The Mystery of Swingtown
by DJ Mikey

Chapter 5

Mandy met Gina at her office and the two of them made the three and a half hour drive to the Tri-Cities.  They checked into a hotel room and carried their bags up to their room.  It was near dinner time so Gina suggested before beginning anything, they drop the bags off and head down to the hotel restaurant.  From the time they left Swingtown they had not discussed anything regarding the night.  Gina had made it clear they were not to talk about it until she said it was time.  Mandy felt uncomfortable with that because she was very curious about what would be taking place that evening, but had agreed to do whatever Gina suggested.

After dinner they returned to the room.  Gina shut the door behind them and flipped the deadbolt on the door.  "Are you ready?" she asked Mandy, surprising her with the suddenness of the change of subject.

"I guess as ready as I will ever be." Mandy admitted.

"We begin now.  From this point on, you are my slave and are expected to do whatever I tell you to do.  Is that understood?"

Mandy laughed because of the discomfort she was feeling.  "Yes," she replied, "I understand."

"You will respond, ‘Yes Mistress’ from this point on.  You will not speak unless spoken to and everyone that is female you will call Mistress and every male you will call Master.  You are to look down at the floor and never look anyone in the eye.  If you are spoken to you need to keep your eyes focused on the floor.  A slave is not worthy to look someone in the eye.

"You are good at this," Mandy spoke.

Gina slapped her across the face.  "You are not to speak unless spoken to.  You said you understood.  Do you understand this?  If you want this to be authentic, you have to follow the rules exactly as they are to be followed.  Straying from the rules will make people believe you are either an amateur or not a true slave and both of our credibility will be at stake.  I cannot allow MY credibility to be damaged.  I have a very important reputation that absolutely has to be upheld."

Mandy rubbed her cheek and nodded that she understood.

"I want you to immediately take off all of your clothes.  Everything must come off, jewelry, socks, shoes, everything that is not part of your body.  When you get stripped, I want you to stand here in the middle of the floor in the "at ease" position."  Gina pointed to an open spot in front of the bed.

Mandy did not hesitate at all and began rapidly removing her clothing. Gina had told her to wear a skirt with no panties and a pullover sweater with no bra.  This made it much easier to get naked quickly.  She was quickly naked and took her position in the spot Gina had indicated.

Gina approached her new slave and grabbed her left nipple and gave it a tight pinch.  Mandy jumped, but quickly regained control.  Gina then pinched the other then cupped her breasts with both hands.  "Very nice," Gina confirmed.  "All natural, perky tits.  This will go over very nicely this evening."  She lowered her hands and reached around to rub Mandy’s ass cheeks.  As she was rubbing she seductively kissed Mandy on the lips.  After the kiss, Gina walked behind Mandy and told her to lean forward.  She gave her slave a nudge forward.  Raising her hand, Gina spanked Mandy’s ass cheek as hard as she could.

Mandy grunted, then an immediate moan of pleasure slipped from her lips.  Gina knew that was an enjoyable smack on the ass.  She gave another one and Mandy let out the same grunt and moan.  She reached between Mandy’s ass cheeks and slipped her finger into slave’s awaiting pussy hole.

‘This is not what I had expected,’ Mandy thought to herself, ‘but it is very exciting.’

Gina attached a black leather collar around Mandy’s neck.  Clipping a long leather leash to the eyehook on the collar, she gave a tug on the leash to let Mandy know she was now completely in charge.  She then handed Mandy a strange looking piece of leather and told her to put it on.  Mandy stepped into the item and slid it up over her hips to reveal it was a skirt with no ass to it.

"This is called a spanking skirt," Gina described.  "Since you like getting spanked, that will be the angle we will use tonight.  This skirt will allow your ass to be spanked at will all night long.  Until we get to the party, you will wear this overcoat.  That will cover the fact that your ass is bare and it will cover the fact that you are topless as well.  I hope you don’t mind being topless," Gina laughed as she walked out of the room.

Mandy felt very uncomfortable, but she wanted to figure out what happened in Cindy’s house that day.  She felt this was the only way to make that happen.  Understanding the lifestyle could very well help her understand what may have gone wrong with Cindy.

Gina returned to the room wearing a dominating slick leather outfit.  Her body was beautifully revealed in it.  Her shoulders were bare and the leather barely covered her nipples.  It was cut deeply along the sides with a small strip going across her midsection and to a very French cut crotch.  Mandy was very turned on by the lady who was to be her Mistress for the evening.

Placing the overcoat over Mandy, Gina grabbed the leash and led the way out of the hotel room.  Mandy’s palms began to sweat.  She was led down a short hallway to the elevator.  They were on the 11th floor so there was a grand opportunity someone would be on the elevator or get on before they reached their destination.  The elevator doors opened and luckily there was no one in it.  Gina stepped in and pulled Mandy in behind her.  The elevator did not stop all the way down to the lobby level.  They got off the elevator and walked through the lobby of the hotel.  Luckily there was no one there either to see her being pulled by a leash.  Luck wasn’t quite as available as the two walked down the city sidewalk a few blocks to the entrance of the club.  Gina pulled the leash, leading Mandy up a short flight of stairs to a steel door.  A tall man in a black leather suit stood at the door and asked for the pair’s name.

"Mistress Gina and slave," she informed.

The man looked on the list and saw the name and opened the door for the two of them to enter.  Immediately inside the door, Gina grabbed the overcoat off Mandy’s body revealing her bare breasts and ass.  The man at the door looked with pleasure at the sheriff as he took the coat and handed it to a lady behind a counter.

Gina led Mandy to a table and had her kneel on the floor next to the chair while Gina sat.  Another couple came to the table and asked if they could join Gina.  She confirmed and a lady led her male slave to the same kneeling position as she sat in the other available chair.

Reaching across the table, the lady introduced herself.  "I am Mistress Layla and this is fuckhead.  He is really a useless piece of shit.  Even still, I married him and I do love him.  I just get to put him in his place every once in a while."

Gina laughed under her breath at the introduction, then responded with an introduction of her own.  "I am Mistress Gina, and this is my lovely slave.  She loves to be spanked.  If you enjoy doing that, I encourage you to give her a try.  Her pussy will begin dripping at the first smack."

"Are you the infamous Mistress Gina from Swingtown?" Layla asked with excitement in her voice.

A level of fear stung the insides of Mandy.  She did not want to be recognized.  The fear was also brought on by the fact that Gina was obviously very well known in this lifestyle.

"I was at the auction last weekend," Layla began.  "You had a newcomer slave that went very inexpensively.  Have you heard how she is working out for her new owner?"

Mandy’s ears perked up.  This was something she did not know or understand.  She wanted to learn more about this auction they were talking about.

"I thought about trying to auction off fuckhead here but I was afraid I wouldn’t get him back."  She laughed eccentrically.

Gina rolled her eyes at her new friend.  "You do know you can set the stipulations of the sale.  It can be for just an evening if you choose or it can be a complete sale transferring ownership completely over to the buyer.  The lady who bought Katrina also bought her limo driver under a permanent sale agreement.  I just buy and sell after a short time.  I have no intention of keeping anyone for a long period of time.  Katrina was actually put in her position through other circumstances.  Such as my lovely slave I have tonight.  She is rather new as well and is still in training."

"I love that part of the game," Layla admitted.  "Training them can be so much fun.  Once they are trained most of the adventure is gone.  They just do what you tell them and that is about it."

"Then you need to keep adding things to their rituals to mix things up."

"You know," she responded, "I never thought of that.  Maybe fuckhead needs a bit of mixing up."  She looked down at him and smiled as if there were wheels spinning inside of her head.

"So how long have the two of you been in this lifestyle?" Gina began.

"About six months now.  My husband here got a little itchy and wanted some excitement in our marriage.  He wanted to tie me up and have his way with me and I told him hell no.  If anyone was going to be tied up, it was going to be him.  He didn’t like that idea.  So, I just took control and that is the way it has been ever since.  We have a deal, Monday morning through Friday afternoon we are a normal married couple.  From 6PM Friday evening to 7 AM Monday morning he is my slave.  It works out great."

"I see, that is very interesting.  So do you feel you have him trained properly?" Gina was thinking about what she might like to do in this situation.

"He still has some things to work on, but for the most part he is trained.  If I tell him to do something, he will do it without any hesitation."

"Is this how you dress him in normal situations?"  Gina inquired.

"Usually, when we are not out, he is required to be naked at all times.  I allow him to wear the leather pouch when we are out in public and often will put a cock harness on him if he needs to wear regular clothes."

"My slave here is always naked unless we are out as well.  I think a slave should always be naked.  They do not need clothing at all as far as I am concerned."

"I agree," Layla commented.

*   *   *

Velda walked into the room a few hours into the adventure to see the two ladies completely passed out.  She shut the moving dildo off and shook them to awaken them.  After unhooking the restraints she told them to sit up on the benches they had been laying on.

"Katrina," Velda began, "you and Leslie will be working together today.  I will tell Leslie what I want accomplished and she will give you instructions.  I am sure you need to call your family and let them know where you are, don’t you?"

"I probably should call and let her know I am okay," Katrina admitted.

"Who is ‘her’?" Velda asked.

"My girlfriend," She replied.

"So you are a lesbian?  How nice.  That will make this all the easier.  Do you ever have any contact with men?"

"Not much.  I have dated a few guys, but prefer women."

"So which of you is the man and which of you is the woman in your relationship?  Or do you share roles?"

"We really don’t have roles," Katrina admitted.  "We just love and respect each other."

"Well one of you has to fuck the other one.  So who does the fucking and who does the receiving?"

"It depends on the moment.  We trade roles all the time. Sometimes she fucks me and other times I fuck her."

"Today, you will be fucked," Gina informed.  "Leslie, you will wear a strap on all day long and at the specific times I tell you, I want you to fuck Katrina.  Be careful of her new piercings so you might as well just fuck her in the ass and call it good."

"Yes, Mistress," Leslie responded.

Velda walked to a cabinet and pulled out a strap-on dildo.  It had a small stub on the inner part of the harness that would fit inside Leslie and a long thick black dong at the other end that will go inside of Katrina.  She returned to the cabinet and pulled out another contraption that she began to put on Katrina.  It was a collar with a long strap along the back and two cuffs that Katrina’s wrists were placed in.  A belt was then fastened around her waist.  Her arms would be bound behind her back and she would be basically helpless for the duration.

"Fuck her," Velda snapped at Leslie.

Leslie walked over to Katrina and positioned her on the bench with her face down and her ass up.  She lubed up the dong and slid it gently into Katrina’s awaiting asshole.  Thrusting in and out, Katrina had a few orgasms in a short time.  Velda walked to the front of Katrina and lifted her long skirt over her hips to reveal a nicely trimmed, tanned pussy.  She sat on the bench and placed her pussy right at Katrina’s face.

"Lick me, Bitch!" She commanded.  "And make it good or you will not like what will happen."

Katrina licked her Mistress’ pussy as she was fucked in the ass by the limo driver.  Velda leaned her head back and enjoyed the pleasure she was receiving from her new purchase.  In a short time, she had an orgasm.  Standing and adjusting her skirt, she tapped Leslie on the shoulder indicating it was enough for the moment.  Leslie pulled the dildo out of Katrina and lifted Katrina off the floor into a standing position.

"I want the patio and pool area cleaned and made to look right.  I am having a party this evening and want everything in its proper place."

Leslie led Katrina out of the room and out to the patio by her leash.

*   *   *

The man in the black leather suit asked the couple at the top of the steps their name.  They gave it to him and entered the club.  After entering, the couple looked around to see if they recognized anyone.  At first glance, all was well.  They picked a table and the man got on his knees, placed his face to the floor and lifted his bare ass into the air.  From his asshole was a long horse hair mane attached to a butt plug.  His hands were cuffed in leather restraints behind his back.  The lady of the couple smacked his ass with a riding crop and told him to stay until he was told otherwise.  He did not comment, nor did he move.  She sat at the chair and turned to place her feet on the back of her slave.

Nearly two thirds of the tables were full in the club.  There was not much movement yet, so the party was still very young.  Mistress X glanced again across the room to see if she could recognize anyone.  Distracting her from her observing, someone came to the table and asked if she could join them.

Mistress X, hesitated then pointed to the chair.  The woman sat and her slave stood with her feet apart looking forward.  Snapping her fingers, the slave unhooked the snaps on the side of her panties and allowed them to drop to the floor.  She then unsnapped the clasp between her breasts and allowed her bra to fall to the floor as well.  The lady stood completely naked next to her Mistress.

"She’s very beautiful for a slave isn’t she?" The woman introduced.

Mistress X looked and agreed the slave was very beautiful.  "What do you intend to do with her this evening?" she asked.

"I believe I want to make her yours for the evening.  Would you like that?"  The woman waited for a response.

"I can’t give my slave up this evening.  His mistress was murdered the other day and he is in a bit of shock still.  I think I am going to go easy on him this evening.  I simply wanted to stay with our routine of coming here.  I just acquired him and want to make sure he obeys properly."

"I see," the lady responded.

"You may still take my slave and use her to assist yours if you would like.  I would like to observe another owner using her."

Mistress X motioned to have the naked slave brought over to her.  The lady nodded and her slave walked around to the other side of the table and stood directly in front of X.

"Do you like your pussy hairy like that?" X asked.

"If it pleases you Mistress," she replied.

"It does, slave.  I like a bit of hair on a slave’s pussy.  Do you like the piercing in your hood?  Does it excite you or make no difference to you."

"It excites me Mistress.  As I walk, I often get an orgasm from it rubbing against my clit."

"Pull your lips apart, I want to see it better," X requested.

The slave reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart to show X.

"Nice prominent clitty," she acknowledged.  "I bet you like that clit licked don’t you?"

"Yes, Mistress.  I love my clit to be licked.  It excites me very much."

"Do you like the piercings in your nipples?"

"Yes, Mistress.  I like them as well."

X reached up and pulled on the rings in the slaves nipples.  "Get down on your hands and knees right here," X commanded.

The slave obeyed and got on her hands and knees.  She then told her slave to begin licking the asshole of the female slave.  "Stick your tongue in there and lick her good."

He did as he was told and the female slave began rocking her hips back and forth.  X looked over at the owner of the female slave and asked for her name.

"I am Princess Yoni," she responded.  "I am princess of the pussy.  This is my lesbian lover who had disobeyed me some time ago and I made her my slave instead.  She really enjoys it.  Actually, I have to admit I really enjoy it as well."

"I think it is time to take these two to one of the rooms," X suggested.

Princess agreed and they had their slaves stand and move toward the back of the club.  X’s slave had a hood on with very small peepholes so he had to be guided wherever he went.  They entered a room where there were a few other people.  X led her slave to a St. Andrew’s cross and attached him to it.  She untied the side of his pouch allowing his package to pop out and be revealed.  Princess laid her slave down on a sawhorse and strapped her to it.  She then slid it back so her bare ass was touching the erect penis of the male slave.

X observed a woman with a spanking skirt on being laid down across a spanking table and receive her first spankings of the evening.  A few Mistresses took their turn with various different paddles and whips on the ass of the slave.  X walked over to take part and noticed that the woman laying on the table was Sheriff Mandy.  Not wanting to be revealed, she quickly turned and went the other way.  Returning to her slave, she whispered that Mandy was there and being spanked by Mistresses.

Princess grabbed hold of the male slaves penis and inserted it into the asshole of her slave.  At the other end of her slave was a Master with his thick cock in her mouth thrusting back and forth.  As he thrust into her mouth she would push back onto the male slave’s cock which pushed it deep into her ass.  X enjoyed watching this and was getting very wet and excited.  She wanted some fucking action as well.

Mandy had been taken from the spanking table and her skirt had been removed.  She stood completely naked with four Mistresses and one Master standing in a circle around her.  Each of the Mistresses had a strap on dildo attached to them and the Master had his penis out.  Mandy was put on her knees and told to suck each dildo and prick until told otherwise.  X wanted to see if she could get in on the action then thought she might be recognized so she retreated.

Her male slave had shot his cum all over the back and ass of the female slave.  Her Mistress was not happy that had taken place and came to X to file a complaint.

"I want him punished for that," she said.  "He was not told he could cum.  He violated my slave without my permission."

X wanted to remain in good regards with the Mistress and also did not want to have any unnecessary attention brought to them so she agreed to have her slave punished by the other Mistress.

Princess said she wanted to move him to another room.  Upon X’s approval, he was unhooked from the cross and led by the collar to another room in the club.  X followed along to make sure that nothing inappropriate took place to her slave.

Mandy looked like she was enjoying sucking all of the dildos and cock.  It was a first for her being she was a hard core lesbian that really had no affection for the penis or for men in general.  Justice always seems to be served.