The Mystery of Swingtown
by DJ Mikey

Mystery of Swingtown Part 7

Mandy walked into her office as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened to her the night before.† She sat at her desk and gathered her thoughts about what had taken place.† It was disturbing that she was humiliated and still got no information about the case.† If what Gina was saying was true and there was someone there whose Mistress died, that would be the very first clue to this entire case.† She thought about options she had to get back to the next party.† There had to be someone who would be willing to be her slave.† She would have to do more research on the lifestyle.† The introduction to it the night before was not much of an education.†

She checked her email and didnít get anything of interest regarding the case.† She did however get an email from Tiffney.† The young girl thanked the sheriff for helping her not get into too much trouble and offered to take her out to dinner one night if she was interested.† An idea jumped into Mandyís head.† She would allow the young girl to take her out, take her home and make out with her and then use her as her slave for the next party.† Even if the girl was not into it, Mandy was confident she could persuade he young girl to go along with it.

"Dear Tiffney:† It was no problem working things out for you.† I would be happy to go have dinner with you some time.† I am busy the remainder of this weekend but any time next week would be great for me.† As a matter of fact, I will be happy to buy.† You pick the place and we can meet.† With Love: Mandy"

She clicked Ďsendí and hoped for the best.† The girl was interested in her enough to respond and go along with her plan.† Closing her email, she got on the internet and began researching Mistress and slave relationships.† She could not believe the information the Internet had regarding such an issue.† There was a lot to learn.† Her mind quickly dashed to the day she had visited Cindyís house.† She did a search for Sybian and quickly found a site that sold them.† The prices were astronomical. †The vibrator would have to do the trick for the time being.† She returned to continue her search for slave lifestyles.

After nearly an hour of research, she felt she had a decent idea what she needed to do for the next party.† Visiting an online fetish store, she purchased an outfit, some accessories and other necessary things for her and her slave.† The plan was falling into place very nicely.

*†† *†† *

Velda returned out to the patio and motioned for the two naked slaves to come into the house.† The obeyed and put the work items they were using away and quickly made their way inside.† Velda told Katrina to take it easy for a moment as she put a leather collar on Leslie.† Once it was in place, she tugged it and led Leslie into another room.† She snapped her fingers indicating Katrina should follow them.† The trio went into the living room where there was a free standing stockade at one corner of the living room.

"I am having a few friends over this evening," Velda began.† "Katrina, I know you need to get back home so you can go get dressed and I will have Leslie take you home.† Once you return, Leslie, you will be placed in the stockade for the evening and allow everyone to see you like this.† Now go get the car ready for Katrina and get her back to her girlfriend."

Velda left the room and went to her office and picked up the phone.† She called Gina to see how the evening had gone.

"I had her fucked and humiliated beyond her wildest dreams," Gina described to her friend.† "I had a guy make her suck his dick and I had a number of Mistresses fuck her in the ass with big thick dildos.† He came all over her face right in front of everyone.† It was priceless."

"You are evil," Velda laughed.† "So does she want to go back?"

"Actually, she said she wants to go back and be a Mistress this time.† She is going to find her some young thang to be her slave and go investigate some more."

"You have got to be kidding.† No one will buy that for one second.† She will be had before she ever gets in the door.† Anyway, what do you want me to do with Katrina?† I was going to send her back to her girlfriend."

"Do you want her anymore?"† Gina asked.†

"I can still have a bit of fun with her if you want," Velda admitted.†† "Our deal was only for a night, so I wanted to check with you first.† I have Leslie taking her home."

"She should get back to work.† She hasnít been there in a few days.† I am sure there is plenty that needs to be caught up on at the office.† Weíll just let her relax for a few days."

"Okay, I wonít give her any further instructions.† You can catch up with her at the office.† Iíll tell her she is free until you get with her."

"Sounds like a plan," Gina concluded.† "Any ideas for Mandy the next time she goes to DnD?"

"We could have some fun with her, couldnít we!" Velda laughed.† "Give a day or two to think of something and we can see what we can make happen."

*†† *†† *

Madman and Beth were near the radio station and decided they would stop in there before heading home.† Beth had something on her mind and was afraid if she didnít bring it up, she never would.

"I need to ask you something," she began hesitantly.†

Madman looked at her with a bit of surprise because of her tone of voice.

"Why is it that you will go to these slave parties and play with me but you donít ever want anything to do with me while we are in our normal life?"

"What do you mean by that?" he questioned.† "We do a lot of things together all the time.† After work we go for drinks.† We hang out together with other people from the station.† Weíve even caught a flick or two, just you and I.† So, I donít understand what you mean."

"When we are at the parties you let me be the Mistress and you be the slave.† But, when we leave, you act like you arenít interested in me other than being buddies."

"So, what are you saying?† You like me or something?"† He kind of laughed a bit at what he just suggested.

"Yes!" she blurted.† "I like you.† Actually, I think I am in love with you.† I donít want to just be your part-time Mistress.† I want to fuck you for real and not have it be as part of some stupid game."

Madman was silent for a moment.† He felt bad he had never thought of the two of them in that type of relationship.† "I guess I never thought about it, Beth.† It just never crossed my mind.† Youíre great!!† I think I could be in a different kind of relationship with you.† Maybe it would be cool for us to hook up and date and stuff like that."

They pulled into the parking lot of the radio station and parked to finish the conversation.† "I want you to come over to my house tonight.† I want us to have dinner, watch a movie and I want you to stay the night."

Madman smiled.† "Okay!† That sounds great.† Letís do that.† Are we going to order in, go out to a restaurant or cook ourselves?"

"Letís go to the grocery store, pick out some steaks and grill them up and make a nice cool dinner.† Maybe light some candles."

"Ooh, the romantic type, are we?" Madman joked.

They got out of the car and walked into the station.† Doc had told the receptionist he wanted to see Madman the second he arrived at the station.† It would not have been so unusual except it was Saturday and Doc was rarely ever at the station on Saturday.

Doc was typing away at his computer when Madman walked into his office.†

"Sit." Doc pointed to the chair in front of his desk.† "I understand they thing this may be a jealousy thing."

"This what?" Madman asked trying to be stupid.

"This murder.† Iíve gotten some inside information that has told me that this may be a love crime."

Madman was very, very confused.† He thought he was in the loop on everything going on with the murder and did not know the source of Docís supposed inside information.† "Where did you get this information?" he asked.† "I have been on this pretty deep and havenít heard anything like that."

Doc leaned in and lowered his voice.† "I have a friend of mine who was talking to me about this and said she believed that someone was jealous of this Cindy and wanted her out of the picture.† The best way to get someone out of the picture is to do it permanently, killing her."

"That sounds a bit farfetched, Doc.† I mean is there any foundation to this theory or is it just an assumption?"

"Well, supposedly this Cindy was pretty good at what she did.† She serviced both men and women and took control of both sexes in different ways.† Often, the people whom she serviced would grey the line between reality and fantasy and fall in love with her.† If they were in a relationship, that could very easily put a damper on that relationship if you fall in love with a Dominatrix, wouldnít you think?"

"Of course, but where is the proof that this could even be the case?† I mean we can make all kinds of assumptions, Doc.† Who even knows if that is the case?"

"Let me just say that I know some of the people that used to visit her."† Doc smiled and leaned back into the relaxed position in his chair.

Madman got very uncomfortable.† "Anyone I might know?"

"Possibly a few of them.† But, you may be surprised at some of the people who I learned did visit her."

Madman was very curious about the source of the information he was hearing.† Mandy to his knowledge had been unable to uncover any information about those who patronized Cindy, so how could Doc have this information?† Something was not right with the conversation and it was making him very uncomfortable.

"I want you to go visit a friend of mine and try to get some information from her.† I told her I was going to send you out to see her.† She is expecting you.† Here is her number.† Give her a call before you head out so she knows you are coming."

Madman took the piece of paper and left the office.† He was very nervous.† The name on the piece of paper read, ĎVelda Adamsí.† He recognized the name but could not place where he knew it from.† Walking into his office, he sat at his desk and had blank thoughts roaming through his head.†

Beth interrupted him.† "What was so urgent?" she asked.

"Do you know who Velda Adams is?" Madman asked.

Beth thought for a moment.† "That name sounds familiar, but I cannot place how I know it."

"Same here," Madman admitted.† "Doc wants me to pay her a visit about some information she might have about the murder."

"When does he want you to do that?" Beth questioned, hoping it was not during the time they were supposed to have their date.

"My guess is he wants me to get right on it.† He said she was expecting me.† That kind of lets me know he wants me to get right on it."

"Do you want me to go with you?" Beth asked hoping the answer would be what she wanted to hear.

"Let me call her and make sure she doesnít say, ĎI want you to come alone,í" Madman mocked.

He picked up the phone, hesitated, then dialed the number on the piece of paper.† A mature voice answered the phone.† Madman introduced himself and said Doc wanted him to call her.† The voice invited him to come right out.† She informed him she was having a party later in the evening but had time before hand to meet with him.† He got directions and hung up the phone.

"She didnít say to come alone, so letís go."† Madman stood and grabbed Bethís sleeve and headed out the door.† He motioned for her to go ahead as he stuck his head in the door of Docís office.

"Iím heading over there right now, Boss Man.† Iíll let you know what I find out."

"Call my cell when you get done talking to her.† I want to know what she tells you."

"Yes sir!" Madman exclaimed as he headed out the door.

Beth had pulled the car to the front door of the radio station and Madman got in and the two headed for the upscale part of Swingtown.†

"This whole thing makes me very nervous," Madman admitted to Beth.

"It makes me nervous, too.† But we are probably that way for different reasons."

"Doc is working this thing to get information and he is not letting me do it," Madman added.† "What makes you nervous."

"I think I remember who Velda is."

"Who," Madman questioned.

"I think she is best friends with Gina."† Once Beth said that, Madman agreed and knew that was where the two of them remembered her from.

"This is not good at all, Beth.† I donít want her getting mixed up in this.† Gina is a very powerful woman in this town.† And if this Velda is who I think she is, she is equally as powerful and a very strong person in the BDMS lifestyle.† Iím not sure I want to visit her now."

"Well, we have to because you already called her and if we donít who up she will call Doc and then we will have some explaining to do.† Neither of us want to do that."

*†† *†† *

Leslie pulled into the driveway of Katrina and Samís house and stopped at the sidewalk.† She turned and said her goodbye to Katrina.† "You be sure to take it easy there Katrina.† I hope you and your lady have a few good relaxing days."

"I hope Velda is not too hard on you, Leslie.† I also hope we can see each other again.† I have really enjoyed the time we spent together."†

Sam interrupted them saying their goodbye when she ran out the front door to greet her lover.† Leslie backed out of the driveway and Katrina and Sam embraced and walked arm in arm into the house.

"I have missed you so much, my love," Sam embraced.

"I missed you too Sammy," Katrina added as a tear came down her face.

"Whatís the matter?"

"It was a rough few days.† Gina sold me at a slave auction to this lady Velda who had me pierced and treated like a real slave."† She untied the belt to the coat and dropped it to the floor revealing her nipples and clit piercing.

Sam stood and stared, not knowing what to think.† She tried to speak, but nothing would come out of her mouth.

"It really isnít that bad," Katrina comforted.† "If I walk right, I can give myself an orgasm with this.† My nipples hurt like hell right after it got done, but they are starting to feel better.† I think it looks kind of cool."

"Can I fuck you?" Sam asked.

Katrina walked toward her lover and began passionately kissing her.† Her hands slid underneath Samís shirt and she began fondling her nipples.† Sam placed her hands around Katrina and rubbed the smoothness of her ass.

"Get these clothes off," Katrina ordered.† "Let me see your beautiful body.† I want to fuck you so bad."

Sam did not hesitate.† She removed her clothing and the two fell onto the couch and began making love.† Sam tried to be gentle when she began licking Katrinaís pussy because she was afraid of hurting her new piercing.†

"Just lick me," Katrina cried passionately.† "I have missed you so bad.† I want your tongue inside of me.† Just lick me until I come all over you."