She Wanted Sex Bad
by Cuffmaster

Sharon wanted sex bad. It had been months since she had sex and she didn't know when, if ever, she would have sex again. Sharon had been a high priced call girl and probably had had more sex in her 28 years than most women have in a lifetime. You name it and she had done it. There wasn't anything she wouldn't do to turn a trick. That was how she ended up in the predicament she was now locked into.

One night about five months ago, she had agreed to put on a chastity belt because the "John" she met at the hotel said he would pay her $500 above her usual fee to do it. She figured he wanted her all locked up so he could tease her and then get off by getting a blow job or something. The belt was made of stainless steel and totally blocked access to her private parts but allowed her to perform normal bodily functions without removing it. She removed all of her clothes and put the belt on. It was cold at first but quickly warmed to her body temperature. Sharon paraded her body all decked out in her silver belt in front of her evening master and as she walked by he snapped on the three locks securing it in place. Not fearing his actions, she continued to taunt him with her shapely body figuring that he wanted her to flirt as had the many John's before him.

Then he had held up a chastity bra and said that he would give her another $500 dollars if she put it on. This was easy money so again without hesitating she fitted her boobs into the twin form fitting cups and turned her back to him so he could lock the hasp in the back. He snapped on another lock and turned her to face him by her shoulders. He handed her the $1000 and said thank you. Kissed her on the forehead and started to leave. She couldn't believe he didn't want anything else and never thought to ask where the keys were.

She even watched him walk out without even turning back to get one last look. Turning around to go back to the chair where he was sitting to look for the keys she passed a mirror and stopped to admire how she looked locked in this very unusual underwear. It had a certain sexy look about it and she wondered how it would look under her clothes. So she got dressed with the outfit she wore to the meeting. The bra actually complemented her figure and the belt didn't show under her skirt. It was only after getting totally dressed that she went to find the keys.

Sharon was now on her hands and knees looking under the chair. She had turned the hotel room upside down looking without any success. This wasn't as problematic as it looked. She would just call her coordinator to get the locks off and things would be in order again.

The way her appointments were arranged was through an agency. She would receive an e-mail and a driver/body guard would pick her up from her condo and bring her to meet the client. She had been all over the city and had worked in almost every high-end hotel. Her price was commanding and no John who could only rent a cheep room in some dive by the hour would ever be able to afford her.

She decided to have her driver just take her home. She would call one of her neighbors to see if he could help her out of this. Sharon thought that she would contact the agency after she was back able to work as she always did after completing a transaction.

Paul knew her occupation and was trying hard not to laugh out loud when she told him what had transpired and removed her garments so he could work on the locks. He tried his bolt cutters thinking he could just cut them off. All he got for his efforts was a big chip out of the jaws of his tool. Not good but not the end of his bag of tricks. Next he tried a small rotary diamond wheel but that didn't even make a scratch in the lock. Paul didn't know he was up against one of the toughest alloys made by man and short of using a cutting torch he wasn't going to get the locks off any time soon. Considering the location of the locks, he didn't know any women that would want you near those parts of her body with a white-hot blowtorch.

Now five months later, she had long since given up on getting out of her body armor. She searched and searched to find her key keeper but he was nowhere to be found. Even the locksmith had failed to free her from her confinement. The agency had to take her off their asset list. When her faithful clientele would inquire about her services the agency was instructed to tell them that she had a non-sexual condition which was preventing her from pursuing her career at this time and to check back with them later. She didn't want them to panic and run out to get tested for STDs because they thought she had a medical condition or something.

Needing to eat, Sharon had to find a more normal job and give up being a hooker. There wasn't much money in blowjobs alone. She had been hooking since graduating college. She had tried it on a dare and found she enjoyed pleasing men and sometimes even women. She had no long-term commitment associated with any of the relationships and up until now had been happy with the arrangement. Her condo was paid off and she was driving a new luxury sports sedan - also fully paid off. She had some money in the bank and a wardrobe full of expensive clothes. Some were rather elegant while others were just very sexy. Over the months she had sorted through her clothes and had found most of the things she tried on hid the hardware. Bikini's, however, didn't work but a full suit covered her steel shroud just fine.

The first two weeks of her confinement had been the worst and since then it had gone fairly well. Quitting cold turkey did break the cycle and after discovering her new self worth she now suspected that she wouldn't go back even if she did get out. She did miss the sex though. Most of it wasn't great, in fact most of her clients were very poor lovers, but every once in a while there be some magic and one guy would tip the balance and put her over the top. It almost made it all worth while.

She even started dating Paul. She needed some social life but not being able to make love to the man was straining the possibility, in her mind, of them ever making it work. It was awkward the night she walked in on what she thought was just another client and Paul was sitting on the bed waiting. They had originally met at the voting polls a few years back and there was an instant bond. She had fielded his advances and thought she had succeeded in discouraging him. She had lied and told him she had a boy friend. As it turned out he lived just around the corner from her and she often bump into him at a store or out jogging. They became friends that night but they didn't have sex. He confessed that he had discovered what her profession was and had booked the night just to get a date. They went to dinner and he took her home after. He didn't even kiss her goodnight.

When she came home from work today there was an e-mail from the agency. They wanted her to be ready at 7 PM. One of the normal drivers would pick her up as they always did. Her hopes soared at the anticipation that they had found a way to free her. The e-mail didn't specify a particular outfit, so she chose one that covered her but slipped off easily.

The driver was exactly on time and Sharon was waiting. He got out of the car and opened the door for her and handed her a blindfold. "Put it on," was all he said. This had happened once or twice before when there was a special client spending some time in the area and for security reasons they would keep the meeting location unknown. Sharon got in and did as she was told. The drive took about 20 minutes and by now it must be dark out. Not that she could see anyway but it would hide the fact that she was being led outside by the driver to the door of her appointment.

Once inside a female voice said, "I'll take her" and escorted her to a chair and told her to sit. Sharon complied and waited for some time before she heard the door to the room she was in open and then close.

This time a male voice said to her, "Please stand and remove your clothes." She dropped her dress and stepped out of it. He took it from her hand. She kicked off her shoes and unfastened her stockings and removed the garter belt that held them in place over her steel confinement. Her feet hit the cold tile floor. He guided her to a spot in the room and commanded her to stand still. She heard a motor sound like you hear in the beauty salon when the chair is being raised or lowered. When it stopped she was moved slightly forward so that she felt a collar-like device on her throat and then slight pressure on the back of her neck. "Hold your hands up" came another command. She lifted both hands and they were placed into similar devices locking her arms in place. When she tried to move she found that she was attached to a pillory-like device and unable to move her head or arms in any direction. Slight panic set in. She had lost all control of the situation. She heard the door cycle again.

"Hi sweetie," said a female voice when the door cycled again after only a minute. "How are doing?" she asked.

"Ok," Sharon replied. "What is going on?"

"We're just going to check you out and see how you are doing."

To Sharon's surprise the next thing that happened was this person was unlocking her bra and belt and removing them.

"I'm going to remove the blindfold now so watch your eyes"

With that the blindfold was carefully unfastened. Slowly Sharon opened her eyes to discover she was standing in front of a full length mirror being held in place by a arm that was connected to a strong looking frame in the middle of what looked like a shower. "Hi, I'm Carol Smith and I'm just going to clean you real good, ok?"

"Sure, whatever you want," Sharon replied.

Carol proceeded to give Sharon a shower and scrubbing all the places Sharon wasn't able to reach for a long while. It felt wonderful. Carol used a sudsy mix and applied in to her bush letting it soak in for a while. Then she shaved all of her pubic hair off. When Carol was done she applied a skin cream to all the areas hidden by the two devices.

Sharon almost came just from the touch of another hand rubbing parts of her body so long neglected even though this was a clinical application. Sharon had tried to find a way to stimulate herself but the only thing she managed to get under the belt to touch herself was a metal coat hanger and that could scratch an itch but it had failed to really stimulate her enough to give her any release.

"The Doctor will see you soon." Carol proclaimed. "Don't go anywhere… he, he!" she giggled as she left the room. Where she thought Sharon could go all connected to a modern day pillory must have been her failed attempt to get Sharon to smile.

Sharon wondered why they needed a doctor to examine her anyway. All she wanted to do was get released and get on with her life. The door opened and another female walked into the room wearing a white lab coat. As she circled in front Sharon could read the name Dr. Smith embroidered on the front of the coat. This was just one more surprise to add to the many she already had this evening.

Dr. Smith introduced herself and asked the typical overall health related questions. Sharon responded as truthfully and accurately as she could. "I'm going to lower you down and I want you to carefully bend over as the head board rotates and lowers. You may need to step back as it comes down."

Sharon felt the device start down and also rotate allowing her to easily follow it until she was bent over. "Spread your legs out please."

Sharon did this as she heard the snap of a rubber glove being worked onto the Doctor's hand. "Now relax and let me do the internal exam," the doctor said as she applied lube to her gloved hand.

Sharon tried to let her pelvic muscles relax as she felt penetration for the first time in months. But it was over before she really had a chance to react to it. "Going up," Dr. Smith said and the equipment started back to its original position.

The Doctor circled so that she could look Sharon in the eye. "Well except for some dry patches you are in excellent condition. I see no reason why you can't be re-locked into your devices." With that comment she left the room.

Sharon had been so stunned to hear the words "re-locked into your devices" that she didn't ask who was doing this to her and why. Carol returned after a short wait so Sharon pounced on this opportunity to run a string of questions.

"Why are you people doing this to me? Who gave you permission? Do I get a say in any of this? I want out. NOW!"

"You don't need to yell," Carol smoothly replied. "I can't answer any of your questions because I don't know anything but I can get someone who can if you want me to."

"I'm sorry I yelled. I'm just a little overwhelmed right now. Please get someone in here that can help me."

"Ok, honey but it might be a while is that ok?"

"How long is a while?"

"Well I don't know for sure but it could be over an hour because they would have to drive here."

"Is there any way I could talk to them on the phone?"

"I don't know, I'll find out."

Carol left and returned almost immediately. "You're in luck. Another client has already requested a meeting with their handler and so as soon as they are done, he will be in to see you. Do you want to wait as you are or do you want me to put your things back on?"

Considering her many years of getting naked in front of strangers what was one more and she wasn't thrilled about getting re-secured. "No I'll just wait as I am, but thanks for asking."

"No problem, just have him let me know when two are finished."

The room was silent. Sharon could hear the blood pushing past her ears. She tried to hear anything else but couldn't. Time slowed down and the day's activities started catching up and she felt tired, very tired. Could she sleep standing up, she wasn't sure.

"Wake up, Sharon!" A male voice abruptly disturbed her dream. "I understand you have some questions you want answered. My name is Mr. Smith and I am assigned to your case. Let me fill you in on what has transpired and then if you have any questions I will try my best to answer them, Ok?"

"Mr. Smith, is every one here named Smith?"

"We do that just to keep it simple for our subjects. With other clients we are all Briggs or Jones. You were assigned Smith. Now let me start by saying that our organization is totally dedicated to doing interventions. When a loved one is addicted to drugs or gambling, a good friend or family member contracts us to step in and rescue them. In your case an admirer of yours was so taken by you that he contracted with us to take you out of circulation. It was one of our people that tricked you into your confinement. We have been watching you from a distance to be sure you were adjusting ok and as we do with all of our clients, we bring you in from time to time to make sure that you are having no physical problems with the equipment. You asked Carol who gave us permission. Well we basically negotiated a one year contract with them and so you technically are working for us. At the end of the year you will be offered options if you successfully complete the program. I know you want to know who had contracted with us and I, under obligation of that contract, can't tell you. Besides, I don't know anyway, that information is in a sealed envelope in our vault. Now I must tell you that you can opt out of this but if you do you will forfeit all the fees you would receive. However, if you allow us to put you back into your chastity gear we will work with you on any schedule you want and provide support to help you change your life. If you make it through the next seven months you will receive a very large deposit in your bank account which will give you a start to a new future. So, what do you say?"

Sharon felt a tear run down her cheek, it had been forever since anyone had cared about her as a person and now this whole program was created to for her. Who was it? They must have money. Could she do it?

"Will I ever get to meet my hero?"

"Most likely, but that is his decision. If I were a betting man I would say yes. My guess is that he loves you but not your occupation and if you can keep yourself sex free for one year for him then anything is possible. I think his hope is that at the end of your rehabilitation you will be ready to settle into a monogamous relationship with him. The one condition that is a must on his part is that you must be HIV negative for one full year."

She took all of this in. Her heart was pounding. Could she do it? What if she didn't like this guy then what? "But… What if I don't like the guy, then what?"

"You walk away with no further obligation and all of the reward will still be yours."

Sharon's mind was racing. Could she do it? An almost imperceptible "Ok…" slipped through her lips.

"Excuse me?"

"Ok, you can lock me back up but I want two baths a month like I had tonight and I want Carol to do them."

"We will schedule the appointments before you leave this evening and I'm sure Carol will try her best to make every visit relaxing, and dare I say it, enjoyable for you. Ok?"

"Ok, Mr. Smith, you can lock me up now."

She never thought she would say those words, but she had. Her friend Paul had told her many times that you could do anything for a year by just taking it one day at a time. She had decided that she would do just that. Then it hit her. Was it Paul who did this? Well, she would find out in seven months. Carol came in and carefully replaced her belt and bra and locked her as before. Then she released her from the bondage and helped her to get dressed. Her driver returned Sharon to her home.

As Sharon drifted off to sleep exhausted from all that had transpired the realization hit that there would be no sex tonight. There would be no sex tomorrow night. What had she agreed to? One day at a time but days weren't the problem. Ok one night at a time. She wanted sex so bad.

* * *

She wanted sex so bad that it hurt. Her need was a physical ache that never went away. It had been two months since Sharon had made her first visit to the clinic where she traded one type of captivity for another while her boobs and vagina were exposed, bathed, treated with lotion, examined by a doctor and then re-secured in her chastity underwear. She was making a visit every two weeks and the routine had always been the same. So far this evening had followed the script. She would be picked up and driven blindfolded to the clinic and escorted inside where the blindfold was removed after she was placed in an exam room. She would undress and assume the position, placing her neck and arms up and waiting for the nurse to lock them in place before starting the process.

Tonight Sharon undressed, folded her clothes and positioned herself waiting for the nurse to lock her up. She heard the familiar snaps of the locks around her neck and arms. Her bra was removed and her boobs fell unsupported. It felt good to have the thing off. If only she could rub them and better yet have some one else rub them. The usual routine would have been to remove the chastity belt and blindfold and then get bathed, but tonight it changed.

Was change good? she wondered. She heard the door cycle. She sensed she was alone triggering a fear response that was totally unexplainable. Holding her breath trying to hear anything only made her heat pound in her own ears. Sharon knew she needed to relax so she tried to take deep breaths and let them out slowly. The anxiety she was feeling was still building. Not since her first visit had she had this much apprehension.

She had five months remaining. The deal she was promised was that if she maintained her chastity for one full year she would receive a large sum of money compensating her as she was used to being compensated as a high priced call girl. Unable to work, she was eking out an existence in a more traditional job.

A man's voice, she couldn't place, yet it sounded familiar, snapped her back to the moment. It wasn't the doctor or anyone she had met before at this facility.

"You look beautiful, how are you feeling?"

"Ok," was all she managed to blurt out.

"I miss you," he said. Her mind raced to use this clue he had just given her. He moved closer and stood directly behind her. She could feel his body heat. He reached around her with both arms careful not to touch her and held a hand just away from her breasts.

Sharon could sense the invisible hug and it triggered a sexual response long overdue. Her nipples grew hard and reached out to touch the source of heat. The contact was ever so brief but it sent total electricity through her body. Feelings she had forgotten flooded her mind with want to be held by a man. Memories of the many times she had made love to a man sent her deeper into need.

"I want to fuck you," he whispered into her ear. "May I fuck you?"

Sharon almost came at the sound of his voice. She wanted sex so bad. She was about to answer with a desperate yes when a voice inside her head asked, "What if this is a trick? If you agree, will you forfeit your reward because you weren't chaste for one full year?" She wanted sex bad!

"I would love to have sex with you but I have a commitment to not have sex for one full year and I have five months to go. Ask me again after I have completed my obligation." She couldn't believe she has just turned down the one thing she wanted most. What if he takes me anyway, will that count against me? she thought.

Even though he wasn't touching her, the heat between them was building and she knew she had to do something to throw some cold water on this fire. Sharon kicked her right leg back at the knee and made contact right between his legs putting out any fire that might be burning. "Get out now!" She shouted hoping to discourage him even more. Now a whole new series of thoughts occurred to her. "What if this is the guy who paid for me in the first place? What if he gets mad? What if he takes me anyway?" The more she though about it the more her heart raced. She was still shackled to the headboard. She wasn't going anywhere.

Whack, her ass stung from a hard slap. Whack, Whack, Whack, she was hit three more times hard, real hard. "What the fuck was that for?" she asked. Whack!

"Talk like a lady," came the response.

"Fuck you, asshole."

Whack, Whack, Whack! She was being slapped from her ass to her thighs down one side and up the other. "You will address me with respect!" He huffed as he slapped her several more times.

Now Sharon's experience as a call girl had taught her to not confront her Johns with any provoking language or actions that would inflame them. She had crossed the line and she knew it. It was best for her to either shut up and not cry or even whimper.

Several minutes passed as the situation cooled. Sharon didn't even know if he was still in the chamber with her.

"I'm sorry," he said snapping her back to the moment "I was expecting you to say yes and when you didn't so I got pissed." She remained silent. She knew that no words were better than anything she could say because if she said something nice it would just encourage him to take advantage of her and if she said something nasty it would just piss him off again.

After several minutes he spoke again, "I'm very sorry, I promise to never do that again, forgive me?"

Now what was she to do? She couldn't believe that she was even in this predicament. They had promised her that she would be safe when she was under their care.

"Are you the one?" she asked.

"Which one?" he replied.

"You know, the one that has paid for my rescue from a life on my back?" She didn't know if she wanted it to be him or not.

"Sorry, no," came the reply. "I was hired to test you. If you had failed you would have been released and sent back out of the streets with nothing. You didn't fail."

"Why did you hit me?"

"Because I was told I could if I thought it would make you change your mind. You never asked for me to stop and you never caved in to me and offered to say yes if I stopped. Believe me, if you had said yes, I would have fucked you hard right where you stand. Sadly all I get out of it is a sore hand. Good luck on your quest!" With that, he kissed her on the cheek and left the room.

Sharon mind was swimming with all kinds of "What ifs?" but before she got very far the door opened again and in walked Carol, her usual attendant.

"Good evening honey, I see you passed your mid term. You would be surprised how many don't. It gets real messy then. Some girls want a second chance and ask to start over again. The only problem is that second chances take 19 months and almost none of them make it. If you fail twice you are out. But what is really pathetic is what happens to the guys that fail twice. They get their balls lopped off."

This was more information that Sharon had every heard before about the program. "What do they do to the girls that fail twice?"

"Oh, they are sold into the sex trade for big dollars and they are never heard from again. We make most of our money that way."

"What happens if they quit after the first try?"

"Not much, they are let go and that is that. In order to get a second chance you need to sign a contract admitting yourself into the program and giving us all of the rights to your body in the event you fail. The contract is ironclad and no lawyer has broken it yet. We had one husband who had to spend big bucks to buy his slutty wife back because she failed twice and was being auctioned off to the highest bidder. The only way for him to get her back was to outbid everyone else. He tried to break the contract first and failed. In the end she felt so obligated to him that she has reformed her ways and so the program worked. Of course he threatens to sell her off if she doesn't do as he says. My advice to you is to keep your desires down and just say no. No matter how good the offer they tempt you with sounds. In the long run it won't be worth it."

All this time Carol was doing her usual preparation for the doctor's visit. She had removed the chastity belt and bathed her and was now applying the skin care products.

The exam went as normal and soon Carol was reconnecting and locking the straps on her bra. The belt went on around her waist and as she was threading it between her legs a soft probe penetrated her vagina and was now locked in place.

"What is that for, Carol?" Sharon knew what it was. She had played with probes many times in her career.

"Better you find out after you leave here," was Carol's reply.

The locks were released and the blindfold removed so she could see to get dressed. She knew to put it back on signaled she was ready, and she was led back to the car. Just as she got settled in to her seat the probe between her legs started to vibrate. Almost simultaneously both nipples were being stimulated. She felt her bra and could tell that there was a vibration coming from inside the cup. "Wow this feels good!"

It was the most stimulation she had experienced in seven months. The motion of the car added to her pleasure and she thought she might get off. Her excitement built and as suddenly as the stimulation started it stopped. It was like all sound just stopped and she fell into a bottomless pit. She crawled back from the edge and contemplated what this new element would mean. How would she get though the evenings with this teasing system taunting her to the edge and then letting her fall just before she reached relief? Hopefully, she might find a way of outwitting her tormentor.

The driver dropped her off at her home and confirmed her appointment for two weeks. She asked if there was any way she could get in touch with him if she needed an emergency visit. He informed her that she was on her own for two weeks and to find a way to deal with it. She didn't like his answer but knew he was under obligation to follow orders and she decided to just let him go.

Exhausted from the evening's activities she headed straight to bed. She slipped out of her clothes and looked in the mirror trying to see what was different. They must have added something to make the underwear vibrate. Close inspection showed that there was a slightly thicker band but that was it.

Climbing into bed had a welcome feeling. No sooner had she found that comfortable position the damn vibrators turned on again. Not as surprising the second time, in fact she almost expected it. The bra started to rattle because her position had taken some of the pressure of her boob from inside the steel cup leaving enough room for the vibrator to bang around. The situation was actually comical and Sharon started to laugh. She didn't know what she would do if this happened while she was at work or on the subway going to work. How embarrassing would that be? They buzzed on for some time, failing to get a rise out of her. She figured she was just so tired she couldn't react even if se wanted to. After some time she fell asleep with the buzz still going.

Sharon woke the next morning wondering if the batteries had run out. She went through her usual morning routine and headed off to work, purposely putting on an extra heavy sweater, even though it wasn't that cold - just in case the buzz started to rattle again.

Nothing eventful happened until she returned home. There was a package waiting for her at the front door. She hadn't ordered anything, but the message on the outside said open immediately. As she carried it in she suspected that whatever was inside was somehow connected to her additions in her lingerie. Sure enough, the box contained a black box that had a cords and two battery packs. The directions told her that she needed to plug it in to a wall outlet and charge the packs. Then every evening when she came home, she must exchange the two packs on her underwear with the charged packs and place the removed pair on the charger. The instruction said that the two packs in the box were already charged and that she should start now. There was also a warning stating that if she didn't do this every evening there would be consequences.

Using a mirror, Sharon easily changed the pack on her bra but the pack on the belt just wouldn't come out. She tried to force it out using a tail of a comb but only broke the comb. There was only one thing left to do. She would call her friend. Paul was the only one who knew her situation. She had called him months ago when she first was tricked into putting the garments on.

Sharon called Paul and he said he would stop over in a little while, as he was just finishing working on a project and needed a little time to clean up and put his tools away. Paul was the kind of guy that any woman would want. He was good looking, had a great personality, more than handy around the house and dependable. Why he wasn't off the market Sharon could never figure out. Her career had prevented them from ever getting together. Who would want a call girl for a girl friend anyway?

Now that she couldn't have sex she couldn't see herself in a relationship because it wouldn't be fair to the guy. What would she do when this confinement was over? Would she go back to her profession, or would she take the opportunity to start over? She knew she needed to decide soon. She wanted sex bad but did she want to keep doing it with strangers or could she be satisfied with just one guy? She was beginning to think she could if she could find a guy who, besides having all the right stuff, was sexually adventuresome.

She knew they would need to keep it interesting or it would never work. A guy that just took five minutes to hit it a couple of times a week just wouldn't do. She worked at giving men what they wanted and whomever she settled down with would need to have an open mind and take an active part in their sex life. Was there a guy out there who fit this long list of requirements? Was there a guy out there behind her present predicament? She wasn't sure how she would feel once she knew who was responsible for her confinement. And what was with this probe thing anyway? Wasn't it bad enough that she couldn't have sex at all? Why were they teasing her about it?

Paul arrived about an hour after she called. He was freshly showered and shaved. His cologne smelled heavenly. "Wow you are looking sharp, got a hot date?" Sharon asked.

"No, I just was all dirty from my project and I thought that I would clean up and see if you wanted to grab some dinner."

"I would love to, but you may change your mind after I show you what I need you to do."

She was just in a robe that she put on while she was waiting for him to arrive. She handed him the battery pack and removed her robe and pointed to the pack that was stuck. It was located in the front center low so it was invisible in almost everything except a bathing suit.

"Wow, you're a incredible woman. I am so lucky you are having this problem," he teased.

Then Paul knelt directly in front of her so he could get a close look at the problem. "I'll need to get my tool bag to get this out. Why don't you have a seat on the couch and I'll be right back."

She sat and put her left leg up on the ottoman stretching out so that the lamp next to the couch was shining directly down on her belt. Paul returned and once again knelt to work on the battery. It was like he didn't even notice how sexy she had positioned herself because he was all business attacking the battery like it was part of a car and not attached to two amazing legs. Click! The battery popped out. He worked on the empty compartment for a few seconds then he used another tool, bending something. He tested the new battery for fit and then he released it and it popped right out. "There, that should prevent it from sticking anymore. You need anything else adjusted on this rig while I got my tools out?" Paul teased but didn't move.

"No unless you have some new tool that will get me out of my captivity."

"Nope, we tried that and besides why would you want to quit now, with less than half a year to go?"

"I don't want to quit but do you know what they did to this thing the last time I went in for a check? They stuck a dildo up my cunt and now it vibrates turning itself on and teasing me. I want sex so bad that I almost get off and its like how it just knows I'm about to cum and it just stops. I'm telling you whoever thought this up isn't playing fair. I was doing good and had almost stopped thinking about sex all the time until this thing was installed. It even has two vibrators in contact with my nipples that turn on and off at almost the same time as the probe. Last night I was exhausted after my checkup and I came home to crash in bed. While I was laying there the boob vibe turned on and started to rattle. What the hell am I going to do if I go to work and all of a sudden my tits start to sound like the transmission is about to fall out?"

Paul just started to laugh. "I can just imagine that scene, you're taking notes in some meeting and all of a sudden you start to buzz. At first everyone reaches for their Blackberry or cell phone and one by one they turn to you looking on the source of the noise. 'Excuse me Sharon, are your tits making that sound?'"

Now she was laughing. Paul stood up and offered his hand to help her up. As she stood he drew her in and planted a kiss passionately on her lips and for the first time in forever she kissed him back with a real from-the-heart kiss.

"You're beautiful when you laugh. And I would be happy to sign up to satisfy you when you get out of your underwear," he said. "Now… how about dinner? I'm starving! Let's get some clothes on and I'll treat you to a nice steak down at Joe's."

"Deal!" she said. But she didn't move. She kissed him this time and said, "I'm holding you to your promise."

"What? That I pay for dinner?"

"No silly, that you be the first to satisfy me when I get my underwear off. I got to warn you that it might take a while. I'll have a whole year of not fucking to make up for. It could take weeks, months, who knows how long?"

"Deal, and I'll still pay for the steaks," he happily said. "Now go get dressed."

* * *

Sharon was seeing Paul regularly now and they were developing a strong relationship. The first evening after the steak dinner they had returned to her house and talked for hours. While they were talking the probes locked inside her switched on. The jolt surprised Sharon and her reaction was noticed by Paul. He looked at her and she nodded her head. They had their first unspoken communications. Paul held her to help her get through it. Then he joked that he could hear her purr like a cat. His comment sent them both into a fit of laughter. It was a moment they would remember for years to come.

Ten days later Sharon received a message from the service that they needed to see her that evening. They made some excuse that something wasn't functioning properly and that's why they were bringing her in early. She told them how she had had trouble with changing the battery and how the tit vibrators rattled so loud that it sounded like her transmission was about to fall out. She opted to call in sick and not go to work that day and told the service that she was going to stay home and they could send a car any time. She wanted the problems fixed. A few times they started making noise while she was at work and she quick had to use the pencil sharpener to cover the noise while she tried to silence things by adjusting the cups. Once she faked a coughing spell and headed to the ladies room.

It was worse at night when she be almost asleep when the torture would start without warning. First it scared her wide-awake and then it would excite her to almost achieving relief but always stop just short. If she ever found the guy that designed this rig she was going to shove it up his ass and feed him Exlax. That would fix him.

Dispatch told Sharon that it was going to be at least an hour before they could set it up. The car arrived and the blindfold was installed without words being spoken. She had the routine down. Usually the drive took about 20 to 30 minutes but today it was taking much longer. They seemed to be stuck in traffic and not moving much. "What's taking so long?" she asked the driver.

"They are working on the road and it has traffic all tied up. I'm sorry."

"That's ok, we'll get there when we get there."

"It shouldn't be much longer, we are almost through the congestion point." And in just a few minutes they were motoring along. Sharon had wondered if she could use this clue to discover what part of town they were taking her. She would have to remember to check the traffic reports out when she returned home.

They arrived and as usual she was lead into the exam room where she was stripped and locked in the pillory. Her blindfold was removed and there was a male attendant she had never seen before working on removing her tin underwear. "Are you new?" she asked.

"Nope," was all he replied concentrating on removing the belt along with the probe. It felt great to air it out, so to speak.

"You have a nice ass," he said.

"Thanks, I try to work out and keep it firm. It hasn't been as easy because the belt restricts some movement."

He worked on removing the bra and soon she was totally naked. "Nice tits - are they real?"

Sharon was a natural beauty and proud of it. "Yes they are real. Touch them if you want." hoping for some skin to skin contact. It had been so long since she had been intimate with a man her nipples grew hard just thinking about it.

"Not allowed. Sorry, it's not that I don't want to, I'm sure we would both enjoy it."

Damn she was this close! She wanted sex real bad. "What's your name?" she asked.

"Bill. Ok, ready for your wash down?"

"Sure, go ahead." He started the water running and made adjustments to the mix and then turned a very cold shower on her. "Cold, cold, cold" was all she could say. But Bill just ignored her and totally soaked her down. Now her nipples were really out and goose bumps were everywhere. She was shivering and very uncomfortable. "Is this really necessary? Please stop, Please!" She was begging now.

"Sorry, orders to cool you off came from above. Seems you have been a bad girl and spending a lot of time with a certain someone. They want you to stop."

"Ok but the battery pack was stuck and I couldn't get it changed. I just called my friend to help out. Then he offered to buy dinner. We were just catching up. You know there is no way to do anything."

"Well that isn't exactly true, you could give him a blow job. No sex for a year means no sex for a year. Period, got it? You have just over four months to go. Why screw it up now?"

"But I'm lonely and very horny. I need sex badddddddddddddd…"

"Trust me, I will be glad to service you when you complete your contract." He turned on the water again and scrubbed her down with a brush. "One last rinse and I'll just let you dry."

Sharon thought she was a piece of laundry just hanging there drying in the air. At least they had turned up the heat so she wasn't cold anymore. About an hour later Bill came back in along with the doctor. She did the usual sterile probe to check things and left the room speaking over her shoulder, "She's fine. Get her out of here, I have another one scheduled in soon."

Bill asked her to spread her legs so he could put the belt back on. She was anticipating the probe would be reinserted but it wasn't. Bill had her locked back up in her original equipment with no vibrators and no probe in no time. "All done now. I'll just let you get dressed and you know the drill. When you're ready, just put on the blindfold and they will come and get you." He released her from the pillory and left the room.

Latter that night when Paul called wanting to come over she had to muster the strength to turn him down. She told him she wasn't up to it tonight which wasn't a total lie. Was Bill right? Would she have giving him a blowjob just to keep him coming? She gave excellent head and could keep a customer on the verge for over an hour before giving him relief. But this was different, she realized. She wanted the companionship, not the other way around, and Paul was a good man. A man she could trust and a man who she thought she was falling in love with. Could she wait 18 more weeks? More importantly would he?

As much as she enjoyed being a call girl and making love to all kinds of men, for the first time in her life, she was thinking she might be ready to settle down. This was huge for her. Was she finally ready to settle down? Would Paul be the one? What about whoever arranged for her to go through this year of chastity. Would they be the one? What if it was a woman? She'd have to think about that. She resolved to herself that she was going to make it. With the stimulation removed she was back into her normal routine. Sharon pushed Paul away but not out of her life. She was frank with him and told him straight out that he was a distraction and that until she was through the year it would be easier if they didn't get too close. She promised to make it up to him at the end. She hoped that he would allow her to properly thank him when the time came. She wasn't sure. Sharon sensed that he was hurt. Time would tell.

With just two weeks to go, Sharon was counting the hours. She hadn't felt like this since she was a kid on Christmas Eve. She was ready, this piece of fruit was ripe and ready for plucking. She was on her way to her last checkup and she just wanted no surprises. Would they try to test her like some final exam to see if she would fail? She just wanted to get her scrub-down and get out.

But her fear was real. The room she was led into was not the same one with the pillory. This one had a bath tub full of hot water. They placed her in the room, helped her strip off her clothes and then, to her surprise, they unlocked her belt and bra. "Take them off and enjoy a nice bath," her attendant said as she left the room. It took her a while to unfasten everything. This was the first time in a year she had done this herself. She hesitated. That tub looked so inviting. Was there some catch?

Sharon carefully eased into the tub and just soaked totally free for the first time in 50 weeks. She was careful not to touch herself in any way sexually even though she wanted to just rub her boobs. She washed and rinsed her hair and soaped and rinsed her skin and face. She soaked for a little while and then eased out and toweled off - again being careful not to over-stimulate anything. She rinsed the belt and the bra out and dried them. She applied the skin care to her body and then put the belt and the bra back on herself, even re-locking them. She couldn't believe she had just locked herself back into her own chastity.

Sharon was committed to not fail now. She dressed including the blindfold and sat waiting to be led out to the car.

"Congratulation you did very well. We will see you one last time in two weeks. Be good!" the attendant said as he helped her into the limousine.

Sharon felt wonderful. She knew it would all be over very soon. She was going to make it. How would she celebrate? She asked the driver to stop on the way and get her an ice cream cone. Her treat to herself.

The evening finally arrived for her to be unlocked. She was ready. She was nervous. She wanted sex bad; or did she? Since it was a full year since her last orgasm would the plumbing still work? Did she want to go back to work as a call girl? What about Paul? Would he come back into her life? What about this mystery person who was paying for her to do this? Would she be attracted to him? So many questions her head wouldn't stop spinning. Where was the driver? He was late.

Another 20 minutes passed before she saw the lights turn toward her front door. She ran out of the house almost forgetting to close the door behind her. She was in the car before the driver had a chance to get out and open the door for her. She put the blindfold on and buckled her seat belt by feel. "Let's get going, please," she implored.

As they were approaching the office, the driver asked her to please wait for him to help her out. He said he didn't want her hurting herself tonight of all nights.

Sharon was still eager to gain her freedom and when the limo stopped she found the door handle and opened it, almost kneecapping the driver. He avoided the swinging door and grabbed her on the arm as she was halfway out. "Slow down please. There will be hell to pay if you get hurt."

"Ok I'm sorry, I'm just so excited right now I can't control myself. I feel like a little kid. Every nerve is jumping."

He led her in to the lobby where he handed her off a male attendant he didn't recognize. He didn't speak but gave him a thumbs up and took Sharon by the arm and guided her in to the exam room. Now she figured that once she was inside that she would be able to remove the blindfold and just have the underwear unlocked and removed. But she was told to remain blindfolded and strip. Then she was locked in the pillory just like before. She tried to strike up a conversation with the attendant but he didn't say much, in fact he didn't say anything, only grunted a few sounds that she interpreted as a yes or a no. He removed the belt first and then he took off the bra.

She was almost free. She could sense his nearness and feel his warm breath on her neck. "You're so beautiful! May I touch you?" he whispered into her ear. Sharon felt a intense wave of heat run straight down through her body. She gulped a barely audible "Yes, please."

He kissed her on the neck, sucking, holding it and tasting her skin. Both of his hands slowly encircled her. First touching her sides and then traveling around the front until both of her breast were firmly in his hand. Her nipples were already hard, they had been hard all day. He ever so lightly rubbed the very tip of each nipple and they both could feel the electricity that had charged the contact. Moisture was flowing between her legs and Sharon let out a moan. "Oh God that feels so good."

He kissed the other side of her neck. More electricity flowed. She didn't want this to end but she did want out. "I want out now!" she said in as demanding a voice as she could get out.

"Patience, Sharon, all in good time."

She knew the voice or at least she thought she heard it before. "Do I know you?"

He took a full handful of each boob and gently felt her up. Then he let his right hand trace a path, at a snail's pace, toward her sex.

A year is a long time to wait to have a man make love to you. But should she let a stranger take her now? Her good side said, "No, save yourself for Paul." Her bad side said, "Do it, Paul will understand." His finger penetrated her. It felt wonderful. She though she was going to cum instantly. She wanted to move. She wanted to be FREE!

"WAIT!" she screamed. "I'm sorry but I don't want to do this unless I can see you. Are you the SOB that paid to do this to me for the last year?" Now her anger was overtaking her sex drive.

"Relax and I will release you. And yes, I'm the SOB that arranged your rescues. Please don't be mad at me but I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. I just can't stand sharing you with other men."

That voice, why can't she place it? Did he say love? She wanted someone to love. She could hear the locks being released and he guided her out of the frame and turned her so they were facing each other. She started to reach for the blindfold but he grabbed her arms and stopped her. "Allow me." He moved his mouth close to her mouth and he reached up and pulled the mask off.

"Oh MY Gauuuud." Sharon couldn't believe who it was and now he was kissing her. A deep passionate kiss and she found herself returning it. She melted into his arms. He tasted so good. She wanted sex bad with him. "I love you too, Paul."

The End

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