The Mystery of Swingtown
by DJ Mikey

Mystery of Swingtown Part 8

Madman and Beth drove into the ritzy part of town and found Velda's house.  They were both a bit nervous, though neither would admit, because they had heard some peculiar things about this woman and her actions.  It was clearly understood in the small town that she was a queen of sorts in the domination world.  What Velda wanted, Velda assured she acquired at all costs.  She also had a very strong power of manipulation and control over people.  This was a lead they had both hoped to avoid, but one that was now inevitable.

They pulled up a long driveway of a very large home and parked under the portico.  A nude woman was immediately standing at the side of the vehicle to let the two out of the car.

"Good afternoon," the nude woman exclaimed.

The duo just looked at each other, nodded and then followed her into the house.  They went down a hallway where a very well dressed woman was sitting.  At their entrance, the woman stood, turned and welcomed her guests.

"You must be Madman and Elizabeth," she welcomed.

"Beth is just fine," Beth responded sternly.

"I'm sorry," Velda apologized with a tint of sarcasm.  "Welcome, BETH!" with an emphasis on Beth.  "Doc spoke to me earlier and said he would be sending the two of you over.  I really don't know how much help I can be to anyone involving this.  I made that very clear to Doc.  What Miss Cyndi did really has nothing to do with what I do."

"You were both into domination, weren't you?"

"Well, sweetheart, you are partially correct and partially way off the mark.  Cyndi was a terrible amateur at what she did.  By no means did she compare to what I do by any stretch of the imagination.  She was involved in one-night stands that may or may not have returned for more one night stands.  I am into something completely different."

"What exactly is that?" Beth asked with just a hint of rudeness in her voice.

"Total and complete control.  When someone comes to me, it is not for one night.  I offer people the opportunity to become free from themselves.  I liberate people by dominating them."

"I don't understand how that can work," Beth questioned.

"Why don't I demonstrate," Velda offered.  "Leslie," she yelled, "come in here."

Within a few seconds, Leslie, the naked woman who greeted them at the door, entered the room.  She immediately dropped to her knees, spreading them about two feet apart.  Placing her hands behind her head, she responded, "Yes, Mistress.  How may I be of service to you?"

"Our guests would like to know how liberating being dominated can be.  I would like to give them a demonstration."

"Whatever pleases you, Mistress."

Velda stood to her feet, lifted her skirt to reveal her cleanly shaven pussy with a gold and diamond ring pierced through her clit.  She reached down and spread her lips apart and Leslie immediately dove her face into the crotch of her Mistress.  Her hands remained behind her head and her body remained in the same kneeling position as she lapped the juices of the bare snatch placed before her.  Velda stood without emotion as her slave licked her.

"Enough," Velda scolded as she stepped away.  "You see, my love," she directed her words toward Beth, "my girls do as I ask."

Leslie stood to her feet as Velda returned to her seat.

"No offense," Beth began, "but that really doesn't show me much of anything.  I mean, that is not dominating at all."

Madman quickly got a look of fear on his face at his friend's accusations.  Velda's face stiffened, revealing wrinkles that were not previously visible.

"You are correct, Elizabeth," Velda admitted.  "What if I asked you to submit to me for 24 hours to show you what I do in comparison to what Miss Cyndi did?"

Madman's face lit up at those words.

Beth's face remained reluctant.

"You appear to be afraid?" Velda sarcastically observed.  "I might say you should be careful how you speak in the future."

"I will submit to you for 24 hours.  I am not afraid."  Beth's face still showed reluctance.  "When will this begin?"

"I am having a dinner party tonight.  Leslie is being punished for failure to comply with the rules, so it may be a good time for you try this out.  We can start right now, if you wish."

Beth looked at Madman for some kind of response.  He shrugged his shoulders implying she should go ahead.

"Ok, fine, we can start right now.  What do I need to do?"

Velda smiled a huge smile.  "I want to show you how liberating being dominated can actually be.  The first thing you must learn is that you ask no questions.  You simply do as you are told and wait for me to give you instructions.  If you fail to immediately comply with the command, you will be punished.  The punishments vary from situation to situation.  They depend on the severity of your non-compliance and also the regularity of the offense."

Beth and Madman listened intently.

Velda told Leslie to show Beth the various positions.  Leslie immediately dropped to her knees, spread them apart about two feet, placed her hands behind her head and arched her back.  "This is your presentation position.  Whenever you come into the room or whenever I arrive into a room, this is the immediate position you should assume."  Velda snapped her fingers and Leslie bent forward, buried her face into the floor and raised her ass high into the air.  "This is the position you will be in whenever you are receiving punishment instructions.  There will be a few others, but we will start with those."

Beth's face relaxed.  She thought there was nothing to this and she would be able to do it without much trouble.

"Now remove your clothing," Velda spoke abruptly.  "I do not allow clothing in my home on my slaves."

Beth's face returned the look of stress.  She looked at Madman for some kind of signal but got none.  She reached to her shirt and slipped it over her head revealing that she did not wear a bra.  She then reached back and unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor revealing that she did not wear any panties either.

Madman's face lit up at the sight of his friend, totally naked before him.

"Leslie will shave you.  I do not allow my slaves to have pubic hair.  I like bald pussies and I expect it to be kept that way.  She will also take your clothing and safeguard them for the remainder of our time together."  She snapped her fingers and Leslie stood, walked to Beth, bent over to pick up her clothes, grabbed Beth by the hand and led her out of the room.

Velda then turned to Madman.  "Are there any questions you have for me?"

"As much as I am enjoying this scene with my partner, I don't really understand what it has to do with why we are here."

"What is about to happen to Miss Elizabeth really does not have anything to do with why you are here.  But you see, she should learn to keep her mouth shut.  She is about to get a lesson in what I do."

Madman paused for a moment then began again with a question.  "So, if what you and Cyndi did was different, why would Doc want us to come talk to you?"

"Doc is so desperately trying to crack this thing so he can be the big man n town.  Nothing like this has happened in this town in a very long time.  I think he must have thought that because we fall under the same general classification of lifestyles that we did the same thing.  I say Cyndi was an amateur because she did not take the time to invest in her clients.  She brought them in, collected their money, gave them what they wanted and then let them go.  I take people in, work with them then mold them into what I believe they need to be.  I invest in them as people and in the meantime, I satisfy their needs.  But you see, their needs in the end are very often not what they their needs were in the beginning.  You will see this in Beth in just one short day."

"That will be very interesting to see.  So, you are saying Cyndi was more like a dominatrix prostitute than what you do."

"You could say that.  A common misconception about this is that it does not always have to do with sex.  Often very powerful people are so tire of being powerful that they beg for someone to take control of them.  When people come to me, I relive them of all their power and by doing that I free them from that bondage they are in."

"That is a very interesting theory," Madman admitted.

"It is absolutely not a theory.  It is a proven fact that this happens when the person allows the transformation to take place."

"So if that is the case, then why would someone want to kill Cyndi?"

"My hunch is jealousy," Velda responded.

This caught Madman's interest.  "Jealousy?  How could it be jealousy?"

"A jealous spouse or companion, another amateur mistress, someone falling in love with her that was a client.  This kind of thing could very easily happen."

"There are no records of anyone that visited her, so how could we ever begin to find out who might be jealous?

At that moment, Madman's cell phone began ringing to the tune of Rod Stewart's, "Do You Think I'm Sexy".  He quickly reached into his pocket to silence the ring.

"Sorry about that," he apologized.

"You visited Cyndi a time or two," Velda informed.

"How did you know that?" Madman choked.

"I know a lot of her clientele.  Actually, she very often does me a favor by taking the undesirables from me so I don't have to deal with them.  Beth paid her a visit or two as well.  I'll bet you didn't know that, did you?"

Madman had a shocked look on his face.  "No, I didn't know that," he admitted.

"Beth is a prime case of someone who always gets to play the dominant one, but never gets to be submissive.  She played Mistress in your little game and needed either an education or a reprieve so she visited Cyndi.  That is why the next day is going to be so much fun for me because she will very clearly be able to see the comparison between a few restraints, whips and ball gags and what I do."

*   *   *

Tiffney pulled up to Mandy's driveway and got out of the car.  She walked to the front door and rang the doorbell.  She was very nervous.  A date with the Sheriff was not something that happened very often.  The door opened and Mandy stood there in a slinky black, tight fitting, mini dress.  The spaghetti straps lay nicely on her tanned shoulders exposing some very nice cleavage.  Her smile glittered as she stepped through the doorway and down the sidewalk with her new friend.

"You look absolutely beautiful, Mandy,' Tiffney stuttered.

"I must say you look very beautiful yourself!"  Mandy responded.

Tiffney had a jean mini skirt on with a white sheer blouse covering a black camisole.  Her body was slim and very shapely.  Mandy was excited just looking at the young girl.  Tiffney opened the car door for her date and Mandy sat down in the seat.  Tiffney walked around and got into the car.  The two drove off and headed to a nice restaurant in the downtown part of Swingtown to have dinner.  They made small talk on the short drive until they parked and went into the restaurant.

A very nice looking young girl greeted them at the door and led them to their table.  They sat in a booth toward the back of the restaurant.  Mandy sat first and Tiffney slid in across the table making sure that Mandy could see she was not wearing anything underneath the mini skirt.

"We must have the same thing in mind," Mandy commented.  "I'm not wearing anything underneath either."

The two girls giggled and picked up the menu and looked it over.  Another young girl came to the table and introduced herself as the server and asked for a drink order.  The two ladies made an order and then continued looking over the menu.  After placing an order they made usual first date small talk for the length of dinner.

Mandy broke the ice of small-talk and introduced the idea she had for Tiffney.  "I am working on this case and am needing someone to help me out."

"What are you working on?" the young girl asked.

"It is a murder case," Mandy replied.

Tiffney sat back with a look of sudden disbelief on her face.

"I guess that means you haven't heard about it.  I guess that is a good thing."  Mandy sipped her drink and settled into her seat.  "A woman who was involved in Domination was murdered and the trail to her killer is rather cold.  I have a very lame lead that I need to follow up on, but the lead requires me to have someone help me."

Tiffney looked at Mandy wanting to ask if she was the one needed to help.

"I am wondering if you might be interested in helping me?"

Tiffney smiled and got excited at the thought.

"Before you get too excited, you may want to find out what I need you to do," Mandy assured.

"I'm sure nothing can be bad enough that I wouldn't want to do it," Tiffney admitted.

"There is a party on Friday at a club in the Tri-Cities that I need to go to.  In order to get in, you have to have a partner."

"I'll be your partner," Tiffney offered.

"It is a Mistress/Slave party and I need someone willing to be my slave for the evening.  I was wondering if you might be interested in being my slave for a night to help me gather some information about this case."

Tiffney remained smiling.  "So what exactly does being your slave mean?  Are you going to hurt me or whip me?  What do I have to do?"

"I will be in charge of you for the evening.  You and I will ride down to the club, you will probably end up naked, on a collar and leash and I promise not to hurt you."

"I am getting so wet thinking about this," Tiffney leaned forward and whispered.  

"I guess that means you are interested?" Mandy confirmed.

"Sure," she added.  "It sound like it might be something very different and I bet it will be very exciting too."

"Exciting it will surely be!" Mandy laughed.

Tiffney leaned into Mandy again.  "So what about tonight?  What do you say we head to the club and then we go practice my being your slave?"

Mandy smiled a seductive smile.  "Maybe tonight we just might fuck and call it good."