Charlie's Belt
by DUG Guest Author OMDOM99 © 2001

Chapter 1
NOTE: Charlie's Belt is set immediately after Jamie's Story but well before A Bug's Tale (Charlie's Story).

It was late in the day when Margo's private jet neared SEATAC International Airport.  Her adventures with Jamie on Gondaloo Island had left her exhilarated but exhausted.  She leaned back in the airline seat, clasped her hands behind her head, and thought about the past several days.  She recalled her enforced “rest,” smiling at the ingenious way Jamie had secured her between the two nets held together around her helpless body by myoplastic, self tightening cable ties.  No matter how she struggled, she couldn't get out of their firm embrace.  But her smile grew strained as she remembered the piezoelectric vibrator and how Jamie had bound it between her legs all night.  There had been no escape from its relentless stimulation.  Margo squirmed restlessly on her seat thinking about the sweet agony she had suffered—how she tried for hours to resist the series of orgasms, each stronger than the prior one, until finally she passed out.  She remembered waking periodically during the night at the highest levels of sexual arousal to feel climax after climax crashing against her senses like waves against the rocks.  Jamie had released her early the following morning, but it took twenty minutes before she could think straight or walk.

Now her mind began to dwell on retribution—not against Jamie who would surely pay for her audacity—but against Charlie who had provided the means for her torment. 

As the CEO of TESSERACT, Margo was aware of all ongoing projects; however she had underestimated the speed with which Charlie had completed the piezoelectric undertaking.  It was unthinkable that Jamie had been given the first prototype to use on the CEO of Tesseract!  “Let the punishment fit the crime…” she said aloud.

The seat belt sign interrupted Margo's reverie and the plane began its descent on final approach.  Through the window she could make out the TESSERACT Campus far below.  It was located 30 miles east of Seattle on the edge of the Snoqualmie Alpine Wilderness—isolated in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain range.  Over 300 acres in size, it was surrounded by heavy-duty chain link fencing topped by razor wire.  It was protected by a state-of-the-art sensor system based on the latest sonic, infrared, and magnetic technologies.  The EVE 6900 mega computer processed every sensor input with state-of-the-art speed and precision.  The total information, including heat and magnetic signatures were analyzed and displayed on TV monitors to show not only a visual picture of the intruders, but also any equipment or weapons they were carrying.

The plane landed and Margo walked directly to the Maglev terminal where she boarded a car that took 16 minutes to reach the TESSERACT terminal.

Margo proceeded directly to her large, luxurious office and stepped through the ornate doorway.  On her left was a fully stocked bar.  On her right was an arrangement of overstuffed chairs and a large, backless leather couch.  She looked at her reflection in the mirrored wall behind the furniture.  Tall, confident, and although somewhat tired from the long flight, she looked exactly like the CEO of a major corporation.

“Eve!” she called impatiently.

“Yes Margo.” The soft voice of the EVE 6900 computer answered.

“Please open my storage compartment.”  Immediately a hidden door in the mirrored wall slid back to reveal a sizable walk-in closet filled with shelves and drawers.  Margo circled the seating area and entered the closet where she dropped her carry-on bag on a tabletop and returned to the office.  The door slid silently back into position.

“Eve, I think I'll take a shower.”  Another portion of the mirror at the end of the wall slid open.  “But before I do, would you ask Elke to join me in a half hour?”

Eve's voice answered calmly, “I advised Elke of your arrival a few minutes ago.  She is proceeding to your office now.”

“Also, Eve, I would like you to review Charlie Paretsky's planned activities for tomorrow and the day after.  If nothing is of major importance, clear her schedule without her knowledge and have her report to my office at ten o'clock tomorrow morning.”  Margo stepped out of her high-heeled pumps and flexed her feet.

“One more thing, Eve.  I want to promote Charlie as a reward for her diligence in several areas, especially the Gondaloo project, and her creativity on new developments.  Contact our Director of Research and Development and have a special branch created for Charlie—organizational structure, position descriptions, et cetera, to be determined.”  Margo paused for a moment and smiled.  “Eve, did you complete those modifications of the piezoelectric electric device that I sent you from Gondaloo?”

Eve's soft voice almost sounded amused.  “This was a challenging assignment, even for me.  We already had the technology for the batteries and computer chips imbedded in the belt.  The batteries are microwave rechargeable so they never run down inside the TESSERACT Campus.  We were able to reproduce the vibrators in bead size versions and affix them to the Chastity Belt as you requested.  There have been some problems associated with the failure rate of individual beads and Quality Control is working on a solution.  The belt material is more difficult.  Of course we can make it out of stainless steel as you specified, but the requirement for continuous, unsupervised wear conflicts with that material.  Our Operational Test and Evaluation Department reports increased fatigue and extreme discomfort over longer durations of use.  We have had some success using Mylomar, the space station fabric.  It is as strong as metal, yet flexible like cloth.  The bonus is its appearance.  It looks like gold lamé.  Of course we can produce it in any color you desire.”

Margo's keen intellect instantly ran through the possibilities.  “As usual, Eve, your AI impresses me.  How soon can I expect a prototype?”

“We can produce a working model within two days after identifying the individual measurements of the subject.”  Eve continued, “However, I would recommend a period of prior evaluation using the volunteers in our OT&E department.”

“Alright Eve, go ahead with the Mylomar version in Charlie's size.”  Margo added, “I'm disappointed that I don't have one to use tomorrow.”

Eve responded, “I have taken the liberty of modifying one of our Model G belts to incorporate the cylindrical version of the vibrator. It locks into the belt.  Both devices are in your top right desk drawer.  The vibrator's remote function is keyed to Dr. Seaton's and your transponder only.”

Margo felt a twinge of excitement as she sat behind the desk and opened the drawer.  The two items were connected so she twisted the vibrator from its locked position on the belt and held it in her hand.  The one on Gondaloo Island had been a little over eight inches long and one and a half inches thick.  This one seemed to be somewhat shorter, but the same width.  It had the identical translucent appearance.  She flicked the switch and the upper part began to glow softly in alternating bands of bright red and green.  Margo shook her head in wonder.  It was the world's first solid state, completely silent, non-vibrating vibrator.  Charlie had outdone herself with this invention.  The incorporation of phased harmonics and piezoelectric electricity had been nothing short of genius.  The new technology would lend itself to lucrative applications in sensors and medical technology.  Of course Margo knew that wasn't what Charlie had intended at all.  Margo's face became flushed when she considered experimenting with the device, but her thoughts were interrupted by Elke's arrival so she turned it off and put it in her pocket.

Officially Elke was the Director of the TESSERACT Health Club, but actually she was Margo's closest confidant and friend.  The tall shorthaired blond stepped into the room.  Her tanned skin covered a body sculpted by years of extensive bodybuilding using both free weights and the most modern progressive resistance machines available.  She was dressed for workout in a dark jade colored leotard with black and gray sports bra and thong.  Thick, white leg warmers and white tennis shoes gave the impression that she was wearing boots.

“Welcome back.” She said warmly.  “I heard about the excitement on Gondaloo.  Are you OK?”

Margo stood and walked around the desk to give Elke a friendly hug.  “Yes, I'm fine; although it was pretty dicey on the island for a while.  We were lucky that Charlie had anticipated some computer glitches and minimized their impact.”

“Well good for little ‘Bug’!” Elke smiled using Charlie's nickname.

Margo guided Elke to the oversized leather sofa where they sat facing each other.  “Charlie is the reason I asked you to come by.  I intend to promote her and give her a small staff in the R&D Department.  She has more technological expertise than anyone in the company.”

Elke ran her fingers through her short hair.  “I have to agree with you.  Her big problem is her youthful exuberance and lack of judgment.”

Margo nodded.  “About that lack of judgment… I thought you might be interested in helping me teach her a lesson.”

Elke's eyes flashed.  “Margo, you know how I feel about ‘Bug’.  I would love to further her education…”

Margo grinned and pulled the vibrator from her pocket.  “OK, let me tell you about this thing and what we are going to do at ten o'clock tomorrow morning.”
THE END of Charlie's Belt—Chapter 1

Chapter 2