Mailgirls - New Start
by Dado

First of all, I want to excuse my poor English, I'm not a native English speaker.  Thanks to Pete who did check my story and rewrote it. Cambridge Caine and Katie Irwin created the world of Mailgirls. If you haven’t read their stories yet you should, as my story continues after theirs.

Guillermo 'Bill' Martinez was in big trouble, although it wasn’t his fault. The Mailroom Girls Program was on the edge of collapse. As the Senior Vice President of the company, he established this program based on the ideas of the new CEO, Douglas Cameron. He set the basic rules of the Program; he picked the girls, he convinced them, or convinced their superiors, to join the program, telling the girls it would benefit the company.. He made it work and now those bastards ruined it!

Drankic and Fairview continued making new rules for the Program. They were not satisfied with a dozen naked girls running around the building, they wanted to humiliate them. First, they made the girls run with messages in pussy tubes, then giving relief to anyone who asked for it, by mouth, hand, pussy or asshole, spanking girls for any reason or no reason at all. But that was not all. After some time they convinced Doug, the CEO, that when the girls carry messages in their pussies, they didn’t need their hands.The best thing would be to handcuff their hands behind them and gag the girls as you would dangerous convicts.

After making the Program official, there were negotiations with girls about them continuing in it. The result was that six of the twelve girls left, even though they suffered severe financial penalties. The remaining six girls were supposed to do the work of all twelve. They did their best, and were just able to do it. They were on the edge of collapsing from exhaustion after two months. The company was unable to hire six more women who would do the job after they saw what they must suffer.

Those morons Drankic, Fairview, and their followers, who apparently believed that the women were there to satisfy their sadistic needs, weren't satisfied! Two weeks ago they added chains! All the girls’ legs were chained together with heavy short chains!

The inevitable happened three days ago. One of the girls, ‘No.12’, previously called Kirsten Allen before the Program, stepped on her chain and tripped herself on the service stairs. With her hands handcuffed behind her, she was unable to protect herself and suffered major injuries. Worst of all, she was unable to call for help, because of a gag in her mouth.

A maintenance guy found her 15 minutes after she had fallen. She was taken to the hospital where doctors diagnosed her injuries as a broken jaw, two broken teeth, cerebral damage, an injured neck, and three broken ribs. It would require several months of therapy before the poor girl would be able to work again, and the company had to pay all the medical bills.

Work inspectors immediately closed the Program while they interrogated Chuck, the Mailroom girls’ supervisor, and the rest of the girls.

On Saturday morning, when he had promised to take his son to the races, Bill was in his CEO's office trying to save the company from lawsuits, which could cost them millions of dollars. There were more people in the office. One was Frank Moore, a tall man in his middle fifties with pale skin and dark hair. He was a former basketball player in college at UCLA and he was still keeping in shape by jogging and exercising daily. Frank's title was General Counsel, the head of the company's law department. In addition there were Doug, the CEO, and Arlene Silverman, Head of Human Resources. Arlene was woman in her late forties, but in good shape for her age. She pitied the mailgirls, but she saw the benefits of the Program after seeing the results.

They worked almost all day, debating how to save the Program and to survive the investigation.They were served coffee and water by Doug's beautiful secretary Jennifer. She was a friendly young woman, about 27 years old, 5’7” tall, with curly, reddish-brown shoulder length hair. She had a cute face with big green eyes and an ideally proportioned body with 36C breasts. She was also very efficient and loyal to her boss.

Around 5 PM they agreed on the new ground rules for the Mailgirls Program and a way to keep it alive. It would be a struggle, but it could be done successfully if all went well.

* * *

Next Tuesday morning at 6:00 AM, when the Mailroom opened again after the incident, the girls arrived and stripped off their clothes in front of everyone in the lobby area. They were forced to parade around naked and take a humiliating public shower, shaving their body of all hair except on their head. Then they had to put on their makeup, in front of anyone in the building, including any of their former colleagues who were there early.

Then they went up to the office floors. There they set up the coffee makers, put fresh fruit on tables, and distributed newspapers and mail. When they finished that, they proceed to the basement mailroom and just had collars locked around their necks and iPhones strapped to their arms instead of those horrible chains, cuffs, and gags in their mouths.

Mallory, girl ‘No.3’ and the other girls looked around them in disbelief. At that moment Chuck, their supervisor, stepped into the room. He was much earlier than normal, it was barely 7:29 in morning. He was at least 20 minutes ahead of his usual time.

All five girls immediately took their positions kneeling in front of their places, legs spread, so anyone would have an unobstructed view of their shaved pussies. They were waiting for Chuck to attach them to the wall. Normally he would use a wire that clipped to the girl's collar and to the hook above her head on the wall. Instead instead he went to his 'office', basically a table with a computer, big screen monitor, and a chair on wheels, in one corner of the room.

About 30 seconds after him, CEO Douglas Cameron entered accompanied by Rudy Garnett, HR Supervisor in the company. Rudy was cruel to the girls, humiliating them with rude words and comments. Behind him was Frank Moore, who was more kind to the girls.

Chuck motioned to the girls and they quickly stood up, legs spread to show their pussies, chest pushed forward, hands behind them and eyes slightly down; mailgirls knew they were not supposed to make eye contact with management..

Doug let his roam over eyes those young women's bodies, then chuckled, cleared his throat and said, “After the incident last week, management feels that there must be some changes in the Mailgirls Program rules. They will be the basic rules set by Mr. Martinez at the beginning of the Program. Plus there will be a additional ones. There will be no physical punishment of any girl; no more canning, whipping, etc. for no reason. Only Senior Management and Chuck can administer punishment. Employees who break the new rules will be penalized financially, or even terminated, depending on the case. There will be no more sexual favors or 'relief as it was called. Instead it will be limited for use as a punishment, for collecting a lot of demerits."

The girls sighed loudly, relieved. Doug shot them a quick glance and they immediately calmed down and froze in place.

Then he continued, “There will be no chains and handcuffs when you are on duty, for safety reasons and to allow you to carry packages in your hands." He smiled at them. “Still, if you get too many demerits you will be chained to the wall, gagged and blindfolded, in the main lobby for all to see and, if they want, fondle your body.“

After that speech Doug scanned the room, feeling the girl's discomfort and seeing how they seemed to have shrunk in their positions. “As we have too few mailgirls now at our disposition, we will recruit new girls into the Program."

Then he nodded to Chuck, who went to the door and opened it. Six women walked into the room, of all different ages, races, and body types. All of them were still clothed. But they had frightened looks and were clearly ashamed as they were arranged by Chuck to stand beside the naked girls.

Doug then spoke to them, “Get into your uniforms, now!"

They looked terrified, but hesitated, so Chuck barks at them, "Strip off all of your clothes."

The women slowly took off their clothes, their hands shaking with shame. One by one they stripped, most on the edge of tears. They all took off their clothes, except the oldest of them, who now had ‘No.1’ as her new name. Her real name was Willa Terry and she had worked in the finance department as an assistant to Jakob Drankic himself. She just froze and her mind flashed back to yesterday…

Willa had the day off and had just finished her evening meal with her family. Her family consisted of her husband Brad, a 45-year-old security guard in the local prison, slightly balding, but in good shape. He was evaluated every year, as the work for his job demanded fit men.

There was their daughter Patricia 22 years old, a small-bodied blonde, around 5'2'', a skinny girl with perky 34A sized breasts. She had just graduated from a local college four months ago and was now working in the Company finance department. Willa also had a son Clarence, a high school senior with a geeky look.

Her phone rang, and when she saw who was calling her she answered the call immediately. The call was short, and she dropped the phone with an alarmed look in her eyes. She told her daughter to grab her purse. Both of them had been summoned by Jakob Drankic and ordered to report to his office immediately.

After going to the security guard to check in, the women took the elevator to Drankic’s office. Once there, they found two, young, ashamed and naked women, tears running down their faces. Janice, the office receptionist, told them to wait while she called Drankic. After hanging up the phone, she told them to go into the office. Both women stepped inside with shaky legs and saw that Drankic was not alone in his big office. Also present were CEO Douglas Cameron, Arlene Silverman, Head of Human Resources, Rudy Garnet, her most important assistant, Angie Moore, Head of Accounting, and her husband Frank Moore, Head of the Law Department.

They were welcomed by Drankic and then told to take a seat, as they need to discuss some important matters. After they sat down, Angie Moore spoke to them. “We called you here today, because we found some very unusual results from the internal audit of our accounting last weekend. We found that some money is missing and after double checking the accounts, we found some evidence that lead us to you two.“

She shut up and then Mr. Drankic spoke, raising his voice almost yelling, “Tell us why you took $200,000? That is not a small amount of money and the Company wants it back one way or another!“

Mr. Cameron hushed Drankic and then said, “Explain to us right now what is going on."

Patricia said, her voice shaking, “It is all my fault, please don't blame my mother, she didn't know about it! I took it!“

Drankic yelled at her, “What for?"

Patricia broke in tears and confessed everything, how she started gambling when she was at college and got in problems with debts. After she saw how much money went through the accounts her mother had access to, she 'borrowed' $10,000 to pay back the debt, and then took more for to gamble with. Unable to resist, she 'borrowed' more and more in the vain hope that her luck would change and she would be able to repay it all.

Her mother found transaction logs on her computer and after checking, confronted her. After she confessed all to her, she tried to get her to return the money but that was only last week and they were unable to do get the money in time.

Then Arlene asked them how they planned to make enough to repay the 'loan', plus interest, and they just sat in silence.

Rudy said that he had an idea and both women looked hopefully at him, but their hearts sank when they head his 'proposal'. "I suggest that you both enlist in the Mailgirls Program and stay in it until all debts were paid. Otherwise we will call the police and prosecute you, but if you agree you'll avoid prison and the company will get their money back."

Willa and Patricia looked at him in disbelief, they were afraid of the police and jail, but were scared of the Mailgirls Program too. They knew they would be forced to parade around naked. They sat in silence for a couple moments and then Willa sighed and said, “We will do it, we will enlist in the Mailgirls Program, as long as we will not be prosecuted.“

When Patricia tried to complain, she was silenced immediately by her mother. "This is your fault, Pat. I'm not going to prison because you fucked up my respectable career with the company."

Then Frank Moore laid out a set of legal papers and both women signed without reading them, as their eyes are too wet from crying. Ruddy gave them pamphlets about the Mailgirls Program and all the rules they had to learn by tomorrow. "By tomorrow?" both protested, but they were hushed by their CEO and reminded that they had signed the forms and that starting tomorrow, and for the next two years, they would be mailgirls. Then, after they have repaid their debt, they must leave the Company, they would be fired.

Then another shock when Ruddy ordered them to strip. The stunned women stood and looked at him in disbelief. Doug explained that having signed the contracts they are now Mailgirls and forbidden to wear clothes at the Company without his, or some other senior executive's, permission.

Shocked, Willa started to unzip her sweater, followed by her skirt. She glanced at her daughter who was also undressing.. After Willa put all her clothes over the chair, she pulled off her shoes and stood only in her white bra and panties. When she glanced in Patricia's direction she saw that she too was only in her underwear and looking at her mother for support. She had on a white strapless bra and rose colored panties with an ornamental knot. Then Willa sighed and nodded at her daughter, and she reached behind her to unclasp her bra. Patricia followed suit and both women showed their nude boobs at the same time to seated spectators, Willa her 36 D and Patricia hers 34A. As final evidence of their defeat, at same time they both dropped their panties and stepped from them simultaneously, leaving them completely naked.

Doug then ordered them to do a full turn so that they could see all of their naked bodies, and they reluctantly compiled. Arlene informed them that they needed to go to the basement to the Mailgirls office to finish their transfer into the Program.

Drankic ushered them out telling them on the way that he was looking forward to working with them tomorrow and for the next few years. Rudy quickly added that the elevators are out of bounds to them and that they must use the service stairs from now on and learn all the rules by tomorrow or feel his wrath.

Even though it is almost 7 PM and official work time finished at 5 PM there are still some people at work. One of them was Willa's good friend Paula who instantly ran to them to ask what happened. Willa, in few short sentences, explained to her that they are now permanent Mailgirls, to pay back $200,000 her daughter stole

When the mortified women finally reached their destination they found the same naked girls they had seen earlier in Drankic's office. Both Willa and her daughter stood ashamed with their legs wide while Chuck and a woman knelt in front of them checking their pussies, parting and fondling them. Both women were utterly humiliated and red faced. This 'checking' lasted a couple of minutes more before they were permitted to move.

They were ordered to kneel and spread their legs as Mailgirls do when they are idle. Then Chuck, who ordered them to call him Mr. Martin and the woman who was introduced to them as Mrs. Frost, completed Willa's and Patricia's paperwork.

After they took a closer look at the two naked Terry women, Mrs. Frost frowned at the sight of the big brown triangle of Willa's bush and a small patch of blonde hair above Patricia's pussy. "You must shave your bushes, now!" she ordered them.

Chuck added, "Go to the Mailgirls shower area and do it quick, we expect you to be back shaven in 15 minutes or you will earn your first demerits right away. Run!"

The women ran across the hallway to the main lobby, Willa's bigger boobs swinging with the rhythm of her steps while Patricia's just jumped with her movements. They ran to the empty showers and turned on the hot water to soften their skin for shaving and spread shaving gel over their bushes. Willa was even more ashamed when she saw that they had spectators; a janitor, a security guard, a receptionist, and some random employees who were on their way home, but stopped when they saw the performance under the showers.

Patricia was done in a few strokes, as she shaved every few days around her small patch, and as she waited for her mother to clear her jungle, she saw those onlookers too. When Willa was done, they both stepped out and turned off the water, dried their freshly shaven areas and ran to HQ again. They saw that those other poor girls were gone when they returned and reported to Chuck.

He then ordered them to stand in front of one wall and started snapping pictures of them. Mrs. Frost explained to them that the photos are for their new identifications, as Albert from security, who usually takes the photos, has already gone home, adding that Willa's new name will be Girl No.1 or simply ‘1’ and Patricia will be now referred as ‘6’.

When Chuck had taken pictures of them from a dozen different angles and poses, he gave them pamphlets, on which were described all the Mailgirls Program rules, telling them in the process that they would be expected to know them all before they start tomorrow. He then gave them back their clothes, and they quickly put their clothes on and left the room.

The ride home was quiet. Neither of them was able to find the right words. When they arrived home, Patricia fled to her room and Willa went to the living room to find her husband. She led him to their bedroom where she confessed to him about the meeting. For a moment Brad was upset, but he didn't yell or do anything. He just demanded the pamphlet so he could read it.

After that, he called a family meeting. Patricia and Willa were forced to read the rules of the Program in turns, aloud, in front of him and Clarence, who sat and listened in disbelief. His mother and sister will be spending the next two years stark naked at work? To a boy who has never seen a nude girl other than in magazines and porn, this was too much and he felt his dick rise in his pants. Then his dad shocked all of them by proclaiming that as they are such sluts they can give a thrill at home too and demanded for them to undress right now.

They were shocked, but as they were already broken they started slowly striped in front of them. Willa, who worked on her body regularly, taking yoga and swimming at the pool few times a week, looked great for her 44 years. She shed all her clothes, arranging them on a chair. She stood completely naked in front of hubby and her son. With her hands at her sides, she barely managed to stop herself covering her D-Cup breasts with prominent nipples, still reasonably flat belly and her freshly shaved pussy.

Patricia who had just finished undressing, stood in a similar pose next to her mother, her small breasts and bald pussy now on full display. Her hard and pointy nipples looked especially big on her on her small tits. She was mortified, required to stand nude beside her family, and she knew it was all her fault. Then her father proclaimed that from that moment they will be stark naked in their home, as in their new job.

Brad announced that he would choose the clothes his wife would go to work every morning and the other places, like shopping, dinner, etc. His son Clarence would do the same for Patricia. If they want to leave the house, they are had to ask for clothes from their new ‘bosses’, as Brad told them they were to address him and Clarence. Before he dismissed them he told them that under no circumstances were they allowed to close the door of any room they w2ere in, as they were not allowed any privacy at all, even in the bathroom.

After the two women fled in shame to their rooms to study the new rules they were forced to live under, not only at work but at home too, Brad glanced at Clarence's pants, then looked him in eyes.

“What a life it is going to be!“ he said. He winked at his son and went to his room to screw his now submissive wife.

* * *

Willa snapped back to the present time and continued undressing, just throwing her clothes under her feet, without bothering about their condition, until she was stark naked too. She looked around and saw that all the girls were ‘in position’, standing upright, chest pushed forward, parted legs and hands behind their backs, so she assumed the same position.

Mr. Cameron spoke again, “As you all know, you will be part of this crew for some time. This will be your new manager, Chuck Martin. He will explain your duties to you.“

Chuck smiled slightly, his gaze roaming over his new subordinates' pussies and tits, starting to lecture them as the managers left the room.

After he gave them iPhones to attach to their upper arms, he then informed them that the new girls will have 4 minutes per task the first day, 3 minutes the next day, and then 2 minutes like all the others, to give them time to learn the ropes of the new job before they started to earn demerits for not completing it in time.

When the clock rang at 8:00 and the screens on the iPhones start blinking with coordinates of their new assignment, he just cut the crap and sent them off to their duties, informing them that they will need to pick up new ID cards later. They waste no time and start running to the nearest staircase.

He looks at their assets as they pass him and thanks his lucky stars for such a life.

The End

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