The Mystery of Swingtown
by DJ Mikey

Chapter 3

The limo driver pulled into a parking lot and drove around the back of a building in the downtown area of town.† Katrina was trying to look around to see if she knew where they were.† Nothing seemed familiar, but they hadnít been driving very long since they left the park, so they had to be in town somewhere.† The car came to a halt and soon the door opened up.† The nude driver reached in and grabbed Katrinaís leash and pulled for her to get out of the car.† Velda was right behind her and they went through a doorway and into a tattoo shop.

The driver led Katrina to a room where a very beautiful woman was sitting with her back to them.† She turned when she heard them come in and greeted the three ladies.

"Hello, Ginger," Velda greeted.† "This is Katrina whom I spoke to you about."

"Hello Katrina," she acknowledged.† "And how is my sweet Leslie?" she said to the driver.

"I am wonderful Madame," the driver responded.† "Mistress Velda takes very good care of me and it is an honor to serve her in the capacity that I do."

"Good answer," Ginger agreed.† "So what are we having done today, Velda?"

"Piercing and maybe a tattoo.† Letís start with the piercing and then we can determine if I want to have the tattoo done."

Katrina looked frightened at her new Mistress.† She had not thought she was serious when they were in the limo and the subject of the piercing came up.† The driver pulled her leash and led her to a chair.† Katrina was positioned in the chair and her arms were strapped down to the armrest of the chair.† Her feet were then placed in stirrups and strapped down as well.† A belt was brought around and strapped around her belly.† The bondage was completed with a blindfold placed over the slaveís eyes.

"Is all of this necessary?" Katrina inquired.

"You are a slave," Velda added.† "I have just been easy on you up until now.† If you speak again, I will gag you as well.† So you best shut your mouth."

Katrina settled back into the seat and never spoke another word.† Velda also told the tattoo lady that she wanted Katrinaís pussy shaved nice and clean.† The driver volunteered to do that while Ginger prepared the piercing tools.

A warm foam was placed on her revealed pussy and a moment later she could feel a razor sliding across her flesh.† A cool, naked feeling could be felt where the hair had once been.† Within a few minutes Katrinaís pussy was as smooth as the day she was born.† The driver rubbed her hands across Katrinaís smooth pussy.† "Very nice," she added, "maybe Mistress will be nice and allow me to have some of this later on."

Ginger returned and laid some tools on a tray next to the chair.† She then grabbed one of Katrinaís nipples and pulled and played to get them erect.† In what seemed like only seconds, a sharp pain shot through her nipple as a tool pierced her flesh.† A moment later, it happened to the other nipple.† Katrina could feel a slight heaviness, obviously the jewelry that had been placed in the piercing hanging from her nipples.

Katrina began shaking because she knew what was coming next.† She did not know if she was getting her clit pierced or just her hood.† Either way, she was sure it was going to hurt like hell.† A few of her friends had had this done and each had differing opinions about having it done.† One girl said she had to take it out because she was having orgasms constantly and could not take anymore.† Another girl said it numbed her clit and she lost a lot of the feeling and a few other girls said they really liked it and gave them pleasure when they would move or sit in certain ways and not be felt at other times.† She hoped this is how it would work for her.†

Ginger began rubbing the hairless flesh of Katrinaís pussy.† She grabbed hold of her clit with a cold metal tool.† It appeared the clit was getting pierced.† Why else would she have to grab a hold of it?† After a minute or two she felt the same sharpness that she had felt on her nipples.† She wasnít for sure, but it did not feel like she had gotten the clit done.† She did, however, feel a tug on her nipples and then a tug on her pussy.† The clit had not been done, it was the hood and a chain was being attached from her nipples to her pussy.†

"Very nice," Velda responded to the work that had been done.† "I think we will skip the tattoo today.† I may bring her back.† It all depends on how long I keep her.† Her boss and I have this arrangement worked out and it is only temporary."

Ginger spoke softly to Velda for a few moments.† Katrina remained bound in the chair not knowing what was going on.† The chair began to recline back.† Katrina remained silent.† It felt as if her feet were high in the air.† She then felt something greasy on the tip of her asshole.† Then there was penetration.† She was being fucked in the ass by someone.† She did not know who, but they were enjoying violating her body.† Someone climbed up and straddled her face.† A wet pussy was lowered to her lips.†

"Lick my pussy, slave."† It was the voice of the driver.† She was getting her wish, at least to some extent.

Katrina began licking the driverís pussy as she was being fucked in the ass by someone.† For whatever reason, she believed it was not Velda.† It had to be Ginger.† That was what the two of them had been talking about a moment ago.

The driverís body was tensing up as she had an orgasm on Katrinaís face.† She felt her own orgasm coming on as her ass was being fucked by the mystery person.† The tension built and her body released an orgasm.† The dildo was removed from her ass and she was returned to the sitting position in the chair.† Her arms and legs were released and the leash was pulled and she was led back out of the building and into the limousine.† The blindfold remained on her face and she remained silent because she had not been told she could speak.

*†† *†† *

Mandy drove back to the station and quietly moved through the building to her office.† Shutting the door behind her, she sat at her desk and placed her hand on the telephone.† She was pausing to decide if she wanted to make the call.

The pause lasted a few minutes and she picked up the phone and dialed a number.† When the person answered, Mandy began.† "This is Mandy.† I donít know if you heard about Cindy Gunn," she paused for an answer.† The person on the other end of the phone did know about the murder.† "Well, I canít find anything about this whole thing.† It is really puzzling me.† Did you hear about the secret room in the house?"

Mandy was silent for a moment while the person on the other end of the line spoke.† "I thought I might try to get in with some of the people in the bondage lifestyle to see if I can get a better understanding of what may have happened in that room."

"The only problem with that is everyone around here knows you are the sheriff.† Your cover would be blown in a flash."† The lady on the other end of the line replied.

"This lifestyle cannot be just in Swingtown.† I am sure there are other communities that have this.† Maybe I could go there and learn about it."† Mandy was hoping her friend would offer to take her there.

"The only way you could do this is to actually get into the role of this lifestyle.† You would have to be willing to be a slave for a night and submit to whatever happens at one of the parties.† If you didnít, no one would believe you and you would never find anything out."

"What exactly would I have to do?" Mandy asked curiously.

"There are what they call BDSM parties where a Mistress or Master and slave go to a party.† The slave is completely submissive to whatever the Master chooses.† There are both men and women slaves and there are both men and women Masters and Mistresses.† The slaves are either very scantily dressed or they are naked.† Some are blindfolded, some are chained and cuffed, most everyone is on a collar and leash."

"Do the slaves have to do anything?† You, Know, sexual?"

"That depends on the master.† If they choose for you to perform something sexual, then you have to."

"So all I need is to find a Master or Mistress that will be nice to me."† Mandy was still fishing to see if her friend would take her.

"Are you waiting for me to offer to take you Mandy?"

"I was hoping you would offer," she admitted.

"The only party I know of is down in the Tri-Cities area and it is tomorrow night.† We would have to leave by lunchtime and stay the night down there because the parties last into the morning sometimes.† I have something you can wear.† Are you sure you want to do this?"

"I want to figure this thing out.† The only way I am going to be able to do this is to figure out what goes on with the people in this lifestyle."

"Mandy, you are going to have to be very careful.† It is easy to get sucked into this.† It is very arousing.† You already have issues with being in control and cuffing and stuffing people."

Mandy and her friend both laughed at the truth of the comment.† Mandy loved having to handcuff and be authoritative with people, especially women.† She would often fantasize about some of the ladies she had to arrest, strip search and jail.

"I will pick you up at one oíclock tomorrow.† I will call and get us a hotel room and we can get down there, check in and have some time to come up with a game plan before we have to go to the party."

"Why do we have to leave so early?† It is only two hours, maybe three to the cities.† That would get us there about four at the latest?"

"I told you, we have to prep you for this party.† I need a bit of time to do that.† You do agree to be submissive to me for this amount of time, donít you?" Her friend wanted to be reassured that she was not going to waste her time.

Mandy agreed to be submissive and also agreed to not let anyone know who took her to the party.† Her friend wanted to remain discreet about her lifestyle.†

*†† *†† *

Madman walked into the station and went right to his office.† Beth immediately ran into the office behind him.

"Where did you run off to?" Beth asked aggressively.

"I had to run a quick errand," Madman responded.

"Well, you never said a word to anyone.† The boss was looking for you."

"Yeah, he is always looking for me."† Madman got up from his chair and walked into the office of his boss.

"I understand you know some things about this murder?"† The boss began.

"Not any more than anyone else," Madman added.

"I know you very well and have known you for a very long time.† I know that is a crock of shit, Madman.† I know you know a bit more than you are letting on.† If you didnít, you wouldnít have taken off out of here so fast when you cam back from the murder scene."

Madman had been busted, but was trying to keep a poker face and not let on that he knew something.† "We stopped by the scene and talked to Mandy for a few minutes.† She really didnít tell us anything that is useful as far as the news goes.† She just has no evidence, clues or a suspect."

"I know you want to snoop into this more.† I will give you whatever you need to get whatever you can about this murder.† This is the biggest thing to happen in this town in 25 years.† We need to get the ratings up and get some more solid revenue into this station.† I know you are the man that can make this happen for us.† I will tell Beth to cut you a check or whatever else you might need.† You just let us know.† I want you to be the one that cracks this case."

"Doc, I am not a detective."† Madman confirmed.

"Yeah, but you are a perverted son of a bitch and I know you want to find out why that girl had a room full of bondage equipment in it."

Madmanís eyes popped up.† "How did you know about that?"

"Címon, I own half of this town.† Do you not think I have people out there that can tell me things?"

"Then why do you need me?" Madman responded sarcastically.

"I donít." Doc responded with assuredly.† "I am just trying to give you the break you have been wanting.† I think this is the chance you have been looking for to get out of this town and get into a larger market.† Besides, if that happens, then your ass will be out of my hair and into someone elseís."

Madman smirked, "I am not sure how to take that, Doc."

"Take it how you want.† Now go," he pointed to the door telling Madman the conversation was over.

Madman got up and returned to his office.† Beth again immediately rushed into the room.† "What did he say?" she asked.

"He wants me to solve this thing."

"Thatís what you said you wanted, right?" Beth confirmed.

"Yeah, but I wanted to do it on my own.† Now it is as if I am obligated to do it.† Then, if I donít, everyone will know that I was trying to and failed.† That will be worse than the position I am in now.† I will never get out of this town."

"Sounds like some pressure.† Can the Madman handle pressure?"† Beth was laughing at her comment and Madman had a face of disgust.

"Donít you have some phones to answer?" he asked, suggesting she leave his office.

Chapter 4

Madman took care of some programming business at the radio station and then cleaned of his desk and left for the day.† On his way out, he stuck his head in the office of his boss and thanked him for trusting him enough to let him try to solve the case.† He then stopped by Bethís office and told her he was heading out for the night.

"Wanna catch a drink?" she asked him.

"Where do you want to go?" Madman responded.†

"Maybe the pub or something?"

"Yeah, how much longer are you going to be?"

"About another half an hour," Beth replied.

"That will work, I need to run another errand and I will meet you there."† Madman left the office, got into his car and took off down the road.

He dialed his cell phone.† "Any news?" he asked.

The voice at the other end of the line spoke for a few minutes.† Madman was getting mad at what he was hearing.† As the voice continued, Madmanís driving got faster and more erratic.† He then hung up the phone and sped down the road.

He returned to Samanthaís apartment.† Jumping out of the car, he took the stairs up three at a time and walked into the apartment, again without knocking.† Samantha was standing in the hallway completely naked.† She was drying herself off with a towel.

"Nice of you to drop in," Sam commented rudely.† "Why donít you ever knock?† Do you think you are God or something?"

"Sorry," Madman apologized and continued toward Sam, following her into her bedroom.† "Beth is going to a BDSM club tomorrow night."

This caught Samanthaís attention.† "For what?" she asked with a higher pitched voice.†

"I guess to try to learn more about the lifestyle to see why Cindy had a bondage room."

"Is she going with Misty?" Sam asked.

"No, she is going with Gina."

"Gina?"† Sam yelped.† "How the hell did she know Gina was into that?"† Sam paused for a moment.† "Wait a minute, if she is going to a club tomorrow, where the hell is Katrina?† They were together the other night.† Sometimes Gina has her stay with her for a few days to pay off hiring those illegal aliens.† It is part of her ticket out of trouble with Gina.† Unless they are taking Katrina with them."

"It didnít sound like anyone other than the two of them were going to go."† Madman confessed.† "I donít know anything about Katrina.† You still havenít heard from her?"

"No, I donít worry too much.† Like I said, she was with Gina and she often keeps her for days.† She will probably come home tonight or in the morning before they leave.† Did she say where they are going?"

"Tri Cities," Madman answered.† "They have to be going to Dungeons and Dragons.† That is about the only big place to go.† Iím not sure what all she can learn about Cindy four hours away from here."

"You know as well as I do that some of the same people that frequent the places here, frequent D-n-D.† If she thinks she is far enough away not to get noticed as the sheriff, she is mistaken."

"The only way is if she has a mask or something on.† We should go down there and see what happens," Madman suggested.

"Yeah, but she would recognize us in a flash and the whole thing could go very badly for everyone."† Sam knew he had a good idea.† They had to simply figure out a way to go and not be recognized or blow whatever it was Mandy was trying to accomplish.

"We need to think this thing through and come up with a way to be able to go down there tomorrow."

"We donít even know if that is where they are going," Sam added.

"I found out she was going so it shouldnít be too hard to figure out where they are going and what the plan is."

Sam suggested Madman try to find out as much information about the trip as he could.† There was a lot at stake and it would be most beneficial for them to know exactly what was going to happen at that club.

He looked at his watch and remembered he was supposed to meet Beth at the Pub.† Telling Sam he would try to get more information and headed out the door as quickly as he entered.† When he got into his car, he realized he had just spent about fifteen minutes with a naked woman.

Beth was already at the pub when Madman arrived and she had ordered drinks for the both of them.† Madman sat quickly and Beth immediately began questioning him about his demeanor.

"Donít worry about it," he snapped.† "Everything will be fine.† I just am having a bad day."

"I know," Beth admitted.† "Thatís why I already ordered you a drink.† What is going on with you?"

"Doc wants me to dig into this murder deeper and make something happen for the station.† He said this is the biggest thing to hit this area in 25 years.† That is a lot of pressure if something doesnít pan out with this thing."

"Well if it was a sure thing, there wouldnít be as much to gain from it."† Beth was trying to calm his attitude.† "He said that to you because he knows you are the man that will figure it out.† That is if it can be figured out.† This is a really strange situation.† I hear there are still no clues or suspects.† Mandy is at her wits end because she canít find anything."

"I heard that too.† If I want to figure this thing out I am going to have to beat her at it.† She is a go-getter and is going to be on every hot trail that pops up."

"You are just going to stay one step ahead of her."

*†† *†† *

The limousine pulled down an alley and headed down the highway.† Katrina was blindfolded so she could no longer see where they were going.† She sensed Velda was sitting in her usual spot in front of her, staring at the newly pierced woman that was her slave.† There was an eerie silence in the car.† No words were being spoken.† The only sound was that of the tires turning on the street below them.

The sound of the tires began to slow.† It appeared they were coming to their destination because the car leaned as if it was going over a curb and onto a driveway.† They must have come to Veldaís house.†

When the car halted, a moment later and the door opened and the leash was grabbed by the driver and Katrina was led out of the car.† She felt a cool breeze indicating she was outside.† The driver made her stand still just outside of the car.†

Velda walked up behind her and slipped a set of silver handcuffs on the slaveís wrists.† Katrina then heard another set of cuffs being attached.† They were not placed on her wrists though.† The leash then got jerked and she stumbled behind whoever was pulling the other end.† A door opened and she was led into warmth.† It must have been the house.

"You are now at my home," Velda confirmed.† "Tonight you will stay here and tomorrow you will begin the work I have intended for you."

Katrina was still cuffed and blindfolded and had no idea where she was or where she was being taken.† She knew she was being led up stairs.† A door was opened and she was guided into a room that smelled of vinyl and leather.

"Do you need to use the bathroom?" Velda asked politely.

"Yes, I do please," Katrina answered.

She was led by the leash into the bathroom and situated on the toilet to do her business.† When she was finished, she was raised from the pot and returned to the smelly room.† Velda assisted her to lay down on something that was cold and clearly made of vinyl.† She was placed face down on the furniture and her cuffs were unhooked.† Each of her arms was then pulled away from her and up above her head and clamped to what felt like a metal pole.† Her legs were then spread apart and also attached to a metal pole on each end.† She heard a commotion that was someone else being laid down in the same manner.

"The two of you should get to know each other very well this evening."† Veldaís voice was firm and rough.† "I am sure this will help."

The two girls felt an end of a double dildo placed inside of each of them.† It was no ordinary double dong.† It was attached to something motorized that made it move back and forth, sliding the dildo in one girl then out of the other and then the other way.†

"It will do this all night, ladies.† I hope you have a good evening and I will see you in the morning."† Velda reached down and kissed Katrina on the cheek and then kissed who Katrina learned was the driver on the cheek as well.

The dildo moved in and out of the girls.† Katrina was the first to have an orgasm.† The driver had two very short but intense orgasms.† Through the night the girls had orgasm after orgasm.† They discussed life in between orgasms and how each of them got into the possession of Velda and what they thought the future held for them.† After a few hours their bodies grew very tired from the intensity of the orgasms that consistently were possessing their bodies.

*†† *†† *

Mandy hung up the phone and thought about the worst-case scenario that could happen the next evening at the party.† She had never been to something of that sort before.† Her thoughts were interrupted by one of her deputies sticking his head in her office.

"Sheriff," the deputy began.† "Weíve got a female intake in the holding area and there is no one else here that can process her.† Would you be able to take care of it?"

Mandy stood up from her desk and acknowledged she could take care of it as she left her office and walked down the hallway to the holding area.† When she arrived she saw a beautiful young lady sitting, handcuffed in a chair.

"What did she do?" Mandy asked the deputy.

"She had a few too many drinks and started making a scene at the bar.† I guess the female bartender didnít appreciate her lifting up her shirt and showing her tits to the guys on the other side of the bar.† When she asked her to stop, she told her where to go and an argument started.† The bartender got in her face and she slapped her.† She called us and wanted to press charges.† The bartender is a real winner.† Sheís a freakin bitch if you ask me.† Sounds like she was just jealous this girl was better looking than her and decided to start something.† One of the guys on the other side of the bar said the bartender started it.† But this girl did assault the bartender so we had to bring her in."

"Thanks," Mandy said as she entered the room and pulled the door shut.† The girl was still intoxicated and very upset that she was in the position she was.

"The bartender started it," the girl began.† "Everything was fine until she started calling me a bitch."

"Why did she call you that?" Mandy asked.

"I was flirting with these guys on the other side of the bar and I think she may have liked one of them or something.† Anyway, one of the guys was really being aggressive and tried to get me to lift up my shirt.† I did it and the bartender flipped out."

"You do know that kind of thing shouldnít really happen in a public place, right?"† Mandy asked.

"It was the middle of the afternoon.† There was me, the three guys and the bartender in the bar and that was all.† I thought it was harmless until she got all bent about it."

"So what happened after she called you a bitch?"

"I told her that wasnít necessary and told her she needs to learn some manners when she is in a service position."

"She then told me to ĎFí off and said I was cut off.† I had three glasses of wine and was not obnoxious, but was feeling kinda frisky.† I donít normally care when people say mean stuff to me.† I get it all the time."

"So what did you do then?" Mandy was trying to figure out how to deal with this situation.

"I told her she was jealous that I looked good and she was losing touch with the men.† She came around the bar and stood right in my face.† I told her she had better step back and she asked what I was going to do about it.† I said nothing.† Then she told me to ĎFí off again and put her nose right against my nose.† I pushed her back away from me and told her she needed to get a grip.† She got in my face again and I wasnít thinking and I slapped her.† She grabbed my arm and threw me on the floor and put her knee in the middle of my back.† I tried to get up but she had me pinned down.† Then she grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up to my feet and told me to sit at the bar and she went and called the cops.† They came, arrested me and now here I am."

"It sounds to me like she provoked you.† Iím sure the alcohol had something to do with it, but she surely agitated the situation."

"I was hoping someone would see it that way."

"I will still need to process you until I can talk to the bartender to see what her side of the story is.† Once I do that, I can probably let you get out of here and will try to talk her out of pressing any charges.† I know her and she has a tendency to get a little mean and crazy at times."

"What does it mean to process me?† I have never been in jail or in trouble with the law before."

"It just means I have to search you, fill out some paperwork and place you in a cell for a while until I can get a report from the bartender."

"So I am going to jail?" the young girl said as she began crying.

Mandy knew the situation was totally stupid and was sure the bartender was the instigator of the situation.† Thinking for a minute, she tried to quickly concoct an idea to take care of the girl.† "Come with me," she motioned to the girl and led her by the arm through a doorway.

"Is there anything I can do not to go to jail?" the girl asked.

"Whatís your name again?" Mandy asked.

"Tiffney," the young girl responded.† "Tiffney Robinson."

"How old are you Tiffney?" Mandy asked as she grabbed a clipboard and a few forms.

"I just turned 21 a few weeks ago.† I got out of work and was waiting for one of my girlfriends to meet me there so we could go shopping."

"I need you to undress for me if you would.† It is just you and me so there is no reason to be shy or scared.† Remove all of your clothing and set them in the bucket on the table.† Once you get everything off, I will need you to step over to the blue line."† Mandy pointed to a blue line in front of a solid white wall.† "I will tell you what you need to do from there."

The girl looked scared but began by slipping her hoody over her head and laying it in the bucket.† She then reached down and removed both her tennis shoes and placed them in the bucket.† Mandy was acting as if she wasnít paying attention the best she could.† The girl was beautiful and she could not wait to see how beautiful she looked naked.

Tiffney removed her t-shirt and then unzipped her jeans and slid them down her legs and onto the floor.† She kneeled down and picked up her jeans and folded them and placed them in her bucket.† All she was now wearing was a black lacy bra and black lace thong.† Mandy was getting wet just looking at the girl who was hesitating to remove the rest of her clothing.

"Sorry, you need to remove everything." Mandy confirmed.†

The girl did not speak and reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra and placed it in the bucket.† She then slid her lace panties to the floor and placed them in the bucket.† Following her orders, she stepped to the blue line and waited.

Her pussy hair was trimmed to a short landing strip.† She had faint tan lines around her perky breasts and beautiful crotch.† Mandy tried to contain herself as she one item at a time searched through the girls clothing.† There was nothing of interest in any of the clothing.† She laid the clipboard on the table and walked toward the young beautiful girl.

"I need to do what we call a cavity check.† I will need to check inside your vagina as well as inside your anus.† If you would turn and face the wall and bend over and touch your toes, it would be easier for both of us."

The girlís face got white as a ghost as she turned around and did as the sheriff asked.† Mandy placed a latex glove over each of her hands and approached the beautiful girl.† Her mind began wandering to sliding a strap on dildo inside of the beautiful tight pussy of the young sweet thing standing, bent over in front of her.† She just wanted to lean over and begin licking the sweetness of the youngsterís juices.

She slipped a finger inside of the girl and then added two more fingers and felt all around inside of her vaginal cavity.† There was nothing there.† She then slid a finger inside the asshole of the girl and then another and searched around inside that cavity.† There was clearly nothing.† Mandy knew that before she ever began and in a normal situation could have skipped that part of the processing but could not resist seeing the luscious thing naked.

When she pulled her finger out of the ass of the young girl, she noticed juices began forming around the girlís pussy lips.† Mandyís mind began racing because she was so attracted to the girl and this really turned her on.† She knew what she wanted to do to this PYT, but did not know how to approach the situation.

Mandy stepped back and snapped the gloves off her hands and threw them into the wastebasket.† "Everything is fine."

"I have never had anything like that happen to me before," the girl admitted.† "It was really strange."

"How so?" Mandy inquired.

"I canít tell you."† Her face got beat red with embarrassment.

"What was strange?† Another female sticking her fingers inside of you or the reaction your body made from it?"

The girl knew the sheriff figured out she was excited by the inspection.† "It felt good, your fingers inside of me like that.† I am sure it is just the alcohol making me feel like this though."

"Iíll tell you what Tiffney, I am sure I can get the bartender to drop all of this and not make an issue any further.† If youíd like to come down to my office and sit and wait for a few moments until I can get things cleared up, I will do that for you."

"Could I slip into the restroom first?" Tiffney asked.

"Do you need to go to the bathroom?"

She paused.† "Yeah, I need to use the bathroom."

"Or do you need to get yourself off?"

The girl was even more embarrassed by the sheriffís response, even though she was right at her intentions in the bathroom.† "Yes, maíam.† I wanted to go finger myself and try to get my body back under control.† The alcohol is really messing with me.† I donít normally have this problem, but your inspection got me really hot."

Mandy wanted to fuck this girl so bad, but she also wanted to remain professional and in control herself.† As much as she wanted this one, she would have to let her go to stay in line with her work ethics.

"Unfortunately, I canít let you do that.† I do need to keep an eye on you until I can get everything cleared up.† You can go ahead and get dressed.† If you need to use the restroom I will have to go in there with you.† If you donít, letís get down to my office and get this straightened out so you can leave."

Disappointed, the girl began getting dressed.† She put her bra on then her shirt and stood there naked from the waste down for a moment.† Mandy could tell her pussy was dripping wet, but control was very important.† Seeing Mandy was not going to respond, the girl grabbed her panties and leaned over to slip them over her feet.† Finishing with her pants, shoes and hoody, the two left the room and walked down the hallway to Mandyís office.

Mandy dialed the bar and the bartender answered.† They spoke for a moment and Mandy was silent as the bartender was obviously talking.† "Can you just let it drop?" Mandy asked.

She paused again as the bartender responded.† Nodding her head as if the conversation was face to face, Mandy hung up the phone.

"All is well," she confirmed.† "The bartender asked if you would come down there and talk to her when you sober up.† She said the entire thing got out of control and she wanted to make things right with you."

"I donít think that is a good idea," Tiffney confessed.† "Iíd rather just let it go.† If I were to go down there and she said something else rude to me it could cause even more trouble.† Iíd rather just put this whole thing behind me and let it go."

"I understand," Mandy agreed.† "It might be best.† Here is my card, if you need anything else or have any other problems, feel free to contact me.† I put my cell phone and email address on there so you are welcome to contact me at any time."

"Thank you sheriff.† Can I ask you something?"

"Yes," Mandy replied.

"Were you turned on by me getting turned on while you were searching me?

Mandy felt a lump in her throat.† "I donít think it is appropriate to answer that question."

"That tells me the answer is yes, because if the answer was no you would have just said that instead."

Mandy was basically busted.† She wanted to answer but was trying very hard to stay in line with her work ethic.† "Feel free to call me if you need anything," She responded.

"May I call you when you are not on duty?" Tiffney pried.

"Yes, I would like that." Mandy confirmed to the girl she was interested.† "Please wait a little while before doing that.† Letís make it more by chance than as if we planned to get together."

"Deal," Tiffney exclaimed with excitement as she stood and walked out the door.