The Mystery of Swingtown
by DJ Mikey

Mystery of Swingtown Part 6

Mandy was not expecting any of the things happening to her.† Being a lesbian, she was used to dildoís being used on her but she had not had a human penis near her, much less inside of her for a very long time.† Gina knew this and purposely had this act performed.† The man was given a heads up on her sexual orientation and made sure he took his time as he slid his shaft in and out of Mandyís mouth.† Another of the mistresses was sliding in and out of Mandyís asshole with a long black strap-on dildo.† The man grabbed a hold of Mandyís head and pulled her mouth deeper onto his dick as he shot his load down her throat.† She gagged as the warm mucus filled her throat.† He held her head tight and made her take all of his cum in.

When he was finished, he pulled her hair back and made her face drip of his cum down her lips.† The Mistress pulled the dildo out of Mandyís ass and the Master laid on the floor and placed Mandyís pussy on his face.† Probably even worse than a dick inside of her would be a man licking the pussy that was only reserved for other women.† The Mistress with the dildo held Mandy in place on the manís face as he licked her pussy.† She placed the dildo back into Mandyís mouth and slid her hips in and out of the Sheriff.†

Mandy was beginning to feel excitement inside of her.† She felt like she was betraying her belief system by getting excited because of a man licking her.† She tried to make her mind wander to the Mistress with the dildo going in and out of her mouth as the reason.† Her clit was swelling and her pussy was dripping.† There was no denying what was happening to her body.† This man was getting her excited.

The last time Mandy was with a man was in the 11th grade.† She and Bobby Adamski went to the high school football game and afterwards drove out to the dam.† Bobby had a special place he took all of the girls.† She also knew every other boy took their girls out there as well.† The two drove to his special place and parked the car right on the edge of the river.† They sat staring out into the moonlight, talking, flirting, and doing some light petting.† Mandy was nervous but wanted to be with Bobby.† He was not her first.† There had been a few others.† She did not know, however, he would be her last.† The petting turned into Bobby sliding his hand up her shirt and rubbing her braless breasts.† Mandy was getting excited.† Their kissing became more intense and before long the both of them were naked in the front seat of the car.† Bobby maneuvered himself on top of Mandy slid his prick inside of her and came within less than a minute.† When he was done, he started the car and drove Mandy home.† He pulled in front of her driveway and told her to get out of the car.† He was done with her.

She slammed the door and ran up to her room and called her best friend on the phone.† Her friend told her to come over and they would burn a doobie and talk about what happened.† One thing led to another and Mandy and her friend were naked and kissing, fondling and licking each other.† Because of Bobby, Mandy had her first lesbian experience and realized it was much better to be in love with a girl than with a pig of a man.† That night she swore off being involved with men.† That was until she tried to crack a mystery in her town that she had no clues to.† Gina preyed on her desire to never be with a man.† Mandy could not back out of this because she had to figure this mystery out.

Finally, the night ended and Mandy and Gina went back to the hotel and slept until late the next morning.† They dressed, ate a late breakfast and headed back to Swingtown.† Mandy had no more information that she had the day before.† The only thing she had was the taste of cum in the back of her throat.† Just the thought wanted to make her gag again.

*†† * ††*

Leslie led Katrina out to the patio by her leash to begin the chores Velda had assigned for them to do.† The duo stopped at a shed.† Leslie unlocked the door and opened it removing a rake and roll of leaf bags.† She leaned the rake on Katrina and removed a few garbage bags from the roll.† Grabbing the leash, the two walked to the edge of the patio and Leslie said the first thing they had to do was rake the leaves up and put them in a bag.† There werenít very many, just enough to fill about a bag.†

"How am I supposed to rake leaves with my hands behind me?" Katrina asked.

Leslie stopped and thought for a moment.† "You will just have to hold the bags and I will put the leaves inside of them.† I am not supposed to undo you and I am supposed to make you help me."† She opened a bag and placed it opened up in Katrinaís hands.† Grabbing the rake, she scooped up a pile of leaves and placed them in the bag. †After only about ten minutes, there was a beep over a speaker telling Leslie it was time to fuck Katrina.

"Come here," Leslie told Katrina.† "Get down on your hands and knees and put your face on the chair there."

Katrina obeyed and Leslie slipped the dildo into the ass of the girl and fucked her until she orgasmed.† "This isnít totally fair," Leslie admitted.† "You get to get off and I just get to watch you do it."

"Well, my pussy and nipples hurt pretty good today from getting pierced yesterday.† And my ass doesnít feel much better, so I am not sure if this is fair or not."

Leslie continued to fuck as the two talked.† She then slid the dildo out and helped Katrina stand up so they could continue the work they had to do.† They were both completely naked, with the exception of the harness and dildo Leslie was wearing. †And the restraint Katrina was wearing.† The sun was beginning to warm the air and it started to feel good on their skin.

Once they completed raking the leaves, they swept and mopped the pool deck.† While they worked, the two naked ladies got to know each other better.† Leslie loved being the limo driver and also the personal assistant to Velda.† She told Katrina that Velda was rough on the outside but a very kind person once you got to know her.† Katrina found that hard to believe, but truly had not had the chance to get to know the woman who now owned her.

The two paused to get a drink and stood in the shade to get out of the now hot sun for a few moments.† "How did it feel when they pierced your clit?" Leslie asked.

"It hurt.† It hurts much worse today.† I havenít been able to enjoy the benefits of this yet.† It hurts too much."

"I have thought about doing that.† Velda has never offered to do it for me.† I asked once and she just said we would see.† I never brought it up again."

"I think it looks kind of cool," Katrina admitted.† "I hope it does what they say it will do."

"Are you going to want to walk around having an orgasm all the time?"

"Why not?" Katrina confessed.† "I canít imagine it is going to be ALL the time.† I probably will learn how to walk with it in so it doesnít do it.† Then, when I want it to give me an orgasm, I will learn how to make it do that as well."

"Sounds like a plan."

"Are we working or chit-chatting?" Velda yelled from across the pool.

"We are just taking a break for a moment to get out of the sun Mistress," Leslie responded.

"I have been watching the two of you for about ten minutes.† That is too long of a break.† You will be punished for not obeying what I told you to do."

Leslieís face became pale as she awaited her punishment.† She had thought about trying to defend herself but knew what had happened the last time, so she kept quiet.

"Take the strap on off," she ordered Leslie.

Leslie nearly hesitated.† She reached down and unfastened the harness and handed the strap on to her Mistress.† Velda walked away and disappeared back into the house.† Katrina and Leslie looked at each other not knowing what was happening, or would happen next.† They waited and waited not knowing if they should go back to work or wait for Velda to come back.

"If sheís not back in two more minutes, we need to get back to work.† She didnít give us any further instructions, so we need to continue with what we were already told to do."† Leslie acted a bit nervous.† Punishment from her Mistress could be any number of things.† The severity depended on the mood of the mistress and whether or not she was on the rag.

*†† *†† *

Madman and Beth drove back from the tri-cities and didnít say much in the car.† They had gone to the party the night before and seen Mandy and Gina there.† Madman had earlier commented that Mandy really got broken in to the slave lifestyle.† He found it amusing to be totally honest.

"Do you think Mandy figured anything out last night?" Beth asked, breaking the silence.

"I really donít think so.† If she asked Gina to help her out, Iím not sure there was much helping involved."

"You know Gina & Mandy were lovers in high school, donít you?"

"Get out of town," Madman exclaimed.† "Maybe this was payback time or something for Gina.† She acted like she sure wanted to give Mandy the shaft.† No pun intended!!"

They both laughed.† Gina was the girl that Mandy went to visit the night Bobby dropped her off after their brief night at the dam.† Through the remaining years of high school, Mandy & Gina were lovers.† When Mandy went off to the police academy, they broke up and Gina was heartbroke for a very long time.† Years later, the two finally began talking to each other again.† The relationship was never the same as before.† A deep bitterness lived inside of Gina against Mandy.† Last night very well could have been some redemption for Gina against her long time lover.

"I find it very interesting that Mandy went to Gina to help her with this," Madman concluded.† "How did she know Gina was into that?"

Beth thought that was strange, too.† "Maybe they were into it when they were together?† Or maybe through the lesbian grapevine Mandy heard that Gina was into it."

Madman laughed. "Do you think there is a lesbian grapevine?"

Beth thought about what she had said and laughed too.† "You know what I mean.† Just like radio people know each other, lesbians do too.† All I was saying through a friend of a friend or something like that."

"Either way, I donít think Mandy got anything at all to move her forward with this thing.† This has got to be pissing her off that she canít figure this out."† Madman smiled inside of himself at the thought of Mandy not being able to solve the mystery. †"Was Mandy into this when the two of your were roommates?"

"No," Beth responded, "I knew she was a lesbian, but she never bothered me or came on to me or anything.† Actually, she was hardly ever there.† She was always working trying to work her way up the ladder at the police force.† Then she switched over and became a deputy and then ran for sheriff.† After that, she got her own place and we didnít really stay in touch all that much except for here and there.† I really didnít know all that much about her sex life.† By the way she acted last night, I donít think she has much experience at this."

"Youíre right about that," Madman admitted.† "She was very amateur wasnít she?† I bet it was hard for her to be the one restrained and I bet she totally hated having a man fucking her.† I think it is funny as hell.† I donít know why, I like Mandy.† I just find the whole thing funny."

"Well, donít let her know that," Beth interjected.† "We need her to give us any information we can so we canít go pissing her off."

"Yeah, I will keep my amusement to myself."

*†† *†† *

Mandy and Gina got up, dressed, loaded the car and headed back to Swingtown.† They hadnít spoken to each other since they got back to the hotel the evening before.

"Are you pissed at me?" Gina broke the silence.

"Fuck yeah, I am pissed at you.† Why would you do that to me?† You humiliated me?"

"I told you it had to be authentic or no one would believe you.† I think everyone believed you last night."† Gina laughed at the anger her former lover displayed.

"You were paying me back.† After all of these years, you waited and waited and finally paid me back for all the hurt I supposedly caused you.† You need to frickin get over it, Gina.† How long has it been?† Ten Years?"

"Eight, Mandy.† It has only been 8 years."

Mandy looked at Gina with hatred in her eyes.† "You have held on to this for all this time and then in one night just unleash all of your anger out on me?"

"Mandy," she reached and touched her friends leg.† "You know I still love you.† You came to me and asked me to help you.† I did hat I thought was the best way to help you."

"You didnít help me, Gina.† How could I try to find anything out with you keeping me leashed up and fucked the whole night?† I needed to pay attention to who was there and what was happening.† I didnít learn a thing but how much I hate the taste of cum in my mouth.† You could have skipped the dick part and just had me fucked by the women.† Why did you make that guy fuck me like that?"

"Mandy, you are so beautiful.† Everyone wanted to fuck you there.† Even I wanted to fuck you there.† I want to fuck you right now.† I want to strip you naked and have my way with you.† He approached me and asked if he could play with us and I told him yes.† You canít stop a guy in the middle of action going on; it causes hard feelings and raises doubt about your authenticity."

"What about my hard feelings, Gina?† Did you ever think I might have hard feelings for what you did?"† Mandyís anger was flaring.

"Iím sorry, sweetheart.† I just wanted everyone to believe that you were real.† I paid attention to see if I could hear anything for you.† The only thing I caught was a guy who was with a Mistress that said his other Mistress just died the other day.† He had just been acquired by the new lady."

"That is the kind of thing I was hoping to find out and you didnít let me get that information?† I didnít do this for your enjoyment, Gina.† I did this to try to solve a murder case."

"Stop being so dramatic, Sheriff.† If you didnít want to do anything for my enjoyment, you would never have called me to help you out with this.† Now stop griping or I will give you some more of what you got last night."

"I called you because I knew you were crazy enough to be involved in something like this and had the right connections.† I didnít call you to have me be spanked, fucked and humiliated.† Did you get any names of these people, where they are from, anything about them?"

"Mandy, I did ask and found out they come in there all the time.† The next party is in two weeks.† I am sure they will be there so you will have to go back and get some information."

"It will have to be under different circumstances this time.† I am going to have to come as a Mistress.† I will find someone to be my slave."

"It doesnít work that way," Gina admitted.† "You cannot go from being a slave one party and a Mistress the next.† People just wonít buy it."

"There were a lot of people wearing masks.† I will just get a mask and find me someone to be my slave.† I have nothing on this case and have to get something on this case to move forward with it."

"Whatever you say, sweetheart.† Whatever you say."