The Gentleman from Aidos

By Czarinajulietta


Chapter One

Stephan was trying to hard to avoid his own mounting apprehension. He was struggling with the straps that held him safely in place inside the turbulence prone passenger chamber, and getting nowhere. The side door opened and Giant Bristol, Stephan’s government-appointed pilot, popped his head in.

“We’re here, your excellence! Are you waiting for a royal escort? Because Aidos doesn’t have royalty, in case you hadn’t noticed!” he teased, his tone playful, his brown eyes dancing.

“I’m having a little trouble here! And don’t call me your excellence, unless I can call you, I don’t know, ‘Boy’”
He was sheepish, embarrassed that he, a delegate to the planetary council of Craven, could not handle his own seatbelt.

“Oh just this once you can call me Boy. Say ‘Come here Boy!’ and say it like you mean it, and I’ll have to help you.”

Everything Giant Bristol did was embarrassing to Stephan, but soon enough he’d be out of his aeronautical domain.
“Come here Boy!” he said, with enough conviction to avoid being asked to repeat himself.

“At your service, your excellence!” he said, and cramming his brawny body into the chamber. He had just enough room to kneel in front of Stephan. He grasped the large, clunky buckle at Stephan’s waist and pressed a little blue button on it. Stephan’s breath drew in as the straps tightened. His arms were pinned and the straps running from his waist buckle down between his legs and behind him pressed against his cock.
Giant Bristol could barely suppress a smile. “Ooops, wrong button! That looks tight!” He said as he gratuitously ran his fingers under the crotch straps.

Stephan was nervous enough about his mission here in Craven, without the absurd situation he was now placed in. But he had to admit, Bristol’s touch felt delicious, like a sweet and nasty promise. And his cock was swelling under his silver blue travel jumpsuit. All through the trip Stephan had been hyperaware of his own slighter build, and more genteel manner compared with Bristol’s masculine, rugged energy. Stephan could change a light bulb but that was about the limit of his mechanical prowess. He had been shrinking from excessive contact with Bristol due to some instinctive knowledge that he was the Bitch in the equation. But when the chestnut-haired pilot was so near, with his hot breath on him, he forgot why that should make him ashamed at all.

When Bristol won the little pleasure gasp he was after, and felt the stiff cock under his hand, he was satisfied with himself. He winked at his passenger and said, “I wish I could follow you. I wish I could watch you turn the wheels of government. They are hard on delegates from the lesser countries.” He pressed the yellow button on Stephan’s buckle and the straps sprung away. He was almost sorry, and he was terrible about hiding his feelings. Bristol laughed, pulled Stephan out of the cabin, and set him on his feet, his first step on the earth of Craven.

“Don’t worry your Excellency.” He spanked Stephan hard once on the rump. He was so shocked he almost fell forward, and his face was bright red. “I’ll be back for you in two weeks. Don’t let your constituents down!” With that he clambered into the flight pod, winked again, and took off.

Stephan’s blond hair blew in his face. He was even more nervous than before now that the one person from home was gone. He took his jumpsuit off and stuffed it into his bag. Underneath was a sleek black suit. He had to look sharp. He was trying hard to project an image of power and confidence. Other delegates would be arriving in fancy jets with huge cavities, complete with bars and entertainments, and would arrive fresh as daisies and calm as monks. But Aidos was a poorer country. The compensation for their lack of prestige, power and money was allegedly the moral high ground.

When various political, religious, and lifestyle groups started leaving Earth to colonize the vacant planet that would become known as Braktune, they each had their own very singular visions of what life on the new world should be like. The founders of the colony of Aidos wanted to return to the most fundamental ideals of the United States of America-just the good stuff-life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness-none of the necessary evils that kept that great nation in power. They had a fairly weak constitution and very little planetary influence. Recent strides earned them their first ever delegate to the planetary counsel, and Stephan won the honor. He was a political leader of a proud and idealistic country and a famous academic. Before entering politics outright, Stephan had been a renowned speaker on the subject.

He looked around him at the runway. Other, larger crafts were being met by dignitaries of Craven. If they even knew who he was, he still might not warrant an escort. He made his way toward the palace. It was amazing work of architecture, rising so far into the sky that the clouds covered the top of it. It was hard to tell where structure became sky, because the palace was built entirely of white marble. Stephan was stopped at the door by a smart looking woman in a form fitting matte finish catsuit. Her curly, red hair was up in black chopsticks.
He addressed her, “Hi, I’m Stephan Trellis from Aidos. I’m not sure where I’m supposed to go.” He gave her a sheepish look he hoped she found endearing.

“Let me check my file”
She pressed a few buttons on a small black box, and raised an eyebrow.
“Are you threatening me?”
She was obviously feigning fear, and Stephan could not comprehend why. She spoke into the box…
“Hostile national representative... please send help!”

Immediately, a troupe of muscular, shirtless men in black trousers and boots rushed out from behind pillars to the left and right. They grabbed at Stephan’s limbs. He twitched and lurched but could not get away. Soon his wrists were pulled behind his back harshly and thick black steel reinforced wrist cuffs were buckled around them, so tight they almost hurt, and they were securely padlocked together. Larger cuffs were buckled around his ankles, and connected with a 6 inch chain of a ludicrous thickness. A thick black collar, 2 inches tall, also leather and steel reinforced on the outside, was buckled tightly around his neck and padlocked. It had strong black metal rings hanging from it in the front, sides and back. To the one in the back was attached a black leather leash, 2 feet long. One of the strongest guards was holding this tether, not even sweating with effort as Stephan tried to pull away. He panicked and strained at his bonds, but the most he could do was protest.

“This is against international law!”

The guard holding Stephan’s tether pulled his face up close to his and announced
“Actually it isn’t! We have the right to restrain any person who poses a threat to the safety of the counsel. We are obligated by law to house all delegates in the main government house and protect them from outside influence. So you must stay here with us in order to cast your votes. But we are not obliged to let you harm our staff!”
He let the leash go slack, and stroking Stephan’s neck, he said,
“Don’t be too worried. You will not be hurt at all, that is against the law even for a threatening party. All delegates must have their safety guaranteed and must be allowed to vote. We’ll take good care of you.”

Stephan was too afraid to keep asking questions of this strange guard, and disconcerted by his gentle caresses on his neck, and now his chest. The guard put a hand inside Stephan’s shirt and reached down for his nipple, but seemed frustrated by his limited access. He whispered something to another guard, who pulled a pair of sharp silver scissors from his black leather tool belt. The first guard ordered Stephan to be still. “We won’t hurt you but if you thrust your body into a pair of scissors, we won’t be held responsible.”

Stephan guessed their purpose. Craven was the most powerful state in the system, and they knew they could twist the law to their own ends without repercussions. Bitterly, Stephan recalled the reason that Craven was founded. A large S & M group got sick of random unwarranted arrests and general harassment. Some people would tell you that they just got sick of looking at vanilla couples in pastel sweatpants. But whatever the final reason for the settlement, it was immensely popular and grew quickly. Far from judging eyes, these people went to town.

The scissors were getting closer… he was about to become part of some deviant fantasy, he felt sure. He couldn’t help himself. When the scissors came at him he squirmed and fought and screamed. It wasn’t logic that made him do it. If they wanted to cut his clothes off they would do it. It was pure fear of embarrassment. He wasn’t even a touchy feely person. He didn’t even hang around his house naked. He wanted so much to address these powerful parties on equal footing. Bad enough he was bound, but ……

The guard holding his leash yanked it and dragged him over to the wall, with such force that his chained little steps could barely keep up without tripping. The troupe of 4 guards followed them. His wrist cuffs were released and attached to rings on either side of him on the wall. His arms were spread out wide to the sides and up to the level of his head. His ankles were spread out as far as they could go and chained to the wall, as he yelled his protests.

The Captain of the Guard was unimpressed. “You’re making a Scene! Quiet Down. Never mind. I’ll do it for you.”
He felt around on his tool belt till he found what he was looking for and commanded, “Dmitri, hold his nose!”

Stephan’s heart was racing with true panic. He was out of breath to begin with, and he had to open his mouth. Something that looked like a large black leather cock was thrust deep into his mouth and the straps attached to it were buckled snugly at the back of his head. The guard called Dmitri released his nose and Stephan automatically breathed hard through it. He was shocked by how filled his mouth was by the leather cock. He whipped his head back and forth, grunting, trying to shake the gag free, with no result but the laughter of the guards. The ring on the back of his collar was then fastened to a ring on the wall, so that his head was pinned back to the wall. The scissors came toward him again but this time he could only shake himself a little bit. It was hard to tell how much of that was rebellion and how much was fright.

Dmitri cut through the fabric of his shirt and it fell away. He stopped, arrested by the beauty of Stephan’s chest. He wasn’t tan, but instead of looking pale his skin looked like marble-in fact, he fit right in with the architecture. He wasn’t as large as Giant Bristol or Dmitri, or the chief guard, but he was well muscled within a smaller build. And his waist tapered so beautifully, almost like a woman’s. His shoulders were delicate yet built, and the V shape they created was almost too pretty to look at. Dmitri put his finger lightly in Stephan’s perfect little pout of a belly button, and gently traced a line all the way up to his chin, which he lifted with his finger. Stephan’s big blue eyes and mussed blond hair, short but nowhere near buzzed, atop that sculptural chest, took Dmitri’s breath away. He put a hand around Stephan’s waist and felt the trembling there. Stephan was still shaking with fear and embarrassment. He was 29, and an accomplished politician. He had never been looked at as a sex object on this level before, never been bound before, never been naked in public.

Dmitri looked him the eye and asked, “Do you know how beautiful you are? I bet not. You are a work of art, and you have nothing to be ashamed of. Be proud of your body. I wish I could kiss you on the mouth, but you are too naughty.” He bent down and ran his tongue over Stephan’s hard left nipple, and put his mouth over it to kiss it, and ended with a gentle little bite.

After a chiding from the head guard he got back to work. He removed Stephan’s shoes and socks, and then cut through his pants until they fell away. Finally he snipped off Stephan’s little black undergarment. Stephan was still shaking all over, but his cock was rock hard. Dmitri was particularly enchanted with the little blonde downy growth around Stephan’s large penis. The wall was stone but the building was well heated, and the stones felt lovely to his buttocks. Dmitri gently touched Stephan all over, and his body seemed to grow more taught and his trembling became finer and more subtle. Little beads of perspiration broke out on his skin. Dmitri issued his verdict. “Beautiful.”

A hot flush came over Stephan’s face. His body grew warm and seemed to vibrate. He was surprisingly grateful for the comment. Overjoyed even. He had never been desired like this, well to be more accurate, he was always too shy and too modest to notice it. The gift of this moment was that he was being forced to see the desire he created in others. Till then, he truly doubted he could elicit such a response. His whole face was warm with shamefaced pleasure and his cock was tingling.

The receptionist in black vinyl approached and pushed Dmitri out of the way. “I have to issue him his name tag.” She pulled out a little round metal tag. It looked like a dog license. She dangled it in front of Stephan’s face. “Nod if it’s printed correctly.” It read “Stephan Trellis - The Gentleman from Aidos.” He nodded. She clipped it onto the ring on the front of his collar.

“I wish it read, SLUT Please return me to Marnie at the front desk. But unfortunately you’re a guest and we all have to share! I’d chain you by the neck to my desk, sitting on the floor, and bind your legs apart, hands behind your back. I’d put a little bell on your cock and have visitors ring it when they need help.”

“That’s not a bad idea,” said the Captain. “Maybe Later. Right now, he just needs to relax. You and Dmitri may relieve him.” He grabbed Stephan’s cock firmly and then squeezed and jerked a few times, then looked him in the face, hand still around his cock, and said, “Enjoy it. This will be your last orgasm for some time.” Stephan didn’t like the sound of that. His big blue eyes were getting more and more expressive, the longer he was gagged. The Captain threw back his head and laughed, “The more you do as we ask, the less unpleasant it will be for you. Meanwhile, does it help that you will look all the more pretty when you are overcome with frustrated longing? I thought not.” He turned to his staff and asked, “Well kids, what are you going to do with him?”

Dmitri spoke up, taking charge of the situation. “Take him to the middle of the hall.”

Stephan noticed that there were metal rings sticking out of the floor at regular intervals. The larger guards restrapped him the way he was before they took him to the wall, and led him by the leash. Dmitri and the receptionist relinked his wrists and ankles to rings in the floor so that he was on his hands and knees.

“And no slouching!” Dmitri said from behind him. He pulled up on the leash to make his point, until Stephan’s neck was long and his breathing slightly pinched. Stephan was shocked when he felt something violating his asshole. He protested under his gag. It hurt. Nothing had ever entered him there. He was relieved when Dmitri removed is finger. But something was different. Soon he felt a vibrating sensation from deep in his anus. It itched at him and teased him, and he shook his buttocks from left to right trying to throw it out, or somehow appease the itch. It was a very tiny little piece of smooth metal. Dmitri was controlling the level of vibration remotely. Stephan burned with humiliation and instinctual anger at having been roughly violated. Still, the feeling was not entirely unpleasant. The receptionist got under him and attached two tiny clamps to his nipples. His confusion grew as more of his body was placed in torment beyond his control. The clamps were linked by thin silver chains to rings on his collar. Soon he felt a low level vibration begin on his nipples as well. He wondered for a moment why the chains were attached to his collar, and then Dmitri pulled up on the leash, which tugged on the nipple clamps, and sent a delicious shudder of sensation through him.

Stephan heard a zipper-like noise behind him, and then he heard Dmitri’s pants hit the floor.
He felt one strong hand on his hip and then Dmitri’s cock was exploring the mouth of his anus. He felt the urge to panic and strain but just then Dmitri pulled up on the leash again, as if to remind him of his place and quell any thought of rebellion. While Dmitri massaged his large cock on Stephan’s opening and jerked his neck back, the receptionist, lying underneath him, tickled the tip of his penis with her tongue. He wanted to look down between his legs at her and pulled against his leash to do so. She had unzipped her vinyl top to expose her plump, firm breasts, with perky red nipples. He liked the vision of her with her mouth on his cock, breasts gently jostling, and his sensations were heightened by his strained breath. Dmitri scolded him with a slap on the ass and jerked the leash back anew so that his neck was pulled up far enough to almost look Dmitri in the face, and that’s when the cock forced its way fully into his ass. He screamed under his gag. The first few thrusts were very painful, but still pleasurable. Dmitri’s cock pushed on the little vibrating button in Stephan’s ass with every entry. Dmitri started to breath heavier. The combination of Stephan’s tight virgin ass, the vibrating button that pressed against the sensitive tip of his cock, and the powerful feeling of the leash in his strong hand, was turning him on in a most amazing way.

Stephan’s pain was subsiding while the pleasure in his ass was rising. Dmitri began fucking him mercilessly, pulling up on the leash or smacking him on the rump when it suited him. He slowly increased the level of the tiny vibrator. At the same time, Marnie’s ministrations to Stephan’s cock were becoming more frenzied. She took the whole thing in her mouth over and over, bouncing the tip of his cock against the back of her throat, while she pulled her cheeks in to make a tight, soft, wet cock sleeve out of her mouth. She cradled his balls in the hand she wasn’t using to steady herself on the floor. Stephan was shaking with excitement, and moaning like an animal. No part of him was free from this relentless and intense pleasure assault, and he was losing all capacity for reason. His shaking increased and his moaning turned to grunting, as he neared orgasm.

Just then Marnie’s head stopped moving. Stephan strained to try and pump his cock in her mouth, but he could only wiggle a little bit back and forth. Up and Down was out of the question as Stephan was pulling his neck way up. And then the worst thing happened. Dmitri withdrew his cock and laid down the leash. Marnie got up and stood next to Dmitri, facing Stephan. Stephan couldn’t stop writhing, he was so frustrated. He thrust his hips side to side and up and down, and his cock touched nothing. He pulled at his wrist cuffs; he tried to pull his legs together… nothing helped. He started to moan and whine and really strain against his strong bonds, sweating lightly with the effort. It was useless. The cuffs on his wrists and ankles were lined with a soft, velvety fabric. The sensual deliciousness of the feeling of straining against them only magnified his passion.

He raised his head and looked imploringly at his two captors. Marnie was touching her sex and arching her back. Dmitri was standing behind her, with his arms wrapped around to kiss her neck and touch her nipples. She was staring at Stephan, obviously enraptured with his situation. Dmitri turned up the remote controlled vibrating button in Stephan’s ass as far as it would go. Stephan’s eyes grew wide, his desire was unrelenting, and his ass ached more acutely for cock. Dmitri rammed his cock into Marnie’s ass, and pulled out his small nightstick. He turned it on to vibrate, and filled Marnie’s pussy with it. He worked her with his two great shafts, while she stared at the jealous, bound, and gagged, Stephan. Soon she was shaking with her rapturous orgasm. Stephan just looked at her and moaned.

Dmitri smiled at him and told him not to worry. He snapped his fingers at Marnie and she returned to her place under Stephan, smiling beatifically. Dmitri kissed Stephan on the cheek and got behind him again. He lifted the leash and pulled, and stroked Stephan’s hard cock gently with his other hand. Stephan was so grateful he almost wept. He shook his ass at Dmitri, entreating him to enter it. Dmitri impaled Stephan on his cock and thrusted so hard that he pushed Stephan repeatedly forward and almost lifted his ass up with his great cock. Marnie sucked Stephan like a woman possessed, now the full shaft, now the tip, now the full shaft again. She took his cock in her mouth both fast and deep. Finally Stephan’s body was rocking and shaking to the point where they knew he was ready to come, and they both redoubled their efforts. He gasped behind his gag, and groaned, and tensed all his muscles, and let forth a torrent of cum deep into Marnie’s throat. At the same time, Dmitri stiffened and started to cum. It was his quirk; every time he did he got very demonstrative. He let out a roar and smacked Stephan quickly and roughly on the rump. Marnie was barely able to roll out from under Stephan, before he collapsed, satisfied and exhausted.

It was, to date, the orgasm of Stephan’s life. He couldn’t believe that level of ecstasy was possible. Dmitri came around in front of him again. “Feel better? I know I do! You have a very nice, tight ass! .Now they’ll be taking you to be bathed and to sleep. And when you wake it should be time for dinner, and if I have anything to say about it, you’ll sit with me.”

Chapter Two

The Captain and the other guards returned and congratulated Dmitri and Marnie on their work. The captain and his men freed Stephan from his pose of supplication on hands and knees and stood him up, quickly pinioning his wrists behind him as they had been before, and replaced the chain between his ankles. The captain pulled his leash through the reception area and down the hall, down a ramp and into a large room made of black marble. There were baths and whirlpools of varying sizes inlaid in the floor. Stephan looked around the room as much as he could with his thick collar restricting his movement, and his breath was taken away by the sight. Everywhere were naked men and women, bound in various positions, being bathed by other naked groups of different sizes. He wondered if they were all delegates from other countries, and what they thought of all this. He was ashamed to be paraded around his colleagues like a sex slave, but his cock began to rise again despite himself. The captain pulled Stephan’s leash through a walkway in the middle of the room with pools on either side.

One lovely young Latina was in a predicament that Stephan could not remove his gaze from. She was not in a pool but on the black tiled floor. She was lying on her back, and her arms were stretched over her head, wrists chained together, and then hooked far behind her to the floor. Her legs were chained wide apart, folded back over her body, her feet on either side of her head. She was pulled taut. There were larger cuffs around her upper thighs, and six inch chains clasped to them, that terminated in rings on the floor, pulling her in the opposite direction from her other bonds. She could barely move. In essence her body was doubled, and her ass was being pulled up so that you could see the whole thing, and her pussy was completely pulled open, exposed, and vulnerable.

There was some kind of plug in her ass, made of a white material and mounted to the floor. Water spilled out of it and splashed onto the floor in gentle waves. Her asshole seemed to grip it and then her buttocks would rise on it, then she’d grow weak again and come crashing down onto the phallus. It seemed to irritate her terribly and pleasure her at the same time. She wore a collar around her neck, and this was bolted down to the floor by the rings at both sides of it. In her mouth was a unique gag made of a black sponge, packed down tight in her mouth. She could still breathe through it a little bit. It was soaked with a sweet mixture of sugar, water and champagne, and when it ran dry, one of her guards poured a little more onto it. She could bite down on it, chew on it, suck it, or ignore it, whatever she wanted.

She was attended by two girls in what looked like wetsuits with the breasts cut out. They each had short, boyish blonde hair and athletic figures. One of them held a little hose with a very soft bristle brush scrubber on the end of it. With it she was scrubbing the pussy lips, vagina and the terribly sensitive clitoris of the pretty Latina. The girl tied up was moaning and grunting with pleasure. The other girl was rubbing a fancy citrus salt scrub into the bound girl’s wet, heavy breasts. The little granules titillated her as they were rubbed over her swollen brown nipples. The smell of the scrub, the champagne and the bath soap intoxicated her. More than the massage on her nipples, and the phallus in her ass, what was really driving her crazy was the little brush on her helpless little sex. The girl operating the hose and brush became more vigorous in her cleaning of her writhing charge. Every time the Latina started to shake uncontrollably and bite down hard on the sponge gag, her tormentor stopped teasing her pussy and started humping her leg and writhing around, pleasuring herself with the Latina’s taut legs and with her brush toy. Sometimes she would even come. Then she would begin to torment the wet little pussy again.

Stephan wanted intensely to break his bonds and ram his cock into her right then and there. He made a little move toward her, so enraptured that he forgot his situation. The Captain pulled on his leash and gripped his hard cock firmly, as if to remind him. He looked from her pussy to Stephan’s face and said, “She could be here for hours! How can she ever really get clean when they keep making her pussy dirty again?” The captain led Stephan to a small Jacuzzi. At first he thought they would have to unbind him to bathe him, but then he noticed shiny waterproof looking black manacles hanging from two inch rubber coated chains on either side of the pool. He swore gently under his gag. He was trying to maintain a sense of indignation, but his last encounter, had shocked, excited, and exhausted him. Try as he might, he could not make suited professional Stephan stay in the body of bound pleasure object Stephan. The experience was altering his attitude without his consent. The ass ramming had been pleasurable and stimulating, but also rough and painful, and the water looked inviting. He could feel the hot steam graze his skin, and the water was oiled and smelled like lemon and sweet herbs.

The captain and his men removed his ankle cuffs and hobble chain and guided him by his leash into the pool. He was standing in chest high water. There they deftly transferred his wrists to the cuffs in the Jacuzzi, snapped them shut and locked them. They removed his collar. The water was as hot as it could be without hurting. It made him even more exhausted and sleepy, as was the intent. They wanted him excited yet pliant. A woman with waist length black hair and tan skin approached naked. A young man who could have been her twin, only with shorter hair, accompanied her. He carried a bucket of supplies. They both smiled at Stephan as the guards retreated to the doorway.

The girl got in the water behind Stephan, and the boy approached him from the front. The black haired woman whispered to him that she was very happy to be bathing him today, adding, “VERY happy” at the end. She lathered herself with a sweet smelling concoction from a tall black bottle. Then she pressed her huge tits against Stephan’s back, using them like living sponges. Stephan wished he could see her lather her breasts, but he loved the feeling of them on her back. The woman’s black hair floated in the water and formed an arc that embraced Stephan around the waist. The boy whispered to him that he was going to remove his gag, but only if he promised to be very well behaved and quiet. Stephan nodded his assent, as his jaw was beginning to ache.

“If you try to yell or bite, you’ll simply be gagged again. And the gag you’ll get for disciplinary purposes will be much, much larger and harsher. We don’t like to have to enforce discipline. In general, we just like the helpless look of a sexy, comfortably gagged man, which, by the way, you ARE. We’re naughty here, what can I say? But sometimes you need your mouth, and right now, you need to be cleaned and groomed.” The girl behind Stephan unbuckled his gag, and the boy gently lifted it up and out of Stephan’s mouth. Stephan was mortified by the drool it uncovered, but the boy quickly sponged it away with the same sweet smelling, oiled cleansing lotion. Stephan yawned and stretched his mouth. The pulsing ache in his jaws actually got stronger when the gag was out, but it was still a great relief. He was careful not to speak, and ashamed of his own capacity for obedience. The boy carefully washed Stephan’s whole face and his hair, gently pouring tiny buckets of hot water over his head, while the girl was diving to wash his legs and ass with her breasts. Then the boy moved on to a vigorous lathering of Stephan’s neck, chest and arms, lingering rather too long on his nipples. Stephan was exhausted, sleepy, and dreamily accepting these pleasurable ministrations.

Then the woman pulled a tube of a half inch in thickness out of her bucket. She screwed an improbably large white soft plastic dildo with a realistic tip onto one end of it, and screwed the other end into an outlet in the side of the Jacuzzi. She pulled the plug in the bottom of the pool and let the water drain until it only reached an inch or two above their knees. She asked Stephan if he wanted a drink. He sensed what was coming, but he was too thirsty to care and nodded his assent. “Open your mouth.” He did and she put the tip the phallus into it. “I’m putting the water pressure on low. I’m afraid you’ll really have to suck it.” She smiled and winked. Stephan was shocked but he needed to drink, and he sucked his pretty cheeks in around the phallus and culled the warm, clean water from it. The woman shoved it a little further down his throat. Stephan managed somehow to curb his gag reflex and moved his throat muscles in a massaging motion that sent a steady stream of water down his throat.

She removed the hose/cock and he inhaled and exhaled deeply. Then she dipped the end of the latex cock into the cleansing concoction, and sprinkled a little water on the end of it. She began teasing the opening of Stephan’s anus with it. He was afraid of having water forced into his ass but was in no position to protest. At the same time, the boy began to lovingly lather Stephan’s package. First the balls, then slowly, up and down the shaft of the penis, which soon grew rock hard. They were both slow and deliberate with their cleaning job, making it as much a massage as a bath. Stephan was gently sighing. The black haired woman pushed the dildo into Stephan’s ass, and he yelped with the pain, although the lubrication of the cleanser and the hot water helped a lot. The boy put his finger to his lips and ssshhed Stephan, with a stern look. While the girl fucked him, the boy soaped up his cock and gave him some much needed information.

“There’s no reason to hide it… this is what’s going on here. We are staying precariously inside the lines of planetary law, while manipulating votes from less powerful nations like yours. Since we aren’t allowed to hurt you, we are trying to drive you insane with sexual longing. You will not be having an orgasm, not for days, not until your turn to vote. If you vote as you are advised, you will experience pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. If not, you will be held in a state of constant arousal until your home country basically comes to find you. In this way, we get to influence votes from other countries, and indulge some of our favorite bad habits.” He winked at Stephan, and Stephan wanted more than anything to punch him in the face. He pulled at his bonds, with all his strength. When that failed, he tried to kick the boy, but the water prevented him from putting any strength or speed behind the motion. The boy glanced at the inf. on a little screen on his wrist. “You are here to vote on trade regulations. You are advised to vote against the new trade accord.”

Stephan felt suddenly very sick and weak. He understood the wink, the naughtiness, the pleasure, of this place. But he could not wink back at someone using his power to further oppress the oppressed politically. Sex was a game, sure. The lives that he himself was responsible for were not a game. His cock began to droop, and his neck fell to one side. He wished he could collapse, but the manacles held him up, and he had to support his head.

The black haired boy stopped and stared at the fallen cock like he was witnessing a murder. He was incensed, his considerable vanity offended. He cupped Stephan’s balls firmly, eyes burning into his face and he started to squeeze... slowly. Stephan was truly afraid. He wanted to point out that he wasn’t supposed to be hurt…. But the boy seemed to remember for himself. He twisted to the side and pummeled the tiled floor with his fists. “I don’t need this. I don’t need anyone seeing your disrespect to me.” Fuming, he then picked a sponge out of another nearby vessel, and held it over Stephan’s nose and mouth, until his whole body matched his cock, and drooped, out cold.

Chapter Three

Stephan was in some strange and beautiful dream… his body was humming with good feelings. He was rested, and deliciously comfortable. His naked body slid on impossibly silky fabric, he slid his arms and legs around to savor it He kept drifting further into sleep, then closer to waking... waking long enough to treasure his sensations and appreciate falling back into sweet slumber… he felt a tingling in his cock.. was someone stroking it, or was it just the friction of bedclothes bunched over it? Lifting his head to check seemed like an unnecessary chore, and he felt drunk and heavy. If not for that, he would have touched himself, but he drifted in languor for a while longer. He had lost his concept of time, and didn’t remember where he was, or what his responsibilities might be, if he had any.

He heard beautiful and passionate string music far away... he strained to hear it. He was conscious of being asleep, but was forcing himself to wake, to find the source of the sound. His erection was growing impatient also and called for his attention. The tune was heartbreaking. Stephan felt the need to get up and turn it off before he got too depressed. He jerked his head, and opened his eyes. It was still dark. He felt sure he was conscious and awake, but he couldn’t move as he should be able to, and he couldn’t see. He strained to remember who and where he was.

Experimentally, he tried to move his arms, and he could move them back and forth against his silk sheets, a few inches in each direction. He realized that not all of the silk was bedclothes, and it wasn’t all one piece. His wrists were encased in wide silk ribbons, and those were tied off to, he surmised, the bedposts. If he pulled hard enough, he heard the slight creaking that confirmed his theory. Stephan was spread eagled on the bed, and blindfolded with the same silky fabric that bound him and that lay under him. He let out a little whine when it occurred to him that he could not touch his cock. He snaked his torso and pelvis around on his sheets, and bobbed his cock back and forth. The friction was lightly and wonderfully pleasurable. He felt that a strip of silk was tied securely around his waist, and two more were tied to that, which looped between his legs around his package, and tied to the waist ribbon again at the back. Then the straps got smaller and more delicate, but just as silky and just as secure. A narrow ribbon was tied around the base of his cock and bound his cock and balls together, and this was attached to his silk waist harness, two more little bows were tied around his cock in the middle, and then almost at the tip, each connected to the next. A little strip went over the tip of his cock, and this formed a loop that was suspended from the top of the canopy bed, holding his penis straight up. His neck also wore a wide silk collar, and a strand ran from that in front and back, anchoring to the waist strap. Everything was held in place impeccably. He was a fly caught in a silken web. He twisted and writhed just for the feel of it-lovely light rubbing all over his body and genitals.

Stephan remembered where he was. He was a political prisoner of sorts in Craven, here to vote on behalf of Aidos. He remembered the anger of the boy in the whirlpool... he must have been gassed, and brought here, and trussed up in his slumber. The piece playing in the room was one he knew from somewhere, something about the beauty and cruelty of nature. But now it seemed a song of longing for his own organ... sad and sincere. He laughed.

To sleep and then to dinner… that’s what Dmitri said. Someone would be coming for him, he had no idea when. He had nothing to do but think. Stephan was a politician by trade, and a good one. He was used to the art of strategy. This was a good time to make sense of things and form a plan of action.

Stephan’s erection made it difficult for him to concentrate. He was annoyed that he was even aroused. Even before he passed out, had made up his mind not to humor the games of Craven’s politicians. He was morally offended at the abuse of power they were showing. How spoiled they were, to have developed a culture where the vote was taken for granted. They just couldn’t relate to peoples who actually had something to lose and something to gain in all this, who took it seriously. Despite his convictions, the erection he had upon waking was now effectively harnessed in silk. They were clever. And it wasn’t only that… he felt sure the sponge that knocked him out also had some aphrodisiac in it. He was full of sexual thoughts… and his nerve endings were charged, every tactile sensation heightened. He felt as if his very skin was caffeinated.

And he had to admit… that still wasn’t everything. He was a dirty, dirty, boy. He absolutely loved being tied up, whether in tough leather or soft silk. He loved the suspense of when and where he would be touched. He relished domination, he reveled in sexual attention, and he longed to please his master. He had long known that his attraction spread to both men and women… and of the men it was the large, strong ones he preferred. It frightened him that he had fantasized about submission to one of these, sure that it meant mental and physical abuse would follow, and he avoided the topic. But he was enjoying this, more than he ever thought he would, it was unbelievably exciting to him. He thrashed around on the bed, just to feel his restraints, to feel how helpless he was, and to massage his body and cock in silk and pleasurable sensation. He reveled in his frustration and titillation. Balancing on his palms, pressed down flat against the bed, he thrust his pelvis up as far as he could, just to feel the silk ribbon press more deeply between his buttocks, and tickle his little opening. He blushed under his blindfold, aware that he was acting like a shameless little slut, and that part of him always would be one. In some ways the blindfold freed him to do it. Just as his gag had given him license to moan like an animal without feeling silly, the blindfold gave him license to do things that would have made him feel foolish if he could see himself.

Stephan had two masters to date… Giant Bristol was one. He smiled to remember their brief moment, the first bondage fantasy in his life to occur outside of his mind. That moment could never be replaced. What he could do for him… he saw himself kneeling before him, taking his cock in his mouth deep enough to press his face against his well muscled pelvis… and he was unconflicted. Bristol was from Aidos. Not only that, he was a productive citizen, he was one of the people Stephan was fighting for, even as Bristol supported him by flying him to and from their homeland, and with his encouragement. Nothing was too good for Bristol, Stephan decided. Certainly not his own cock, mouth, ass…

But what about Dmitri? He had been the first man to penetrate Stephan, the first to strip him, the first to put him in heavy restraints and force him to submit, the first to collar him, the first to leash him and pull on his neck as if he were a beast. The first to praise his beauty, and tell him he was the irresistible sex object he always wanted to be, and caress his neck and chest tenderly… The first to demand his obedience. And none of that could ever be replaced either.

He hungered for Dmitri, but how could he reconcile that with the fact that he was working for the enemy? He was actually working for Craven. He as an instrument of the oppression of Stephan’s people, and one of the men responsible for preventing him from doing his job…
Suddenly Stephan came to a realization. He was sheepish around Bristol because he felt ineffectual. In many situations, Stephan knew he was useless. He was financially spoiled-rarified. Silk sheets were not foreign to him, though silk bonds certainly were. He was not mechanically inclined, could barely think in 3D, and wasn’t particularly coordinated, except for digital and oral dexterity. On the other hand, his logic was sharp, ridiculously so, and he was very learned, even overeducated.

But there was one thing he could always feel good about. He fought for and helped secure the vote for Aidos. He believed in his job and he was truly great at it. And it made a difference-a measurable, tangible difference in people’s lives. There was no way he could relinquish his vote or allow it to be coerced. He would vote his conscience, no matter how crazy he went, no matter how loud his cock screamed at him.

This experience showed Stephan that there was another way he could feel useful and fulfilled as well-giving pleasure. Why must these two purposes be placed at odds! He was hurt and disappointed that he could not offer Dmitri his passion. It felt like Christmas had been canceled. He let out a deep, long sigh that emptied and cleansed him. He was saddened, but it felt good to have things straight in his head, after such a confusing day.

Stephan heard a door, then heavy, brisk, footsteps. He grew frightful, but tried to steel himself. The footsteps stopped at the side of the bed, but the man remained silent. Stephan was shocked to realize that he knew this man, by his smell alone, and with only that, his cock stiffened in its trussing. There was something far too elemental about his attraction to this man for him to control it with his reason. His body whiffed the body musk of its master, and his cock saluted. Scary. He did not even have the control he thought he had… what was plan B?

Remaining silent, Dmitri leaned over and kissed Stephan’s cheek. Stephan turned his head as if to look, but of course he saw only darkness. His breathing deepened slightly. He felt a hand run down his neck, his chest, his left hip, and down his beautifully sculpted leg, to the bottom of his foot, where he began a playful tickling. Stephan shrieked, and then laughed. Dmitri didn’t stop, and Stephan was yelling and laughing and finally yelling, “No!” But he was smiling. The ice was broken, and before he even spoke, Dmitri had won his slave with his charm.

“Stephan, it’s me. I’ve missed you. Oh you should see yourself, you are too pretty. I bet you didn’t know, but these silk ribbons you are tied with-they are black and so dramatic against your creamy skin… and each knot ends with a black silk bow! You look just like a Greek god, wrapped up like a birthday present! And I’m the birthday boy!” He tickled Stephan’s cock as he spoke. Stephan laughed, and then smiled, wiggling his cock in Dmitri’s hand.

Stephan remembered himself and grew still. Dmitri boarded the bed, and sat over Stephan, straddling his waist. “I need a face to go with this cock.” Dmitri laughed, delighted with himself, and gently pulled Stephan’s blindfold off. He let out a loud dramatic sound, somewhere between a sigh and an “Oh!” to show how elementally impressed he was by what he saw. “You’ve got cheekbones made for sucking cock, Son! And they look pretty too! And look, here’s a nice, big, swarthy cock right in your face! Small world.”

Dmitri moved up, squatting over Stephan’s head, moving his cock in place near Stephan’s flushed lips. Stephan was overwhelmed by his captor’s dark hair, olive skin, brash, proud smile, and broad shoulders. Particularly unsettling was the black leather armband he wore. It was high on his arm, encircling a very large and imposing muscle, bearing the insignia of the Craven Governmental Guard. It made Stephan’s cock throb with admiration, and his head turn away in refusal.

“I thought I could control my own penis, but I was naive. You’re too much. You’re making me drool. I have a crush on you like I’m a fourteen year old girl and you’re the football hero--it’s ridiculous. I’d love to suck you right now, but I can’t. You can do a lot to me, but I am at least going to resist.”

Dmitri looked at him with surprise and concern. He knew he had an effect on Stephan, and he expected an immediate and enthusiastic blowjob when he presented himself. But he thought he knew where Stephan was going with his speech. He was ready to comfort him and admire him… but he let him finish, anticipating the moment-the moment where he would find out that this gorgeous specimen underneath him was as beautiful inside as he was outside.

“I am here to vote on behalf of the people who elected me. This isn’t a game to them and it can’t be a game to me. You people are coercing votes from nations who can’t defend themselves. It’s bullying, and it deeply offends me. Sex games are great. Craven does have some things right. Filth should be your main export, you’d be even richer. But I don’t have the luxury to play right now. And it makes me sad, because I really, really want to suck your cock.” He stopped, waiting for the result. He wasn’t supposed to be hurt, but would Dmitri be angry? Would he give him one of those harsh gags that the bathing boy told him about? This man could make him miserable if he wanted to. Best not to think about it.

Dmitri let the moment wash over him… he was bathed in a golden sort of heat inside. He moved his meaty hand to Stephan’s cheek and turned his head so that he looked him in the face. “Stephan, beautiful boy, I have a secret… and you must take it very seriously. I am on your side. The less you know the better. I’m not giving you details. You must trust me and obey me without question. But know that I am going to make sure you get to vote your conscience. I’m working against our political tactics from the inside. If my cover is blown, I’ll never get inside again.”

“I’m going to believe you if you say you’re telling the truth. Don’t mess with me.”

“I’m telling the truth. Do you promise to keep the secret? And act like you would if I never told you?”

Stephan nodded. They looked at each other for almost five minutes, first each in wonder at the other… then they used each other as a sweet visual drink, getting a long uninterrupted look. Finally, Stephan strained to lift his head and neck until he touched the tip of Dmitri’s engorged cock with his lips. Dmitri grinned, the huge healthy grin of a lifeguard, and made it easier for Stephan, lowering his cock into his mouth. Stephan took the entire length of it into his mouth and sucked his cheeks in around it. He wanted Dmitri to get an eyeful of those cocksucking cheekbones at work. Stephan winked at Dmitri, and Dmitri smiled back at him and nodded, understanding. Stephan worked Dmitri’s great cock, from all the way in his throat to the tip, a lip smacking on the end, and then down deep again, over and over again, making a soft, wet, vacuum out of his mouth. Dmitri knelt over him, moaning and smiling, for a long while, until Stephan’s neck started to give out. Then Dmitri took Stephan’s head in his hands and lowered it down to the bed, and told him to keep still. He switched around, and sat on Stephan’s face, himself facing away from his slave, draping his balls over his nose and forehead, and fucked Stephan’s mouth. It was easier on Stephan this way, but it made his rigid cock, so far away, and suspended in silk bondage, seem even more vulnerable, and more ignored. When Stephan thought he would pass out, Dmitri finally withdrew. He leant over his prisoner, and lovingly licked all the moisture off his face, and kissed him deeply and passionately. As he did, Stephan could feel his hard cock pressing into his taut belly. Dmitri jumped off the bed and grabbed the discarded silk blindfold and touched it to Stephan’s lips, saying, “Open.” Stephan obediently opened his mouth for Dmitri to gag him, and he did, tying the strip of cloth tightly at the back of Stephan’s neck.

Dmitri went to the foot of the bed, and untied one of Stephan’s ankles, retying it to a pulley that was moored at the top middle of the bed canopy, on the left side. He did the same thing with Stephan’s other ankle. Then he pulled on a black silk rope, also hanging from the canopy. As he did, Stephan’s ankles began to rise, up, until they were at a 90 degree angle to his body, and then past that point. They were pulled far apart and up to the canopy. Dmitri kept pulling until Stephan’s anus was nicely exposed to him. He looked at his wide eyed, exhilarated prisoner and smiled a devilish smile. He dabbed something on the end of his own cock, and massaged a little into Stephan’s waiting opening.

“My last trip to your ass was so brief! I felt like a tourist. This time I’m really going to get to know the locals.”
He mounted Stephan, and forced his cock, roughly and all at once, into his tight opening. Stephan grunted into his gag. Dmitri fucked him with everything he had, occasionally pumping Stephan’s cock with one hand. Sometimes he steadied himself on one or more of Stephan’s raised legs, rubbing his face into the delectable flesh of his calves. If he head got tired, he would let his head droop to his chest, and inhale the smell of Stephan’s musk as he thrust in and out of him. He grunted, smiled, grimaced… alternately, for what seemed like forever to Stephan.
The feeling for him was intense, a mix of pain and pleasure that became its own indivisible hybrid. He moaned and chewed on his gag, and grabbed at the silk sheets under his imprisoned wrists, thrashing his head back and forth on the bed, then looking straight at Dmitri, worshipping him. He loved his muscles, rugged features, and stark, dark hair. Dmitri’s cock inside him was incredibly satisfying.

Dmitri watched his pretty blonde boy struggle in his bonds, and studied the pleasure and excitement on his face, and the way his cheeks began to glow pink. He loved being inside him--taking him. He took Stephan’s cock in his hand, and massaged it, relishing the moans it brought on. The little silk ribbons and bows, in concert with Dmitri’s meaty paw, gave Stephan’s cock a rare and wonderful friction. When Stephan’s muscles began to tense and tremble, Dmitri let go of his penis. Stephan whined and thrust his hips toward the receding fist, then growled and gave up. Dmitri did this two more times, before he himself came in a crashing torrent of fluid and feeling, slapping Stephan’s thighs for his trademark frenetic orgasm.

“Oh that was good!” He wiped his brow, exhausted, and obviously amazed with how good it was for him. He dismounted his slave and the bed. He kissed Stephan’s cheek. Stephan looked at him accusingly, and angrily.
“Yes that’s right. You aren’t going to have an orgasm.”

Stephan saw red. He was hot and flushed with anger, and hurt that he had been betrayed. But all he could do was emit muffled growls and unintelligible curses, and thrash helplessly. Dmitri stood silently and solidly next to the bed for a few minutes, just watching Stephan writhe.
“That’s so hot. I have to get you ready for dinner, but I’d love to just stay and watch this!” Stephan was about to exhaust himself completely. He fell still for moment and looked imploringly at Dmitri. Tears were starting to well up in his eyes.

“Oh, no, beautiful boy. It’s OK.” He laughed indulgently as he spoke, in low, soothing tones, and petted his captive’s chest. “I went too far for you. I should have been more careful. Most slaves are used to teasing… but I forget you have not been one. And I’ll admit, I loved watching you struggle... huff and puff. And when the time comes, I’ll enjoy satisfying you even more than I would right now. And you’ll enjoy it more as well. For, now, you must simply trust me. You aren’t yet a good enough actor to play at being sexually frustrated in front of all the powers that be here in Craven. Our cover must not be blown. Tonight, when you appear before your contemporaries, and the ruling class of Craven, notice how you act, how you feel, how you look, and remember it. You’ll need to use it later. I’m sure you’ve guessed that you’ll be restrained during dinner, and under my charge, as I have been able to arrange. Lucky me!”

Dmitri paused to cradle Stephan’s chin with his hand, and turn his head, so that their faces were close, and their eyes met. He deepened and steeled his tone as he continued, not breaking eye contact. “I require and I command that you obey me swiftly, without question, and to the best of your abilities. Am I understood?” Stephan’s eyes looked resigned, and crestfallen, but there was no less admiration in them. He nodded gently.
“Excellent. I’ll be right back.”

Dmitri returned shortly with another guard and an assistant from the bathhouse. He gave orders for Stephan to be sponged clean, and his hair to be combed. When Stephan was readied, Dmitri gave a further command. “Angus, harness him with the set in the closet, the dark brown stuff. It’s all together, polished and ready. And you help him Luther. I’m going out for a smoke. If I stay and watch this, I’ll spray all over myself, and that’s no way for a civilized young man to come to table!”

The other guard laughed with him and said, “I may not do much better!”

“Watch it, Pal!” Dmitri lunged forward and stuck out his fist, in mock threat. He winked at Stephan, and was gone.

Stephan followed Dmitri with his eyes. He missed the secure feeling of just him and Dmitri alone. He was a little bit afraid, but also intrigued. What kind of harness was this? And how would this guard treat him? He began to suspect that neither of these two would be interested in angering Dmitri, and felt safer.

Angus was a fiery redhead with a jolly, lively face, shorter and stockier than Dmitri, and bore the same black leather armband. He opened a great black cabinet and brought something over to the bedside, while Luther opened the black bow holding Stephan’s right wrist and advised him to stretch. Then Dmitri wrapped a gorgeous dark brown leather cuff around it, and buckled it tight. The cuff bore 4 gold D rings in regular intervals around it. Around the top and bottom was an ornate sort of gold stitch pattern. Next came a matching collar, which bore 4 golden O rings. Angus tethered Stephan’s wrist to his collar, and applied the other wrist cuff, attaching it to the other side of Stephan’s collar. Stephan hoped this was only temporary, as he felt thoroughly ridiculous. Luther untied all of the black silk bonds except for the ones holding Stephan’s ankles. Then Angus cuffed his ankles one by one, and lowered his legs. He and Luther helped Stephan to sit up, and then to stand. He then fastened a chain between his ankles, just about three inches long. His elbows hung down from his collar in front of him, and his wrists were limp, as if he were doing a bunny impression. He stood very still, because if he moved he would hop, and that would shame him further. He burned with humiliation. Angus wrapped a wide strap of matching leather around his waist, and buckled it in back. The rich brown leather was broken in the front by a large gold ring that lay flat against him. There were 8 gold O rings attached to this strap. Then Angus added a strap from Stephan’s collar to his waist, in front and back. Then came another strap, from this central gold ring, down to his cock, which was fitted with a matching leather cock ring, then the strap continued after the ring, between his legs and up between his buttocks, buckling to the back of the waist strap. There was a hole with a gold circle embroidered around it, for access to Stephan’s tight little anus. Angus tightened all of these straps for a secure and perfect fit. He then fastened larger cuffs around Stephan’s upper arms. Then last step was a set of sort of kneepads. In the front they matched the rest of his harnessing, in the back they were stretchy, dark brown moleskin, for comfort. Every piece of Stephan’s bondage featured gold rings. He was greatly relieved when Angus released his wrists from his collar, and hooked them to the sides of his waist strap. Then the short chain between his ankles was released.

Luther handed some other piece of harnessing to Angus, and untied Stephan’s silk gag. Stephan was staring at what he assumed was his new gag, trying to figure it out. He didn’t have long to wonder. Angus pushed a roll of the same dark brown embroidered leather back between Stephan’s teeth. On either side of this leather bar were strong gold rings, to which were attached straps that Angus buckled tightly to the back of his head. When he gasped, in an effort to arrange his breath and his tongue, Angus took the opportunity to pull the bit even tighter.

Stephan was truly shocked. He was getting used to being gagged, and even appreciating it. It saved him the trouble of useless verbal rebellion, and thinking up cutting things to say. And it released him to moan in pleasure, with less shame. It saved him the shame of talking to people he was not equal to because of his subjugation. His bondage made him helpless and vulnerable, but the gag was the completion of it, the part that left no question of independence, and therefore put his mind at ease. The one time he really had something to say, when he confronted Dmitri about his politics, he had been left ungagged.

This disturbing thing, the new shock, was that this was a bit, like a horse would wear. He was harnessed like a beast of burden. He was offended, and fascinated, and finally very, very hot. His cock began to throb anew as Angus attached thin and delicate leather reins to the rings at the sides of his face. He then skillfully looped the reins into a loose knot and fastened the end of the bundle to a ring on Stephan’s back. Luther clasped a pretty braided leash onto his collar in the back, and led him to the far wall of the room. He pulled down on the leash until Stephan was standing on his knees. He tethered the leash to a ring on the wall, and had Stephan spread his knees apart on the floor. He then fastened his ankle cuffs together, and fastened them both to his waist strap with a short chain. Angus stood back to observe his work.

“Oh wow. You won’t be here long, Dmitri will be spiriting you off to dinner, but this is my little present to him. He’s going to love this presentation. I love the way your hips are thrust forward. It gives me a great view of your hard cock. That’s the beauty of this harness. Dmitri can position you any way he wants to, tether you, chain you, to anything he wants, by whatever part of you he wishes, quickly and easily.” His eyes wandered down to the little gold ring that dangled from Stephan’s cockring. “You know what I’d love? To put a leash on your cock and lead you around the park across the city. But Dmitri is giving off a definite ‘Don’t play with my toy’ vibe. Hell, even you can’t play with his toy!” He smirked at Stephan’s rigid, tortured sex, and retreated.

Dmitri returned, rushing inside, full of energy. The outside air had clearly refreshed him. He bustled over to Stephan. He grinned big and said, “Oh yes! I’ll take one in every color! That’s amazing!” He caressed Stephan’s cock with one hand, and his own with the other, and then stopped; looking into Stephan’s intoxicated eyes. It excited Stephan just to be in Dmitri’s presence again, and he loved being presented for him.
“Okay, time to go.”

Chapter Four

Dmitri pushed Stephan’s knees back together, and undid his wrists, connecting them in front of Stephan’s body with an 18 inch gold chain, light but strong.

“Down on all fours!” he commanded. Stephan scrambled to obey. Then Dmitri unfastened Stephan’s ankles, and connected them with a chain of the same length. He chained Stephan’s kneepad cuffs together with another identical chain. Then he chained Stephan’s right wrist cuff to his right ankle cuff, and the same on the other side. Those chains were long enough for him to remain on all fours and to crawl, but not long enough that he could stand. Then he took Stephan’s leash off and hooked it onto his own tool belt. He brought out a gold trimmed paddle in the same dark red-brown leather. He lightly paddled Stephan’s buttocks until he moved to face the door. Then he unhooked the coiled reins from Stephan’s back and lifted them high, raising Stephan’s head sharply up.

“Ok, pretty boy, here’s the deal. You crawl on the floor ahead of me, and I’ll direct you with the reins. If you go the wrong way or not fast enough, or try to stand up, I’ll paddle your sweet buttocks. The most you’ll feel is a sting, but it will still get your attention! And keep that head up. If I have to pull it up all the time I will, but I’ll be cross with you. You are a gorgeous man, and I’m more than a little proud of myself that I’m in charge of you. Make me even prouder with your grace, pride, and obedience. Touch your cock, and I’ll have to do something else with your hands. And you mustn’t use your hands to eat either. Just lap, and lick, and bite.”

Stephan’s head reeled. The hairs on his back stood up. He received his first swat on the rump, as Dmitri shouted “GO!” and it sent a shudder of sensation through his body. He vibrated with excitement, and somehow when that vibration trickled over the delicate skin in his anus, it felt woefully empty. He was afraid of disappointing Dmitri. He had in a sense been put on a pedestal by his master, and he knew how it would hurt if he fell off. He began crawling on the floor at a rather brisk pace to match the rhythm of the paddle and the volume of Dmitri’s voice.  He felt the first pull of the reins, his head was jerked up and back, and Dmitri pulled on the right rein more than the left, angling Stephan’s head.

“You see? I turn your head, and then you just crawl in the direction it would take for you to be looking straight ahead again.” Stephan loved the cruel pressure of the leather bar on the inside of his mouth, loved when it was pulled deeper into his mouth, on one side or the other. Being driven like an animal was exciting and confusing for him. He felt he should be a lot more ashamed than he was. But in fact, he was savoring the tinkle of the gold chains, and their cool smoothness when they brushed his naked flesh. He was, he thought, beginning to get the hang of it. He decided to sway his hips back and forth provocatively as he crawled.

They pulled into a wide hallway. Dmitri praised his charge. “I love this view of your butt. That strap cutting between your cheeks is just too much. You’re doing just fine! Don’t worry, pretty boy.”

Dmitri happily drove Stephan down the hall. Soon the traffic increased, as other hallways crossed the main one. Everyone was en route to the dining hall. There were groups of two and three guards, with bare chests, armbands, and trousers, walking and talking amiably. There were lots of other characters as well, in outfits that clashed radically. Some wore suits; some wore velvet robes and slippers. A woman in a red vinyl version of the china doll dress, floor length and with a train, stopped and greeted Dmitri, taking time to fuss over the beautiful Stephan and pet him on the rear. A man in black leather pants and a basic non binding chest harness laughed with Dmitri. Stephan was getting very shy and Dmitri pulled up on his reins, so the man could see Stephan’s face and chest.
“Show off!” he teased Dmitri, and ran on ahead.

Stephan resolved again to keep his head up, and took in the sights. There were people looking confused, and people looking right at home. And then there were more people like Stephan himself. Another guard was driving his two charges, a young man and woman, in much the same way as Stephan was being driven. They looked as overwhelmed as he did. The woman had long blond hair in French braids, and big blue eyes. The man had short auburn hair and dark brown eyes, with expressive, bushy eyebrows, that made him look shifty whenever he glanced around. The guard had them harnessed together and held reins attached to rings on the outsides of both their bits. Their harnessing was as black and simple as Stephan’s was ornate. There was one interesting aspect of their bondage that caught Stephan’s eye. Each of their nipples were pinched with tiny black leather covered clamps. Their inner nipples were attached together with a short chain, perhaps to force them to keep position side by side, and their outer nipples were attached to their reins by a long thin leather strap. When the guard pulled the reins to the right, the man’s bit was pulled deeper, and his nipple was tugged on. And when the guard pulled the reins to the left, the woman got an extra taste of leather deep in her mouth and a titillating tug on her nipple. He couldn’t help thinking she must be much more sensitive to this technique than he was. It was an ingenious combination of discipline and teasing. Stephan was hypnotized by the gentle swaying of the woman’s breasts and the graceful arch of the man’s back. He wondered if he looked anything like them, and where they were from, and what they were being coerced to do, and if they had any allies on the inside…..

Stephan’s thoughts were interrupted by a whack on the ass, and his head was pulled back to the front. “Behave yourself, Stephan. Pay attention, and keep moving.”

Stephan tried to control himself. Up ahead of him another pair emerged from a crossing hallway. A nicely built very dark skinned woman had charge of a man. She wore the badge of the guard on her large bicep. In fact, she had HUGE biceps for a woman. Her hair was dark brown and barely shoulder length, and she wore the front of it pulled back away from her face, revealing a strong bone structure and almost black eyes. Unlike the male guards she didn’t go bare-chested, but wore a spaghetti strapped shiny tank top, which contrasted appealingly with her baggy black trousers and heavy boots.

Behind her was a muscular man, big enough to be a guard. He was naked except for a harness that fit around his waist and thighs, and appeared to hold a large butt plug inside of him. Connected to this piece was a cock harness made of leather straps and rings. The cockring at the base of his organ was buckled tight and was connected to a leash, held by his female handler. His wrists were bound together and fastened to the back of his tall discipline collar. His ankles were held together by a short chain, and in his mouth was the biggest ball gag Stephan had ever seen, crammed into his mouth with an efficient head harness. It all looked a little severe. Stephan thought this must be the gag that the boy who bathed him was talking about. This guy had probably been very rebellious. He wondered if he was led by a female guard just because it would piss him off, knowing that though she was strong, she wouldn’t stand a chance if his limbs were free.

Soon enough Stephan got to see him from the front, because his restricted legs slowed him down and Dmitri and Stephan passed him. Stephan was almost sure he recognized him! His name was Aeneas, and he was the delegate from Romulus’s Territory Three! Stephan and he actually had a fairly good repaired developed. Stephan was always attracted to him, loving his wit and delicately caramel skin. They came close to blatant flirting at more than one political function. He was funny, that Aeneas, always asking for a sip of Stephan’s drink, and then waiting until it was already on the edge of Stephan’s lips to take a sip, putting them dangerously close to kissing. It usually made Stephan spew his drink or drop it. When Stephan imagined it, Aeneas was taking charge. It was strange to see him submitting. Aeneas looked angry and confused. It was clear what was making him angry. Perhaps his rock hard cock was the source of his confusion. Stephan looked back at him with urgent eyes, looking for a sign of recognition. But he had a hard time focusing on his face when he couldn’t take his eyes off that rigid cock. It was even bigger and prettier than he imagined it would be, and it made him drool around his bit.

SWAT!! It was the hardest blow yet. Stephan wondered SWAT!! if SWAT!! OK, Dmitri was mad. He was pulling his reins back harshly and driving him quickly forward. Stephan began to panic, wondering if he could keep this new pace without losing his balance and falling over. Instinctively he knew what happened. Dmitri didn’t like him staring at another man’s cock. He silently vowed to be the picture of devotion at dinner. His buttocks were smarting, but he was strangely gratified. He knew this was an emotional response on his master’s part, and the fact that he couldn’t control himself could be attributed to his feelings for his captive.

Everything was making him so hot, he couldn’t think. And then the smells starting wafting past him… cumin... roasted meat… garlic… orange…. wine.. cocoa… what else? Something pickled, something infused in herbs, poultry? Butter and cinnamon, browning together… and then he realized how hungry he was. And why not? He hadn’t eaten since that morning. It had been a long day with many exertions, emotional and physical. He was weary from struggling against his various restraints, and from the efforts of vigorous sex. His body cried out to be replenished. He became very aware of his belly, and how empty it felt. All together, the state of Stephan’s body and mind was unique and vexing. He was clean, and his skin was silky and wonderful smelling. He was well rested. His bonds were comfortable and stimulating. At the same time, he was achy, hungry, aroused, and anxious, and SWAT!! preoccupied with the fast and furious paddling of his buttocks. He cried out instinctively behind his bit with each wallop. It wasn’t that painful, just shocking, but if it continued much longer, it might really be hard to endure with composure.

He hustled along on the floor, looking straight ahead, with graceful (he hoped) posture and a trampy dip in his hip, to please Dmitri, and soon enough they were entering the dinner hall. It had a powerful effect on Stephan. The ceiling were impossibly high, and at the end of the eyeballs trip up to its level there was a great gold painted window that cast an unearthly and regal light on all people and objects below. Cathedrals were built this way to make worshippers feel awe. Stephan reminded himself that God didn’t actually build Cathedrals, and no supernatural benefactor built this place either. There wasn’t much like this in Aidos. He was up against, so to speak, a large and imposing structure. But they were all just human beings, not gods, and heroes are in part defined by their struggles. What a dirty hero he would make. He laughed to himself. He wouldn’t be able to tell his triumphant story to his mother!

Dmitri drove Stephan on along the side of a very long table that looked to be made on black onyx, trimmed along the edges with white ivory and gold. It was heaped with all sorts of wonderful food, releasing amazing smells into the air. Stephan struggled not to salivate so much that he would drool over his bit. Officials of Craven, representatives of more powerful peoples, and guards were sitting at the table on ornate chairs, in suits, robes, or the various fashions of their nations, whatever they chose. And interspersed among these privileged parties were the representatives from lesser nations, as well as, Stephan picked up, private slaves from Craven.

The naked and bound diners were arranged in a variety of ways, according to the whim of their masters. One young man was hog tied, kneeling on the floor next to his guard, chained by the neck to a convenient ring on the end of the table, which he was too low to see over. When it suited him, the guard would pop a meatball or a roasted vegetable into his mouth. He looked like a pet begging for table scraps. A plump woman was sitting on the knee of a suited official, with her arms tied behind her back, being fed by hand. An Asian man was planted on a stool and strapped down to it. The alarmed look on his face made Stephan guess at what else was holding him on his perch, as he nibbled on cherries fed to him by a majestic looking black man. The man would stain his captive’s lips with the juice, trailing the cherry along his lips, and then push it in, or hold a cherry in his teeth and have the bound man eat it from his mouth.

Stephan was horrified and fascinated by all that he saw. Anticipation filled him as he wondered what would happen to him, how would he be forced to face this meal? Would he ride Dmitri’s knee? He hoped to God his ass wouldn’t be invaded. While he worried, Dmitri drove him further down along the side of the enormous table. He crawled before the paddle until they finally reached the other end of the table. No chair was placed at this head of the table, but it was fitted with a ramp to the floor, so that someone could walk, or crawl, up on it. Dmitri proudly whacked him on the ass and pulled his head up uncomfortably high, so everyone could see his pretty boy’s graceful neck and bitted mouth, and even catch a glimpse of his cock and balls from the front. He drove Stephan up on to the table, and walked up the ramp and down the cleared off part of the table after him.

Soon Stephan was face to face, almost, with the pink exposed sex of a female representative. Dmitri pulled back on his reins when he was about two feet away.

The blonde girl with French braids that Stephan watched in the hallway sat up on the table with her legs spread far apart, leaning back on her hands. Her wrists and ankles were fastened to the ends of the table in that position. Her designated guard motioned to the waiter with his hand, and he brought a bowl of glistening, bright red sliced strawberries and a silver decanter of freshly made zabaglione. He carefully placed strawberry pieces inside her vagina, and when he ran out of room, he piled the rest of them in front of her opening, and in and around her nether lips and her pale, sculpted thighs. He passed off the bowl to a waitress, and took up the zabaglione decanter, and poured it over all the strawberries. Her eyes were wide with surprise and confusion, but not any real distress.

The blonde girl and Stephan had something in common other than their hair color. They were both in an overtaxed state of anticipation, terribly aroused and unsatisfied, and terribly hungry, tempted by delicacies around them. Stephan tried to move forward to do what he was sure he was meant to do, eat strawberries and sauce off the girl. He came up against the end of his leash. Dmitri was holding it steadily and silently. The pressure reminded Stephan of his bit gag, of course he could not eat at all until Dmitri removed it. He could not take his eyes of the blonde. Her flesh was just plump enough, just rounded enough, that she looked as ripe and luscious to him as any of the fruits on display. He didn’t know which he wanted more, the dessert or the waiting pussy beneath, and one desire inflamed the other. He looked intently and desperately from her sex to her round and delicious breasts, and up to her face. She caught his stare, and her face flushed immediately, her cheeks pink as her nipples. She arched her back, winked at him, and smiled subtly with her mouth closed. She moved her pelvis against the table, in a fairly obvious attempt at invitation. Stephan hoped she was getting excited enough for him that she added her own wetness to the feast between her thighs. He couldn’t wait to smell it, if only he could get close enough.

Dmitri rested his hand on Stephan’s left buttock and rubbed affectionately. “Would you like your face in that, Stephan?” It was a silly question, Dmitri knew he did, he was just teasing. Stephan nodded his head emphatically and moaned. “Behave yourself and you’ll get your face where you want it. Now round your back.” Stephan obeyed. “That’s right, the opposite of an arch.”

Dmitri clipped the regular leash onto the back of Stephan’s collar, and asked the waiter to remove the bit and reins. Stephan stretched his mouth open and closed, and licked his chops. He was distracted and began to flatten his back out again, when Dmitri whacked him on the buttock he wasn’t massaging, and demanded, “Round! Keep that position until I tell you different.” In case he was thinking of looking anywhere but at the blonde girl, he couldn’t. He was enraptured.

A short woman with a high black ponytail came and sat down on a plush stool to the left side of the table, wielding a large, long, beautiful red feather. A woman who could have been her twin, only with pigtails, sat down on the opposite side, with a similar feather, colored deep black. This woman stroked Stephan’s penis with her feather. Oh, the teasing was sweet to him and annoying too. Then the first woman began to tickle him also, this time on his stomach.

“Suck your stomach in.” Dmitri commanded, Stephan obeyed, bewildered. He began to giggle lightly, and sway his back to avoid the feathers, for which we receive a loud SWAT! from Dmitri and a harsh “HOLD STILL! No squirming, Stephan.” His body quivered and panicked as he was harassed. He became hyperaware of his belly, and how empty it was. Everything was being titillated. Stephan was on overload, drooling, hungry, hot, hard, quivering, and struggling to obey Dmitri by not moving. It was almost too much to take. He bit his lip to keep from laughing or wailing. His face flushed hot.

“Now I want you to try and crawl forward. I may let you go, or I may hold you back. Then you just try it again.” Stephan lunged forward towards the blonde’s crotch. Dmitri pulled him back hard with the leash. He moaned, and the tickling and teasing continued. Dmitri joined in with a small feather in one hand, and traced little patterns with it on Stephan’s exposed anus. Stephan was so stressed and overwrought; he thought he was dying of a helium overdose. He wanted to cry from the unbearably heightened sensation. He moved his arms and legs forward again desperately. Dmitri yanked him back; bringing his hands slightly off the floor for a moment, and gave him a whack on the rump. This time Stephan’s moan sounded almost like a roar. He grunted and bucked, trying to move forward, away from his tormentors. Dmitri pulled him back and whacked him again. He strained with his whole body and all his might, and beads of perspiration broke out on him. The paddling was making him angry in a very primal way. He felt like an animal--like a lion behind iron bars, looking at a pile of raw meat. The blonde could see it in his eyes. She was almost afraid of him, but more than anything she wanted this wild animal to ravage her, and she struggled to sway her hips provocatively along the table. In her private devilish thoughts, she wished it was she who held his leash. Her eyes lingered long on the gold chains that kept him in check, and on his knees. Over and over he charged, and strained, and was jerked back by his master, all the while being driven mad by the feathers in his most sensitive places. Stephan tried again, charging at the girl, his breath labored, his face red, droplets of sweat running down his shoulders, unable to contain his moans. Finally Dmitri did not stop him.

Stephan nearly leapt forward, and Dmitri let him get his face between the girl’s legs. She gasped-her face bright and happy. Stephan began licking at her thighs. The zabaglione was so sweet and creamy, and he picked up strawberry slices in his teeth. Ripened to perfection. Dmitri encouraged him, “Don’t be timid now, pretty boy. There’s a big bowl of water to the left of her, and you can rinse your face in there any time you need to.”
With that he dove into her pussy, not caring if the creamy dessert got on his nose or forehead. He had to taste her own juices, first and foremost. He thrust his tongue into her opening and caught a strawberry in his teeth. He inhaled deeply, drunk with the earthy yet innocent aroma, and then he scooped up a side dish of her wetness with his tongue and savored it in his mouth along with the fruit. It was the perfect mingling of sweet and salty.

The girl gasped with delight, and slight fear. Would the extrication of strawberries hurt her? Or feel good? Or both? She closed her eyes to savor the lively sensation in her sex, and then had to open it again to see this gorgeous man at work. The two petite girls did not stop their feathered ministrations, and continued to tantalize his penis and torment his abs. Dmitri kept tickling his nether opening, and whacking him every now and then just to make him grunt and try to get away-to keep him worked up.

Finally Stephan had all the strawberries out of the blonde (who was writhing like mad) and into his belly. He needed a drink. He pulled on his leash to dunk his head in the bowl of cool clear water. He moved it from side to side, rinsing himself, and then pulled his head out. Dmitri had the waiter towel off Stephan’s face. Then the waiter produced a bottle of sparkling dry white wine. He opened the bottle, took a slow and unctuous swig, and then held the bottle to the girl’s lips. She drank heartily. Her mouth was dry from gasping and panting, and she was tired from straining. He then overturned the bottle on the blonde, who cried out from the cold and the carbonation on her skin.

“Clean her up, Stephan.” The command from Dmitri was exactly what Stephan was hoping for. Dmitri let him get as far as her breasts, which he cleansed thoroughly first. She looked like she was in heaven. Dmitri loved this dry and clear cure for the sweet zabaglione, and the saltiness of her skin. Then he licked down her belly, lingering on the little pool of wine in her taut little belly button.  Stephan looked over the rest of her, and decided to save the best for last. Her thighs were still wet; he would take care of them next. He relished the opportunity to be the tease for once. The blonde was whining and writhing, and biting her lip. Her guard, though hard as a rock under his trousers from watching it, took pity on her delicate pucker and gave her something else to chew on. He sat on the table behind her, straddling her, so that she could feel his hard organ through the fabric of his pants, pressing between her buttocks, and reached around to place two fingers in her mouth. She seized on them immediately, sucking, biting, pacified.

Stephan was relieved when he could get back to his favorite creamy white furrow. As he licked and kissed her lips, her opening, the flesh all around them, she began to tremble ever so slightly, and bite her guard a little harder. Stephan thought of her guard’s hard cock at her back and was jealous. Even if Dmitri let him try to put his cock in her-as he so badly wanted to-his chains would get in the way. Stephan went in for the kill, drunk on her earthy scent and wine, quickly lapping at the very tip of her clitoris, first up from the left, then up from the right, to try and surprise her nerve endings. It worked. The girl was going crazy, obviously about to climax, and then-----

Dmitri pulled back hard on Stephan’s leash, making him back up, all the way to the end of the table. He commanded Stephan to turn around, and it grated on him that he couldn’t just use the bit and reins to steer him, but this was dinner, time to eat, and it couldn’t be avoided. Stephan obediently turned around and crawled off the table in front of his master. He could hear the blonde’s disappointed cries behind him. He felt badly for her. Yes, he was teased too, but he was never really given hope that his cock would be touched, let alone satisfied. She came so close.
But on the bright side, he had some yummy food in his belly, and the warm stinging in his buttocks actually felt kind of nice-like a massage. He was relieved that Stephan was walking him around the room. He was too worked up to stay still.

They stopped by the chair of a large, blindingly handsome black man, who exchanged pleasantries with Dmitri, and then kneeled with his chest over his chair, spreading his legs as far apart as he could. “He wants you to lick his anus. Don’t worry; he’s the cleanest man in Craven. Never comes to dinner without an immaculate shaft, in case he gets lucky.”

Stephan was shocked, and then chastised himself for it. Why should anything shock him in his current situation? He was new to this act. And he thought, for his first time, how lucky it was that this was such a beautiful and sweet smelling specimen. Dmitri encouraged him with the leash, and he shoved his face between the man’s large, powerful, gleaming buttocks. He tongued the rim first, gratified to hear the pleasant sighs he evoked. Then he thrust his tongue into the man’s shaft, as far as he could, and fucked him with it. The sighs grew stronger, louder, and turned into low moans, in the man’s natural deep bass.

Dmitri pulled back on the leash, and the man sat back on his seat properly, his organ stiff. Dmitri winked at him. “Okay, pay up!”

He began to feed Stephan as he chatted with Dmitri: chunks of ham and cheese, various savory roulades, a meatball in a sweet brown sauce, and the contents of a delicately flavored beef and vegetable kabob. The conversation consisted mainly of entreaties by the black man for Dmitri to pierce him from behind or have his pretty charge do the same. This man was all about his own rear entrance. Dmitri assured him that as soon as he could, he would be more than happy to oblige. When the black man ran out of snacks for Stephan, he followed them up with a chilled, refreshing wine drink. It tasted of peaches, and in fact, there were peach slices floating in the glass, that the man fed to Stephan as a sort of dessert. Then he patted Stephan on the rump and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Stephan wondered if he was one of Craven’s own chosen representatives.

After Dmitri ate his fill and exchanged pleasantries with everyone that a man about town should keep up relations with, he led Stephan back to the same bed he’d been tied to earlier. Stephan was sleepy again after his efforts on the dinner table, and besides, he had no head for wine. That peach dessert was enough to make him lower his eyelids to slits. Dmitri removed his harness except for the brown leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles and tied them to leather thongs, about one foot long, attached to the four bedposts. He carefully inspected the cuffs to make sure they were secure but not too tight for Stephan to sleep comfortably in them. There was enough slack so that Stephan could move his arms and legs a little, but not enough so that he could turn over or reach his cock-not even close to that. The silky black sheets had been changed, and felt wonderful and fresh beneath him, as Dmitri rubbed his forehead affectionately.

“You did fine, Stephan. I bet its all pretty overwhelming isn’t it?”

“In a word-yes. But I’m okay. So far so good. And now, could I trouble you to escort the little gentleman from Aidos to your mouth? In the name of diplomacy?” Stephan batted his eyelashes for effect.

Dmitri giggled and answered, “You do have way with words Mr. Trellis. But I’m expected for a late meeting with my supervisor in five minutes. I’ll already be late. But I bet if you just shut your eyes and relax you’ll be asleep before you know it.” Dmitri leaned over and kissed Stephan once, deeply, and left.

As Stephan drifted off, he wondered if Dmitri really did know everything or if he was only falling asleep because Dmitri said he would.

Chapter Five

Marnie said she’d do it, and she did it. Stephan couldn’t believe his eyes. He was rested and bathed and as ready as he could get himself to be for his second day in Craven, staring at the hapless woman he would soon replace. She in turn was a much more fetching replacement for the front desk bell.

The woman, a young lady in her twenties with bobbed brown hair and a very tapered waist, was chained in front of the desk by the neck, sitting on the floor, with her legs spread way out in a split and chained to the sides of the big black marble desk. Planted on the floor beneath her crotch were two sturdy black dildos. Her bonds were too tight for her to get much friction on them, but her excitement was leaking down and all around them. She also wore the requisite posture collar and ball gag. Stephan read the tag hanging from her collar. It read “The Gentlewoman from Corellis.” Would his say his name or SLUT? The girl’s nipples and pink pussy lips were adorned with little clamped on silver bells which were connected by a silver chain. That chain was fastened to another long thin chain with a leather handle at the end of it that rested on a waist high stand in front of the desk. Dmitri explained, “The Captain liked Marnie’s idea, but the truth is, she’s been slacking off, and we can’t have that, so he’s using it to keep her on her toes. When someone arrives at the front desk, they take the handle from the stand and pull and jiggle it until the bells ring. If it goes on long enough, this lovely young lady here will have an orgasm, and if that happens, an alarm goes off, and if THAT happens, Marnie is in deep shit, because the Captain will send her for a week long punishment session with Alex. Alex is the one who disciplines us disciplinarians. Alex is not a hearts and flowers kind of mistress. She carries a whip and she uses it. Well that’s the official version. Between you and me, I think the Captain just wants Marnie to mess up so he can watch her and Alex get it on. But I’m no doctor!”  He continued, “We need Marnie anyway now, because its your turn.”

Stephan shuddered. He was used to Dmitri, and he knew his intentions were noble, but he had no such guarantee about Marnie, and he would be so shamefully exposed. How can you get any more centrally public than the front desk? It was a lousy place to hide, surely. Stephan watched in morbid fascination as Dmitri lifted the leather handle off its stand and pulled it slightly towards himself. The girl started and her wide doe eyes met Stephan’s, looking for sympathy. She expected no pity from the guard, but Stephan, bound, gagged and leashed, might be one of her own. Stephan empathized more than she could have known. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, and their gazes remained locked as Dmitri jiggled the handle to ring the bells. The music of the bells was high and thin, and sweet, and a smoother, softer, but just as high and sweet sound escaped from around the woman’s ball gag to accompany it. The little chains were tugging away at her soft, swollen pussy lips and prominent nipples. Stephan looked around for Marnie, but didn’t see her anywhere, and Dmitri kept on pulling the handle, as the girl moaned and writhed as much as she could. Stephan was beginning to think he would be sprung! This girl would climax and Marnie would be hauled away before he could be tethered to the desk. Dmitri furrowed his eyebrows in disapproval and became more insistent, jerking the chain back and forth, and up and down with zeal, as the bells got louder. A small crowd gathered around the desk. Nobody wanted to miss it if they were going to haul Marnie away! The bound girl began to shake and arch her back, and her pelvis turned slightly up and outward and then relaxed in sharp little bursts, causing a little bit of friction between the moist, silky skin inside her shaft and the dildo. She looked for all the world like a woman on the verge of sexual bliss, and she was getting really loud. A horrible piercing alarm went off, and Dmitri dropped the handle. Marnie appeared at the desk, flushed from running.

“Oh God I blew it, didn’t I?” she asked Dmitri with guilty eyes. He waited for the alarm to cease to answer her, but before that happened a voice came over the speaker system, announcing, “Please disregard the alarm. We are repairing the back entrance security system. Thank you for your patience,” and then the shrill noise finally stopped.
Dmitri chuckled and winked at Stephan, and then he addressed Marnie, “Looks like you didn’t blow it after all, sweetheart! False alarm. I bet you’re relieved.” The sarcasm was thick in his voice.

“Oh yes, thank goodness.” She wasn’t very convincing. So she wanted to be punished! This poor girl had come so close to orgasm, and she would have had the opportunity to explode outright if not for the alarm. So much for saved by the bell. Her assigned guard freed her from her spot and led her away.

Dmitri addressed Marnie again, “Well now you can make up for your tardiness. Get rid of the front dildo. Because Stephan here is a boy and he has a Wang there!” He laughed. Marnie was still too flustered to get the joke, but she hurried to adjust the setup. “And clean up the one that’s left.” Dmitri ordered Stephan to cooperate and helped him lower himself down onto the dildo, and then he fastened Stephan’s legs wide apart by his ankle cuffs. Stephan sighed, resigned to this new humiliation. His wrists remained connected behind his back, and his posture collar was attached to the desk by a very short chain, just over an inch. He could barely move. And then Dmitri fitted him with a strange sort of apparatus. It was black sheath for his cock, made out of a thin black rubbery material and moored to his cockring. It was a few inches long and didn’t totally cover his penis. The material sucked itself in tightly around Stephan’s flesh. Then Dmitri fitted another black tube around Stephan’s cock. This one looked as if it had metal rings inside it at half inch intervals, and it hinged somehow onto the first tube. The end of second tube, the one toward bulging pink tip of Stephan’s cock was attached to a little chain connected to the bigger one that hung on the stand. Dmitri gave it a few experimental tugs. When he did, the top tube slid back and forth over the length of Stephan’s organ, all the way past the tip so that it was covered, and then back against his balls. Stephan let his eyes roll back in his head as he savored the feeling of the rubber tubes massaging his dick.

But that wasn’t enough for Dmitri. He attached the little clamps to Stephan’s nipples and connected them with a delicate little chain, and then attached that chain to the larger one as well. Then he encased Stephan’s balls in a net of tiny little chains, also moored by his cockring and pulled tight enough that they held him in tight, but not so tight that they hurt. As a final touch, Dmitri added the little silver bells Stephan’s cock, balls, and nipples. He tugged again, to make sure everything was rigged properly. Stephan let out a muffled shout, and then a low moan. It was a wonderful, luscious feeling, though he knew after a while it would drive him crazy.

Dmitri leaned down and placed a hand on Stephan’s chest, “Now don’t be afraid, there’s nothing to be afraid of. All you have to do is sit here, and the worst that can happen is that you’ll spurt. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? I thought about hooding you for privacy but first of all, you’re just too pretty to be covered up, and depriving our incoming guests of this sight would be downright inhospitable. Second, those things get horribly stuffy, and soon enough, you’d hate it. And in case you were worried, it’s not as if anyone who comes in is allowed to touch you, the guards won’t allow that. You’ll be here for an hour or two, and then you’ll be fed and bathed, and then, well, then they’ll surely come up with some other devilish situation to put you in. But you’ll see me tonight. Count on it. And my dick will be throbbing out the moments!” Stephan smiled and relaxed. No matter what the situation, Dmitri had a way of putting him at ease, and he was terribly grateful for it.

Dmitri grabbed the blonde man’s cock firmly, kissed him on the cheek, and left the reception hall, stealing backward glances until he was out of sight. As soon as Marnie was satisfied that Dmitri was gone, she came over to gloat. “Don’t you look nice? But there’s just one thing missing…” She took the nametag off Stephan’s collar and pulled out another to replace it with. Before she clipped it on, she held it up in front of Stephan’s face so he could read it. He read, “SLUT-Please return me to Marnie at the Front Desk”.

Chapter Six

Dinner was over for the second day, and still Stephan’s cock was unsatisfied. He thought for sure that Marnie would slack off and let him come in front of the desk, but she didn’t. Over and over the new arrivals teased him and gawked, and over and over he was left disappointed. Half the people who rang the bell were bound and hauled away, just as he had been, but that was no consolation. That was just as unfair as what happened to him, and did they all have a Dmitri on their side? These and other musings passed in and out of Stephan’s mind as he waited in his new bondage.

The politician’s ankles were fastened behind him, and his wrists were bound behind his back, and then attached with a short chain to his ankles. It was a sort of hog-tie. His high, thick posture collar was tethered to a ring in the wall by way of his leash, which was about 3 feet long. His upper arms were chained together as well, which further restrained him and forced his gorgeous chest out in an arresting way. His mouth was filled with that same large leather cock that he wore when he was first bound. Stephan was looking out at a large, empty room. The walls and floors were simple shiny sheet metal. A large industrial looking steel door was across from him on the far wall. He wished something, anything, would come through that door and take his mind off his hard, excited cock, yet he felt pretty sure that whatever did eventually come through the door would have just the opposite effect.

He was right. The door opened with a metallic whine to reveal a remarkably stunning woman. She was tall, and pale, with lots and lots of thick, black, glossy hair cascading out of a high ponytail fastened with more of her hair in a thick braid. Her long, strong looking legs were encased in black latex that started with a high heel at the bottom, and ended in built in latex garter straps about 6 inches from her crotch, which was shaved smooth and bare. These connected to a black latex tool belt, much like Dmitri’s in function-dripping with all sorts of plugs and cuffs and such, tight around her waist and fastened with a large silver buckle. Her large breasts were bursting out of a matching latex halter top, held up by a strip of the material around her neck like a collar. Looking closer, Stephan could see that the fabric was split to expose her nipples.

She raised an eyebrow and approached the prisoner, with a twisted smile and a cocky strut. “Hello little pet. I’m Alex. And if you could speak I would remind you to call me Mistress Alex, but that won’t be an issue here today will it?” she said, stroking his cheek affectionately, then fingering the straps of his gag as if to mock him. Her face became suddenly stern, and Stephan reminded himself that he was not supposed to be harmed, in order to be less afraid of this imposing woman who obviously enjoyed making her charges uncomfortable. “Answer me when I ask you a question, Bitch!” She was calling him bitch. Cute. But how could he answer with his mouth stuffed? He tried to move his head from side to side, but could barely move his head. Alex moved her hand down to Stephan’s turgid and defenseless penis. “This works doesn’t it?” He tried to nod his head up and down with no luck, as she lightly stroked the head of his cock with her forefinger. He sighed loudly inside his gag and started to squirm, trying to push his pelvis out further to meet her hand. She took her hand away and used it to pinch his nipple hard, and shouted “ANSWER ME WHEN I SPEAK TO YOU!!” glaring at his cock. He thought he understood, and used his pelvic muscle to bob his cock twice up and down. “Very good. I just knew Dmitri would have taught his new little pet to do tricks. Can you fetch too, little bitch?” That pissed him off, and he glared at her silently. Alex went for his nipple with one hand, twisting it cruelly, and with the other hand resumed tickling his cock. He let out a muffled cry of pain and fought his restraints in anger and fear, but they held him in his lowly place, and the feeling of that unforgiving, unyielding leather against his wrists, ankles, and neck made him hot all over again. She let go of his cock and put her finger under his chin, getting right up in his face. “That’s right little slave. The harness is very secure, and you like it that way. DON’T YOU?!” Stephan got the message and bobbed his cock again for her. The searing pain in his nipple went away. “Good little bitch. And you like this too, don’t you?” she said, pumping his cock with a fairly sturdy grip. He struggled to bob it again. “Good. Then I’ll keep doing it until that little cunt finally gets down the hall. I’ve been asked to put on a little show for you!”

Stephan moaned softly as Alex caressed his organ. He felt so close to coming, but he wasn’t going to let on for fear she would stop. And then he heard the door whine again was being pushed open very, very slowly. He heard the loud clicking of high heeled feet moving gingerly across the floor. Someone was progressing into the room with the tiniest, most careful little steps….  And then he saw the red hair. It was Marnie! But she was so changed. Her curly mane was braided into two girlish braids at the sides of her head. Her mouth was stretched to fit a big black ball gag. She wore high patent leather heeled pumps and white knee socks, and nothing else, but a thickly strapped leather harness with lots of o rings in it that ran from her collar down between her pussy lips and back up to the collar behind her, with a few tight horizontal straps as well to hold it all in place. Her wrists were together behind her head and attached to the back of her collar. She was no longer the cocky front desk clerk that Stephan knew. Looking her up and down, he figured out why it took her so long to get down the hall. First of all, her ankles were chained together with only a few inches between them. Secondly, she appeared to have been put in charge of carrying her Mistress’s cocktail without spilling any and without using her hands. A small, ornate silver tray was balanced on top of her breasts, anchored in place by a short chain attaching to it and her collar, and two more short chains running from her nipple clamps to the other side of the tray. On the tray sat some sort of froufrou purple cocktail with a strange looking local fruit in it as a garnish.

“Okay Marnie dear that was all right, you didn’t spill, but you were intolerably slow-you know, like you are when the front desk bell rings! You’re lucky, I’m only giving you two demerits,” she said teasingly, as she lifted the cocktail from the tray and drank. “Which means you may still have your pleasure today. Yes I know I said you had finally earned release, but then this…” Marnie’s eyes welled up with tears but didn’t spill. She was obviously fighting the impulse to struggle or complain in some way, some way that would only push her goal of orgasm further away. “Let me think about it…” Alex released the tray from the little chains that held it in place and set it on the floor in the corner. To the two little chains hanging from Marnie’s nipples, she added two metal weights. She looked around the room a moment, examining the various hooks and pulleys available to her. “I know, I know! You’ll earn your pleasure back, you little cunt, but it won’t be easy.”  She dialed into a little box and told someone on the other end of the line that she needed her set of weights and her mounted dildo immediately.

Soon enough Angus appeared in the door with the supplies on a trolley. “Here they are ma’am, how do you want them set up?” If she could treat Angus like a servant, Stephan thought, she must have high status here. The weight was made of a dull black metal, shaped like a square, with a hole through the middle for rigging. “Put a rope through the weight and tie it. Then pull the other end through that pulley in the far end of ceiling, and then attach the rope to the back of her harness. Then put the mounted dildo directly across from the weight on the opposite end of the room, well, far enough away that if she pulled the weight all the way up the ceiling, she could just reach the dildo with her cunt.”

Stephan was fascinated. He’d feel sorry for Marnie but she gave him a little too much attitude earlier for that. This really was going to be a good show. Marnie’s eyes were wide. The task sounded too difficult. But she still thought she would have the last laugh. After all, the tension from the weight would pull her crotch strap deeper into her pussy and shift it around. Mightn’t she come that way?

Angus did as he was told, and when Marnie was harnessed to her devilishly simple little punishment machine, Alex added a few modifications. First, she traded the chain between Marnie’s ankles for a longer one, a foot and a half long. Second, she pulled Marnie’s wet pussy lips out around her crotch strap and added little clamps to them, and then connected those with thread to rings on Marnie’s ankle cuffs, with enough slack for her to walk, but pull tantalizingly on her labia whenever she moved. Then Alex took a silver spray can from her tool belt. “I bet you thought you were putting one over on me, hmmm…. Cunt? I know you’re going to writhe and twist on your harness until you come, and the hell with pulling that weight, right? Well this stuff makes it much harder for you to climax. Even if you do reach the dildo, you’re really going to have be enthusiastic!”  Marnie whined and strained, but Angus held her still, while Alex sprayed first Marnie’s nipples, and then her pussy lips, and finally under her crotch strap. Marnie’s moans soon grew even louder. “Oh and I forgot to tell you, it’s also an aphrodisiac.”

By now Marnie was so hot she couldn’t stay still. She had to get more pressure on her pussy, so she bit down on the gag for strength and started to pull. After a few grunts and false starts, the weight finally rose off the floor a little bit. It felt wonderful to Marnie as the leather bit tighter between her legs. She pulled, rocking her body back and forth, making her harness rub her, gasping under her gag. Stephan’s cock grew even stiffer, and he twitched helplessly in his bonds. Angus took a seat next to him along the wall to take in the show, and opened his pants. His thick, white cock was hard as well, and he began to lovingly stroke himself, making eye contact with Stephan as if to torture him intentionally. “That’s right mate. I’m not getting near yours and neither are you.”

Alex was not appreciating Marnie’s dalliance. She whipped a little leather flogger off her tool belt and went to work on the girl’s pert buttocks. “Hurry up! Pull, little beast! Pull, bitch!” Marie let out a series of muffled yelps, and redoubled her efforts. The weight hovered two feet above the floor, and Marnie made her way towards the mounted dildo. Beads of sweat broke out on her back and neck. Her eyes were wide and urgent looking. She was in heaven. She loved every minute of her humiliation, and all the intense sensation, from the potion on her genitals stinging and itching, to the weights on her nipples that bounced of her chest when she moved, to the sharp pain in her buttocks, to the strain on her poor muscles from pulling that weight, to the little lines tugging at her nether lips, to the sweet sweet leather strap taut between her legs. From time to time she would get tired, but the flogger on her ass and thighs drove her forward, slowly across the room. She looked to Stephan like a woman walking through water.

Angus pulled a little bottle of lube out his own tool belt, to increase his pleasure as he pumped his cock. Stephan thought he was going to burst; he was so turned on by the scene in front of him, this woman so dominated by another woman, and by her own dirty little desires, proceeding with no shame. Angus looked at him and informed him, “I think I will touch yours after all.” He stopped to smile wickedly. “A little.” Stephan didn’t know if this was better or worse than not being touched at all, but that didn’t mean he could control his impulses. He immediately thrust his hips out toward Angus’s free hand.  Angus grasped Stephan’s cock lightly, and teased it. The lube felt cool and wonderful to Stephan, and the sensation, the strong, rough hand… was amazing.

Soon Marnie didn’t even need to be flogged anymore to pull with all her might, although that certainly didn’t stop Alex. The further up she pulled the weight, the greater the pressure and rubbing on her pussy was. She couldn’t get enough, and she humped the air and twitched from side to side as she pulled, getting closer and closer to climax, but not reaching it. Little rivers of sweat ran down her back, and sweat matted little red wisps of hair down at her hairline. Grunting with effort, she finally got about a foot away from the mounted dildo. She was about to heave forward again, when Alex brought the flogger down extra hard-this time on the front of her thighs-and yelled, “Stop!” Marnie felt a wave of emotion wash over her. This was control. She was on the brink of insanity with her desire, and this woman was forcing her just stand there, balancing that heavy weight in the air.

“You may now thank me properly for forgiving your slow performance in carrying my cocktail. Would you like that, bitch?” Marnie nodded enthusiastically. Stephan laughed to himself. He’d had this lesson from Alex too.

Alex unlocked Marnie’s gag and removed it, and then wiped her face with a cool scented rag from her tool belt. Marnie grabbed for air and whispered, “Thank you Mistress!”

“Well that’s a nice start dear, but I require more demonstrative gestures of gratitude from the likes of you. Why do you think I have my pussy out here in the open where everyone can see it? And my pretty nipples too? You’ll make me scream my passion before you move another inch toward yours.”

Marnie’s face was a kaleidoscope of emotions, and the latest addition was joy. She wanted her face in Alex’s pussy. She seemed to consider it an honor and gushed, “Oh! Thank you so much Mistress!” lowering herself very carefully to her knees. Stephan and Angus looked at each other and Angus smiled like a contented King, and whispered “Less groveling-more cunnilingus!” Stephan’s belly rippled slightly with mirth, and for a moment the two men were comrades.

Alex grabbed one of Marnie’s braids in each of her hands and pulled her head into her crotch. Marnie immediately got to work, gingerly tickling the end of her captor’s pink nub, then licking each of her pussy lips with a strong and sensitive tongue. Alex sighed and closed her eyes, savoring the sensations, looking for all the world like she was getting a backrub. Stephan studied her, impressed. She was making no effort to help her slave, or hurry things along, or show her appreciation… the point was, she had no trouble letting someone else work really hard to make her come without feeling guilty about it. It wasn’t a quality Stephan possessed, he knew-he really must be submissive at heart. Nevertheless, variety being the spice of life, Stephan felt that this ability could serve him well one day and he set his mind to learn from Alex. After about a quarter of an hour, Alex was still standing there in quiet bliss, and then she opened her eyes and smiled wickedly.

“Okay bitch, time to pick up the pace.” Marnie took a minute to breathe. She seemed to know what was coming. Alex pulled Marnie’s face harshly into her pussy, steering it left and right and up and down and any direction she pleased, and breakneck pace. Using the girl’s red braids, she drove her face around between her legs. “Fuck me with your tongue, hard! Harder you cunt!” Marnie worked her head and tongue ferociously, but obviously it wasn’t enough for Alex, who started jerking her head in and out of her crotch herself. She looked like a construction worker trying to hang on to a jackhammer. “You bitch!” She could only yell short phrases of abuse now-she was too busy moaning. And then her arms stopped and her body froze as she climaxed-her hands gripping the back of Marnie’s neck, and then they began to caress it. “Good girl.”

She helped Marnie to stand again, and then reached between her legs. Set into the leather strap there was a zipper, a few inches long, which could be used for access on occasions such as this. Alex unzipped her and then took out a leather blindfold for Marnie’s eyes. “It’ll be more fun for you to find the dildo this way, won’t it?” Marnie nodded enthusiastically, whether or not she really thought it would be “more fun.”

Alex began to flog her slave again, harder this time, and as if in synch with the scene he was watching, Angus attentions to his own engorged cock became more frenzied. His attentions to Stephan’s cock remained infuriatingly light, which frustrated Stephan even as Angus’s ability to move his hands at two different speeds impressed him. Marnie pressed forward with a loud grunt and approached the dildo. She rammed into the column it was mounted on with her knee. Luckily the column was only 6 inches wide, or her ankle chain might have kept her from mounting it. “Now twist around the other way, cunt, I want Stephan here to get a good view.” So Marnie twisted around and then squatted back, searching for the phallus with her pussy. Finally she found it, and Stephan thought heard a squeal of joy from across the room. She squatted up and down, fucking herself on the dildo, sweating and grunting with effort. Every time she lowered herself, she pulled that heavy weight with her. She didn’t even have her hands to help her balance; they were securely manacled together behind her head. Never mind that, she was in heaven. Nothing existed for her but blackness in front of her eyes, and fire in her cunt.

Stephan couldn’t take it anymore. Despite his thrusting into Angus’s horribly slow and gentle hand, he couldn’t achieve relief. Marnie was making him so incredibly horny, fucking that dildo like an animal. He couldn’t watch. But even when he closed his eyes, he could hear her moans, grunts, squeaks, and Angus’s low pleasure sounds, and he the smell air was heavy with the smells of sex and leather.

Alex was still beating Marnie’s creamy buttocks and they were getting quite pink. She yelled as she did it, encouraging her little slut, “That’s it bitch, fuck it! Fuck it like the little bitch in heat that you are.” And then she flipped a switch low down on the column and the dildo began to give up a high sort of humming noise. After the vibrator kicked in, Marnie went crazy, thrashing and fucking and screaming. Stephan wondered if she would come before her thighs collapsed with exhaustion.

At the same time, Angus was almost there… his face was red and looked as if he was in pain, then he jerked forward, and jerked again, and again, and shot his passion, while Stephan, also red faced, freaked out in his bondage, pulling as hard as he could against all his bonds at once. Then Marnie let out her loudest moan yet, and her downward squats tapered off, and finally her body relaxed. Angus cleaned himself up and went to help Alex safely release Marnie from the pulley. “Angus, take her back to my room and take care of her, water, food, blankets, whatever, and I’ll be there soon.”

Angus took a moment to say Goodbye to Stephan before obeying Alex’s orders. He looked sheepish and sincere. “You’re all right mate, but you’re not mine.” As Angus and Marnie left, Alex strolled over to Stephan. She knelt down in front of him as he threw her a black, angry look. Undaunted, she got on all fours over him, and asked him. “Do you think I’m beautiful?” He was silent. She twisted his nipple again, and he remembered. He felt no need to lie about this issue, and he obediently bobbed his cock at her. “Good.” She took off her vinyl top, and lowered her chest over him, and then she put his cock between her firm breasts and squeezed them together. He gasped. For about six exquisite minutes she massaged his cock between her breasts, and when he thought he was about to come, she stopped. “I bet you think you’re pretty stealthy, but I ALWAYS know when a slave is about it come. And now I’m about to go! Good night, little pet.”

And she walked slowly out of the room, heels clicking loudly on the floor, giggling at his useless struggles to come after her.

Chapter Seven

Stephan opened his eyes again when he heard the door open. He must have finally worn himself out and dozed off. His heart fluttered when he saw Dmitri stride in, with a confidence that was quieter than his usual brash demeanor. He looked silently, and a little wearily, at his slave, as if he were grappling with something. Then he smiled, and let his eyes run over Stephan. Stephan was on his knees, and struggling to gain a “kneeling up” position. His eyes were large and imploring, wide open and dewy; the “limpid pools” of old romance novels. And the gag… That was Dmitri’s favorite part, he didn’t know why. That big cock strapped into his mouth. Maybe it was just that his actual face, arguably the most human part of a man, where the mind resides, was violated and harnessed, four straps in all crossing his head, as if he were a beast. Maybe it was the insult, and maybe it was the way it quieted Stephan and made him beg with his eyes, as he did now. It made him so very vulnerable, as did his hard, suffering cock, thrust cruelly forward by his leather manacles.

“This is it; you could not be any hotter than this.” He squatted down to look in Stephan’s eyes and caress his cock. Stephan quivered all over, and released a little moan. He managed to kneel up and was crawling forward on his comfortably padded knees with much effort and very little result, trying to get closer to Dmitri. Dmitri came closer, meeting Stephan half way, and stood up straight again. He grabbed the back of Stephan’s head and pushed it into his crotch, rubbing his face against his erect penis beneath his pants. Then he unzipped his pants and let them fall, and waved his cock in Stephan’s face.

Stephan strained to get near it, and literally drooled because he wanted the cock so badly and his mouth was already filled. He whined and moaned. He even got indignant and made a noise under his gag like an angry bark, and furrowed his eyebrows in accusation.

Dmitri chided him as if he were a precocious child, “You’re a bad boy and I’m leaving. Good night, pretty boy. Sleep well.” He turned to leave.

It was too much for Stephan, and he broke down, emitting a little series of whines like a dog that has to go out. He strained to crawl forward as hard as he could, until he came up on the end of his leash and had to stop. He moaned as loud as he could, and then fought uselessly against his harness, all the time staring at Dmitri’s cock.

Dmitri laughed and returned to his slave. He smiled, tousled his blonde hair and asked, “Is this what you want, my little slave?” holding his cock out at Stephan. The beautiful young man nodded enthusiastically and with no trace of shame, sucking involuntarily on the phallus in his mouth. Dmitri was impressed that Stephan’s first concern was servicing his master’s cock instead of having his own touched.

Carefully, he took the powerful gag off Stephan, and wiped his pretty face. Stephan lunged with his neck towards Dmitri’s crotch, but Dmitri made him drink a little bit of water first, and breathe, while he stroked him all over his body. Dmitri’s beefy palms caressed Stephan’s back, neck, bound arms, bound wrists, even caressing the cuffs themselves, and then lingered on his fleshy ass cheeks. When Stephan recovered his breath, Dmitri said simply, “Now.” He walked proudly up to Stephan’s waiting face, holding his cock in his hand. He traced circle of Stephan’s lips with the tip of his penis, sending little chills up his own spine. His cock took more slow and deliberate turns around Stephan’s mouth, teasing them both terribly, for three more minutes. Finally he thrust it in, and stopped playing hard to get. Stephan had all the cock he could take, and it was up to him to do something with it.

He employed all of the cocksucking gymnastics he could without his hands. In the past, when he pleasured a man with his mouth, he almost always helped with his hands. Instinctively, he kept trying to raise them to Dmitri’s cock, only to feel strong leather and chains holding him in his position of supplication. It only made him more excited every time it happened. When it pleased him, Dmitri would take Stephan’s head in both his hands and fuck his mouth, and if he came close to orgasm that way, he would stop. Stephan understood that he had to satisfy Dmitri by his own efforts, and with only his mouth. He screwed up his courage, to fight the fatigue in his jaws and neck. And to inspire himself, he would stop for a moment, catch his breath, and just look at the man he was serving-his wide, muscular shoulders that rose up above him like some modern architectural marvel, his dark hair, his strong jaw. His cock would harden anew, and he would get his second, third, fourth wind.
Finally, Stephan found a certain undulating movement, making figure-eights with his head that set Dmitri’s penis on fire. Soon enough the big man was quaking and calling out Stephan’s name. Dmitri’s legs froze in pleasure and ecstasy, leaden, keeping him steady on the floor. Just before he knew he would erupt, he pulled his cock just out of Stephan’s mouth, unleashing a white torrent into Stephan’s beautiful face. He bit his lip and closed his eyes, and when it was over, he laid on the floor, spent, with his torso touching his slave’s knees, leaving Stephan to lick his lips, swallow the salty fruits of his labors, and wait.

Stephan couldn’t wait for Dmitri to rise, hopeful that he would clean his face, change his position, or god forbid, satisfy his throbbing cock, but he knew it was not his place to complain, but to kneel there quietly. For about eight excruciating minutes that is just what he did. Then Dmitri rose, and patted him on the shoulders and back, praising him. He went for a sponge and returned his slave’s face to a pristine state, and then he began to sponge Stephan’s cock clean, even though it wasn’t dirty, and spoke while he did it. “Stephan, my boy, that was a fine, fine, blowjob. My cock has got you on its Christmas Card list now, for sure.” He brought a cup to Stephan’s lips and made him drink again. Dmitri met Stephan’s eyes, and said, “OK, now you just stay right there.”

Stephan smiled and laughed, and then lowered his face demurely, embarrassed. To counter his shyness, Dmitri looped his finger through the front ring of Stephan’s collar and pulled his face close to his own. He penetrated his captive with an unwavering gaze. Stephan’s face went red and his heart picked up its pace. “Stephan, look at me. You’re just so hot. And you’ve been very, very good. It’s time for me to reward you.” Stephan exhaled loudly, and gave his master a meek and love-drunk look.

Dmitri unhooked Stephan’s leash from the wall, and attached it to a ring on his belt while he worked. Stephan was excited by that-being hooked to Dmitri’s tool belt. It was one of Stephan’s favorite parts of the guard’s wardrobe. Dmitri caught his response and filed it in his brain for future use.

He unhooked Stephan’s ankles, and helped him to stand. For the next few minutes they looked like two rejects from the Terran Chinese Opera, as Dmitri assisted Stephan in a series of stretches of his legs, torso, and neck. Dmitri didn’t want his charge suffering from any undue strain. He also felt that Stephan needed to move a little bit. He decided that leading Stephan around by the neck was getting old, and he moved his leash’s mooring from his collar to the little gold ring on his cock strap. He left Stephan’s hands behind his back.

“We’re going to take a turn around the place. Just follow me.” He walked ahead of Stephan around the room a few times, tugging him after him by the cock. Then he opened the door and walked into the hall. Angus was crossing the hallway in front of them, and he asked Dmitri if he could borrow a pair of pliers and a short length of chain.

“Hmmm… let’s see,” He felt at the many pockets of his black leather tool belt, “Scissors, hammer, ball gag, emergency shackles, hot delicious blonde boy’s cock….” He tugged on the leash that was moored to his belt. Stephan blushed deeply, and Angus smiled. “Ah yes, here we are, pliers… and a short length of chain. Will that do?”

“It will, thank you very much. Can I borrow the cock too? Just a little kiss, I promise.”


Angus got down on one knee, as if he were about to propose. Instead, he took Stephan’s cock in his mouth, running his tongue over the round red top. Stephan gasped, weak in the knees. Angus parted from the pretty organ, with a little peck on the tip, rose, thanked Dmitri for everything, and left.

Dmitri led Stephan back into the room, and made him sit down in the middle of the bed and spread his legs. He chained his ankles to the two posts at the foot of the bed. Then he kneeled beside him and released his wrists. He took Stephan’s left arm in both of his, and stretched it out, and did the same with the other arm. Then he moved Stephan’s upper arm cuffs to his elbows and tightened them. He brought Stephan’s arms up over his head, stretched behind him on the long, oversized bed. Then he buckled each wrist to the opposite elbow, making a box out of Stephan’s arms. He put a satin-covered pillow under his head. Finally, he rigged the bound arms to a ring in the headboard, rendering his slave as helpless and opened as ever.

Dmitri got between Stephan’s outstretched legs. Not breaking eye contact with him, he began licking his rock hard and long waiting organ.
As he suckled and tongued Stephan’s cock and balls, slowly and gently, and with the utmost tenderness in his lips, rendering them soft he said, “Now Stephan, this is all about you. You be as loud or as quiet as you please.”

Stephan took his words to heart, and closed his eyes, not worrying that he would appear unappreciative. He found the less he moved, the more he felt, so he kept very still, enjoying the slow building sensation that Dmitri was crafting for him. Stephan was so happy, the smell of Dmitri so near to him--his strong, warm hands on his thighs, those strong jaws working his cock--it was almost too much to take.

And then Dmitri increased his efforts, taking the whole organ into his throat, pounding his face against Stephan’s pelvis. Stephan began to strain against his tethers. It wasn’t that he really wanted to get away, but the feeling was so sweet-hot that it was difficult to bear. No worries though, he was locked in place. Dmitri added to his rapture by inserting two fingers into his anus as he deepthroated him. Shaking and moaning, Stephan finally climaxed, sending a torrent into Dmitri’s mouth. Dmitri came up to kiss him, and Stephan looked wasted and shell-shocked, like a man who has witnessed the apocalypse. “Thank you for making me come. That was the most amazing orgasm of my life.”

“You’re welcome, gorgeous!” Dmitri covered his face in playful little kisses. He rested his head on Stephan’s chest for a moment, stroking his chest. They were both happy and absolutely satisfied, with no need for chatter. After a while, Dmitri shifted Stephan’s wrist restraints to a loose and comfortable spread-eagle, fluffed his pillow, pulled a satin covered comforter over him, and sat next to him on the bed. “It has to look like I’m preventing you from touching yourself, or I wouldn’t restrain you at all. Remember that you’re supposed to be frustrated. Act like it. You have a big day tomorrow. They’ll come for you and bathe you, and give you a light breakfast, and then I’ll show up and take you to the parliamentary hall.”

“Thank you for helping me.”

“It’s no more than you deserve. Shouldn’t even be necessary. I wish we could help everyone. But mine is a budding movement, and we do what we can.”

“You know what else Dmitri? I love having your cock inside me.” He blushed as he said it.

Dmitri smiled at him and answered, “I know. Let’s not get each other worked up again!” kissed him on the forehead, turned out the light, and left.

Chapter Eight

After a deep and sound sleep Stephan was bathed, breakfasted and ready to go. Of course, this was Craven, where enjoying breakfast with one’s hand’s behind one’s back, being hand fed while a man and woman tickle your cock with their tongues is not entirely unusual. Stephan would not be entering the parliament totally free of arousal by any means, but one morning’s hard-on was much easier to contend with than three days of orgasm denial.

Stephan was actually glad that his cock would be nice and hard when Dmitri arrived. He really did have a terrible crush on him. He was excited to see him and nervous at the same time. He didn’t know what to say to him, and he prayed he would be gagged. The man and woman who had been tonguing his manhood prepared him for Dmitri. They perfumed him with a light woodsy scent, and rubbed oil into his skin. It felt absolutely wonderful to Stephan. They dressed him in a black harness of the same configuration as the brown one he wore before, only the hole in the crotch strap that exposed his anus was a little larger, and instead of leather wrist cuffs, his arms were imprisoned behind him in a black leather armbinder, all the way up to his armpits. The binder was attached by a ring at the top to the back of his collar. His arms had never been so tightly pressed behind him. He also had on a pair of black leather boots, because he would be walking outside. The man pumped his cock a little to make sure it was firm. No worries there. Then the woman pinched his cheeks and rubbed them. He yelped and glared at her but she explained herself, “Sweetie, I’m just trying to put some color in your cheeks. Don’t you want to look nice for that big, handsome guard of yours?” Stephan blushed deeply. Was he that obvious? Much to Stephan’s embarrassment, she continued, “Oh I knew it! You didn’t need me to put color in your cheeks after all. Now just a touch of eyeliner…” Stephan panicked when he heard that, but he forced himself to stay calm thinking… please don’t dress me like a girl.. He needn’t have worried. The touch of black eyeliner was the extent of his makeup, and when the woman held a mirror up for him to look in, he had to admit, it did make him look hotter. The rest of him was as manly as ever, and his eyes just a bit prettier-he was devastating. The combination of that and seeing himself in the armbinder, and the cockring, and the collar… he just couldn’t stop blushing. And the worst thing was that they weren’t gagging him. The man merely took a chain that was bolted into the wall and fastened it to Stephan’s collar. Then they both left the room, slamming the door of the sunlit room behind them.

Stephan was left to wait alone for his master. He was so nervous he broke out in a sweat. Then Dmitri burst into the room grinning broadly. “Good morning beautiful!” he yelled. Stephan involuntarily lowered his eyes to the floor, feeling exposed and embarrassed. “Oh no pretty, don’t be shy. Or I might have to spank you.” Stephan raised a tearful eye to Dmitri. “Stephan I’m kidding! What’s the matter?”

He cupped Stephan’s face with his hands, caressing him and forcing him to look him in the eye. “Are you feeling shy around me?” Then he smiled, “Is it because you’re hot for me?”


“Well I’m hot for you too.”

He got behind his charge and hugged him behind the waist, mock humping him from the back. “See? I like you, you know, more than a friend!” Dmitri’s skin against him excited Stephan terribly. And the warm breeze from the window seemed to free Dmitri’s strong manly scent from his skin and waft it right into Stephan’s nose. Dmitri caressed his vulnerable, bound body all over, and kissed his neck, shoulders, and chest. Dmitri seemed worried by Stephan’s silence and ordered him to say something.

Stephan’s eyes grew big, and he drew in a shallow breath, and said, “Fuck me. Please fuck me, Dmitri.”

“Oh, I will, believe me. But we don’t have time now. We have to go.” Dmitri unhooked the chain from Stephan’s collar, clipped on a leash, and moved to open the door to the outside. Stephan resisted, trying to plant his feet on the floor; shaking his head.

“Stephan, now you’re being bad.” Dmitri looked at Stephan sternly as tears welled in his eyes. “It’s going outside like this, isn’t it?” Stephan nodded. “Well, that can’t be helped. I know you’re scared, but I also know that you’re a dirty boy and you’re going to get off on it too. We’re in the home stretch now, and neither of us wants to mess this up. Remember I told you that I require complete and immediate obedience to all of my commands?” Stephan nodded again. “I wasn’t kidding. I have a paddle with me and I’ll use it if I have to. Besides, Stephan, this is your duty. You’re here to vote on behalf of your people. That’s where we’re going now. Would it help if I gagged you?”

Stephan nodded and asked, “How did you know?”

“I’ve been around the block a few times, Pretty, and I wasn’t always the one holding the paddle. Without the gag you feel complicit, because you aren’t constantly screaming your head off, never mind how pointless that would be. And that makes you look like a pervert, and that embarrasses you. It’s more humiliating to talk to people when you’re tied up. I’ll save you the trouble.” With that, Dmitri pulled out a simple but sturdy black ball gag and strapped it onto Stephan’s head. “Better?” Dmitri asked, gently stroking his prisoner’s cock. Stephan nodded. Dmitri continued, “the gag helps you enter fully into your role as a sex slave, it’s as simple as that. Now are you ready to be a good boy?” Stephan instinctively bobbed his cock up and down. Dmitri laughed. “I see Alex has gotten to you. She’s too much.”

Dmitri jerked the leash to remind Stephan that he meant business, and then led him outside. Dmitri led him through a gorgeous garden, filled with all sorts of deep red blooms, then down a stone path, and then to a vast, sparse, and flat docking area for vehicles. They stopped in front of a silver and black hovering motorcycle. “You’ll be riding bitch today. Surprised?” Stephan shook his head. If he could have smiled, he would have.

Dmitri was right. He was getting off on being naked and tied up outside. And he loved a man on a bike. Dmitri pressed a button on one of the handlebars, and the machine started to whir. A pleasing rumble emitted from the engine and then, something started to rise out of the back of the seat. Stephan couldn’t believe his eyes! It was a large and daunting looking silver phallus. Dmitri applied a little bit of lubricant to the silver invader, grunted, lifted Stephan up and over the bike, and told him to put his feet on the rests. Then he helped him lower his ass onto the dildo. It only hurt a little bit going into to Stephan-the main thing was the shock of it.

There was a ring at the bottom end of Stephan’s armbinder, and Dmitri clasped it to the back of the bike. Then he ran several leather straps from the O rings on Stephan’s waist strap to various rings hanging off the bike below the seat. Stephan was effectively strapped down onto the motorcycle. Dmitri hopped onto the bike in front of Stephan. He turned around and attached a forking strap to the o ring central to Stephan’s chest, and then fastened the ends to either side of his tool belt for balance. There wasn’t much room on the bike and they were pressed very close together, to the point where Stephan’s cock was snug up against Dmitri’s back.

“Now don’t be scared, Stephan, you’re strapped in tight and I’m a good rider. I wouldn’t let anything happen to you on the bike.”

Stephan took comfort in the words, although he really never doubted Dmitri’s intentions or capability. Dmitri revved the bike and it growled and vibrated in response, and those vibrations traveled through the phallus into Stephan’s cleaved buttocks. His eyes grew wide. My god it’s so strong, he thought, and we’re not even moving yet. He shifted his ass around experimentally and moaned in pleasure. The sensations sated him while they made him itch for more. Now he wanted that hard metal rod fucking him, not just standing there.

They took off; the bike jumping up harshly and hovering above the ground. The motion jolted Stephan around on the phallus, and as the motor really kicked in to high gear, the vibrations from the bike began to travel up and down Stephan’s naked penis, and then seemed to encase it.

“Okay beautiful,” Dmitri shouted back at his passenger, “we’re really going to have some fun now!” and steered the bike up about 10 feet, then dove back down quickly, then took the bike sharply up again, over and over, making steep hills out of the open air and bounding up and down them at breakneck pace. Whenever the duo took a nosedive, Stephan was involuntarily lifted off his seat. The armbinder prevented him from holding on with hands. Only his bondage kept him on the bike, and the silver phallus would almost come all the way out of him-then he would crash down again and impale himself. He yelled, moaned, and gasped under his big ball gag-thrilled, frightened, and in complete ecstasy. He had his dirty wish fulfilled. He was getting fucked-hard-by the giant vibrating member. Over and over he closed his eyes to savor the moment and the wind on his face and then opened them wide again at some shocking new jolt.

When Stephan had the wherewithal he looked around him and saw countless other naked representatives being transported across the governmental compound in the same way. He wondered if they loved it as much as he did. Soon he got a closer look. As they drew nearer to the parliament, they were necessarily closer to other riding pairs. Stephan was surprised at first to see that the women were impaled in the same way he was, but then, it made sense. If the dildos were in their feminine shafts, they’d be orgasming all over the place, and that would throw a wrench into Craven’s corrupt political strategy.

Naturally, so near to other people, Dmitri got less adventurous with the bike and took up defensive driving. Stephan was outraged on a primal, animalistic level. He thought he almost could have climaxed just from the vibrations on his package and the silver phallus bouncing in and out of him. His animal passion wasn’t going to give up so easily. He steeled his feet on the foot rests and bounced himself up and down within his harnessing as much as he could, grunting and sweating as he went, and tried to rub his cock against Dmitri’s back.
At that, Dmitri looked at him in the rear view mirror. His strong and easy smile turned into indulgent laughter, as he reached one hand back to rub Stephan’s thigh. They pulled up to a free spot in front a huge black marble dome-shaped building and stopped. Stephan’s heart sank, and his eyes welled up with water just a little bit. He had come so close to spurting all over Dmitri’s well-muscled back.

Dmitri hopped off the bike and released Stephan from it. Then he reattached Stephan’s leash to his collar and led him up the tall, imposing marble stairs to the parliamentary hall.

Chapter Nine

Dmitri led Stephan through a series of tall, awesome black arches and into the reception area of the parliamentary hall, and presented him to a chubby middle aged man with devil may care light brown curls. He tipped Stephan’s nametag up so the man could read it.
“Ah yes. So this is the Gentleman from Aidos? He’s delicious! He’d fit right into the Roman bathhouse I’ve just added on to my house. Yummmm……” he purred, cupping his chin in his hand. “Well, we’ve no time for nonsense which is sad because nonsense is my absolute favorite! Take the elevator to the 4th level, then take a left and his is the 8th alcove. You can’t miss it, and anyway it says ‘Aidos’ right on it. When you get there, press the blue button on the right side of the alcove and they’ll get him set up. Wonder what they’ll do to him? In any case, I’ve got my opera glasses ready!”
Dmitri laughed and thanked him. Stephan wondered what went on in Dmitri’s head, playing both sides of the fence like this. He assumed that while Dmitri didn’t approve of nonconsensual sexual coercion tactics, he could understand anyone wanting to see something hot up close. That was a given in Craven-nothing taboo about it.
In the elevator, which was black marble like the rest of the building, Dmitri tried to ease Stephan’s nerves. “So far so good! Please don’t worry, beautiful-you’ll do fine.” At the 4th floor they got off the elevator, and Dmitri pulled Stephan along and to the left. Stephan’s eyes were going in all directions, trying to comprehend all the things they passed by so quickly. He was at least getting a feel for the structure of the building. It was basically one large circular room that was 7 stories high. Around the circumference of this main room were circular hallways, and on the inside of each hallway was a series of arches that looked out into the central hall. And around these arches were little alcoves, tiny rooms with no back wall and a very large window to the front, complete with all sorts of fixtures, erotic toys and bondage furniture. There were about thirty of them on each floor, and from each one, you could see the main hall and hundreds of other alcoves. Stephan was so engrossed in his surroundings that when Dmitri stopped in front of the proper alcove, he didn’t notice until he ran right into him.

Dmitri laughed and commented, “Hmmm.. strangely Spartan in here!” There wasn’t much in the alcove, just a solid looking black leather covered chair that was bolted into the floor. “Could be some sort of virtual reality thing.” Stephan moved to the railing of the alcove and looked out, and his eyes grew wide with shock and fascination.
In the main hall, right in the center, was a round platform about 10 feet wide, levitating in the air.  An older man in luxurious red robes stood on it, controlling its direction with a hand held remote control. He darted up and down, and all around, chatting with various guards and tweaking unsuspecting nipples. His manner was casual and chatty, like an old time Englishman at a garden party. Dmitri whispered in Stephan’s ear, smiling. “That’s the chairman. Maybe ringmaster is a better term for him. If he could get away with it, he’d open up parliament with a couple of song and dance numbers.” The chairman was walking around as Stephan studied him, but he had a chair made up of an assortment of bound slaves, and a footrest made of man bound on all fours waiting for him to use once things got started.  A black riding crop was sitting on the back of the slave serving as footrest. No doubt it would soon do more than just sit there.
Interesting as all this was, there was more. Hanging from the platform were four slaves, two suspended by their ankles and two doubled, held up by their joined wrists and ankles. Various plugs and clamps tortured their most sensitive places. As the chairman darted around the room, the hanging slaves could not help but sway and jiggle-and moan.

Dmitri dutifully pressed the blue button on the wall. Two dark haired guards, who looked not unlike Dmitri only slighter and much darker in skin tone, and one of them was absurdly tall. They looked Stephan up and down hungrily and then shook hands with Dmitri. “Very nice,” said the taller one. “We can leave his bondage just as it is, and strap him to the chair.”

The chair had a back but it was made out of widely set bars. Dmitri sat Stephan down on it and the guards pulled his leather encased arms between the bars and fastened the ring at the bottom of the sleeve to the bottom of the back of the chair. Then they quickly chained his ankle cuffs to the two front chair legs, and our hero was effectively stuck. The shorter guard confirmed Dmitri’s idea about VR by placing a small magnetic black metal circle on Stephan’s forehead.  Then seemed to be looking around for something, and getting irritated. “Where the hell is his mask?” He sent the taller guard off to look for this piece of mystery equipment, and used the time to gossip with Dmitri. “They really came up with some cool shit this time. Filthy, wrong-headed people in this country of ours! Look down one level and just to the left of us, on the other side.”
“The man and woman together? I played with that blonde at dinner the other day and she was horny as hell. She won’t last long!”
“Well, I bet they were all excited in Marat that they finagled two representatives, but now it’s going to work against them big time.”

The man and woman were both suspended from the ceiling in harnesses, and the rigging was such that they were facing each other and their pelvises were shoved tight together, with his hard cock inside her. They were securely bound, and could move nothing but their heads and their toes by themselves. There was no way they could move enough to fuck, or even generate much friction at all between them.  Both of their nipples were clamped-her right nipple linked to his right nipple, and her left link to his left, by a taut silver chain. A guard attending them began to move a lever on the wall, and the couple were pulled apart. Slowly, he moved the lever back, and the man’s cock pressed into her again. They were being mechanically forced to fuck each other, but slowly-agonizingly slowly. Lars explained the rest to Dmitri, “Here’s the good part. Marat used to have this horrible population problem, and a few of the religious groups turned the issue into a superstition that’s lasted there for half a century. Heterosexual intercourse is fully frowned upon. It’s considered the filthiest, most shameful thing you can do in the bedroom. Even for pregnancy they rely on artificial insemination-it’s as if reproduction is just a flimsy excuse to do something you really shouldn’t even want to do. And if it can be proven that you did it for any other reason than procreation, you can be arrested! Now these two are politicians, think they need a scandal like that?”

Dmitri smiled and finished the thought, “But in this case, they had no choice…”
“Exactly. It’s going to be hard hard-on to walk away from.”

The taller one, careful not to disturb the forehead piece, buckled a black leather eye-mask shaped blindfold around Stephan’s head. Stephan began to be afraid. He was bound, gagged, and blindfolded all at once, and this was a new level of helplessness for him. He felt Dmitri’s hand on his knee, comforting him, and heard the voice of the taller guard.

“You are in for a real treat today, Mr. Trellis. You are going to find out what few men ever do-exactly what it feels like for a girl. And I don’t mean being speared in the ass by Dmitri, we all know what that feels like. Directly across the room from you, in another alcove, is another representative. She hangs doubled from the ceiling, her ankle cuffs cinched to her wrist cuffs, and her little pussy is brutally exposed. She has a ball gag stuffing her mouth, and her eyes are wide with fear and anticipation. Jay can we get him a shot of that?” Stephan was amazed to see the picture appear before his eyes, projected onto the inside of his blindfold. In place of his solitary black view was a luscious, awful sight. The girl was that particularly tantalizing mix of slight and voluptuous. Her heavy breasts and womanly hips made her look so strong, while her tiny waist, brown doe eyes, long brunette braids and glistening, pink pussy made her look fragile and delicate. She was beautiful. He immediately felt his cock rise, wanting her-wanting to use her roughly and guard her ferociously. Then he noticed that her forehead bore the same round metal dot as his own, and he understood. He would not have her, tease her, and fuck the shit out of her, he would be her. But what would happen to him?

The shorter one, called Jay, stopped fiddling with the control box in his left hand long enough to address Dmitri, “You’re needed in her box. I’d tell you her name but that isn’t part of her fantasy. We found it out. Tricked her, it was really quite shameful. I posed as a fellow representative and had Lars here tie me up, which was not at all unpleasant let me tell you! And I struck up a conversation with her about our wildest, deepest, and oldest fantasies. I didn’t have to lie in that department-I had plenty of highly offensive material to work with! So I got it out of her. In the fantasy, she is a beautiful Princess, and she gets kidnapped by a rival warrior army. They strip her naked and truss her up just like she is over there, and offer her to their General as a gift. He doesn’t know her name, they don’t even know she’s the princess-she isn’t the only one they took prisoner-and she doesn’t know a thing about him until she hears them speak-“General, your men humbly present you with this tribute”.  Why don’t I ever get picked to play the gruff, manly general? Oh well. Anyway, he doesn’t speak to her. Instead, he quietly examines her, first with his eyes, then with his hands which are supposed to be rough and manly, and then he teases her, and well, things escalate from there! Before he fucks her, it will be her turn to vote. If she votes correctly, he will fuck her till she climaxes-if not, she’ll be hauled away to less glamorous situations.”

He turned to Stephan and spoke quietly into his ear, “And you, Mr. Trellis, you will want her to vote correctly, because you are going to feel everything she feels, and something tells me..” he continued, lightly stroking Stephan’s heart-shaped cockhead “that taking her place excites you.” And when you are asked to vote, if you vote against the trade accord as you are instructed, you will feel her being satisfied. You will feel exactly the way a woman does when she’s having a powerful orgasm. If you vote for the trade accord… well, you won’t. You’d lose a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

As suddenly as it came, the picture vanished, leaving Stephan in blackness. His breathing deepened, and his cock began to tingle. He knew they would come up with something good, but he didn’t think it would be this good. Nevertheless, he would vote for the trade accord. He had to. It wasn’t a gray area sort of issue-it would definitely help his people, and more importantly, polls on Aidos were overwhelmingly in favor of it. He would hate turning this fantasy down, but he would do it.

The chairman brought the room to attention, “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Planetary Council, I bring this meeting to order.” He picked up his crop and brought it down hard, three times, on the tanned rump of his “footstool.” His microphone picked up three sharp little cries and broadcasted them all through the hall. Stephan surmised that this was indeed the best way to keep this lot interested in the democratic process! “Today we decide the fate of the long-debated planetary trade accord. The lines of trade would be opened and tariff free between all countries, on the condition that the international anti-trust proposal becomes law.”

Stephan knew the conditions of the accord inside and out. Aidos currently had tariffs placed on good entering the country so that the country could profit and its own businesses would remain competitive. Unfortunately, that made trade with Aidos unattractive for countries who could have been big business partners. And Aidos prices were too high for big sales in foreign markets. But if a trust-busting law was put in place, the fat cats like Craven would take a major hit, and room in all the markets would be created for upstarts, of which Aidos was full.

The chairman continued, “I’d like to open the floor for debate before we vote.” Apparently that was the big cue to get the political coercion show on the road. The blackness went away, and suddenly Stephan was looking out through the cute little brunette’s eyes. He felt his arms, not restrained behind him in soft leather, but up and to either side of his head, in steel manacles lined with fur. He felt his legs pulled wide apart, stretching his pussy wide and taut, his ankles chained to his wrists. He looked down and saw the tops of his.. her breasts, adorned by long dark braids. He tried to test his new bonds but he couldn’t move. OK, he thought, I can’t control the show, I can only feel it. He hoped the young lady would struggle. He so desperately wanted to feel the resistance of his chains. Meanwhile, he marveled at how simply light he felt in this woman’s body as opposed to his own.

The girl’s eyes showed Stephan her alcove. He couldn’t believe the trouble they went to. The walls and floor were covered with cool, moist stone. It looked for all the world like a cross between a cave and castle in there, and the window that looked out on the center of the room, as well as the entrance from the outside hall, were covered with thick black velvet curtains. The woman kept looking towards hall-knowing that whatever pain or pleasure she would feel would come from there.

Even the atmosphere in the alcove was controlled somehow. It was slightly cool, and slightly damp, and a little breeze occasionally wafted through. Stephan was getting wrapped up, forgetting that he was really on the other side strapped to a chair. Stephan felt himself moan, a pretty, feminine little moan that made his throat vibrate just a little, and then he felt his wrists pulling at his/her chains. Of course, there was no escape, but the chains made wonderful tinkling sounds, and struggling made the woman swing, and swinging stirred the air around her pussy. Stephan was feeling something entirely new. He knew, as he sat far away, his cock was rock hard, but now he felt something else between his legs.

It was a tingling feeling, on a very delicate place, her pussy. Every time she moved, or struggled, or for all he knew had some naughty thought about what would be done with her, passion would run down her body like water in a pipe, starting in her chest, running down through her belly, and then it would splash out over her pussy. Because her body was doubled, her pussy was up near her face and Stephan could watch it swell and redden with every wave of feeling. The longer she was left hanging there, the more her passions built upon each other, her stimulation multiplied and pulsed through her body, and her heart beat faster and faster. Stephan felt the breeze blow over her wet pussy, cooling and teasing it, and the air movement wafted the dusky and clean smell of her excitement up into her/his nose.

After while, the girl seemed to lose control of herself, yelling into her gag and thrashing around as much as she could. Did she think this was it? And then suddenly, Dmitri/the general whipped back the curtain and made his entrance. The girl screamed and jerked. Stephan mulled over what an adorable little noise that was as felt himself swinging in the chains, breathing faster, and perspiring slightly. It was hard for Stephan to tell how much of this excitement was himself and how much was this beautiful stranger’s. It had to be her-the feeling was so frenetic-so high strung-it could exist in the body of someone who had not too long ago been a teen-aged girl. He hoped she would not hyperventilate, but he didn’t feel himself having any breathing trouble, and guessed that the gag had an air-intake feature of some kind.

Stephan couldn’t blame her for going crazy. He was loving the costume too. Dmitri was dressed in a combination of leather and metal armor. It was even scuffed and dirty as it would have to have been right after a battle. And how did he know not to shave today? The scruff on his muzzle was perfect as well.

The General strode all around her, examining her with unwavering eyes until he stopped in front of her. Then he tipped up her chin and looked into her wide eyes. He made a low grunt of approval and nodded his head and laughed, happy with his prize. First, he grabbed both of her breasts in his hands, getting the full feel of them. Then he squeezed gently at her nipples, with a fascinated expression on his face, to see what sort of reaction he would get. She moaned and tried to push her pelvis out at him. Stephan moaned with her. He could not believe the difference between what he normally felt in his nipples and what this woman felt. It was wonderful. And Dmitri kept going, smiling, playing with his new toy, pulling and pushing, and sometimes brushing her nipples with the backs of his hands.

Many times Stephan had lost himself in sex, often he had felt very vulnerable, but he never felt this powerless against the waves of passion going through his body, so easily played like an instrument. Was it just because there were more erogenous zones and less body? He felt himself flutter like a hummingbird in Dmitri’s hands. And then he actually felt droplets of wetness fall from the little brunette’s pussy to the floor.

Dmitri/the General looked down at her cunt, and then up to her face with a smile that said he knew she was a dirty girl. He put one big hand up around her neck as if she were a kitten, and the other on her belly, which temporarily quieted her shivering. It was as if she were always trembling and only this sort of man touching her in her most vulnerable places could give her rest. And still holding her neck possessively, asserting his position and hers, he moved his other hand down between her folds. She groaned and sucked on her gag, trying to move against his hand. Her little mouth actually physically ached for him now, opening and closing in expectation. Stephan had been penetrated by Dmitri before, but this was a whole new world. As Dmitri slowly worked his fingers around her lips, her little hood, and the mouth of her vagina, Stephan lost himself in ecstasy. The sensation coursed through him, not in a straight line, but in a million tiny and interwoven threads.

The General stopped long enough to take out his rock hard cock and put his arms around the little brunette-hands on her buttocks-and pulled her towards him. As his penis slid inside the woman, the new sensation cut gently into Stephan, soft and sweet, like a plastic knife gliding into a frosted cake-noiseless and unstoppable.

Just then two more guards, a young man and an older woman, came in and attached little black buttons that looked like castanets to the thumbs and forefingers of her hands. As Dmitri continued to fuck the girl very slowly and gently, the woman pulled back the curtain and revealed the center of the room. The chairman was beaming at the crowd and idly tickling the pink heart shaped cockhead of his footstool with his crop. And then he announced, “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Planetary Council, your points are all well taken by your colleagues, and now, the votes will decide. Cast your votes!”

The male guard addressed both the female representative and Stephan. “To vote for the accord, press your right thumb and forefinger together. To vote against, it’s the left. This will work for you too, Mr. Trellis.” Stephan felt the girl vote against, and Dmitri grabbed her ass cheeks hard. He looked like an animal. And he was going to devour her. He pulled lifted her body so that none of her weight was on the chains, and prepared to impale her. Stephan felt all the particles of her cunt contract in anticipation of the body rocking pleasure to come….

And then blackness. Our hero was back on his side of the hall, blindfolded, strapped down, helpless, hard as a rock, jealous, angry, and alone.

Chapter 10
Stephan was left strapped to his chair for hours. At least it seemed that way to him. It was an interesting experience to be left there, blindfolded. He couldn’t see what was going on, but he could hear so many noises, little shouts, moans, screams that could only be full-on orgasm. And he had nothing to do but imagine the scenes that were causing those orgasms, and then of course he couldn’t help but insert himself into these flights of fancy. Then his manhood would rise anew, and he would move to touch it, and be frustrated, over and over.

It could be that his captors knew exactly what he was going through and had planned it as a new form of torture. More likely, he thought, he had been forgotten. Whatever he experienced inside his restraints and behind his blindfold was his problem and his alone. They didn’t have to worry about him now, he was out of the way, already bound securely. Why move him? And if he was suffering? The hell with him, he didn’t cooperate. He was off Craven’s proverbial Christmas card list.

All the guards were busy pleasuring representatives who had voted the way they were asked to. Even Dmitri, his Dmitri was busy. Stephan could just see him, using her braids to pull her closer, fucking her were unnecessary roughness, and then he pictured himself doubled, with Dmitri’s cock in his ass… damn, he was horny.

As frustrated as Stephan was at this time, and apprehensive about the immediate future, he was relieved. Goal-accomplished. He did his duty to the people in Aidos, whom he represented. He didn’t know what it would have done to his sense of self-worth if he had failed. Despite all the complications, Stephan’s job still seemed too easy for the money and prestige associated with it. Anyone could have done what he had done so far. The democratic process was being compromised here in Craven-there must be something more he could do.

Finally, he heard the voices of the same two guards who set him up in his alcove. They released his ankles and armbinder from the chair, picked up his leash, and jerked him forward without warning. Only the leash kept him from falling forward onto the floor. Roughly, they dragged him out into the hall and admonished him to “Hurry the fuck up.” There was a definite change of atmosphere going on here. Where was Dmitri?

Blindfolded, he had no idea where he was going. It seemed to him that made 50 turns and walked for an hour, with the tall one dragging him by the leash, and the shorter one behind him, smacking him on the ass and thighs to hurry him up. At long last, they opened a door that sounded like heavy metal and entered, and stopped. The guard called Jay removed his blindfold. “You’re in one of our approximately one bazillion holding cells. Which one is none of your fucking business. You may wonder how long you’ll be here. Who knows, who cares. But until then, you belong to us-lock, stock, and things that are even worse.”

Stephan began to be truly afraid. Even if Dmitri wanted to help him, would he even be able to find him? He lost control in a way that he hadn’t since he was first tethered back at the main entrance, and struggled to pull away. No use. Jay sat down on a bench, and pulling Stephan roughly over his knee, and began to spank him as hard as he could. “The great thing about this, Mr. Trellis, is that it really doesn’t leave any significant marks.” At first it was just shocking and humiliating for him to be spanked that way, and then it began to turn him on, and then it just hurt so much, and made him feel so hopeless, that he began to cry. Had it been Dmitri doing it, he would have comforted him, complemented him, or said something interesting afterwards. All this man did was drag him wordlessly by the neck over to his next ordeal.

There was a large rectangular table in the center of the room, made out of solid steel, about the shape of a coffee table, only on the far end of the surface a long, thick, metal phallus grew up out of it. Jay and Lars placed him on his back on the table, which was way too short for his body, unceremoniously ramming the metal cock into his ass and pulling his body down on it. They folded his legs at the knees and attached his ankle cuffs to the floor up against the table, and his wrist cuffs to the floor against the table at the other end, so that his body was stretched over the table, with his head hanging upside-down against the side, unsupported. They had to pull on his limbs to reach the mooring points for his restraints, leaving him uncomfortably stretched and strained. Stephan’s heart was fluttering. He was so hysterical he felt like he was flying, but amazingly, he was still hard.

Then Lars cupped his balls and warned him, “I’m going to take off your gag for a minute. If you make one sound, I will squeeze as hard as I can.” He unbuckled the big cock gag. Stephan had been wearing it for so long by this point, it felt strange to have it out. Then Lars pulled out a ring-gag and strapped it around your head. “I bet you didn’t think you were getting dinner tonight, Mr. Trellis. Well here it comes.” He immediately dropped his black pants, his tool-belt clanging against the metal floor, and began to fuck Stephan’s inverted mouth.

At the same time, another set of guards appeared with their charge-a tall, sinewy black woman with glossy skin and long eyelashes. They quickly strapped her into a swinging harness with a vibrating butt plug that’s hanging form the ceiling. Then they attached her wrist cuffs to the back of her collar so she couldn’t lower her hands. They bent her legs knees and bound her ankles together behind her, and then suspended her ankle cuffs from the back of her waist strap, to hold her legs up and away from her sex. They stood back to examine her rigging for a minute, and Stephan did the same. He could hardly help it, the poor thing was hanging over his head and about two feet in front of him. One of her guards set up a little stand topped with a mere square inch of black leather stop it, and flipped a switch, eliciting a hum from within it. The other guard got behind her and pushed. In the swing, she traveled across the room, and as she did her pussy just grazed the little piece of leather, and she moaned, and then she ran out of steam and began to swing back, and went over it again.

Over and over Lars and Jay took turns invading Stephan’s mouth with their pricks, as over and over the other woman’s guards pushed her across the titillating little instrument. The brief moment of pleasure was never, as minutes became hours, enough to push her over the edge. It was such a strange sight, and Stephan almost thought he was hallucinating it. He felt so strange anyway, the blood rushing to his head. With cock constantly stuffing his mouth, he couldn’t tell if he was getting enough oxygen. He guessed he would know he wasn’t when he passed out.

Chapter 11
When Stephan awoke, he didn’t know quite where he was at first. Someone had released him from the metal table, and his hands appeared to be free. He was on the floor. No it was softer than that, and he was gagged.. no.. was that a gag? A hand was caressing his thigh… he looked up.

Dmitri smiled down at him. Dmitri was sitting on the floor of the holding cell, cradling Stephan’s head in his arms, holding a water bottle in his mouth, trying to get him to drink. The woman’s swing was still there, but she was gone. They were alone.

“Poor thing.” Dmitri smiled at him. Stephan was so grateful for this tenderness that he began to tear up. “Drink.” Stephan  had no problem doing that, as he was incredibly thirsty. His jaws, mouth, and throat still ached from his lengthy facefucking and ring gag. When he had drunk down the whole bottle, Dmitri produced a little bundle of cloth, and inside was a hot meat-pie of some kind. Stephan attacked it without prompting. Dmitri spread a blanket onto the floor and told Stephan to lie down on his belly. Then he straddled him and began to massage his neck and shoulders, and gave him the update.

“I’m so sorry about what they did to you, beautiful boy. Do you still feel beautiful? Did they make you feel like something less than you are? If they did, forget it. They’re animals and they can’t see anything more than that in their fellow human beings. You’ve never seen me on my soapbox before, have you? Well excuse me. I have to live with this shit all the time and I don’t have many people to talk to that I can trust.” He bent down and kissed Stephan on the neck, and got a happy cooing noise for his trouble. “There are things I love about Craven, this IS my country after all. It’s just that I think it should always be consensual, and ideally, it would be about everyone involved enjoying themselves, no matter how harsh the methods might seem to vanilla people.”

“That woman who I fucked at the vote, with the braids…” Stephan bristled. As if he would forget someone he saw Dmitri fuck! “She was going to vote that way anyway. So if that injustice is on your mind, let it go.”

“Well Sir, the public servant in me says that’s great, and the servant of Dmitri in me says then they didn’t have to make you fuck her!”

Dmitri smiled, forgetting his troubles for a minute. “There’s a ‘servant of Dmitri’ in you?”
Stephan looked back and winked. “You know there is.”

“And you were jealous?”

“Of course.”

“That makes me hard, my boy!” Dmitri didn’t have to tell him that, he could feel the thick organ stiffening at his back. “I’m sorry I lost track of you. I had to stay and finish the scene with the brunette. I couldn’t seem to be rushing off to something else, as if I were up to something. But I asked around, I bribed, I used my contacts, and I found you. It was all very dangerous. This whole effort is risky, but I have to keep going. I only hope I can make more of a difference before someone finds me out.”

He grew silent. Stephan looked back at him, and saw a furrowed brow, and a pained expression. It troubled him to think of Dmitri in peril. His confident, capable, cocksure hero. He was vulnerable too. And if he got into trouble, would Stephan be able to help him the way Dmitri had helped him?

Dmitri continued. “And if I were to publicly take up with a man who had beaten our system of coercion, who had been in my charge, that would put the whole cause in jeopardy. That’s what I’d like to do, you know. I have a decent enough place, lots of gear-the things I could do with you… Did you know that in Craven, we could enter into a legally binding master and slave relationship, for whatever period of time we agreed upon? But you have a job to do somewhere else anyway. I’ve sent word to a very reliable source-an old playmate of mine, and he’ll be here for you any time now. You’ll be gone before I see you again.”
A sharp ache crept into Stephan’s belly. He would miss this man. The feel of him, the smell of him, his somehow divine right to be served, his benevolent rule.
Stephan looked back at him and asked “Fuck me good-bye?”
“Hell yes!”
Dmitri dismounted Stephan’s back and rolled him over, put his feet up on his shoulders, and eased his cock into Stephan now broken-in hole. He thrusted, slowly, rhythmically, and much more gently than he normally would have. His boy had been through a lot today. With every thrust he wanted to push him deeper and deeper into this pleasurable experience, and make him forget everything else. When he was close to climaxing, he began to pump Stephan’s cock in his hand, until finally they both were spent and satisfied.
“I’d like to just conk out with you now, but I can’t. In fact, I have to chain you to the wall and restrain your hands, and then leave. Of all the cruel things. At least I can leave you this blanket to lie on.”
Stephan knelt meekly on the floor, and put his hands behind his back for Dmitri. “I’m pretending this is your house, and you are going out, leaving me nothing to do but fantasize about you and wait for you to come back.”
“I love it!” Dmitri managed a smile as he clipped Stephan’s wrist cuffs together, and attached a long chain to them that terminated at the far wall. Dmitri crouched down to Stephan’s level and kissed him, long and hard, leaving him breathless. When Dmitri was as far as the door, Stephan called out to him.
“Yes, beautiful?”
“I’ll be back here in a few months to vote again. You may call on me in general to help you in your cause, and…”
“One day we’ll pick up where we left off.”

Chapter 12
The next morning Stephan was filled with anticipation. Soon he would be getting out of here! Each person he saw, he examined, wondering who his rescuer would be. After a harsh bathe with a hose, and a dry biscuit for breakfast, he was harnessed. It was the same sort of dark cherry brown rig that Dmitri had Angus dress him in for dinner that first night, only instead of a hole cut out over his anus, it featured a huge cock shaped butt-plug. The guard dressing him seemed very excited, and he wondered what fresh hell he was in for. When his harness was strapped on tight, the guard reinforced it with locks, and added a locking cock gag/head harness. The he pulled Stephan’s arms up behind him and attached his wrist cuffs to straps going across his upper back, so that they formed a “W” shape. He clipped a leash on Stephan’s collar and led him out of the room, up and down halls, turning and turning. Even without a blindfold, Stephan did not think he would ever be able to replicate this trip. Eventually they ended up back in the reception hall. The guard was looking proud as a peacock to be parading Stephan around, and then they passed by the front desk. There was Marnie, back at her post. She stopped the guard.
“Excuse me, Sir, Alphonse, is it? You’re going to have to give this man up. His escort back to Aidos is here.”

Stephan turned to look and smiled. He was surprised, and yet he wasn’t at all. It was Giant Bristol. “His papers are in order, what can you do?”
The guard sighed and gave the end of the leash to Bristol.
“I’m not his leather daddy, I’m his pilot. Can we get the keys to this stuff? Does he have any clothes?”
Marnie sneered at him and answered, “He had clothes, but we had to cut him out of them. And we’re not giving him anything of ours. As for the keys, isn’t it enough that you are taking our expensive leather goods with you? You want free keys too? Our precious metals, just for showing up? How far do you think Craven hospitality goes? No no. No keys, but keep the harness. And don’t worry about taking his restraints back to your little country. We’ll just bill your embassy.”

Stephan moaned around the huge rubber cock in his mouth, sinking in his posture, with the realization that he would not be freed until he showed up shamefaced in Aidos to some sort of metal shop. Pressing her luck, Marnie continued. “I get the feeling you’ll be able to handle him well enough Mr. Bristol. He needs food, water, and lots of cock.” Stephan half expected him to punch her in the face, but he kept his composure and led Stephan outside.

As they walked across the landing area, he stopped and looked Stephan in the face, “Well, technically you’re a free man now-I’m not enslaving you. I suppose you’d like me to take this leash off.” Stephan’s eyes grew wide, and he seemed to think for just a second, and then he shook his head quickly and with resolve. Somehow it would be more humiliating to wander around alone while restrained into a harness than with someone holding his lead. It would certainly be more frightening. If he was going to be tied, he didn’t want to have to fend for himself. Bristol understood quickly and seemed remorseful about ever suggesting it.

He gripped the leash handle firmly and led Stephan on across the lot. Soon enough they reached his little craft.
“I think I can get you out of that harness. Let me look in my toolbox.” Giant Bristol looked into the storage compartment of his ship and began pulling things out and looking them over, then frowning and swearing. Finally he smiled.

Bristol and Dmitri were alike in many ways. Both were strong, muscular, tall, manly, and capable. But where Dmitri had a prettied up, studied, and sophisticated air, Bristol’s energy was more untamed-more wilderness. Watching his hair blow around his head in the wind, the straightforward smile on his face, and the matter of fact way he dealt with his tools, Stephan felt a redoubled stirring in his cock. He looked down and realized with shame that he was rock hard. Bristol followed Stephan’s eyes down to his exposed cock, and laughed-a short and husky sound, and said, “Well hello there!” He grinned at Stephan with his whole head, and grabbed his cock, stroking it gently. Stephan gasped, as Bristol kept smiling. He was so oddly casual about the whole thing.

“Well, I don’t have a knife, and I don’t think I’d want that close to your skin anyway, but I do have a pair of fairly industrial scissors. If I can cut through these two straps across your upper back, the rest should follow easily.” Stephan nodded and turned around to present his back. He could feel the pilot’s meaty hands on his back, and hear his sounds of effort.
After a while, Bristol gave him an update. “OK I’m halfway through this strap, and I just can’t get any further. It’s so thick! Do they think you’re a grizzly bear or something? Let me try the other side. He seemed to be pouring all of his considerable energy into cutting through the leather and setting Stephan free, but it didn’t appear to be working. Stephan began to lose faith in the venture and thought perhaps he should just submit to his harness and sit in the back of the ship where the seat would shove the phallus further into his ass.

Bristol came around in front of Stephan again, sweat beading on his forehead, talking and panting. “Here’s the deal. I’ve cut into both straps from the ends and there’s around a quarter inch left in the middle of each one that I just can’t get through, but I think I know what to do. We need to pull on the straps to stretch them out, so the scissors can make some more headway. I’m gonna attach the leash to this ring in the middle of your upper back, and tie it off to the ring in that pole over there. Then I need you to pull with all your might. You might just break the thing that way. If not I’m sure you’ll soften it up enough for me.”

Stephan felt sure he was going to feel really stupid doing that but Bristol seemed so sure, and he wanted to get on board with the project. He would feel stupid arriving in Aidos in a harness anyway. He nodded his head and Bristol led him to the steel pole, and then tied the end of the leash to the steel ring in a knot that surprised Stephan with its complexity. Bristol backed up and stood about five feet in front of him, setting himself up as a cheering section of one. “Okay pull!”

Stephan immediately felt stupid, but he got started and walked as far away from the pole as it took for his tether to grow taut. And then he gritted his teeth and strained forward. He used his legs to pull him away from the pole. At the same time, he strained against the cuffs that held his arms up against his back, in order to rip the straps that they were attached to. Because he was gagged he found it very easy to release his considerable noises of effort: moans, grunts, unintelligible curses, and yelps. The latter were caused by the way his struggles caused his butt plug to move around and shove deeper into him.

As he worked he began to feel more animal and less self-conscious, and began to sweat. His movements became more desperate and wild, as he pulled harder and harder. He couldn’t feel any progress at all-no change to the position of his wrists or anything to prove it was working, but Bristol came around in back of him and got very animated, yelling, “Yes! It’s pulling apart! Just a little longer. Pull Stephan! Come on! Harder!”

That was enough for Stephan, he gritted his teeth and pulled harder than before. He had no idea he was capable of such an effort. The testosterone was pumping through his body, and it seemed to want to pour out via his cock, which was very hard from all the excitement. He moved his hips in short, violent little thrusts as he pulled, as if he was fucking something, which was what he sorely wanted to do, and as he did it pushed the phallus in and out of him in equally short, violent thrusts. He was getting way too worked up-his cock was on fire, and he was so full of endorphins that he had a sort of fight or flight syndrome, but flight was impossible and the energy just multiplied inside him. Was he making any progress? He looked at Bristol doubtfully, shaking his head in frustration. When was it going to be time for him to try the scissors again?

Bristol checked the state of affairs at his back again and appeared in front of him, uncomfortably close. “You’re doing great, Councilor. Just a little more effort. Come on, are you just going to let this happen? You can’t even touch your cock.” Bristol lightly brushed his bursting cockhead. Stephan started and leapt back in his harness. He was not expecting that from Bristol. “You see? I shouldn’t be able to do that, but you should. A man has a right touch his own penis. If you give up, this harness owns your manhood and you don’t.”

 Stephan glared at him-it was working-he was getting mad. He growled loud enough to surprise even himself and resumed his pulling and thrashing. His muscles were showing like they never had before, now that he was flexing them so hard, and now that he was also covered with a thin sheen of sweat. Stephan began to look as if he really did need a harness this strong, instead of looking like a poor boy strapped into an instrument of obvious overkill. When he showed signs of letting up, Bristol did something shocking. He flicked at the shaft of Stephan’s cock with his thumb and forefinger, yelling, “Get mad at it! Come on boy, get mad!”

It worked. Stephan lost all trace of shame or inner restraint and turned into a full-on beast. He was flexing his muscles so hard and tearing away so furiously that he looked twice his former size and roared like, well, like Dmitri having an orgasm. Still, the leather held him fast, and this knowledge-that he was still prisoner to his harness and at Bristol’s mercy after his most desperate efforts-made him more turned on than he had ever been in his life.

Finally his muscles gave out. He could barely feel his arms and legs-they were pushed to failure and past it. He backed up against the pole and sank down to a seated position, his head lolling on his right shoulder-defeated. He had gone from a mild mannered politician to a ferocious beast to a hopelessly chained animal. He looked questioningly at Bristol. Why didn’t he at least try the scissors? Why didn’t he release him from the pole and help him into the plane?

He was just standing there, watching him and smiling. My god, was he touching himself? Bristol walked up to Stephan with his cock out and stood over him. “Looks like you lost! You aren’t in control of your own dick. Do you like it? Because I do.” Stephan couldn’t believe his ears. All he could do was stare and try to understand. Then Bristol knelt down to be on Stephan’s level, and cupped the Councilor’s balls in his hand, lightly massaging them, and then he began to gently masturbate them both-one cock in each meaty hand. Stephan whimpered behind his cock-gag. They were both so worked up by this point that within minutes they shot at the same time, each all over the other’s belly.

Bristol stood up and took his handkerchief out of his pocket and cleaned them both up. Then he took something else out his pocket-a shiny silver ring of keys. Stephan’s eyes were like saucers as his pilot explained: “Of course I didn’t really cut into your harness straps. Why would I do that? This is the most gorgeous harness I have ever seen, with the best craftsmanship! And the best part is, the bill is going to the embassy. Luckily an old friend of mine was there when I came to pick you up, and before I came in guns a’flarin we took a few minutes to shoot the shit. His name is Dmitri-hot, hot guy, that one, as you know. I’ve played with him a couple of times on my trips to Craven, and when he told me how much you took to this sort of thing, I nearly pissed myself. He made me promise to take care of you if he gave me the keys and I did. And I will care for you when you’re under my power. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Stephan was truly amazed-he didn’t know what to say, and soon he would have to come up with something, as Bristol was unlocking his gag. Once it was out and his face was cleaned up, Bristol took a bottle of water off his tool-belt and put it to Stephan’s mouth. He drank it down greedily. He had given himself quite a workout.

Bristol continued, “I’d like you to come with me to my farm for a while-as long as your schedule will allow for. Don’t get me wrong, I like Dmitri’s sort of game too, once in a while. He’s got a citified, too much for daytime sort of thing happening and he looks really hot in black! But for the slave it’s all sitting around and getting teased, mostly, and other passive activities. If I bring you home with me you’ll get a taste of real work, and judging from your response just now, I think you’d really like it. I bet you’ve never pulled a pony-cart, or a load of hay, while your arms are tied-up behind you, with a strapping young buck like myself whipping you on the ass when you go too slow. Ever been harnessed to a plow? Picked apples with a vibrating plug in your ass and your cock under lock and key?”

Stephan flushed deeply and swallowed a gulp of water, “No, I haven’t.” Was his cock rising up again already?

“We could really toughen you up out there. I would work you so hard they’d start calling you “Giant Stephan.” Stephan’s eyes danced as they both had a giggle. He was flirting with Bristol, he couldn’t help it. How like Dmitri he was in so many ways, and how very different in others. “I’ve already phoned your assistant and told her not to plan any sort of reception for you. I told her you were understandably exhausted from your difficult but successful trip. I think she had heard rumors about Craven because she got all flustered. It was funny. I think she’d like to “exhaust” you sometime. Anyway, we could fly right to my property. What do you think? If you say no, I’ll get this thing off you right now and drop you as near as I can to your apartment. What do you say?”
Stephan’s smiled and said, “I say take me home and fuck me with your Giant… Bristol.”
“Oh somebody’s a jokester! I’ll wallop you for that later.” The words were stern, but he was grinning ear to corn-fed ear as he led his new toy, his planetary representative, back to his ship and strapped him down tight.