The Mystery of Swingtown
by DJ Mikey

Mystery of Swingtown Part 9

Velda and Madman finished their conversation and Madman left the house without Beth.  He had hoped he would have gotten the opportunity to be invited and see what would happen to Beth over the course of the next 24 hours, but decided it was best to get the hell out before he got roped into something he didn’t want to be roped into.

Leslie took Beth upstairs to a very large bathroom where she was directed to take a seat in what appeared to be a barber chair.  The chair was tilted back and as that happened a set of stirrups appeared.  Beth’s legs were placed in the stirrups with a strap placed around her calves.  Leslie then brought a small jar of shaving cream, like those in the old barber shops, and began lathering up Beth’s hairy pussy.  Stroke by stroke, the hair was removed from the snatch until it was as silk smooth as could be.  Leslie patted it to make sure it would be satisfactory.

“I think Velda will be happy with this,” Leslie confirmed.

“So can you tell me how bad this is going to get tonight?” Beth said in a faint voice to assure not being overheard.

“I honestly could not tell you.  I have never known of her to do something like this and I have been with her for over 7 years.  I am not going to be able to be of any assistance to you tonight.  I went and pissed her off and I am going to be punished for what I did.  Just try to remember to do exactly as she tells you and do it as quickly as possible.  We need to hurry and get you back down to her before we have problems.”

Leslie grabbed a hold of Beth’s hand and led her out of the bathroom and back to the room where Velda was waiting for them.  Leslie immediately entered the room and assumed the proper position.  Beth hesitated for a moment then caught on and stumbled into position.

“Not quite,” Velda snapped, “I need those knees a bit farther apart.”  She placed the toe of her foot between Beth’s knees and gave them a nudge to indicate she needed to spread them farther apart.  “I want to be able to see the pussy.”

Beth spread her knees apart as far as she thought was required.

“Straighten your back more.” Velda commanded as she reached down to push Beth’s back straighter.  “I want your tits to be displayed.  Other than that, you did relatively well.”

She walked to her seat and sat, facing both of the nude ladies.  For a few moments, she simply sat, stared and smiled.  This made Beth very uncomfortable.  Velda made the two slaves stay in this position for nearly thirty minutes as she simply sat and watched them.  After looking at her watch, she decided it was time to begin preparing for her party.

“Up!” she commanded to Leslie.

Once Leslie was standing, Velda led her to the stockade at the side of the room and placed her in it locking it in place.  She then adjusted the height of the main part so that Leslie was bent over.  Velda walked around her locked slave, inspecting her to make sure she was where she wanted her.

“What do you think, Elizabeth?” Velda offered.  “Do you think she looks inviting in this position?”

Not truly knowing how to answer, Beth muttered a few words.  “I believe she will be inviting, Mistress”

“Good,” Velda confirmed as she walked over to a drawer not far from the stockade.  After opening the drawer, she pulled out a black strap-on dildo.  Beth became very nervous.  Velda returned, handing the strap on to Beth.  “Put it on and then I want you to fuck her in the ass with it.”

Beth looked frightened at the words commanded to her.

“Is there a problem?” Velda scolded.

“No, Mistress,” she again muttered, “there is not a problem.”

Beth stood and as she was attaching the harness of the dildo to herself she noticed that the dildo extended out as well as in from the harness.  She reached down and spread her pussy lips apart and inserted the end of the dildo that would be inside of her.  Velda came closer and helped adjust the straps so the harness would fit properly.  Once it was in place, Velda motioned for Beth to begin doing what she was told.

Beth stepped behind Leslie and slid the end of the dildo into the puckered asshole of the bound slave.  The latex rubbed tightly into Leslie’s rear until some natural lubricant began forming.  Once the dildo was well into Leslie’s ass, Beth began stroking in and out.  As she did this, the dildo inside of her began giving her wonderful sensations.  Leslie began moaning as the moans wanted to scream out of Beth’s mouth as well.

“Stop, Elizabeth!” Velda commanded.  “She is being punished and having an orgasm would not be much punishment.”

Beth immediately stopped and pulled the dildo out of Leslie’s ass.  She herself wanted so badly to have an orgasm.

“I hope you didn’t cum, my dear Elizabeth.”  Velda questioned.

“No, Mistress, I did not cum.”

“But, you wanted to, didn’t you?”

Beth hesitated, not knowing what the correct answer might be.  “Yes, I wanted to cum, but did not know if I was allowed to or not so I held back.”

“Very good.  You are much better at this than I anticipated.”  Velda’s voice was full of excitement.  “I just might reward you for that.  But, we will see.”

Velda gave Beth her instructions for the evening and soon her guests began to arrive.  Leslie had been moved to the center of the room she was in with her ass facing the doorway.  Velda had taken some bright red lipstick and highlighted the perimeter of Leslie’s asshole with it, making it look like a bullseye.

The first man who arrived at the party quickly pulled his penis out of his pants and slipped into the awaiting hole of Leslie.  Once he was done, Beth was required to wipe Leslie’s ass off and re-apply the lipstick so it was fresh for the next person to utilize.

Beth was required to serve drinks all night long, in the nude.  She didn’t feel the job was that embarrassing nor was it that difficult.  A few of the men and ladies acted as if they wanted to touch her and a few of the ladies made sexual comments that got Beth wet, while some of the men made comments that made her disgusted.  All-in-all, the evening was not that difficult.

Velda had gathered her guests into the room where Leslie was and they all stood around, drinks in hand, awaiting whatever it was Velda was about to say.  Nearly every person in the room had taken a turn at Leslie’s asshole and Leslie looked very worn-out and sore from all the anal sex she had just encountered.

Velda tinged the edge of her glass.  “As most of you know, I have been doing this for a very long time and things are getting a bit old, to be honest with you.  I have decided to go into a joint venture with my friend Gina who could not be here tonight.  We are starting a slave training school.  Masters and Mistresses will be able to bring new slaves to us for training and once that slave graduates, they will be returned to their rightful owner to begin living the life of a true slave.”

Everyone in the room clapped and a few people shouted, “Bravo!” or “You go girl.”

“As most of you know, whenever I have these little get together parties, I like to offer all of you a bit of entertainment.  Tonight should be no different.”  Velda paused as she scanned the room.  “Elizabeth, could you come here for a moment.”

Beth’s ears perked up as she looked like a deer in headlights at the crowd who directed their attention to her.  Once she regained herself, she approached Velda and quickly went into presentation position.

“Elizabeth here is in the lifestyle as well.  She usually plays the dominant one in the game, but questioned me as to why I was different than most other dominatrix ladies.  I offered her an opportunity to be shown the difference and she accepted the invitation and is gladly with us tonight as a slave trainee for a 24 hour period.”

Another round of applause erupted.

“Tonight, Elizabeth is going to be our entertainment.”

Beth’s heart began racing and she was sure everyone could see it pounding though her chest.  Velda snapped her fingers and a man standing next to her handed her a blindfold that was quickly placed on Beth’s eyes.  Velda took Beth by the arm and led her a few steps away and laid her down on a table.  Spreading Beth’s legs, they were tied to each leg of the table.  Her hands were then raised above her head and tied to the respectable legs of the table.  She was now spread eagle on the table.

*   *   *

Tiffney and Mandy left the restaurant and drove down the road toward the club they were planning on visiting.  Suddenly Mandy told Tiff to stop the car and pull over.

Tiffney did as she was told and slowed the car down, pulling to the side of the road.  Mandy then pointed indicating she wanted Tiffney to turn down a two-track that was just ahead of them.  Again, Tiffney did as she was told.  They drove up the two-track a few hundred feet until Mandy again told her to stop.

“Shut the car off and get out of the car,” Mandy ordered.

Tiffney never spoke a word.  She shut the car off and got out.  Mandy joined her at the front of the car.

“Lean against the car and spread them,” Mandy again ordered.

Tiffney assumed the position as Mandy began frisking her.  She then lifted her jean skirt up over Tiffney’s shapely ass.  Giving it a smack, Mandy was getting tremendously turned on.

“Turn around and strip,” Mandy commanded Tiffney.  “Make it quick.”

Tiffney unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the ground.  Her shirt wasn’t buttoned so she lowered her arms allowing it to fall to the ground and then slipped the camisole off.  Once she was completely naked, she smiled at Mandy and asked, “Is there anything else, Sheriff?”

“Yes, turn back around and spread them again.”

Tiffney turned, placing her hands on the hood of the car and spread her legs apart.  Mandy reached between Tiffney’s legs and began fingering her sopping wet pussy.  Tiffney moaned and quickly came to an orgasm.  Mandy then turned her around, lifted her ass onto the hood of the car and began licking the young girls snatch.

Then her cell phone began ringing.  She stopped licking, said, “Shit!” and reached into the car to see if it was an important call.  It was the Sheriff’s office.

“Yeah,” she said answering the phone.

“Mandy, this is Murdock.  We picked up a young lady for drunk driving tonight that had our murder victim’s phone number in her pants pocket.”

“What? On a piece of paper or something?”

“Yeah, just written down on a piece of paper.  We picked her up about a block from the house, too.”

Mandy thought for a moment.  She was trying to decide if this was important enough to stop what she was doing or if it could wait until morning.  “Did you try to question her about it?”

“Not really.  I figured that was something I wanted to check with you about first.”

“Yeah, that is probably a good idea considering all the circumstances.  I’m a bit busy right now and am trying to decide if this can all wait until morning.”  Mandy still had not decided what she should do.

“We may not be able to hold her for very long.  She just barely blew the limit and she will probably be able to get out first thing n the morning.”

Mandy knew what she needed to do.  “Ah, shit.  I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

Mandy hung up the phone, tossed it into the window of the car and re-joined her date at the front.  “This really sucks, but I have to go into the station for a little bit.  Why don’t you drop me off at home and wait for me there?  I will try to be as fast with this as I can.  I just can’t put this off.”

Tiffney was naked and sitting on the hood of the car in the dark.  She hopped to her feet and walked to climb into the car.  “That will work,” she agreed.

“Aren’t you going to get dressed?” Mandy asked.

“No, I figured since I was with the sheriff I could drive home naked.”

“Suit yourself,” Mandy laughed.