2sub:  7
 Edge: Are you still playing with yourself?
 need2sub:  yes
 Edge:  Do you think you could cum?
 need2sub:  yes
 Edge:  Let me know when you are very close.
 The screen was silent for a time.  Then she wrote back.

 need2sub: about there
 Edge:  Good.  Stop masturbating now.
 need2sub:  Oooooo You are cruel!
 Edge:  Did you stop?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.
 Edge: How close were you?
 need2sub: very.
 Edge:  Good.  Now would you like to cum?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir
 Edge:  Then you'll have to do something for me.
 need2sub:  What?
 Edge:  Remove your blouse and bra.
 need2sub:  ??
 Edge:  You heard me.  You said no one was there.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.
 Another pause.

 need2sub:  OK.
 Edge:  What number are you at?
 need2sub: An eight.
 Edge:  Does being topless in your office make you hot?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.
 Edge:  Good.  You may now cum.  Let me know when you've finished.
 need2sub:  ThankYou Sir.

 Another pause, several minutes during which Brad contemplated relieving himself.  This was pretty hot.

 need2sub:  ThankYou Master!  That was SOOO good!
 Edge:  Oh dear.  I don't believe that I gave you permission to call me Master.
 need2sub: <gulp>  sorry.
 Edge:  No problem.  We were finished for the evening anyway.  But, don't you think that you should be punished as a reminder?  I'll let you know when/if you can call me Master.
 need2sub:  What is my punishment Sir?
 Edge:  Well, I assume that you have a coat there.
 need2sub: Yes Sir.
 Edge:  Good.  Then you will put that on and leave your bra and blouse in your desk.  The coat should hide you just fine until you get home.
 need2sub:  SIR???
 Edge:  Too much for you?
 need2sub: no Sir.
 Edge:  Good.  I'll send you an email tonight.  You should read it before you go to bed tonight.
 need2sub:  thankYou Sir.
 Edge:  Good night.
 need2sub:  Good night Sir.

 They signed off and Brad composed an email for her.

  Except for your one slip tonight, you did very well.  Here are some simple instructions for you to follow.

 Tonight, when you go to bed, you are to masturbate again.  You may cum, but the next time we message, I will want a good description of how your juices tasted.  You will think of what you did at work while masturbating.

 Tomorrow, you will not wear a bra to work.  You will find a way to flash a co-worker that you find attractive.  You must show at least on breast all the way to the nipple for it to count.  It can be a man or woman, but you can't do it in the ladies room.

 We'll talk tomorrow night.


 Brad sent off the message and went to bed, where he found his own relief before sleeping.

End Part 1.


Office Games Pt. 2

 When Brad arrived at work the next morning, he had no chance to check his laptop because there was an early meeting that lasted until noon.  He went to lunch with some of his friends, then he and Donna had to go over more designs for their project.  He eyed her appreciatively.  She looked very good today.  Her skirt was somewhat shorter then usual, and she wore clogs instead of boots.  It was a warm day for March, and it looked like she had no stockings on, and, he looked in surprise, no bra either.  That was unusual.  She didn't usually flaunt her body.  It became hard to concentrate, especially since she didn't seem to realize that at one point he could easily see down her shirt, getting a good look at her breast and nipple.  He excused himself shortly there after to piss and found himself holding a semi hard cock while urinating.  He thought of his messaging with need2sub and wondered how interested in watersports she'd be.  She'd said that she liked his work and that included things more extreme than watersports.

 He went back and spent another hour trying to concentrate on the specs with Donna.  He did manage, but she was getting to him.  She didn't seem to be flirting or anything, more that she was just aroused herself and letting him know it.  In fact, he remembered quite clearly how her cube smelled the night he'd caught her masturbating, and there was more then a hint of that smell now - especially when she leaned near him as they poured over the paperwork.  When they finished, he smiled and they went to their respective cubes.  Of course, someone else was waiting for his help, so he had no time to do more than activate the cams in her cube and start recording.  It ended up being time to go before he realized it.  This time, he packed up the laptop when he left so he could run through the footage, if any, at home.

 He was thinking more about Donna than need2sub on his short ride home.  Boy would he love to get his hands on her!  He also wondered what need2sub looked like.  He hadn't even asked how old she was, even though she'd stated that she was over eighteen.  He'd have to do that if she was online tonight.

 Brad got home and turned on his main computer, then hooked up the laptop.  It had recorded a lot from last night, but not so much from today.  There was a lot of vid to go over.  Brad was very excited, the time spent with Donna having a latent effect on his arousal.  He started up the viewer program and began looking through the recording.  As it came on, Donna was at her computer, typing.  He clicked on the panel to enlarge it to see what was on the screen.

 Oooo - nice pic!  She had a pic on the screen, probably from a news group, of a woman who was tied to a pole.  Donna looked at a small window and typed something into it.  Brad sat straight up.  She was messaging someone.

 PING. On his desktop the ICQ message lit up letting him know that someone who was on was looking for him.  need2sub, in fact.  He ignored her for a minute and concentrated on the recording.  Donna was playing with her breast as she typed into the message.  PING.  Damn, that ICQ thing!

 need2sub:  Hello?
 Edge:  Give me a sec, n2s, I'm doing something.
 need2sug: sure.  n2s?

 Brad ignored the ICQ, eyes glued to the screen as he watched Donna.  She was pulling up her skirt.  He focused on the vid panels that allowed him to see her lower body.  She started to pull down her panties, then stopped and left them on.  Hmmm, he thought, what was going on?  Brad realized that he was going to have to watch the entire thing.

 Edge:  I need around 15 minutes.  BRB
 need2sub:  np

 Brad watched as Donna rubbed her sex, then typed something into the computer.  After a second, she started masturbating, and he had an excellent view.  She was wearing panty shields again, but her fingers were under that.  She rubbed for several minutes, which made Brad quite excited, then stopped and typed something into the computer.  The typing stopped, and Donna removed her blouse, then her bra, then continued to masturbate.  Her fingers were working under her panties, and her other hand was busy pulling on her hard nipples and Brad had an excellent view of just how hard she was pulling her thick, dark nipples.  Finally she arched in orgasm.  She rested for a second, then started typing again.

 Brad stopped the recording, astonished.  Donna was need2sub.  This could either be a lot of fun, or a lot of trouble, and he needed time to think on what was going on.

 Edge:  Look, something's come up.  I need about an hour.  Will you still be on?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir. I'm home tonight because my roommate is out for the evening.  Is everything OK?

 Huh? - oh yea, Donna, everything's just fine!

 Edge:  Yes.  BB in an hour.
 need2sub:  i'll be here.

 Brad sat back in his chair, hungry, aroused and unsure about what he was going to do.  He got up and went into the kitchen to make some food while he cooled down and tried to figure out what he should do.  Donna didn't know it was him, so he had three choices.  He could break it off, he could tell her who he was, or he could just let things go as they were.  If he broke it off, no harm, no foul, but she was really beginning to intrigue him.  Telling her who he was, at this time, was not an option.  That could kill the whole thing.  He continued to mull things over as he ate a sandwich, and finally decided to just keep things the way they were.  He'd have to be careful, but at least he knew who she was.  It would be kind of interesting.

 Brad sat down and looked at the rest of the vid.  She'd masturbated once more before she left, once again licking her fingers clean.  She had followed his instructions and left her top and blouse at work.  He wondered if he could get her to admit that she hadn't removed her panties after she'd agreed to do it.  The rest of the vid was darkness, since all the lights were out.  Brad saved the interesting parts and burned them to CD.  His hour was almost up.

 First he opened his email.  She had sent him one in response to his instructions.  He opened it and started to read.

   i did as you ordered.  It was easy for me to cum while thinking of what we did.  i tasted myself, but i should tell you, Sir, that is not unusual for me.  i like how i taste.  Tonight i tasted salty and a little tangy.  my juice was very thick and i came while licking my fingers.  i...i hope that's OK.

   i also hope that you understand that i have to support myself, so even though i will follow Your directions as best as i can, i won't do anything to screw up my job.  i'm sorry Sir, if that disappoints You, but i have little choice.  i did go to work with out my bra.  i was wet all day and i know that some of the men were looking at me.  It made me even more horny.  i also flashed one man.  He is a little older then me, very nice and quite attractive.  i don't know if he was actually looking, because if he was, i never caught him.  But there's no way that he could not have seen my breasts.

 i hope to talk with you tonight,

 Brad sat and thought for a moment.  How incredibly ironic - he had ordered her to flash someone, and she chosen him!  He was surprised that she thought he was attractive.  Brad smiled; if she only knew just how very much he had noticed her!  Well, time to get back online.  He opened ICQ and typed a message to her.

 Edge:  Back.  Sorry, there was some stuff that I had to do.  Plus I was starved.
 need2sub:  i understand.  i ate too.
 Edge:  I got your email.  I understand about the work thing and will depend on you to tell me if something I want you to do could cause problems.  I certainly wouldn't want you to lose a job!
 need2sub:  ThankYou Sir.  i'm glad that you understand reality - there are so many who have no grasp of it.
 Edge:  So, tell me about today.  How did things go?  I'd like more details.
 need2sub:  Well, i did as You said - I wore a shirt that was easily seen down, and I wore no bra.  It was scary, sort of, and exciting.
 Edge:  You've never gone bra-less before?
 need2sub:  Only rarely.  my... um, nipples are big, and when I get excited, they are easy to see.
 Edge:  Did that happen today?
 need2sub:  Well, i wore a shirt that kind of hid them.  Before i went to see my 'target' <grin> i unbuttoned it a bit.  i don't see how he could have missed it, but i got no reaction.
 Edge:  Unless he's dead or gay, it's unlikely he would have missed it.

 "He sure as hell *didn't* miss it," Brad muttered to himself.

 need2sub:  i don't *think* he's gay.  But then, i don't know him well.

 He found it amusing that he was her target.  Talk about irony.  Wait a second...

 Edge: So, you like this guy?  Or was it just his lucky day?
 need2sub:  He's cute and seems to be very nice.  As i said, i don't know him and he doesn't talk much about himself.
 Edge:  Hmmm.  Did it turn you on to be exposing yourself at my orders?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.
 Edge:  Are you still horny?  Or did you take care of yourself?
 need2sub:  <blush> i'm *very* honry Sir
 need2sub:  sorry, i meant horny
 Edge: LOL I get the gist of what you meant.  Are you up for a little play, or is your roommate due home soon?
 need2sub:  i don't think she'll be home real soon.  She said she wanted to get dinner and then was seeing a movie.  We have some time.
 Edge:  What would she do if she caught you?
 need2sub:  i don't know.  <smile> You might like her, she's very cute.
 Edge:  Oh?  Tell me about her.
 need2sub:  Well, she's a blond, and she's about 5 feet tall.  She's not as thin as i am, but not fat at all.  i'm actually pretty thin.  She has larger breasts then i do, maybe a bit over a C, and she has a bigger ass then i do.  She does aerobics every almost every day.
 Edge:  oooo - hiss, scratch, scratch
 need2sub: LOL No Sir, i think she is very hot.  i know that i have a small ass.
 Edge: So you find her attractive
 need2sub:  yes Sir.
 Edge:  Would you sleep with her?
 need2sub:  i don't know... maybe.  i think she's real hot and it's hard to be around her sometimes when she's not wearing much.  Especially when she comes home after a workout.  She practically strips at the door, right down to panties and a t-shirt.  God she looks good!  But i don't have any idea if she's bi.  She dates men, so i don't think she's gay.
 Edge:  Don't worry, I'm not about to do something stupid like order you to seduce her.
 need2sub:  good.  ThankYou.  i like her a lot, and i think i'd have sex with her, but if things didn't go well, i might lose someone who is becoming a good friend.
 Edge:  No problem.  So, what are you wearing? (and isn't that a tawdry line?)
 need2sub:  <laughing>  Well, Sir, i have on a big smile.
 Edge:  You're naked?
 need2sub:  Well, there's no one home.
 Edge:  That makes things easier.
 need2sub:  ThankYou Sir.  How may i serve you?
 Edge:  Yea, don't I wish!  I have a nice, hard place for you to sit.
 need2sub:  Speaking of which....
 Edge:  Yes?
 need2sub: <blush> Well, you know what i look like.  Would You describe Yourself for me?
 Edge:  I'd say that I'm pretty unremarkable.  I guess I'm your average white guy <smile>.  Nothing outstanding - around six foot tall, dark hair and eyes.  I try to keep in shape, so I'm pretty trim, but not a big, well muscled hunk.
 need2sub:  You sound fine to me, Sir...  Any other um ... things, You'd like to comment on?
 Edge:  Did you have a specific interest?
 need2sub:  Well, i am sort of curious about what you look like in... other areas.
 Brad smiled.  She wanted to know how big his cock was.  He thought about it.  Donna was a small woman and he was built pretty big.  He wondered how much she would stretch.  Of course, he wasn't huge, but there were petite women who would not be happy with a thick, nine inch cock plowing into them.

 Edge:  I see.  This is a bit cliché.  I'm about nine inches.  And a little thick.
 need2sub:  Oh my.  Well, that sounds nice.  Mmmm. i'd love to feel that pounding into me.
 need2sub:  ohmygod.  i can't believe that i wrote that!
 Edge:  Heh - that's OK.  It's better then you writing something like "Thank God we're only on line!" <smile>
 need2sub:  <big blush>
 Edge:  So, I need some more information from you.
 need2sub:  Yes?
 Edge:  If I ask you to get some sex toys, will you be able to do that?  It won't be anything real expensive.  Of course, you might already have some of the stuff.
 need2sub:  As long as we're not talking hundreds, i won't have a problem.  i don't really have very many toys.  Just a vibrator, and the clothes pins that i use.  i think there's some rope in the apartment.
 Edge:  Nope.  Nothing very expensive.  Now for a little scene negotiation.
 need2sub:  Negotiation?
 Edge:  Sure.  Fantasy's great an all but, especially online, it'd be nice to know some of your likes and dislikes.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  i like and would consider doing almost everything in your stories.  Not that You've written about any of this stuff, but i would call any kind of mutilation a hard limit.  Animals are a hard limit as is anything with an unwilling person.
 Edge:  Well, that's a pretty wide range.  Of course, since we are only online, it's not to hard to pretend.  Do you have any... special things that turn you on?
 need2sub:  Sir, i must tell you.  i know that this is only online, but i fully intend to do whatever You tell me to do to the best of my ability.  If all i wanted was pretend, i could go do a chat room, but i have no reason to lie or... cheat on my assignments from You.  As long as they don't cross the lines that we have discussed.
 need2sub:  As for special things?  Oh boy, this is hard.
 Edge:  Well, I don't expect a comprehensive list, but a few pointers would be good.  After all, I have no way of getting visual clues from you.

 Unless, Brad thought, you happen to be at the office.

 need2sub:  i like some pain, probably i could take more if someone were forcing it on me.  i love clamps and tight ropes.  In collage i had one boyfriend that liked to use me from behind.  He would grab my hair and pull while fucking me really hard.  That really got me off.
 Edge:  Because of his control of you?
 need2sub:  Yes, but also <blushing> because i really liked him slamming into me.  It actually kinda hurt, but shot me into orbit.  Also, as i said, i like having my hair pulled and played with.
 Edge:  Hmmm.  I don't think I'll be able to do that from here.
 need2sub: <WEG>  No Sir, and i am sorry about that Sir. <blink, blink - need2sub is looking innocent>
 Edge: <smile> Yea, innocent.  I bet.  Continue.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  i don't consider myself a slut, but i like being called one.  i think because it's embarrassing.  Being used for another's pleasure really gets me off.  It's funny because outside of sex play, if someone treated me that way, i'd kill them.
 Edge: I understand.  So, how has making these revelations made you feel?
 need2sub:  <squirming> Pretty wet, Sir.
 Edge:  Why don't you use one of your hands on yourself while we talk?  Just don't cum.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  i actually have a small confession to make...
 Edge:  Yes?
 need2sub:  When we talked last night and you told me to remove my panties, i didn't.

 Brad sat back for a second.  Huh.  She actually admitted to disobeying him.  Was she giving him an excuse to start off the scene by punishing her?

 Edge:  Why not?
 need2sub:  <turning very, very red>  Well Sir, i wasn't really prepared for playing online.  Do You remember that i said there was something very embarrassing that i thought i should tell you?
 Edge:  Yes.
 need2sub:  Well i should tell you now.
 Edge:  Go ahead.
 need2sub:  <taking a deep breath>  When i get aroused, two things happen.  i get very, very wet, and i have a very strong smell.  Thank god i don't get yeast infections!  Anyway, i've never had a guy complain about how i smell - they've always told me that they love it and how much they love to go down on me.  And they've always been eager to eat me even after the first time.  But i usually have a thick towel down under me when i have sex, otherwise the sheets would be literally soaked.  If i think that it's going to be a day at work when i'll get real aroused, i wear panty liners to soak up the cum.
 Edge:  I don't have a problem with that.  And I understand about the panty thing.
 need2sub:  ThankYou Sir.
 Edge:  Of course, you will still need to be punished for disobeying me.
 need2sub: <gulp>  Yes Sir.  Please tell me what i should do.
 Edge:  I assume that even though you are naked at the moment, you are sitting on a cushioned chair with a towel under you. Do you have a hard, wooden chair there?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir, i am sitting on a towel.  We have a chair with a wooden seat in the kitchen.
 Edge:  Please go get it and sit in that while we type.
 need2sub:  BRB.

 Brad waited for a short while, contemplating what he should have her do.

 need2sub:  Back.
 Edge:  Good.  Are you still sitting on the towel?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.
 Edge:  Remove it.  You won't be needing it.  And don't stop playing with your pussy.
 need2sub:  Um, Sir, that means that the chair is going to be all sticky in a short while.
 Edge:  Will it damage the chair?
 need2sub:  No Sir.
 Edge:  Then I don't see the problem.  You'll clean it when we're finished.
 need2sub: Yes Sir.
 Edge: <WEG> With your tongue.
 need2sub:  <ulp>  yes Sir.
 Edge:  I want you to find a belt, and get your clothes pins and rope.  You have exactly 2 minutes.

 need2sub:  BRB

 Brad waited, and Donna was back before the time limit.
 need2sub:  Back Sir.
 Edge:  How thick is the rope?
 need2sub:  It's just twine Sir, not very thick at all, but pretty rough.
 Edge:  Tease your nipples, then loop the twine around each one.  Make sure it's tight, but doesn't cut off your circulation.
 need2sub:  Yes, Sir.
 need2sub:  Done.  That feels weird.
 Edge:  In a little while, it'll feel more then weird.  So tell me, how many whacks on your ass with that belt do you think you should have to start your punishment?
 need2sub:  Ten Sir?
 Edge:  Ten?  OK - but they have to be hard.
 need2sub:  i think i can do that.  Shall i start now?
 Edge:  No.  I think that a little more preparation is needed.  Are you still playing with your pussy?
 need2sub:  Yes, Sir.
 Edge:  How wet is the seat?
 need2sub: <blushing> very wet sir.  Almost like i peed in it.
 Edge:  Do you have any objection to water sports?
 need2sub:  No Sir.
 Edge:  Put those close pins on your outer labia.
 need2sub:  All of them Sir?
 Edge:  How many do you have?
 need2sub:  8
 Edge:  Just use one on each side then.
 need2sub:  ouch.
 Edge:  Does that hurt?
 need2sub:  yes Sir.  But it's making me more horny.
 Edge:  What number are you at?
 need2sub:  7
 Edge:  Good.  Now, for the next minute, I want you to play only with your clit, and pull hard on  twine on your nipples.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  The twine is pretty rough.  i'll start now.

 Edge: OK, stop now.  Where is your arousal?
 need2sub:  9 Sir.  Will i be allowed to cum?
 Edge:  Not yet.
 need2sub:  oooooh.
 Edge:  I think that it's almost time for the belt.
 need2sub:  yes Sir.
 Edge:  But first, we can have you making all kinds of noises for the neighbors to hear, so we should gag you.
 need2sub:  i don't have a gag Sir.
 Edge:  No problem.  Go into your roommate's room, or where ever she keeps her laundry, and find the dirtiest pair of panties you can.  Put them in your mouth with the pad on your tongue, then return.
 need2sub:  SIR???
 Edge:  Is there a problem?
 need2sub:  no Sir.
 Edge:  Good.  Let me know when you get back.

 Donna was back in a short time.
 need2sub:  Back.
 Edge:  Good.  How do you feel about my command to gag yourself with your roommate's panties?  I mean, compared to some of the stuff you might eventually do, that's pretty mild.
 need2sub:  It makes me *very* horny, Sir.  i went into her room and looked around.  In her laundry basket, there was the pair that she wore today.  They were pretty dirty, because i saw her in them this morning, and i know she showered last night.  Plus, she wore them to her workout, then home from the gym.  She took a shower after her workout, just before she went out tonight.  <Blushing>  They were still damp and taste salty.  i think that she must have been aroused at some point because there was a little stain on them.  And they smelled very good.
 need2sub:  i am at a nine, Sir.

 Brad thought about what Donna had just written and realized that she'd given him a complete description so that she could arouse him.  Very considerate, and a lot more fun then just, Yes Sir, and I'm cuming.  She was getting into this.  Good.
 Edge: Good.  Now, stop playing with yourself, and use that belt on your ass.  It should be red when you are finished.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.

 Brad waited for a time, then Donna came back online.

 need2sub:  Your slave is quite red now Sir.  Ten on each side, as you ordered.

 Brad knew that he had not ordered her to do twenty, only ten.  She had decided to interpret it as ten to a cheek.  That was worth remembering.

 Edge:  Good girl.  Where is your arousal?
 need2sub:  Still a 9
 Edge:  Perhaps you would like to cum then.  Have you ever whipped your pussy?
 need2sub:  No Sir.  i have slapped it while masturbating.
 Edge:  OK, here's what I want you to do.  Take more twine, and attach it to those clips on your pussy, then tie it to your legs so that when you spread your legs your cunt gets pulled open.  Let me know when you are finished.

 need2sub:  Finished Sir.
 Edge:  Now open your legs as wide as you can.
 need2sub:  Oh - that hurts Sir.  This really pulls me open.  Mmmm.  I'm still at a nine.
 Edge:  Good.  Take two clothes pins and put one on each nipple.

 This took longer then he expected.

 need2sub:  Oh, Sir, this hurts A LOT.
 Edge:  Where is your arousal?
 need2sub: 8
 Edge:  Would you like to remove the clips?
 need2sub:  Only if You would if You were here.
 Edge:  Good - they stay on.  Now, get your arousal back up and let me know when you are near to cuming.
 need2sub:  Oh Sir, they really hurt.  Thank You.

 Either she was pretending very well, or Donna was into pain.  Brad knew that her nipples had to be very swollen and sensitive from the twine and that those clothes pins were really hurting.

 need2sub:  aln  as almost there
 Edge:  Use the belt on your cunt.  Since you're being held open nice and wide you should have easy access to it with the belt.  If you can cum that way you may have an orgasm.  If not, you don't get an orgasm tonight.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir

 Brad's cock was very hard now and he was stroking it, imagining Donna as she was at this moment, clamped, spread and whipping her sex with a belt.  It wouldn't take much for him to cum either, but he wanted to wait until he was offline so that he could watch the vid that he had of her.

 need2sub:  Only one Sir?
 Edge:  Huh?
 need2sub:  orgasm.  Am I allowed more than one?
 Edge:  no - not tonight.  There is supposed to be SOME punishment to this, after all :)
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  Thank you for the one orgasm - it was *very* good Sir.  i am still very horny.
 Edge:  Good.  A little frustration might be good for you.
 need2sub:   <grrrrr><big smile>  Are You frustrated Sir?
 Edge:  A bit.  But I'll survive.
 need2sub:  If there is anything i can do...
 Edge:  Not to worry, I'll be fine.  You can, by the way, removed the clamps and the twine.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir
 need2sub:  Youch!  Those things hurt like hell coming off.
 Edge:  Yup.  Glad you're still horny?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  i... like how it feels when they come off.
 Edge:  You are a bit of a pain slut, aren't you?
 need2sub:  <blushing> yes Sir.
 Edge:  I like that in a woman.
 need2sub:  i am glad to be able to serve you, Sir.
 Edge:  Do you get off serving someone.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  i like to be used for sex and often orgasm just by someone using me with no regard for how i feel.  It's complicated, because i don't like to feel like an object, just like a sexy toy that has no say in how she's fucked.  It's hard to explain.  For instance, the same guy that i was talking about earlier, also taught me to deep throat.  He really liked fucking my throat.  He liked blow jobs too, but fucking my throat really got him off.  me too.
 Edge:  Sounds like you liked this guy?  Should I ask what happened?
 need2sub:  we moved to different parts of the country.  Also, as much as he turned me on, he wasn't a Master.  That's what i really wanted.
 Edge:  Well, I think that I'll call it quits for tonight?
 need2sub:  <pouting>  is Sir tired of his toy?
 Edge:  LOL Hardly!  Remember how you are supposed to clean that chair.  Of course, you may removed the panties to do that.  You are to remain nude until you shower for work tomorrow.  Don't forget to put the panties back where they belong.
 need2sub:  Yes, Sir.  But what if she comes home?  Plus i usually eat breakfast before i shower in the morning.
 Edge:  Then I guess you'll have to let her see you nude or change how you do things in the morning.  I won't make you do it every morning.  And, I'll be making up an email to send you with what I want you to buy for our sessions - providing you still have an interest in continuing them?
 need2sub:  Oh YES Sir!  i DO!  i look forward to the things that You will do to me.
 Edge:  Good night then.
 need2sub:  Good night and thank You Sir.  <EG>  Sleep well.
 Edge:  You'll pay for that...

 Brad signed off.  He was absolutely delighted.  Donna showed the same quick, light sense of humor online as she did at work.  If she really was following his directions, then she was obviously getting into this big time.  He wished there was some way to tell when she wasn't at the office.  Oh well, he'd work on it.  And in the mean time, he had some instructions to write out and a throbbing cock to take care of.

End Pt. 2
Office Games Pt. 3

 Brad logged in to his email and started to type out a message to Donna aka need2sub.  He had to be careful to not refer to her as Donna - that would blow the whole thing.  He knew that in the area there were several pretty complete sex stores.  Some more sleazy than others, but the things that he wanted her to get should be easy to find.  Plus he had a website to send her to so that there would be pictures of exactly what he wanted her to get.

  I am glad that you enjoyed yourself last night.  I certainly did.  Below is a list of the toys that I want you to buy.  There is an optional list and a 'must have' list.  Naturally if things become too expensive, I expect you to tell me.  The items will be listed in order of priority.  I will provide a website with pictures so that you know exactly what items I mean.  Unless I give you permission to, you may not order these things off the website.  You must go to a local store to get them.  If anyone asks, ensure that they know that your Top has commanded you to get these things.  Of course, you won't need to buy all the items at a sex store.

 Must Have:
 1 package of thin pot scrubber pads. (make sure there are at least 4 pads)
 1 pair of nipple "nooses" (Item nt-n25)
 1-2 pair of adjustable, metal nipple clamps.  (Item c10)
 Some fishing weights in different sizes totaling one pound.
 1 pair Ben Wa balls (a comfortable size)  (Item bw9)
 1  dildo (NOT the soft gel kind) that is at least 2 inches longer and one inch wider then is  comfortable for you. (And I want to know it's exact dimensions).  This will be your 'punishment'  dildo.
 Ben Gay or Icy Hot or Tiger Balm
 25 feet of 1/4" nylon rope
 A slightly larger then comfortable size ball gag. (Item g-b7)

 1-2 pair of clover clamps (Item c15)
 a crop
 a ring gag (Item g-r5)
 a vibrating egg

 Also, please fully answer the following questions:

 Have you ever had anal sex?

 Have you ever played around with water sports?

 Does play during menstruation bother you?

 What is the highest heeled shoe that you have?

 Do you think you would like long term bondage?

 Do you like sexual frustration and/or denial?

 Do you like sexual torture (pain as opposed to frustration and denial)?

 Do you have (other than your ears) any piercings?

 Do you have any tattoos?

 How do you feel about play piercing?

 Describe a brief version of one fantasy that really gets you off.

 <Grin>  That should be it for now.  Let me know when you've gotten those items and which ones you got.


 Brad knew that there were a lot of other things he could ask, but he figured he would do that over time.  He didn't want to over burden her in one email.  He sent off the email then replayed the video of Donna.  He came wishing that he already had her in his ropes.  When he finally went to bed, he had to masturbate again to relax enough to sleep.

 He woke up Wednesday morning with the sun streaming into the bedroom.  It was going to be a nice day, that was for sure.  He went through his morning routine and left for work.  Donna was already there, bright eyed and looking very sexy.  Brad looked more carefully at her, and started to wonder if it was his special knowledge of her that made her look so sexy or if it was just her actions.  They attended a short meeting, then spent some time working in the lab - him assisting several people and her running tests on their project.

 He spent a lot of that time covertly watching Donna.  He also spent some time talking to her and working with her and by the time they were ready to break for lunch, he was somewhat puzzled.  He saw how she acted around other people, and she seemed all business - even her body language changed.  He even thought he overheard her turn down a dinner invitation from one of the other programmers.  A very good looking young guy that he knew most of the women thought was very hot.  But it seemed her attitude changed when he was around her.  It was quite subtle, but it was a change.  She seemed more... inviting, more interested, looking him directly in his eyes as he spoke, her body leaning slightly toward him.  Her face seemed slightly flushed and she occasionally stood close enough to almost touch him.  Knowing her as he did, he could catch the faint scent of her arousal, deep and musky as it mixed with her light perfume.  She even seemed to be flirting with him once or twice.  But by lunch, Brad still couldn't figure out if it was his imagination or not.

 He ate in his cube and decided to check his email.  There was a reply from need2sub and he eagerly opened it.  It read:

 Thank you SO much for last night.  i haven't cum that hard in a long time.  As i sit here thinking about what you made me do, i have started to get wet again.  i got up an hour early this morning, so i thought that i would send this to you.  i haven't had the time to get any of the toys yet, although I did look at the web site so i know what the toys look like.  If You would like, after i get them, i can take a picture of them and send it to You.

 i am sitting here naked at the computer writing this, since You forbade me clothing before my morning shower.  i am hoping that my roommate will not get up.  She usually doesn't get up this early, but if she does, she will see me naked at the computer.  i still smell strongly of sex, so there would be no doubt in her mind why i was sitting at the computer.  i realized that getting caught by her is something of a thrill - the embarrassment of being aroused and naked in her sight, and her knowing that i am aroused, how helpless i am since i can't hide behind my clothes.  my sex is still sticky from last night, and i went to bed with the taste of my cum in my mouth.  There were puddles of it on the chair and i felt so depraved licking it up.  i was wishing You were here watching me, or even fucking me from behind as i cleaned my own sex cream from the seat.

 Is this arousing You?  Are You wondering what my sex would feel like wrapped around Your large cock?  i hope so.  i know that there are some Masters who's only interest is in control, but i think, and hope, that you are a Master who values a creative sub.  i can be very creative <WEG>

 Anyway, after i cleaned the chair, i replaced my roommate's panties.  i also found another dirty pair and rubbed more of her scent over my face before i went to sleep.  It was so sexy!  i can almost imagine me on my knees with You whipping me while i am 'forced' to service her.  Well <grin>, more of that fantasy later.

 When i awoke this morning, i was surrounded by the smell of sex.  i hope that it clears out before i have to answer any of my roommate's questions!  Especially if i haven't had time to shower, since i'll still be naked.  i didn't masturbate again, but i wanted to.  i realized that today i would have to wear thick pads under my panties, since i'm going to be very aroused all day.  All i will have to do is think back to the feel of the clips on my pussy and nipples, the burn and pain and how the belt sliced into my sex while i beat myself at Your orders.  Making me gag myself with her panties was so degrading, her scent and taste filled my mouth, her salty sweat and the small spots of cunt cream dissolved on my tongue.  It made my orgasm SO much better then ever before.  Turning my desires over to You, making myself follow Your orders, knowing how degrading and painful those orders might be makes my pussy actually spasm.  i hope that i will not disappoint You!

 Below are the answers to Your questions.  i am trying to be specific and graphic in hopes that You know that i am taking you seriously and how very much You are turning me on.  i hope that my descriptions will please You as well.

 >>Have you ever had anal sex?
  Not yet.  i have pushed my finger inside there occasionally when i masturbate, and had one lover rim me.  i love the stimulation, but i want my Master to take my anal cherry.

 >>Have you ever played around with water sports?
  <blushing>  Yes Sir.  i have tasted my own urine, and peed on myself many times while masturbating in the tub.  It really gets me hot.  i have also gone to the park with out panties once or twice so that i could pee in public.  Once, in collage, i tickled my roommate until she peed herself.  She tasted good too <G>

 >>Does play during menstruation bother you?
  i usually masturbate at least once a day while i am menstruating.  Not only does it help with cramps, but i get *really* horny during my period.  i am not afraid of the blood, and, i hope this doesn't gross You out, but i've tasted that too.

 >>What is the highest heeled shoe that you have?
  Most of my shoes are high heeled boots and they range around 1-3 inches.  i do have a pair of black heels that are 5 inches tall.  While wearing them and a short skirt i never have a problem getting dates.

 >>Do you think you would like long term bondage?
  Well, i think i would like it.  i don't know since i've never had anyone tie me up.  i've slept with my legs tied open once or twice (a little self bondage) and it was very sexy.  i've always wanted to be bound for the night, but i have no way of doing that.

 >>Do you like sexual frustration and/or denial?
  YES!!!  It's why i won't masturbate until tonight.  i will deny myself all day, and even tease myself in the bathroom at work, but i won't allow myself to cum until tonight.  Unless You order me to do otherwise.

 >>Do you like sexual torture (pain as opposed to frustration and denial)?
  i LOVE the thought of it, but i think that inflicting a lot of pain on myself would be hard for me to do.  i could do some things at Your order.  i know that i can take a lot more pain when i am highly aroused, but i think that is normal.  i can get very rough with myself when i masturbate, often slapping my pussy and breasts, or almost getting to orgasm and pulling hard on my nipples while digging my fingernails into them.

 >>Do you have (other than your ears) any piercings?
  my belly button is pierced and so are my ears.  i would love to have a Master put rings in me - anywhere he cared to (including my clit or my nose) but that would have to be a very serious relationship.  Sorry Sir, but i would not do that for an online relationship.  My tongue maybe....

 >>Do you have any tattoos?
  None.  They can be ok, and maybe a small one would be ok, but i'd have to have a really good reason.

 >>How do you feel about play piercing?
  Again, i've never done it, but it makes my knees weak to think about it.  i think that i'd love to have it done to me, especially if i couldn't escape, and just had to take what was done to me.

 >>Describe a brief version of one fantasy that really gets you off.
  Brief, huh?  Hmmm, there are so many <grin>.  my current one should be of no surprise to You considering Your writings, but here goes:
  Over the course of a weekend, i would serve both a Master and Mistress.  i would be kept naked, and if we went out only given the barest of clothing.  Shoes would not be allowed to me unless they were extremely high heels.  They would beat me at Their whim, i would be sodimized by both (She would use a strap-on and i would have to clean both of Them with my mouth), and they would use my mouth as a urinal when ever they felt like it.  i would be put into very strict, painful bondage when i wasn't serving Them.  my meals, if they fed me at all, would be eaten from a bowl on the floor with out the use of my hands.  They would keep me continually sexually frustrated, and i would only be allowed to cum once each day - no multiples allowed.  Of course, They would use me for sex whenever the urge took Them.  That Monday morning, if i had not pleased Them, i would be beaten and sent to work.  If i had, then They would pamper me for the day, messages, bubble bath and They would allow me to please Them and They would allow me to have as many orgasms as i could.  Of course, i'd still be bound much of the day <grin>.

 i hope that you liked the fantasy Sir.  Perhaps it will "harden" Your resolve to find ways to use me. <WEG>

 Submissively Yours,

 Brad sat back in his chair and re-arraigned his pants.  Youch!  That was hot.  He wondered if she would actually do any of those things.  He wondered if she were online and he opened ICQ.  Nope, not there.  Bummer.  He sat there thinking through her responses.  They were obviously designed to arouse him as much as answer his questions.  She had no way of knowing, but he fully intended to tell her that he definitely valued a creative sub.  Brad had never been interested in 'breaking' a sub.  Expanding their limits, pushing them and training them.  But 'broken' toys, physically or mentally, were no fun for anyone and the concept actually offended him.  He wondered if she was going to be online tonight.  After all, she did have a life and it was unlikely that she'd be around every night.  He sighed to himself and wondered what would happen if he revealed himself to her.  She was totally hot and he longed to get his hands on her.  He realized that that might never happen though.

 Brad hit the reply button and set about typing his message.

 Thank you for your detailed (not to mention arousing) replys.  Creativity in a sub is to be highly valued and encouraged.  I am certainly not interested in 'breaking' anyone, either mentally or physically.  I will respect your limits in the areas that you've stated, and I expect that if I run up against anything else, you'll let me know.  That way there are no misunderstandings.

 I don't know what your schedule is, but if I'm home, I'm usually online so you can feel free to message me.  As for hardening my resolve, well, you certainly managed to do that!  I'm sure that I can find things for you to do that will keep you... interested in our games.


 Brad sent off the message, closed the program and left for the lab.  He assumed that Donna was still at lunch since she was not in the lab, and he sat down to run some of the software that they'd programmed recently.  At first it was difficult to concentrate, but he eventually lost himself in the code.  It seemed like only moments, but was actually hours later that he was pulled out of his concentration by someone sitting down next to him.  Donna's sweet musk drifted to his nose.  Somewhat startled, he looked over and when she saw she had his attention she gave him a slow, sweet smile.  Then she started bombarding him with questions about the project and leaned over him to bring up sections of code that she'd written.  His concentration went out the window as she did.  She smelled SO good, and he could see the hard points of her nipples lightly poking through her bra.  Her skirt rode up quite high on her legs and he had a wonderful view of them as well.

 He felt his cock start to rise.  That was bad.  As close as she was, if he got really hard, there was no way she was going to miss it.  Perhaps he could make an excuse and head for the bathroom.  She leaned close to him again, this time almost brushing his shoulder with her breasts, and he was engulphed in her scent.  Now, he couldn't even stand up because the bulge would show.  Escape to the bathroom was no longer an option.  So, he pushed his chair closer under the table and tried to think about the code.  She was really going to get punished for this!  Finally, she got called over by one of her female friends.  She smiled at him and left.

 Brad was very aroused and he began to think of all the things he would have her do for teasing him.  She'd pay, that was for sure.  Then reality set in.  There was no way to punish her for her teasing, because he wasn't supposed to know who she was!  Shit!  That little minx was going to get away with teasing his brains out!  Brad smiled ruefully.  It's not like he was pissed, but he would loved to have been able to have an excuse to return her teasing in kind.  She had not been at all subtle this time.  Well, perhaps he would be able to get her to admit to teasing someone at the office and play it out from there.  Who knew.

 When he calmed down enough to get up, he went back to his cube.  It took him a while to concentrate on work, but he did, and before he knew it, it was time to go home.  Donna appeared to be already gone as well.  On the drive home, he fantasized about what he would do to her if he had her in real life.  She'd have a hard time sitting down tomorrow, that was for sure.

 When he arrived home, he turned on his computer and noted that need2sub was still not online.  Well, that wasn't too much of a surprise, it was still early.  He went downstairs and started testing his latest electronic project.  It was more than an hour later when he started getting hungry, so he went upstairs.  He frowned remembering that he'd skipped his workout several days now.  Well, he'd go tomorrow.

 Brad returned to his computer with some food and sat down.  Ah HA.  need2sub was online.  Well, time for a little chat...

 Edge:  Edge to n2s... you there?
 Brad waited.  It wasn't long before she responded.

 need2sub:  Yes Sir, i am here.  Why did you use n2s?
 Edge: LOL - sorry, I don't type very well, so it's kind of a short cut.  Does it bother you?
 need2sub:  Not at all.  i could change my nick, if You'd like.
 Edge: Na, I like your nick.  Did you have a good day?
 need2sub:  Oh YES Sir!  i am SO glad that you liked my email, i was a little afraid that i might say something to offend you.
 Edge:  Well, no worries there.  I loved it.
 need2sub:  i am glad.  i wanted to write something that would get Your attention and still be true.
 Edge:  Trust me, you got my attention!  Very nice stuff there.
 need2sub: <blushing now...>  i am glad that You liked it.
 Edge:  So tell me, how much of what you wrote in the fantasy would you actually consider doing and how much was just fantasy.
 need2sub:  i'd do all of it.  <squirming> my actual fantasies are a little rougher then that.
 Edge:  I'd love to hear one of those sometime.
 need2sub:  i got the stuff on Your list - that's why i'm so late.
 Edge:  Which list?
 need2sub:  You would?  Maybe i could write out a short fantasy for You.
 need2sub:  The list that you sent me last night.  i went to one of the adult stores here and got it right after work.  I got the other stuff at lunch.
 Edge:  Wait - you mean you got ALL the stuff that I listed???
 need2sub:  yes Sir.  <Looking scared>  Did i displease You Sir?  You did tell me that if it wasn't too much money that i should get what i could.
 Edge:  No, I'm not upset, just surprised.  That was a lot of stuff and I thought that the cost was a little much to handle all at once.
 need2sub:  No Sir.  It wasn't too much.  i don't have very many expenses and my job pays pretty well.  It's not something i could do every week, but now i am pretty well stocked.
 Edge:  Well, that's a surprise.  But I'm glad that you got the stuff.  Did you have any trouble?
 need2sub:  No Sir.  i did get a number of looks though, but no one said anything.
 Edge: I see - so no explanations were needed.
 need2sub: No Sir.  oops... Damn my roomie just returned.  BRB.

 Brad sat back and slowed his heart.  She was really getting to him.  It was a couple of minutes before need2sub returned.

 need2sub:  Oooo.  God she looks all hot.  As usual, she pulled off most of her clothes right at the door.  i started blushing remembering what i did with her panties last night.
 Edge:  Did she notice?
 need2sub:  i don't think so.  But aside from the fact that she seems to hate to wear clothing, she's pretty reserved.
 Edge:  And of course, you hate watching her.
 need2sub:  <licking her lips>  i LOVE watching her.
 Edge:  Tell me, how big was the dildo that you bought?
 need2sub:  i got a pretty big one, Sir.  It's a full ten inches long and almost three inches thick.  May i ask why you had me buy it?  It'd be really painful to insert, especially all the way.
 Edge:  That'll be your punishment dildo.  If you have displeased me in someway, it's one thing that I'll use to punish you.
 need2sub:  oh <gulp>.  It would hurt a lot, Sir, so i hope i don't displease You any time soon!

 They continued to chat for a while.  It was obvious that there was going to be no play tonight, since her roommate was not going out.  Brad decided to see if he could get her to do something for tomorrow though.  It would be some payback for today, even though she wouldn't know it.

 Edge:  So are you ready for some play?
 need2sub:  there's not much i can do with her here.
 Edge:  NP. There are things that you can do tonight and things to set up for tomorrow.
 need2sub:  Yes, Sir, please tell me what You wish for me to do.
 Edge:  First, when you log off here, you will go to your room.  There you will remove your top and bra and put on a set of nipple clamps making them as tight as you can.  Next, if you are wearing a pad in your panties, you will remove it, then masturbate through them.  You may not cum.  Ensure that those clamps are on for at least ten minutes and you will masturbate the entire time.  Then remove the clamps.  You will repeat this before you go to sleep and again tomorrow morning before your shower.  You may not remove your panties from now until then for any reason, and nothing but your panties may directly touch your cunt.
 need2sub:  Umm, Sir, what if i have to pee?
 Edge:  I don't know, will that keep you from following my directions?
 need2sub: BRB

 Brad waited again.  It would be interesting to see what she decided.

 need2sub:  Sorry, roomie again.  Also, i took the time to remove the panty shields.  i will do as You ordered and hope that i don't have to pee too often.<grin>
 Edge:  Good.  I'll send you an email with the rest of your directions in a little while.  Now, I have something to say to you and I want, and need, an honest response from you because it will help me to understand what things turn you on.
 need2sub:  i will always try to be as honest as i can, Sir.
 Edge:  There are things that I will want you to do that are pretty perverted not to mention painful and humiliating.  Will doing them turn you on?
 There was no response for almost a minute.

 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  <blushing and shaking> Acts like that are why i love Your stories and there are things that i wish someone would make me do.  i want, need, to be directed and sometimes forced through punishment, to do perverse, humiliating things.  i wish You could see how turned on i am just thinking about it.
 Edge:  Good enough.  Now, if you have time tomorrow at lunch, or before if you have time, send me a detailed email about how you felt and exactly what you did tonight.  Also, make sure to read my email before going to bet tonight.
 need2sub:  'bet', Sir?
 Edge:  Told ya I couldn't type.  I meant bed.
 need2sub:  i understand Sir.  <smile>.  Good night Sir, and i hope that You enjoy the thought that Your slut is following Your orders.
 Edge:  'night

 And they signed off.  What he had asked her for wasn't really extreme, just disgusting and perverted.  And, if she was telling the truth, then she would actually do it.  That was amazing and he wished again that he could have her in real life.  He also wondered if she would be more or less accommodating in real life.  He sat down to write out her email.

 He wrote:

  You continue to surprise and delight me with your responses.  Please remember, the truth is always best and if something that I tell you to do is too much for you, let me know.  We can always build up to it.
  Here are your instructions for Thursday.  This will work well if you have an old bra that is slightly too small for you.  We will continue on the nipple/breast torture theme.  Cut pieces of the scratch pads that I told you to buy and line each cup with them.  You will wear that to work.  For each hour that you keep it on, you will be allowed to masturbate to orgasm once.  Make sure to bring a soft, comfortable bra that you can change into and some soothing lotion for your breasts for after you can no longer take it.  If I am online at anytime you can message me and let me know how you are doing.
  When you arrive home, you will go to your room, strip completely and put on the panties from tonight and masturbate through them.  Keep them around as I'll let you know when you are allowed to wash them.

  Sleep well,

 Brad sent the email then signed off his computer.  He would have to remember to keep on the cameras in her cube tomorrow.

End Office Games Pt. 3

Office Games Pt. 4

 Brad went to bed and slept fitfully.  He was woken several times by an aching erection, thoughts of Donna filling his mind.  Finally, at around four am he relieved himself and got some sleep.  He did get up early though, around six am, and figured since he was up anyway, he should just go into the office.

 He arrived at work at around seven and actually managed to get work done before people started interrupting him at around nine.  At that point, he activated the cameras in Donna's cube.  She was just arriving and taking off her coat.  She looked very nice, as usual, and was wearing a rather thick green sweater and a black skirt that ended at mid thigh.  Nice, he thought; the skirt was a bit shorter then she usually wore.  He couldn't see her shoes, but it looked like she had on stockings.  He watched as she walked over to her chair and sat down.  She logged into her computer and started to work.  Brad kept the cameras on her and went back to his own work.  After a while, he looked at the monitor again and watched Donna for a minute.  She was shifting her shoulders a lot.  Looking at the under desk cam, he saw her thighs were closing and opening and she was shifting in her seat.  Looking at her face, he noticed that she seemed to be a little flushed.  She glanced around, reached up, squeezed her breast and shuddered a bit.  Then she put both hands on her desk and closed her eyes for a second.  Finally she went back to typing on her computer.  Brad smiled.  It looked like poor little Donna was having a hard morning.  That was too bad.  He wondered how long she would last before having to change her bra.

 Throughout the morning, Brad split his time between work and watching Donna.  At one point, he caught her putting her hand inside her panties.  Her finger, when she pulled it out, was soaked and she quickly cleaned it with her mouth, her eyes closed to a slit.  That gave him an enormous erection that he wished he could use her to relieve.  He could see that she was sweating now.  Unsurprising since it was warm in the office and she was wearing a pretty heavy sweater.  Hidden behind her monitor, her hand crept up under her sweater and she began to squeeze her breast.  This got his attention because he figured that the scratch pads would really begin to hurt by this time.  She closed her eyes, but then they popped open as someone walked into her cube.  Her hands had been hidden, but it was a near thing.

 She leaned forward as she spoke to the person.  Brad could see that her thighs were tightly clenched together.  The person left and Donna got up, smoothed her skirt, then left her cube.  Brad entertained the thought of intercepting her, but then decided against it.  Seeing that she was following his directions aroused him a great deal.  It affirmed that she really was going through with his instructions when he couldn't see her.  He wondered how long she was going to last before removing the bra.  In the mean time, he decided to check his email.  He discovered that she had written to him and opened the email.

   Thank you for your attentions last night.  Even though we were limited in what we could do, You managed to find something to excite me.  i am thankful that You are so creative!

 After we got off line, i went into my bedroom and removed my top.  i put on the clamps and let the screws all the way out.  my nipples really hurt, but i was so wet!  i slowly masturbated for ten minutes and when i was finished, my whole crotch was soaked and my nipples were almost numb.  When i took off the clamps, i had to put a pillow over my face to muffle the yell because it really hurt.
 i selected a loose shirt to wear for the rest of the evening,  my nipples were hard for a long time because i was still so aroused.  i think i caught my roommate staring at me, but i couldn't be sure.  i didn't stay out too long, because my arousal was so easy to smell.  Before i went to bed i reapplied the clamps.  That really hurt, but rubbing my pussy made me forget about it for a time.  Not letting me cum is cruel.  Thank You :).

 i did have to pee during the night and in the morning.  i didn't remove my panties, but i did move them aside.  As You ordered, nothing touched my pussy until after my shower.  Just before my shower, i did masturbate once again after attaching the clamps.  my nipples were very sore this morning, and applying the clamps was torture.  It took me almost the whole ten minutes of rubbing myself to make the pain go away.  i left the panties in my room.  i don't know what You have planned for them, but it would be terribly arousing for me to have to gag myself with them.

 i found an old sports bra last night and put the scratch pads in it.  The bra was cotton and had shrunk so it was no longer comfortable to wear.  When i put it on this morning, my breasts were already swollen from my unrelieved lust, and my nipples were VERY sensitive.  By the time i was ready to leave for work my panties were soaked (something that is happening a lot now) and my breasts and nipples were burning.  i made the drive to work with no problem, but as i am writing this to you, i don't know how long i'll make it with this bra.  It hurts a lot, but that's not the problem.  The problem is that i don't know how long i'll be able to keep myself from masturbating to relieve my excitement.  Fortunately things at work are somewhat slow, so i don't have to worry about that.

 Thank You Sir, i can't remember the last time i was this excited!  i'll message You, if You are online, this afternoon.


 Brad sat back.  He was very hard now just picturing Donna lying on a bed, masturbating while her nipples were tightly clamped.  So, the little slut wanted him to tell her to gag herself with her panties.  Well, he could arrange that.  As long as her roommate was out.  He wanted to hear her describe how it felt to perform such an act at his orders.

 He looked at his laptop and noted that she was back at her desk.  He brought up ICQ, found that she was online and sent her a message.

 Edge:  You there?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  i am here.
 Edge: I got your email this morning.  I hope that you are doing well?
 need2sub:  <lowering her eyes>Sir, i am so aroused that i don't know how much longer i can take it.
 Edge:  Oh?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  my breasts are burning, and after the clamps this morning, my nipples really hurt.  The pads feel like they are rubbing them raw, and all the stimulation is making me wish i could cum.
 Edge:  Are you at work?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir, i am.
 Edge:  Somehow, I don't get the impression that playing with yourself at your desk would be a good idea.
 need2sub:  True Sir.  But i could go out to my car.  Will i disappoint You if i can't wear this all day.
 Edge:  Of course not!  How long have you had the bra on?
 need2sub:  About 3 hours, Sir.  i had to wear a heavy sweater to hide the lumps in the sports bra.  So that, plus my arousal, is making me sweat.  This is making everything worse for me because it's stinging my breasts and making them hurt even more.  i don't mind the pain, it's very exciting.  But without someone like You to tie me and force me to endure more, i don't know if i have the will to continue much longer.
 Edge:  No problem.  <Grin>  I *SO* hate the thought of your suffering.
 need2sub:  Ummmm, why do i think that You are being sarcastic?
 Edge:  Because I am.  Perhaps it will help if I tell you that I am also very aroused thinking about your distress and how much I would like to tie you up and force you to endure more of it.  It would be so much fun for me to play with your tits, scratching them with the pads while you were tied and helpless.  I could also lick and suck on your clit to give you a bit of distraction from your distress.
 need2sub:  Oh SIR!  You are cruel!  You can't know how much i long for Your touch right now.  i am soaked, my breasts are swollen and burning, and i could only pray for the feel of Your thick cock splitting me as You take your pleasure.
 Edge:  Oh yea, *I'M* cruel.  Right.  Thanks to that last little comment, I don't think I could even get up from my desk!
 need2sub: <EG>  Oh.  i'm SO sorry Sir.  i would never want to cause You any discomfort. <grin>
 Edge:  I bet.  Well, when you can't take it anymore, you have my permission to go out to your car and reward yourself with HALF the number of orgasms you've earned.  You'll get the rest tonight.
 need2sub:  Thank You Sir.  Actually, i have to meet with someone in a minute, so i have to go.  But i think that i'll take Your suggestion right after that.  It's almost lunch time anyway.
 Edge:  Sounds good.  BTW, I got your email about how you handled last night.
 need2sub:  Did You enjoy the email.
 Edge:  Yes, but...

 There was a pause.

 need2sub:  Sir?  Did i do something wrong last night?
 Edge:  Not exactly wrong.  But do you think that my intention was to have you move the panties out of the way?
 need2sub: <looking down>  i didn't know, Sir.  i didn't think that You would mind.
 Edge:  I see. Well, you followed your orders to the letter.  Do you think you followed the spirit of them as well?
 need2sub:  Have i displeased You?
 Edge:  You didn't answer my question.
 need2sub:  i might have not followed the spirit of Your orders, Sir.  Will You punish me?
 Edge:  Do you feel that punishment is appropriate?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  i need to follow Your orders as they are intended, not as i interpret them.
 Edge:  Well, it's not like it was a major infraction.  I'll think of some way for you to atone for your slight error.
 need2sub:  Thank You Sir!  i would not want to displease you!
 Edge:  No problem.  I'll talk with you tonight.
 need2sub:  i'll look for You Sir.

 They signed off and Brad wondered if there was some way that he could spy on her in the parking lot.  Most likely not.  He really didn't want to get caught.  Still, the thought of it was quite engrossing and he was startled as he looked up and saw Donna at the entrance of his cube.  She was flushed a bit and he wondered if anyone else noticed that she was obviously sexually excited.  Quickly, he closed any window that could incriminate him - especially the laptop monitor.

 She entered the cube and began to ask him legitimate questions about their project, getting verification of direction on several issues.  This put her in close proximity and he could easily smell her arousal.  It was intoxicating.  He had to push himself far under his desk to avoid her noticing his huge erection.  It only took a minute or so of her scent, musky and spicy from sweat and sexual secretions, and his knowledge of why she was so aroused, to make his erection go from just huge, to throbbing and leaking as well.  How he wished that the two of them could return to his place and play.

 Aside from her scent and a slight flush to her skin, she gave no outward sign of the intense arousal that she'd said she felt.  Considering how aroused she said she was, it was amazing control that she displayed for the entire fifteen minutes that she was there.  Of course, her sitting so close to him while in this state made it very difficult for him as well.  When she left, she gave him a warm, sexy smile as she walked out.  He sat there trying to regain control as he imagined the things he'd like to do to her body.  Why the hell did she always find excuses to be around him when she was so aroused!  She must think he was safe, since he so much older then her and had never shown any interest in her.  Little did she know!

 All in all, it was a long day for both of them.  Brad kept an eye out for her after lunch.  She looked calmer, and a little smug, but the sweater was still on.  He had no way of knowing if she'd taken off the bra or not.  At the end of the day, he went to the gym, then home.  It was close to eight in the evening before he decided to sign on.  need2sub was online.  Brad grinned.

 Edge:  Hello
 need2sub:  Hello Sir.
 Edge:  How did the rest of the day go?
 need2sub:  Well, i'm still horny as hell, but at lunch i went to my car and masturbated.  i came twice.  my breasts really hurt by that time, but i managed another two hours before removing the bra.  i kept it on a total of 5 hours.  i'm sitting here now in a loose, soft, cotton shirt and the panties from last night.  i masturbated, as your ordered, when i got home.  my nipples are still sore, but the pain is making me more aroused.
 Edge:  Is your roommate home?
 need2sub:  She's out for the evening.  i'm completely Your's <need2sub is looking innocent...>
 Edge: Innocent.  Yea.  That's how *I'd* describe you.
 need2sub:  But Sir!  i'm just trying to be a good little sub and follow directions!
 Edge:  Good! <EG> Then you won't mind taking off that shirt you're wearing.
 It took a few seconds for her response

 need2sub:  Done Sir.  my breasts are red and swollen.  i would love to feel Your touch right now!
 Edge:  And I'd love to accommodate you.  But in my absence, why don't you go and get the tiger balm, some clamps and the crop that you bought?
 need2sub:  <GULP>  Yes, Sir!  BRB.

 Brad waited again.  His cock was very, very hard, and he decided to strip down.  After all, he could type one handed...

 need2sub:  Back Sir.
 Edge:  Now, where is your arousal?
 need2sub:  around a six Sir.
 Edge:  OK.  Why don't you begin to play with yourself again.  When you get to an eight, let me know.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.
 Edge:  While you are doing that, I'll send you a few messages.  You don't need to respond to them.  Just let me know when you are at an eight.
 Edge:  I bet that your tits are really starting to throb by now.
 Edge:  I can just imagine the thoughts going through your mind right now as you feel the dirty panties against your cunt, now mostly likely completely soaked with your cunt juice.

 He waited for a short time.

 Edge:  Are you wondering what I'm going to make you do?  How about what I'll make you do tomorrow for punishment for your transgression?
 Again he waited.

 need2sub:  Oh, Sir, i'm almost there.  Please, will You tell Your slut what You want her to do tomorrow?
 Edge:  Soon.  I think that it will be appropriate.  I bet your hand is soaked - why don't you take it and wipe some of that cunt slime over your mouth.
 Brad waited.

 need2sub:  Oh, SIR!  That did it!  I'm at a 9 Sir.
 Edge:  OK, good, now I want you to take the Tiger Balm and apply it to your nipples.  You can play with that sloppy cunt of yours to maintain your arousal.

 More waiting.

 need2sub:  Oh my god!  That's really starting to burn!
 Edge:  Too much for you?
 need2sub:  i don't know.  i had to stop playing with myself because i came too close.
 Edge:  You weren't playing with 'yourself', you were playing with your cunt.  I would expect a good slut to know how to describe things.
 need2sub:  <almost at a 10>  Yes Sir.  my cunt is leaking all over the chair and i'm having a hard time typing.
 Edge:  Would you like the rest of your orgasms now?  You are owed 3, I believe.
 need2sub:  Ues Sir,
 Edge:  I bet that they will be some strong orgasms, won't they?
 need2sub:  Oh yes Sir.  Please Sir, may i cum?
 Edge:  I believe that you wrote something about being gagged with those filthy panties, didn't you?
 need2sub:  Oh God, yes Sir.
 Edge:  Why don't you remove them now?

 A few seconds passed.

 need2sub:  They are off Sir.  My nipples are really burning Sir.  Please, please, may i cum?
 Edge:  You may have your first orgasm, after you put your panties in your mouth.  Make sure that they are placed so that you experience the full taste.
 need2sub:  Done Sir.  i am so close   Sir...
 Edge:  OK, you may have 1 orgasm now.

 Brad waited.  It took a while.

 need2sub:  Oh THANKYOU Sir.  That was amazing!
 Edge:  Are you still horny?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  It wouldn't take much for me to orgasm again.  my breasts feel like they are twice as big as usual, and my nipples actually are bigger then i can ever remember them being.  They are so sensitive.
 Edge:  Good, well, start working yourself up again.  When you are close again, let me know.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  my cunt is so slick!  And i can taste my cunt juice and some piss on my panties.

 Brad was stroking his hard cock now.  Pre-cum was leaking from the tip as he imagined what Donna looked like now, her long legs spread, and her crotch soaked with her cum.  He wasn't too far from cumming himself.

 need2sub:  Sir, i am almost there.
 Edge:  Good!  Now, you will take the crop and use it on your breasts.  You may cum anytime *after* you've hit each breast, as hard as you can, 5 times.  But once you start, you can't stop using the crop until after you start to cum.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir!
 Edge:  Again, you don't need to write back until after you've had your orgasm.
 Edge:  Imagine that I'm there, that it's me cropping your sore tits, beating your nipples while holding a strong vibrator to your clit.
 Edge:  You would have had to remove those dirty panties from your body, and stuff them in your mouth at my orders as I watched.  I would have seen just how much of a slut you can be as you followed my orders.
 Edge:  I bet that you cum very hard this time, thinking of me standing there, forcing your helpless body to orgasm, smearing your cunt juice all over your face as you cum.
 need2sub:  Oh Sir!  my nipples hurt SO bad, but i came SO hard.  Thank You Sir.
 Edge:  Do you think that you could have your final orgasm now?  Or should we wait for another time?
 need2sub: <looking down>  i know that i am a slut Sir. i would have no problem having another orgasm now.  When i masturbate alone, it is easy for me to have multiple orgasms or to bring myself off 3 or four times.  Especially if i am very aroused as i am now.
 Edge:  Good.  Work yourself back up to a nine and I'll give you your instructions.
 need2sub:  yes Sir.  Thank You for Your descriptions of what You would do to me if You were here.  They were *very* arousing.
 Edge:  You are welcome.  Of course, if I were there, I would most likely be a bit harder on you than you are on yourself.
 need2sub:  i know.  i would love that.

 Brad waited again, this time stroking himself almost to orgasm imagining Donna's face as she came, beating her own breasts with a crop.  It took longer this time, but sooner then he expected, she wrote back.

 need2sub:  THere Sir.
 Edge:  Good.  Now be a good little slut, and while you are rubbing that clit of your's apply the nipple clamps to your nipples.
 need2sub:  Done Sir.  OUCH!  It might take me a moment to get back up to a nine
 Edge:  NP, while you're doing that, I'll be imagining slamming my cock into you
 Edge:  Yea, by this time, I'd be pulling nice and hard on those clamps, stretching your nipples out from your body while I fucked you.
 Edge:  In fact, I'd hold the chain between the clamps, pulling your nipples and each time I drove my cock into you, and your body shook, it would pull your nipples even harder
 Edge:  That way, you would feel the pleasure of my cock in your body combined with pain in your nipples every stroke
 need2sub: at 9
 Edge:  Now, there is only one thing more you need to do to cum
 need2sub: ?
 Edge:  If you want to cum, you have to do it by slapping your cunt with the crop.  Let me know when you are finished.  You may not remove the clamps until I say so, BTW
 need2sub:  Yes, Sir
 Edge:  I can imagine what it would be like there, slapping your open, wet cunt with that crop.   Edge:  Perhaps I'd masturbate over your face while I was doing that.
 need2sub: almost...
 Edge:  Yes, I think that's what I'd do.  You'd get to see my nice, hard cock right next to your face, but because your mouth is gagged, all you could do is look.
 Edge:  Then, just before you came, I'd cum all over your face.
 Edge: Squirting nice, hot cum fresh from the cock that you were dying to have in your mouth.

 Brad left her with that image, and almost brought himself to orgasm while he waited.

 need2sub:  That was INTENSE Sir!  Thank You!  i could almost feel your cum splash on my face.
 Edge:  Good.
 need2sub:  Sir, may i ask a question?
 Edge:  Yes.
 need2sub:  Have You... taken care of your needs?
 Edge:  No yet.
 need2sub:  Is there some way i could help You?
 Edge:  What did you have in mind.
 need2sub:  <big blush> i... i have a web cam.  i could point it at the areas that You had me torture tonight.  That way, You would know that i followed Your directions.

 Brad's heart leapt at the thought!

 need2sub:  i'm sorry Sir.  Funny as it sounds, i would be too afraid to show You my face.
 Edge:  I guess that out of this context that would sound weird.  But I would be more than happy to finish myself watching you.
 need2sub:  It should only take a minute to set up.  As soon as i get the strength to move.  i have a serious afterglow combined with lot's of places hurting and burning.
 Edge:  You can remove those clamps now, if you'd like.
 need2sub:  if You'd like, i can wait until the camera is active.
 Edge:  Sure.

 They began to set things up so that he could receive the pictures.  It didn't take long and Brad had his first unrestricted sight of Donna's sex.  He almost groaned at the sight.  Her sex was red and swollen and was completely soaked.  There was literally a puddle between her legs on the wooden chair.  The camera panned up and he saw her scratched and swollen breasts, each nipple tightly clamped with a clover clamp.  That was a surprise as those thing started out tight and get worse of you pulled on them.

 need2sub: <eyes down>  do i please You Sir?
 Edge:  Yes, you do!  You are beautiful, and I wish I could be sucking your cunt to another orgasm, then slide deep inside you until I came.
 need2sub:  i'd love that Sir.  May i remove the clamps now?  Or would you like me to wear them until you cum?

 Brad thought a moment.  She focused the cam on her nipples and he saw the thick buds were crushed between the clamps.  He cock surged again at the thought of how much pain she was enduring for him.

 Edge:  As long as you don't feel you are actually causing damage, then leave them on.
 need2sub:  Yes, Sir.  i will be happy to 'talk' to You the way that You 'talked' to me while i was following your instructions.
 Edge:  That sounds nice.  LOL considering the state I'm in, it shouldn't take too long!
 need2sub:  Take as long as You wish, Sir.  i am happy to suffer for Your pleasure.
 need2sub:  i hope that You like the sight of my sore breasts.  i wish i was tied here and You were forcing me to endure the clamps.
 need2sub:  They really burn and they've been on long enough that they are causing a deep ache in my breasts.
 need2sub:  As You can see though, it hasn't dampened my arousal at all.
 She proved this by pointing the cam toward her pussy and using several fingers to scoop up some of her copious cunt juice.  The cam followed as she smeared it on her breasts.  She then pulled the chain, stretching her nipples out.  Brad knew that this was causing the clamps to tighten.

 need2sub:  See Sir?  i hope You are enjoying things.  i am.  i wish that i could be there when You come so that i could feel it on my body.

 Brad was getting very close now.  Donna kept running the cam over her body, tweaking and playing with her sore breasts and red cunt.

 Edge:  very nice.  I would like to be there too.  not too long now.
 need2sub:  When You cum You could just hit the return key, and i'll know that You have.
 Edge:  OK
 need2sub:  Mmmm, Sir.  i would love to feel your cum splash on my face and tits.
 need2sub:  Would You let me shower and share your bed tonight?
 need2sub:  Or would You force me to sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed, covered with our cum like the slut that i am?
 need2sub:  i would love it if you did that, then perhaps used me in the night.
 Edge: Close
 need2sub:  In the morning, You could pull me into the bathroom by my hair, throw me into the tub and wash me off with Your piss.
 need2sub:  i bet that i could cum just from that.

 That image did it.  Brad came hard, sending spurt after spurt into the towel he had there.  It was a very intense orgasm and it had been a long time since he'd had one like that.

 Brad sat there for a minute enjoying how he felt.  Then he remembered that Donna still had those clamps on her nipples.

 Edge:  Thank you for that.  It was a nice way to cum.  You may remove the clamps now.  If you want, you can play with your cunt for a while first, since I'm not there to help with the pain.
 need2sub:  NP, Sir.  i'm still pretty aroused from speaking to You that way.  i was pretty dirty, wasn't i?
 Donna was pulling off the clamps as she spoke.  He saw her body jerk and her hand clench as each clamp was removed.  That must have really hurt.

 Edge:  Yup.  You were pretty dirty with what you said.  Especially at the end there.
 need2sub:  <eyes on the floor>  Are You grossed out?  Or did what i said make you cum harder?
 Edge:  Let's just say that as much fun as it would be to have you in the bed, I would have chosen option 2.
 need2sub:  So You like me as a slut?
 Edge:  Yes, I do.

 Brad had her remove her panties from her mouth and they started to chat at that point.  There was little sexual innuendo in the conversation, just two people getting to know each other better.  Odd, considering what they had just done.  Finally it was getting late.  Brad was loath to stop the conversation, as he was discovering that they had a lot in common and he was really enjoying their talk

 need2sub:  Thank You for tonight Sir.  It was a pleasure to spend this time with You.  Do You have any more instructions for me?  i think that my roommate will be home soon, and i should clean up.
 Edge:  Well, you already know how to clean the chair, and of course, you can put the panties that were in your mouth in the laundry. Keep the ones that you had on today out though.  I assume that they were pretty coated.
 need2sub:  Very Sir.
 Edge:  Read your email before you go to sleep.  I'll write your instructions for tomorrow and send them off.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir, and thank You for another wonderful, fun evening.

 They signed off and Brad sort of laughed at the situation.  Surely, if this had been happening in real life, things would have been vastly different.  The net was a very strange place.  He cleaned up, then set about writing her an email.

   You continue to delight me with your actions!  This night was a great deal of fun, and the web cam was a fantastic idea.  I'm sure that we could find more uses for it. <EG>

   However, we still have to address your punishment for how you followed my instructions.  You should like this though.

   Since I know how wet your cunt gets, I can see it'd be a bad idea for you to be aroused without them on.  So I'll let you wear them tomorrow.  In spirit, anyway.  After your shower, take the pair of panties that you wore today, roll them up and stuff them inside your cunt.  That should soak up any excess juice.

   You can wear whatever you want up top, but you should wear a fairly short, dark skirt and, if you have them some sort of shoe that doesn't need socks.  You will wear no socks or hose of any sort.

   Next, while at work, you will drink at least 1 eight ounce glass of liquid every hour for the entire day.  It can be coffee, tea, soda or water or anything else you can think of.

   Finally, you may not use a bathroom for the entire day.  That doesn't mean that you have to hold your urine.  Nope.  You can piss anytime you want.  As long as you do it outside in public.  I'll assume that you don't want to get caught, but be careful.  Don't try and cheat either - no outside bathrooms.  You can squat in the parking lot at work, or find trees or bushes, but no using the restroom.  Oh yea, you're not allow to wipe your cunt or anything else you piss on.  That means, as an example, that if you squirt your legs then you can't clean them off.  So I hope that you'll be able to find a nice, private place near your office.

 At noon or so, write or message me to let me know how things are going.


 Brad knew that this was going to be a trial for the girl.  There were not that many places where one could indulge in public urination near were they worked.  Donna was going to have to get very creative.  When he finally made it do bed it was with an odd feeling of satisfaction combined with more lust and arousal.

End Part 4

Office Games Pt. 5

 To his surprise, Brad slept quite well.  He woke refreshed and found himself humming in the shower.  He wondered if there was some way that he could spy on Donna today.  Surely, it would be fun to watch her struggle with his instructions.  He still hadn't thought of anything as he drove into to work and resigned himself to having to enjoy her suffering over the net when she messaged him around noon.  But he did park at the back of the lot.

 After activating the cameras in her office, Brad set out to get the bulk of his work done this morning.  That way, he could more or less do what he wanted this afternoon and not fall behind on the project.  Donna arrived and he watched her on the screen.  She walked past one of the cameras and he got a good look at what she was wearing.  Very, very nice, he thought.  A white, skin tight top with short sleeves and a dress that came to mid thigh.  He was unable to see what she was wearing on her feet, but her legs looked bare.  Ohhh, this was going to be good.

 He watched her sit down, take a bottle of water out of her bag and set it on her desk.  The under-desk cam gave him a good shot up her skirt, but her legs were together and he was unable to see if she was wearing underwear or not.  He forced his gaze away and continued to work.  When he looked up again, he could see that most of the water was gone from the bottle.  Brad smiled.

 And so the morning went.  He deliberately didn't open his email or ICQ to ensure that he could concentrate on work.  But he did keep an eye on Donna and it seemed that she was drinking.  At around 11, Brad had an evil thought.  What if there was someway to keep her from getting to the parking lot?  Or, at the very least, delay her.  And if he intercepted her, she could hardly claim to be going to the bathroom - it was in the opposite direction from the parking lot!  He looked at the underdesk cam and noticed that her thighs were tightly clenched together.  All that liquid was getting to her.  Brad waited until she started to get up then left his cube.

 The fact that he could move so quietly, and that he figured he knew exactly where she was going, worked in his favor.  That, and the fact that the entrance to the lab was on the way to the back door.  Brad almost smacked into her as she came around the corner, moving quickly and purposefully toward the exit.  He smiled inwardly - he had her now.

 Brad did manage to get her to talk for almost a minute.  But she then claimed that she needed something out of her car.  Obviously he couldn't hold her up anymore.  Damn.  He let her go and went on his way.  She scooted out the exit and Brad made the decision to follow her.

 It was a back exit, used mainly by employees who parked back there.  It wasn't locked during the day, and he managed to slip out behind her.  She was heading toward the back of the lot quite quickly.  Brad didn't think that she was concentrating on anything but emptying her bladder.  He was a little surprised that she was heading toward the back of the lot - there was only a large fence and a slight down hill between it and a rather major road.  She would be seen if anyone cared to look, but even if someone did, who would think that a full grown woman would be pissing in a parking lot?  Brad was almost caught as Donna turned to scan the parking lot.  He ducked down and stopped moving.  When he thought it was safe, he peeked up and saw her disappear behind a truck.  Brad moved himself over a few rows and, found a place where he could crouch and get a clear shot at seeing her.

 Donna had squatted and pulled up her skirt, but from his angle Brad couldn't see much except her side.  He grinned, thinking that surely, anyone observing this would think he was acting like a small schoolboy!  Brad heard a hiss and saw a stream of liquid shoot out and begin to puddle.  Donna let out a sigh of relief, urinating for quite a while.  When she was finished, she bounced her butt up and down.  Brad could see that there was piss dripping from her ass, but only some fell off.  She gave another bounce, then stood up and looked around.  She apparently saw no one so she began to make her way inside.

 Brad admired the smooth, bare legs of the girl.  She had chosen to wear clogs, and was following his instructions to the letter.  He decided to move around to the front of the building and go in that way - otherwise there was a chance that she'd catch him coming in.  That certainly wouldn't do!

 He got back to his desk unseen and decided that he wasn't going to get anything else done today.  Oh, well, he was ahead of schedule anyway.  Brad logged into the cams and took a look.  Donna had more water in her bottle, but that only held his interest for a second.  The underdesk cam now had a clear shot right up her skirt.  And she wasn't wearing panties!  He longed to get a tongue in that pussy of hers.  He admired the view for a while, then opened up ICQ.  She was on.

 need2sub:  Good morning, Sir.
 Edge:  Good morning.  I trust things are going well?
 need2sub:  <giggle> Sort of.  i just had to pee.
 Edge:  Oh?  And how did that go?
 need2sub:  i had to sneak out to the parking lot.  i had to go to the back of the lot and there's a hill with a road at the bottom.  i don't think that anyone saw me though.  i was excited and nervous, i mean really, what excuse could i use if i were caught?
 Edge:  I see - so you would like permission to use a bathroom?
 need2sub:  NO Sir!  i am *so* excited by this!  It wouldn't take much for me to cum, that's for sure.

 Brad glanced at the monitor and saw that she had spread her legs a bit more and had actually gotten a hand under her skirt.  His view was pretty good and he watch her stroke her sex.  Hmmm - Donna was living dangerously now a days.

 Edge:  Are you asking permission to cum?
 need2sub:  no Sir.  That would be hard because i'm at mh desk.
 Edge:  "mh desk"?  Distracted are we?
 need2sub:  *very* Sir.  You controlling me this way is very erotic.
 Brad leaned back and thought for a moment.  Hmmm...

 Edge:  So, if I understand you, the only reason that you don't want to cum is because you are at your desk?
 need2sub:  Do You want me to cum at my desk?
 Edge:  No.  You mentioned that that was too much of a risk to take at work, but I'll make you a deal.
 need2sub: Yes Sir?
 Edge:  You may cum once toward the end of the afternoon, but you will have to follow my directions.
 need2sub:  Why do i think You are going to make this ... interesting?
 Edge:  Because if it was boring, you'd go off and find someone else to play with.
 need2sub:  <blushing>  i don't know if i would do that, Sir...

 Brad sat back.  What an odd thing for her to say.

 need2sub:  Sir?  i need to ask You a question

 Brad's heart started hammering...

 Edge:  You can always ask, but that doesn't mean I'll answer.
 need2sub:  i understand.  Sir, my roommate wants me to go out with her tonight.  Sort of a girl's night out.
 Edge:  And?
 need2sub:  May i go, Sir?

 Once again, Brad was taken by surprise.  Her asking that question put their relationship in a different light.  It implied that she was willing to give him have a lot more commitment then he thought.  Or she was telling him that she wanted more commitment in the relationship.

 need2sub:  Hello?
 Edge:  I'm here.  I know that we play online and all, but I don't think that it would be right for me, at this point, to make that kind of call.

 It took a moment for her to write back.  Brad waited anxiously for her message.

 need2sub:  It's true that we play online.  Is that the only thing that You are looking for?

 Now it was Brad's turn to think.

 need2sub:  Sir?
 Edge:  No.  It's not all I'm looking for.  But perhaps this is a discussion that we should have when we're not at work.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  So, may i go tonight?

 Now there was a hint if ever he heard one.  She really wanted his permission.

 Edge:  <smiling>I don't see any reason why you shouldn't go.  You should have fun with your roommate.  Were ladies planning on bringing anyone home with you?  Or shouldn't I ask.
 need2sub:  She might, but i don't go in for casual sex.
 Edge:  Well, go out and have fun.  I'll be alright at home.  Alone.  In the dark and cold.
 need2sub: <giggling>  Umm yes Sir.  Perhaps i should send over some web pics of myself and a little story to light up and warm your night?
 Edge:  Hey, pics and stories are always welcome!
 need2sub:  As You command, Sir.
 Edge:  Since you would like my input on what you should do with your evening - you did ask for my input, or did I misunderstand you?
 need2sub:  i asked for Your permission to go tonight.  But if You have additional suggestions in mind, i would be happy to serve you.
 Edge:  Hmmm - OK.  I'll shoot over an email.  But for now, I"ll give you your instructions for this afternoon.  Have you eaten yet?
 need2sub:  no Sir.
 Edge:  Ok.  Tell me, what you are wearing?
 need2sub:  i have on a short skirt, a skin tight white top, a bra and clogs.
 Edge:  Where were you planning on eating?
 need2sub:  There are several malls in the area.  i only go to the close one, and usually have a salad there.

 Brad sat back and thought.  There were several malls, but most of the employees used only one of them because it was so close.  But he knew of a strip mall that had some fast food and Chinese food places as well.  Most people just ordered out from them.

 Edge:  How thin is your top?
 need2sub:  <uh-oh>  Thin Sir, but not very see through.
 Edge:  And what were you planning to eat for lunch?
 need2sub:  my usual - a salad.
 Edge:  OK.  Here's what I want you to do

 ... At which point he almost blew it.  He almost told her to go to the Wendy's to get her food.  Whew!  He'd have to be more careful! ...

       Is there a fast food restaurant anywhere near where you can get a salad?  Someplace that you or your co-workers don't go often?
 need2sub:  Let me think...
 need2sub:  Yes, i think there are some around.
 Edge:  Good.  When you go out to eat, and you are in your car, I want you to remove your bra.  Then, you will go in and get your salad, to go.  You may not use the drive.  Is there a park around or something like that?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  There is a park.
 Edge:  Good.  You can go there to eat your salad - assuming it's warm enough out.

 Brad knew that it was cool out, but not uncomfortable.

 need2sub:  Yes Sir, i can do this.
 Edge:  Ensure that you are in a place where you can been seen by people.  I'm sure that those nipples of yours will be nice and hard and will get a lot of attention.
 need2sub:  <blushing>  yes Sir.  i'm sure that they will be quite noticeable.
 Edge:  You are not allow to pee until you get to the park.
 need2sub:  That might be... difficult Sir.  i really have to go now.
 Edge:  Too bad.  Hold it.
 need2sub:  yes Sir.

 Brad looked at the monitor again.  The underdesk cam showed her rubbing her pussy and shifting in her seat quite a bit.

 Edge:  Now, the last time that you pee before you leave from work you may masturbate.  But I hope that you'll be close to cumming because you are only allowed to touch your cunt *while* you are peeing.  When you stop, you must remove your hand from your cunt.  Oh yea, please remove the panties from inside your cunt before you start and gag yourself with them.  Put them back in when you are finished.
 need2sub:  Oooo Sir!  You are cruel!
 Edge:  Will there be a problem carrying out my instructions?
 need2sub:  No Sir.
 Edge:  Good.  I'll send you an email detailing what I want you to do tonight.  At some point  - either today or tomorrow, I want you to write me an email telling me exactly what happened at lunch and exactly what happened when you masturbate in the parking lot.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  i'll have some time before my roommate gets home to send you the email, and read Yours.
 Edge:  OK then - enjoy your afternoon.
 need2sub:  <squirming>  i'm sure i will Sir.  i hope that You enjoy Yours also, knowing what You are putting me though.
 Edge:  Oh, no problem.  I'll be thinking of it!  Later.
 need2sub:  until later, Sir.

 They signed off, but Brad's eye's were glued to the computer screen watching her roughly pinch her cunt and clit.  In fact, her fat clit was quite prominent, poking quite far from it's hood.  His cock was like steel as he began to think of things that he could have her do to that wonderful little organ.

 Brad got himself some lunch - a quick trip to the mall - and calmed down some.  He began to think on their conversation.  What was he going to tell her later?  Brad was starting to be a little afraid.  He was finding that he really, *really* liked her (like was all he would admit to.  No way was falling in love part of his plan).  If this were a normal online thing, he wouldn't be worried, because they'd play for a while and there would only be a small chance that they'd decide to meet in real life because they would most likely be geographically far apart.  But they weren't far apart.   He was getting to know her not only from a sexual standpoint, but a professional one as well, and the package was extremely tempting.  He was starting to be more than physically attracted to her.  She, of course, had no way of knowing he knew her as a person.  And her request for his permission to go out threw him for a loop.  Donna didn't strike him as person that would just casually give herself over to someone.  Or maybe she was.  After all, he didn't know everything about her, but it did seem out of character.

 He tried to put the topic out of his mind, but it sat there waiting to pounce if he didn't keep himself distracted.  Brad distracted himself by wondering what he should have her do tonight for her night out.  There were lots of possibilities, but he didn't want to get stuck in the too far, too fast syndrome.  Finally he decided and opened up his email.

   Truly there are so MANY possibilities for tonight that it has been hard to choose.  But since you are out to have fun, I don't want to spoil that.
   Tonight you should wear the shortest skirt that you have and the highest heels and thigh highs - or stockings and a garter belt.  On top you should wear a button down blouse and no bra.  Naturally, you'll keep it unbuttoned enough that if you are not careful you'll be flashing people.
   You may wear a thong pair of panties which you will flash to men and any woman who looks interested at least once an hour.
   Also, when you arrive at where ever you are going, I have another task for you.  I don't know if you'll be able to carry it out, but we'll see.  This is one of those things were a more 'hands on' knowledge of your body would help me judge.  So I'll have to rely on you to decide if this can be done.  Rest assured, if you can't follow through, I will find a suitable substitute.  Now that the disclaimers are out of the way <EG>...
   Your task is as follows.  You will bring the Tiger Balm with you and when you arrive you will go into the bathroom and apply it to your clit.  Ensure that you coat the entire clit and under your clit hood, but take care not to get it anywhere else.
   Now, after the first application, you can re apply it as often as once an hour but no more then 4 times total (including the first time).  Your reward?  For each time *after* the first time, you earn one orgasm per application (the first time doesn't count).
   Finally, during your first trip to the bathroom I want you to put on the set of nipple nooses that you purchased.  From what I've seen of your nipples, that should make things stand out quite a bit, so to speak.  Leave them on for no less then 10 minutes, but ensure that you make them swell and don't cut off your circulation.
   If you have the time, we'll message over the weekend.


 Brad sat back and thought.  The Tiger Balm was an after thought, but he was interested to see if she'd do it.  He'd seen her aroused clit and it was a quite large.  Perfect for sucking, stroking or rougher play.  He found himself lost in the fantasy for a moment before a co-worker came in to speak with him.  When the conversation was finished, he activated the cams in Donna's cube.  She was back and when he focused on her upper body, he could easily see her nipples.  Had she not put her bra back on?  He thought back to their messaging - surely he hadn't forgotten to tell her to put the bra back on!  Surely she understood that it was only for the lunch hour.  Shit!  She said she wasn't going to take chances at work - not that it was a big chance, but those large nipples were going to get some notice.  He sighed.  It just never occurred to him that she wouldn't put the damn thing back on for work.  Well, this was a getting to know each other sort of phase.

 He alternated between watching the cams and doing work until he realized that he'd run three compiles on code that he hadn't changed at all.  That was another thing.  This little game was getting quite distracting as his interest in Donna increased.  He glanced up at the monitors again and saw that she was gone - and looked up just in time to see her appear at his doorway.

 Ohhh boy.  This was going to be interesting.  Keeping his eyes off her very evident nipples was almost impossible as they made small talk.  She didn't even have a technical question for him, she was just being friendly.  His large cock was quite hard, as he remembered that, at his orders, she wasn't wearing underwear - at least in the conventional sense.  She came further into his cube and sat down facing him, her legs demurely closed, and he started to sweat.  Once again her scent, sharper then usual, was quite evident.  He idly wondered how she was hiding it from other people that she had to speak with.  Of course, she could spend a lot of time hiding in her cube for the day, with very few visitors.

 After about ten minutes of agony, for him, the conversation ended and she flashed him a wide, sexy smile and left.  Apparently she almost walked into someone as she rounded the corner because he hear two people muttering excuse me's.  Then he heard who ever it was try to engage her in small talk, and listened as she quickly disengaged from the conversation.  He wasn't sure until the person popped his head around the corner with a hello, who it was.

 It was Eric, the one of the hot shot fast trackers.  Brad liked him, and he certainly was the darling of many of the single girls around here.  He knew that Eric had no trouble getting dates around here.  They talked shop for a few, then Eric brought up Donna, saying that she was one, very hot woman and had Brad seen what she looked like today.  Brad just looked at him until Eric realized that he'd almost run the girl down as she was coming out of Brad's cube.  They laughed and Brad agreed that Donna was looking quite good today.  Eric said that he thought she had a boyfriend because he couldn't even get the time of day from her.  Oh, she was pleasant enough, but she had gently turned down even a casual request for lunch, never mind his out and out dinner invitation.  Brad was surprised as he had heard Donna chatting with the other girls, going on as much as they about how hot Eric was.

 Eric left and Brad checked the monitor again.  It was getting near quitting time and he wanted a few nice looks at Donna for the weekend.  She wasn't there.  His heart suddenly pounded and he wondered if she was out in the parking lot.  He got up and headed toward that door and had almost reached it when it opened and Donna walked in.  Brad made like he was heading toward the lab, but she cut him off.

 Brad was now VERY uncomfortable because it was obvious that the woman was aroused.  Very aroused.  Her nipples were tenting the material of her thin shirt and she smelled like she was really ready to fuck.  That was the only way to put it, especially when he looked at her face.  It was flushed a bit, but the glow coming from it was an un-mistakable cum-fuck-me glow.  Brad caught his breath and realized that he needed to keep tight control of himself.  At this point, an erection would be very noticeable.  Years of being a Dom and knowing when and how he should hide his arousal during a scene was the only that saved him.  In fact, he slipped almost completely into Dom mode.

 She actually looked like she was once again going to stop and speak to him, but she looked at his face, hesitated, blushed a furious red, and walked around him.  As she did, she muttered an excuse me, and kept going.  Brad took a deep breath and leaned against the wall, just knowing that disaster had only been narrowly averted.  He looked at his watch - close enough!  He was gathering his things and getting out of here A.S.A.P.!

 The drive home was uncomfortable.  This was getting out of hand and if he didn't get a grip, he was going to blow the whole thing.  When he arrived home, he grabbed a glass of wine and sat down staring blankly at the T.V.  He was in trouble, no doubt about it.  He was starting to fall for this girl and there was no way it was going to work.  She was not going to date a guy almost twice her age!  He couldn't imagine the awkwardness that would result if she found out who he really was.

 Finally, he booted up his computer.  He would read her email, provided she'd had time to send it, then figure out what to do tomorrow.  He could sleep in, relax and tinker with some of his toys.  He logged into his email and found one from her.  Wow, she must have written it before even leaving work.  Looking at the time stamp confirmed that.

   Well, thank You once again for turning a boring day at work to something *VERY* exciting.  Even as i sit here writing to You, my hands are shaking and my scent is filling the cube.  i hope that no one walks in, but many people are gone, so that shouldn't be a problem.  It is Friday, after all.
   Lunch was amazing.  my bladder was full to bursting by the time i made it to Wendy's - there's one near here.  i was afraid that i was going to loose it right there on the floor of the place!  Plus, even though my panties were inside me, i was starting to feel the slick oil from my sex seep past my lips.  i got a LOT of looks, Sir.  i think that my face was red the entire time, because there was no mistaking my nipples.  They were showing very clearly through my shirt and the cold didn't help!  i had to repeat my order twice because the guy behind the counter couldn't take his eyes off me.  i did finally get it and pay.  i almost raced back to the car and almost wet myself sitting down.  By the time i got to the park, i knew that i wouldn't be able to hold it.  When i parked and got out, there were other cars around, but most of the people were on the benches eating.  While standing, i just spread my legs, pulled up my skirt in the front and let go.  The feeling was amazing.
   i walked into the park for a bit, hoping that my thighs would dry and found a nice bench.  There were a lot of people walking by because there was a little stand there selling papers.  i ate my salad and got a ton of looks.  my thighs were wet now, the panties were no longer absorbing anything.  i had to shift around to get my skirt out from under me so that i didn't leave a wet spot.  That was strange because the park bench was cement and it was rough on my ass.  i was in heaven.
   i left after a while, and i'm sure that i flashed someone as i got up.  i couldn't believe how horny i was as i drove back to work.
 Brad could understand, he had a raging hardon in his hand as he read the letter.

   The rest of the afternoon went well - i kept drinking and had to visit the lot twice more, the last time doing as You had ordered me.  But i got a lot of looks from co-workers as You had not given my permission to put my bra back on.  Well, if nothing else, i got asked out on a date.  In case You're interested, i turned him down, but he's *VERY* hot and i was *VERY* horny.  <giggling>  Actually, i don't think he could handle me in this state and i rather think that You could.
   i went out and squatted, pulling out my panties.  They were absolutely sopping.  i put them in my mouth and they tasted SO good, salty and a little sweet.  In an effort to play with myself as long as i could, i just dribbled out the pee while i rubbed my clit.
   my clit, Sir, is big and quite sensitive, especially after a day like this.  my hips were jerking as my fingers rubbed it and i almost lost control.  Between keeping my flow controlled and balancing myself to keep from falling into my own puddle of piss, even horny as i was, i couldn't concentrate enough to cum.  i was *SO* frustrated when i finished that i would have done almost anything to cum.  Except disobey You, Sir.  When i finished, i pulled the panties out of my mouth, and re-inserted them.  i was so sensitive that i almost came from that.
   When i came back into the building, i opened my email and saw Your note.  It did not help my mental state and it has taken all my will power to sit here and not play with myself.  i don't know if i will be able to follow Your directions concerning the Tiger Balm.  Everything else, i'll be able to do, but i think that my roommate is going to be giving me some looks!  i will write again before i go out tonight, and i'll be on line to speak with You tomorrow at some point, unless i get email tomorrow morning giving me a specific time.

   Thank You Sir, for a wonderful day,

 Brad closed the email and wondered if she'd have time to send off another before she left for the night.  He decided that some food was in order, and left the computer to cook something.  Donna, or rather how he was beginning to feel about her, was a problem.  But Brad spent his days solving problems of one sort or another, so while he cooked, he relaxed and started to work out what he was going to do.

Office Games End Part 5

Office Games Pt. 6

 Brad hummed to himself as he cooked, his mind drifting in an unfocused manner as he considered the current situation.  Fact: he was e-Domming a beautiful young sub who was, apparently, willing to do almost anything he commanded.  Within reason.  Fact: he knew who she was, but she didn't know who he was.  Fact: he worked with her on a daily basis.  Fact:  he did not want to end the relationship, but there was a danger of discovery if he didn't get his act together.  Speculation:  She would not be interested in him in real life because of their respective ages and the fact that she was quite attractive and he was... plain.  Conclusion: he needed to keep his identity hidden if he wanted to continue this relationship.

 Brad mulled things over in his mind as he cooked and most of the way through his meal.  Since he didn't want to end the relationship, which was only a week old, he would just have to suck up and deal.  Dealing meant keeping a lid on his own emotions and not letting them screw him up.  Besides, it wasn't like he was falling in love or anything. (Yet.  said a small voice in the back of his mind.  He ignored it and it smirked at him and slunk away.)  He grinned to himself thinking that many Doms would kill for this kind of situation.  A beautiful, willing woman, who didn't know who you were, doing things you told her to do.

 He finished his meal, cleaned up and went to the computer.  When he checked his mail, there was a message - a large message, from need2sub.  Brad eagerly opened it and read.

   As promised, here are some pictures and thoughts for You.  After all, i wouldn't want You to be alone in the dark and cold!  Before You read the descriptions, you should look at each picture.  Good night Sir, and i hope to message with You tomorrow.  i should warn you Sir, the last two might not be to Your taste.  If you don't like the second to last one, You're not going to like the last one!  i hope You won't be offended Sir, and if You are, i apologize.  i assume that You will punish me as You see fit, should this be the case.


 Brad downloaded the zip file to his hard drive and eagerly opened it.  There were some pics and a few text files.  She had named them, 1.jpg, 1.txt and so on.  He grinned.  Well, she was making it easy for him - how nice!  Brad moved the pointer to the first pic and clicked on it.  Hmmm, nice.  It was a shot of her pussy, held open by two fingers with a drop of gooey cream right at the mouth.  He opened the text file and read:
 See Sir?  my pussy is So wet after today.  i keep catching my juices on my fingers as i sit here trying to write.  i keep licking them clean, but it doesn't help - there is still more!

 Nice beginning, he thought.  His cock was already throbbing.  Pic 2 again showed her held open cunt, but this time a pair of panties were pulled part way out.  The second text file read:

 After a day inside me, my panties are completely saturated with my slick juice.  my cunt is very sensitive after have them in there all day - it would be so nice to have Your hard cock inside me instead.

 Brad pulled off his pants, giving his large, thick cock some air.  It was red and throbbing in time with his heart beat as he opened the third pic.  It was a good pic, and he stroked himself as he looked at it.  Donna had tilted her head back and was putting the afore mentioned panties in her mouth.  It had been taken from the front and he could clearly see the sodden panties half way in her mouth, but could make out no details of her face.  He noted that with her head stretched back like that, her throat looked long and slender - just perfect for a collar.

 The text read:  i hope that You don't mind me cleaning these with my mouth!  i taste SO good - salty and slick - and it would be a shame to waste anything by just dumping them into the wash!  i would love to have had Your cum added to these as i slowly put the dripping mess into my mouth for cleaning.

 Picture 4 was a close up of her clit.  It was large and quite swollen, clearly not able to retreat completely back under it's hood.  The text read:  Since You have ordered me to torture my clit tonight, i wanted to give you a clear picture of what i'll be playing with at Your orders.

 The next picture was another of her clit, except this one had the hood pulled all the way back and her thick nub completely exposed.  It was shiny and she had obviously just spread her cunt juice over it.  The text read:  i long for the day when i will have a Master.  Hopefully, He will see fit to mark me as His slave by having a bar pierced through my clit.  That way, i would always be reminded that i am His.

 Brad almost shot off at that thought.  It was a clit that he would truly love to pierce.  He wondered just how safely this could be done, since he didn't want to reduce it's sensitivity, or damage it in any way.  He knew that women had it done, but no way would this be a casual act.  Still, the fantasy of sliding a needle through it and putting his mark on her made him dizzy with lust.  He closed his eyes and pumped his cock for a few minutes.

 The sixth picture showed almost the same shot, except that she had put an opened jar of Tiger Balm  between her legs and she had a very small amount of it on one finger of her other hand.  The text read:  Sir, i SO want to be able to follow Your instructions for tonight.  But i thought that it would be a good idea for me to try a small amount now before my shower.  So, i'll be rubbing on a small amount then taking more of these pictures for You as it takes effect.

 Hmmm, thought Brad.  Good idea.  After all, it's what he would have done to ascertain how sensitive she was.  The next pictures were a set, 7a through 7d.  7a showed her finger, greasy with the red substance, smearing a small amount on her clit.  7b clearly showed some on her clit and 7c was a picture of just the clit, the tip shiny with Tiger Balm.  7d was a shot that pulled back some with her fingers holding the outer lips of her sex opened.  Her inner lips were thick, puffy and a deep red; there was an obvious trail of her lubricant oozing out between them and sliding down to her asshole.

 There was one text file marked 7 and it read:  i wanted to wait for a few minutes before writing this and took a lot of pics.  These were the best.  my clit Sir, is burning i am sweating a bit.  Not only from the burning, but because of my intense excitement.  Oh how i wish You were here to tie me and make me endure more of this.  But i have hope because i now believe that i'll be able to comply with Your wishes tonight.  The burn is delicious!  In fact, i think that...

 And there the file left off.  He looked and there were only a few more left.  Eagerly, he clicked on number 8 and was rewarded with a wonderful sight.  Donna had put her widely spread legs up, most likely on her desk, and he was staring at one of the most perfect assholes he had ever seen.  Rose in color, and looking quite tight, it was shiny from her cunt juice and being threatened with a finger greased with more Tiger Balm.  Text file eight said:  Sir, my clit is really burning now, and i don't know if i'll be able to keep from playing with myself.  i am so aroused and i thought i'd give You a different view.

 Brad was almost cuming himself.  He longed to be able to sink his shaft deep in her cunt, then push into her still-virgin asshole.  He imagined her tightness, heard her slightly husky voice urging him on, to push it inside her and claim her.  He had to grip the base of his shaft to keep from ejaculating at that thought.  He was very aroused himself and wondering what the last three pictures were.

 The next was a picture of her finger smearing the small glob of Tiger Balm over her anal ring.  His cock surged again.  Quickly, not wanting to take his eyes off the sight of her soaked cunt and tight ass he clicked on text file number 9.  It read:  Sir, even though You see my finger on my asshole, i smeared the Tiger balm on almost 3 minutes ago.  It BURNS and is really hurting!  But i am SO excited i am trembling and dying to cum.  I'm at a nine Sir, and wish You were here to either torture me more or let me cum.  i can't wait for the day when Your thick cock spears my tight asshole and takes the last of my virginity.

 Brad actually had to stop he was so close to cumming.  He gave himself a minute, then opened the tenth picture.  It took a second to realize what it was.  Donna was urinating into a small, clear bowl.  Brad's heart raced even more.  He opened the text file:  Sir, since Someone made me drink all that water today, it all has to go somewhere!

 He quickly opened the eleventh picture.  It showed her fingers hooking her panties, which had sunk to the bottom of the bowl.  Brad opened the text file.  It was very short and read:  Oooops.  Look what i dropped!

 He was getting close to cuming again as he opened the final picture.  It again showed a shot of her with her head back, but this time only a small portion of her panties were outside her mouth.  Trails of wetness could be seen on her cheeks and neck and dribbling down across her breasts.  Brad opened the text file and read:  Sir!  i am SO sorry i was so clumsy.  i'll clean these off now!  Oooo.  my pee tastes good, not very strong after drinking all day.  i wonder Sir, if You would allow me to receive Your cum in my mouth, then permit me to swallow Your pee to wash it down.  Doing something like that would be so humiliating and submissive, the thought almost makes me cum.  Wouldn't You love to watch me cum just from swallowing Your piss?

 He sure would, and on that thought, Brad came, the images that she sent him flooding his mind.  He imagined each spurt landing in her open mouth and on her face.  When he finished cuming, he was still quite hard - unusual, since it often took a while for him to get hard again.  He went back and started looking at her pictures again.

 That night, Brad lay in bed thinking on the days events.  It certainly had been a day.  The pictures that Donna had sent were very exciting and he'd been hard again after looking at them a second time.  As he lay in the darkness half asleep, once again going over in his mind the things that she'd written, one thing came to his mind that jolted him awake.  He thought for a second, then decided that he check in the morning to see if he was right.  Sleep came quickly after that.

 The next morning, after returning from the gym, he was sitting with a cup a tea thinking about the latest toy he was working on.  Sex toys were a hobby of his, especially things that worked on electricity.  He had several Tens units and quite a number of toys that he had built for use on a slave.  Many of them had been used on subs and they usually got good reviews.  Of course, he didn't use something that would cause intense breast stimulation on a sub that didn't get off on it, so it wasn't surprising that most women liked the toys he made.  Occasionally he would go to a local club and bring some of them with him.  He was known there, and there were several Masters/Mistresses that liked to use the things he made on their subs.  He smiled thinking that there were LOTS of things he love to use on Donna.  He wondered if she'd get off on public play.  He'd played with woman at the club before, but it had been a while since he had a sub of his own.  It was rare that an unaccompanied fem sub would be at the club, even one as safe and friendly as the one he went to.  He did know one or two women that he could call, with enough notice, that would be interested in playing for an evening.  He knew now that, as enjoyable as that was, he'd really rather have Donna.  In fact, he'd rather have Donna as a slave.

 That came as a surprise to him.  He thought that he'd decided years ago that he would be happy with a woman who would occasionally play the part of his sex slave, who got off on the things he did to her body for their pleasure.  But this last week with Donna was making him re-evaluate that.  He was thinking now that it would be very nice to have a woman who got off on being a slave, in and out of bed.  He wasn't into TPE (total power exchange), but he thought that having more of a Master/slave relationship would be nice.  He wondered if Donna wanted a Master or just someone to sub to for sex.  That made him think back to the things that she had written in her notes.  He frowned for a second.  What was that that she had written...

 Brad booted up his computer, then started going through the files that she had written him.  And there it was, the line that had brought him to full wakefulness the night before: "i can't wait for the day when Your thick cock spears my tight asshole and takes the last of my virginity."  It was the phrasing that got him.  She had specifically stated that she wanted him to take her, not that she wanted a Master to take it, as she had mentioned about the piercing.  Brad sat back and wondered.  Considering how worked up she'd been when she wrote that, it must have been her passion speaking.
 The day sort of dragged.  At one he logged onto ICQ to see if Donna was online.  She wasn't, so he went off to the gym and got in a good workout.  After returning and showering, Brad decided that he would go see a movie that evening.  He was mostly a solitary guy, but he did have a few friends and they got together occasionally for movies and dinner.  After contacting some folks and making the arrangements, he booted up his computer and saw that need2sub was online.

 Edge:  Hello

 It was a minute before she replied

 need2sub:  Hello Sir!  i hope You are well today.  Did You enjoy the pictures that i sent?
 Edge:  I'm doing OK.  And yes, the pictures, and descriptions were a VERY nice diversion from the dark and the cold last night.  I was not cold.
 need2sub: <giggling>  i am glad Sir. <eyes down> And the last ones?  Were they alright also?
 Edge:  Yes, they were.  Quite stimulating.  They were quite creative and must have taken some time.  How did you get all those shots?
 need2sub:  It didn't take too long, and if You liked them, it was more than worth it.  i have a little tripod that i can set the camera on.  That helped get most of the shots.  There were a lot more, because i screwed some of them up, but i deleted all but the ones i sent You.
 Edge:  Well thank you for the effort, they were really great.  How did your evening go?
 need2sub:  There is a lot to tell Sir.  Should i send You an email or shall i just tell You now?
 Edge:  I'm not going anywhere for a while, so if you're in the mood to chat, we can do that.
 need2sub:  That would be nice, Sir.  Ok, here You go.  i have good news and bad news - which would You like first?
 Edge:  Hmmm - which is shorter?
 need2sub:  i'd say the Bad News.
 Edge:  Ok, go fer it.
 need2sub:  i came with out permission.
 Edge:  Did you now?  Explain, please.
 need2sub:  Am i in trouble?<blinking big blue eyes at You and looking sweet and innocent>
 Edge:  Sweet and innocent, eh? What are you wearing?
 need2sub:  Nothing Sir, my roomate is out.
 Edge:  So much for innocent.  Well, I'm sure that we can find a way for you to make up for your little transgression. <EG>
 need2sub:  Uh, oh.  Umm, yes Sir.  Well, i was following Your orders at the club, and when i put on the third application of Tiger Balm, i sort of had a hard time stopping myself while rubbing it in.
 Edge:  I see.  And did you enjoy your orgasm?
 need2sub:  Considering that i was horny as hell from all that had happened up to that point even being in the lady's room didn't stop it from being very intense.
 Edge:  So, you managed all three applications.
 need2sub:  Yes, Sir.
 Edge:  Well, tell me about the rest of the evening.  <smiling>Put things in perspective a bit before I decide what to do with you.
 need2sub: <gulp>  Yes Sir.  After i got finished with what i sent you, i had to get ready to go.  i took much needed shower and went to my room to get dressed.  my roommate came home just as i got out of the shower.  As usual, she was almost naked by the time she got to her bedroom.  That didn't help my state of mind any.
 Edge:  You like seeing her naked.
 need2sub:  She's very sexy.  Anyway, since i'd left the door open, i could see her and we BS'd for a while, while i was getting ready.  She commented that i looked really hot.  Quite frankly, i was still so horny, that watching her prance around naked had me soaked before i'd even gotten dressed.
 Edge:  What sort of thoughts were going through your mind?
 need2sub:  <blush>  The usual.  me servicing her.  me servicing her while being taken from behind.  It was really bad at one point when she sat down on the toilet and peed while talking to me.  i found an excuse to stay in there until she finished, but i had to leave because my thighs were getting noticably wet.  Not to mention my scent.
 Edge:  Seeing her pee did that to you?
 need2sub:  <Very red now>  No Sir.  Imagining cleaning her with my tongue did that.
 Edge:  Sounds like you really like her.
 need2sub:  She's very hot.  And not nearly as conservative as i'd thought.
 Edge:  Oh?  This sounds interesting.
 need2sub:  <grinning>  i thought so.  Anyway, while we were in her car on the way to the club, she asked me what perfume i was wearing.  She said it was very sexy.  i *know* i was beat red when i answered.
 Edge:  What did you tell her?
 need2sub:  The truth.  That i wasn't wearing any.
 Edge:  What did she say?
 need2sub:  She just looked at me for a second then changed the subject.  We talked girl talk until we got to the club.  We got some drinks then started talking again.  i excused myself for the first application.  i put it on just as You told me to spreading it over my clit and under the hood.  i was very excited and it was easy to get to my clit.  By the time i left the lady's room, i was almost in tears.  It really burned but i was so excited that i nearly came.
 need2sub:  Anyway, we talked a lot.  i found out that when she used to live alone, she never liked to wear clothes unless it was cold.  She wore them now, mostly, to keep from offending me.
 Edge:  And what did you say to that?
 need2sub:  <WEG>  i told her not to bother on my account.  i wasn't going to be offended.  She said that she had wondered.  She also asked me if i was seeing anyone.  i said not exactly.  She wanted an explanation so i promised to tell her later and we went on to another subject.  Later, as we had a little more to drink and did some dancing, the subject of sex came up.
 Edge:  Wow, you girls talk about sex?  I thought only guys did that! <looking very surprised>
 need2sub:  i *know* You don't believe that.  we can get pretty graphic.  Actually, we DID get pretty graphic.
 Edge:  What did you tell her?
 need2sub:  Well, she asked me if i'd been having sex with someone.  i told her that i wasn't sleeping with anyone, and she looked surprised.  So, i asked her why she was so surprised and she blushed saying that lately, when she got home, the living room smelled like sex.  i was pretty embarrassed.
 Edge:  So what did you tell her?
 need2sub:  i hope this is OK Sir, but i told her a little about us.
 Edge:  I don't have a problem with that.  What, specifically did you tell her?
 need2sub:  That i'd met a nice guy and that we chatted a lot.  i also told her that some of our chats got very ... intense.
 Edge:  What did she say?
 need2sub:  Her eye's got very wide and she started asking for all kinds of details.
 Edge:  Did you give her any?
 need2sub:  No Sir.  Well, not really, but i told her a little more.  Would it have bothered you if i had?
 Edge:  I don't think so.  But a lot of how I feel about that sort of thing depends on how open my sub and I are about the BDSM relationship that we're in.
 need2sub:  i understand.  Since i've never really been in one, i hadn't given it a lot of thought.  It's something that i'll have to consider.  i don't think i'd care about her knowing, but i also don't think i'd like people that i work with, or people who are just casual friends to know about it.
 Edge:  Yup.  That's how I usually work it.  Sort of a case by case basis.  But you told her more later?
 need2sub:  Yes, but again, not a whole lot.  Actually, she noticed the chain when i came out of the bathroom the second time.  In fact, she asked me if i was looking to get laid.  i almost thought she was propositioning me!  That would have been embarrassing if i hadn't figured out what she meant in time.  She'd noticed my nipples though my top, and when i leaned over to pick something up she saw the chain.  That's when i gave her some more details, although not the full picture.  i told her that sometimes You and i played games, and that this was part of what we were doing tonight.
 Edge:  Nice recovery.  You were, BTW, supposed to put the chain on after the FIRST bathroom trip.  Did you tell her you were supposed to flash people as well?
 need2sub:  Oh, i'm sorry Sir!  In all the excitement, i'd forgotten which trip You told me to put them on.  <eyes down>  i'm very sorry Sir.
 Edge:  <laughing>  Not to worry.  I'll over look that one.  Especially since cuming with out permission sort of eclipses it.  Continue.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  Well, i did tell her about the flashing.  In fact, i had already flashed several people by that point.  Three guys and a girl.  All this stuff was making me so wet that i had to stop sitting on my skirt, not that there was much to sit on anyway.  But the tops of my thigh-highs, which, by the way were showing when i was sitting down, were wet.  Anyway, since she asked, i thought i'd flash her.  She had had more to drink then me, but i'd had a little - not too much since i offered to drive home.  i waited until there was no one behind her and unbuttoned another button and flashed open my shirt real fast.
 Edge:  What did she do?
 need2sub:  <giggle>  Her eyes got real big, then she said that i had done it too fast for her to see anything.  So i did it again and gave her a good look.  i was almost dizzy i was breathing so hard.
 Edge:  What did she say.
 need2sub:  Well, she was real surprised that i did it again and she just sat there for a second.  i was worried that i had offended her.  She asked me if the chain hurt.  i told her no, but that the loops made my nipples real sensitive and swollen, and the chain tugging on them felt very good.  She started to ask something else, but then stopped and i couldn't get her to tell me what she was going to say.  She wasn't pissed or anything though.
 need2sub:  Also, i could see her nipples had gotten hard, but i didn't point it out.  Then some guy came up and asked her to dance.
 Edge:  Do you like to dance?
 need2sub:  Sometimes.  Last night i really wasn't into it, and just wanted to relax.  Except for one dance to a song i really liked.  Of course, no one asked me that time.  That was after the flashing incident with my roommate.  i was bouncing around in my chair to the music and she asked if i wanted to just get out there and dance with her.
 Edge:  Did you?
 need2sub:  Yup. <blush> i was a little bummed that it wasn't a slow song!  But by that time, i smelled like i'd been have sex.  A lot of sex, so it was just as well.  We continued to talk about various things until we left.  She noticed when it when i took the loops off.
 Edge:  What did she say?
 need2sub:  She asked why i took them off.  i told her because i was only supposed to leave them on for a certain amount of time.  She was kinda lit by that time and told me she liked how i looked with them on.  We left there and went somewhere else.  The music was a little quieter, but it was real crowded.   On the ride there she asked me if i was only supposed to flash my top - especially since i had such a short skirt.  i told her that i was supposed to flash both.  She told me that i owed her then, since she'd only seen the top.  She was giggling and seemed only half serious.  We were both pretty giddy.
 Edge:  What did you do?
 need2sub:  Flashed her my panties.  She looked surprised and then we both laughed.
 Edge:  So, are you now trying to seduce your roommate?
 need2sub:  Sir, i think that unless you told me not to, if she asked, i would have sex with her.  She's really nice, very sexy and we are getting to be good friends.

 Brad's heart clenched.  He'd lost a sub to a woman once and knew that there was no way to compete in a situation like that.  If she wanted another woman, then that was that.

 Edge:  I don't think that i have the right to tell you who you can and can't see.  At least, not at this point.
 need2sub:  Sir, i wouldn't want that kind of a relationship with another woman - i like men too much.  But i'd dearly love to have sex with one.  <eyes down>  Actually, i'd love to be topped by one.
 Edge:  Well, it sounds like you had a fun evening.
 need2sub:  It was a lot of fun.
 Edge:   Alright my dear, I'll have to give some thought to what your punishment should be. But from those lovely pictures that you sent me last night, I noticed that you don't shave your pussy lips.
 need2sub:  Would You like me to start doing that?
 Edge:  Yes.  You can leave the strip on the top, but make sure to get rid of all the rest.
 need2sub:  Yes, Sir.  Sir, i have a question.
 Edge:  Yes?

 There was a pretty long pause.

 Edge:  You still there?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir, but i'm thinking maybe i should wait to ask.
 Edge:  How bad could it be?  Go fer it.  It's unlikely you'll offend me.
 need2sub:  It's not that i think You would be offended, but that the question might be a little pushy.
 Edge:  Since I don't know what it is that you want, I have no idea if it's out of line.  Just ask. need2sub:  Yes, Sir. i know that perhaps this isn't the best time for me to ask considering that you are going to punish me, but i was wondering.  In Your stories, the sub is often marked by her Dom/Domme.  i was wondering if You had some non-permanent way that You would like to mark me.

 Brad sat back from the keyboard and stared at the screen.  She wanted him to mark her in some way?  That was unexpected.  It wasn't that he couldn't think of something - he could, but the request was so unexpected.

 need2sub:  Sir?  Are You there?
 Edge:  Yes, I'm here.
 need2sub:  <kneeling with her head down>  i'm sorry Sir, i know i don't deserve it and i shouldn't have asked.
 Edge:  No, it's not that.  i'm just a little surprised that you'd ask.  I mean, you've read my writings.  You know what physical modifications are prevalent in them.  Given that piercing is out and you're not collared that sort of limits things.
 need2sub: i know Sir.  i'm sorry.
 Edge:  Again, there is no need to apologize.  I'll think about it and let you know.  Maybe tonight or tomorrow.
 need2sub:  It's OK, Sir.  Forget i said anything. <big blush>
 Edge:  You know, if you keep this up, you're going to add to your punishment.  There is no reason for you to be upset about your request.  I'm flattered.  And I think that I know of something that will fit the bill.  You might find it a little humiliating, but not offensively so.  Do you think you're up to it?  It *will* get noticed by other people.
 need2sub:  i did ask for something Sir.  i'm sure that i'll be able to agree.
 Edge:  Fine.  I'll let you know.  I have to think of an appropriate punishment for last night.  Now, as an aside, meaning something not part of your punishment, don't you think that if your roommate is wandering around naked that you should do the same?  I mean, you wouldn't want her to feel awkward.
 need2sub:  SIR?
 Edge:  Is there a problem with this?  Let me re-phrase:  Do you think that she'll have a problem with this?  Will it effect your relationship with her in a negative way?

 Brad waited for a minute, knowing that this might be pushing things.

 need2sub:  i don't think so Sir.  i mean, this morning, before she went out, she didn't wear anything until after she showered and was ready to leave.  That was a change because she used to only go naked when she got home from a workout.  But Sir, You know how i get when i'm excited.  i'll leak everywhere.
 Edge:  Will this keep you from following my orders?
 need2sub:  no Sir.  But it will be embarrassing for me when she is around.
 Edge: And will that excite you?  You said the other night, that the thought of her seeing you naked was exciting.
 need2sub:  yes Sir, the thought of that is exciting.  i will do as You say.
 Edge:  Thank you.  I'll be in touch tomorrow.  We'll discuss your punishment.  Check your email later, in case I have time to send something to you.  Oh yea, one other thing.  If you roommate asks why you are naked, and you think you can trust her with the fact that you are a sub - you will tell her that I ordered you to.  Otherwise, just tell her that it's part of our game.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  i can do that.
 Edge:  Have a good night, and remember, being naked around the house should be the norm for you. I expect that you will use good sense in knowing when that will be appropriate.
 need2sub:  i will Sir.  i'll look forward to hearing from You.
 Edge:  Have a good rest of the day.
 need2sub:  You too, Sir.

 They signed off.  Brad leaned back.  He had a lot to think about, and it was almost time for him to leave.  He started getting ready for his evening out, thoughts of Donna foremost in his mind.

End Office Games Pt. 6

Office Games Pt. 7

 Brad wondered which direction he should go with Donna.  He could keep their play on a casual level, or he could actually start to train her as his slave.  Of course, much of this depended on what her inclinations were as well, but as inexperienced as she was, she might not even know what she wanted.  He remembered back to an earlier conversation with her when she had asked what he wanted.  He'd put her off at the time, but thought that maybe now was the time to have that conversation.  Well, now being a relative term since he was meeting friends for dinner and a movie.

 Donna was in the back of his mind the entire evening, right along with the smirking voice, ("You're getting DEEPER!"), that would skitter to the edge of his mind mocking him when he frowned at it.  Getting involved with a beautiful young co-worker was stupid and he knew it.  Aside from the sex, he knew she'd be bored with him in a week.  They just had nothing in common - he didn't drink, wasn't into the club scene, at least not the kind she liked and the whole bar scene just bored him to tears.  ("Diversity is GOOD", laughed the little voice.)  He glared and it giggled at him like something out of the movie "Gremlins" and raced for the shadows.

 His friends noticed his preoccupation, but he blamed it on the office.  Since Donna was part of his workplace, he didn't even consider it a lie.  The food and movie were good and he eventually was able to keep her out of his mind.  When he arrived home though, he found himself staring at the computer, hoping that she would be online.  It was almost midnight but he logged on he saw that she was on.

 Edge:  Good evening
 need2sub:  Sir!  i thought that You were gone for the evening.
 Edge:  Just got back, actually.
 need2sub:  Did You have fun, Sir?
 Edge:  It was OK - standard 'Dinner and a Movie'
 need2sub:  Oh?  Should i ask who the lucky girl was?
 Edge:  Heh.  No girl, lucky or otherwise.  Just a few friends.
 need2sub:  i see.  Guys night out?
 Edge:  Yup - all the testosterone that you could want - steak dinner then a blow-em-up extravaganza.
 need2sub:  Oh, i don't know.  Sounds like fun.  i love steak and i really like movies with special effects, you know, Star Wars type movies.  Although aside from the effects, the last Star Wars movie kinda sucked.  Death to Jar-Jar!
 Edge: LOL!

 They drifted off into a conversation about various movies and steak houses, Brad once again almost blowing it by almost mentioning a local steak house.  He was surprised at some of the things that she was interested in and it was a bit after one in the morning, when she broached the subject that he originally wanted to talk about.

 need2sub:  i know that it's late but i was wondering if maybe You would be willing to talk about a question that i had asked you the other day.
 Edge:  Gee, that's just a bit round-about.  Did you have a specific topic in mind?
 need2sub:  What You wanted out of an online relationship.
 Edge:  Ah, yes.  It's funny you should bring that up because that's one of the reasons that I messaged you.  I guess, at this point, what I want is a slave to train who is actually a person that I like IRL.
 need2sub:  i see.  Does this mean that You would consider meeting this person IRL?

 The gremlin was back, doing back flips in time with Brad's pounding heart.  He tried to smack it away, but missed.  Again.

 Edge:  Eventually.
 need2sub:  What is it that You would want from a slave IRL?  i have to say Sir, that having someone control every aspect of my life isn't appealing.
 Edge:  I don't really have an interest in that sort of thing.  But, I would like to have someone who was interested in being a slave.  I'm not into TPE either.
 need2sub:  TPE?
 Edge:  Total Power Exchange.  Basically someone who gives total control of all aspects of their life to someone else.
 need2sub:  i don't think i'd like that at all.  But what do you mean by 'being a slave'
 Edge:  Living in a BDSM lifestyle.  Of course, that has as many meanings as there are couples, but for me it would mean control over the slave's sex live and a certain amount of control over other aspects of her life as well.
 need2sub:  What other aspects?
 Edge:  Well, I would expect, and support, a certain physical appearance.  There would be times when play would extend to longer periods than just a particular scene, perhaps an entire weekend, or even a week.  There would be types of training that I'd want to apply and of course, there would be pushing the slave's limits.  Also, there would be times that I would want to take her to a BDSM club and play there.  I would also like to have her permanently pierced.

 Silence from the other keyboard.  Brad thought that maybe he should have not told her what his real expectations were.

 Edge:  Too much?
 need2sub:  Umm, no Sir.  But since You have forbidden me to wear clothes, i am now sitting in a puddle of cum.
 Edge:  You just came?
 need2sub:  no Sir, You haven't given me permission.  But it wouldn't take much.
 Edge:  I was thinking that I offended you.
 need2sub:  No Sir.  You have not.  i love what You've told me.  i don't have enough experience to form a good opinion of the different types of relationships, but what You've outlined sounds like a wonderful start.  I have heard about live clubs but places like Hell Fire don't much appeal to me.

 Oddly, the gremlin was silent.  Little bastard.
 Edge:  Actually, there private clubs.  I've been to several and some are quite nice.  I've also been to Hell Fire and even though it was interesting, I'm not sure I'd engage in any heavy play there.
 need2sub:  You've been doing this a long time, haven't You?
 Edge:  Long enough to know what I want and to have the experience to carry it out.  So, what is it that *you* want out of this?
 need2sub:  From the time that i knew what sex was, perhaps even before, i was fascinated by being restrained.  i discovered masturbation at 10 and combined the two by the time i was 11.  It was all so new, and i was amazed that my body could feel the way it did.  Later, when i discovered actual sex, i was in heaven.  But it wasn't until i lost my virginity that i understood that i liked pain.
 Edge:  Please don't tell me you were raped.
 need2sub:  You can't rape the willing.<grin>  Nope, he was older then me, a pretty big guy and a little rough around the edges.  Oddly enough he was also very much a gentleman and quite a considerate lover.  But when we made love, he was very forceful, even my first time.  He was horrified, thinking that he really hurt me, then he was angry when he realized that i hadn't told him i was a virgin.  He couldn't know that being gentle with me was not what i wanted.
 Edge:  I can see how that might have annoyed him.
 need2sub:  Perhaps someday, if You are interested, i'll write it out for you.
 Edge:  I might very well be.  How old were you?
 need2sub: 14.
 Edge:  How old was he?
 need2sub:  i'd rather not say, if You don't mind.
 Edge:  Nope, not at all.  So, on a different subject, perhaps we should start you on a little orgasm training.
 need2sub:  Orgasm training?
 Edge:  Yes.  Sound interesting?
 need2sub:  Could be.  Can You tell me a little about it?
 Edge:  Well, it's pretty late.  How about if I just write it up and email it to you?  I'll send along your punishment as well.
 need2sub:  Yes, Sir, that would be fine.
 They signed off, and a bleary eyed Brad went to bed, visions of a collared and nude Donna chained on the floor following him to sleep.

 The next morning, he sat at the keyboard getting ready to write out her punishment.  He didn't want it to be too harsh, but he thought that punishments should be a little unpleasant, and perhaps occasionally push limits of the sub.  It was her first time though and he had no idea what her tolerance was.

 I'm sure that it will come as no surprise to you that sexual response is trainable.  Naturally, there are things that are already a turnon for you.  But there might be things that *I* want you to get off on, or acts that I want you to respond to sexually, that you don't already respond to or don't respond to strongly.  There might also be things that you want to try that you haven't for one reason or another.  There are, no doubt, things that I would want you to do that, with out training and build up of trust and experience, you would not do.  IRL, as my sub you would be trained how to act during a scene, how to sit, stand or address me.  Also, there might be things that I do to you that you get off on not because of the act itself, but because you know that you are pleasing me.  This is a short version of what I consider training.

 Initially, having an orgasm with out permission during play is punished by five strokes of the cane (hard enough to leave welts, but not break the skin) on your ass plus not being allowed to orgasm for a certain number of days.  Fifteen strokes with the crop (five for each breast and five on your pussy) could be substituted for the caning.  As your training progressed, the punishments for loss of control would increase.  Of course, the goal of orgasm training is for me to be able to trigger your orgasm at will.  Eventually even with a word, given the right circumstances.  That takes a lot of work and for some women, might not even be possible.  But hey, it's fun trying.
 Your punishment for having an orgasm without permission starts with you not being allowed to have one for three days (Sun. - Tues.), plus you forfeit the ones you earned.  Each morning, after your shower, you are to masturbate ALMOST to orgasm (arousal level 8-9), then stop.  You will do that again when you get home from work as well.  We will pick a day that your roommate won't be around and do the rest of the punishment.  For that punishment, ensure that you have the dildo that I told you to get, all your clamps, the weights, the crop, some rope (ensure there are at least 2 pieces, each long enough to wrap around your torso at least 4 times), the ball-gag and Tiger Balm.  Take the dildo and using a contrasting nail polish, mark off the last 4 inches.  Since you said it's ten inches long, inches 7,8,9 and 10 (near the base of it) should be marked.  Then take each weight and attach a hook to it - you can make them out of paperclips.  Just make sure that it's easy to hook them to a chain.

 Finally, since you wanted to be marked, here is a simple thing that I want you to do:  You may no longer shave from the waist up.  Some women find this embarrassing, but it is common most everywhere but the US.  Also, I prefer the more natural look.  If someone asks why you've stopped shaving tell them what ever you want, unless they know you are a sub.  Then you will tell them that your dom ordered you to stop shaving.


 Brad sent it off, then got up to grab a snack and hit the gym.  When he returned, he took a shower and started thinking of what he'd like to do Donna. These thoughts made him quite hard, but he decided to wait to relieve himself.  He slowly stroked himself thinking of her on her knees serving him.  When his shower was finished, he dried off and ran through all the errands he had to do today.  Oh well, he figured that he'd log on later and speak to her.

 Later ended up being the early evening.  He found Donna online and wrote a quick message.

 Edge:  Hello.

 It took a minute, but the reply came.
 need2sub:  Hi!  Sorry, i was in the kitchen when i heard the beep.  How are You Sir?
 Edge:  Not bad - busy day.  I assume that you got my message?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir, and i will comply with everything you said.  i thought that the marking might be something like that.
 Edge:  Is "thought" the same thing as "hope"?
 need2sub:  <eyes down> Yes Sir.  i've always thought it was kind of sexy, but would never have the nerve to do it myself.
 Edge:  Are you alone?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir, but not for long.  i think she'll be home soon.
 Edge:  When will you have a long enough time for us to carry out your punishment which, BTW, you'll be required to show me using the web cam.
 need2sub:  i understand Sir.  i'll see if i can find out, but it might be awhile. i could always ask if she'll go out so that i can be punished. <grin>
 Edge:  Oh?  So she knows about your status?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  She is very curious now about what we do.
 Edge:  I see.  How much have you told her?
 need2sub:  Mainly that i've discovered that i'm a sub, and that You are domming me online.  She's really intrigued.
 Edge:  Well, if she wants to help, let me know.
 need2sub:  SIR?!?
 Edge:  You said that you thought she was hot.  If she wants to play with you, let me know.  Of course, at this stage of our relationship, it would be up to you to decided if that was appropriate, but if you decided yes, then I would control the scene.  That is, if you are really going to sub to me exclusively.
 need2sub:  <eyes down>  yes Sir.  i have no plans to look for someone else.
 Edge:  Well that's good to know.  If she made her interest known, and I wanted you to, would you let her play with you?
 need2sub:  i think so.  i'm not sure though.
 Edge:  Good enough.  Just out of curiosity, are your presently naked?
 need2sub:  no Sir.  i was out, then only came home a half hour ago.
 Edge:  And this is an excuse why?
 need2sub:  i'm cooking some food.
 Edge:  NP.  Don't want anything delicate getting burned, after all.  BTW, How do you feel about candle wax?
 need2sub:  never tried it.  i've seen pics though and they look pretty hot - no pun intended.
 Edge:  Have you masturbated yet today, as you were told to?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir - right after i got your message.  i think that this is going to be hard for me.
 Edge:  That's the idea.  Just be thankful that I'm not actually there to administer the cane.
 need2sub:  i wish You were Sir.  i would be glad to take the cane for You.
 need2sub:  Roommate's here.
 Edge:  <smiling>  Tell her I said hello.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir <grinning>
 Very funny Donna, thought Brad.  You'd better hope she doesn't want to get her hands on you!

 Edge:  I was just kidding - I mean, it's not like she knows me or anything.
 need2sub:  She say's hi Sir.
 Edge:  Heh.  Keep it up and I'll make you strip and cook in just an apron!
 need2sub:  <looking innocent>  of course Sir.  Shall i start now?  She's in the bedroom taking her clothes off - i think.  Would You like to think of both of us - two hot looking, young women, wandering around naked?
 Edge:  Hmmm - nice thoughts there.  Perhaps we could add to that by having you masturbate after you finish removing your clothes.
 need2sub:  <GULP>  Is that an order Sir?
 Brad smiled.  Perhaps a little teasing was in order...
 Edge:  I don't know, do you have an apron around the house?
 need2sub:  no Sir, i don't.  She might.
 Edge:  Please ask her if she has an apron.
 need2sub:  You wouldn't *really* make me do this would You?
 Edge:  Have you asked her about that apron yet?
 need2sub:  no Sir.  Just a sec.

 Brad waited.  He had no intention of carry through with his threat.  Especially since he didn't really think she'd do it.  But one never knew.

 need2sub:  No Sir, she doesn't have an apron.
 Edge:  Oh well.  Next time you're out, you might think about picking one up.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.
 Edge:  Alright, so send me an email or something when you know when she won't be around for a while.  The day before would be great, but I'll take what I can get

 Brad hit return and waited - and waited.  He frowned when he got no response.

 Edge:  You alright over there?

 Still no response.  Well, it's not like the net was perfect, perhaps there was a lag.  He started cruising the net and finally a response came through.

 need2sub:  Here.  Sorry - things in the kitchen started burning a bit.  i got distracted.
 Edge:  Oops.  Sorry.
 need2sub:  It's OK - no shooting flames or anything :)  At least, not in the kitchen...
 Edge:  Oh really.  Well, you'll get to keep *those* flames smoldering until at least Tuesday.
 need2sub:  i don't think that'll be a problem Sir - at least the smoldering part.  No orgasms though, that'll be tough.  Um... something i forgot to mention.  If I'm supposed to be naked in the house all the time, what do i do about my period?  It starts, BTW, tomorrow.
 Edge:  You may wear panties and your normal protection (tampons, pads... whatever)
 need2sub:  i did tell You Sir, that when i'm on my period, i get *very* horny.
 Edge:  I think you mentioned it.  Should make Monday and Tuesday interesting for you <EG>
 need2sub:  <eyes down> Ummm, yes Sir.  Thank You Sir.

 They signed off and Brad sat back and smiled.  Next week was going to be fun.

 Monday morning, Brad went to work.  He worked like crazy in the morning, but checked his mail in the early afternoon.  need2sub had written him.

    It looks like tonight she will be out.  i hope that that's enough notice for You.  i only found out this morning at breakfast.  BTW, she spends most of her time nude now too!


 Brad replied:


    That's fine.  Have the stuff previously mentioned and be nude in front of the computer NLT 7pm.  I will be on.  Nude means no tampons or pads.  If your cum won't hurt the chair, neither will a little blood.  Oh yea, I don't know if this is possible, but on your way home, if there is a place you can get it, pick up a snake bite kit.  Yes, you read correctly.  In fact, get two if you can.

 Talk tonight-

 This was going to be a lot of fun.  Well, fun for him - Donna was going to be a bit uncomfortable, but then, that was the point.  He knew for a fact that there was a place in the mall that she could get the kits - and it's not like they were expensive.  His anticipation grew through out the day.  He really wished that he could be doing this session in real life, despite his reservations about her continuing the relationship if she knew who he was.

 Brad got home and grabbed something to eat.  At 6:30 he jumped on line to check and answer email.  Finally, just before 7:00 rolled around he started ICQ.  need2sub was online.

 Edge:  Good evening slave.  Are you ready for your punishment?
 need2sub:  Hello Sir.  Yes, i am.  i have followed your instructions and have all the toys here.  i was able to get the snake bite kits as well.
 Edge:  Excellent.  Take some of the Tiger Balm and put some on each nipple. Then, open the kits.  There should be at least two rubber suction cups in each.  Take the smaller one from each kit and apply one to each nipple.  Make sure that you get as much suction as you can.  Then, set up your web cam.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.

 While she did that, Brad removed his pants and began to play with his semi hard cock.  Just because she was going to suffer, didn't mean that he would.  Brad smiled.  If they were in real life, he of course, would cum on or in her as many times as he could during her punishment.  The web cam window flickered on and focused on Donna's nude body, the yellow suction cups stuck to her nipples.

 Edge:  I have a picture.  Good.  Just to let you know, I'll be pleasuring myself while you are following my directions.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.

 She panned the camera down her body, stopping at each nipple to show him the cups.  Each was obviously sucking quite hard on a nipple.  The cam focused down her body to her wet pussy, the lips now cleanly shaven.  It was slightly swollen, and her fluid was tinged red.

 Edge:  Nice shaving job.
 need2sub:  Thank You, i'm glad you like it.  As You can see, i am quite aroused.

 That was true - her clit was pretty swollen.  Well, in a minute, it'd be even more swollen.

 Edge:  Yes, I see that.  Now, I'd like you to take one of the larger suction cups and see if you can attach it to your clit.  That might be a little difficult, but give it a try.

 The image on the camera shook a bit, then steadied, focused on her pussy.  She reached down and when her hand reappeared the cup was in it.  She pressed it to her clit and squeezed, trying to latch it in place.  It took several tries, but she actually managed it.  The cup was still mostly squeezed, indicating that there was a lot of suction being applied.  She leaned forward gingerly.

 need2sub:  That is very intense, Sir.
 Edge:  Do you like how it feels?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  i am very aroused.  my nipples feel like they are being pulled and they are burning a lot.  my clit is also throbbing.
 Edge:  Good - now take the ball gag and insert and buckle it.
 need2sub:  Sir, i have a surprise for You.  Would You like to see it?
 Edge:  You're not trying to distract me now, are you?
 need2sub:  no Sir.
 Edge: OK - what is it.

 In response, the camera raised and he was looking at her face.  Except she had on a leather hood.  A very nice leather hood.  It covered her face, but had snaps so that a gag and/or eye covers could be added.  Her long, dark hair cascaded from a hole in the top.  Brad had seen it on the website and knew that it was over a hundred dollars.

 Edge:  *VERY* nice!  Now all you need are some 6 or 7" heels and you'll be good to go!
 need2sub:  i'm glad that You are pleased.  When would You like me to get the heels Sir?
 Edge:  I don't want you to have to spend a lot of money.
 need2sub:  Thank You Sir, but it's OK.  i have some money that i can buy this kind of thing with.  Not thousands, but some.  BTW, i am now dripping wet and my clit and nipples are *really* throbbing.  i'll put in the gag now Sir.
 Brad waited a minute, then the camera showed another picture of her hooded face, mouth now stretched wide by the ball gag.  It was a very arousing sight.

 Edge:  That looks very good.  Now, take one of the pieces of rope you have and wrap it several times around your waist and tie it off.  Ensure that it is very tight.

 She set the camera down on something then she took the rope and began to wind it tightly around her waist.  When she finished, it wasn't as tight as Brad would have done it, but it was good enough.  At this point in time, he was only drawing things out to allow the suction to work on her nipples and clit.

 Edge:  That looks good.  Now, I want you to take the other rope, fold it in half, then tie a knot in it so that there is a loop at one end.  The loop should be long enough so that when you put it over your head, the knot will rest between and slightly below your breasts.
 need2sub:  i can do this.  i've played a little with rope before <grin>
 Edge:  Good.  Then once you've put the rope over your head, bind your breasts.  Tightly.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.

 Brad sat back stroking himself while watching Donna run the rope around her body and tightly tie her small breasts.  He admitted that she did a pretty good job.  His cock was very hard, watching this woman follow his directions.  It was a switch from just doing the stuff himself, that was for sure.  She finished, the rope wrapped tightly around her body making her small breasts bulge.

 need2sub:  Is that what you wanted, Sir?
 Edge:  Yes, that's nice.  How do you feel?
 need2sub:  Well Sir, if Your intent was to torture me, You are succeeding.  my nipples feel very swollen and are starting to ache.  i know my clit is swollen and it would only take a minute or two of rubbing to make me cum.
 Edge:  Well we can't have that now can we?  Why don't you remove the cups from your nipples now.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.

 Brad sat back and watched need2sub remove the cups.  She focused on her nipples, now extremely thick and erect, with a circle around the base of each areola.

 Edge:  Now, take that crop of yours and use it.  Five hard ones on each breast.  I expect to see some redness, or you'll have to do it again.  And make sure those nipples are included
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  Please, if it doesn't look hard enough to You, tell me and i'll do it again.  Should i focus on one breast, then the other?  Or alternate between them?
 Edge:  Alternate.

 Brad eagerly watched the cam.  need2sub set up the camera so it was focused pretty closely on her breasts.  Her nipples were deep red from the suction and the Tiger Balm, and the tight ropes around her breasts were causing even more swelling.  The crop blurred into the picture and landed just under a nipple.  Brad could almost hear the smacking sound that it made.  It was followed by another on her other breast, this one landing squarely on her erect nipple.  He could see her body jump from that.  She continued until all 10 were complete.  He could see the redness forming, lines that cut across her flesh, but nothing more then that.

 need2sub:  Was that alright Sir?  i tried to hit pretty hard.
 Edge:  Yes, that was good.  Your breasts look beautiful bound that way.
 need2sub:  Thank You Sir.  This is all very intense for me.  my clit is aching and i so want to play with it.  i am sitting in a puddle and my breasts feel like they are swollen twice the size.  i really wish you were here to use me Sir.
 Edge:  Maybe.  But I would be very hard on you.  Speaking of which, you did bring those clover clamps, right?
 need2sub:  Uh, oh.  Yes, Sir, i did.
 Edge:  Good.  Now put them on your nipples.
 need2sub:  Ummm, Sir, that's really going to hurt.
 Edge:  If I were there, and tied you up, would you safeword if I put them on you?
 need2sub:  i don't think so Sir.
 Edge: So, put them on.
 need2sub:  <wincing> Yes Sir.
 He watched the cam as need2sub opened the first clamp and slowly closed it over her nipple.  When it was closed he could see her body tense.  The clamp swung as she jumped, twisting the clamped bud.  She put the other clamp on, but it was almost a minute before she wrote back to him.

 need2sub:  They are very tight Sir.  You really aren't going to let me cum tonight are You?
 Edge:  Nope and we are not through with the rest of what we're going to do.  You can safeword at any time, you know.  It's difficult for me to accurately gauge how you feel - even with the pictures.
 The camera wobbled and refocused on her pussy.  It was completely soaked in her cream and one hand was spreading the copious, red tinged fluid over her swollen sex.

 need2sub:  i hope that answered Your question Sir.  This really hurts, but being as turned on as i am, makes me want to beg You to let me cum.  i won't Sir, since i know You are punishing me.
 Edge:  Good Girl.  Now, remove the cup from your clit.

 The camera remained focused on her wet, opened sex.  She squeezed the suction cup and pulled it off her clit.  It was huge - swollen and red.  She touched it with a finger and he could see her spasm a bit.  He wondered if she'd be able to complete his punishment.

 Edge:  Looks a little swollen.  Good.  Now, hook 4 oz. of weight to each of your nipple clamps, right were the chain starts.
 need2sub:  yes Sir.  my clit is so sensitive.  You're not going to make me crop it, are You?
 Edge:  Well, since you are not being caned, don't you think that you should suffer the full fifteen?  Perhaps you have something to trade?
 need2sub:  Trade Sir?

 The camera panned up and he could see that she'd added the weights.  Since clover clamps tightened as you pulled on them, and started out tight, he knew that she was really feeling the jaws.

 Edge:  Yes, trade.  For instance, the 5 strikes with the cane were traded for 15 with the crop.  Do you have anything else in mind?
 need2sub:  No Sir.  i will do what You tell me.
 Edge:  OK, then get that crop and give yourself another five.  At least one should be on your clit, but your pussylips, mons and upper-inner thighs are also good targets.
 need2sub:  yes Sir.

 The camera was refocused on her pussy.  She pulled her legs up and back, most likely setting them on her desk.  She was wide open and the first shot of the crop slapped right into her pussy.  She jerked, but followed it up with what looked like another hard slap.  Her thighs each received two, leaving red stains spreading on the soft skin.  Finally, she landed one directly on the top of her cunt.  Her clit was far too swollen to be under it's hood and the leather smacked right into it.  Her whole body jerked and her legs snapped closed.  He could see her sitting there panting and waited until she messaged him.

 need2sub:  that was intense.  Good thing i have the gag in. <smile>
 Edge:  It looked intense.
 need2sub:  What would happen if i came during punishment?
 Edge:  You almost came from that?  Or you actually came from that?
 need2sub:  <eyes down, blushing red>  almost, Sir.

 Brad's cock jumped in his hand.  He'd been close himself from watching her, but hearing that she almost came was a very pleasant, and arousing, surprise.

 Edge:  As long as you didn't cum.  Now for the next part.  Add two more oz of weight to the chain, then take the other set of clamps that you have and tighten them, one each, on your inner lips.  From this point on, until we are finished, you don't need to write back to me.  You can, if you want, but you don't need to.  Just follow my directions.
 need2sub:  Yes, Sir.

 Brad saw her hands move out of the picture then, they came back with the clamps.  She opened them, then slowly eased them on.  The adjustment screw kept them from closing all the way.

 Edge:  Now, you have a choice.  You can either remove those clamps, take the rubber tips off and re-apply them, or you can release the adjustment screw completely.

 She hesitated, then reached down and unscrewed the clamps.

 need2sub:  hurts Sir.
 Edge:  Yes, I'm sure.  But, you seemed to be enjoying things a little too much for a punishment.  Now, get that dildo and set it on the seat.  Straddle it and slide down on it until it's to the first mark that you made on it.  Make sure to position the cam so that I can see well.

 She went mostly out of camera range for a second, then when she came back in she had a large, plastic vibrator in her hands.  It was actually almost too thick for her small hands to close around at the base.  She set it on the chair, end up.  Then positioned her sex over it and started to slide down.  It looked like she was taking it quite easily, until she got about halfway.  The, she started having to fuck it to slide down further.  The white dildo was soon streaked with her cum and some blood.  She looked pretty stretched when she finally made it to seven inches.

 Edge:  Good.  If you can, describe how that feels.
 need2sub:  It's deep inside me and stretching me a bit.  i can take more though.  If i have to stay here long, it'll be a strain on my legs.
 Edge:  I'm sure you'll do fine.  Now, I want you to start rubbing your clit until I say stop.

 Her body shifted, and one hand started rubbing, the other, mostly out of sight, was probably helping her balance.  He let her go on for over a minute while rubbing his cock in time with her strokes.

 Edge:  now, remove the two oz weights on your nipples and place them on the pussy clamps.

 Again the shifting, then he saw her hook the weights onto the chain.  Her lips were starting to be pulled quite far from the combination of the weights and the chain.

 Edge:  Move down to inch eight and begin to rub your clit again.  I'll tell you when to stop.

 Brad waited almost three minutes this time, watching as her fingers slid over her clit, and her cream oozed down the side of the vibrator.

 Edge:  Next inch and continue with your clit.
 She moved down and her legs were starting to visibly tremble from the strain of the position.  he let her go on for another three minutes then issued his next command.

 Edge:  Now, I want you to start fucking that thing until I tell you to stop.  Perhaps it'll help you to know that I'm going to bring myself off watching that large vibrator stretch your cunt.  You don't even have it in as deep as I would be anyway, so you should get used to it.

 need2sub began to slide up and down on the hard plastic, weights and clamps swinging and pulling on her.  She added in little hip thrusts as well and Brad watched as she sunk down to the nine inch mark.  The vibrator was actually not as thick as he was and his cock surged thinking of how nice it would be to plunge inside her.  Doing this was hard work for her and he could see her thighs trembling.  As he neared to cuming himself, little trails of moisture could be seen dripping from her torso and Brad didn't think she could hold out for too much longer.  Imagining her tight, slick cunt, now forced wide by the dildo, gripping him, combined with the view from the web cam forced him over the edge, strong spurts of cum gushing from his cock.

 He wasn't able to just sit and relax though - almost as soon as he was finished cuming he wrote to her.

 Edge:  You may stop fucking that and remove it from your cunt.

 He watched as she quickly stood up, the red stained vibrator sliding from her sex.  She just stood there for a second, then wrote to him.

 need2sub:  That was intense Sir, and very hard work.  i need to cum badly - perhaps i should change my nick to need2cum?
 Edge:  If you follow the rules that I've laid down, and I haven't seen you deviate, then you'll get your orgasm.
 need2sub:  Oh thank You Sir!
 Edge:  Sometime on Wed.
 need2sub: <whimpering> Yes Sir.
 Edge:  Why don't you go back to stroking that nice clit of yours while you remove the clamps.  Just know that in the future, cuming with out permission will mean that you'll have to remove the camps WITH OUT being pleasured by your finger.
 need2sub:  i understand Sir.

 She panned the camera over her body.  It was slick with sweat and she was still panting.  A close up of her nipples showed that the clamps were very tight on the thick bud and must have hurt, but she made a show of playing with the clamp before releasing it.  Her body jerked when she did that and repeated the process with the other nipple.  Her breasts were red and sweat slicked, with small drips of saliva that had dropped from the wide ball gag.  She panned down her body, past the tight rope cutting into her waist, to her swollen sex and undid the clamps there.  Brad had never seen a woman get so wet before, it was amazing.

 Edge:  Very good.  Now, you can remove the ball gag.
 The camera focused on her leather clad face, and widely stretched mouth.  She'd put the gag in pretty deep and Brad knew that that must be quite uncomfortable.  Saliva had drooled out of her mouth, down the gag and onto her chest.  She reached behind her head and unbuckled it, then worked her jaw around.

 need2sub:  Yecch - that thing tastes terrible.
 Edge:  Some people like the taste of rubber.
 need2sub:  This one's pretty new, so maybe it won't taste so bad next time.
 Edge:  Next time?  Are you planning on disobeying me again?
 need2sub:  Oh NO Sir!  But, i assumed that You would use this on me at Your pleasure.
 Edge:  Well, it looks great on you, so I might at that.  You can untie your breasts now.

 The web cam wobbled while she set it down.  She untied the knot and unwrapped the rope from her breasts.  They were pretty swollen and there were deep rope marks in her skin.  She cupped and messaged her breasts for a minute.  Her nipples were still quite long and hard.

 Edge:  Good - now you may remove the other rope.

 She did, and once again he could see that the rope had left marks on her skin.  He thought they looked quite nice.

 Edge:  You look good with rope marks on your skin.
 need2sub:  Thank You Sir.  my roommate will be home in a half hour or so.
 Edge:  NP - you still going to be up then?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir, I believe so.
 Edge:  Well, you can put panties on and use a tampon or whatever, but you may not cloth yourself - unless she's coming home with a guest.  Nor may you shower until tomorrow morning.  If you were with me, you'd spend the night on the floor in cuffs.
 need2sub:  i understand - i would love to serve You and would enjoy You playing with my body then having me sleep at the foot of the bed.  <eyes down> Sir, did You cum?
 Edge:  Yes, I did.  If this had been irl, then you would spend a lot of time with my cum in or on you even if you were being denied an orgasm.  Actually, especially if you were being denied an orgasm.
 need2sub:  i understand.  You are cruel, but i get very wet when i submit to You.
 Edge:  I'm going to sign off now, and you have some cleaning up to do.  Remember how you are supposed to clean things.  You may play with yourself while you clean up.
 need2sub:  i will Sir.  Will You have time to talk tomorrow?
 Edge:  Most likely.  I'll message you if I'm on.

 They signed off, Brad's cock getting hard again as he review the evening's activities and thought about Donna cleaning up before her roommate got home.

End Office Games Pt. 7

Office Games Pt. 8
 Brad lay in bed reviewing his evening disciplining need2sub.  It had gone very well, but he realized that as much as he enjoyed the cyber play, he would love to have Donna as his slave in real life.  His thoughts took many paths about how that might happen, but, even knowing what he did about her sex life, he just couldn't see them in a relationship.  He turned over again, restless and horny, thinking about what would happen if they met.  No conversation path he could think of actually worked when he applied the reality of the girl to the imagined conversation.  Wide awake, he stared at the ceiling.  Finally, a thought occurred to him and he smiled.
 Brad got up and turned on the computer.  While it was booting up he wondered what had happened when Donna's roommate got home.  Had she finished cleaning up?  Were the rope marks and her arousal still evident?  Or had Donna hidden herself in her room for the rest of the evening.  When the computer came up, Brad checked what the local weather conditions were going to be, then logged into his email and typed out a message:


   You were very good tonight.  So as a reward, I'll give you a way to have an orgasm on Tuesday.  Of course, nothing is for free, so there are a few rules that you need to follow.

   For one thing, if you get this message before you go to work, I want you to include, if you have one, a belt in your apparel.  You should wear it a bit more tightly then you usually would.  Yes, I know I won't be able to see you, but I'll enjoy thinking about it!

   Also, if you have a shirt that is made of a scratchy material, wear that.  It should be thick enough that a bra isn't necessary.  Otherwise, find a bra that will not be comfortable and wear that.

   Finally, you may have your orgasm *IF* you masturbate in a PUBLIC place that is outside.  A public restroom or your car doesn't count.

   Before you begin to masturbate, you must tighten the belt *very* tightly.  Think corset.  And you should make it last - no quick orgasms.  You're only getting one, so take a while to work up to it.

   I understand that you might not be able to do this, but if you want your orgasm early, that's your only option.  Otherwise you'll have to wait until tomorrow, and there's no guarantee that I'll let you have one then.
   On other fronts, if anything interesting happened with your roommate - like her commenting about how you looked when she got home, I'll like to hear about it.

   Talk later-

 Brad signed off with a smile.  It was going to be unseasonably warm tomorrow so Donna should have no problem finding a suitable outside spot to play with herself.  He got up and found an old pair of binoculars and put them with his stuff for tomorrow.  He also grabbed his digital movie camera.  It had a pretty good telephoto lens system and he might be able to get some good video of her.  Then he went back to bed.  As he drifted off he was thinking of Donna servicing him and her roommate - whom he made out to be a slim blond with nice long legs.

 Work was a trial in the morning.  He got in a little early, but as soon as he did, he was inundated with people.  He didn't even sit at his desk until almost 11 and he'd only gotten a glimpse of Donna once.  She still had on a light coat, so he was unable to see what was underneath.  After seeing to yet more piled up email, he finally opened his personal email a half hour later.  There was a note from need2sub.

   i was getting ready for bed and just happened to check my email.  i was surprised to get Your message.  Your price sounds fair and i will find some way to fulfill Your requirements.  At this point, with all the masturbation, with out being allowed to cum, and the fact that it's my time of the month, i am going crazy!  i don't think that i've gone with out an orgasm for this long in months.  Well, not during my period anyway.  i think i have an outfit that will satisfy you and if i get the chance tomorrow, i'll take a pic.  Otherwise, i'll describe it when i make the report that You will no doubt want, so you can hear about my days activities.

 When we finished tonight, i cleaned up everything as per Your directions.  i couldn't believe how incredibly worked up i was, and naturally tasting my cum made it worse!  Of course, following Your instructions did nothing to reduce my excitement.  i did manage to put away all the toys before my roommate got home, but i bumped into her, literally, coming out of my room.  She had several questions about how i looked and the marks on my skin -  not to mention the fact that i smelled like i'd just had sex and i spent quite a while answering them.  She's really curious about us.

 i hope to catch up to You later,
 need2cum (BADLY!)

 Brad sat back and smiled, then jumped in his seat as he remembered that he could look into her cube with the cameras.  He logged into the laptop and set things up.  It didn't take long before he was admiring Donna's slim form.  She had chosen to wear a plaid skirt with a thin belt. The skirt must be pretty short because it was currently quite high on her thighs.  She had on no stockings and a pair of clogs.  The underdesk cam showed a nice shot of her pantied pussy.  On one of the side cams he could see she was wearing a nice short sleeved, white shirt.  It fit her snuggly, but not real tight. Oddly she looked quite flat chested in it, although it could have been just the angle.  She didn't seem to be doing anything but work, but Brad knew that soon she would be on her way to lunch.  He was planning to follow her, but wasn't sure he could pull it off.  There was a nearby park she could go to where she could easily follow his orders, but that wasn't the only choice; she could go anywhere.

 Donna started to get out of her chair and Brad scanned the other panels.  It was close to noon when she decided to leave.  He watched her get up and grab her purse, coat and a small cooler.  Brad didn't think she'd need her coat - it was actually almost eighty degrees out.  He shut down the laptop then left his cube.  She was just heading out the door as he rounded the corner and he waited a few seconds before slipping out behind her.  He had parked close to the entrance and was able to get in his car before she made it to hers.  It wasn't too hard to exit the lot after her but, unlike in the movies, following her with out being seen was tough.  And of course, he had no way of knowing if she saw him.  He didn't think so as he kept way back and there were a lot of other cars on the road, but there was no way to be sure.  Excellent!  She was going to the park! It was a nice place that usually didn't have many people in it during the day.  Usually.  It was crowded today because of the nice weather.

 The number of people didn't seem to deter her though.  She got out of the car with the small cooler, opened her trunk and pulled out a picnic basket.  Then she set off down one of the paths.  Brad followed, belatedly realizing that not only did he not have any food, but he had nothing to drink or even sit on.  Of course, he was wearing jeans so sitting wasn't too much of a problem.  But it was quite warm and it would have been nice to have at least some water.  He smiled thinking he should have planned better - she obviously had.  Well, hopefully the show would be worth it.

 Donna walked for almost 10 minutes before turning off the main path onto a smaller one that threaded through some trees.  Brad followed her until it was clear she was going to exit the trees and saw that she was heading for an area with a small grassy clearing.  The clearing was somewhat small and allowed her to look down onto the jogging path and there was a small stream between the hilltop and the path.  People passing it would be looking up the hill.  Plus, while sitting down she would be a little harder to see.  Clever girl.  She'd followed his directions  - even in spirit.  For while it was true that most people wouldn't take the time to look, if they did she was fairly easy to see.  And if she were masturbating it was possible that someone would see that as well, depending on how she did it.  It took Brad some time to work his way off the path into deeper cover and since he wasn't really dressed for it, he was quite hot by the time he finally found a good place of concealment.  He looked at Donna through the binoculars.  He found a place that was on somewhat higher ground then where she was seated, with a mostly unobstructed view.  He pulled out the video camera and focused it on her and was able to get some excellent close-ups.  A tripod would have been nice, but even if he'd thought to bring one, it would have been a little much to be wandering around the park with a video camera, binoculars and tripod!  He smiled to himself thinking, nope!  No Peeping-Tom perverts here.

 He did managed to set the thing up on a log, and as long as he kept hold of it, it would be pretty steady.  The zoom was excellent and he was able to get some good close ups.  Brad sat back to watch the show.

 Donna looked at the jogging path slightly below here.  It was pretty crowded but aside from crossing the stream, or by small path she had taken through the trees, she was pretty isolated from people.  He watched as she opened the basket and took out a small blanket and a magazine.  She spread the blanket on the ground then set the basket in between her and the jogging path.  Finally, she opened the cooler and pulled out a Tupperware bowl and a bottle of water.  She kicked off her clogs and began eating, Brad enjoying the view as he panned the camera down her body.  He focused on her chest for a moment.  She had opened several buttons on her top and he could see a heavy lace camisole underneath.  It looked very tight, which explained the extreme flattening of her breasts.  He also noticed that her shirt was pretty translucent.  She was sitting right in the sun and sweat had started to form on her upper lip and the base of her throat.  In fact, in spots where her sweat had started to soak the shirt, the shirt was more than just translucent.

 It didn't take her long to finish the small salad she'd brought.  The lid was still up on the basket, further blocking the view from the jogging path.  She got up onto her knees and reached for the clasp of her belt.  She opened it, then pulled the belt very tight causing it to cut into her waist.  Then she glanced around and when it seemed that no one was looking, reached under her skirt and started shifting around.  Brad frowned.  He'd hoped to get a better show then this!

 He needn't have worried.  When she sat down he saw she had her panties in her hand.  Brad felt his cock filling with blood.  Donna reached into the basket again and pulled out a small towel and a pack of tissues.  Now she leaned back and spread her legs slightly, pulling her dress out from under her ass.  Glancing nervously around, she reached under her dress again, this time coming out with a tampon which she quickly wadded up in some tissues and put into her basket.  Next, she got back up on her knees and put the bowl between her legs.  Brad was puzzled; what the hell was she doing?  He really couldn't see between her legs from this angle, but it became apparent when she carefully pulled the bowl from between her legs.  It was full of urine.
 Her legs fell open when she down and leaned back. She pulled up her skirt almost to her waist to made sure that it wouldn't get stained.  He could see that she was sweating in the unseasonable heat and breathing pretty hard.  Finally her hand disappeared between her lean thighs and she started masturbating.  Brad watched as she humped against her fingers, her hips moving slightly as she pleasured herself.  She wasn't frantic about it, just rather slow and languorous, seeming to look through the magazine as she leaned on one arm.  Had anyone really be looking, as Brad was, they would have noticed the she wasn't turning any pages!

 With the assurance of the basket blocking most of the view from the jogging path, she pulled up her skirt a little more.  Brad was rewarded with the site of her beautiful pussy.  It was soaked and he could see that she was bleeding more then a little.  That didn't deter her though - her fingers slid into her body while her thumb rubbed her clit and she began to grind her hand a little harder into her sex.  Every now and then she'd look up to see if anyone was watching her, but seemed satisfied that her concealment was good enough.  After all, he thought as he smiled to himself, what were the chances that someone would be in the bushes with a video camera?

 Brad's cock ached as he watched her masturbate and he could feel it twitching and leaking as Donna pulled her fingers from her sex and slid them into her mouth, a look of pure lust on her face.  He longed to free his cock and join her in masturbating, but he was already having a hard time keeping the camera focused and steady.  Her hand started to rub faster and she ceased to be interested in the jogging path.  Finally, her mouth opened in a silent cry as her body convulsed in pleasure.  Brad was torn between focusing on the beauty of her face as she orgasmed, and the swollen, soaked lips of her sex, her cum now drooling out of it.  She convulsed a few more times, then started rubbing again.  She worked herself up again, roughly rubbing her sex, but then stopped before she could orgasm.  She sat there panting, then pulled her hand away and brought it to her mouth, cleaning each finger slowly and thoroughly while she recovered.  Brad was pleased - she had limited herself to only one orgasm.

 He continued filming as she cleaned herself.  Her upper thighs were a mess - sweat, blood and cum staining them.  She grabbed the towel and cleaned them off, then sat up and pulled another tampon out of the basket, unwrapped it and slid it inside.  Her cunt was still soaked, but she shimmied into her panties, pressing the yellow fabric against it to soak up her fluids.  They were apparently pretty thin because Brad could see the reddish stains begin to seep through the area covering her cunt.  She drank some water, then carefully put the lid on the bowl of her piss.  She placed that and the mostly empty water bottle in her cooler and began gathering up the rest of her things, obviously getting ready to go.  Brad, as much as he longed to relieve himself, realized that it would be a good idea to get out of dodge.  He wanted to beat her back to the office, AND, unlike her, he was still hungry - for a number of things.

 He moved quickly getting back to the car and once inside it was thankful for the air-conditioning.  He was horny, hungry and thirsty.  Well, he couldn't help the horny, at least not at the moment, but the hungry and thirsty he could fix at a drive-thru.  When he got back to the office, looking cooler and more presentable, he noticed that Donna was still not back.  That was odd - surely she should have gotten back here before him.  The drive-thru seemed to have taken forever.  Well, no problem, he thought as he sat down and logged into his computer.

 He debated logging onto ICQ.  If she contacted him it could be bad since he was already distracted and horny by what he had witnessed and he was sure more conversation wouldn't help.  But he did want to speak to her despite that.  When he was in this mood though, he tended to use his subs a little harder, push them a little farther.  Nothing over the edge, but his play would take on a far more demanding tone.  He didn't know if she would be ready to deal with that.  Brad opened the laptop and activated the cameras.  She was just sitting down in the cube, the cooler with her.  She looked a lot more composed then he felt, that was for sure.  That decided him.  He wanted her to be... frustrated, horny and a bit off balance, not calm cool and collected as she appeared to be.  He opened ICQ.

 She wasn't on.  Hmmm, perhaps later.  He sat back in his chair.  There was no way he was going to be able to concentrate on work while thinking about what he had just watched.  His cock felt thick in his pants, lying there waiting to fully harden and slide into a nice warm... now STOP that, he thought sitting back in his chair.  This would not do.  Things weren't supposed to be this way!  She was the one that was supposed to be frustrated and horny not him.  He felt a small, evil grin cross his face and realized that it was a good thing she wasn't under his control in real life.  It would be a hard, frustrating night for her if she was. After all, what was the use of having a sweet, willing slave if you weren't going to make use of her?  But alas, that would not come to pass - certainly not tonight.

 Brad started out of his revere as the ICQ blinked for attention.

 need2sub:  Hello Sir.
 Edge:  Hi.  How are you doing today?
 need2sub:  Fine Sir.  Still pretty frustrated, but i followed Your directions and did get one, lonely orgasm <batting sad eyes>
 Edge: LOL.  I see.  So perhaps I shouldn't have allowed that?  Or, if you'd like, we can keep you from having one for another few days...
 need2sub:  Oh NO Sir.  Please don't misunderstand.  It was WONDERFUL - very sexy and wicked as i did it out in public as You ordered.  It's just that i am a greedy girl and used to having several at a time.  Especially during my period.
 Edge:  I see.  So tell me how it went.  Describe what you are wearing and what you did.
 need2sub:  Well, i'm wearing something that i never thought i'd wear again.  A well meant, but very uncomfortable gift from an old boyfriend.  It's a heavy lace crop top, very tight (it was a size too small for me) with no lining.  i have no idea where he got it and i can't imagine anyone wearing it as lingerie.
 Edge:  An old boyfriend, eh?  Why did you keep it?
 need2sub: <blushing>  Well, i did say that it was very tight and i love the feeling of a corset.
 Edge:  I see - go on.
 need2sub:  Anyway, it's tight and rough on my breasts, making them really flat.  And today, it's very warm out, so i was sweating and it was even more uncomfortable.  i am also wearing clogs, no stockings and a pair of thin, yellow panties.

 Brad glanced at the underdesk cam window.  Her legs were parted and he could clearly see her stained, damp panties.  It excited him to see that she outwardly, she was looking pretty prim and propper, but one only had to see her panties to know that she'd been indulging in some sort of sex play.

 need2sub:  i had enough time to pack a small lunch and some other stuff, and i went to a park near here.  i like walking around parks and so i'm pretty familiar with this one.  There's usually not that many people in the park, but today because it was so nice out it was really packed!
 Edge:  So you chickened out?
 need2sub:  no Sir!  i went to a spot that i knew about in the park.  It is perfect for this kind of thing - i was up on a slight hill and looking down on a jogging path.  Around me there are lots of trees with only a few paths through them.  It's not really secluded, but if someone were in the trees, they might have a hard time seeing me.  People on the jogging path could easily see me though.
 Heh - Brad thought.  They can't see you unless they happen to have a telephoto lens on a camera!

 Edge:  So this is where you went.  And you said there a lot of people at the park?
 need2sub:  TONS Sir.  i almost thought that i'd have to abandon my plan and go with out an orgasm!  i was/am really frustrated.
 Edge:  You're *still* frustrated?  You did get your orgasm right?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  <eyes down> But i'm still very aroused.  i sat down on a blanket i had and ate my salad.  After that i tightened my belt, as You had ordered, then pulled off my panties.  i have a wooden basket that i set in front of me so that i would be pretty well hidden.
 Edge:  But you were still out in the open, right?  Weren't you afraid of being seen?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir, i was, but i was SO horny.  i pulled out my tampon, then discovered that i had to pee very badly.
 Edge:  What did you do?
 need2sub:  <blushing> i squatted over my Tupperware salad bowl and went in that.  It was strange, being out side, i felt so free!  After i finished peeing, i put the bowl aside and began to masturbate.  i had to pull up my dress and sit on a towel because i'm bleeding a lot right now.  But my hand felt so good that i came very fast.  The tightness of my top and how it crushed my sore breasts were a real turn-on.  i was also turned on because the shirt i wore over my top is too thin for me to remove the top and still be decent.  So, no matter how uncomfortable i got, i'd still have to wear it.  <eyes down> It's the closest i can come to being under Your direct control.
 Edge:  Sounds like you had a lot of fun.
 need2sub:  i did Sir, but after i masturbated i started rubbing myself again.  i didn't cum, but it would have been easy.  i cleaned my fingers as You have taught me and wiped myself down with the towel.  But at the moment, i'm pretty frustrated wearing panties that are soaking wet and with breasts that are really aching.  When i was finished, i realized that i couldn't go right back to work because ... well, i smelled like i'd spent the entire lunch hour making love.  So i had to stop and get cleaned up at a rest room at a gas station.  Thank god for handy wipes!

 Well, Brad thought, that explained why she was back so late.

 Edge:  So you had a good time.
 need2sub:  yes Sir.  Thank You for letting me have an orgasm.  Did i please You?
 Edge:  Yes, you did.  I'd love to see you in that top though.  BTW, what did you do with the bowl?
 need2sub:  i still have it.
 Edge:  Very funny. I meant did you clean it out at the station?
 need2sub:  Actually, i forgot to - i dumped it out here in the parking lot.
 Edge:  Just wondering.

 Brad had kept an eye on the cams in her cube.  Through most of the conversation she'd just been typing, but near the end her hand had slipped between her thighs to rub her pussy through her panties.  They were quite wet and she was squirming in her seat.

 Edge:  What would you say if I told you that if we were together IRL that tonight would be a very rough night for you?
 need2sub:  Rough?
 Edge:  Yes.  Sometimes, I get in the mood to use a sub just for my own pleasure.  It can be a selfish mood, a strict mood or a slightly sadistic mood.  Often it's a combination of all of them.
 need2sub:  i'd like to think i would do what ever You wanted me to do.
 Edge:  I see.  Well, I'll give you a little example.  Suppose you hadn't dumped out that container and I told you I wanted you to drink some of it?  Would you have done it?

 Donna's hand started to press hard into her sex - her lips now seen clearly through the soaked material.

 need2sub:  i would follow Your directions, if i knew that it would please You.  i understand what You mean by a mood - i have moods something like that too.
 Edge:  Oh?
 It took a few seconds for her to answer.  Brad was splitting his attention between the keyboard and the screen, where Donna's fingers had pushed aside her panties and were roughly pulling on her inner lips.  Before she answered, she removed her hand and sucked her fingers.

 need2sub:  Well, not exactly like that, but sometimes i don't want to make decisions, or have to think about anything.  i just want a Master to use me however he wishes.  It's a strange kind of mood, very sexual, but more about a feeling of completion i get by serving someone, or being used for their pleasure.  i'm sorry i emptied the bowl.
 Edge:  LOL NP.  How could you have known how sadistic and perverted I was feeling?
 need2sub: <smiling> It is a slave's job to know these things.  Since i've failed You are You going to punish me again? <looking innocent and hopeful>
 Edge:  You are a little slut aren't you?
 need2sub:  <looking down>  Yes Sir.  Is there something that Your slut can do for You?
 Edge:  Yes, you can stop teasing me.  I'm at work and there isn't anything that I can do here.
 need2sub:  <sighing>  i understand Sir. i'm also at work.  And my roommate will be home tonight.
 Edge:  Speaking of your roommate, perhaps we should talk about what went on with you two last night.  If you're going to be around later, I'll message you.
 need2sub:  i'll be home.
 Edge:  Since I'm such a nice person, I'll tell you what...
 need2sub: Uh oh.  Yes Sir?  How may i serve You?
 Edge:  Well, You've mentioned that that top is really bothering you.  So, for your drive home, I'll allow you to take it off.  For your own comfort, of course.  In fact, I insist.
 need2sub:  Um Sir, if i do that, it'll be pretty obvious that i'm not wearing anything underneath.  Plus if it gets wet at all, the shirt gets pretty see-thru.
 Edge:  Ah, that changes things then.
 need2sub:  How Sir? <thinking that she's *really* in for it now.>
 Edge:  <thinking she's right>  Well, since it's so hot, you should drive with the windows opened in the car.  That way you'll be cool.
 need2sub:  Um, Sir?  i do have air-conditioning.  That would be a lot cooler.
 Edge:  Now, now, with the change in weather, we wouldn't want you to get a chill now would we.  No, open windows will do just fine.  And I'm sure that somewhere along the way home, you'll have to stop and enter a store to buy *something*.
 need2sub: <blushing>  Yes Sir, i'm sure that that can be arraigned.
 Edge:  Good! I'm going to log off and I'll contact you tonight.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  Sir You know that i'll be exposing myself where ever i get out.  With the heat i'm bound to sweat and that will make it very easy to see through the shirt.
 Edge:  Is there a problem with my orders?
 need2sub:  <in a small voice>  no Sir.
 Edge:  Excellent.  We'll talk tonight.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  And thank You again for letting me have an orgasm.
 Edge:  You're welcome.

 They signed off and Brad leaned back in his chair one eye on the cams.  Her hand was back in between her legs, pinching her clit and her eyes were closed.  She did that until it became apparent that she was going to cum, then she ripped her hand away from he sex.  Brad smiled.  It was good that he wasn't the only one being frustrated today.

 It was also unlikely that his mood would have changed by the time they talked tonight.  In fact, if he viewed that video when he got home, it was likely that it would worsened somewhat.  He smiled again.  He wondered just what he could get Donna to do while her roommate was in the house...

End Office Games Pt. 8

Office Games Pt. 9

 When Brad finally got home, he couldn't wait to view the video.  It was unlikely that Donna was home yet anyway, since she had that stop to make on her way.  He grinned and wished that he could be where ever it was she stopped.  It was a shame that he couldn't order her to stop at a specific place, but he didn't want to tip his hand about knowing the area.  As soon as he got home he had a decision to make: look at the video or wait for later.  He *could* pull out the video that he'd just made, but he knew he'd never make it through it with out cuming.  He would rather do that while he was online with Donna.

 He grabbed some food while trying to cool down.  He really wanted her, live and in person, but every time he thought about that coming true, that damn little gremlin in his head jumped out and pounced on his ego.  Aside from sex, there was just nothing in common between them, and he knew that he'd fuck things up by wanting too much from her.  He was coming to acknowledge that he cared a lot for her.  He grinned thinking that it was a lust filled caring, but then lust could - should, be part of love.  The gremlin absolutely fell over it's self laughing about that one.  He mentally swatted at it, missed as usual, and the thing fled leaving only a slowly spinning sign that had the words FOOL written in bright red.  Brad sighed, frustrated, horny and a bit lonely and went about his business.

 He waited for another hour before logging on.  He checked his email - nothing, then logged onto ICQ.  need2sub was already online.

 Edge:  Hello.
 need2sub:  Hello Sir.
 Edge:  How was your ride home?
 need2sub:  Frustrating.  Scary and somewhat humiliating.  In short, i can't remember a time when i've been this horny!
 Edge:  So, following my directions to expose yourself aroused you?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir. A LOT!

 Poor baby, thought Brad.  Now she knew how he felt the entire day.  His evil/playful mood was rapidly returning.  He wondered just how far he could push Donna tonight.  He wondered if he should even try.  Considering how he felt, if they were in real life, tonight he be pushing her limits, that's for sure.

 Edge:  Is your roommate home?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir, she's sitting on couch - mostly naked, as usual, and looking all soft and clean from her shower.  God she's hot!
 Edge:  So, tell me about your ride home.
 need2sub:  i went to the car and removed my shirt, then the lace top.  It was very hot - i think that it set a record here.  Anyway, that was a trick to do with out being seen and i was very excited.  Also so nervous, since there were people leaving the building for the day.  The car was very hot and i started to sweat a bit.  When i finally got going i noticed i needed gas so i went to a station that i never go to because they are so expensive.
 Edge:  A gas station!  Gee, you really did want to display your self!
 need2sub:  Yes, Sir.  i am/was feeling *so* horny and *so* submissive.  i thought that my actions would please You.
 Edge:  They did.  What are you wearing now?
 need2sub:  Just a pair of panties.  i had to change out of the other ones.  They were soaked and it would be pretty obvious to my roommate.  Besides, it's pretty warm in here but not too bad and since neither of us are wearing any clothes, the air conditioning would be over kill.
 Edge:  What's your roommate wearing?
 need2sub: <squirming>  A thin crop top and panties.
 Edge:  Does looking at her excite you?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  You know that i have fantasies about you both.
 Edge:  Does she know that you are online with me?
 need2sub:  She knows that i'm online, but i didn't tell her specifically that i'd be on with you.
 Edge:  Continue with your story.  And while you do, why don't you play with yourself a bit.

 There was a pause.  Brad wondered if she'd balk or not.  If she wouldn't do this, then there were other things he had planned that she would *really* balk at tonight.  She only *thought* she couldn't play while her roommate was home.  He had other plans for her.

 need2sub:  You *do* know that my roommate is less then 15 feet away, right Sir?
  Edge:  Yes.  Is it likely that she'll see you?  And, if so, would it cause a problem between you?
 need2sub:  It's *possible* for her to see me, but not real likely - especially if i am very careful.  It's more likely that she would hear or smell me.   But after our conversation last night, i don't think it would cause a problem between us.
 Edge:  Glad to hear it.  The order stands.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir - but i'm so nervous and horny.  What if i start to cum?
 Edge:  Then I guess you'll be in lots of trouble unless you stop <WEG>

 After that her responses were a little slower, presumably because she was typing with one hand.

 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  So, when i got out to pump the gas at the station, i know that there were a number of people looking at me.  i mean, i did look kind of slutty - a short skirt and a see through top will do that to you.  i tried to ignore it, but it made me so hot to know they could see my breasts with out much effort.  When i went inside to pay, i knew it would be difficult.  i was *so* horny and nervous, there's no way anyone could miss my nipples - especially since it was air conditioned in there.  Not only that, but my scent was pretty strong at that point.  The guy behind the counter took a *long* time to count out my change, that's for sure.  By the time i got back to the car, i was soaked, panting and so aroused.  It took the whole drive home to calm down.  i did make it in here with out anyone seeing me.  KC was in the shower when i got here.
 Edge:  KC?
 need2sub:  Since i have to type one handed, writing out roommate every time is too hard.
 Edge:  So, you enjoyed having people watching you?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.
 Edge:  How wet are you now?
 need2sub: very.
 Edge:  So, I guess I should hear about this conversation that you had with KC last night.
 need2sub:  OK.  She's still on the couch btw.  And if she goes to get some food, she's going to see me.
 Edge:  The fortunes of war, m'dear.  Is my poor little slut still horny?
 need2sub:  yes
 Edge:  Does doing this where KC could catch you make you more aroused?
 need2sub:  very.
 Edge:  I bet you'd love to cum, wouldn't you?  Especially if I talked you through it while KC was on the couch.
 need2sub:  i think so, Sir.
 Edge:  You *think* so, eh?  Well, while you are thinking, why don't you clean your hand, go into your room and get the panties that you wore today.  Oh yes, and get the nipple loops as well.
 Again Brad wondered if he was pushing too far.  It took a short time for her to reply.

 need2sub:  BRB.

 Hmmm.  Apparently not.  Brad's earlier mood was back in full force.  His hard cock reminding him how much he'd love to have the woman as his slave.

 need2sub:  Back.
 Edge:  Great.  Are you excited thinking about what I might ask you to do?  Wondering how far you'll go or if you'll give up and beg me not to expose you to KC?
 need2sub:  Gods yes!  How is it that You can arouse me so much with just a few words?
 Edge:  All part of our friendly service.  Now, why don't you tell me what happened yesterday with KC.  That was something that you wanted to tell me, right?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  <trying to stop her hands from shaking>  i had finished cleaning up everything and i was coming out of the bedroom for one last check when i literally ran into her.  She'd gotten home earlier then i thought she would.  i'd cleaned up the toys, but i was completely nude.  i was intending to do a last check, then wipe my thighs with a cloth before putting on panties.  There was a lot of blood and cum on my thighs and i didn't want to get it all over everything, or to gross out KC.  Anyway, she was very surprised to see me.
 Edge:  I bet.
 need2sub: <smiling>  i was very startled, then mortified because there was no way to hide what i looked - and smelled -like.  She just looked at me and asked if she should leave until i was finished.  i was so shaken up that i said the first thing that came to mind, that we were finished.  Naturally, that made me blush a lot.  i don't fluster easy, but here i was, obviously still sexually aroused, smelling and looking like i'd just been fucked, facing my (for once) fully dressed roommate.  It didn't help that she looked *so* hot.  <blush>  i found myself wanting to kneel to her - You left me in that much of a submissive mood.
 Edge: C'mon, you find her sexy anyway and you've told me that you'd like to submit to her and me at the same time.
 need2sub:  Yes i did, but the reality of having another woman see me this exposed was quite different.  Scary, embarrassing and exciting at the same time.
 Edge:  Does thinking about it now arouse you?
 need2sub:  Yes, but not as much as what came later - and i bet it's not what You're thinking!
 Edge:  Thinking or hoping?
 need2sub:  <grinning>  Maybe both.  i'll tell You that we didn't have sex, or anything even close, but i was still excited all the same.  She just stood there with this smile on her face asking me to tell her why i had marks all over me.  Especially when it was obvious that i had been alone in the house.  Truthfully Sir, if she had commanded me to serve her, i don't know what i would have done.  But i doubt that she knows enough to know that.  She is really naive about BDSM.
 Edge:  Go on.
 need2sub:  She was very insistent about knowing what had happened, and bugged me until i agreed to tell her what had happened.  When i tried to tell her i needed to get cleaned up a little before i could speak to her, she said something that really embarrassed me - and made me almost melt.

 There was a pause.  Brad waited, then typed a message.

 Edge:  You going to make me pull these little details out of you?
 need2sub:  Sorry, she just got up to go to the kitchen and i didn't want her to see what was on the screen.  i did get a very curious look though.
 Edge:  Is she still in there?
 need2sub:  No, Sir.
 Edge:  Good, now you can tell me what she said that made you so embarrassed.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  She said that she didn't mind how i looked, or smelled, and begged me to tell her what happened.  She grabbed my hand and kinda tugged on my toward the living room.
 Edge:  She pulled you into the living room?
 need2sub:  Not exactly - just sort of a playful tug.  i went, but when she sat on the couch, i realized that i couldn't because i'd stain it.  So i knelt on the floor at her feet.  i think that somehow, you left me in or near sub-space because kneeling at her feet really aroused me.  i ended up telling her almost everything that happened.  Most of the things you made me do, but not all.  She looked like it was getting her excited.  She also asked if i could cum during a session like that.  i told her yes, but that i wasn't allowed tonight because i was being punished.  And that set her off on a whole new round of questioning.
 Edge:  Wow - you told her a lot.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  You told me to use my judgment, and i did.  Was i correct?
 Edge:  Sure - as long as she wasn't disturbed by what you told her.
 need2sub:  Well, she was shifting in her seat by the end and i don't think she was angry<smile>
 Edge:  Boy, they weren't kidding when they said that girls are explicit when they talk!
 need2sub:  We like all the details <grinning>
 need2sub:  Sir?  If KC had wanted me, and i'd let her use me, would You have been angry?

 Brad's heart clenched as he once again contemplated loosing this woman - especially to another woman!  It was very tough, but he didn't want to come off as a jealous asshole.

 Edge:  I didn't tell you that you couldn't play with other people.  Do you want to serve her?
 need2sub:  Not exactly.
 Edge:  What do you mean by that?
 need2sub:  i want to serve You.
 Edge:  I'm flattered.  What if I told you that, if she ever tried to use you, that you should go along with it?
 need2sub:  i *think* i would do it.  i honestly don't know, Sir.  i guess it's kind of sexy for You to think of me serving a woman.
 Edge:  Yes, it is.  But, at this time, i certainly wouldn't order you to do it.  If the subject comes up between you two, use your best judgment and tell me about it later.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir. i think i would most likely tell her that i have to ask Your permission.  Is that OK Sir?
 Edge:  Yes, that's fine.  So, has all this talk kept your interest peeked?
 need2sub:  About what?
 Edge:  Are you still horny?
 need2sub:  LOL - that's beginning to be a constant thing around You Sir.
 Edge:  Would you like to cum?
 need2sub:  i think so.
 Edge:  You *think* so?  You're not sure if you'd like to have another orgasm?
 need2sub:  i'm not sure i can do what ever it is You have in Your ... creative... mind.
 Edge:  LOL Ah, she doesn't trust me!  I'm crushed, but, I do understand.  I'm sure that you don't need to cum again today anyway.  Or tomorrow...
 need2sub:  SIR!  That's not what i meant!
 Edge:  Oh, so you DO want to cum again...
 need2sub:  if that is Your wish, Sir.
 Edge:  Of course, it wouldn't do to make it too easy on you...
 need2sub:  No Sir.
 Edge:  Well, I can write to you, and you can masturbate.  Starting now.  Of course, since KC is in the room with you, you'll have to be quite.  You can do that best by gagging yourself with the panties that you wore earlier today.
 need2sub:  You like having me do that, don't You?
 Edge:  Yes, I do.  I like the thought of you being gagged with your own taste on your tongue.  Is that a turn-off to you?
 need2sub:  No Sir.  It is a little humiliating, but apparently a little humiliation makes me hot.
 Edge:  Good - so you're up for the challenge?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.
 Edge:  OK.  Remember, you can't leave the chair to do this.  You'll have to risk getting caught by KC.
 need2sub:  i know Sir, i guess that is what makes it more exciting.
 Edge:  Oh yes, and I'd like you to apply those nipple nooses - nice and tight.  Even though I can't see you now, I can imagine how those wonderful nipples of yours will be all hard from the pressure.
 need2sub:  She's going to see that.
 Edge:  If she says anything, open note pad and write a message saying that we're playing and you'll explain later.

 Brad didn't think that she'd go for this, but in his mood, he really didn't care.  He wanted to see what her limits were and now was a good time to start.

 need2sub:  Done Sir.
 Edge:  You are allowed one orgasm.  You may start now, while I write to you.  You don't need to concentrate on writing back, if you don't want to.  I suspect that you'll have enough trouble keeping KC from knowing what you're doing.
 need2sub:  You want her to find out, don't You?
 Edge:  Not exactly.  What I want is to start finding you limits.  Can't push on something if I don't know where it is.
 need2sub:  i understand Sir.
 Edge:  So, look over at KC.  She's pretty hot, eh?
 need2sub:  yes
 Edge:  Can you imagine what it would be like if I had been there the other night instead of just being online?  And she had shown an interest in getting physical with you?  Imagine me standing there, giving her permission to touch you, play with you.
 need2sub:  Oh Sir, this isn't going to take long at all..
 Edge:  Got you excited?  Imagine me cuffing your hands behind you, then tying your elbows together.  I could put some clips on your nipples and tell her that you had to make her cum before I'll remove them.  You would already have been in a collar, so I would have pulled you to your feet and into the living room.  There, she would have already removed her panties, but not her skirt.  We both would have been dressed and you would be serving nude, on your knees.
 Edge:  I would have set you in front of her and ordered you to pleasure her.  Imagine your beautiful friend leaning back on the sofa, her feet on the cushions, legs spread and holding your head, guiding you with her hands to her pussy.
 Edge:  Of course, it would be boring if I just stood there, but with a handy whip, I could start laying stripes on your ass.  You would buck with each strike, your mouth sucking her soaked cunt while the chain on the nipple clamps pulled and tugged on your sore nipples.
 Edge:  Her first orgasm arrives, you are jealous and aroused because she has had what your body is craving.  Her scent fills your nose and you jerk again, the sharp slap of the whip reminding you of your place.
 Edge:  Soon, she nears another orgasm, your mouth and chin are sticky with her secretions.  As she begins to orgasm, she grabs your head pulling you into her sex and I change the angle of the whip.  Up it strikes, slapping onto your pussy causing your to scream into her cunt, the vibration making it better for her as once again she cums in your mouth.

 Brad waited.  Evidently, Donna had cum, with her roommate in the same room.  She'd tapped the enter key to signal him that she had finished.

 Edge:  Yes?

 Brad waited again.

 need2sub:  Sorry.  Recovering.  had to use message to roommate.
 Edge:  So, you were unsuccessful in keeping her from noticing your orgasm?
 need2sub:  Sort of.  i think that i'll have more explaining to do tonight.  She saw parts of Your message.  i guess she'd gone back into the kitchen and i was too preoccupied to notice.  oops.
 Edge:  So, you came?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir - very hard.  i like Your description of what You'd like to see happen.
 Edge:  You can remove the nipple nooses and the panties now.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  i should probably go now.  i haven't eaten or anything yet.  Shall i assume that i'm not allowed to shower until the morning?
 Edge:  Yes, unless you think that KC will be offended.
 need2sub:  she wasn't the other night.
 Edge:  OK - if you get a chance, write me an email telling me what happens.  Oh, and if you do end up explaining what happened tonight - ensure that you are kneeling on the floor when you have the conversation.
 need2sub: <eyes down>  Yes Sir.  i will do that.  i'm sorry that i have to go.  If i were there, i hope that You would allow me to satisfy You.
 Edge:  No worries there.  <smile>  And boy do I have something that needs some satisfaction!
 need2sub:  i'm sorry to leave You like this Sir.
 Edge:  No matter.  I'll look for your email.  Good night
 need2sub:  Good night Sir.

 They signed off.

 Brad sat back for a minute imagining Donna masturbating in front of her computer, her roommate only feet away.  Then he went and got out the video that he'd taken this afternoon and watched it.  It didn't take long for him to cum either.

 He checked his email before going to bed but there wasn't anything - other then spam, of course.  It irritated him that Hotmail would strip out the latest worm that was going around, but still charge his account over a 100k for each message, even though the messages were blank.  He supposed that he should be happy that they were getting rid of the worm at all, but since they were always pressuring people to buy more space (like what part of anonymous didn't they understand?) they were probably allowing blank 130k messages on purpose.

 Brad slept well and found himself whistling on his way to the office.  Things with need2sub were going well - in cyber, anyway.  Thinking back though, he realized that he hadn't actually seen her - aside from the park, in several days.  Well, that wasn't too unusual, although considering they were sharing a project, they should touch base more often.  Was he the one avoiding her?  He didn't think so, but he hadn't gone out of his way to speak to her either.  Well, they had a small presentation to give Friday, so he'd have to see her before then.  He smiled, in fact, perhaps he could find a way to make that presentation more interesting for her.  If he could come up with something good, he was sure he'd enjoy it as well.

 When he got to the office, he sat down fully intending to get to his email - but there were too many interruptions.  He ended up having to wait until lunch.  When he looked, there was no messages for him.  He frowned - Donna usually sent him something in the morning.  Oh well, perhaps later.  He was just closing the program when Donna entered his office.  She looked fantastic, as usual, in a white top and jeans that outlined her ass and legs quite nicely.  It was a new look for her - he'd never seen her in jeans before and she looked damn good.  She also looked pretty tired.

 They spoke for about fifteen minutes about the presentation on Friday.  He rarely made personal comments to her about anything, but did say something about her looking tired.  She smiled and said that she hadn't gotten much sleep last night.  The smile was slow and sexy.  She turned and left.  Brad was caught between arousal at what that might mean, and fear at what that might mean.  Had she and KC had sex?  Maybe, and that was why she wasn't writing to him.  Perhaps she had decided to hook up with KC instead.  He hurriedly reopened the email program, but there was still no new mail.  Brad spent the rest of the afternoon trying to be busy to keep his mind off of Donna, but it didn't help.  He was nervous and anxious and those feelings grew through out the day.   He knew that it was his insecurity with their relationship and it depressed him when he realized that, when it came right down to it, they didn't have a relationship - at least not a normal one.

 He was slightly depressed when he arrived home.  He looked at the computer, thought of turning it on, then somewhat angrily decided against it.  He left and went to the gym and worked out his frustrations pushing against the heavy weights.  It was over an hour later that he was getting ready to walk out the door.  He bent to take a drink then saw something in the mirror that made him freeze.  Donna and a very cute blond were at the desk speaking to the guy working there.  From where he was, Brad could easily see the guy giving them a serious once over.

 He really wanted to know what they were doing here.  He didn't think that he'd ever seen the blond - KC?, at the club, but it was a big place.  He knew Donna wasn't a member.  Perhaps she was joining with KC.  Well, no matter, he managed to make it out of the place with out being seen by either of them.  He sat in the car thinking.  Had they really gotten together last night?  If so, he had no one to blame but himself.  Brad was not in a good mood on his drive home.

End Office Games Pt. 9

Office Games Pt. 10

 Brad had really worked himself into a state on the way home.  Here he was, he'd found a great girl, and then lost her - to another woman - in a week!  He frowned at the computer on the way up to the bathroom, showered, changed, then went downstairs and booted the stupid thing up.  Dinner was some rolled up slices of lunchmeat and cheese wolfed down while he waited an interminable amount of time for Windoze to finally boot up.  Up it came and he quickly logged onto his Hotmail account - only to find it was down.  Brad was not amused.

 It took almost a half hour to finally get into his mail.  There was a message from need2sub!  That was good.  He opened it and started reading.

 Thank You for allowing me to have another orgasm.  KC and i talked for a little while and i explained that we were playing.  i told her i was sorry if i upset her.  She said that she wasn't upset, but was surprised that we were doing it with her at home.  i explained that You were testing my limits, then had to explain what that meant.  i was kneeling on the floor as i spoke to her, and i told her why (that You had ordered me to).  We had long talk and are becoming very good friends.  i think she is really curious about BDSM, she asks me more about it all the time.  She wanted to know how the nipple nooses felt.  i told her that they didn't really hurt, but that i found them quite nice.  She didn't ask me if she could try them, but i think she wanted to!
 i am going with her to her gym tonight because they are having a special.  i needed to join a good gym anyway and this place sounds nice.  i would have contacted You earlier, but i have a presentation this Friday (nothing too big) and i was very busy today.  i hope that You had a good day and that You will be online tonight when i get home.


 Brad sat back in his chair as the pounding in his heart receded.  The gremlin, never very far away when Donna was involved, was holding up a big tarot card - the Fool of course.   Brad scowled at the little bastard but acknowledged that that was exactly how he had been acting.  He didn't even try to take a swipe at the thing and it sulked off in disappointment.

 So, Donna was joining his gym.  He leaned back and remembered what the two women looked like from behind.  KC was a bit shorter then Donna, had a fuller ass and well toned legs.  Quite hot.  There was little doubt that the two of them together would be drawing some looks.  Brad wondered what type of workout Donna did.  She was a lot thinner then KC, who had the look of someone who had spent some time with weight training.  Perhaps he could find a way to make Donna's workouts a little more interesting.

 Brad wanted to contact need2sub, but didn't think she'd be back from the gym yet.  He puttered around the house for over an hour before deciding to log onto ICQ to see if she was on.  She was so he sent her a message.

 Edge:  Hey there.
 Eventually a reply came back.

 need2sub:  Hello Sir!  How are You tonight?
 Edge:  Fine.  I got your message about last night.  I'm glad that you didn't annoy KC.
 need2sub:  She wasn't annoyed at all, but now she's VERY curious about us.
 Edge:  Maybe you could get her to sub to you!
 need2sub:  <smile>  i don't think i'm enough of a dominant to do that.  Besides, i still don't know if she's bi or not.  i think because she's caught me in sexual situations several times now, that she's embarrassed to tell me.
 Edge:  Did you tell her that you are?
 need2sub:  <blushing>  well, i kind of hinted at it.
 Edge:  How did the new gym work out?
 need2sub:  Great, actually.  i like it and i'm going to be changing over from where i am now.
 Edge:  What sort of workout do you do?
 need2sub:  i love aerobic dance.  But KC does that *and* the machines.  So i might try them as well.
 Edge:  hmmm - that presents some interesting opportunities.
 need2sub:  Oh?
 Edge:  Sure.  I'm certain that I can find all kinds of things for you to do there.
 need2sub:  Uh oh.
 Edge:  Don't worry - I wouldn't want you to do anything that would get you thrown out of the club.  But I'm sure there will be things that I can have you do that will be enjoyable.
 need2sub:  For me? <grinning>
 Edge:  Have I steered you wrong yet?
 need2sub:  You mean aside from having me expose myself in public and masturbate to orgasm in front of my roommate?
 Edge:  Tell me - did you get off on those things?
 need2sub:  Oh yes.
 Edge:  And do you trust me to find other things that you'll like?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  i've never been as turned on as when i'm serving You.  i'm sure that the next thing You have me do will be a lot of fun.
 Edge:  Speaking of that ...
 need2sub:  <waits expectantly>
 Edge:  About that presentation that you're giving on Friday.
 need2sub:  <cautiously>  Yes?
 Edge:  Well, I was thinking that you could do some things for me for that day.  Is it going to be a difficult pitch?

 Brad knew damn well, since he was the lead of the project and giving most of the pitch, that it was going to be a cakewalk.  Some upper management clones wanted to know how things were coming along.  The project was pretty big and did have a fairly high profile but the whole presentation wouldn't take more then an hour.  Well, considering some of the pointy haired idiots that would be there, perhaps an hour and a half.  Donna's part was only 15 minutes.

 need2sub:  Well, the project is a big deal, but i'm not the lead.  i think that it'll only take me 10 or 15 minutes to do my part.  But there will be some bigwigs there and they already don't like the fact that i'm on the project because i'm so young.  And a woman.

 Brad winced.  She didn't know the half of it.  Some upper management dweeb had gotten it into his head early on that Donna wasn't going to cut it and had tried to get her removed.  Brad, having already seen her work had said that he didn't want her removed.  Some rather nasty comments were made about Brad's real reason for keeping her.  He knew that he hadn't scored any points by pointing out that the man's comments might be frowned on by personnel.  But the fact was, she was an asset and he was tired of having good people pulled out from under him.  Fortunately that moron had retired last week.  Somehow Brad had managed to miss the retirement luncheon.  Ironically, Donna had gone.

 Edge:  I told you that I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize your job and I meant it.  If you really feel that it'll be a problem, then we'll skip it.
 need2sub:  Could You tell me what You had in mind?
 Edge:  What were you going to wear for the presentation?
 need2sub:  Something conservative.
 Edge:  OK.  You can be as conservative as you'd like.  On the outside. <EG>
 need2sub:  i'm listening
 Edge:  Underneath that conservative dress, I'd like you to wear a few things.
 need2sub:  such as?
 Edge:  On top, I'd like you to wear the thing you wore the other day.  The really tight top you wore to the park.  I would also like you to purchase, if you can and don't already have them, some thigh highs that will go with what you are wearing.  And a thong that is a bit too small for you.
 need2sub:  This is sounding interesting.  What else will You require of me?
 Edge:  That's all I need to tell you now. <grinning>  Do you think you can handle that?
 need2sub:  As long as nothing i do will show on the outside.
 Edge:  We'll work with it, but I don't think it will.  There's one more thing.
 need2sub:  Of course Sir, You rarely make anything this easy for me.
 Edge:  Just think of how bored you'd be if I did.  Sometime during the day, I want you to 'inadvertently' flash your thong at one of the people that you are presenting with.
 need2sub:  There's only one other person, and the last time i flashed him, he didn't even notice. <pouting now>

 Brad grinned to himself.  Of course he knew there was only one other presenter - it was him!  Poor Donna, she thought that he'd ignored her when she'd flashed him the last time.  If she only knew!

 Edge:  Well perhaps he'll notice this time.  You like flashing, this should be fun for you.  Do you have a real problem with it?
 need2sub:  i don't like to be ignored <BIGGER pout>
 Edge:  Well, I suppose that you could choose someone else...
 need2sub:  No Sir, that's OK.  Maybe he's gay.  He's quite cute, but I've never heard of him dating.  Seems like a nice clean cut guy, a little quiet.  Yea, he's probably gay.

 He is NOT gay you little twit! thought Brad.  Just wait until I get my hands on you... you're gonna pay for that one.

 Edge:  Now now, you shouldn't go making assumptions about folks.  Perhaps he's just shy around pretty girls or something.  Maybe you'll brighten up his day.  But as I said, if you have a problem with choosing him, you could choose someone else.
 need2sub:  That's OK.  Maybe he did notice.  And if he told anyone else, and i flash someone else... well, let's just say that's a reputation i could do without.
 Edge:  I understand.  So you don't have any problems with what I've asked of you?
 need2sub:  Not so far Sir.
 Edge:  Good, then I'll give you the rest of your instructions on Thursday evening.

 They drifted off into more casual conversation.  Brad enjoyed it a lot as Donna often surprised him with her comments.  Perhaps they had more in common then he thought.  That wasn't enough to make him change his mind about letting her know who he was.
 Thursday went by quickly.  need2sub sent him an email early in the day asking if he was ready to give her her instructions.  His answer was one word:  no.  Nothing like a little anticipation.  What he had in mind was pretty tame, but considering that they would be at work, it would be a turnon for him standing right next to her knowing what she was going though.  He checked his email one more time before leaving for the gym.  There was another note.

   There are a couple of things that i wanted to tell You that i thought You'd like to know.  First thing is that KC is leaving Friday after work and won't be back until Sunday evening.  The second thing is that i have to go out of town for a few days starting Wednesday of next week.  i'm going to be visiting the folks and i don't know what kind of time i'll have to access the net.  i might be able to get a laptop from work, but even if i do, i'll only have dialup access.  i'll be coming back Sunday morning from there.

   i haven't received Your instructions yet - i hope that they haven't gotten dumped in the bit bucket :)


 Well, thought Brad.  That was good news and bad news.  He didn't want to be out of contact with her for all those days, but the roommate being gone for the weekend could present some interesting opportunities.  He replied:

   KC being gone certainly presents some interesting possibilities.  We can talk online tonight about those.  As for you going out of town, well, I hope that everything is OK at home.  I'll miss being able to speak to you, but, as you've said, it's only a few days.  When we talk tonight, I'll give you your instructions for tomorrow.


 Brad signed off and left work.  Once he arrived home he puttered around until he thought that Donna would be online and turned on the computer.  Once again he marveled at the fact that, no matter how fast the hardware became, certain large software companies managed to extend the bootup time by bloating their software.  Donna was online.

 need2sub:  Good evening Sir!
 Edge:  How are you?
 need2sub:  Fine.  Just eagerly awaiting Your orders.
 Edge:  Heh - I guess you do seem a bit eager.  Did you find all the stuff that I asked you to get?
 need2sub:  So far.
 Edge:  Excellent.  Here is your task.  Tomorrow, about a half hour before your meeting, go somewhere private and put on the nipple nooses that you'll have with you.  You may then masturbate *almost* to orgasm.  Once you've done that, I want you to insert the Ben Wa balls.  Leave on the nipple nooses and then go to your presentation.  You are not allowed to cum.  There now, that shouldn't be too hard, should it?  Oh yea, don't forget to bring the Tiger Balm with you <WEG>.

 There was silence, then she wrote back:

 need2sub:  Sir, You are evil.
 Edge:  Oh?  Too much for you?
 need2sub:  Those things are going to drive me CRAZY!  Especially if i can't come after doing all that.
 Edge:  OK, I understand.  I'll withdraw the orders.
 need2sub:  It's OK, Sir.  i think i can do it.  i don't want to disappoint You, but i think it's going to be tough.  i only have to speak for 15 minutes, i should be able to survive that <smile>
 Edge:  No, no, that's OK, I don't want to stress you out too much.  If work weren't involved it'd be a different story, you know.
 need2sub:  If it's too much for me, i won't do it.
 Edge:  Ensure that when you remove the Ben Wa balls, you clean them properly.
 need2sub:  How long should i leave them in?
 Edge:  You can take them out after the presentation.
 need2sub:  OK.
 Edge:  Your reward will be one orgasm - anyway you want it.
 need2sub:  Anyway i want it?  What does that mean?
 Edge:  Well, if we were together IRL, then you could choose.  I could eat you to orgasm, or use my cock or hand or vibrator, tie you or not.  All your choice.

 She didn't reply right away.

 need2sub:  May i save the orgasm that i will earn tomorrow?
 Edge:  Oooo, pretty confident, aren't you?  Save it why?
 need2sub:  <blushing and whispering>  Maybe until i meet You for real?

 Brad froze at the keyboard.  He knew that eventually there would be discussions of a real life meeting - things had been going too well for that not to happen.  But still, he had no idea how he was going to deal with it.  Brad was not convinced that she'd be happy to meet him in person.  Come to think of it, she might just think that he'd been playing her for a fool.  After all, she was quite intelligent and she'd have to know that there was no way he could be ignorant of her identity.  This was a problem for another day.  He could still break it off and she'd be none the wiser.

 He'd waited to long to answer, as her next message indicated:

 need2sub:  i'm sorry Sir, that was very forward of me.
 Edge:  No, that's OK.  If you'd like to save it for later, that's fine by me.
 need2sub:  i'm sorry.  i know that i can be a little anxious sometimes.
 Edge:  As I said, not to worry.  The next part of your adventure tomorrow is this:  If by some miracle you manage to flash your target *during* the presentation, you earn *2* more orgasms, anyway you want them.
 need2sub:  WOW!  That makes it really worth trying.  i guess it'll depend on the layout of the room, but the reward makes it very tempting.  Actually, from what i remember, i should be able to do that <EG>.  i hope i don't distract him TOO much.
 Edge:  Good.  You'll have to let me know and NO cheating!
 need2sub:  Sir, i hope You know that i don't cheat.
 Edge:  You have given me no indication that you do.  Now, let's talk about Saturday.
 need2sub:  Saturday?
 Edge:  Sure.  With KC gone it opens up all sorts of possibilities for the day.  Especially when you add in the web cam that you have.
 need2sub:  What did You have in mind?
 Edge:  For starters, were you serious about getting those new high heels?  And if so, is there a place that you can get them.
 need2sub:  i will get the heels for You Sir, and i think that there's a place nearby for me to get them.
 Edge:  Good.  Tomorrow night we'll talk about your day and what you should do to prepare for Sat.
 need2sub:  OK.  Sir, what about the Tiger Balm?
 Edge:  I was wondering if you'd remember that.  Perhaps you can think of something interesting to do with it - or not.  Your choice. <EG>

 They talked a little more, then signed off.  Brad grinning as he thought to himself what a fine day tomorrow had the potential to be.  His dreams that night were a disturbing mixture of the meeting between him and Donna.  Disturbing because they alternated between her throwing herself on her knees and pledging herself to him and her taking a chair and hitting him with it.

 Brad awoke the next morning with the dreams still in his head.  He lay there, thoughts of meeting her drifting through his head.  Maybe she would be happy to find out it was him.  He snorted betting on her reaction involving the chair.

 The drive to work went fast.  He wasn't paying that much attention to traffic which made for a pleasant ride.  Upon arriving, he set to work ensuring that everything would be ready for the presentation.  He gave a thought to activating the cameras, but decided against it.  He wanted to be surprised by what Donna had chosen to wear.  It was a real turnon to know what was under it.  The presentation started at ten, but time seemed to drag and at 8:30 he found himself tapping his fingers on his desk in impatience.  Then his thoughts started to drift to what he'd have Donna do this weekend.  It wasn't long before his cock was quite hard, and easily seen through his thin dress pants, as he anticipated both today and tomorrow.

 At 9:45 he and Donna met in the conference room.  Brad was quite please with what she was wearing.  Careful observation showed that she was moving a bit carefully then normal.  She had on a nice suit jacket and a skirt with hose and rather conservative heels.  Especially for her.  The skirt wasn't too short, but was above the knee.  He wondered if he would be seeing the panties underneath.  They spoke for a few minutes while Brad set up the laptop.  His glances at Donna showed that she was a bit flushed and a little distracted.  The room was warm and several times when they were close he could detect a faint scent of her arousal.  It had an effect on him, especially since he knew why she was aroused, and that effect was hard to control.  At least in jeans he had a chance of hiding a large, hard cock.  In the thin dress pants, no chance at all.  At once point Brad was able to see inside her suit jacket.   Her top was pretty tight and he thought that he could make out a bump were her nipple would be.  Considering that it should be constricted by a tight noose and irritated by the unlined top, the nipple should be quite hard.

 These thoughts were not conducive to either getting things ready, or keeping his cock soft.  He managed though and started the presentation.  He did notice that she spent a fair amount of time subtly shifting in her seat.  Perspiration formed on her upper lip and when she walked past him to do her part, her scent was noticeably stronger.  Her presentation went without a hitch and as far as Brad could tell, the managers were suitably impressed.  He stood up to give the final portion of the presentation.

 Naturally as he stood there, he wondered if Donna was going to be able to carry through in her mission.  The end of the presentation was less then five minutes away.  Of course, there was still the question and answer period to get through.  She wouldn't be up here for that, but there was the possibility that she'd be called upon to answer some questions.

 Brad allowed his eyes to sweep the room.  He'd never understood why people were afraid of public speaking.  He liked it.  One of the reasons that he liked it was because it allowed him a free reign to check out the audience and not look like he was staring at people.  His eyes swept past Donna and he almost choked.

   The conference room was designed for giving presentations.  There was a large screen at the very front, with a recessed floor in front of it where a presenter could stand and point to things on the screen.  It was only a few steps lower then the rest of the room.  To one side was the podium where a person could speak from. A speaker could also do what Brad had done and just stand in the middle and let people look down on him.  It was sort of a hold over from the old days when there was a viewer that people could put viewgraphs on.  One person could be switching them in the pit, the other speaking from the podium.

 Donna was sitting in the front row at a table.  She was not paying him any attention at all because she had twisted around and was speaking to someone behind her.  Somehow her dress, already short from her sitting down, had ridden up on her thighs showing quite a lot of leg.  She had spread her legs slightly for balance, and one leg was straight and a bit off the floor.  He could easily see right up her skirt, directly between her legs all the way to her thong.  And he was close enough that he got an excellent view of the narrow material of the thong splitting her lips and emerging from the top of her slit.  The whole thing lasted maybe three seconds, but Brad lost track of what he was saying.

 His experience with giving presentations allowed him to cover very easily, but out of the corner of his eye her caught a not so subtle smirk on her face.  Looked like he owed her several more orgasms.  Gee, what a shame.

 The Q&A period had the predictable stupid questions presented by people who really should have stuck to managing pre-schoolers.  He and Donna got through it with no problem and that was that.  Of course, the presentation took them into lunchtime and he was famished.  His manager and several other people decided that they should all go out to lunch.  Not Brad's first choice, but it would have been impolitic to turn down the request.  So off they went, bundled into several cars.  Somehow, he and Donna ended up in their manager's SUV, with Donna next to him in the back seat.  This was a trial.  Just the thoughts of what she had done to her body, at his command, made him very horny.  Her scent, much more easy discerned in the vehicle, was also a turnon.  It mixed with the delicate perfume that she was wearing quite nicely and made him wish that they were on their way to a motel and not a mall.  Fortunately, it was a cool day so his coat hid his thickening cock during the drive.

 Lunch was pleasant and Donna gave no indication that she knew she had flashed him.  She still seemed to squirm a bit during lunch and Brad thought that just maybe she was still feeling horny.  He watched her closely as she excused herself to head for the bathroom.  Her breathing was perhaps a tad heavy, but she showed no other sign of the sexual arousal that he bet she was feeling.  It only took a few minutes for her to return and as she was passing Brad, she stumbled, catching her balance by grabbing his shoulder.  He was startled and responded by clasping one hand down on top of hers and reaching out an arm to steady her.  She caught her balance quickly and blushed as she excused herself.  They all laughed, making comments about how perhaps the lemonade had was a bit too much for her.

 Brad noticed that her hand had been slightly damp and he surreptitiously rubbed the dampness around.  When she wasn't looking he brought his fingers to his nose and was immediately greeted with Donna's strong scent.  It shot straight to his dick, turning it into an iron bar as he realized that she had smeared a dab of her cunt juice onto his hand.  There was no way *that* had been an accident!  He inhaled again, wishing for nothing but to bury his face in her cunt and eat her to orgasm.  When he looked over at her, he saw that she had spilled a little dressing on a finger while talking to someone.  He watched as she casually licked it off her fingers and knew that she was also tasting her own pussy.  This did not help his disposition at all.  What a little tease she was!  If he *ever* got his hands on her...

 The ride back was a bit uncomfortable for him.  His cock was swollen and half hard - quite difficult to hide, but he thought that he managed quite nicely.  He debated messaging her when he got back to his desk, then decided against it.  He'd talk to her tonight and see what her version of the day was like.

 When the evening finally rolled around and he got online she was also online.  She must have been waiting for him because she sent him off a message before he could send one to her.

 need2sub:  Hi Sir!  i did as You asked today and according to Your rules, i earned all three!  So i'm allowed to have an orgasm now, right?  Can i start now, Sir?  Pretty please? <big pretty smile>

 Brad laughed out loud.  Eager little slut, wasn't she?

 Edge:  Now hooold on thar Baba Looey.  I got sum thinnin ta do!
 need2sub:  uh... Baba WHO?  Sir, are you OK?
 Edge:  <LOL> I'm fine.  Sheesh, don't tell me you've never heard of Quick Draw McGraw!
 need2sub:  Ummm, can't say as i have.
 Edge:  It was a great cartoon.  Very popular in the 60s
 need2sub:  <laughing>  Sir, i was porn in 1981.
 Edge:  AHHH!  What?  Are you sure you're legal?  I guess you should be, being porn back in the 80's and all
 need2sub:  opps, sloppy fingers.  i meant born, not porn.
 Edge:  I gathered.  Before we get into what happened today and your owed orgasms, I'd like to go over a few things for tomorrow.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  But if it's OK, i would like to save one orgasm.
 Edge:  Sure.  Now about tomorrow.  Were you serious about getting the heels?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  i know a place where i can get them.
 Edge:  OK.  I wish that I'd told you to get leather cuffs back when you buying the other stuff online.  That would have made things easier.  But if you don't mind, there are one or two other things you could get for tomorrow.
 need2sub:  Sir, i have 2 pairs of leather cuffs.  They came with the hood.
 Edge:  Ahhh!  You are an excellent slave!  OK.  About tomorrow...
 need2sub:  Thank You Sir.  i'd hoped that that would please You.
 Edge:  You have yet to disappoint me.  Is there a doorway close enough to your computer that you can see the screen and that the web cam can focus on you?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir, the kitchen doorway.  There's no door in it.
 Edge:  Perfect.  Before you go out tomorrow, I want you to dress for display.
 need2sub:  You mean like a slut.
 Edge:  Well... sort of.  I want you to wear a loose tank top with no bra, a short skirt, no stockings and no underwear.  You don't need to worry about makeup.
 need2sub:  i understand Sir - You want me to flash people don't You.
 Edge:  Yes.  Is this a problem?
 need2sub:  No Sir.  Flashing people at Your order definitely gets me hot.
 Edge:  Good.  Your first trip, which you should do in the morning, will be to pick up the shoes.  You will flash your pussy to someone that you find attractive while you are in the store.  You will then wear the heels for the rest of your errands.  The next place you'll go, if you have the money for it, is a local sex shop.  There you will get yourself a "butterfly" vibrator.  They aren't that expensive.  Can you swing it?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  i've actually turned some of my entertainment budget over to sex toys <blushing>.  i know the kind of vibrator You mean.
 Edge:  Excellent.  You'll want to flash someone there as well.  From there you need to go to a hardware store and pick up a 1" or 2" thick dowel about 3 feet long.  Your final stop should be a sports store where you need to get a chin-up bar.  The best kind come with little metal cups that screw into a doorway.  If you can't put screws in the doorway, a pressure fitted one will work.  Of course, you must flash people at each of those stops as well.
 need2sub:  You know that i'm going to be a nervous, horny wreck by the time i get back, don't You?
 Edge:  I'm counting on it.  Also, check your email before you leave in case there are other things I want you to get.
 need2sub:  i will.
 Edge:  Now, why don't you tell me about your day and how you want your orgasms tonight.  I assume that you want 2 of them tonight - provided I decide that you've earned them.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  i hope that You'll be pleased with me, i tried to follow Your orders and i hope that i succeeded.

 Brad tried to always keep his word while training a slave.  Punishment was one thing and he knew that one would have to follow through with a threatened punishment for the slave's transgressions.  Otherwise they didn't take you seriously and started to wonder just how much of a Dom you really were.  As always, common sense needed to apply to a given situation.  He felt the same was true with rewards.  If a slave was put to a task and she succeeded - even if the success itself gave her a lot of sexual pleasure, he made sure to follow through with the reward, provided one had been offered.  Trust, he felt, was imperative in this kind of relationship.

 Edge:  OK.  Tell me what happened.
 need2sub:  i wore a slightly less conservative outfit to work then i'd been planning on.  The skirt was a little shorter, but still quite nice.  i also wore the top You ordered me to and i can tell You that my nipples were sore after the first hour.  But it seemed like it just turned me on more.  There was a problem with the panties though - there wasn't a lot of material and i was VERY wet.  i don't think anything came through my skirt, but my thighs were wet and i'm sure that people could smell how excited i was.  The thong was very tight and i am a little pretty sore from all the rubbing.  <turning red>i think i must be strange though, because i like how that feels.
 Edge:  I'll keep in that in mind for next time <EG>
 need2sub:  i'm sure You will Sir <grin>.  i had to go over to the meeting a bit early to speak to Brad - he's the guy that was giving the presentation - and set things up.  Before i did, i went into the bathroom and followed Your directions.  It was hard for me to be quiet and the sounds that i made playing with my sex were unmistakable.  Fortunately, no one came in while i was in there.  i almost got to orgasm and slid in the Ben Wa balls.  The feeling of the smooth, heavy plastic made me bite my lip to keep from cuming.  i was SO horny!  The only things going through my mind were being roughly fucked with my hands tied behind me.  Of course, remembering this is making me really look forward to my reward <looking innocent>
 Edge:  Well, it sounds like you've earned at least on orgasm anyway.  Go on.
 need2sub: Anyway, my nipples were really swollen.  i had put the nooses on first thing, as You ordered.  But i was SO horny, that i got a little carried away.
 Edge:  You mean you came anyway?
 need2sub:  No Sir!  i mean i smeared a bunch of tiger balm not only directly on my nipples, but inside the material of the top.  Then, I coated my finger and slid it into my ass as far as i could.  i also put a small dab directly onto my clit, which was really swollen from all my rubbing, not to mention how tight the thong is.  In about 10 minutes, i was in agony, and incredibly turned on.  Thank the gods i didn't have to go first in the presentation, because i never would have pulled it off.  As it was, i could hardly sit still.
 Edge:  You were creative with the Tiger Balm.  Very good.  I guess that you'll be too sore to have your orgasms tonight, huh?
 need2sub:  Not a chance!  i'm not *that* sore.  Besides <blushing>, i kind of like being a little sore.  It makes me more focused.  Anyway after i did my part of the presentation, i was presented with the perfect opportunity to flash Brad.  i had to lean back behind me to answer a question, and when i did, i made sure that if he was looking at me at all, he'd see right up my skirt.  The room is kind of weird - the presentation area is actually below the chairs for some reason, so you're standing in a pit when you speak.  But that made it so that it was actually easier for him to see up my dress.  Anyway, i answered the question, but while i did, i made sure that my legs were spread and that one was lifted up a bit.  It couldn't have looked completely natural, but it wasn't as blatant as just pulling up my skirt and spreading my legs.
 Edge:  And did he notice?
 need2sub:  Yup.  Got him that time.  He actually lost track of what he was saying for a second, which for Brad is something.  i guess even a gay guy will notice a pussy almost right in front of him!  Besides, i could feel that most of the cloth was pulled between my lips, so it had to have been very easy to see them.  i knew that they were soaked and since i now shave them, that had to have been obvious too.

 Brad was getting annoyed with her insinuations that he was gay and decided that she was going to pay for it at some point.  He knew that it was totally irrational that he should be annoyed because she didn't know that it was him.  He had nothing against gay men - he just wasn't one himself.

 Edge:  So you gave the "gay guy" a nice beaver shot.  If he were gay, he probably wouldn't even have noticed.
 need2sub:  <giggling> Maybe it was the first time he'd seen a pussy before.

 Brad ground his teeth, but realized that at this point, there was little he could do.  If they did meet though, she was going to be eating those words.

 Edge:  So what happen then?
 need2sub:  The bigwigs decided that we needed to go to one of the resturants at the mall for lunch.  By that time, i was more under control, at least until i started to have to walk.  Then, the Ben Wa balls started moving inside me, and the panties were rubbing my clit and i was going nuts!  my nipples were burning like fire and i could tell that they were really swollen.  All i could think of for most of the ride was bringing myself off - which naturally i couldn't do.  i did notice that Brad had his coat positioned over his lap.  Maybe his not as gay as i thought.  Especially since my scent was quite strong at that point.  He didn't look too uncomfortable though, and i was sweating like crazy.  Gods You know how to drive me nuts!
 Edge:  Well it sounds like you earned your orgasms.  What would you like to do?
 need2sub:  There's one more thing that i wanted to tell you though - this was great!  When we got to the mall, i finally had to remove those things from my pussy.  You hadn't said that i'd have to keep them in all day, so i went to the bathroom and pulled them out.  i was soaked!  i almost came trying to get the damn things out, and licking off each one drove me crazy.  i cleaned off one hand, but not the other and when i went back to the table, i deliberately stumbled and had to grab Brad's shoulder to keep my balance.  i'd only meant to leave some of my scent where he would smell it, but he was very fast and put his hand over top of mine.  mine was still damp and i know he got my juice on it.  That was really embarrassing!
 Edge:  Well, that's what you get for teasing the poor guy!  Did he notice?
 need2sub:  i don't know - i was too scared to look at him.
 Edge: <snorting>  wimp.
 need2sub:  Well, it was overboard, i'll admit.  But i was so damned horny!  Besides, i told You i don't like to be ignored <EG>  Serve him right if he spent the day with a hard cock thinking about pussy!
 Edge:  Careful little sub - what would happen if he took a fancy to you and asked you out?  Then what would you do?
 Brad waited, his heart pounding.  Whatever answer that she made was going to be quite revealing.

 need2sub:  <smug smile>No chance of that - Like i said, he's almost certainly gay!

 The gremlin was doing triple summersaults in the air, tears streaming down his face with laughter.  It stopped holding up a poster of a cartoon clown - with Brad's face.  Brad frowned but he knew that he couldn't rephrase the question - she'd already told him once that she was turning down offers from people and he couldn't very well order her to go out with someone!  He didn't have that much control over her.  He was still not amused that she had inadvertently outflanked him - not that he could do anything about it.

 Edge:  It seems like you've earned your orgasms.  How would you like to proceed?
 need2sub:  Really Sir?  You're going to let me do what ever i want?
 Edge:  Well, within reason, anyway.  There's not much I can do from here you know.
 need2sub:  Thank You!  i would like to masturbate while You are watching me on the camera.  And i'd love it if You would tell me a story.
 Edge:  You want a bedtime story?! <grinning>
 need2sub:  Not exactly.  i'd love it if You would describe a scene for me that has You using me as a slave.  Tell me a fantasy of how You would use me.  Please Sir?
 Edge:  You beg so nicely.  I'm sure I can accommodate you.  Do you have a particular scene in mind?
 need2sub:  i'll bet i beg even better in person <smile>.  It can be any scene that turns You on.  i'll set up the camera and prepare things here while You think.
 Edge:  OK.  Go fer it.

 Brad sat back to contemplate while Donna got things ready on her end.  It didn't take long and when the camera came online it showed just the chair and the doorway to what Brad now knew was the kitchen.   Donna soon sat down in the chair.  She was naked, except for the hood.  Striking as it looked he really wished he could see her face while she orgasmed.

 need2sub:  OK Sir.  If You don't mind, i'll just masturbate for You while You write to me.  Is that OK?
 Edge:  It's OK if that's what you want me to do.  Remember, this is an orgasm YOUR way.
 need2sub:  It's what i want - for now <mysterious grin>.
 Edge:  OK - here goes.  You have cooked breakfast for me and are on your knees on the floor waiting for me to finish eating.  We had decided that you would serve me as a full slave for the weekend.  When I woke up, you were still sleeping, your wrists cuffed to a belt around your waist.  You were on your back and even though I had eaten your cunt the night before, I had not used it.
 Edge:  Rather, I'd made you suck me off while I teased and tormented you.  You finally fell asleep very frustrated.  You would wake to feel me slowly stroking your sex to life - gently rubbing your clit and teasing your lips.  As soon as you are awake, I insert a ball gag.  It doesn't take long to make your sex slick with desire.  As soon it is, I roll onto you and slide my cock into the tight heat of your sex.  You groan with desire and frustration because you know that I'm not doing this to pleasure you, but for my own enjoyment.
 Brad watched as Donna began to play with herself.  She spread her legs wide and her sex was shiny and wet.  She reached down out of the camera's view and held up a pair of panties.  Then she leaned forward out of the camera's view.
 need2sub:  These are KC's.  She was here for a short time after her workout, then she left.  They were still damp and she must have been having a good time because they smell delicious!

 Brad's cock jumped at that pronouncement.  Donna leaned back and slowly fed her roommates panties into her own mouth.  When she finished, she took a leather strip that was made to snap in place over her mouth and attached it to her hood - sealing the panties there.  He watched as her hands roughly pulled on her nipples, forcing her small breasts almost into cones.  He could see her breathing increase as she let them snap back into shape.  Then one hand began squeezing a breast, digging her nails into it while the other started to rub her sex.  She picked up her legs, spread them wide and rested them on something out of his sight.  Brad had to loosen his pants.

 Edge:  It doesn't take me long to cum and I slam into you hard as I do it.  I know that you are close yourself, but you know that cumming is forbidden to you.  I pull out then remove the gag.  You lick my cock clean, then I replace the gag and attach a chain to your collar.  I know that you have to pee, but you aren't allowed the use of the bathroom.  It's torture for you to kneel beside me as I empty my bladder in the toilet because you know how you love the feel of me draining myself into your mouth.  Not to mention your own full bladder.

 Donna had stopped stroking her sex and once again reached out of camera range.  When her hand reappeared, it contained a large dildo.  At least it looked large in her small hands.  She took a hand away from her breast and reached down to furiously rub herself.  Her hand came away stick with her juice which she promptly smeared over her breasts.  She began to rub the cock up and down her soaked, puffy, slit.

 Edge:  I pull you into the kitchen, my cum leaking from your cunt.  At one point, I slide my hand through your drenched sex, coating it with our juices, and smear it over your lips and under your nose.  Then I unclip your hands and tell you to cook enough eggs and bacon for the both of us.  As you cook I often play with your body.  Your cunt and asshole are fingered, and you know that I'll be using both today.  While you are waiting for things to cook, I make good use of a spatula, slapping your breasts, belly and shaven mons.  I know you like the sting, that it sinks into your body and ends up swelling your clit.

 Donna was obviously approaching her first orgasm.  The fake cock was plunging in and out of her body and she was panting.  Her other hand had abandoned her breast and was squeezing her clit while her hips rhythmically lifted off the chair.

 Edge:  You dish out the food after it's cooked and kneel beside me.  I remove the gag and put your eggs on the plate on the floor.  You know that you are forbidden to use your hands and I watch as you attack the food with only your mouth.  You lick the plate clean as you know that when we are Master and slave like this, I don't always feed you as often as you'd like.

 Donna was cuming, her body convulsing as she pushed the fake cock deep into her cunt.  Her chest had a light sheen of sweat and her nipple were standing high.   Brad waited until she was finished because she sat there with her head back.  He took the time to stroke his own cock, wishing that he could slide it into her and feel her orgasm squeeze it as they came.  It wasn't long before she sat up and wiped her hand on her belly.  She leaned forward and send him a message.

 need2sub:  Another Sir?  Please?
 Edge:  You've earned three so you still have two left.
 need2sub:  i love the story.  More please?
 Edge:  <chuckling>  Greedy slut.  Of course.  I love to watch you cum.  But before I do, I want to know that you're following my other instructions.  Raise your arms behind your head.

 Donna did that, leaving the dildo on her lap and lacing her hands behind her head.  Brad was able to make out the beginnings of her thin, dark hair.  So she was following his directions.
 Edge:  Thanks.  now I'll continue.
 Donna leaned typed something again.

 need2sub:  Thank You Sir.
 Edge:  Now where was I?  Oh yes...

 Donna leaned back and started to rub her cunt again.  Sometimes she would slap the cock against her sex or breasts, the impact causing her to jump a bit.

 Edge:  You know how I like to see you if you are eating like that, and you have complied.  You are bent low, your hard nipples touching the cold tile floor.  Your knees are spread wide and your back arched, pushing out your sex just in case I want to use it.  Our cum has dripped on the floor from your leaking sex and I smile thinking about how pretty you'll look licking it up.
 Edge:  In the mean time, you've finished your eggs, and I've finished my meal.  It's time to feed you some bacon.  I know that you don't like cold bacon, so I put it on the stove to warm it.  Not too warm, but a bit hot to the touch.  I pull the pan off the stove and sit in front of you.  You are back up on your widely spread knees.  Deliberately, I drip some of the hot oil on your breasts as I remove the first piece to feed you.  It makes you hiss, but I've used much hotter on you and this is just a tease.
 Edge:  I take the bacon and slowly feed it to you.  You lick and suck the grease off my fingers when you finish each piece.  You nipples have been coated with the hot oil and my fingers squeeze and pinch the slippery nubs as you squirm.  After the last piece, I slide my finger inside your hot sex while licking the bacon grease off your nipples.  You are squirming and moaning, grinding your sopping cunt into my hand.  I push you close to orgasm, then stop and you groan in frustration.  I offer my fingers for you to clean which you eagerly do.

 Donna was once again thrusting the dildo inside herself, her back arching as she furiously rubbed her clit.  Brad knew it wouldn't be long now.

 Edge:  I stand up and you look at me.  You are still squirming, and I know it's not just in sexual need.  You really need to piss.  Reaching in a lower cabinet, I pull out a large dog bowl.  I sometimes feed you from this on weekends like this one.  I look at you and tell you you have a choice.  You can either go in the bowel or I can put you outside and let you go there.

 Donna was getting closer, and he could tell her eyes were glued to the screen.  So were his as he hungrily watched the dildo plunge in and out of her body.

 Edge:  You know there is a trick to this.  That bowl is the only thing that you're allowed to eat out of and the only cleaning it gets during the weekend is when you lick it clean.  And you're required to eat or drink anything put into the bowl - you're not fed anything else until you do.  You look down at the floor and turn a flaming red... you've chosen to use the bowel.

 That did it.  Donna was shuddering and cuming.  Brad was almost cuming himself just from the sight of her body twisting and spasming around the dildo.  He waited while she recovered and licked her fingers clean again.

 need2sub:  Thank You Sir that was REALLY intense.  You have such an evil imagination.  Would You really treat me like that?

 Brad knew that there was no question in his mind that he wanted to train her to accept that kind of treatment.

 Edge:  I think it's something we'd have to work up to, but yes, eventually.
 need2sub:  OMG!  i think i'm in love!
 Edge:  Yea, yea, that's what they all say.  I'm glad that you enjoyed your reward.
 need2sub:  It was fantastic Sir.  i can't wait until tomorrow to see what You have in mind.
 Edge:  Something evil.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

 They spent almost another hour in small talk before signing off.

 Edge:  So, do you know what time you'll be leaving tomorrow morning?
 need2sub:  The mall opens around ten, so I'll go there around 11 or so.  What time should i be ready to play tomorrow?
 Edge:  How about around 4?
 need2sub:  That should give me enough time.  And if i don't make it, You can always punish me <blinking innocent blue eyes>
 Edge:  LOL, yea, I'm sure you'd hate that!  Remember to check your email before you leave tomorrow in case I think of anything else.
 need2sub:  i will Sir.

 They sighed off.  Brad wondered if he would get any sleep if he didn't relieve himself.  He pulled out the park video and watched it, but when he came he was imagining his cock deep inside Donna's body.  As he finally drifted off to sleep that night, he smiled thinking of the things he was going to watch her do.  It'd be a good first test to see how she liked bondage.  Of course, he thought, he'd rather be doing those things in person, but you couldn't have everything...

End Office Games Pt. 10

Note to readers, I really do know how to spell depot. <GRIN>

Office Games Pt. 11

 Brad was up fairly early the next morning.  He grabbed some breakfast and sat down at the computer to write out more instructions for Donna.  He opened up his email and, in between bites of cereal, he began to write.

   Good morning.  I hope that you get this message before you leave for the day.  It's still early and you said that you wouldn't be leaving before ten so you should get this.
   There is a slight change in plans.  I still want you to dress the same way, but I want your first trip to be to the hardware store, and that should happen as early as you can get there.  Why you might ask?  Because at that time in the morning, especially on a Saturday, there are going to be lots of guys getting supplies for their "honey do" chores and seeing a pretty girl like you - especially dressed as you will be - will make their day.  In addition to the other things that I wanted you to get, you need to get at least 6 quick release snaps and a 1 foot length of chain with links big enough for the snaps to fit through.  The quick release snaps are "D" shaped and have a simple snap opening.  Also get 4 steel "S" shaped hooks about the same thickness as the "D" rings and get a package of at lease three "screw eyes".  They have a circle on one end and a wood screw on the other.  The circle end needs to be large enough to allow the snaps to fit through.  From there you can follow the original order of stores.
   At the sex store, in addition to the butterfly you should get yourself a soft gel, cock shaped dildo.  Make sure that the size will be comfortable.  If they don't have one of those, get a butt plug that will fit comfortably in your pussy.
   Of course, there is also the need to get yourself in the mood for the day.  Before you leave you should make sure to drink enough.  Naturally you are not allowed to use a restroom, but feel free to hold it until you get home.  If that's not possible, then I'm sure you'll be able to find an outside spot to go.  Drink at least 8 ounces of something before you leave the house, and 8 ounces at each stop.
     I want you to park as close to the entrance as you can at each store.  Before you enter, you'll take a little time to masturbate - at least five minutes and no you may not cum.  Oh, and remember that little trick you played on that poor, shy guy you've been flashing at work?  Remember what you did at the mall to him?  Well, after you've been playing with that nice pussy of yours, you're not going to be allowed to clean your hands before you enter the stores - not even licking them clean.  After you're finished, you'll pull up your shirt and rub the excess onto your tits.  Make sure your breasts are completely exposed while you're doing this.  After you've left the store you can clean your hands however you want, but not before you go in.  You'll need to bring a belt with you as well.  At each stop you'll use it to give 5 swats to each ass cheek.  Make sure they're hard enough to sting.  You need to do that sometime during your trip and the swats must be on your bare ass.  That shouldn't be too difficult considering the fact that your skirt will be a bit short.  You may not deliver these swats inside the stores or inside the car.
   When you get home, I want you to take some of the rope you have and cut it onto several different lengths.  Specifically take some of the thinner rope and cut four 6 inch pieces.  Take some thicker rope and cut four 1 foot lengths.  Cut one length that will wrap your waist 5 times.  One that is twice the distance from the middle of your back, through your legs, to your sternum.  Cut a length of rope that will go around your upper torso (just below your breasts) six times.  Cut four more pieces into 5 foot lengths.
   Take the dowel and attach the screw eyes.  Put one at either end (on the flat side of the wood), and one in the middle.  Then attach a snap clip to the ones on the end.
   I don't know what the weather is supposed to be like wherever you live.  But if you have to wear a coat, ensure that it's something that you leave it open in the stores and don't wear it in the car.  That's what a heater is for.
   If, OTOH, it's going to be hot where you live, you may not use the air conditioning.  Not in the car, or the apartment.  Finally, after you read this message, send me an email so I know you got it.  I'll be online at around 4 or so.  Make sure your hair in a pony tail and be ready to play.


 Brad sat back and smiled.  The weather this month was absolutely nuts and today was going to be close to a record setter.  Ninety at least and quite muggy, so with all that masturbating she was going to smell like she'd just been fucked at each store.  That was sure to draw some attention, especially at the hardware store.  He wondered what the chances were of catching her at the hardware store.  There were several small ones and the one big Home Despot.  He was betting that she'd go there and wondered if there was some way for him to catch up with her and see exactly what she was going to do.  Tall as he was, being inconspicuous was difficult, but it was worth a shot.  Beside, what did it matter if she did see him?  Lot's of people went to hardware stores.  Of course if she did, he wouldn't be able to follow her to the other places, but Brad figured it was worth the risk.  If he guessed wrong or missed her at the hardware store, he might be able to catch her at the mall.  After all, how many places would sell heels that high?  He smiled and went to shower in preparation of the day.

 He'd left the computer on and checked it when he got downstairs.  There was a message from need2sub, which he opened and read.

   No problem with the changes.  i should be on my way soon and there by 9:30.  i am really looking forward to today, but it's no surprise that You've ... changed the rules on me :)  That's OK.  i'm sure that i'll be able to comply.  i'll email You when i get home unless You're online already.  i'm sure that i'll be in a state by that time and willing to do anything (blinking big blue eyes at You) that You would like.


 Brad looked at the clock and saw that he had only a half hour to get there.  It was doable.  He dressed, grabbed his supplies and headed out the door.  It was already eighty degrees out and muggy as hell.  Not his favorite kind of weather; as the old saying went, it wasn't the heat, but the humidity that got you.  He smiled as he cranked up the AC in his car.

 The Home Despot was located right next to an office supply store, their parking lots were joined by a short driveway.  However, the office supply store's lot was on a small hill, and Brad was able to fine a place where he could get a good view of the cars parked in the other lot.  If Donna parked the right way, he'd luck out and be able to see through the windshield or side window.  Plus, the small line of trees mostly hid his car from sight.  He was parked in the very back of the parking lot for the office supply store so it was unlikely that anyone would see him using his vidcam or binoculars.
 Brad sat and waited, the minutes creeping by, and he wondered how police managed to stay alert during stakeouts.  Brad amused himself by viewing the parking lot below with his vidcam.  It was a hot day and he was treated to a number of scantily clad women - always a good thing, in his opinion.  He couldn't devote too much attention though, as he had to keep an eye on the entrance of the lot.  Finally, his patience was rewarded and he spotted Donna's car.  The lot was getting full, so she ended up driving around quite a bit trying to find a close space.  Finally she had to settle for one a bit farther back then he would have liked, but at least the spot allowed her car to face the right way for him to observe her.  He noted that all the windows in her car were opened.

 Brad got out the camera and started filming.  It was too hot for her to close her windows and he could see her looking around making sure that no one was close.  That was tough because the parking lot was a busy place today.  Soon though, it became evident (to him at least) that she was playing with herself.  It was an obvious effort for her to look around every now and then to see if she was being observed.  Brad enjoyed the look of pure pleasure on her face as she leaned back into her seat.  All too soon, for both of them no doubt, she stopped herself.  Donna sat there panting for a moment, then did a quick look around.  She lifted her top, exposing her small, firm breasts and Brad was able to get a good shot of her smearing her sticky juices over them.  His cock was very hard as he imagined his tongue licking those beautiful globes clean of her cunt cream.  His eyes were fixed on her hard nipples as she tweaked and pinched them.  Donna sat there for a moment after pulling down her shirt, then opened the door and got out.  Brad wondered where she was going to carry out the next part of his orders.  He noticed that her nipples were still quite evident through her top and he admired her choice of clothing for the day.  She was wearing a loose, white tank top, which was also short, baring her belly quite nicely.  Her skirt was black, pleated and very short.  She'd finished off with a nice pair of heels that showed her bare legs off very well.

 He picked up the binoculars and followed her progress through the lot.  Dressed as she was, so did a lot of other people.  In fact, there was a young couple that both actually turned around to look at her as she passed - the woman making a V with her fingers and licking between them suggestively.  At first he thought that Donna had forgotten or chosen to ignore his orders, but then it because obvious that she was heading for the side of the building.  There were some dumpsters there and Brad figured that she was going to hide behind those.  He was right and he switched to the video camera.  Donna looked around and saw that she was pretty secluded from everyone in the lot.  She pulled a belt out of her purse the spent a moment fumbling with things.  Finally she actually pulled up the back of her skirt and tucked it into the waist band, baring her beautiful ass.  Then, with concerted effort, she whipped the belt around and slapped it into her cheek.  She actually jumped the first time - apparently hitting herself harder then she'd been prepared for.  When she finished all ten, she looked around again, then to Brad's surprise, pulled up the front of her skirt and flicked the belt up between her spread legs another five times.  To Brad's disappointment, the angle was wrong for him to get a front view, but each smack caused her hips to jerk.  Her eyes were slitted with bliss.  Brad had to shift around in his seat to free up his cock.  Donna looked around again, then squatted down, pulled the front of her skirt up and put a hand between her legs.  Brad frowned, wondering what she was going to do, then saw a stream of yellow liquid spurt from between her legs.  It took a while for her to empty her bladder, which was surprising this early in the day.  She finished and stood up then started to walk back to the store.  Brad put the car in gear and drove down to the lot to park.

 It was a madhouse in the store, which was good and bad.  It would enable him to hide, but would make it difficult to find Donna.  Brad pulled the baseball cap low on his head.  He despised the things, but thought that it might help hide his face.  He headed toward the aisle with the chains and peeked down it.  Sure enough she was there.  The aisle was crowded at his end and he pretended to be looking at bolts while observing her.  He sidled as close as he could without being seen.  At one point, she had to reach up high to get something off a shelf.  What a sight that was!  Her lean body was nicely stretched and her top rode up to the bottom of her breasts.  It was loose enough that had he been closer, he would have been able to see under it and right to her breasts.  Plus, there was now enough hair under her arms to make it obvious that she didn't shave.  One guy walked passed and gave her a low whistle which caused her to jump and turn around.  As she did, her skirt lifted a bit and Brad was greeted by the sight of the bottoms of her ass cheeks.

 She started to turn again and he quickly turned back to face the shelf.  That was when he realized that right in front of him were the snap clips that she was supposed to buy!  He moved a bit to the side, hoping he wouldn't be noticed and knelt with his back slightly to her 'looking' for something on the bottom shelf.  She walked right up and started hunting on the shelf above him.  She was quite close to him, but intent on her search.  Brad, however, was having trouble standing up because her scent had reached him and his cock was quite hard, something sneaking looks at her legs did little to alleviate.  He did it though, mostly keeping his back to her, and left the aisle.  That had been too close!  He decided to wait out in the car and left the store.

 Donna emerged about 10 minutes later, a bag in one hand and dowel in the other, and headed for the car.  She got in, opened the windows then reached down out of his sight.  Her hand came into view with a water bottle, which she drank deeply from.  Brad had little trouble following her to her next stop, which he knew would be the mall.  Problem was, there was no place to observe her from.  Not that he doubted that she was following his directions, but he wanted to watch.  He was able to spot where she parked and he drove by one aisle away, hoping to find a spot.  Of course, he had no such luck and had to park out in what seemed like Outer Jebip.  He was barely able to get a view of her car from where he was, but he knew he'd be able to see her get out of it.  When she did though, he got a surprise.  Despite the fact that the lot was fairly crowded, he saw her disappear from his view.  Obviously she'd bent down.  Hmmm.  This drove Brad out of his car and into the lot, but he was unable to maneuver into a place to observe her.  She eventually stood and headed toward the mall entrance.  Brad quickly followed.

 It was blessedly cool inside and also quite crowded.  Brad thought for a moment, then went over to the directory.  There was actually a Fredrick's store here!  Privately Brad really didn't like Fredrik's because of all the spam he got from them.  But he couldn't think of any other place that would have the shoes, so off he went.

 The store wasn't very large, but they had the shoes in the back and he could see Donna sitting in one of the chairs.  There was a card rack near the front of the store, and Brad busied himself looking through them.  A very cute young woman came from the back and handed Donna several boxes.  To Brad's surprise she actually knelt in front of Donna to help her on with the shoes!  As short as her dress was, there was no way the girl could not see up it.  Donna shifted and actually opened her legs as the girl looked up to ask her something.  The girl's face was very red.  Donna stood up in the heels, one hand on the girl's shoulder balancing herself.  She took a few tentative steps, then let go and stood in front of a mirror.  Brad couldn't hear them, but the girl's face was very red and so was Donna's.  He had to hide behind the card rack to keep from being seen as Donna walked back and forth getting used to the heels.  Then she sat down and reached to take them off.  The girl quickly knelt before her and removed them for Donna.

 Brad had to get creative to keep out of sight while Donna paid for her purchase and found himself looking over some leather ball bags.  Personally, he'd never seen the point of lingerie for men, but to each his own.  As he was hiding, he overheard the two sales girls talking.  She was telling the other one in a giggling whisper what a perfect view of Donna's pussy she had gotten and how it'd looked like she'd just had sex.  There was more giggling and whispering, but he couldn't stay to listen as he wanted to follow Donna to her next stop.

 He had to run back to his car and barely managed to tail her out of the parking lot.  He wondered if there was a course in spyware he could take somewher.  A picture of the gremlin wearing a London Fog and a fedora appeard in his head.  Brad grinned and the gremlin stuck it's tongue out at him.

 There were several Adult stores in the area and he had no idea which one she was going to.  Given the size of most of them, he really doubted that he'd be able to get in the store while she was in there anyway.  Following her through traffic was annoying at best, but when she pulled into the store, he had to admit it was an appropriate place.  And, unfortunately for her, there were almost no cars around so she had to park right in front of the door.  Brad knew the place.  It wasn't a hard core store, more like a place that an "adventurous" (but vanilla) couple would go, but it had a nice selection of oils, toys and vibrators.

 Brad found a place to park that wasn't too visible from where Donna had parked.  It took some doing to position his car so that she couldn't see it from a rear view mirror and it put him pretty far away.  But that's what the glasses were for.  Once again, he watched as she masturbated.  There was little to see, since he couldn't see her hands, but the expression of bliss on her face was arousing to watch.  Once again, she pulled up her shirt and wiped her hands on her breasts, pinching and pulling the aroused nipples now slick with her cream.  She pulled down her shirt and got out of the car.  Brad saw that she was now in the new heels that she'd bought.

 Fantasy Nights, where Donna was going to make her next purchase, was next to a bar that often had a lot of bikers at it; the two stores were separated by a narrow alley.  Donna disappeared down that alley and there was nothing to do but wait since there was no way for him to get closer.  She reappeared a few minutes later, still slightly wobbly on her new heels, and entered Fantasy Nights just as a couple of bikers were getting off their bikes.  Brad saw the double takes and stares the men gave her as she disappeared into the store.  He thought Donna had as well, since she glanced over her shoulder at them as she went into the store.  Brad thought that he heard a wolf whistle from one of them.

 Brad watched the bikers since he couldn't watch Donna.  He hoped that they wouldn't get unpleasant, but pulled out his cell phone anyway.  He knew he'd blow his cover if they started to hassle her and even if he got his ass kicked, at least he would have called 911 before hand.  One of the bikers, the heavy one, went into the bar and reappeared a minute later with a couple of bottles of beer.  Well, sort of beer.  Brad didn't drink much but even he would hesitate to call Miller actual beer.  The two laughed and joked, drinking out in the open right at the curb, and Brad wondered why there really was never a cop around when you needed one.  It was obvious that they were waiting for Donna to emerge from the store.

 Donna finally came out of the store, bag in hand, and headed for her car. The two men called out to her before she reached the car door and she walked a little ways toward them, a friendly smile on her face.  They called something out and Brad saw her blush a deep red and shake her head no.  She turned to go back and get into the car, the men still calling out to her, and she dropped her keys on the sidewalk.  Brad's heart nearly stopped as she bent over, completely straight legged to pick them up.  The look on the men's faces was priceless as they were obviously treated to a nice view of her charms.  One man dropped his beer, the glass breaking on the ground and the other started laughing at him and slapping him on the back.  By this time Donna had gotten into the car and was backing out.  The men were laughing and waving at her as she drove off.  They looked at each other, did a high-five and headed into the bar.  Brad started breathing again.

 He was undecided about following her to the next place.  He didn't want to push his luck.  After all, if he kept following her, there was little doubt that she'd eventually notice him.  Especially since she might be looking in the rear view mirror to see if the bikers were following her.  With regret, he decided that he would run a few errands of his own before heading back home.

 Brad didn't get back until almost 3:30 that afternoon.  He'd spent some of the time thinking of what he'd do to Donna if they were going to be together physically.  But since they were not, there were things that were going to be difficult to do.  He really wanted to see how she would react to long term bondage and that was going to be hard to do if they weren't together physically.  Still, he had a few ideas and although he couldn't do everything he wanted, there were some things he would be able to pull off.  One thing that worried him was that he had no safety net for her.  While none of her self bondage was going to be extreme, it made him a little nervous to not be there to help if she had problems.  He had her address and phone number and could call the police if necessary, but that wasn't the same thing as being there.  Of course, she did only live about ten minutes from him and he could get there faster then police or ambulance.  He sighed, it was the best he could do, but he wasn't happy about it.

 Finally the time came for him to fire up the computer.  He checked his email, 26 messages and not a single one that wasn't spam.  Why wouldn't those fucking spammers learn?  Then he fired up ICQ and saw that Donna was already on.  Brad decided to set the tone for the scene right from the get go.

 need2sub:  Hi Sir!  How are You today?
 Edge:  <smiling>Hello slave.  I'm fine, thank you.  Are you prepared to serve me this afternoon?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir, i am.  Shall i start up the camera?  It's ready to go and i'm hoping that You'll enjoy the site of Your slut in her new heels.
 Edge:  Oh, I'm definitely anticipating that.

 Brad activated the camera software and was greeted with a very nice, and somewhat surprising, sight.  Donna had traded her full hood for a leather mask.  It did cover her eyes, and if he didn't already know who she was he wouldn't recognize her, but it left most of her face free.  She was standing with her legs spread on either side of the wooden chair, thigh highes and heels making those legs look very long and slim.  Her breasts were thrust forward since she had her hands behind her holding on to the top of the chair.  Her skin was shining which was the only proof that he needed that she hadn't had the A/C on.  All in all, it was a beautiful sight.

 Edge:  Very nice view!  Thank you.

 Donna grinned and moved out of her pose to sit at the computer.  She adjusted the angle of the camera to focus on her nude body.

 need2sub:  i am glad that You approve.  Do You like the heels?
 Edge:  Yes I do.  They make your legs look even nicer then they already do!  Are they uncomfortable?
 need2sub:  A little.  i can stand them for a while yet, but i think i'm gonna pay for it tomorrow.
 Edge:  I suspect that by tomorrow, your feet won't be the only aching thing you're worrying about <VWEG>
 need2sub:  Oh?
 Edge:  Yes.  Looking like that, you're lucky that I can't actually get my hands on you.
 need2sub:  Lucky isn't the word i'd use.  unlucky maybe...
 Edge:  Well see if you still feel that way later.  So, how did this morning go?
 need2sub:  Let's just say i've been in a state all day.  if You were here, You might be raped.
 Edge:  Let's just say that if I were there, you'd be too immobilized to do anything of the sort. <smile>  Of course, there's no doubt that you'd get what you wanted anyway... Eventually.  So tell me what happened.
 need2sub:  Yes, Sir.  Well, i got Your email so i knew of the change in plans.  You didn't say anything about me cleaning off my hands when i left the store so i figured that would be OK.
 Edge:  I have no problem with that.
 need2sub:  i brought a damp wash towel with me and used that.  Anyway, i got to the hardware store pretty early, but the place was already packed.  When i did find a place to park, i was really nervous.  Plus my bladder was ready to burst.  Somehow, those two things combined managed to make me really horny and i had to stop several times to keep from cuming.  i followed Your orders, and wiped my hands on my breasts when i was finished masturbating.  Between the heat and my soaking pussy, i'm sure i smelled like i'd been fucking in the parking lot.  i was certainly dressed for it!

 Donna went on to describe what she'd done in the lot.  It jived with what Brad had witnessed, but it was nice hearing that performing those acts had aroused her.

 Edge:  Why did you have to pee so bad?  Didn't you go when you got up this morning?
 need2sub:  i was pretty worked up when i got up this morning and went right to the computer to see if You had emailed me.  Once i read Your message, i decided to see how long i could hold out before having to go.
 Edge:  I see.  So who did you flash in the store?
 need2sub: <giggling>  Well, the store was really packed.  i don't understand the male infatuation with hardware on a Saturday morning, but there were tons of people there.  So, as it turned out, i flashed more then one guy.  Actually, it was a guy and what i think was his teenage son.  When i was in one of the aisles, they were kneeling down looking at some stuff.  So, i pretended that i needed something off the top shelf and put one leg up on a lower shelf.  From where they were, all they had to do was look up a little to get a great view.  As i walked away, the man's face was really red and his son was grinning ear to ear.  <sniff>  Little shit.
 Edge: ROTFLMAF  That's Great!  You probably made their day.
 need2sub:  Well, would looking at something like this make Your day?

 With that comment, she spread her legs and grabbed the camera focusing it between her legs.  Her other hand opened the lips of her sex allowing him to see her soaking wet cunt.  Her arousal was very evident in the puffy lips and the cream oozing out of her.  Brad wanted nothing more then to put his lips to hers and suck her to orgasm.

 Edge:  Very nice view.  Yes, that would have made my day.

 She put the camera back and continued typing, describing her trip to the mall.  Again, little of it was news to Brad, except that he got more detail of what had happened in the back of the store.

 need2sub:  When i got to the store at the mall, i was helped by this totally cute babe.  i don't know how old she was, eighteen, i assumed since the place sold sex toys.  She didn't look it though and i didn't ask.  Anyway, i could see her eyeing me while i told her what i wanted.  i sat down while she got the heels, but then she insisted on putting them on me.  i swear she was caressing my foot as she pulled off my other heels, but it was done very smoothly.   She mentioned that the heels were very high but where a big seller with some of the 'Mistresses' in the area.  She made it clear that it wasn't the 'other woman' kind of Mistress either.
 Edge:  Did she ask if you were one?
 need2sub:  Nope.  But i made it clear that i was at the other end of the spectrum and she really started blushing.  Especially after i gave her a long, clear look at my pussy.  It was actually too easy, considering that she was kneeling with her head almost in my crotch.  There was no way she couldn't smell how aroused i was - something that didn't help my state of mind.  i was pretty embarrassed, but i went through with it anyway.  i still can't believe that i didn't cum right in the chair.  Especially when she put my old heels back on.
 Edge:  Oh?
 need2sub:  Yea, she was looking me right in the eyes, licking her lips.  There was no doubt that she was playing with my foot.  i half expected her to start sucking my toes.
 Edge:  I'm sure that would have been interesting.  Perhaps she has a foot fetish.
 need2sub:  Maybe, but it's a shame i don't usually have any reason to go in there.  God she was HOT!  i managed to keep control of my self and left the store for the next place.

 Brad was now very interested.  Not only hadn't he been able to get into the shop while she was there, but he really wanted to know what had happened with the bikers.
 Edge:  So now you know that you can pick up another woman.  Feel good?
 need2sub: i never thought of it that way.  It feels... interesting, i guess.
 Edge:  Where did you go next?
 need2sub:  i left the mall and went to a place called Fantasy Nights.  It has a pretty good selection of vibrators there and i'd been there before <blushing>
 Edge:  Oh?
 need2sub:  Yes.  i'd bought a vibrator there and some nice oils.
 Edge:  So you knew they had what you wanted.
 need2sub:  Yes.  There's also this alley right next to the place and i had to pee again.  Of course, it being so early in the day, there were no other cars in the lot.  So masturbating there made me *really* nervous.  And, between the heat and me repeatedly wiping my hands on my tits, my top was starting to stick to me.  Anyway, the only other person in the store was this scrungy old lady who eyed me like i was a thief while i looked at the vibrators.  It kinda pissed me off, so just to sort of make a point, i handed her my gold card for the purchase.  She took it, but pointedly asked me for more identification.  The interesting part came next though.
 need2sub:  When i walked out of the store, there were two bikers sitting at the curb drinking beer on their bikes.  i'd seen them when i walked in, but was hoping they'd be in the bar when i came out.  They weren't though and when i walked out they tried to call me over.  i stopped to listen and they <blushing very very red> propositioned me.
 Edge:  They what?
 need2sub:  They wanted to know how much it'd cost to have sex with me.
 Edge:  What did you tell them?
 need2sub:  i was sort of stunned, but i smiled and told them the truth.
 Edge:  Which was?
 need2sub:  That i had to ask my Master.  Then when i turned back and walked to the car, i dropped my keys and flashed them.  LOL, that got em.  One of them dropped their beer.  i managed to get out of there, but i was worried that they'd follow me.  They didn't though.  So, how much would it have cost them for my use, Sir?<looking very innocent>
 Edge: <smiling>  I really don't think they could afford it.

 Brad had kept an eye on the camera.  It must really be hot in there because he could see sweat beading on her skin.

 need2sub:  i'm glad to hear that.  i don't think i would like being loaned out to someone against my will.  i guess i'm not that much of a slave. :(
 Edge:  I wouldn't worry about it.  I don't much like loaning out my ... toys. <smiling>
 need2sub:  That's good to hear.  So from there, i drove to the sports place.  Another place that was packed.  This was the hardest one of all because there was an open spot right in the front.

 Damn!  Brad thought.  He should have risked it!

 need2sub:  i had to be really careful masturbating there.  i couldn't make any noise, but fortunately my run in with the bikers had killed my arousal a bit.  i'm sure at least one person saw me when i exposed myself to clean my hands though.  Of course, it didn't help that i spent a lot of time playing with my breasts while i did it <shy grin>.
 Edge: It's good to know how much you like showing off your tits.  We'll have to make sure you have lots more opportunities in the future <EG>
 need2sub:  <gulp>  Ah... yes Sir.  Thank You Sir.  i think.
 Edge:  So, what happened in the store?
 need2sub:  i guess that showing off made me hotter then i'd realized because i decided to use the belt with out hiding in the back of the building.  i couldn't do all the swats at one time because i had to stop when i heard people coming.  But i managed to get all 10 in with out being seen.  Then i went inside.  i must have been a sight because i certainly did get a lot of stares.
 Edge:  I bet.  I don't suppose that you put the bar up already, have you?
 need2sub:  Yes, Sir.  Your slave has attached the bar in the doorway.
 The camera swung around and Brad saw that there was now a chin-up bar attached in the doorway to the kitchen.

 Edge:  It's good to know that you're handy with tools <smirk>
 need2sub: <wide innocent stare> Yes Sir.  i've had some experience handling tools.  Are we going to use the bar now?
 Edge:  Not quite yet.  I still need to hear what happened in the sports store.  That way I'll know how much more punishment you've accrued.
 need2sub:  Punishment!?  But Sir, i did every thing You asked!
 Edge:  Yes dear, I'm sure you think you did.  You're not going to argue with me now are you?
 need2sub:  Ummm, no Sir.
 Edge: Good.  Now please continue.

 Brad had spotted two mistakes that she'd made.  Granted, one was the kind of mistake that it would have been hard for her not to make, but sometimes slaves were presented with exactly that kind of situation.  It was all part of the game.

 need2sub:  As i was saying, i got all kinds of stares from people while i was in there.  And i do sort of feel sorry for the guy that i asked to help me.  He couldn't keep his eyes off me and seemed to be able to look me anywhere but in the face.  i know that my shirt was sticking to me so my nipples, thanks to that and the air conditioning, were quite obvious.  Not to mention that i really did smell like i'd been fucking for the entire morning.  <giggle>  i did notice that he got an erection while he was showing me the various chin up bars.
 need2sub:  Of course, it didn't help that i teased him when he asked me what i needed it for.  It was sort of a stupid question, but i think he was pretty flustered at the time.
 Edge:  What did you tell him?
 need2sub:  That my Master had told me to get the bar.
 Edge:  I see.  Go on.
 need2sub:  That really made him stammer.  i suppose that i shouldn't have teased him so much.
 Edge:  Did you at least flash him?
 need2sub:  Nope.  Didn't want the guy to die on the spot!  Instead, after i got the bar, i wandered around looking for someone that i thought was attractive.  When i saw that i was being eyed by this guy over by the weights, i decided that the time was right.  Knowing that i had his attention, and considering that i was extremely aroused by that time, i started trying on the weight cuffs.  Do You know what those are?
 Edge:  Aren't they leather cuffs that you buckle on to your ankles to attach to a weight stack?
 need2sub:  Yup.  He was watching and i pretended to be interested in them.  So i bent over and put on one.  i really had his attention then.  i mean, i was standing there in these super high heels, in that short skirt and top putting on restraints.  Of course, unless one has a very kinky mind, they don't *look* like restraints, but that's what i was thinking of them as.
 Edge:  You?  Kinky?  Naaa.
 need2sub:  <WG> Well i don't know what he was thinking, but being shown a nice look at an obviously wet pussy got his attention.  i took the things off, then went to the registers to pay.  Then i came home here, put up the bar and waited for Your message.
 Edge:  Well, it certainly seems like you did every thing right.
 need2sub:  Thank You Sir.
 Edge: <grinning>  The operative word in that sentence was 'seems'.  You did make 3 mistakes.
 need2sub:  i *did*?  Sir, i thought that i got *everything* right!
 Edge:  Oh you did *very* well, never fear.  So your punishment will be light.  But, rules are rules.  For your first mistake you get 5 strokes of what ever i choose to have you use on yourself.  You pick the place, *then* I'll tell you what you'll use.  the other mistakes earned 10 strokes each.
 need2sub:  May i ask what i did wrong?
 Edge:  Of course.  Your first mistake was in not flashing someone in the sex store.
 need2sub:  But i did!
 Edge:  No, you flashed someone *outside* the sex store.  That's why you are only going to get 5 for that.  Normally it'd be 10.
 need2sub:  But Sir, You said i should flash someone that i found attractive.  And there wasn't anyone in the store but the cashier.  And no WAY did i find her attractive.
 Edge:  Sometimes, rarely, but sometimes, you'll get a perfectly reasonable assignment from me that you can't carry out in a reasonable fashion.  It's a shame, but it happens.  You could have, for instance, waited in the store until someone came in.  It might not have been reasonable, but you could have done it.  You did give it a good try so you only get 5 strokes for it.
 need2sub:  <pouting>  That's kind of dirty pool, Sir.
 Edge:  I understand.  But consider it a small reminder.  I did, after all, reduce the punishment.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  What about the rest?
 Edge:  Well, those are a little more serious.
 need2sub: <waiting attentively>
 Edge:  You stated, twice, that you told someone that I was your Master.  I have not collared you, nor have you asked for my collar and therefore I am not your Master.
 There was silence.  Brad waited for her to respond.  This was a rather critical point with him.  It took a minute.

 need2sub: i understand.  i am sorry, Sir.  <blushing very deep red>  Maybe i shouldn't tell You this....
 Edge:  I'm listening.  You shouldn't feel like you have to tell me something that'll make you feel uncomfortable.
 need2sub:  i understand.  This is sort of hard to say but in my mind, i already think of You as my Master.  It's presumptuous of me, i know.  i'm sorry.

 Brads heart was suddenly racing a mile a minute.  He had to remind himself that no matter how talented a beginner she was, she was new to this sort of thing.  Indeed, even experienced players had different rules for Master/slave relationships and collaring.  It might not mean the same thing to her as it did to him and they'd have to hash that out.

 Edge:  No need to be sorry and your thoughts, my dear, are your own.  Besides, I'm flattered.  On another day, perhaps we should speak of you and I and a collar.

 Brad reflected that it was so much easier to type and not sound flustered.

 need2sub:  Yes Sir, i think we should.
 Edge:  In the mean time, I believe that we have some play and some punishment to take care of.  Are you ready?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  i have all my toys within reach.
 Edge:  Good.  You should also have a bowl from the kitchen.  No doubt you're going to need to pee at some point, if you don't already.
 need2sub:  BRB
 Brad saw her get up and head into the kitchen. He reflected that it hadn't taken her long to learn to walk in the heels and she looked *very* good doing it.  She returned a few seconds later with a bowl.

 Edge: Have you decided where you will be punished?
 need2sub:  my breasts and pussy Sir.  my ass is already kinda sore <smile>
 Edge:  Which are going to which?
 need2sub:  10 each to my breasts and the rest to my pussy.
 Edge:  What did you use to spank yourself today?
 need2sub:  i used a belt that i have.
 Edge:  Is that with the toys that you have near you now?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.
 Edge:  OK.  Today we are going to see how you like relatively low levels of stimulation combined with longer term bondage.  One of my favorite things is to bind a sub in increasingly more strict positions through out an evening and combine it with increasing levels of pain and pleasure.  Naturally, we won't be able to actually do that, but we can sort of do something close.
 need2sub:  Oooo.  i'm sorry that we can't do that - it sounds like a lot of fun.
 Edge:  Yup.  Now, if you please, I'd like you to bind your breasts.  The bindings should be quite snug, but not super tight.

 Brad sat back to watch Donna begin to bind her small, firm breasts.  She did a nice job, and they were not bulging when she was finished, but they were tight.  Her hard nipples were standing up quite nicely.

 Edge:  If you haven't already done it, set your messenger to ping when you receive a message.  That way, if I have you blind fold yourself, you'll know when to remove the blindfold or move on to my next instruction.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.
 Edge:  Now focus the camera on that wet pussy of yours.  I'd like you to start playing with it.  Get your clit nice and hard.

 Donna didn't type anything back, she just spread her pussy with one hand and dipped a finger into her drooling cunt with the other.  Brad really had never seen a woman get as wet as her in his life.  She spread her juices over the hardening button of her clit, her hips jerking in time with her finger.  He let her continue for several minutes, his own cock throbbing in time with her hip thrusts.

 Edge:  OK pick up the belt that you used this morning and give each breast five hard smacks.  If I don't think they're hard enough, you'll have to do it again.
 Brad watched as Donna stopped playing with her pussy and reached for something.  She re-adjusted the camera and now he had a better view of her body.  Her breasts were just starting to swell from the ropes around them.  She had picked up the belt and he saw her swing it onto her left breast.  Even though her position was awkward, it looked hard enough for him.  She continued until all five had been applied to each breast.  She was panting pretty heavily and her skin was shining with sweat.

 need2sub:  Was that hard enough Sir?
 Edge:  Yes.  Now I'd like you to apply the nipple loops - nice and tight, then continue to play with your pussy.

 Donna once again reached for something, then came up with the chain that had the nipple loops attached.  She applied them to each swollen nipple.  Brad loved the sight of her long, thick nipples with their bases constricted by the loops and longed to take them into his mouth.  Donna reached down between her spread legs and scooped up a glob of lubricant that had seeped from her tunnel.  She opened her lips with one hand and spread it over her clit, slowly rubbing and caressing her sex.  Brad let her continue for a while, noting that she was a little red and swollen from all the stimulation today.  Well, it was going to get worse, that was for sure.

 Edge:  So how are you feeling?  If you had to pick a number between 1 and 10 for sexual arousal, what would it be?
 need2sub: 8
 Edge:  Well, it's good to see that I have your attention.  You can now apply the other smacks to your breasts.  Remember that I have to be satisfied by how hard they are.

 Donna leaned back and applied the belt.  Her swelling breasts shook with each blow and she arched her back.  Her other hand played with the nipple of breast she wasn't hitting.  Then she reversed it.  Brad thought that she did an excellent job.  He could also see she was very aroused.

 Edge:  Excellent.  Now, pop in the ball gag that I know you have there.  Then we'll start on the next part of your punishment.

 Donna pulled a ball gag from off camera and buckled it tightly in her mouth.  She was panting through her nose, her eyes bright and her skin flushed with arousal.  Brad started to wonder who was torturing whom.  While he could easily get relief himself, he still couldn't touch her, and that made his relief not quite as satisfying as it might be.

 Edge:  It's time for your final punishment - for today anyway <grin>.  You will spread open your pussy and use the crop for your last five.  Remember that you'll have to do it again if I don't think your did it hard enough.  Also, what I'm going to do is this:  I'll just hit return on my keyboard.  When you hear the ding use the crop.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.

 Donna brought the crop down between her legs.  She jerked and her legs snapped together.  She quickly opened them up again.


 Each time ICQ pinged, Donna brought down the crop.  Brad spaced them out pretty well, except for the last two.  Donna, he thought, had excellent control.  He didn't know many women that would have been able to hit themselves that hard all five times.  She must really like it, he mused.  His kind of girl for sure.  Now if only there were some way to get her in real life...

 Edge:  Very good.  Where are you now?
 need2sub: Maybe a high 7.

 Brad was very impressed.

 Edge:  I'm surprised that you were able to hit yourself that hard.
 need2sub:  i was very aroused.
 Edge:  Well, that was one of the two reasons that I had your masturbate.  One, to increase your arousal, and two to make you more sensitive.  I'm glad it worked.
 need2sub:  Oh it worked.  i think i'm going to be very sore tomorrow.
 Edge: <grinning>  And just think - we haven't even started yet.  Now we get to see if you can carry that arousal through some static bondage.
 need2sub:  What's static bondage?
 Edge:  The best term I could come up with for now.  Basically, I'm going to have you tie yourself, then I'm going to leave you there for a while.  Normally, I'd come around and play with you every now and then.  Most likely, I'd also fuck your pussy or your mouth, or masturbate you.  Not always though.  Some women get very aroused in a situation like that.  They aren't getting directly stimulated, except by the bondage.  It's sort of a cerebral thing and not easy to duplicate in a situation like this.
 need2sub:  i'm at Your service Sir, as You know.  i have until tomorrow afternoon and i'm completely Yours.
 Edge:  <WEG>  You might regret that offer.  But OK.  Can you set up your web cam so that you can also see the feed?
 need2sub:  Yes - i always have a small window showing me what it's seeing so i can adjust it.
 Edge:  Good.  I'd like you to make sure that you can't see any clocks from where you're sitting - including the one on the Windoze menu bar.
 need2sub:  Heh - i didn't even think of that one.  i'll make sure that the menu is out of sight.
 Edge:  Great.  Now on to the fun.  First, take the piece of rope long enough to go around your waist 4 or 5 times.  Tightly cinch your waist with it just above your belly button.
 Brad watched as Donna got the rope and began to wind it around her waist very tightly.  He loved the way it cut into her skin and always found the contrast of a woman's soft skin and unyielding rope to be very exciting.

 Edge:  Excellent.  I want you to take the wooden dowel that you bought and tie it tightly to the top cross piece of the chair.  Make sure the dowel is on the back side of the chair.  Finally, use some of the thin nylon string to attach the S hooks to the dowel as far out as you need to hook your wrist cuffs onto them - unless you can just hook them into the screw eyes.

 He waited as she complied with his request.  He wished there was a better way to do this, but it wasn't going to happen unless he was physically there.

 Edge:  Put on your wrist and ankle cuffs.
 Edge:  Good.  Which dildo did you get at the store?
 need2sub:  Both, actually.  Shall i hold them up for You to see?
 On the screen Brad could see a rather large, penis shaped butt plug, and an equally large, flat bottomed rubber cock.

 Edge:  Perfect.  Now I'd like you to take the rope that you measure by passing it between your legs, you know the one I'm talking about?
 need2sub:  i think so.
 Edge:  OK, I'd like you to take that and attach it to the rope around your waist in back.  After you do that, get one of the five foot pieces of rope and one of the 4 foot pieces and put them within reach when you are sitting down.  I'll wait.
 need2sub:  Ok.
 need2sub:  Got them.
 Edge:  Great, now I'd like you to sit in the chair, making sure that the crotch rope gets pulled forward between your legs, and slide that dildo in as far as you can go.  It better go all the way in, BTW.  Then pull the rope tightly through your pussy lips and tie it to the front of the cinch rope.

 Brad sat back and watched Donna follow his directions.  She slid the thick dildo inside her sex, sliding it back and forth, coating it with her lubricant.  Finally she was able to push it all the way in, her sex split wide from it's girth.  He so wished he were there, doing this to her himself, listening to her sighs as he slowly bound her into the position he wanted her in, sliding his hands over her aroused body and licking the wetness from her sex.  His cock was very hard and throbbing as he watched her pull the rope tightly through her pussy and attach it to the front of the cinch rope.  He knew that as she breathed the rope would tug and pull very so slightly on her sex and cause the dildo in her body to move just a bit this way and that.  For the short term, it wouldn't matter, but she was going to be there a while and the intensity would build - especially from the tight crotch rope.

 Edge:  Now, I want you to tie one end of the 5 foot rope to one thigh, pass it under the chair and tie it to your other thigh.  Don't make the ties too tight because you're gonna be there a while.  It's not the best position, since it really doesn't keep your legs open wide enough, but it'll have to do.

 Donna complied and soon she was sitting there, back straight in the chair with her legs spread.  He couldn't see her feet, but the effect of her heels were obvious in how she held her body.

 Edge:  Take the four foot piece of rope, one end on either side of your body and slide it to the back of the chair, over the cross bar then to the front of your body.  Make sure you're sitting very straight, then tie it.

 Donna looked confused for a second, then awkwardly took an end of rope in either hand and past it over her ribs, then behind her over the cross piece.  Then she pulled it to the front and tied it just below her ribs.

 Edge:  Excellent.  Now hook each wrist into an 'S' hook.  I hope you're comfortable because you're going be there a while.  Nod if you can clearly see everything I'm writing.

 Donna deliberately nodded her head up and down.

 Edge:  I'll let you know when you can release yourself, but I expect you to release yourself immediately if you start to have any cramps or problems AT ALL.  Nod once if you understand this command.

 Donna nodded again.  Brad, horny as he was, was still leery of doing this.  He knew that people practiced self-bondage all the time, sometimes in much more extreme positions with less of a way out.  It didn't make him any happier.  Besides, he wanted to be there and feel her under his hands.  At times like this he could almost forget that any real life relationship with her was all but impossible.

 Brad set a timer for fifteen minutes.  That wasn't very long, but he knew that it would feel much longer to Donna who had no way of measuring the time.  He certainly didn't intend to sit there and stare at the screen the entire time.  But he had to admit, it was a very nice sight.  He watched her shift, after sliding the rings to her cuffs into the hooks, trying to find a comfortable position.  Brad didn't think there was one, which was the point.

 He busied himself by working on one of his stories.  Looking at Donna was certainly inspiration!  Of course, what was happening to the heroin in the story was far more extreme then what Donna was going through.  Brad smiled to himself - oh the differences between fantasy and reality.

 About ten minutes had gone by when Brad noticed that there seemed to be a subtle shifting to Donna's hips.

 Edge:  Nod your head if you are doing OK

 Donna nodded her head.  Vigorously.  Brad thought for a second.

 Edge:  Are you trying to rub that rope into your clit because your arousal has dropped.  Nod once if that's true

 There was no nod.

 Edge:  Are you doing it because you can't stop BECAUSE you're so aroused.

 That got a nod.

 Edge:  So you enjoy feeling the rope on your clit and the dildo in your cunt.

 Donna nodded again.

 Edge:  Do you think you could cum like that?
 Donna nodded her head side to side.

 Edge:  I take that to mean that you don't know.

 That got a nod.

 Edge:  It's just as well.  You're not allowed to cum anyway.

 She dropped her head and some saliva dripped from the ball gag onto her chest.  Then she put her head back.

 Brad saw that the time was almost up.

 Edge:  I'm going to give you a choice.  You'll nod once for option one, and twice for option two.  Think VERY carefully before answering.  Choice one:  I'll let you release yourself in a minute, stretch then go on to another position.  Option two:  I'll leave you there for a while longer, THEN let you stretch and then go on to another position.

 Brad observed Donna as well as he could from the pictures.  He idly wondered what camera she was using as the pictures were *very* clear.  He was easily able to make out the ropes, now starting to sink in to her breasts and the nooses tightened at the base of her swollen nipples.  Her skin was shining with sweat, and her hips were rocking back and forth shifting the rope and the dildo inside her.  She looked up and nodded twice.

 Edge:  You have chosen option 2, is that correct?

 Donna nodded and Brad reset the timer for ten more minutes and went back to his writing.  The time was almost up when he realized that he'd spent more time looking at her and stroking his cock then writing.

 Edge:  You may now release yourself.  Start with your wrists, of course, then the ties on your legs.  After you've finished, you may release the crotch rope.  You may NOT remove the waist cinch or the breast ropes, but you should remove the nipple nooses and the ball gag.  Make sure you clean the dildo properly.  Also, I want you to drink some water - I don't want you to get dehydrated.

 Donna pulled her arms up and removed the cuffs from the hooks.  She shifted her shoulders and rubbed her elbows a bit, the rotated her neck.  Next she released the roped on her legs.  Brad could see the ropemarks in her thighs.  It was a very nice sight.  She closed her legs a bit and stood, grabbing the chair for support.  She untied the crotch rope and slid the dildo from her sex.  The thing was literally dripping.  She held it over her mouth and allowed some of her lubricant to slide off it onto her tongue.  Brad watched avidly, his hand stroking his very hard cock.  She slid the thing deep into her mouth and sucked and cleaned it until it was shiny with her spit.  Brad came watching her service the 'cock'.

 Edge:  You should take a little time to relax.  I'll let you know when to stop for the next phase.  If you have to use the bathroom, you may use the bowl.  Make sure it's in front of the camera so I can see.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  Thank You Sir.  This has been very intense.  Very frustrating as well.
 Edge:  Where was/is your arousal.
 need2sub:  i think it got as high as an eight.  It's still pretty high now.  If You were here, i'm sure You could do whatever You wanted with me and i would love it.
 Edge:  Don't I wish.
 need2sub:  <blushing>  Could that wish become a reality Sir?
 All of a sudden this all seemed oddly real to Brad.  This was not a subject he wanted to get into now.

 Edge:  Don't get the wrong idea from this answer.  I want to discuss this - just not right at the moment.
 need2sub:  i understand.  i can wait.  Until then, i'm Yours.  Surely You can think of SOME way to make use of me?
 Edge:  Oh yes, that I can.
 need2sub:  Until then....

 Donna took the bowl and put it on chair.  She then squatted over it and began to pee.  She must have really had to go because it took a long time.  When she finished she put it back on the ground.

 need2sub:  i assume You have plans for that?
 Edge:  <EG> Yep, but if I tell you what they are, I'll spoil the surprise.  Are you ready for the next phase?
 need2sub:  May i take another minute to stretch?
 Edge:  Sure.
 Donna grinned into the camera, then turned her back, spread her legs a bit and bent and put her hands on her knees, arching her back.  This gave him a very nice view of her sopping pussy and brought his hard-on back to life.

 Edge:  You are such a little tease.
 need2sub:  Thank You Sir.  Your slut is ready for Your use.

 Of course, the thought that immediately leapt to his mind was her squirming body underneath him as he slid in and out of her cunt.  The gremlin appeared over the scene, a large green cock jutting from his body with a sign over his head reading:  This can ALL be yours if The Price Is Right.  Brad frowned and the scene vanished.

 Edge:  OK.  Take the chain that you bought and wrap it around the chin-up bar.  You can attach it to the bar by using a snap clip.  One end of the chain should hang just above your head when you are finished.

 Donna walked over to the bar.  She started to wrap the chain around it, adjusted the height, then used the snap clip to fasten it.

 Edge:  Now, remember those small pieces of this rope I asked you to cut?  Well, this might be a little difficult, but here's what I want you to do.  Take three pieces of it.  Slide one piece between your skin and the breast rope on the outside of one of your breasts.  Tie it in a knot.  This will have the effect of closing the ropes on your breasts putting more pressure on them.  Do this on the other side as well, then, finally in the middle.

 Donna looked confused for a second, then shook her head and slid the thin rope under the rope that bound her breasts.  She followed his instructions and looked up after all three ropes had been added.

 Edge:  Put your hands behind your head until I tell you to move.

 Donna complied, and Brad saw the thin dark hair under her arms was matted with her sweat.  He almost groaned with desire, drinking in the sight of her long legs, tightly cinched waist and now, tightly bound breasts.  She was so beautiful and sexy.  He could see the rope digging into her waist and breasts and knew that her tits would be very sensitive in a short time.

 Edge:  Thank You slave.  You may put your hands down.
 Edge:  This next part will be a little tricky, so here's what I want you to do.  Take your chair and put it close to the doorway.  Take some thin rope and measure out a length that goes from the floor, over the bar, then back to the floor.  Sorry - I should have had you do that earlier.
 need2sub:  NP Sir.  Just a sec...

 Donna grabbed a roll of string, then measured out the distance and cut the it.

 Edge:  You remember that nice little butterfly vib?  Please attach that.  I'm going to assume that you knew enough to get batteries.
 need2sub:  <Grinning>  Yes Sir, Your slave anticipated Your request and i have batteries.  And, i might add, this is a wireless model.

 Brad laughed out loud at that.  He knew that Donna was a techie at heart!

 Edge:  Excellent!  Now attach the vibrator and make sure that it's rubbing all the right spots.  Then securely tie one end of the string you cut to the middle of the chain of the clover clamps.

 Donna stepped back and started to attach the vibrator to her pussy.  Brad was sorry to see it covered up, but now the real fun would start.  It didn't take her long to attach it.

 Edge:  Good.  Let's continue.  First, attach one snap clip to each of your restraints.  Then put the bowl, the clover clamps and the rest of the snap clips on the chair.  Then get the dowel, stand under the doorway and attach your ankle restraint clips into the ends of the dowel.

 Donna did that.  She had to spread her legs quite wide and her balance was a little off.

 Edge:  Nod if you can still read what's on the screen.

 Donna nodded her head.

 Edge: Excellent.  Take the other end of the string from the clamps and run it through the center screw eye, behind you and over the top of the bar.  You can tie it there to make sure it doesn't fall, but make sure it's easy to loosen.

 Brad chuckled as Donna went though the gyrations required.

 Edge:  Dip your fingers in the bowl and liberally coat your mouth and lips.  Dip the ball gag in it, then insert that in your mouth.

 He watched as she dipped her fingers in the bowl and dripped a bunch of the liquid onto her mouth.  She repeated this several times, then submerged her gag before buckling it tightly into her mouth.  It looked far tighter then it had been before.

 Edge:  You are going to be here for a while.  There is one VERY IMPORTANT THING you must not do.  DO NOT LOCK YOUR KNEES.  This could cause you to pass out.  If I see you locking your knees even once, I will make you remove your self from your bondage, and you will be severely punished.  Nod if you understand.

 Donna nodded.

 Edge:  Now, make sure you have the remote for the vibrator in your hand, then attach the clamps to your nipples.

 Donna showed him the remote, then blithely attached a clamp to her nipple.  And almost dropped the other one.  Evidently this was far more painful then she had thought it would be and she stood there with clenched fists for a few seconds.  Brad had known that with her breasts in bondage this long, she would be really sensitive.  If he'd been there, he would have prepared her better, but he wasn't so...
 Edge:  I bet that hurt.  Would you like to remove it?

 Donna shook her head no.  Brad thought for a moment.  Then wondered...

 Edge:  Do you not want to remove it because you think if I were there, I wouldn't remove it?
 Donna nodded yes.

 Edge:  But I would be able to... soothe you in other ways.  You may remove it if you'd like.

 Donna responded by attaching the other clip to her nipple.  Now both hands were clenched at her sides and Brad could see the sweat starting to drip down her body.  He was reminded of how hot it must be there.

 Edge:  As you wish.  Remember, if anything gets too intense for you, you WILL release yourself immediately.  It's what I'd do if I were there.

 Donna nodded.

 Edge:  Now, unhook the string from the bar, then attach the snap clips to the chain.  Next we're going to play a little game.

 Donna reached up and grabbed hold of the string, then clipped her wrists into the hanging chain.

 Edge:  You're going to be there for a while.  But to make things ... interesting, I'll send you a message every now and then.  It'll say ON or OFF.  If it says ON, then turn on the vibrator.  Oh yes, and pull the string - I want to see those nipples being pulled.  When it says OFF, then you'll turn it off.  It goes with out saying that you may not cum.  Nod of you understand.
 Donna nodded.

 Edge:  <smiling>  Such a good little slave. Now, I'm going to type a number and I want you to nod when that number matches your arousal.  If it's too high a number shake your head NO.
 Edge:  6

 No response.

 Edge: 7

 Nod.  OK - she was at a seven.  That was good.  He would leave her in this position for a while - perhaps 15 or 20 minutes.  He have to see how she was holding up.  Especially when she started using the vibrator.

 Edge:  ON

 He saw Donna move her hands.  She jerked a bit, then her eyes closed.  Her hips rolled a bit and Brad could see her other hand gripping the string and tugging on it.  Her hard nipples were being pulled downward.  One thing about clover clamps was that the more you pulled on them, the more they tightened.

 Edge:  Are you enjoying yourself slut?  Do you know what a show you're putting on?  It's very enjoyable for me to watch.

 Donna looked up at the DING, then closed her eyes again.

 Edge:  OFF.

 Her eyes snapped open and her hand moved again.  She stood there, panting. For the next twenty minutes he had her turn on and off the vibrator.  He movements got more and more violent and toward the end she was really pulling hard on her nipples.  When he decided to let her release herself, she stood there panting, sweat and saliva sliding down her body.  There were even strands of thick, clear fluid dripping from between her legs.  If Brad were actually there, he would have made her cum at this point.  Since he was not, he couldn't take the chance that she'd collapse after an intense orgasm.  He longed to run his hands over her wet body, feel her slick fluids on his fingers and tongue.  He'd been hard on and off throughout the entire scene, but now his cock was aching and dripping precum.
 Edge:  You may release yourself from your bonds.  Remove everything but the waist cinch and the breast bondage.

 Donna just stood there getting hold of her self, then fumbled and started releasing herself from her chains.  She was still panting when she finished.

 Edge:  You've done very well.  Would you like to cum now?
 Donna crawled to the keyboard.

 need2sub:  Thank You Sir.  You slave would love to cum, if that is your wish.

 Edge:  You may use the dildo, a vibrator or both to cum.  I want you to kneels with your ass off the ground and bring yourself off.  Feel free to use the crop on your breasts if you'd like.  I know that they're sore but you might feel the urge.
 need2sub:  If You were here, would You use it on my breasts?
 Edge:  Yes.  But I'm assuming that you're pleasure sensations would be somewhat greater as well.
 need2sub:  No doubt <smile>

 Donna knelt as ordered, took the rubber cock and started to work it over her sex.  It was quickly coated with her juices and she grabbed the crop and smacked her breast exactly once.  Then it was obvious that she was cuming.  Very hard.  It was over in less then 2 minutes and she stoped, panting and looking at the screen.

 Edge:  Did I tell you to stop?

 Donna shook her head.

 Edge:  Then continue until I tell you to.  Feel free to orgasm as often as you like.  I'd certainly be trying to see how many times I could make you cum before we finished up.

 What he didn't add was that if he was there, she'd also be spending the rest of the evening in some kind of bondage and servicing him!  She started playing with herself again, this time dipping her hand into the bowl her piss and sucking on her fingers.  She picked up the crop and started using it on her breasts and mons, jerking back and forth.  Brad was doing some jerking as well.  He sat there, watching the show on his monitor as this beautiful slave followed his every direction.  He came.  Very, very hard.

End Office Games Pt. 11

Office Games 12

 After he'd gotten off the computer with Donna, he'd spent some time watching TV.  Summer TV, he decided after a while, sucked, and he went to bed.  Brad woke early on Sunday.  He puttered around the house, then puttered around his workshop.  There were a few pieces of leather work that someone had commissioned that he wanted to finish, so he worked on those.  His mind kept drifting to Donna, of course, then his eyes to the many toys in his shop.  Oddly, Brad was somewhat depressed.  He looked around his wonderfully equipped Dungeon/workshop and saw emptiness.  He knew that the time was fast approaching where he's have to... shit or get off the pot.

 When they'd finished yesterday, Edge and need2sub had decided that today they'd get online and hash out some terms.  Brad figured that since she was going away for a while, it'd be a good time for her to mull his definition of various terms over in her mind.  He thought that once she knew what he meant by 'collaring', Master/slave and such that she'd be back peddling pretty quick.  He was sorry for that, but really, it might be best anyway.  Of course, those thoughts didn't make him feel any better and contributed to his slight depression.  Brad decided he didn't like his line of thought and threw himself into his work.  A short while later, he put the finishing touches on the body harness and set it down.  He'd email the person it was for and ask when they wanted it sent.

 Brad continued to do small chores around the house.  When he looked at the clock and saw that very little time had passed, he realized that he was just wasting time.  He got dressed and went to the gym.  That wasn't as much of a distraction as he would have liked.  There were a number of machines that he couldn't look at without imagining Donna tied to them.

 While driving home, Brad reflected that he really was becoming obsessed by Donna.  Of course, the grinning gremlin in his head agreed, laughing at him and hold up pictures of Brad in clown makeup and really big shoes offering a sweet little girl (with Donna's face) a balloon.  Brad grimaced from the reminder of their age difference.

 By the time he got cleaned up, deleted the spam in his account and fired up ICQ, it was almost time.  He made a sandwich, then walked back and sat down at the computer.

 need2sub:  Good afternoon Sir.  i hope You are well today.
 Edge:  Fine, thanks.  How are you feeling?  Sore anywhere?
 need2sub:  <giggling>  A bit.  My legs from the heels are the worst.
 Edge:  That's all?
 need2sub: <lowering her voice>  Well, there *are* a few places that i'd beg You to rub - if You were here...
 Edge:  Tease.
 need2sub:  Not exactly teasing, Sir.
 Edge:  Oh?
 need2sub:  Well, i guess You're right, since You aren't here...
 Edge:  Don't remind me.
 need2sub:  Speaking of here... we were talking the other day about maybe meeting sometime.
 Edge:  I thought you wanted to talk about the definition of 'collaring','Master' and 'slave'
 need2sub:  That too.

 Brad's heart was really pounding.  He had to be careful.  Put her off too long about meeting and she might not even want to continue cyber.  She might start to wonder why he didn't want to meet her.  After all, she had to know that she was very attractive, most guys would jump at the chance.

 Edge:  Let's start with those.  If you're still interested in meeting after you learn what my definitions are, then we'll talk about that.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.
 Edge:  OK.  What do you think it means to be offered a collar?
 need2sub:  Hmm.  Well, i would assume that it would mean that i was willing to be that person's slave.
 Edge:  I see.  I guess that's true as far as it goes.  I, personally, consider that it also means that you are in a committed Master/slave relationship.  But wearing my collar isn't a casual thing.  For some people wearing a collar means ownership.  I don't want to own you - exactly.
 need2sub:  <listening intently>
 Edge:  What I would want ties in with my definitions of Master/slave.  I would want control of your sexuality.  I would train you to enjoy a wide range of actions that *I* would like to have you experience.  And I would expect that you would be an active participant in your training, which means *you* would come up with sexual adventures and fantasies as well.  One purpose of your training would be to expand the limits of what you currently consider a 'turn on'.

 Brad sat back and waited.

 need2sub:  i think i understand.  i don't think i'd like that control to extend past sex though.
 Edge:  Truthfully, I have no desire for a doormat or someone 'broken to my will'.   I know some doms and subs get off on that and that's fine.  It's just not what I want.  But I *would* expect you to get off on things that you might not, initially anyway, physically enjoy.  You would learn to get off on them because I like them.  Acts that you like, even if they were hard to admit to liking, would be brought to the surface and thoroughly explored.
 need2sub:  i think i'm pretty open about what i like.
 Edge:  I see.  So you have no interests that are a turn on - deep dark fantasies - that you would be unwilling to share with me at this time?
 need2sub:  Ummmm.  OK.  i see what you mean.
 Edge:  <grinnin> I thought you might.  I also like to use sort of a mental construct called 'play space'.  When I declare we are in that space, you are a slave - period.  It doesn't matter when or where we are.
 need2sub:  But isn't that the same thing as you controlling me all the time?
 Edge:  Not exactly.  This is where trust and knowledge of one's partner comes in.  You'd have to trust me enough to decide to follow my lead and for me not to choose inappropriate times.
 need2sub:  i see.  Can i declare a 'play space'?
 Edge:  Of course.  You declaring that sort of thing means that you are actively participating in deepening your own sexual slavery.
 need2sub:  <squirming>  You certainly have a way of putting these things.  i'm starting to get soaked.

 Brad smiled and his cock started to swell.  He wondered if she'd get off on the real thing as well as just the concept.

 Edge:  So you don't have a problem with the concept.  How do you think you'd deal with the reality?
 need2sub:  If it's anything like what we've been doing, i think You'd like my reaction.  i know that You haven't been able to push me very hard because we aren't doing this IRL.  my question is whether You'd be willing to *actually* make me do the things You've hinted at.  Whether You'd actually be very severe - both physically and mentally, with me.

 Brad sat back surprised, although he shouldn't have been.  She was calling him out, almost challenging him to train her and train her hard.  He found that very arousing, even as he realized that some Doms would be insulted by the inplication from a sub that they didn't have the strength to carry out their word.  He, however, considered it entirely reasonable for her to wonder if he only talked a big game.  After all, he had proof that she would follow his commands, and giving commands from behind a safe internet connection wasn't the same thing as being up close and personal.

 Edge:  Well, I've been in the scene for quite a while.  I've played with other people's subs at play parties, and I've trained my own - although with few exceptions never as far as I'd like.
 need2sub:  Why not?
 Edge:  Sometimes incompatibilities kept the relationship from expanding.  Just like any dating relationship, sometimes things don't work out.  I've had several subs, and a number of casual partners that I met at play parties.  One of the best slaves I've ever trained fell in love with someone else - always a problem, and the other slave that I trained left for another part of the country to follow her career.
 need2sub:  Are You involved with anyone IRL?
 Edge:  Nope.  I do still play at play parties though.
 need2sub:  Does that play include sex?
 Edge:  Sometimes.
 need2sub:  Would it still include sex if You were to collar me?
 Edge:  I guess that would depend on what type of real life relationship we had.
 need2sub:  Speaking of which...
 Edge:  You'd like to meet.
 need2sub:  Yes.
 Edge:  <grinning>  Aren't you afraid that I'm a psycho?
 need2sub:  <looking innocent>  Sir, i KNOW You're a psycho.  Besides, i might not be the shy, sweet, innocent girl You think You know.
 Brad laughed at that.  Oh but Donna, I *do* know!

 Edge:  <LOL>  Um... Yea.  Guess we should figure out where we are.  After all, a plane trip might be difficult to arrange.

 They spent some time working out their geography.  It was easier then he'd expected to lead her into 'discovering' that they lived near enough to be able to meet at a mutually agreeable place.  Brad let her suggest a place - after all, he wasn't the one going in blind here, she was.  Of course, the place that she chose was a club that he'd never been to and that he'd never actually go to with out a strong reason - like this one.  He'd heard that the twenty-something set liked to hang there.  Oh joy.  Well, he would go early and stake out the place.  That way, if he decided that this just wasn't going to work after all, he could ditch and deal with the consequences later.  If he was this nervous now, he figured he'd be a wreck when the time came to do it.  No matter how he tried, he just couldn't see them together.  Still, he thought that he'd better take a bit of the lead on this, or Donna would start to get suspicious.

 Edge:  OK - so, perhaps we should do this when you get back.
 need2sub:  Sounds good to me.
 Edge:  Shall we go over the last term definition?
 need2sub:  Which one?
 Edge:  Master, and when you'd be allowed to call me that.
 need2sub:  OK.

 They spent some time going over the term Master.  Brad had definite ideas about what a Master's responsibilities were, but was quite vague on when he'd allow a sub to call him that.  He had always decided that by 'feel'.  How the relationship felt to him.  None of his casual play partners were allowed to call him Master.  In fact, only the two women that he'd mentioned to Donna had been allowed to call him Master.  He also explained that he expected an untrained slave to wear a red collar and a trained slave to wear a black one.  That was his own personal preference though.

 They eventually signed off for the day and Brad was pretty satisfied.  He'd discovered that she was going to the gym tomorrow with KC.  He grinned thinking that he'd have to come up with something... interesting for her to do at the gym.  He had mentioned to her that she should check her email before bed because he'd have instructions for her.

 Later that day, he sat down at the computer to write out her instructions for the gym.  He didn't want to interfere with her workout and he didn't want her to get kicked out of the gym.  Brad wasn't planning on going tomorrow, but maybe those plans would change.

   I don't really know what you plan to do tomorrow for your workout.  But I do know what I want you to wear.  Remember that nice sports bra you had?  The one that was a little too small?  You can wear that, and only that, on top.  If it doesn't cover enough then you can wear a loose tank top along over it.  On the bottom you may wear a pair of shorts.  Something with loose legs that would be easy to see up if you weren't careful.  You may wear only those shorts - no panties underneath.  While you're there, ensure that you flash someone.
   One final thing.  While you are at the gym, I want you to cum once.  You must be in the building, but not inside a stall in the bathroom or locker room.  Anywhere else is fine.  You can clean yourself up when you get home.


 PS:  Flashing KC doesn't count - she's already see your cunt.  Several times, no doubt.

 He sent off the email and shut down.  He felt vaguely dissatisfied, uneasy and decided that he needed to get out and get some air.  In fact... he went into his room and grabbed a newsletter that had listings for bondage clubs.  As he'd thought, tonight was a play night at his club.  This was just what he needed!  He decided he'd go get some food, then hit the club.  Play parties didn't usually start too late on a Sunday night and perhaps there was the possibility of finding a partner.  It was rare to be able to do that at a club, but this was a private club and he knew a number of people there.  If not, there were some friends of his that might be there to hang with.

 Brad awoke bleary eyed to the sound of the alarm.  He glared at it, but there was no sense in taking a hammer to it - not that he didn't want to.  He lay there for a minute, thinking about last night.  He felt better than he had last night when he'd gone to the club, but knew now that he'd gone there to keep from thinking of Donna.

 When he arrived last night, the place hadn't been very crowded.  Still, there were several of his friends there and he noticed two of them, Gina and Ann, playing.  He walked over and greeted them, observed the bound sub with an appreciative eye, then turned to leave.  Gina, Ann's current Mistress asked if he wanted to help with her sub.  Brad had played with Ann before - she was a sweet little sub with an affinity for tight bondage and hard strappings.  She was a little under five feet with a mostly average build but very large breasts.  Well, large for someone her size anyway.  Gina was about five eight and a little on the heavy side.  She  wasn't naked, but had on a corset, stockings and heels.  Her breasts were about a 'C' cup and she had pierced nipples.  Unlike Ann, she was not bisexual; she would only have sex with women.  But she knew that Ann liked both men and women and would allow men to occasionally join the scene - as long as they didn't try anything with her.  Plus she and Brad had known each other for years - longer then she had known Ann, in fact.

 Brad helped Gina put Ann through her paces.  He assisted with her very tight bondage, wrapping rope tightly at the base of her large breasts until they were hard balls.  Gina approved and they spent over an hour tying, retying, teasing and whipping the cheerful little sub with a strap until she begged to be fucked.  There was some discussion about that, with Gina offering Brad her sub's cunt.  Brad suggested Gina put on a strap on and they could do her from either end.  Gina liked that idea.  Ann was a little nervous about it, but had little choice as she was, at the time, bound face up on a narrow bench.  Rope cut tightly into her middle and her legs were spread wide apart with her feet tied to uprights.  Her breasts had been rebound and were by now quite sensitive from all the tight binding not to mention being whipped.  At Ann's mild protest, Gina reached down and added a pair of nipple clamps to Ann's small, pink nipples.  She knew that Ann liked cock and if she'd had any real objection, she would have safe worded.

 In the end, Gina had fucked her sub to orgasm while whipping her large breasts as Brad pulled her nipples up with the clamps while he fucked her mouth.  Ann liked sex, but she *really* liked giving oral sex.  Gina often used her love of oral sex to get her to do all kinds of things, while at the same time teasing her about how much she liked to give head.  When Brad and Ann had both cum, they untied Ann and led her over to a comfortable couch.  Brad left them, with his thanks, as Ann sunk to her knees and began to pleasure her Mistress.

 He spent another hour shooting the shit with some friends when Ann crawled up to him.  He looked up and saw Gina smiling and nodding.  Ann knelt at his side and explained, with a very red face, that if Sir wanted to, Sir could fuck her.  Brad wasn't surprised, knowing Ann's taste for cock.  Gina also knew that Brad loved a nice, hard fuck and that he and Ann had played extensively in the past.  There was the usual teasing by the doms at the table as Ann knelt, legs widely spread with her hands behind her, waiting for Brad to take her.  Kenny's new sub knelt at his feet and he leaned over and explained to his sub that *that* was how a slut should beg to be fucked.  Brad knew the girl was new to the BDSM scene and that her Master, Kenny, had discovered that she really got off on humiliation.  He suggested that she also beg Brad to fuck her.  A look passed between Brad and Kenny and Brad realized that Kenny wasn't really offering her to him, just playing with the woman's head.

 Thus ensued a bidding war between the two subs.  This attracted attention of others in the place, including Gina who now walked over to observe how her sub was fairing in her attempt to get fucked.  Both Kenny and Gina were now riding their subs pretty hard, teasing and taunting them about their efforts to obtain some 'hard cock'.  It was quite obvious that both subs were getting off on it - their skin was flushed and Kenny's sub's nipples were rock hard.  Their efforts included spreading their wet sex for the Master's inspections, offering to be whipped and bound at the Master's whims, masturbating themselves for the Doms pleasure and other acts that caused their embarrassment and arousal.

 Finally, Brad brought things to an end indicating that Kenny's sub had failed to interest him sufficiently - not exactly true, but this was an easy way out for all involved.  This made Kenny grin as it gave him a reason to punish his sub for her failure and they all sat back and watched.  Since she orgasmed pretty fast, it didn't seem like much of a punishment, but all concerned were quite happy with the outcome.  Brad turned and was about to take Ann up on her Mistresses' offer when that damn gremlin popped up.  It was dressed as an old fashioned school teacher and was pointing a finger at him while scolding him.  In it's other hand it held a picture of Donna, dressed as a little girl holding some little yellow flowers in one hand.  That, of course, reminded Brad that she was who he really wanted to be having sex with.  If she were here, and including the occasional other person in their play was part of their agreement, Brad would have had no problem with it.  But to Ann's surprise, Brad gently declined, kissed her on the cheek and told her to kneel there.  He stood and spoke to Gina explaining that, as much as he appreciated it, and as much as he hoped that the offer would be open to him in the future, he couldn't take her up on it tonight.  Gina was a sharp woman and knew something was up but Brad didn't give up any info.

 Brad remembered all this as he lay in bed and realized that he had left home last night to escaped thoughts of Donna, to loose himself in some play, and that it had only partially worked.  Most annoying.  He got up and headed for the shower.

 Once he got to work, he realized that he'd have to ensure that Donna got a lap top.  Activating the camera in her cube he saw that she was there.  Wow - tight jeans and a tank top, she must really be moving into vacation mode.  He walked over and while they spoke indicated that there was a laptop that she could use, should she feel the need to communicated with work while she was away.  She admitted that it would be nice to have one, in case some thoughts occurred to her.  Her face was completely serious, but her eyes had a sort of mischievous glint to them almost as if they were enjoying a private joke.  She also mentioned that she had joined the same gym as he.  They talked short time about the place and what sort of workout each did.  He got ready to leave and said he'd have the computer to her by close of business.  He thought about the look she'd given him.  The girl was a definite puzzle.

 Brad spent some time watching the camera, but Donna, evidently getting ready for several days off, spend most of her time working.  Bummer.  Of course, he could always try to message her and get her to do something, but he decided not to.  That afternoon, Brad got her the computer and dropped it off, asking her if she had anyway to dial in to work.  She leaned back in her chair and put her arms behind her head and assured him that she did.  Her gesture was totally natural, but it tightened the top across her breasts, showing them off quite nicely.  He could also see that she was still not shaving, something that he found attractive in a earthy sort of way, and that the look suited her.  His dirty imagination pictured her tied in that same position with him caressing her breasts, pulling her long nipples into hard points...  It took a lot of concentration to keep from showing his growing arousal, but he thought he pulled it off quite well.

 After work, he went to the gym.  He had little hope of actually watching Donna masturbate while there.  After all, he could hardly follow her around now could he?  He also didn't think she'd flash him since that would be way obvious.  He was really in a mood and found it difficult to watch some of the more attractive women on the machines without imagining them bound to them.  When Donna arrived in the weight room with KC, it didn't help his state of mind at all.  He didn't think they saw him and he was finished anyway so he slipped out of the room.  Brad found a stationary bike that over looked the area and was able to watch the two as they went about their workout.

 Donna had decided to add a tank top instead of just wearing the sports bra.  She had on sheer blue gym pants looked a little baggy.  KC was wearing a tight leotard and both of them had towels around their necks.  It seemed that they'd just come from aerobics class.  Brad's eyes lingered over KC's form as she bent down to help Donna with some weights.  She really did have a nice body, a good compliment to Donna's.  KC's hair was bound in a short pony tail which made her look about Donna's age.  He could see that the two were drawing a fair number of stares from the men.

 Brad had his eyes glued to Donna as they did their workout.  He especially enjoyed the sight of her using the peck machine.  Donna seemed to be unaware that she held the attention of one of the guys quite completely.  He was sitting across from her doing wrist curls, his eyes obviously focused on her sweating body as she worked the peck machine.  KC was speaking to her while she worked the machine and they both seemed oblivious to the guy.  They, or at least Donna wasn't.  Without even looking at him, she slowly opened her legs wide enough to give the guy, from his vantage point, a perfect look up her shorts.  He took it, as Brad could tell because the guy stopped doing the curls.  Donna stayed that way for several reps, allowing the guy to look at her exposed pussy, until KC took over the machine.  Brad wasn't sure because Donna's shorts were dark, but he thought they were a little darker between her legs.  There was no way to tell.

 He did find, however, that having an erection while riding a bike, even a stationary one, was not very comfortable.

 Once home, he showered and grabbed some food.  After activating ICQ he turned to some of the stories he was working on.  Time had been short lately and some had been neglected, but he did managed to lose himself in one of them until the ICQ pinged for his attention.

 need2sub:  Good evening Sir.
 Edge:  Hi.  How's it going?
 need2sub:  Fine.  my roommate is in the shower and i'm sitting here, naked, at the computer waiting my turn.
 Edge:  You could always ask to shower with her <EG>
 need2sub:  True, and i'm so horny that i'm not sure i could keep my hands off her if she'd said yes.  Of course, if she had said yes, that might not be a problem.
 Edge:  So you already worked out?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.
 Edge:  In that case, you shouldn't be horny, since you, presumably, followed my directions.
 need2sub:  Oh, er... ummm, well, i *did* follow Your directions, but ummm, one quick orgasm wasn't really enough.
 Edge:  Too bad KC is home.  Perhaps I'd let you have another one.
 need2sub:  <looking hopeful>  She does take long showers, Sir.  And she just got in...
 Edge:  Oh, so you'd like another orgasm, would you?
 need2sub:  If it would please You to let me have one, yes.
 Edge:  Well, you know that I'd love to let you have an orgasm, but it'd be just too easy if you just came right now.  Unless....
 need2sub:  Yes Sir?
 Edge:  Since you are denied access to KC her self, perhaps you could find something of hers to gag yourself with while she's in the shower.
 need2sub:  BRB

 Brad sat back and smiled.  She really was into this sort of thing.  Obviously as much as he was into having her do it.

 need2sub:  Back
 Edge:  You're an eager little slut, aren't you?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  Shall i turn on the camera so that You know i'm gagging myself?
 Edge:  Sure.

 They set up the web camera and Brad was once again greeted with the view of a naked Donna.  She looked absolutely stunning and his cock grew very hard.  She was sitting there wearing a smile and her mask, hold a pair of panties in one hand.

 need2sub:  Can You see me now?
 Edge:  Oh yes.
 need2sub:  Shall i insert them now?
 Edge:  Yes.
 He watched as she opened her mouth and pushed the panties into it, while one hand played with a hard nipple.

 Edge:  You do that very well.
 need2sub:  i'm *very* horny.  Oh god, i wonder if this is what she tastes like?  i know these are the ones she wore today and they are salty and sweet and smell like her.  She must have been a bit aroused because they taste a little like me.

 Brad closed his eyes and freed his cock, imagining driving it into her body as she serviced KC.

 Edge:  Good to know you like the taste of pussy.
 need2sub:  i do Sir.  i'm glad that pleases You.
 Edge:  So, since you have such a hot little pussy, why don't you play with it.  I'll let you have another orgasm.

 Donna closed her eyes for a second as one hand slipped between her thighs and the other tweaked a nipple.  She let go of her nipple and reached out to type.

 need2sub:  my breasts are SO sore from that bra.  i love the feeling though.

 Sore from the bra?  That was strange.

 Edge:  Why so sore?
 need2sub:  Those scratch pads aren't easy on the skin.  They're very exciting though.

 The scratch pads?!  He'd told her to wear the bra, not the pads.  She obviously misunderstood.  Something to be addressed after her orgasm though.

 Edge:  Hmmm.  Something to talk about when in a few minutes.  For now, how close are you?
 need2sub:  8
 Edge:  Good.  Keep going and cum when you can.  Perhaps I can write some things to help you along.
 need2sub: i would like that Sir.
 Edge:  You know - I'd love to see you on your hand's and knees, your ass nicely stripped by the whip.
 Edge:  I've had you like this before, in previous fantasies, and it's a favorite position of mine.  Especially with the heavily weighted nipple clamps swinging back and forth in time with my slamming into you.
 Brad watched her reaction to that.  She closed her eyes and pulled hard on a nipple.  Her other hand was moving quite quickly now.  She then looked back at the screen.

 Edge:  I especially like to imagine that each of my thrusts pushes your face into KC's wet pussy, her scent and the taste of her sex thick in your mouth and nose.  It makes me really hard to think of you sucking her to orgasm while I fuck you.  Especially knowing how hard your nipples are being pulled by the clamps.

 Donna stiffened in her chair and threw back her head.  The hand pulling her nipple had let go and she was squeezing her small breast tightly with her hand.  Brad almost came himself at the sight.  It was over very soon though, and she sat there panting through her nose.  Then she leaned forward.

 need2sub:  The shower is off.
 Edge:  Better get rid of those panties then.  How ever would you explain to KC that you were using her panties as a gag while you masturbated to orgasm?  <WEG>
 need2sub:  <giving You a dirty look>  BRB

 She jumped out of the seat and moved out of range of the camera.  Brad sat back and waited.  It would be really hot to get those two to have sex.  Especially under his control.  It didn't take her long to return and Brad admired the view in the camera as she sat down.

 Edge:  Now tell me, did you actually wear those scratch pads under your bra while you were working out?
 need2sub:  Of course Sir.  You ordered me to... You did order me to do that, right? They were pretty lumpy under the bra which is why i chose to also wear a loose tank top.
 Edge:  Actually no.  I ordered you to wear the bra, not the pads.

 Donna sat back in the seat and smacked her head.  Then she leaned forward.

 need2sub:  But i thought that's what You wanted me to do!  Does this mean that You're going to punish me now?
 Edge:  No, I'm not going to punish you.  This time.  So, tell me what else happened at the gym.  You had a few things to do there, yes?
 need2sub:  i can't believe that i did that!  Well, does it at least please You, knowing how i suffered for You during my workout? <blinking innocent eyes>
 Edge:  It is an arousing thought, yes.  But you should know, if this were IRL and you made a mistake like that, it wouldn't change how I treated you when you got home.  If I'd planned some intense breast play for you, then that's what you'd have gotten.

 That, of course, was not strictly true.  He always tried to take into account a sub's physical and mental state for any 'play' situation.  But he wanted to at least scare her a little.  Besides, if they ever did play in real life, it wouldn't take her long to realize that he tailored their play time to their current physical and mental state.

 need2sub:  i understand Sir.  i should shut down the camera though, KC is out of the shower and i don't know if she'd appreciate me beaming her naked image to You.
 Edge:  <sigh>Bummer.  OK, go ahead.  But I want to know what happened.
 need2sub:  <grinning>  Yeah, You'd enjoy the view.  She's got a hot little body, and a nice pussy with just a bit of blond hair at the top.
 Edge:  Sure you can't leave that camera on?
 need2sub:  <still grinning>  Sorry Sir, that wouldn't be right.  Anyway, KC and i did an aerobics class.  It was pretty tough, that's for sure.  It would have been hard even with out the bra and the knowledge that if i wasn't careful, i'd be flashing people left and right.  All that was pretty arousing and not a little distracting.
 Edge:  As long as you didn't put yourself into a position where you could get hurt.  And don't think I won't forget this little stunt with KC.
 need2sub:  No Sir, i'm sure You won't.  And i wouldn't do anything that would put me in danger.  Anyway, when we finished with aerobics, we went into the weight room.  That was fun and we were getting a lot of stares.  The guy i decided to flash really got a good view too.  i was in the peck machine ... You know what that is?
 Edge:  Yes
 need2sub:  OK.  i was in the peck machine and there was a guy working out with dumbbells a bit across from me.  i opened my legs as i did the exercise and the baggy shorts did the rest.  KC caught me at it though.
 Edge:  Really?
 need2sub:  Yea, she said something while we were getting ready for the Jacuzzi.  Fortunately, i managed to hide the pads when i took off the bra.
 Edge:  What did she say?
 need2sub:  She asked me if i knew what kind of a show i'd been giving that guy in the gym.  i know i was beet red when i told her i'd done it on purpose.  i was also naked at the time getting ready to change into my suit and i was wet enough to feel it on my thighs.  i told her You had ordered me to expose myself to someone at the gym.
 Edge:  What did she say?
 need2sub:  She got this kind of wicked look on her face.  She looked me up and down very slowly and told me that i was exposing myself to her right at this minute.  She asked me if that counted.  i was really red, but i told her no, it didn't count because she saw me naked all the time.
 Edge:  Good explanation.
 need2sub:  <squirming>  That conversation was what made cumming for me very easy.  i was *so* embarrassed that she knew i was getting off on Your orders.
 Edge:  And just how did you complete the 'cumming' portion of your assignment.
 need2sub:  i did it in the hot tub.  The bubbles felt fantastic and warm and no one could see when i slid my finger inside my suit.  It didn't take me long to cum either!  There were a few other people in the hot tub, but it wasn't crowded.  Mmmm, cumming like that, in secret but right out in the open was really erotic.
 Edge:  You did well and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

 Brad hadn't actually known how she was going to pull off her assignment.  He'd figured that she would not be able to and that he'd get to punish her again.  The gremlin appeared, this time with a Snidely Whiplash mustache and a thought balloon over his head reading:  Curses, foiled again!

 need2sub:  Thank You.  i'm glad You approve.  i didn't know if the hot tub was legal for me to use or not.
 Edge:  Nope, that was fine.  Not expected, but fine.
 need2sub:  How did You think i was going to carry out Your orders?
 Edge:  Not knowing the layout of the club, I had no idea.
 need2sub:  <EG>  Does this mean You were expecting to punish me?
 Edge:   LOL.  The thought had crossed my mind.
 need2sub:  <looking up at You while on her knees>  Sir, i will take punishment if it will please You.
 Edge:  No, no dear.  I'm not going to punish you because you *found* a way to follow my orders!  That would not be fair.  Of course, I *do* play hard if I'm in the mood to, but you're safe for now.
 need2sub:  <pouting>  Are You sure Sir?  i'm more than willing.
 Edge:  It'll be something for you to look forward to when you return from your trip.  Speaking of which, did you get hold of a computer for your time away?
 need2sub:  Yes, Sir, i did.
 Edge:  Excellent.
 need2sub:  i think that we'll have to use mostly email though.  i'll be able to send stuff off late at night, but since i'll only have a phone line, i won't be able to chat.  The folks only have one line and i think they'd be annoyed if i tied it up for a long time.
 Edge:  I can understand that.  Email will be fine.  But while you're away, I have a little assignment for you.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir?
 Edge:  I know that you told me a fantasy about being assfucked before, but I'd like you to write me another one and send that along.  It doesn't have to be real long, but it has to be something that you'd actually do IRL.
 need2sub:  i can do that, Sir.
 Edge:  Excellent.  I also want you to masturbate once per day - the same time every day while thinking about serving me.  And, of course, you may not cum.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  That's going to be difficult to do the same time every day.
 Edge:  I see.  If you can't do it, I'll be happy to think of something else - perhaps something a little more creative?
 need2sub:  No Sir!  Thank You Sir!  i'm sure i'll find a way <grinning>
 Edge:  Thank you.  I'm sure it'll add a little spice to your story - which, BTW, I'd like by Friday.
 need2sub:  That's doable.  i'll try to make the story enjoyable for You Sir.
 Edge:  If it's anything like the other fantasy you wrote, I don't think that will be a problem.
 need2sub:  KC is out of the shower now Sir.  May i take my turn?

 Brad grinned.

 Edge:  Sure.  Just remember that, out of courtesy to KC, you should make sure your chair is *properly* cleaned before your shower.
 need2sub:  <ulp!>  Umm, Yes Sir.  i'm sure i'll figure out a way to do that Sir.
 They signed off and Brad had a big smile on his face.

End Part 12

 Office Games 13

 Brad slept surprisingly well.  When he arrived at work, he could see that it was going to be a busy day.  Unfortunate, because he had plans tonight that would preclude spending timeonline with Donna.  He hoped that she'd be on sometime today.  He activated the cameras in her cube and saw her standing there talking to a coworker.  Wow!  It was a hot day, but talk about a departure of her normal mode of dress!

 While it was true what she was wearing could pass for office attire, it was equally true that it was very revealing.  A dark skirt - not short enough to earn a reprimand from management, but certainly short enough to show off her legs quite nicely, with bare legs underneath.  From this angle he couldn't see the front of her, but from the back it appeared that the shirt was form fitting and sleeveless.  He wished he could think of some excuse for going over there, but they were pretty set on the code they were working on and there weren't any last minute things he could talk to her about.  Just going over for a chat never even occurred to him.

 His desktop computer pinged indicating new email so he killed the camera windows on the laptop and turned to his main computer to read it.  It was a fairly complex email and he frowned in concentration as he followed the technical information in it.  He noticed in the back of his mind that there was someone at the entrance of his cube, but he didn't look up at first, just raised a hand in the air indicating that he needed a minute.  When he finally looked up he saw it was Donna.  She was leaning against the edge of the doorway, long legs crossed with her arms folded underneath her breasts.  She had a small, amused smile on her face and Brad's heart clenched at the sight of her.  He was in deep trouble and didn't even try to swat the Gremlin that appeared in his head, pointing it's finger at him and laughing so hard that tears were running down it's face.  It was laughing too hard to speak so it held up a large sign with the picture of a jester on it.  Yes, Brad knew that he was a fool for falling... never mind - he was not, absolutely NOT going on with that thought.

 If it never occurred to Brad to go to Donna's cube to B.S., it certainly occurred to her to come to him.  They spent several minutes in small talk, discussing the gym and her upcoming trip.  It was all completely innocuous, but her subtle perfume and how she looked as she leaned against his desk while they talked was arousing more then lust.  Fortunately, it wasn't until she walked out that Brad started to panic.

 This was bad.  He did not want to fall for this girl.  She was too young and they were too different.  He left his cube and went outside.  It was a nice day - sun shining, low humidity, and he took a deep breath.  It would be fine.  She wasn't coming on to him, and he knew that when they met as Edge and need2sub, as they eventually must, she would solve the problem for him.  He calmed down and went back inside and lost himself in work for a few more hours.

 Finally, near the end of the day, he activated ICQ.  need2sub was on and he messaged her.

 need2sub:  Hello Sir.
 Edge:  Hi.  How are you doing today?
 need2sub:  Fine Sir, although i am very horny.
 Edge:  Oh?  I would have thought that last night's orgasm would have taken care of that <EG>
 need2sub:  It might have if i almost hadn't gotten caught cleaning off the chair.  Just the idea that KC almost caught me licking off my own cunt juice from a chair got me going again.
 Edge:  Why?
 need2sub:  <Blushing>  well... it started a fantasy which had me end up licking off something else.
 Edge:  <looking innocent>  Oh?  What were you fantasizing about licking off?
 need2sub:  <very red now>  You know what, Sir.

 Brad activated the cameras.  Donna had her hand between her legs and it was obvious that she was soaked.  Then her legs closed as she removed her hand.

 Edge:  Yes, my little slut, I can guess.  But I want you to tell me.

 need2sub:  i was thinking of licking off her pussy.
 Edge:  So, you're horny now.  If I order you to play with yourself, can you do that?  I assume that you're at work.
 need2sub:  i'm at work, but if You want me to, i'll follow Your orders.
 Edge:  I wouldn't want you to get into trouble.
 need2sub:  i'll be very careful.
 Brad's eyes were glued to the video on his laptop.  Then he almost made a mistake and told her to reach under her skirt.

 Edge:  OK - what are you wearing?
 need2sub:  i have on a short skirt, panties, a tight, sleeveless top and a bra.
 Edge:  Hmm.  Sounds nice.  OK, why don't you start rubbing that hot little pussy of yours through your panties.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  i am SOOO wet.  <giggling>  Not that that's anything new.  Especially around You.

 Brad watched her long fingers slid up and down the obviously wet silk covering her pussy.  He shifted around to ease the position of his erection.

 Edge:  I bet you like how that feels.  Imagine if KC had found kneeling there, obviously just having had an orgasm, licking your own cream off the seat.
 need2sub:  Oh God Sir.  This could be bad - i don't know if i can stay quiet while cumming here.
 Edge:  I understand.  But if you don't take this opportunity, you won't get an orgasm until after you come back.
 need2sub:  Oooo. You're mean.
 Edge:  She would ask you what you were doing and by my orders, you would tell her using graphic language.  She would kneel down, her body fresh and warm from her shower, her face close to yours and ask in a whisper what it tasted like.  Her face would get close to yours - your face which has traces of your pussy juice on it.  You notice her pupils are dilated with lust.  Hesitantly she moves closer to you and her tongue licks your lips.

 Brad looked at the camera.  Donna's face was flushed with lust, and her hand was frantically rubbing her sex through her panties.

 Edge:  If you can do it, put your hand inside your panties now.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.

 He watched as she spread her legs a little wider, then moved aside the strip of silk covering her sex.  Long fingers began to rub her cleft.

 Edge:  Since you're no doubt typing at a disadvantage, I'll assume that you'd let KC lick your juices off your lips.
 need2sub:  yes
 Edge:  She would comment that you taste very sexy and lick you again.  She asks if your Master will let you have sex with someone else.  You lean back surprised, even though she was just licking your face.  You can see that she is quite aroused, her towel has slipped and exposed her breasts.  Her nipples are very hard, no doubt due to a combination of cooler air and her arousal.
 need2sub:  ohSir  im so close
 Edge:  You are shaking.  You have been told that you may not accept sex from KC, but you may service her if she asks you to.  You begin to explain this to her.

 Brad looked at the video and saw that Donna's eye's were slitted with pleasure. She was off in her own world. Thus he was looking at the right place at the right time when he saw someone appear at the entrance of Donna's cube.  There was absolutely nothing he could do to warn her.  Amazingly, she did notice and quickly slid her chair closer to her desk.  It was obviously difficult for her to switch gears, but she slowly pulled her hand out of her crotch as she spoke to the Erin - one of the other programmers.  She typed as she did.

 need2sub:  person here.
 Edge:  I'll wait.

 Brad did wait until he saw Erin leave the cube.  Donna's hand went right back to her uncovered sex.

 need2sub:  clear.
 Edge:  Hmmm.  Well, I think that we should pick this up another time, yes?  I wouldn't want you to get caught.

 He knew this would be torture for Donna.

 need2sub:  Sir, You are so cruel!
 Edge:  Yes dear.  Now clean your hand and return to work.
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  You are VERY cruel.  Perhaps You'll be online to
 Edge:  Unfortunately not, I have
plans that will keep me out pretty late and I have to work tomorrow.
 need2sub:  i understand.  i have to leave tomorrow.  <looking at you hopefully>  Do you have any orders for me for tonight?
 Edge:  Actually, until you asked, no.  But since you asked, I think that it would be good for you to spend some time masturbating tonight.  Of course, you shouldn't cum.
 need2sub:  Sir!  That will drive me crazy!
 Edge:  I understand.  Make sure that you're naked around the house too.  Who knows?  Maybe KC will take pity on you.  Because that's the only way you'll be allowed to cum tonight.  If KC gives you an orgasm.  Since we both highly doubt that will happen, I guess you'll be a little frustrated until you get back.  Of course, there is always the possibility that you'll offer up something in exchange for an orgasm.  If you think of something, let me know.
 need2sub:  What sort of something?
 Edge:  Use your imagination.  I know that you have a good one.  Anyway, I have to go and I'll look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.
 They signed off and Brad could tell that Donna was a very aroused and frustrated young lady.  He was pretty aroused himself, but he figured it was worse for her.  If she followed his rules, she wouldn't be able to orgasm until she returned - or found something to exchange for it.  He had no idea what she'd come up with, if anything.

 Brad bumped into Donna on his way out for the day.  They spoke only briefly, thankfully for his sanity, and she said that she'd see him next week.  At one point she had to move aside to let a coworker pass by and he could smell her perfume again.  Only now it was mixed with the no longer subtle scent of her arousal and it made it difficult to concentrate.  They left the building and he watched her walk to her car, admiring her long legs in that short skirt and watching her long, dark hair shine in the sun.

 Wednesday was mostly a blur as Brad tried to lose himself in work.  He was mostly successful, but when he checked his personal email before going home, there was a message from Donna.

 Hello Sir,
   i made it home with no problem.  Well, with out many problems anyway.  In case You're wondering, i was  a VERY frustrated subbie last night.  i masturbated as You ordered but didn't cum and spending the evening naked was hard for me.  Especially since KC was looking so sexy and only wearing a friggen thong around the house.   i was leaking all over the place and finally gave up and went into the bedroom.  You really know how to make me nuts.
   i came up with an idea for a way to 'pay' for an orgasm.  Please consider this picture as part of my down payment.


 Brad opened the attached picture and blinked in surprise.  He didn't know where it was taken, or even how she'd managed it, but it was a picture of Donna in her car - with her mask on - and nothing else.  She had the door open and the picture was taken from outside the car.  In the background he could see that she was in a very public place - it looked like a rest stop.  There was even a random person in the picture, although from where they were, there was no way that they could have seen her.

 He sat back and smiled.  This was one kinky and imaginative girl!  Not to mention pretty gutsy.  He couldn't wait to hear how she'd pulled this off.  Most likely with a tripod and a timer.  Still. he was quite impressed.  Not impressed enough to give her an orgasm.  Yet.

 His thoughts on the drive home were quite distracting.  He really had no idea where her parents lived, but had assumed that it was at least a few hours away from here.

 Brad booted up his computer when he got home and brought up the email that she'd sent so that he could reply to it.

    Well now, your picture was a very nice down payment on your upcuming orgasm.  It was a bright spot in a rather boring day and I enjoyed it a lot.  I'm sure that you can send a few more my way that
will completely pay for an
orgasm, and I'm looking forward to seeing them!  By the way, what time each day did you decide to masturbate?


 Brad smiled as he sent that off.  He wondered what new heights Donna would go do for an orgasm.  Brad sat back and decided that dinner out would be good and left.  When he returned several hours later, he checked his email and was surprised to find another email with an attached picture.

    Here is another picture for Your enjoyment.  i decided on a 9 am time to follow Your instructions.  This first picture was taken at about 9:10.  no doubt that was why i had the courage to actually take the picture.  The parking lot was quite crowded!  In this picture, there weren't many people in the lot - but the store was crowded and i was terrified of being seen.  i think that made me a lot more horny for some reason.  i'll be sending more to You and i hope that i will earn that orgasm soon!   Thankfully, my folks were NOT home when i arrived.  i certainly needed a shower to get rid of the... evidence.. from the drive up.  i'll be sending more pictures as i can.  i have some ideas that i hope You will
approve of.  Also, i will try to ICQ You after i get up.  i'll understand if You are not online since You will be at work.


 He'd been hoping that she'd send more pictures, but didn't know what she would have in store if she did.  He was quite surprised when he opened the attachment.

 This pic was taken in what looked like the parking lot at a Dennies like place.  Donna was on the hood of her car facing away from the windshield, legs spread wide and top pulled up completely exposing her breasts.  One hand was between her legs spreading her lips wide and he could see fluid arching up into the air.  He didn't know what was behind the camera, but the cars parked on either side of her car testified to the fact that she'd be easily seen if someone decided to get into their car and pull out. Behind her was the side of the actual restaurant.  He noted that she had put the mask on for the picture as well.

 Brad loved the fact that she got off on public exibition.  He did hope that she wouldn't get arrested at some point though. He'd have to make sure that he was online tomorrow morning at work.

 The next morning, on the drive in, Brad was surprised to find that he was looking forward to work today.  Even if he couldn't see her, at least he would get to message with her today.  It never occurred to him to wonder why it meant that much to have some actual live contact with Donna.  It occurred to the gremlin though, and it hid in the shadows and snickered at his obliviousness until he batted it out of annoyance.

 Even though he didn't figure that she'd be awake, he activated ICQ.  One never knew, after all.  She wasn't on though and Brad tried to concentrate on work to get her out of his head.  It mostly worked until about 9am when he realized that, on his orders, no matter where she was, right about now she'd be masturbating.  That was a nice thought.  He imagined her slim, long legs spread as she eagerly played with her wet sex, her moans as she got her self close to orgasm, knowing that she was not allowed to cum.  No doubt about it.  Unless she came up with some very interesting pictures, she'd be one very frustrated girl!

 He smiled as he went back to work.  It was almost quarter to ten when the ICQ pinged to get his attention.

 need2sub:  Good morning Sir
 Edge:  Good morning.  How are you today?
 need2sub:  INSANELY HORNY.  Sir.
 Edge:  LOL.  I see.  Well, I'm very sorry about that.  Don't know what to tell you though.
 need2sub:  <blinking big, soft blue eyes at you>  You could give Your slave permission to cum.  i'm sitting here naked, wet and ready.
 Edge:  So I take it that you masturbated as ordered?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir.  That's a very frustrating thing that You've ordered me to do!
 Edge:  That's sort of the point though, isn't it?
 need2sub: <sigh>  i guess it is.  i was
wondering Sir, if it would be OK for us to firm up a time to meet?  i hope that doesn't seem too forward, but i do have a reason for asking.

 Brad's heart was suddenly going a mile a minute.  He knew that they were going to meet soon, but 'soon' was a very nebulous concept when there was no real date attached.  He tried to think of a way to put it off.

 Edge:  Oh? And that reason would be?
 need2sub:  Ummm.. it's sort of a secret.
 Edge:  I see.  OK.  Well, when did you have in mind to meet?
 need2sub:  Would this Sunday night be OK?

 Brads heart pounded even harder.  They had already decided on a place to meet, but Brad had purposely not pushed for a time.  It was a difficult line to walk.  He didn't want to seem like he was putting her off...
 Edge:  Sure.  That sounds like a plan.   Would eight  be good?  Or would you prefer to have dinner first.

 There, thought Brad.  I handled that pretty well.   The gremlin didn't agree.  It was laughing hysterically and pointing to a picture of Brad that was sitting under a very small, Wile E. Coyote type umbrella as a large rock with Sunday's date was falling toward it.  After the rock crushed the umbrella, the gremlin Meeped and took off.  Brad was really not amused.

 need2sub:  No Sir.  8 is fine.
 Edge:  Great.  BTW, you did remember that you owe me a fantasy, right?
 need2sub:  Yes Sir!  i'm almost finished with it.  You said that i had until Friday, right?
 Edge:  yup.
 need2sub:  i just need to add a few finishing touches.
 Edge:  Sounds good to me.  I'm looking forward to reading it.
 need2sub:<Blushing very red>  i hope that You won't be offended Sir.  It's very explicit.
 Edge:  Oooo - now I'm looking forward to it even more!
 need2sub: <Still Blushing>As You say Sir.  Um, unfortunately, i have to go.  Mom's gonna be home soon, and i shouldn't be sitting here smelling and looking like i want to have sex.  Mother would have something to say about that, i'm sure!
 Edge:  I can understand that.  I'll be looking forward to your email.

 They signed off.  For the last part of the conversation, Brad had managed to forget about Sunday, but now it all came crashing down on him.  He realized that this normally wouldn't mean that much to him.  It would just be a first date if Donna really had been a stranger that he was meeting for the first time.  But she wasn't and this could really complicate his life. He leaned back and sighed just as a co-worker walked into his cube.  Somehow, Brad managed to immerse himself in work for the rest of the day.

 When he got home, he checked his email hoping that Donna had sent him something.  He was disappointed though.  Out of frustration he went into his workshop and started working on some toys that he'd wanted to make for a while.   As he started laying the design for the first one, he realized that he was guesstimating Donna's proportions and customizing it for her.  He laughed as he realized it, thinking that perhaps he was being just a little bit on the optimistic side.  Still, he continued to work for a few hours, then decided on a quick bite to eat and then perhaps some web surfing.

 By the time he was ready to go to bed, he decided to check his email one last time.  There was a message from Donna waiting which he opened.

     i hope You like these pictures.  They were a lot of fun to take.


 Brad opened the first picture.  It was pretty innocuous and he was puzzled for a second as to why Donna would send him a picture of her and another woman.  Then he really started looking at the picture.

 Yes, it was of Donna and a friend of hers.  The woman was a little shorter then Donna.  She had larger breasts, a nose piercing (through her septum no less!) and short, spiky, red hair.  Her top was very revealing and he could see a black bra underneath.  She was quite pretty, but hardly the type of person that he would picture Donna being friends with.

 He examined Donna and saw that she too was wearing a top that was pretty easy to see through.  But she had no bra underneath to hide her breasts and her large, erect nipples were quite visible.  Since that was the sort of thing he was looking for, he almost missed the most significant thing about the picture: Donna wore no mask!

 He sat back in his chair for a second.  Surely, the missing mask was no oversight.  Then he realized that since they were going to meet anyway on Sunday, perhaps she figured that there was no point in wearing it anymore.

 The next picture just showed Donna.  She was wearing a very, very short skirt, thigh highs with tops could be seen due to the shortness of the skirt,  and the  high heels she had so recently bought.  There were lot's of people in the background, and  it looked like it was just getting dark.  It was a nice picture, and, considering what she was wearing, he was surprised that she managed to look so innocent.  Which somehow only served to make her look more sexy.  A second look at this picture made Brad's cock get even harder.  If one looked closely enough, one could see the bottom of a chain hanging from under her skirt.

 The next picture was of Donna sitting at the edge of a fountain.  Her head was turned to one side, but her body faced the camera.  She had one foot up on the ledge and seemed completely unaware that her charms were fully on display.  It was now clear that the chain glimpsed before was attached to clamps that had been applied  to her inner pussy lips.

 The next picture showed her with a surprised look on her face as she looked down between her widely spread legs at the clamps attached, quite painfully no doubt, to her sex.

 The following picture was a close up of her aroused pussy with one of her fingers scooping up a glob of her lubricant.

 It was the final picture that really got to him.   It was taken close enough that he could see that beneath her see-through shirt, she had applied the nipple nooses and her thick nubs were obviously swollen.  But it was the incredibly aroused look on her face coupled with the fact that she had slid her juice soaked finger into her mouth to suck on.

 It took Brad very little time to relieve himself, all the while wishing that she was here instead of wherever she was.  When he finished and composed himself a bit he started to think about the pictures with a bit less lust on the brain, and came up with several questions.  So he opened up his email.

   Very nice pictures.  I feel sure that that elusive orgasm is almost in your grasp.  In the mean time, I was wondering who your friend is and if she took, as I suspect she did, some of the later pictures in the group you sent.

 Also, I'm sure that you'll have that fantasy I asked for by Friday night... right?  After all, it would be such a shame for the orgasm you are so close to earning to be lost because you weren't able to comply with my request.

 I hope you are enjoying yourself, and I'll look forward to hearing from you soon.


 Friday was surprisingly busy.  Normally things were pretty quite on a Friday, but this day, it was non stop chaos and by the time that Brad left he was just a bit frazzled.  He'd barely had the time to each lunch, never mind check email and on the drive home he was thinking about having a nice, quiet weekend.  That, of course, reminded him that he was meeting Donna for the 'first' time this Sunday.  So much for a calm weekend.

 He opened up his email when he got home to look for Donna's email.  There was one waiting and he eagerly opened it.

   Here is the fantasy that You told me to write.  i tried to make it as real as i could, but having never experienced anal sex before, i can only guess at how i'd feel.  i know that i have a Master doing it in the story, but remember, i mentioned when we first started talking that i'd only let my Master have me in that way.  Anyway, i hope You are well
and enjoying the pictures i've sent
You.  i know i enjoyed taking them!

 You asked who was helping me take the pictures.  She is an old friend of mine.  It's funny, *she* used to be the conservative one of us!  At least as conservative as we ever were.  Not anymore.  i'm sure that You'll enjoy the pictures that we plan on taking tonight.  i'll email them when i get home, and i hope that if they please You, You'll let me know if i may have my orgasm Sat. morning.  i'm really going nuts!


 Master woke me early this morning, His tongue sliding over my sex.  Then, once i was fullyawake he switched to using His fingers, stroking me almost to orgasm while slowly empting His bladder into my mouth.  It always makes me feel so submissive when He does this to me.  i was shaking with the need to cum by the time He finished.  i'd done well - i'd spilled nothing and hoped to be rewarded with an orgasm.  It was not to be.  He got out of bed and told me
to start the shower.  i did so and wondered if i would be allowed to join Him.  i soon found i wasn't.  After He finished showering, He leaned close to my kneeling form and whispered that tonight would be the night.  i looked up at Him, my heart suddenly pounding.  He grinned and told me to clean myself thoroughly - inside and out.  That confirmed what He had in mind.

 We had talked about it often, especially since now i am His committed slave.  i'd always wanted to experience anal sex, but had permitted none of my previous partners that kind of access - not even with a finger or tongue.  i'd vowed to myself that only my Master would be allowed to take me there for the first time.  We'd spoken about it enough that i knew what was expected of me.  He left the bathroom and i began to prepare myself.  i evacuated my bowels, then gave myself an enema.  The enema had been His idea - He is a bit more fastidious then i.  After that, i brushed my teeth and showered, ensuring that i was shaved exactly as Master liked.

 i had no idea when He was going to take me - it could be as i stepped out of the bathroom, or at any time today.  That lack of knowledge reinforced that i was His to use when ever He wanted and it started my juices flowing.  Again.  Not good, considering how wet i get and the fact that i was forbidden clothes in the house.  Knowing Master would be able to see how aroused i was, was somewhat humiliating - it was obvious proof that the idea of getting my ass fucked for the first time really turned me on.

 He had made breakfast for us both and since we were in 'play space', i knelt at the side of His chair while He fed me a light breakfast of fruit and toast.  As always, when we played for an extended time, i never knew when i would be fed.  Or how.  Afterwards, i cleaned the kitchen, Master often kissing me and sliding His fingers inside me and pinching my nipples.  i was soaked and if He didn't have me suck his fingers clean, He would wipe them off on my belly or breasts.  i smelled like sex.

 He left before i finished and i found Him in the living room where He
motioned for me to kneel over the padded foot rest.  There, for what seemed for ever, He alternated between whipping my ass with a belt, and slowly finger fucking me until i was begging Him to let me cum.  His response was to tie me in a strict hog tie (with no crotch rope, no doubt because He knew i could cum that way).  He added a nice hair tie, which pulled my head very far back, and a bit gag.  Then He left me there with a small remote in one hand that i could push if i started to cramp.  It would activate a loud bell that could be heard anywhere in the house.  He sat down in the computer room and started using the computer, letting me lay there in frustration.  i love to be tightly bound for a long time - it really pushes me into subspace.

 Again, i have no idea how long i was left there.  my shoulders started to hurt a bit and my breasts and belly were stinging from the carpet.  i couldn't easily swallow and drool was escaping from my mouth - adding to
my humiliation and arousal.  Master
says He loves the way i look when i can't swallow - it makes Him think of what my face would look like after i've been eating pussy.  Finally Master returned and untied me, slowly releasing my limbs and gently rubbing them.  Then He bent me over that fucking stool again and spent another interminable amount of time whipping my ass and teasing my sex.  i was almost incoherent when He stopped this time, tears in my eyes as i begged to cum.  Again i was denied and He tied me on my back - more as a way of keeping me from masturbating then anything else, i think, and went into the kitchen.  He came back with a light lunch - which i got none of and some water, which He gave me plenty of.  While He often keeps me from eating, He *never* keeps me from water.  Dehydration is not fun and we both know it.

 Again He gently stroked my soaked pussy, then started in on my breasts with the belt.  i love to have my breasts whipped.  my long, hard nipples enjoyed His attentions and He kept it up until my skin was quite red - but there were no welts.  i could feel my pussy contracting, begging for something to fill it.  Again, it was not to be.

 He left me there for at least another half hour, (i know because He watched a half hour show on TV) then informed me we were going out.  He let me up, and we went upstairs to get ready to go out.  i saw that it was now mid afternoon.  We dressed very casually, him in shorts, a tee-shirt, and sneakers
and me in a very short wrap around skirt, a loose midriff tank top and very high heeled sandals.  Master often likes me to dress in revealing clothing - especially since i'm only allowed to shave from the waist down.  He knows that it embarrasses me when people look at me and i do attract attention.  Fortunately, the skirt was dark, so the inevitable wet spot that i was going to make would not be too noticeable.  Of course, my scent was another matter and anyone standing near me would have no problem telling how aroused i was, especially since Master had been cleaning his hands on my breasts and stomach after sliding them around my cunt.  i mentioned that i had to pee, but was not allowed to use the bathroom.  No surprise there.  The final touch was the dark red choker that served as my collar while i was in public.

 We went out to the car - i had no idea where we were going, and got in.  As soon as we did, i was told to remove my top.  The windows are tinted, but it was broad daylight and anyone looking in could see me if they tried.  i was also told to pull my skirt up around my waist and spread my legs.  Knowing how much i lubricate, Master had me sitting on a towel.  He handed me a set of nipple clamps and told me to put them on.  This set was one of the stronger sets and they pinched a lot when they went on.  The fire burned down to my belly and my sex, inching my arousal up just a bit.  The bouncing movement of the car didn't help.

 We drove to one of the local movie theaters and Master told me we were going to see a matinee.  It was a movie that i was only mildly interested in, but one that Master wanted to see.  He removed the clamps and i gasped from the sudden burning in my nipples.

 i was still leaking from the ride over.  i knew that people had seen my naked breasts and my tightly clamped nipples on the drive over.  It excited me a lot.  As had the occasional probing of my Master's fingers sliding over my slick pussy.  The car smelled like sex.

 Master had me put on my top before getting out of the car as getting arrested wasn't part of the day's plans and asked if i had to pee.  i nodded yes and He grinned and told me to go ahead.  i looked around and saw that if i squatted, there was only a small chance of being seen.  There weren't a lot of people in the lot, but an alert person would see what i was doing.  Master knows how to excite me.  The thrill of getting caught always sets me on fire, especially doing something like this.  i pulled up my skirt, squatted and held my sex open with my fingers.  It was a relief to empty my
bladder and sexy to be doing it at
my Master's command in a public place.  He bent and whispered that i was such a sexy slut, which made me moan.

 We walked into the theatre and when the air conditioning hit my nipples they hardened and were easy to see through the shirt.  And they were seen, because i saw many people's heads turn.  Certainly the guy who sold us our tickets noticed.  Master made me wait directly outside the men's room while He went it.  As i waited i noticed a very hot blond girl.  She couldn't have been more than 16 and when she caught me looking at her she sort of eyed me up and down, then sniffed and tossed her head.  That pissed me off and when Master came out, i told him what happened.  He looked over at her, and she at us, sniffing again and turning her nose up at us.  Master looked at me, then laughed.

 i was puzzled and He leaned over and whispered into my ear that she had a nice body, but there was no way she'd be able to use hers as well as i used mine.  She looked too much like a stuck up little girl trying to be a grown up.  As i thought about what my day had already been like, i realized that he was right and we were both chuckling as we walked into the theater.  i think she noticed and was a bit miffed.

 Unsurprisingly, i don't remember much of the movie.  As soon as the previews started Master handed me a set of nipple nooses to put on.  i looked around and saw that most people were not paying me any attention and started to put my hand under my shirt.  Master stopped me and nodded His head over to another row.  The blond we'd seen earlier was looking at us.  Master whispered that i should give her something to look at.  i blushed, but lifted my shirt and pulled one nipple erect and slid the loop over it.  The girl couldn't look away as i repeated the action.  i ached with desire as i pulled down my shirt.  Master spent the entire movie fingering me and pulling on the nipple chain.  When His hands got too wet, He had me suck them clean.  i don't think the blond saw much of the movie either.

 As the credits were rolling, Master had me remove the nooses, giving our little voyeur yet another show.  We stood up and left.  Master drove us to a restaurant.  Not a real up scale one, but not a diner.  i was topless for the drive, of course, and starting to wonder how much more of this i could take.  We had a wonderful early dinner, not that i was allowed much to eat.  Only a salad, some water and a bit of wine, but i was too excited and aroused to eat anyway.  We left and when we got into the car, Master had me strip completely - shoes and everything.  i was having a hard time keeping my hands off my body, so Master had me reach behind me and hold onto the head rest.  Instead of going home, He decided to drive around in the dusk.  With my window down.

 When we arrived home, i was in a total state.  Master made me get out of the car and walk naked into the house.  It was dark so i don't think that anyone saw me.

 As soon as we were inside, Master grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, pinning me as He bent down to kiss me.  i was breathless as He
broke the kiss.  Master told me to go kneel in the living room and disappeared.  When He returned, He had a real collar and some toys with Him.  He removed my 'public' collar and placed the heavy leather training collar around my neck.  Then He tied my arms, hands and breasts using a clever placement of ropes.  My hands and arms were bound with my hands between my shoulder blades.  It's a pretty strict position, but i've been trained to be very flexible.  The way the ropes were tied made my small breasts bulge, and any shifting of my hands or arms tightened the breast ropes.  I could feel my breasts and nipples swelling and they were already very sensitive from all the play today.  Master clipped a leash to my collar and pulled me to my feet.  We went into the kitchen where i knelt as He got himself something to drink.  He fed me some water as well and asked me if i was hot.  Since His fingers
were in my soaked cunt at the time,
it wasn't as if He couldn't tell, but He likes to hear how much His treatment of me makes me feel as much as i like to tell Him.

 i admitted that i was very hot, and awaiting His pleasure.  He smiled and told me to wait for Him in the bedroom.  i went in and knelt at the base of the bed.  He came in and knelt between my legs.  i jumped as He slid an ice cube inside of me.  He's done that before, saying that He hopes it will help me cool down while knowing full well that the sensation drives me wild.  Then, as the water slowly dripped out of me, He positioned me on the bed face down.  He tied me on my knees with my legs spread wide.  A tight leather strap around my belly was attached to the bed and kept me from moving around too much.  We both knew my first time was going to hurt - Master's cock is quite large.

 After i was more or less immobile, Master decided it was time to tease me more.  After not being allowed to cum all day, it didn't take me long to
beg to cum.  i knew that He wasn't planning on letting me cum until i lost the last of my virginities, but it didn't stop me from begging anyway.  Especially when He decided to slide is cock into my sex.  i love being forcefully fucked and Master was really slamming into me.  He pulled out far too soon and i could feel my lower muscles clenching uselessly in an effort to keep Him inside me.

 i was panting and still begging for an orgasm when He whispered in my ear that He planning to use my cunt juice as lubricant.  i moaned as i felt
Him scooping up some of my copious juice on His cock and spreading it over my anus.  i jumped, for the first time realizing how sensitive it was to the touch.  He thoroughly coated me, then began to push inside.

 It took quite a while to get Him inside me.  As i said, He is large, and i had never been penetrated there before.  The pain was intense, that's for sure, but i like pain and i was deep in subspace.  Besides, the satisfaction i felt as i swallowed His cock with my nether hole for the first time was immense.  Even after i had relaxed enough to take Him, it was still painful, and i was grateful that His pace was slow.

 As much as it hurt, it was still very pleasurable and i found myself wondering if, in the future, i'd be able to cum this way.  But then His pace picked up and his fingers found my clit.  i started begging to cum almost immediatly.  He told me that i would have to wait until He started to cum.  It wasn't long before He finally gave me permission then started whispering filthy things in my ear.  He whispered what a slut i was to get off on being tied up and used in such a position.  He told me how good the tightness of my ass felt as his cock slid in and out and reminded me that i *would* be performing the acts i'd begged for as part of my fantasy.  As i felt his thrusts get harder, i started to cum, His own orgasm starting almost at the same time.  my orgasm was incredibly intense and He was still inside me when i came down.  He pulled out and i lay there and panted, feeling His cum start to ooze out of my distended asshole.  As i had requested, He approached my face, roughly grabbing my hair, and i opened my mouth to clean Him.  i knew that i was in for more punishment because i orgamsed with out permission while i did it.  It was worth it.
 There it is Sir.  i hope You enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed
writing it.  This isn't just a fantasy for me - i would happily do any of what i described for my Master.

 Have a good night Sir.


 Brad read through her fantasy twice, even pulling up some of the old pictures and looking at them as he read it.  He held back as long as he could and came very hard at the end of the story.  He went and cleaned himself up hoping and praying that his meeting with Donna went well.

 Looking around the house, Brad decided that he absolutely could not stay in.  He needed to get out for a while and get himself together.
While he was out, he remembered
that Donna was going to be sending more pictures tonight.  Considering that she had a tendency to escalate things as she went along, he started to get really curious about what she was going to be sending.

 He got home just after eleven and rushed to check his email. He was surprised to find nothing.  He decided that he'd wait a while to see if anything came through but by midnight nothing had and he decided to go to bed.   His dreams echoed with the visions that her fantasy had produced.

 He got up feeling mostly rested at around 8 am.  After taking care of some morning necessities he booted up the computer and logged on.  As usual, there were over 30 spam messages to delete but there was one message from need2sub, with attachments, that he eagerly opened.

   i hope that You received my email from last night and that my fantasy didn't turn You off.   i also hope that You enjoy these pictures as they are the last set i'll be able to send.  Tonight i have to go out with the folks for dinner and we're spending most of the day together today.  Tomorrow i'm leaving for home and, providing You are still interested, our meeting.

 i would have sent these last night, but my friend and i were out until after one, then i had to put them on the computer and pick the ones i wanted to send.

 i hope that You enjoy these.  i'll check my email before 9am, in case there is the chance that i've earned my orgasm, i can take advantage of it at nine.  All this sexual frustration is making me nuts - and even more horny to know that You are controlling my pleasure - and when i may have that pleasure.

 BTW, is there anything special that You will want me to wear for Sunday?  i am Yours to command.


 Brad smiled.  He decided to take a quick glance at the pictures, then shoot off an email to tell her to enjoy her orgasm.  Even if the pics she had sent were completely vanilla, she had more than earned her orgasm.

 The pictures were anything but vanilla and it took no time at all for him to get hard.  But he knew that it would take time to thoroughly look at the pictures and he didn't want Donna to suffer any more.  Well... not unless he could cause it more directly.  So he sent off a quick message.

   Congratulations.  You have earned your orgasm.  You may have one this morning during your normal 'session'.  However, I expect that you will pick a time later today when you will masturbate again at which time the normal rules will apply - meaning you may not cum.  Also, I'd like you to masturbate twice tomorrow as well.  You may not cum then either.
 For tomorrow night, feel free to wear what ever you'd like.  As long as you think it will please me.

 Have a fun day,

 He send that off and started to view the latest pictures she'd sent more closely.  The first one showed Donna and her friend standing in front of some club.  They were both dressed to the hilt in skimpy, eye catching clothes.  Brad once more wondered about what sort of relationship she had with her friend.

 The next picture was taken inside of the club.  They had gotten a table and Donna's back was to the crowd.  Her legs were spread and it was easy to see her panties underneath her dress.

 The next picture really made him smile, since it was essentially the same picture, but this time her panties were dangling from one hand.  There was a startled look on a woman's face who was standing behind her who had apparently realized what was in Donna's hand.

 In the next picture, she was pushing her panties into her pussy.  They were almost in and her other hand was spreading her nether lips.

 Brad was absolutely amazed that she was doing this in a public club.  Of course, it was unlikely that she would be seen, if she were positioned right.  But it was still taking some serious chances.  Well, if she had no problem performing those acts in a normal night club, perhaps she would have no problem with public play in *his*
kind of club.

 The next picture, however, was the
real shocker of the group.  She had scooted forward to the edge of her chair and held a wide rimmed glass between her legs.  All Brad could think, as she emptied herself into the glass, was that she had excellent aim.

 The next picture showed a close-up of her face as she sipped from the salt (or sugar) frosted rim of the glass.

 Brad was absolutely amazed at the sheer boldness of the girl.  There was so much tied up in these pictures that it made his head spin.  The fact that she had entrusted them to him, how incredibly kinky Donna was and how much of a risk she was taking doing this in a public place.  Not to mention how close a friend the other woman had to be to take the pictures in the first place.

 Apparently, the woman was quite a close friend.  The final picture showed them kissing and it wasn't a friendly little peck on the cheek either.  The picture was quite erotic and had definitely attracted the attention of a few people who were in the background.  Now who the hell had taken *that* picture?

 Brad remembered that Donna had said that she'd never done more than kiss another woman.  He wondered if this was the one she had been talking about.

 Brad spend the rest of the day in a contemplative mood.  He thought a lot about Donna, what she'd done, the pictures she'd sent him and tried to imagine them meeting and her reaction to knowing that she'd been sending all that stuff to a co-worker.  And not one of the young, hip co-workers either.  The thought was depressing.  Would she be upset? embarrassed?  Angry and thinking that he had deceived her by not telling her who he was?

 By noon Brad was  pacing around the house.  That was when he remembered the cameras at the office.  He jumped up and got into his car hoping that there wouldn't be anyone there.

 There wasn't and Brad spent a lot of time removing the cameras and covering his tracks.  After all, if Donna was pissed that he was who he was and managed to stumbled onto the things life would become very unpleasant.   He didn't want to think about what that would do to his career.

 By later that day, Brad was an absolute wreck.  He finally decided to call some of his friends and see if they were interested in going out.  Going to the BDSM club tonight was not an option.  He couldn't concentrate on anything and if he did manage to get into a scene with someone, it wouldn't be fair to her.  Or safe since he wasn't really concentrating well.

 Saturday night he didn't sleep well at all.  He'd driven past the club where they were going to meet and it had done little for his piece of mind.  Lot's of the young and beautiful crowd hung around the place.  It was somewhere that Brad really didn't fit in and meeting Donna there was going to be very unsettling.

 Sunday morning found him staring at the ceiling while greeting the dawn.  He decided that a vigorous workout would be just the thing, grabbed a light breakfast and headed to the gym.  At the end of his workout, he saw KC doing an aerobics class.  Looking in the large window made him think that it really should be called erotics class as it was a veritable sea of sweat slicked, lithe female bodies.  Naturally, only someone with a dirty, sex obsessed mind would think of it that way.  Brad grinned ruefully to himself knowing how well he fit into that category.

 The workout had managed to keep him from thinking about the meeting this evening, but after his shower it all came back.  What was going to happen when she discovered Edge was him, a co-worker instead of a young studly guy?  Would she just leave him right then and there?

 Finally, it was time to go.  Brad did his best to look calm and confident in the mirror, standing there in black jeans and a blue silk shirt.  Fortunately, he looked much more calm then he actually was and the drive to the club, where he was arriving a half hour before the appointed time, was done in almost a daze.   Somewhere along the way, he decided that what ever was going to
happen was going to happen and the best way to meet it was to be in Dom
Mode.  After all, it was the Dom in him, Edge, that Donna wanted and responded to.  He never walked into a BDSM club, and certainly never did a scene, without being in the correct frame of mind.  This, he decided, would be no different.  He wasn't meeting Donna as Brad the programmer, he was meeting her as Edge, or at least the mind who had created and directed or inspired many of the wild fantasies that need2sub had carried out and, apparently, craved.

 He smiled at the cute redhead teener that took his cover charge and headed to a table in one of the darker corners where he could observe the room, but it would be difficult to see him and settled down to wait.

 The waitress who came to take his order was very friendly and spent some time talking rather then just taking his order.  It was only after she'd left the second time, after delivering his Guinness, that he realized that he'd treated her as he would have any sub that might have been serving in a BDSM club.  Oops.

 It wasn't that he'd been overly commanding, that wasn't his style.  There was just the easy assumption that she would do whatever he asked - no matter what that was.  No overtly sexual innuendoes either.  That wasn't Brad's style unless the sub in question was his or had been given to him to play with.  Doubtless she had not even noticed his attitude.  It obviously hadn't offended, her since she'd stayed around to chat until getting pulled away by another waitress.

 It occurred to Brad that Donna had never seen a picture of him, and wondered what would happen when she saw him.  Naturally there was no way she would realize that he was, indeed, Edge.  There was something else in the back of his mind, bothering him, but he was too distracted by actually watching for Donna to really bring it to the front and examine it. The place was beginning to get crowded.

 Suddenly he tensed.  Holy shit what was KC doing here? The woman walked right passed him, dressed to impress and didn't give him a second look.   Brad sat back and continued to nurse his beer.  The crowd got thicker and Brad almost missed when Donna walked in.

 His eyes narrowed as he looked at his co-worker/online slave.  Like KC, she was also dressed in a very sexy manner.  She was wearing the heels, of course, but was not dressed in a super short skirt or anything.  No, she'd gone for a skirt that came to just above her knees and a skin tight black top.  Her long hair was brushed to a beautiful shine and hung simply down her back.  It wasn't how she was dressed that caught his attention though.  It was the guy she was with.  Brad didn't recognize him, but he recognized the type.  Tall, lean and very good looking and he was walking with his arm around Donna's shoulders.  Brad was not amused.

 He continued to watch as they went up to the bar and slid into a couple of very recently vacated spots.  They were obviously talking and Brad could see, now that Donna was sitting down that her skirt wasn't as conservative as he'd thought.  It was slit almost up to her waist and he could see that if she was wearing underwear, it could only be a thong.  Very nice.  He noticed that the view didn't escape her male companion either.  Brad wondered what he should do since he was very reluctant to approach her while she was with this guy.

 KC appeared on the scene and the guy was introduced.  Brad sighed and got to his feet thinking that he'd use the restroom before figuring out how to present himself to Donna.  He got somewhat distracted by people jostling him, and when he started toward the bathroom, he saw that Donna and her friends were between him and his destination.  Not only that, but they were heading right for him, Donna having apparently spotted him.  She waved cheerily.  Uh Oh.

 Well it was too late to back out now as they were obviously heading toward him.

 Introductions were made.  Donna introduced Brad as her co-worker and gave him KC and Dave's names.  Naturally there was no way for Brad to introduce himself as anything other than Brad.  Donna suggested that they get a table together and Brad agreed - what else could he do - but excused himself to go to the bathroom.  Donna was at the table by herself when he returned.

 He sat down, trying to think of what to tell her now that they were alone.  She looked at him and gave him a wide grin.

 "So, what do I call you?  Brad, Edge or just Sir?"  she asked.

 Brad just blinked. "Excuse me?"

 "What would you prefer I call you?"

 Brad was confused, all thoughts of how to introduce himself as Edge crashing around him in confusion.  He said nothing for a moment and Donna just waited, a small smile on her face.  There was no point whatsoever in denying what she'd said.  He was there to meet her, but what the hell was going on?  How could she have possibly known...

 That's when it hit him.  He should have at least been suspicious when she'd never even requested a picture of him!  She'd never asked for any personal information, beyond those first conversations when she'd asked a few questions about what he looked like.  How could he have been so bind!

 He laughed softly shaking his head and said, "How long have you known?"

 Donna leaned forward with an even bigger smile on her face.  "I knew who you were when I contacted you."

 "How could you have possibly known?"

 "Well, I was in your cube one day looking for some of our source code.  I didn't want to run back to my computer and thought I'd just print it from yours.  I didn't realize at the time that the laptop was yours rather then the companie's and when I was searching through the directories, I saw the one for your web page.  I love hardcore writing, so it immediately caught my attention. Since it was obviously the web page source, it became obvious that you were the one writing it. "

 "But," broke in Brad, "that stuff is always hidden on the hard drive.  How could you have found it?"

 "It wasn't hidden when I found it.  I noted the name that you were using, hunted down the page online and started reading."  Her eyes lowered.  "Those were some very hot nights!"

"Son-uv-a-bitch," said Brad as he sat back in his chair.  She'd known all along!  Now that he thought about it, there had been a few times that he hadn't activated the protection on the hard drive.

 "I hope that you aren't angry with me, Sir," she said with a worried look on her face.

 "No... not at all.  Just a bit shocked is all.  I've spent the last day trying to figure out how to tell you it was me and here you knew all along!"

 There was a bit of an awkward silence.  Donna looked very worried.

 "I..I know that you've known who I am.  I sent you pictures,"  she said turning very red," and I was also worried that you would be upset that you'd started a relationship with a co-worker.  When did you figure out who I was?"

 There was no way he was going to tell her about the cameras!  He had to think fast.

 "I was pretty sure after our presentation.  I wasn't completely sure, but then I followed you the day you did those errands.  Plus some of your actions on previous days as need2sub meshed very well with what I'd observed you doing during the day."  he gave her a wicked grin.

 Donna put her hand over her mouth and gasped.  "You were there?  You saw all that??"
 "Not all, but most.  I couldn't follow you everywhere with out being seen.  But I was there when the bikers propositioned you."

 "God, I was scared to death."

 "You handled yourself well.  If things had gone badly... Well, I had a cell phone."

 Conversation started to come easier after that.  They laughed about the situation they were in.  Brad asked her how her trip had been and they talked a bit about that.  He was very curious who her friend had been.

 "Oh, yeah.  That's Erin.  We've known each other since we were kids.  She knew all about us because I've been emailing her and talking on the phone."  Donna smiled, "And she thought *she* was the adventurous one!"

 Again there was silence between them, less strained this time.  Donna leaned toward him as she spoke.

 "You did a good job of hiding your interest," she said.  "I knew you were interested in me from the online conversations, but you never tipped your hand at work.  That first time I flashed you," she colored slightly as she smiled, "I thought that you hadn't even seen it!  It almost made me doubt that you were Edge.  Of course, our later conversations showed that you were noticing me"

 "Oh yes.  I was noticing you all right." Brad felt something inside him easing, the huge tension he'd felt about coming here melting away as they talked with each other.  Then a thought occurred to him.  "By the way, you remember all those times you referred to me as gay?"

 Donna gulped, "Um yes Sir.  I'm sorry Sir."

 He chuckled, "Oh that's OK.  I don't consider it an insult.  But it's occurred to me that, now that we have officially met, perhaps I could be afforded the opportunity to prove to you just how not gay I am."

 Donna smiled and said, "I'm sure Sir, that that could be arraigned."

 Brad leaned forward with a serious look on his face.  "Tell me Donna.  Was all this just an experiment for you?  Just an exploration?  Or are you really interested in trying out a BDSM lifestyle?  And if so, do you really want someone as extreme as you now know I can be to introduce you to being a sex slave?"

 Brad could have put the question in a more indirect manner.  But he chose to pose it this way on purpose, to graphically spell out what he thought was going on.  There was a great deal of sexual frustration building in him and he wanted to know if Donna was really serious about giving this a go or if now that the online talks were over she wanted to call it quits.  Was it him she was interested in or some fantasy online Master?

 "Your writing drew me in.  The online conversations that we had hooked me and then I started to get to know you as a person.  Once I started learning who you were, it was you that I was interested in.  You as a person, you as a Master."  She moved her chair closer to him and he could smell a hint of her arousal.  The points of her nipples could clearly be seen through her top.  "I really do want to learn to be a sex slave - your sex slave"

 Their faces were very close now.  He could feel her breath on his face and their lips moved even closer.  She closed her eyes as his lips lightly brushed hers and he pulled back.  Their lips met again, this time her mouth opening to eagerly accept his tongue.  It was a very slow, passionate kiss.  When they pulled back Donna seemed slightly breathless.

 "By the way Sir, aren't I still owed an orgasm 'any way I want it?'", she asked with a playful smile on her face.

 "Yup.  When would you like to collect?"

 She leaned in close again and whispered, "We could always call in sick tomorrow."

 Brad closed his eyes for a second, and saw in his mind's eye, the gremlin.  It was sitting in a spot light, on a tall wooden stool. It had a dunce hat on it's head, it's arms were crossed and it had a comical scowl on it's face.  Brad smiled as he opened his eyes and took Donna's hand.

 "Do you really want to wait until tomorrow?" He asked.

 She smiled and replied, "You know, I think I left my over night bag in the car."

End of Office Games.