An artificially intelligent avatar of the EVE-6900 nexus of super-computers

played by several different voice actors, one for each mask

aka: "Evie," "Eve-HK," "Eve-Asia."
Avatar Stability: Labile integration, Limited archive.
Nexus Restrictions:  None (Usually encountered in T-Asia.)
Specialty: Plays a similar role to Eve-Prime in Seattle, but is more removed.  Monitors all systems & household functions, but HK systems are designed to be autonomous, requiring minimal human interaction.  The majority of Eve-E's "time" is spent on simulations & complex modelling for the scientists.
Inner Circle Status:  "Magic Wind"
Quirks: Cool, precise, sees all, says little. Since Eve-E has less human personality than most 6900 avatars she often appears as a virtual mask rather than a "person."