The Mystery of Swingtown
by DJ Mikey

Mystery of Swingtown: Part Ten

Two ladies entered the room with large silver trays of food on it.  They placed the trays on each side of where Beth was tied to the table.  The guests soon rushed to the sides of the table and began taking the food from the tray and putting it all over Beth's body.  They smeared chocolate sauce, whipped cream, other sauces, and a banana in the snatch until her entire body was covered with the food that only moments ago was on the tray.

Beth was getting very excited at the feel of the hands and food being maneuvered all over her body.  Her pussy was getting very wet.  She thought for a moment what a banana drenched in pussy juice might taste like.

"All right everyone," Velda spoke, "it looks like our dessert is complete.  You may now take part in the wonderful tastes of my Elizabeth."

The people returned to the table and began eating the food off of Beth's body.  One lady took her time circling Beth's right tit with her tongue.  Another lady passionately kissed Beth with the taste of chocolate on her lips.  A man and his partner began eating away at the banana in her snatch until they took turns concentrating on the bald snatch and ‘man in the canoe'.

Beth's body tensed up and released a number of fierce orgasms.  No one missed a beat on her body as she could feel yet another round approaching her.

Velda stood back and observed all that was happening.  It was not yet time for her to enjoy the pleasures of her prize for the day.  Once her guests were complete she would partake.

Beth screamed as her body had yet more orgasms.  A man was fucking her while another had his dick deep in her throat.  She wanted to pass out from the intensity she was feeling.

"Thank you everyone!" Velda announced.

Immediately everyone got off Beth and stepped back from the table.  Velda walked to where Leslie was watching everything take place and moved her stockade to a position directly in front of Beth on the table.

"We are not yet complete with our entertainment for the evening."  Velda turned to her guests and clasped her hands together.  "Beth is on loan to me for a 24-hour period to experience the pleasure of domination.  It appears she has surely experienced the pleasure."

The guests laughed.  One man shouted, "Here, here!"

Velda moved Leslie so that her elevated ass was directly over the face of Beth lying on the table.  She then walked to a cabinet and pulled out a strap-on dildo.  "I think it is time for mama to have a bit of fun," she announced with sarcastic laughter in her voice.

Lifting her skirt, Velda attached the strap on to her body.  Once it was in place, she approached Leslie and placed it against her lips.  "Suck me, Bitch!" she commanded her shackled slave.

Leslie opened her mouth as Velda took a step forward and put the dildo in her mouth.  Sliding it in and out gently at first, every stroke became more aggressive.  The more aggressive the strokes, the more Leslie's body would jerk.  The more her body jerked, the closer to Beth's face her ass would get.

Beth lay on the table, sticky from the food that had been placed on her body and wet from the orgasms she had, looking up at the shaved twat of another of Velda's slaves.  She was waiting for the body to be lowered enough for her to lick the pussy floating above her head.  Each thrust made it appear that it would be coming close enough, but it never did.

Velda shoved the dildo deep into Leslie's throat until she gagged on the latex cramming her mouth.  Rescinding for a moment, she waited and then thrust again.    Leslie came the closest to Beth's face she had so far, but still not close enough to lick.

"Don't worry, Beth," Velda interrupted, "you won't get to lick it so don't even think about it."

Beth was confused.  Why else would Leslie have been placed in the position she was?  This was one of the most bizarre games Beth had ever experienced.

*   *   *

Mandy arrived at the Sheriff's department and walked to her office to set her things down.  She was immediately greeted by one of the deputies.  A quick briefing on the lady picked up was given and Mandy then left her office and met the prisoner at the holding cell.

"Can you tell me why you had Cyndi's phone number?" Mandy began.

"She was just a friend of mine.  I went to college with her and saw her around town every now and then," the lady responded.  "Sometimes she and a few of her girlfriends would all go to the bar and have a few drinks.  That is all."

"Do you know anything about her death?"

"The only thing I know is the same thing everyone else around here knows.  She was found dead in her house."

"Do you know anything about her career?  What she did for a living?" Mandy inquired.

"All I know is that she worked at the radio station downtown.  She lived by herself, but seemed to always hang around women instead of men."

"Are you familiar with any of the ladies she would frequently be hanging around with?  Were they often the same people or different people?"

"Sometimes the same and sometimes different," she responded.  "I don't understand exactly what you mean by this."

"When you saw Cyndi, was there ever anyone you ALWAYS saw her with?"

The lady thought for a moment.  "Not really;" she finally added, "like I said, she would meet us for drinks every now and then so the only consistent person I would see her with when she was around me would be me."

"Do you know very much about her personal life?  Outside of the bar and her work?"

"Not at all."

"Did you ever visit her house?"

"A few times, but I don't recall anything out of the ordinary about it."

"I never asked you if there was anything out of the ordinary," Mandy snapped.  "Why would you suggest there was anything out of the ordinary?"

"I wasn't suggesting that.  I was only stating nothing out of the ordinary because you were asking me about it."

"Did you ever go upstairs while you were at her house?"

The lady began to fidget and act uncomfortable.  She tried to recover her body language.  "I don't recall ever going upstairs."  Her voice was a bit shakier than it had been.

"I think you have been upstairs before," Mandy grilled.  "And, I think you know what was upstairs there at this house.  Did you ever partake of anything that Cyndi had at her house?"

"I don't understand what you mean," the lady tried to respond acting as if she knew nothing.

"Did you ever visit Cyndi's house after the bar?  Maybe after you both had a few drinks?  Did you ever stay at her house for a long period of time or maybe overnight?"

The lady shouted.  "Why are you asking me all of this?  What does this have to do with my getting pulled over for a DUI?  It has nothing to do with it.  So please stop asking me these irrelevant questions."

Mandy stood.  Anger filled her face.  "It has everything to do with whatever I feel it has to do with it.  Now answer my questions or deal with the consequences."

"And what might those be Miss Lesbian Sheriff?"

Mandy slapped the lady across the face.  "Listen to me you bitch.  Don't make a side of me you don't want to see come out.  I promise you there will be regret on your part if you do."

"I am not afraid of you, Mandy.  I know all about you.  And I am not afraid."

Mandy slipped out her stick and restrained the prisoner.  She placed her handcuffs on the lady and put her face to the floor.  Leaning down next to the lady's ear, Mandy informed her, "You just fucked up, Lena.  I know who you are too.  I know that you and Cyndi used to use the Sybian and tie up willing participants.  I know there was more to your friendship than mere acquaintance.  I know you just may know more than you do about her murder.  You are going to sit here until I get ready for you.  Then I am going to put your ass through the ringer and hold you as long as I possibly can hold you.  If you decide to tell me anything, I might be nicer to you.  If not, I am going to be a nightmare for you for as long as I can get away with it."

Mandy stood to her feet, walked out of the cell and slammed the door behind her.  Lena remained face down, handcuffed behind her back, on the ground.  Mandy's heart was racing.  She did not often allow herself to get mad as she had.

As the Sheriff walked toward her office, trying to settle down, her cell phone rang.  The dispatcher was calling to let her know they had found another body.  This find confused Mandy because she had formulated a hunch as to the killing of the last person.  That hunch could not be possible if these were related.

‘They have to be related,' Mandy thought to herself, "we haven't had a murder in this town in a hundred years and now two in the same month?"

Stopping in her office, she grabbed her weapon and crime scene kit from her desk and moved through the station rapidly, stopping and handing out instructions as she went along.  Getting into her car, she sped to the location of the found body.

*   *   *

Madman was on his way to pick Beth up from Velda's house when Doc called and said he heard another dead body had been found.  For a moment, Madman thought about leaving Beth at Velda's for a short time longer to drive to the crime scene and nose around a bit.  Not knowing how Beth was doing in her situation he chose to stay with the original plan and rescue her from Velda's.

Beth was waiting outside on the front porch and quickly got into the vehicle and gave Madman a look of, ‘Get me the hell out of here.'

Madman ignored her look and implication and informed her of the news that another dead body had been found and they were going to snoop around the new crime scene.

"What the hell do you think this is all about?" Beth asked.

"I'm really confused and I am sure Mandy is too.  We haven't had this much action in years in this town.  The last time we had any excitement of this town was when those cult people wanted to set up shop here."

"They were freaks, weren't they," Beth admitted.

"What do you think the odds are that this has anything to do with Cyndi's murder?" Madman continued the subject.

"Maybe it is a copycat or something.  Or we might just have a serial killer on our hands.  Now that is excitement in Swingtown."

They both laughed at the thought.  Madman drove as quickly as he could to the house where the lady was found.  He knew he could drive fast because he knew Mandy was busy at the crime scene and wouldn't be around to pull him over.

"So much for our date last night," Beth interrupted.  "I was looking forward to a fun evening with you."

"You mean you didn't have fun at Velda's house?"

"No, I can't say that I did," she responded sternly.  "Neither did I get the education I was claimed to have been promised."

"So you were let down?" Madman asked.

"There was nothing of any great interest other than the people at her party eating dessert off of my naked body."

Madman's ears perked up.  "That sounds like fun!  May we could try that sometime?"

"So you have thought about all of this?" Beth's voice chimed.

"All of this... what?" Madman responded.  "You and me, stuff?  A little bit.  Let's just focus on what is happening.  We can talk about us later."

When they arrived at the house Mandy was already inside.  Beth motioned to Madman that they hang low for a little bit to see what they could from a distance.  They both knew that Mandy would not take much of a liking to them snooping around.

For a potential murder scene, there were not many cars or people on the scene.  Mandy's cruiser and one other unmarked police vehicle were all that were present.

The two sat waiting for over an hour.  Finally, Madman couldn't take the waiting anymore.  He jumped out of the car.  Beth fumbled for the door latch and was quickly close behind.  Madman dashed up the sidewalk, opened the door to the house and briskly walked through the hallway until he came face to face with Sheriff Mandy.

"Madman," she squealed, "you really shouldn't be here.  This is a crime scene and no place for a shock jock looking for answers."

"Why are there no other officers here?" Madman questioned.

"This is a small town, Madman.  It is not CSI Miami.  I can handle most everything here."

"Any thoughts to the notion this is related to Cyndi's death?"

"Madman, if you'd please not ask me questions like that.  You know I can't tell you anything."

"They are related," Madman's voices raised an octave.  "Because if they weren't you could tell me with much more ease and conviction.  What do you think is going on?"

Beth entered the room. "Hey Sheriff," she introduced. 

"Madman, I wish I could tell you something.  It just isn't a good idea for me to share anything with you."

While Madman was trying to get information from Mandy, Beth stepped back and tried to get a better view of what Mandy was looking at in the room.  Beth could see that there was some kind of contraption on the floor.  It had the words, Sybian, on the side.  She remembered one of those at Cyndi's house and believed she had just found their first real clue.

"What is that thing?" Beth directed her question to Mandy.

"It is a sex machine," Mandy replied.

"There was one of those at Cyndi's house as well.  Isn't that a bit strange?"

"Considering the fact that they are really expensive and two people in the same town have one and both of them get murdered.  Yes, I would find that a bit strange."

"Do you think they have anything to do with each other?" Beth inquired.

"I just told Madman that I really shouldn't be telling you guys anything."

"C'mon, Man, this is your friend you are talking to.  Maybe we can help you out with all of this?" Beth was trying to loosen her friend up to get some answers.

Mandy hesitated, and then agreed with herself to share the information.  "This woman was strangled with a belt.  Again, there was no sign of a struggle.  An autopsy will give us a better determination on that.  My initial understanding is that she knew whoever it was that killed her.  Cyndi was shot.  The method used to kill is obviously different.  The sex machine is at both houses and that could truly only be a coincidence.  I have identified this woman as Melissa Von Gundy.  I found something on her desk with the name, "Princess Yoni" on it.  I don't know if that was a nickname for her or if she knew someone named that."

Madman and Beth's faces lit up.  They remembered that name from DnD a few weeks ago.  They looked at each other and then tried to hide the expressions on their faces.

"She was into the slave and Mistress stuff, too.  I can't figure out if she was the dominant one or the submissive one," Mandy continued.  "This is all getting very strange.  I never realized there was such a presence of this kind of living in this town."