The Dinner
by DJ Mikey

It had been a long time since we had the opportunity to share a dinner together.† This night was special though.† You had agreed to do whatever I wanted, as long as it was exciting.† I told you we were going out to the new Olive Garden and I specified what I wanted you to wear.† I had laid out on the bed a short, frilly skirt that I enjoyed you wearing and a pullover sweater that fit snuggly on your body.† Without an ounce of hesitation, you got dressed, gave final instructions to the baby sitter and we headed out of town.†

After a half hour drive we arrived at the restaurant only to find that there was a 35-45 minute wait.† We stood in the foyer for a few minutes until some seating opened up.† It seemed like we were never going to get to sit down.† There was what appeared to be a rush of people that had finished dinner and left their seats.† I leaned and whispered in your ear, "Go in the bathroom, take off your panties and bring them to me."

You giggled and told me no.† I insisted and reminded you that you said you had agreed to do whatever I wanted.† Agreeing, you walked into the bathroom and returned a few seconds later and snuck your hand inside my coat and placed your panties in my inside coat pocket.† "That is better," I whispered in affirmation.† A moment later two seats opened up in the foyer for us to sit down.† You said I could, but you did not want to sit down.† I knew you were afraid of someone seeing up your skirt and that you had nothing on underneath.† But I told you that was part of the excitement.† So you didnít argue and carefully sat down next to me.† You were squirming in pure nervousness.† The exciting thing to me was that no one could see that you had nothing on underneath, it was simply the excitement of you and I knowing that was the case.†

After another ten or fifteen minutes, we finally got called to our table.† The waiter seated us at a four-top table.† You sat across from me with your back against the wall.† I leaned across the table and told you to stand up a bit and lift the skirt so that you were setting bare-assed on the seat and that your skirt was resting on the top of your legs.† You smiled that "hell no" smile but after seeing that my face expressed seriousness, you slightly stood and lifted your skirt then sat back down.† The seat was cold and you winced slightly as your bare skin touched the cold leather.† The waitress came to our table and asked for our drinks.† We told her what we wanted and she quickly ran off.

"You need to make sure that whenever someone comes to the table, you spread your legs apart a bit."† You smiled that smile again but complied with my request.† There were no tablecloths on the tables but you were positioned in a way that no one could see anything.† The waitress brought our drinks back and then took our order.† I ordered the sampler platter and you ordered chicken Parmesan.† We talked for the time that we waited for our food, eating salad and bread sticks.† It was very exciting to know that you were revealed underneath the table, but again, no one else knew.

After a few minutes the waitress brought our food, I gave you the eye to spread your legs apart and you did as you were asked to do.† I then acted like I accidentally dropped the silverware off the table.† The waitress without hesitation leaned down to pick up what had fallen off the table.† Upon her approach to the floor, she caught a glimpse of your bare coochie being revealed to her.† She looked up from below the table with a look of amazement.† Quickly standing, she ran off to simply get another set of silverware.†

You told me to stop, but I didnít believe that you were serious.† I asked you to touch yourself for a few seconds.† You gave me that "no" look but then agreed.† You reached under the table and placed your two of your fingers on your coochie.† With your other hand you picked up your fork and began to eat as if nothing was happening under the table.† I told you to stop after only a few seconds and your hand came back up on the table and you and I continued our conversation.† I saw the waitress coming again and threw the napkin on the floor right where she would be standing, hoping she would kneel down and pick it up.† Instead one of the male waiters jumped in front of her and kneeled down to grab it, he also caught eye of your nakedness under the table and paused for a moment as he picked up the cloth napkin.† I looked at you as this was taking place and saw a glimmer of excitement in your eye.† Your feet were at the outside of the chair with your ankles against each leg of the chair.† When no one was looking, I slid the table an inch or two away from you to give the opportunity to been seen a bit more of a chance.† The waiter and waitress came by our table more times than normal.† I was assuming it was to try to catch a glimpse of what was naked underneath it.†

I was getting excited watching all of this take place.† I slid the table another inch to the side and we ate our dinner for the rest of the time without any incident.† When we finished, the waitress came and brought us our check.† She stopped and talked to us for a second taking every opportunity to look down at you sitting there to see what could be seen.† Your legs remained spread, but neither of us truly knew what could be seen from her angle.†

We paid the bill and got ready to get up.† The table was far enough to the side that when you stood your condition would very likely be revealed.† After two margaritas you could care less and simply stood, your skirt still curled up around your waist.† A quick flash of your bareness underneath was revealed for a split second as the skirt dropped to its place.† It was still hung up over your butt cheeks but you were against the wall, so no one knew the wiser.

We walked out of the restaurant and I reached down and fluffed the back of your skirt as we cleared the people waiting at the front door for a table. The skirt flew up in the breeze and revealed your bare ass cheek for just a second.† We got into the car and drove to our next destination.