Humiliation (The Female Version)
by DJ Mikey

It was had been a beautiful sunny day.  For the past few weeks we had been going back and forth trying to one up each other in our adventure of humility.  Today it was going to be my turn to get back at your for your most recent attempt at getting back at me.

That evening I patiently waited for the kids to go to bed and once they were all asleep the time had come for the action to begin.  You had just gotten out of the shower and I asked if you would quickly put a robe on and come downstairs.  You tried to hesitate, but I told you it was very important that you come right away.  You agreed, grabbed my robe, put it on and came downstairs.  I was standing in the kitchen buck naked before you.

"What are you doing?" you asked me.

"Waiting for you," I replied.  "What does it look like?  Take off the robe and come over here."

You looked at me quizzically.  I didn’t think you were going to give in, but eventually you did.  You slid the robe off your shoulders and let it drop to the floor.  We both stood totally naked in the middle of the kitchen.  I approached you and held you in my arms.  I picked you up and carried you to the living room.  I placed you on the couch and continued to give you the necessary attention to assure there were no leads to what I was up to. 

I had already placed the tools I needed under the couch.  I stretched your left leg and attached the Velcro restraint around your ankle.  I spread your legs apart and repeated with the right leg.  You were now spread eagle on the couch.  I quickly placed the blindfold over your eyes and grabbed your right arm and placed the restraint on it after stretching it outward.  Again, I repeated with your left arm.  You were now blindfolded, spread eagle in a sitting position on the couch. 

I could feel myself getting hard at the excitement of you being in this position.  I was now ready to move forward with my plan.  I reached underneath the couch and got out my electric razor.  I began to place it on your pussy hair, but got a better idea and decided to wait for a few moments.  I paused silently for a few moments to plan my next move.  I could tell by the way you were turning your head that you were trying to listen for an idea as to what I was doing.  I picked up a piece of paper and began writing a short message on it.  I then tore off some tape and attached the paper to the wall above your head. 

"Are you ready?" I asked.

"Ready for what?" you responded.

"For the real fun to begin?"

In a flirtatious tone of voice you replied, "I am always ready for real fun."

"Good," I said with a very strange tone of voice.  I reached down and began to finger your pussy.  It was much drier than I had expected.  Dry was not its condition for long after I began to work you a bit.  You were torn between the excitement o fmy touch and the anticipation of what was happening to you. 

"I’ll be right back," I informed you.

"What do you mean you will be right back?  Where the heck are you going?" you asked with slight fear in your voice.

I walked out of the room leaving you there alone, bound, blindfolded and waiting for whatever I was doing.

You sat there in silence for what seemed like a very long time.  It had to be at least ten minutes or more.  Then the front door came open and you heard more than one voice.  ‘What the hell was going on?’ you thought to yourself.  There were at least four or five different voices.  Those voices cleared the front door and entered the room where you were.  The talking was quickly replaced with gasps and other verbal expressions reacting to what they were seeing.  You heard one female voice say, "What have you done?!"  You heard another one say, "Oh My God!!"  Another voice came closer to you as if they were reading the sign attached to the wall.  It was a female voice that murmured, "My mouth wants your penis or your pussy and it wants it now."  The murmuring was followed by laughter from the entire group. 

You recognized all of the voices.  They were friends, co-workers and neighbors.  You realized I was not giving you a sexual good time; I was paying you back with a humiliation dare, as part of our game.

"I want you to tell everyone that you want them to have their way with you in any way they would like to," I commanded you.

"I didn’t get you this bad," you retorted.

"I know, but I knew I had to get you better because you are going to nail me very badly for doing this to you.  As long as you get me good, we are fine, but if I get you back, there will be hell to pay on my part and I had to make sure it was worth it."

You did not respond, but I could tell by the look on your face that I was dead meat.

I grabbed the razor and asked who wanted to shave her pussy.  Your girlfriend Tina volunteered.  She grabbed the razor from my hand, clicked it on and began removing all of your pubic hair.  There was no way your body was moving because of how I had you restrained, so there was nothing you could do. 

Once she finished removing all of the thicker hair, I grabbed a can of shaving cream and razor and asked who wanted to finish the job.  Another one of your girlfriends volunteered to do this.  She shook the can and sprayed the white foam all over your crotch.  Carefully with the razor, she slid it across your cooch and took all of the small stuff off.  Once she was satisfied, she took a warm, wet cloth and removed all of the lingering hair and shaving cream.  You were so smooth.  I was rock hard at the sight of you spread eagle and a girl shaving you clean.

"Now, sweetheart, ask for someone to have their way with you.  Tell them they can do anything they would like to do to you."

You did not hesitate, "Who wants to have their way with me first?  You can do anything you would like to me.  I want to eat pussy, suck a dick or have someone lick me.  I am longing for you to have your way with me."

You did much better than I had thought you would do.  I also knew your energy level was more anger directed at me for what I was doing to you.  The first girl slipped her pants off and climbed on the couch and placed one leg on each side of your head and placed her furry pussy right on your face.

"Lick me ‘til I come Honey," she instructed.

You placed your tongue on her snatch and began to lick.  In the meantime your other friend began licking your bald, shiny pussy.  You quickly began to squirm.  I could tell through your anger that you were enjoying this very much.  Another set of hands began to play with your nipples.  I stood back and watched for a few moments.  Your friends were going to town on you and I was loving it.  The girl whose pussy you were licking began to grab her breasts through her shirt, you were exciting her very much. 

Your body winced and I could tell you were about to have an orgasm.  I was so hard, I wanted to push all of them off of you and slip myself inside of you.  But, that time would come soon enough.  You and the girl straddling your face came at the same time.  It was a beautiful sight.

After you calmed down for a second, you felt the girl move away from your face and a hard dick hit your chin.  A man had climbed on the couch and wanted you to suck him.  One of the female voices told you to "Suck that dick."

You did as you were told and took it in your mouth.  "This is Jeff," you proclaimed obviously knowing your husband’s penis.

"So, shut up and suck," the girl commanded.

You could then feel two tongues probing your dripping, bald pussy.  The two girls had teamed up to take your coochie on.  As you sucked my dick, you felt another set of lips touching yours and licking me from the side.  Someone was still gently pulling on your nipples.

I then pulled out of your mouth and got on the floor and slid myself deeply inside of you.  I thrust you in and out while one of the girls diddled with your clit and the other two had their snatches at your face.  You were getting tag teamed by your husband and three girls.  I felt myself ready to cum and I pulled out of you.  I stood in front of you and held onto my shaft to keep from coming.  The other girls stopped and sat on the couch next to you.  One of them removed your blindfold and each girl on your left and right had on hand on your pussy playing with it and one on their own playing with themselves.  The third girl sat on the floor in front of you and told me to finish the job.  I stroked myself as each of you played with yourselves and shot my load all over the place.

Two of the three girls also came and they continued to play with you who came for another time.  Everyone sat there for a moment or two and caught their breath.

"I think I went easy on you," I admitted.  "I hope this is a lesson to you."

"I actually enjoyed it so there was not much humiliation.  You lose, like always!!!"