The Mystery of Swingtown
by DJ Mikey


Cindy Gunn- Victim of the murder
Beth Adams- Secretary and Friend of Cindy
Madman Manson- Morning Drive DJ at WFCK
Mandy Anderson- Swingtown County Sheriff
Mistress Gina- Dominatrix
Katrina Smith- slave and lesbian spouse of Samantha
Samantha Williams- Lesbian spouse of Katrina, Owner of Cooterís Pub

Chapter 1

A storm had just blown into the area and the winds kicked up quite a fuss.† It resembled a scene from the Wizard of Oz.† The trees rattled as if they were about to break.† Small objects floated in the air as if they were weightless.† The rain fell, sounding like bullets pelting anything within its reach.† Darkness crept throughout the sky.† A strange feeling could be felt in the air.† Fear, desperation, arousal were some of the feelings that could be identified.† Uncertainty and something very strange were feelings that could not be defined.

*†††† *†††† *

Cindy Gunn had not come to work for a few days.† She had not been seen since the big storm a few days prior.† Her friend Beth was beginning to worry because Cindy rarely missed a day of work.† After work, she had decided to stop by Cindyís house to see if she was there.† The phone system had been down in some of the area because of the storm and Beth hoped that was the reason there was never an answer when she tried calling Cindyís number.

All of a sudden her office door, flew open, "Beth, look at this!" the man shouted waving a piece of paper in his hand.

Beth grabbed the paper and the sunk into her chair.

"An unidentified woman was found dead in her home this morning by Swingtown Sheriff Mindy Anderson.† The victim was described as a woman in her mid twenties and apparently died of a gunshot wound to the head.† At this time there are no suspects and police are investigating this as a homicide."

Beth looked up at Madman, "Do you think this is Cindy?"

"It was in her neighborhood.† Do you want to go check it out?† Iím off the air now and can slip away for a bit."

Madman Manson was the Morning Drive Disc Jockey at WFCK in Swingtown.† He was not quite a shock jock but he surely was no angel either.† His on-air antics were much wilder than his real life antics but every now and then the line was blurred.† One thing, he cared about people and had a big heart.

Madman and Beth left the radio station and drove to the house where Cindy lived.† When they arrived they saw yellow police tape surrounding the house, putting a lump in both of their throats.† They knew it had to have been Cindy who was killed.† There were still a number of police cars and forensic vehicles parked around the house and they hoped they might be able to wiggle themselves in and get some more information.

Beth and Sheriff Anderson had been roommates in college and had remained close friends over the years.† Beth hoped that would help get them some information about their friend.†

Luckily, Beth was on the scene and walked over to the pair as they approached the house.† "Hey guys!† Honestly, I am very glad to see you.† I have something I would like to show you and hope you can help me understand a bit," she spoke as she led them to the steps of the house.

Madman and Beth looked at each other confused.† "What?" Beth asked.

"You and Cindy kept in touch with each other over the years, didnít you?" Mindy asked.

"Yeah, we talk all the time.† She works at the station with us doing sales.† Why?† What is it?"

Sheriff Anderson led the two into the house and down the hallway to the back bedroom.† As she opened the door, the two tag-a-longs stood in amazement.† The room had been converted into a strange looking fetish room.† "Do you know anything about this?" the Sheriff asked.

Madman and Beth both shook their heads responding they did not know.

"Well then, it appears Cindy led a double life.† From the looks of things in here she was a dominatrix and had people come here to be dominated by her.† I am truly thinking this may have something to do with her death."

"So she is dead?" Beth asked confirming her suspicion.

"Yes," Mindy responded.† "She was shot in the head in her bedroom while she was getting dressed.† My hunch is that someone who was a victim of her domination got upset and repaid her for her services."

"Do you have any suspects or ideas who might have done this?" Madman interjected.

"No, I was hoping the both of you may be able to help me with this.† But, if this is as much as surprise to you as it is to me then we may be at the same point... nowhere."

"Are there any clues or evidence at all?" Madman asked.

"A shell from a .22 caliber handgun is all we have.† But, those are a dime a dozen.† That is not much of a clue by any means.† We havenít found any fingerprints or things left behind by the suspect.† We donít know if it is a male, female, ethnicity, nothing.† We have almost nothing to go on."

"Wow, this is wild!" Beth exclaimed.† "A murder in Swingtown and no clues.† I guess this town is going to be getting some attention in the very near future."

"Iím not sure it is the kind of attention we want to have though," Mandy replied.† "We will have every newspaper and newsman here snooping around trying to get answers if anyone finds out about this room.† If you would, please try to keep this on the hush until I can get some things moving with this investigation."

Madman wanted to give her his word, but he knew this was a chance for him to get some publicity for himself.† If he told her he would keep this on the hush, he knew he would be lying, but he figured if he wanted any more information from the sheriff, he would have to agree to keep it quiet.† "I completely understand," he assured.† "I will do everything I can to keep this quiet."

"I will too," Beth agreed.† "What do you think was going on in here?"† She stepped into the room and took a closer look around.† There were shackles mounted to the wall, a rack of different types of whips and crops.† In the middle of the room was something that looked like a saw horse that was covered in black leather.† IN one corner of the room was a cage large enough for a human to be in.† She found this very unsettling to think her friend was into all of this and she never knew anything about it.

"Just in the few hours I have been investigating," Mandy began, "it appears Cindy was some type of dominatrix and had people come to her house and she made them her sex slaves."

"Are you sure it was her that was the dominatrix or could she have been the submissive one?" Beth inquired.

"I asked myself the same question," Mandy admitted.† "In her closet upstairs were leather dominatrix outfits that were her size.† I also found some literature referring to a Mistress Cynthia which I am assuming is Cindy.† This doesnít mean she did not play the submissive role somewhere along the way.† The evidence leads me to believe she did play the dominant role at least most of the time."

"Are there any records of some of the people who came here to be dominated by her or anything that could get you a lead to a person that may know something?"† Madman asked as if he was a star news reporter.

"That is something that is very strange about all of this.† There is nothing we could find that has anything that could give us any direction to anyone who may have come here.† No phone book.† No records in the computer or filing cabinet.† There are no scraps of paper with phone numbers on it.† There is nothing."

"Do you think whoever did this may have taken those things to make sure there was no trail to them," Beth asked.

"Thatís not a bad hunch but something tells me Cindy was very, very discreet about what she was doing here.† I will be asking the neighbors if they can describe any cars or people that have come here at anytime in the past.† We will also be having someone watch the house to see if any wandering people who may not have heard about her death come around to be serviced by her."

Madmanís head was spinning around in circles trying to think of something that could give him the upper hand on this but his mind was coming up blank.† He wanted to be the star of this show and boost his radio ratings right though the roof.† His contract was coming up in a few months and he wanted to add a few digits to his salary.† Solving a mystery like this could be the ticket he was waiting for.

Beth saw Madmanís head spinning and figured he was up to no good but knew asking him would just get her a void answer so she saved everyone grief and kept her mouth shut.† "This is really weird," Beth interjected to distract her from watching Madman.† "A murder, a secret dominatrix, no clues and no evidence.† This is very, very strange.† Is there any chance this could have been suicide?"

"You are very good at questions for not being a detective or news person.† I explored that option as well."† Mandy was impressed with the questioning.† "She was shot from the back.† The bullet went into the middle of her head and shot nearly straight through the skull.† She was shot from behind.† I am guessing she was caught by surprise because she never turned around.† The person was about her height because of the angle of the bullet.† The strange thing was that the person had to come upstairs to the bedroom to shoot her.† It is very strange that she did not hear someone come in the house or come up the stairs.† That is one of the only things that could be something we can use right now."

"How so?" Madman asked.

"The person could very well have known the house enough to enter, and move around without making a lot of noise.† It appeared Cindy had just gotten out of the shower when she was shot.† The person could have come in and waited for her to get out of the shower and when she got in a clear shot they shot her.† So we donít have anything concrete to go on, but it is the only possibility we even have at this point of the game."

"So we have no motive, no suspect, no possibilities and a dead friend who was secretly a dominatrix and shot in the back of the head by someone who may or may not have known her or the house and shot her at relatively close range.† This is going nowhere fast," Madman exclaimed sarcastically.

"Well, that is all I have.† I can let you know if I find anything else Beth," Mandy offered.† "Please keep this quiet.† I will let you know when you can say anything."

Madman and Beth left the house and returned to their vehicle.† Beth got in the drivers seat and Madman sat for most of the drive and didnít speak a word.

"What is going on inside that head of yours?" Beth asked.

"Isnít this whole thing really strange?† I mean it is very strange how this is such a clean crime with nothing to offer to try to figure out who did it or for any fact, why someone did it."

"Ok, so why are you so quiet?† Youíre not a detective.† And besides the fact, you never cared much for Cindy so why are you taking such an interest in this?"

"Cause it has be baffled.† I am very intrigued how this could be the way it is.† There has got to be a missing clue that Mandy has overlooked."

"Sheís only a few hours into the investigation.† Iím sure in good time something will come up."

"I donít know, Beth.† This is all too clean of a job.† You didnít know Cindy was into the S&M thing?"

"I didnít until today.† Now that I know, there were some strange things that make sense now."

"Like what?" Madman questioned enthusiastically.

"She used to call me in the afternoon and tell me to hold her calls because she was going into a meeting and didnít want to be bothered.† But I never remember seeing any results of these meetings and they always lasted three hours.† Now that I think of it, they were always on Tuesday afternoons too."

"Today is Wednesday.† Did she do this yesterday?"† Madmanís voice was getting louder and he was speaking faster.

"Yeah, she did as a matter of fact.† That is something that could be of importance."

"Do me a favor, donít say much about this to anyone.† Especially donít mention this to Mandy.† Not just yet anyway."

"Why not?"† Beth asked, confused.

"I donít want to send her off on a wild goose chase if this is nothing."† Madman had an idea to get this lead working to his favor.

The duo arrived back at the radio station and Madman ran inside, grabbed something out of his desk and ran back out the door.† He got into his car and squealed the tires out of the parking lot.† When he knew he was far enough out of range of anyone at the station seeing him, he dialed his cell phone.† There was no answer to whom he was trying to call.† Frustrated, he cursed and dialed another number.† Again, he had no one answer.† Even more frustrated, he pulled a U-turn and made a quick right hand turn down a side street.† He pushed his foot on the accelerator.† The car was moving at a very fast pace.† Within moments, he pulled into another parking lot and jumped out of the car and sprinted into the building.

Beth gave Mandy a call and told her about the Tuesday messages.† She and Mandy discussed some options that could be a result from this information.† This was truly the first bit of positive information regarding the case.† But, it still was not very much of a lead.

"Iíll try to obtain her cell phone records to see who she may have called around the same time she called you.† That might be something we can start with."

*†††† *†††† *

"What was your name again?"

"We are under weluv3ormore."† She pointed to their name on the list.

"Yup!" the lady at the table replied.† "Fifty dollars for tonight."

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a fifty-dollar bill and handed it to the lady at the table.† After having her name marked off of the list, she turned and pulled the leather leash she was holding onto.† At the other end of the leash was her slave for the evening.† Master and slave continued down a short hallway and stepped behind a curtain at the end.† Upon entering, they were met by other "owners" with their "slaves" who had also come to the party.† Picking a table, the two continued where the slave knelt and Mistress Gina sat in a chair.

Mistress Gina was a frequent patron of these types of parties.† They were very discreet and by invitation only.† By day, Gina was Vice President of a marketing company.† By night, she was Mistress Gina, slave owner and a very popular dominatrix.†

On the other hand, her slave, Katrina, was the Human Resources director for the company Gina was V.P. at.† The two had gotten into the situation a number of years ago when a slight mishap took place.† Katrina, the slave, had unwittingly hired an illegal alien and nearly gotten the company in some very hot water.† Luckily, Gina had the right connections to get the situation resolved but she felt it could not go unpunished.† Gina threatened Katrina with her job or she could save it by coming to her house for the weekend and do some work to make up for the problem she had caused.† Making the money she did in the economic environment the area was in, she could not afford to lose her job, so she had no other choice but to go along with Ginaís demands.† She had no idea what she was getting herself into, though.

This night was a common ritual for the Master & slave.† Gina loved attending these parties.† They were social events for the masters to get together and share their slaves.† Some came with different slaves each time, others returned with the same one each time.† The parties were usually the third Thursday of every month and began promptly at 9 pm.

Katrina had been coming to these as the slave for nearly a year now.† She always took a spot, kneeling on the floor next to Mistress Gina.† Often, Gina would allow other masters to come sit at the table and have Katrina carry out sexual requests on the other masters and mistresses.† Tonight would be a different experience for Katrina.† She was going to be auctioned, though she had no clue this would happen.

The pair sat at the table and were joined by a number of people on and off for the next half an hour or so.† Then an announcer came to the platform and instructed those with slaves to be auctioned needed to prepare their slaves and have them line up to the right of the stage.† The auction would begin in about 15 minutes.

Gina stood and had Katrina do the same.† Katrina was wearing a leather teddy that did not cover much of the body parts that needed to be covered.† At that point, it didnít matter because Gina made her remove the little bit of clothing she had on.† Katrina did not expect this and had a look of awe and fear on her face.† She knew she could not speak.† Her only choice was to go along with whatever was about to happen to her.

Leading her slave by her leash, Gina moved to the other side of the room and lined her slave up next to the others.† Katrina was shaking, fearing what might happen to her.† She did not have to wait long before she learned her fate.

A gray-haired man wearing a black turtleneck, black blazer and black slacks made his way to the podium and picked up the microphone.† His face was stern and he began speaking in a monotone type of voice.† There was a strange authority in his tone though.

"Masters and Mistresses, I welcome you here tonight to our event. I am sure it will be most enjoyable for everyone in attendance.† We are about to begin our auction for the evening.† We will open up the staging area for fifteen minutes for all interested buyers to check out the slaves we have here to be auctioned tonight.† Once that time is up, we will continue with the auction.† As in the past, each sub will be brought to the platform individually.† They will be described and then they will step down to the smaller platform for closer inspection.† Once we complete the entire line of subs to be auctioned tonight, we will return them to the main platform to begin auctioning.† This will give you another preview of who you may want to bid on prior to the auctioning beginning."

The man slowly moved from the platform and the room began to bustle with noise and energy.† Many men and women left their seats and went to the area to observe the slaves.† Some owners did very detailed inspections of the slaves.† Others browsed as if they were window shopping.

After the allotted time, the stern man returned to the microphone and brought everyone to order again.† "Masters and Mistresses, we are ready to begin this eveningís auction.† Our first slave for the evening is Julia.† She is 22 years old; her measurements are 34, 28, 36.† She has been a slave for three years and been auctioned only one other time.† She has had two owners in the past three years and is considered a strong potential slave."

Slaves were rated in their knowledge and experience.† Naturally, the more the knowledge and experience, the more they were worth.† The categories were Novice, Yearling, Potential Slave, Strong Potential Slave, Experienced, and Thoroughbred.††

The auctioneer continued.† "We will begin the bidding at $500.00." and the bidding continued until the final bid was made and Julia was auctioned off for $2150.00.† Four other ladies came to the platform and then the first male was brought up.† He was rather muscular and nicely tanned.† The auctioneer announced him as a Thoroughbred.† He had been a slave for 14 years and had only one owner.† The room was buzzing with excitement, especially among the ladies.† The final bid came in at $39,500.00 and there were a few disappointed ladies that did not get the highest bid.

Next up to the platform was Katrina.† She remained totally naked and led by collar and leash onto the platform.† The auctioneer announced her as a novice.† The slave level was determined by the current owner and since Katrina was not a full time slave and had only been doing it a short time, Gina didnít want to lose her credibility by rating her slave too high.† So she went to the lowest rating hoping for some success.

The auctioneer began taking bids... the first one was for $100.00, then $125, then nothing for a minute or two.† He then had Katrina turn around and gave a few more descriptions of her and someone raised her hand and bid $200.00.† Someone immediately counter bid at $250.00 and then another at $300.00.† By the time the bidding was complete, she had been chosen for $475.00.† She wasnít sure what to think about that being that the man before her went for 5 digits.†

A young lady in a black business suit walked to the platform and grabbed hold of the leash and led her purchase off the platform and to her table.† She gave a look of acceptance to Mistress Gina who smiled back at the new owner.

Chapter 2

Mandy had obtained Cindyís cell phone records and looked them over a number of times only to conclude there was nothing strange in any of the numbers.† There was a call on Tuesday to the radio station, just as Beth had mentioned, then nothing for three hours.† Immediately after the three-hour period there was another phone call to the radio station.† Mandy assumed this was the release phone call to let the office know all was well.† There were no more phone calls recorded after that.† That may have been a clue, but in all of the previous days with only one exception, there were no other calls after the last call to the radio station.† That exception, Mandy learned was a call to Cindyís mother and was a week old.† So it was basically irrelevant to the investigation.†

She looked over and over the phone records trying to find something, but just believed there was nothing there.† As she drove to Cindyís house, she kept trying to play options out in her head, but nothing made sense about anything.† Although it had only been two days of investigating, Mandy felt she was missing something very important.† It was something that was right under her nose.

Sitting in front of the house for a few minutes, Mandy stared at the house up and down.† There was still nothing clicking in her head to make anything make sense.† She got out of the cruiser and walked up to the house.† Instead of using the front door, she walked around to the back.† Slipping a pair of latex gloves on her hands, she turned the knob to the back door.† She observed the door frame, knobs and such and still could not see anything of interest.†† Continuing into the house, she looked over everything including in between the door and the stairs.

"This is the strangest thing," she spoke to herself.† "Not a single clue.† I am better than this.† There is something that Iím missing."† She stopped and looked around, thinking heavily.† "Iíve got to go to that room and see if there is anything there."

She walked up the stairs and down the hallway to the bondage room.† Opening the door, she looked again at one of the most intriguing rooms she had ever seen.†† There was a sawhorse, like the gymnasts use in the middle of the room.† There was the cage that they had mentioned before in one corner.† An object that looked like a swing to the side of the sawhorse, another strange looking contraption sitting on the floor, a x-shaped cross against a wall, a table like you would find in a doctorís office and a table with at least 50 accessories laid out neatly on it.

Mandy walked over to the contraption to try to figure out what it was.† It was shaped in a half circle with the flat part on the floor.† It was about 24 inches long and at one end of the top there was a ridge that was about 4 inches long.† It could be described as a mechanical bull, only it was on the floor.† There were two cords that came out from beneath it and a controller at the other end of the cords.† Of course, curiosity killed the cat and Mandy turned the controller on.† She heard a buzzing and felt the ridge at the top of the contraption.† It was vibrating.† She noticed on the controller the words "SYBIAN".†

It appeared to her this was a sex tool of sorts.† She wasnít quite sure how it worked though.† The rounded shape of the top led her to believe it was made for sitting on.† Then, it clicked in her mind how it worked.† A woman would straddle the item with her vagina over the top of the ridge that vibrated.† Someone else might be able to use the controls and send her into oblivion.

Looking around as if looking to see if someone was watching, Mandy sat on the contraption.† She was wearing her uniform so there was plenty of thickness to dull the sensitivity.† Turning the controller on, she felt a slight vibration through her canvas pants.† Increasing the speed made that vibration increase and she could feel it much better.† She was beginning to get turned on.† Before she got too excited, she stood up, walked over to the door and closed it and began unbuckling her belt then pants.† She slid off the bottoms to her uniform and then stepped out of her panties.† Returning to the contraption, she placed one lip on each side of the ridge and leaned forward so her clit was in direct contact with the vibration.† Starting slow, the vibration began getting her very wet.† She felt her heart rate increase.† Her mind wandered to a time when she was getting fucked good and hard by her favorite man.† She had not gotten fucked in a long time.† Working too many hours and not enough playing did not make for a very good social life.† Man did not want relationships with ladies who had no time for them.†

Increasing the speed of the vibration, her body began a slow tremble.† Moans began to uncontrollably release from her lips.† The trembles transformed into quivers and then shakes.† "This is freakin awesome," she spoke out loud.† The moans became louder and louder.† Her quivers and shakes became stronger and stronger.† All of a sudden, her body exploded into a volcano of an orgasm.† That was repeated with two more immediate orgasms.† She knew she had to stop, but wanted to see if she could get another one in before knowing she had to stop.

Rocking her hips back and forth on the vibration, she managed to put herself into a fourth orgasm.† She was sweating and shaking, and loving every moment of what she was experiencing.

"I have GOT to get one of these," she said as she tried to shut the contraption off with trembling hands.† "Oh, My God, that was incredible."

She had to sit for a moment to gather herself together.† Once she felt in control, she tried to stand and realized that her legs were still shaky.† Gathering her balance, she stood, collecting her panties and pants on the way up.† Finding a chair, she sat and slipped her panties over her ankles, then her pants and stood to slide both up to her hips.† Grabbing her belt, she locked it into place and walked to the bathroom to find something to wipe the contraption off with.† On her way there, she passed the table that had been laid out with all of the accessories.† There were dildos, handcuffs, straps, chains, butt plugs and whips of many different shapes and sizes.

Mandy looked around the room and believed she had found her first clue.† Well, it wasnít a real clue, it was her first hunch.† It appeared that everything was geared toward women.† The items all were on a smaller scale and did not appear to be large enough to "fit" around a manís wrists or ankles.† That could mean one of two things.† Either, she dealt with only women, or the slave was the victim.

Mulling that over in her head, she continued on to the bathroom and found some bleach cleaner and a rag to use to clean the contraption.† She returned and did as she planned and tried to replace everything as it was and left the room.

Driving back to the station, she kept drifting between the contraption and how good it felt, and the thought that everything was geared toward women in that room.† Somehow, she needed to find out the group of people the victim socialized with and learn more about the lifestyle.† That would be her next step in this adventure.

*†† *†† *

Katrina was led from the building, still completely naked, and seated in the back seat of a long black Cadillac limousine.† She had not been blindfolded or bound, simply led by the leash.† The lady in the black business suit also got into the limo and sat across from Katrina with her back to the driver.† She knocked twice on the window and the car began moving.

"I am Mistress Velda," she introduced.† "I happen to be very good friends with Gina.† We had basically planned this purchase this evening.† So do not be offended that you only went for $475.00.† It was all a set-up.† She was right, you are quite cute for a slave.† I will surely have a lot of fun with you over the next few weeks."

Katrina shifted in her seat a bit.† She was not sure if she was uncomfortable or confused.† Why did Gina plan this sale to this woman and what was going to happen now that she had a new mistress in control of her?†

"Spread your legs," the Mistress ordered her slave.

Katrina had enough training as a slave to know she needed to do what she was told to do immediately.† She shifted in the seat and separated her knees allowing her sex to be revealed to her new owner.

"The first thing we are doing is getting that thing cleaned up.† I am not one to enjoy hairy pussies.† I know it is a guy thing, but I like smooth, silky pussies.† Then I think we will pierce that clit of yours and maybe a few other things.† Gina mentioned she had thought about piercing your clit."

Katrina did not like the sound of that.† She had known a few girls that had gotten their clit pierced and also heard many different opinions about how it felt and what it did to them.† Katrina thought the pain would have to heavily out way the pleasure.†

"Maybe Iíll get the nipples pierced too and have a chain attached from your nipples to your clit.† How does that sound?"

Katrina was not sure if it was a rhetorical question or one she was to answer.† "I am not sure, Mistress," she replied.

"About what?" Velda questioned rudely.

"I donít know, Mistress"

"You do not know what you are not sure of," she growled.† "Then how do you know you are not sure?† Does getting your nipples and clit pierced sound good or bad to you?"

"If it pleases you Mistress, then it sounds good to me.† It is my desire to please you, Mistress."

"Damn, Gina did a very good job on you didnít she?† You should have gone for much more than you did this evening.† But, no one knew how good you are becoming.† I guess I will think about this a bit more and see how things go over the next few days.† Start playing with your pussy, slave."

Katrina placed her hand between her legs and began gently rubbing the outer lips of her pussy.† She kept her eyes fixed on her mistress to be sure she was doing things the way she was expected to do them.† Velda watched with a face of stone.† Katrina rubbed a bit more intensely and felt the tingling begin in her body.† Her heart began speeding up and her pussy was beginning to get quite moist.†

"Stop, slave," Velda commanded.†

Katrina immediately stopped touching herself.

Velda tapped on the window of the limousine and the partition immediately came down.† "Next place you can stop, do so please."

"Yes, Mistress."† The window then quickly returned to the up position.

Within a minute the limousine came to a stop.† Katrina was not sure what was happening.† She felt some butterflies begin to flutter inside her stomach.† The door opened and a completely naked woman with a driver hat, knee high leather boots and black leather gloves stood there, motioning for Katrina to step out of the vehicle.† The driver grabbed the leash and assisted her out of the car.

Pulling the leash, Katrina was led to a park bench a few feet from the street.† A moment later, Velda stood directly behind her.† "On your hands and knees slave."

Katrina dropped to her knees on the hard concrete.† Velda moved around to the front of her and sat on the park bench.† The driver remained standing.† Velda snapped her fingers and the naked driver moved and lifted her Mistressí skirt.† She then grabbed the back of Katrinaís head and forcefully moved it into position at her Mistressís pussy.

"I want you to slowly take your tongue and massage my pussy," Velda instructed.†† "You better do it good.† Do it slow, soft and rhythmic.† If you do it correctly, you will be rewarded.† If you do not, you will be punished.† Now serve me slave."

Katrina slowly began licking her new Mistress.† Velda spread her legs farther apart to give her slave more access to her pussy.† There was not indication if it was being done correctly or not.† The driver remained standing, holding the leash in her hands.† She began to slowly sway from side to side.† It appeared she was getting excited watching the action take place before her.

Reaching down and grabbing Katrinaís hair, Velda pulled her slaveís head from her pussy.† "Up," she commanded.

The driver pulled the leash to help the slave up to her feet.† Velda took the leash from the driver and pulled the slaveís neck down and attached the leash to the arm of the bench.† "Put your head on the bench and keep that pretty ass of yours in the air."† She then snapped her fingers and the driver turned and returned to the car.† "I wasnít very satisfied with your performance licking my pussy, so I am going to show you what happens when I do not get what I want."

The driver returned wearing a harness with a shiny black dildo attached to it.† When she completed her return she immediately leaned down and licked the ass of the slave and then quickly inserted the dildo into the asshole of Katrina.† The slave squirmed at the violation.† The driver slid the dong in and out of the slave until it moved freely and smoothly.† Katrinaís squirms turned into thrusts against and from the penetration of the driver into her.

"You are not enjoying this are you?" Velda shouted.

Katrina could not speak because she was very close to having an orgasm and her body was quivering.

"Slave, you were not given permission to have an orgasm."

Her words came a moment too late as the slave shook in orgasmic pleasure.† She wiggled her hips from side to side getting the full thrusting effect of the dong into her asshole.

Velda raised her hand and laid a full force smack onto the bare ass of her slave.† "You were not allowed to have an orgasm," she scowled angrily.† "You are in a heap of trouble."

She grabbed the dong and quickly pulled it out of the slaveís ass.† Slapping the driver, she scowled, "It is not your job to give her pleasure.† It was your job to punish her for not doing the proper job of licking me.† Now, both of you get to be punished.† Get her back into the car."

The driver quickly grabbed the leash of the slave and led her back to the limousine.† Guiding her into the car, she slammed the door and walked to the other side to allow her Mistress to enter.† Once she was in, the driver got into the front seat and began driving the car away.

*†† *†† *

Madman ran quickly up a steep set of stairs to a second floor apartment.† He did not bother to knock, he simply turned he knob and walked right into the apartment.† Looking around, he saw that no one was there.

"Where the hell are they?" he snapped.

As the words were coming out of his mouth he heard a voice behind him.† "What are you doing here?"

"Why didnít you answer your cell phone?" he asked.

"I was in the car and the battery on it died.† Whatís up?"

Madman began mumbling some nonsense to his friend who continually shook her head acting as if she was not understanding anything she was being told.† This did not stop him from rambling on with his words.

"Katrina hasnít come home yet.† She may be working late.† That boss of hers is a real bitch sometimes."

"Have you talked to her at all?" Madman inquired.

"No, not since this morning," Samantha replied.† "Why, what is going on with you."

Madman told her that Cindy was found dead in her house that morning and there were no clues or suspects to the killing.† He told her all the details of what he knew had happened and then made her swear to secrecy.† She agreed and began crying and asking who would do such a thing.

"I know," he comforted.† "It was very brutal and scary."

"How did they get in the house without her knowing it?"

"Sheriff said she was in the shower.† They must have come in then and the water running kept her from hearing anything."

"So they have nothing?" Sam asked.

"To my knowledge there is nothing.† The only thing the Sheriff is curious about is the bondage room."

"Cindy had a bondage room?" Samís voiced raised an octave as she replied with much surprise.

"Yeah," Madman added.† "A pretty damn good one too."

"I never knew anything about that."

"Neither did anyone else," he concluded.†††††

"So what does any of this mean?" she questioned.

"Nothing to us.† I just thought I would let you know that it happened.† It may affect some things in the future that I thought you might need to be aware of."

"Yeah, it does affect some things in the future.† But, I should be able to get something else worked out by the time I need it to happen."

"I figured that," Madman agreed.† "That is why I wanted to give you a headís up as soon as possible."

Samantha excused herself to another room as Madman made his way back out the front door and down the stairs.† He got back into his car and sped off as fast as he had sped into the parking lot.†

The blood was pumping rapidly through his veins.† His heart was racing and sweat formed on his brow.† He wanted to make it back to the radio station before anyone began questioning why he left so abruptly.† As he drove, he thought of a story to tell those who might ask that very question.