My First Time
part 2
by Cuffmaster for Dee

This is a story of actual events experienced by me and some wishful thinking. My name is Denise and my friend Don who is writing this story for me as I am telling it to him. Even though he was a major part of the story, I do not think he could have actually known what I felt, and was feeling as the events unfolded. A little bit about me and who I am. I am a natural blond, 5 ft 7 in and weigh about 135. I have a very good and well-defined figure, as I am quite athletic when I have the time spend it in the gym keeping fit. I turned 30 this year. My friend Don is actually 60 this year, but looks no more than 40-45. We have been friends for more than 8 years, and frankly my biggest problem with him is explaining him to friends of my age. Most if not all of them do not understand you can have a commitment and friendship of high intensity with a man older than you without being a whore or a mistress to him. I am neither. He has a similar problem as he has told me most of the guys he knows, who know of us, just wink and say YEA! Friends. I really feel sorry for them. They do not know the purity of having a real friend. From the time this was written I am now married and have 3 kids. Don and I talk or see each other at least one time a week without fail….

We have had many other adventures after this event, and if you like what you read and can relate to it, then write to us and Don and I will write about the other fantastic adventures we have had together.

I approached the bed where he was lounging. I was wearing the gown he had given me for my birthday. I had my beautiful waist chain on the outside of the gown. I am so proud of that chain and what it means. I am really lucky. It was totally awesome as the gold contrasted with the virginal white of the gown. I was under the gown wearing the delicate lace bra and matching panties. I had on a garter belt and nylons that were so fine they felt like pure silk on my legs. I do not know why but I also put on the matching heels, 3-1/2 inch tall. I looked fine and felt every inch a lady. I was so proud of the way he was looking at me and admiring each and every inch of my body. I knew it was not lust, but love, care and respect. I do not think I have ever had a man look at me with such tenderness.

I was so excited and I wanted to satisfy my sexual needs, as I had been very excited for hours and hours. I wanted to be the perfect woman for him. I wanted him to know and feel the heat that he had unleashed from the very depths of my soul with my day of freedom. This is such a strange feeling for me. I should explain. Don and I have never been sexual in all the years we have known each other. I have had a number of relationships but looking back at them and looking at what I am feeling now this is totally different. I guess the best way to describe my past sexual activity was just let them, some jerk guy, jump me and for me to get it over with quickly and hopefully I would get a little out of it for myself, but I did not really enjoy sex.

Now with the freedom I was feeling, I was not only into it, sex, but I wanted it and I wanted to be able to give myself totally to him. I wanted to not only be willing, but to be totally involved and to be a most an active partner with him. I wanted this to be the best that any two people have ever had with each other.

I again asked for my gold handcuffs to be put on me. I had learned today the following: 1. I liked them; no I loved them. 2. He likes the way I look when I am wearing them. 3. They feel natural, good and a most important part of me. I could go on for days about the reasons why, but you get the idea.

He asked if I was sure. Of course I'm sure. I want to wear; no I need to wear them for you, for me, for us.

He then told me, you know it will be a long night and you will probably want out before morning, but if you put them on, they are on until breakfast.


He reminded me that we were just about out of time from the original plan. He was not trying to ruin the mood, but as he is and was always trying to be helpful and to not let me get in over my head.

I took the cuffs off the bed where he had laid them. I simply asked do you want them on in front or back. He said in back. I put on the left cuff and asked for the key to double lock it.

He said good girl.

Thanks for remembering what I told you this morning about safety and not hurting yourself. Go ahead and cuff yourself and I will double lock and check that they were not too tight. I must tell you that when I put on that first cuff it was magic. I of course had never handcuffed myself before. As I put my other arm behind and locked on the cuff, I thought I was going to pass out. The sensation of knowing that you are cuffed in beautiful gold handcuffs and standing there before a special person is totally awesome. He gently pulled me around and double locked the cuffs, after making one of them a little tighter. His touch on the cuffs and the care in which he took charge of me was overwhelming.

He asked me to step back and turn for him. I was like a proud peacock as I strutted and turned and showed him my hands so beautifully cuffed. My waist chain sparkled in the light from the fireplace.

He asked, are you ready to go to bed?


This was a minute of extreme conflict. I wanted him so badly. I needed sexual release so desperately. I knew we were about to cross into uncharted territory for the two of us. We would in the next few minutes change the very core of our relationship forever.

He pulled me over and sat me down on the bed. Reached down and took off my shoes. He asked, do you mind leaving your nylons on for a while? I of course said yes. He then laid me back on the bed. The first thing was a shot through my entire body. My cuffs were pressed into my lower back and I could not move my hands at all. The cuffs did not really hurt my arms or back, but I realized that it would not take long in this position and they would hurt like hell. Pain I am not into. Then I realized that this was like most everything today, a totally new experience and one of heightened pleasure and intensity. He had a very knowing smile on his face, and simply said you will not be in that position very long.


If I was not in this position how was I going to make love to him?

He gently rolled me over on my side, and there was instant relief on my arms and back. He went into the other bedroom without saying a word. When he returned he was wearing his robe and his trademark running shorts I had gotten for him. Soft nylon boxer style. Good looking and yet modest. He lay down on the bed and asked me to roll over. I was on my back again but this time he showed me how to put my arms out to one side. No problem, but not all that comfortable but not painful as when I was laying on them. He then lay down next to me and reached over and kissed me. I am not a virgin and I have been kissed by much different type of kissers. This was the best kiss that I had ever had. Was it him? Was it because I was as hot as a 3-dollar bill? Was it because of the handcuffs? What was it? Frankly I did not care. I was happy and now I was going to make love, really made love with him for the first time in my life. He then asked me to roll over on my side with my back to him.

Now What?

My hands were comfortably behind my back locked in golden handcuffs. I was dressed like a queen. I was totally intoxicated and had not had a single alcoholic beverage. He put his arms around me and slid in next to me pulling me tight to him. This felt so good. His hand was under my head and reaching under my chin and he was stroking it like I was his big kitty cat. I really liked that. His other hand was on my hip slowly and gently touching me. This was so soft and gentle yet firm and commanding. After a while he moved his hand from my chin and face down and was stroking my breast. Again this is something that was new for the two of us with each other. I do not know if it was the day, the cuffs, or what. I have never had that much sensation in my breasts before. My nipples were growing until I was sure they would explode. I was moving and moaning like I have never done in my life. I pushed back and tried to absorb him into me. Then I realized my hands were resting against his manhood. He definitely was NOT in need of Viagra. He was full and growing each second. My hand held his penis and I could not let go. I have never done this to a man before. It just seemed so natural with him. His hand on my hips had now moved down to my thighs and he was feather like in his touch. I moved and wiggled and tried to get more. I was finding out that being handcuffed did certainly heighten each movement, or lack of movement and each time I moved it had a heightened sensation. Now his hand was moving between my legs and I opened as much as I could to give him better access. His finger tips on my bare thighs above my stockings and below my panties and this was totally without equal in pleasure. As he was touching and moving there, he was gently rolling my nipples between his fingertips. Frankly I forgot about touching him and stroking his cock, as I was so excited that all I wanted was to get pleasure for myself. Yes for the first time I really wanted for me. I did not care about or feel prudish at being excited. I needed and wanted to have a total and pure sexual experience. He moved his hand further up my leg into my groin and up against my vagina.

I was going out of my mind.

I had always heard about a "G" spot. I had never found mine to be much more than a whimper. I frankly thought all the things I have heard others talk about or I have read about were terribly exaggerated. Right now my entire body was one big "G" spot. It did not matter where he touched, I was responding to it, as I have never thought possible. He touched deep between my legs and I knew he was getting a bath as I was just dripping like a shower gone wild. He gently pushed and rubbed and inserted his gentle fingers into me. Then he started to move his hand and fingers in an elliptical motion while directly in my swollen pussy. I started to scream, I cried, I yelled, I CAME. I just keep on coming and coming again and again. I was sweating all over, totally drenched and completely exhausted from this eruption of sexual release.

I had no idea that I had so much sexual energy pent up within myself. I was smiling and grinning like a Cheshire cat. God was I happy. Then I realized I left him totally hard and unresolved. My God I realized that I had taken, or he had taken care of me and he must still be frustrated.

How selfish can I be?

He must have realized what I was thinking, as he rolled me over so he could give me a big kiss. He said. Little one, do you feel better?

Yes was all I could mumble.

I asked how about you? I am sorry that I got off before we could make love. He laughed so soft and gentle. D, my love, we just did make love. Making love does not always mean have a penis into a vagina. Making love is when two people care and take care of each other. If you think that a man has to cum to be satisfied, then you have been with the wrong men. I enjoyed and received total pleasure knowing that you were able to climax and get satisfaction. One climax would have been satisfying but I lost track of the number of times you made it. I have to tell you, this is a side of you I did not suspect or know about. I told him that he was not alone. I had surprised myself also.

Yes I want to get off he told me. It however is not the most important thing in my world.

You are.

I am so very lucky to have him.

He helped me to sit up and he helped me with get untangled from my clothes. He then took his gold handcuff key and unlocked one of my cuffs. He asked if I needed to go the bathroom and maybe I would like to take off my bra and panties and stockings. I told him I would like to leave then on for a while as I knew he enjoyed me dolled up, and besides that they make me feel very special. I did however go to the bathroom. When I came back he asked me to go into the second bedroom where I would find a surprise. He said if I would like to freshen up it would be OK.

I retouched my makeup. I must have smelled like a woman who had just run a marathon. My clothes were totally wet from sex and from sweat and hours of excitement. I could also smell my own sex and it was turning me on again. I toweled off and headed into the second bedroom as instructed.

When I arrived to my delight I saw a gift box on the bed. It had a note that simply said, D. I opened it and there was a light blue sleep gown with matching panties. It was made of pure silk and had a host of lace adornments. It was of course the perfect size. Under the gown was another note. It simply said: please wear only this and your gold handcuffs and come into the main living room. I eagerly shed my outfit I had on, as it was still wet from my sweat of sex and excitement. Also in the box with the gown was a gold container containing dusting powder rich in scent of sweet roses. I brushed it on and put on the gown. Before locking my hands together I tucked my gown under so that my beautiful gold waist chain was on the outside. With it on the outside of the gown it totally framed my waist and made me look like a Victorian model with a classic hourglass figure. Damn he really knew what to buy for me and how I would look my very best in it. I locked my free cuff to my wrist with my hands in front.

As I entered the main room I found him sitting in front of the fireplace. He had laid out champagne, and a snack tray of various sandwiches and cheeses. I did not realize until then just how hungry I was. I presented myself to him and twirled and displayed my beautiful gown and warm and friendly waist chain and gold handcuffs for his approval. I guess I must have done good and looked OK as I could not help but feel his manhood as he held me in his arms and kissed me. I actually thought that I had been kissed for the first time earlier that night. Not so. This was a kiss of total love and warmth. I do not have the ability to explain what was different, but this was the highest mountain and the brightest star all wrapped into one. Maybe it was because I was so sexual. Maybe because I knew I was turning him on. Or maybe as he would tell me later, it was because of the bondage, I was free to feel and know happiness for the first time in my life. I do not know, maybe all of the above and more. I do however know it is wonderful.

We ate and drank and talked. We snuggled. I cried because I was so happy and free. I had never thought in my wildest dreams I could be as happy as I was at this minute in time. He laughed. We held hands and did nothing. We simply existed. When it was time for bed again he checked that the cuffs were secure and double locked. He lifted me up and carried me into the bedroom and as he lay down beside me he lifted my arms up and over his head and down around his shoulders.

I thought that at different times today I had been in bondage or confined with restricted movement. Nothing like this. I was held tight against his chest. My breasts were a part of him. My legs and his were intermingled as one. His cock was up against my pussy and pulsing. He was not inside me, but he was far more intimate than if he had been. We were as one. I love him. I know he loves me. We stayed like this for hours and hours. I went to sleep with my head on his arm. Eventually I woke up and he was still asleep. I tried to very gently move my arms from about his head and shoulders. I was moving like a cat sneaking up on a mouse. I did not want to wake him yet. I wanted to do something very special for him.

I moved off the bed and used the bathroom and removed my panties. They were so soaked that they almost dripped as if just being laundered. I headed back to the bedroom with my plan all settled on. I pulled back the covers and gently pulled down his running shorts. I stood watching him breathe and sleep so peaceful. I started to gently kiss and touch his penis. The results were instant. He gained a full erection is a couple of minutes. I carefully climbed back next to him, and with my hands still cuffed I tried to quietly to straddle him. Until you have tried to mount a man with your hands cuffed and still not wake him, well let me tell you it is a lot easier said than done. I was able to lift myself up via my legs and straddle him, but when I tried to reach down and to insert him into my waiting vagina when he awoke. He then just reached up and pulled me down to his chest and gave me a monster kiss. I was lying on top of him, my arms locked in my handcuffs with my hands holding his erect cock. He then moved my arms up and over the top of his head. This left his cock perfectly nestled against my pussy and laying in the folds of my womanhood, but not in me.

He again asks. Do you really want to break this egg?

Once we do this, we cannot go back. I want you very much, more than you can even imagine and I know you want to please me.

Is this something you really want?

Do you know that I love you so much that I do not care if we do this? I am willing to not go there now. I would like this part of us to be even more special when we both are not breaking any vows nor have anyone to hurt by doing this. You may recall that he is "married" to a very cold and non-sexual woman and I am living with a guy mostly for company. I can make the judgments about his wife, as I have known her for more than 5 years at the time of this adventure, and as of today it has been a little over 8 years. Nothing for the better has changed for him, and I am on my 3rd bad relationship in the past 3 years. Her problems are not of his or her making; they are a result of medical and personal demons. My problem with guys is I compare men to him, and they so far just do not add up to even 10% of the love and affection we share with each other. I only wish that all women could experience the love and warmth of my Don.

Did you know that you do not have to be sexually active or have intercourse or oral sex to have a great "love" life with the right guy?

He did say to me that he was willing to let me do something for him.

This was a first. Usually he will not allow me to do very much or even ask for me to do anything. I am always treated as a queen and he really enjoys giving to me and helping me to find out who I really am.

You can get me off by hand if you want. I guess what I am saying please lets be sure if we are going to do it, ‘break the egg" then let it be for all the right reasons.

I looked into his eyes and started to cry. I was so happy that he cared so much that he knew that deep in my heart I was not ready for this final act. I just lay on his chest with him lying next to my womanhood, and yet not inside me. I was going out of my mind but I did not move and neither did he. I could feel his excitement, and I knew if I even moved an inch or let my hips go, as they wanted, well we would cross that line. I said does what we are doing now count? No he said. Then I asked could we just stay this way for a while? We lay for a good hour or more and finally he became limp enough that I knew I could move off him without "breaking the egg". When I moved off I was shaking so badly I could hardly control myself.

He simply asked me to turn over and he would snuggle with me. I surprised him by not turning away with my back to him as we had been before, but turning to face him. He started to put my arms up and over again, and I pulled them down in front. I touched him and slowly began to bring his erection fully up again to be able to satisfy him. He said I should wait a minute and he went to the bathroom. When he returned he handed me a condom and ask me if I would like to put it on him. I have never put on a condom for a man in my life. I was honored that he would let me help with this little but big act for us. I thought, well, finally we are going to make love. Until the day that you are handcuffed by a man you love and try to put on a condom, something you have never done before, well it does make you hot, really hot. He saw what I was thinking and feeling and said, this would keep my gown fresh, as he did not want me to take a cum shower. We both giggled like kids.

As I stroked him, and by the way this was the first time I have ever this done this for a man, he just keep getting more and more excited. The more he got going, the more I did. He moved his hand down to my vagina and started to work on me. We both had a total and complete orgasm together. I have never in all my life had a climax with a man at the same time. That was one more new thing for this fantastic day.

We both went to the bathroom at the same time and were helping each other to clean up. Yes an additional new experience. I have never peed in front of a man before or allowed a man to do that in my presence. I frankly felt so comfortable with him it did not matter. In fact I feel now that it was simply me showing him an additional sign of trust and caring. Yes I am still cuffed. I have not asked for them off, and he has not volunteered to remove them.

We went to bed and he held me and I slept on my side with my hands in the beautiful gold handcuffs holding his hand. He had his right arm under my head holding me tight. His left arm was over my hip and across my waist, holding on to my beautiful gold waist chain. Do you have any idea how special and possessed and wanted not to mention loved it makes you feel to have a chain on like that and to fully know that it is there for life? One that will never be taken off and will be their forever. It will not fall off nor can it be accidentally taken off. This is to me better than a tattoo or a brand. It is voluntary and if I really wanted to I could get some bolt cutters and take it off. I cannot think of any reason in the world I would ever want it off.

It was about 9 am when we finally awoke. I quickly went to the bathroom and redid my makeup and teeth before he got up. I wanted to present myself to him with the pride and love that he had unlocked in me. He awoke and took one look at me and simply said, Thank God, I am the luckiest man in the world. I have the most beautiful friend, we have the most fantastic love that can exist and most of all, and we share the knowledge that we still have more that we can and will be for each other.

Thank you my beautiful D.

I of course blushed from head to toe and all I could say was thank you.

He said you ready to go home?


Then what do you want to do today?

I would like to get dressed and by the way I am after last night I am so hungry that I could eat a horse for breakfast. After breakfast I would like to walk on the beach. Then I would like to come back here and let’s make love like we did last night for the rest of the day.

Can we do that?

He simply smiled and said yes.

He then surprised me a little with what he said next. He said I guess you now know that there are a lot of kinds of lovemaking. I hope I did not disappoint you too much, but I would like for us to keep the next step very special. Who knows that maybe someday we will be able to be married for real? You could have blown me away with a feather. He in the past has asked if I would marry him, but frankly I did not really think too much about it because of him being married and me usually with some guy so I just usually just said, yes when the time is right. I could not tell exactly from where he was coming with this at this time now. It was different and it sounded very special and felt good. I was totally confused. He could see my dilemma, and simply said. I will explain what I mean in a little more detail as we walk after breakfast. Then he reached over and lifted my gown and pointed to and touched my gold waist chain. See you already have a permanent wedding band. I was now beginning to get a little idea of what he was thinking. Commitment in his mind is the most important thing. I am so damn lucky. I wanted to cry with joy, but I did not want to spoil his mood.

He asked, are you ready to have your cuffs off?

No, but I guess I will have trouble changing like this so I held up my hands. He unlocked them and put them on the bed.

I went into the bedroom to change, and on my way in he told me to open the travel case next to the bed. I found it and when I opened it I found a new pair of jeans, sweater, bra, panties, socks and a new pair of running shoes. I honestly do not think that anyone in this world could be more thoughtful and caring. I was like a kid at Christmas looking as all the new stuff. I took a quick shower and I got dressed and came out. He was in the other room and he had also brought all new stuff for himself. I did a little to my makeup and combed out my hair and was ready to go.

We were in the living room and he told me we had new casual jackets in the closet. They were matching in design and color, and in fact our clothes also matched in design and color. A nice touch.

I asked if I was to be cuffed for breakfast.

He said do you want to be?


He told me to get his bag of goodies and let’s find something I would like. I ran like a kid and got his travel bag was he has been getting those fantastic handcuffs from. I looked through the collection of goodies. I found an item about 12 inches long, which looked like it was some type of small thin cable with a plastic coating. It was almost clear in color. It had small swivel snaps on each end. I asked what this was for. He reached over and took it from my hand and turned that hand over and snapped it into the hasp opening of the plastic flex cuff that I had been wearing from yesterday. I could now see that it would be great for casual usage. I got my jacket from the closet and after it was on I snapped the other end into the hasp of the other wrist. Cool. My hands were in front and about a foot apart and quite comfortable. He grabbed his coat and out the door we went after he called housekeeping and asked them to make up the suite.

I can tell you that a day can make all the difference in the world. For those of you who have been following this adventure know that I was scared out of my mind only yesterday that someone would see me in handcuffs at my place. That was just a little over 24 hours ago. Now I am walking openly with my hands cuffed in front down the walkway of the finest Inn in the State. I was proud of my cuffs and the man who had chosen to put them on me.

We arrived at the dining room and were seated for breakfast. The hostess asked to take our coats, and then noticed I was cuffed. She asked if I could be let loose to get my coat off. I said yes, and she waited while he unsnapped one wrist. He slipped off my coat, and then I asked him, front or back? He said your choice. I then ask would you feed me again. Yes was the answer as he pulled my arms in back and snapped the cuffs together.

We had a fantastic breakfast and watched the ocean dance and foam much like I had done with my passion last night. I ordered coffee and knew full that I would have to use a straw to drink, but boy did I really need it. I think I am so tired and limp from being so sexually exhausted. I am rested, tired, restless, and full of energy, all things at the same time.

We ate the finest fruits and again I was hand feed. This is quite a sensation. I got brave and ordered French toast and sliced ham. It is quite nice to have someone butter your food, cut it into bites, trim the meat, cut it and feed you. I could get used to this papering real easy. He was so patient and caring. I was really getting good at watching his movements and timing my eating. You should try it sometime in a fancy restaurant. It really does get the juices flowing, as you know just how special you are. We finished and he had paid the check and we were ready to go. My coat was up front at the hostess area. I could have him go up and get it to cover my cuffs for me to walk out, or I could just get up and walk out without covering up. By now on Sunday morning the place was very full of people in their Sunday best out for a special brunch that they serve here. This would be by far the biggest number of people that I would be seen by. I said let's go, and we walked up to get my coat. I saw a couple of people look and it would appear that they were not quite sure of what they saw. If I had been wearing my gold handcuffs, I know it would have caused a lot more attention. I am so proud of being a part of his life and I love the total freedom that the cuffs give me. I would wear them every day if I could get away with it. We headed by to the suite and I said I thought we were going to the beach now, but he said let's go to the suite and freshen up before we go. He did not let me out of the cuffs to put my coat on; he simply threw it over my shoulders.

When we arrived back at the suite it was all cleaned up and more fresh flowers had been brought in. He released me and I went to the bathroom and freshened up. I came back to the living room and we sat in front of the fireplace for a while. He asked me how I felt about being cuffed. I responded that I really enjoyed it and was having a hard time even thinking what it was going to be like when the weekend was over. He asked if I would like to have "permanent” cuffs? What are you talking about? He asked how I would like to have permanent cuffs similar to my waist chain. Something I would wear 24/7 and not be able to take off. I asked, you mean like what Carol, your wife, wears? Yes similar, but not the same. I know what she has and it was beautiful and I remember in talking with her and had said that she had worn her love bracelets for more than 30 years with them ever off once.

I did not have to even think about it.


I will be proud to wear anything you want.

He then directed me to close my eyes for a minute. He produced a box from Cartier and asked me to look up. I saw the box and opened it. Inside was matching gold bracelets. They were of a link chain type of alternating large and small links, very fashionable feminine and yet strong looking. Quite beautiful and they were made of gold. He told me the clasps were the same as my waist chain. Once I put them on and closed the clasp they were on until they were cut off. He told me that this was a commitment, which was for the entire world to see and it was a marriage of sorts. He asked that I honor him by accepting these with all the love in the world. He was offering his total devotion and caring for as long as he should live. I lifted them out of the box and below them was a small gold padlock and matching key. I asked, I thought they locked by themselves? Yes they do, but this is to lock them together when we want to.

Oh, I see.

I lifted them up and examined them closely. I was ready to say something when he surprised me. He took my left wrist and cut off the flex cuff that I had worn constantly from yesterday. Then he did the same to the right wrist. I have to tell you, I have never felt more naked in my life. I guess I had become totally used to these cuffs, and really felt as part of me missing with them off. I did not know what to say. I love him so much and this more than I could have ever hoped for. He is asking me to make a commitment that is for life and it is exactly what I have always wanted from him. I am just about ready to pass out from excitement. I know that he can hear my heart racing from where he is sitting. He asked if you want I will put your new love bracelets on you to be there for the rest of your life and I would like to hope that they would stay on even after I die, so that you will remember us forever in your life and they being made of solid gold will rest on your beautiful wrists through time and eternity. Or you may keep them if you do not want them now, and maybe someday you will honor me with your acceptance of them. When you do accept them it will be forever and you will be "locked" to me always. You will have to explain when they ask, as they are sure to do, to your friends and lovers, as they are just a little more visible than your waist chain. I will not accept you lying to anyone about where they came from and the fact you are mine.

Do you understand he asked?

I said yes, and I did not have to think about it for even a minute.

I took one and said I proudly will be yours for as long as you want. I commit to you that I will never ever take them off. Should I live longer than you, be assured as you look down from heaven you will see that I am yours and wearing your cuffs of love now and forever?

Will you please put both of them on me?

He simply said thank you and placed them on me.

The little click as they closed into a complete cuff, an unbroken circle of love was as big as a cannon going off, as it was the biggest commitment to and acceptance of love that I have experienced in my life. I was making a commitment, and I was responding to someone with a total commitment. For the first time in my life I was complete and whole. I looked at the new bracelets and I cried with joy. I am so lucky and happy.

We had a coffee and he said let's go for a walk. I asked if I was to be handcuffed for our walk. His response was a funny laugh. You mean you want more cuffs, as he held up my wrists and reminded me I was cuffed 24/7 for life. I laughed and said well maybe. Can I see what is in the bag; are there cuffs I have not tried yet?


I took the bag and dumped on the coffee table. There were cuffs and devices of all types in it. I looked and held up several and he explained each and how they were different to the others. I asked him what his favorite was, and he told me there were in use. They were the ones I was wearing for life. I kissed him and said thank you. We talked and he told me that he had tried most of them, except for the transport one which I had worn earlier and one with a solid bar of metal about 12 inches long between the cuffs and one other. He explained that the ones he had not tried are ones he could not get out of by himself or into without help. I asked him if a woman had ever handcuffed him. He looked a little embarrassed and said, yes. I asked if he would tell me about it. He said that he has always been interested in tying up girls even as a little kid. He told me that when he was about 13 he was dating a girl and they did a lot of tie up games. He would let her tie him up, and they would set a time limit and a payment if the person tied up got loose or could not get loose. Usually the payment was he playing with her breasts for her not getting loose or he gets loose. They would heavy pet and when she lose a tie up bet, and then he would get to put his hand down inside her bra. He told me that she was one of those early bloomers and quite developed. She as most girls had a cycle of good and bad moods. She always lost the game and got felt up. One day she told him that if she could "fix" him up good and that if he got loose he could kiss her bare breasts. Now I know him well enough to already know the answer to that proposal. He of course said yes, and did not make any special conditions as to how he was to be secured. He did not know that her mom and dad also played tie up games and when she had him back up to a clothes line pole and put his arms behind and around it, that she was going to use her dad’s handcuffs on him. He told me that he had never been handcuffed before that day, and it totally turned him on. She was a little minx and teased and showed a lot of breast and danced and just made it worse for him. At the height of her teasing she pulled her sweater way up and took a breast out of her bra and ran it across his face. The more he tried to reach her the more she did it to him. It did not take long and the entire front of his jeans were wet. He had cum in his jeans from the excitement of being cuffed and her tease. He told me he was mortified. She laughed and brought a couple of her friends over to see what she had done. Finally she agreed to let him go, and went in the house to get the key. No key. Apparently her dads keep the key on his key ring and he was at work. He was stuck there and no way to cleanup or get loose. Her dad finally got home and she tried to get his keys, and he insisted on knowing why. Finally she admitted that she had taken his handcuffs and put them on someone. He came out to the backyard and saw my situation. He asked if I had asked to be handcuffed. I told him no, but she and I did play a lot of tie up games. He let me go, and then commanded her to come over and take my place at the pole. He put her in cuffs, and before he walked into the house, he told me to do what I wanted, just don't get her knocked up. This was my first time cuffed and first time touching and having my way with a girl wearing handcuffs. I was able to go where no man had gone with her before and she just could not get enough. The more I caressed her the more I understood that girls like and really need to be tied up with love bondage. The die was cast, and to this day, I have not been able to get off or make love to a woman who was not wearing handcuffs, or at least locked chain on her wrists. He went on to tell me of another incident with his wife and why he does not trust anyone to lock him into handcuffs. We talked about his wife and the three-dozen plus girls and women he has had the pleasure to teach the way of bondage thru the usage of handcuffs. I was totally turned on.

I keep playing with one particular pair of handcuffs. He asked if I would like to try them on. I asked how they felt, as they were quite different in appearance than any of his other cuffs. He said he did not know. He had never tried them on himself. I asked why? He showed me that there was no chain; just a hinge between the cuffs, and the lock was on top, not on the side like regular cuffs. He explained that your wrists were held strictly apart and without the ability to turn or move one hand over the other, you could not reach the keyhole even if it was on the face of the cuff let alone on top. I then said they certainly do not appear to be cuffs of love like the rest of the ones you have tried on me. He said that they were designed for maximum security and the reason he had them was for use when maximum trust was needed. He pointed out that the key was unique for each set of cuffs and without the specific key for that pair of cuffs you could not open them. The cuffs were heavy in construction and it would take a locksmith quite some time to pick the lock if he could. Or it would take a fire rescue crew with a diamond blade hacksaw to get them off, and that would be super embarrassing to have happen. I just keep fiddling with them and looking and pushing the cuff thru the hasp. I have never tried to use him or make him do anything he does not want, that is not what we are about.

He sensed what I was thinking and said, try the key to be sure it works. It did. He turned to face away from me and put his hands behind his back. He had his palms out the way he had shown me to have someone for maximum security. He told me that with the palms out, even in regular cuffs, you cannot get the keys in the hole, and with these hinge cuffs it was totally impossible. He did not say a word, nor did I. I slipped first one cuff on and closed it down and double locked it. The sound of it closing was just short of a jet engine in the room. I then placed the other cuff on him and double locked it. He had just given to me without a word the most trust that he has ever given to anyone. I was crying like a baby as I realized just how very important and special I was to and for him. We had just reached yet another new level in our relationship. One of total trust by him and I have know him for 5 years at this time and let me tell you, he does not trust anybody. I reached up and held him to me and kissed him. I could feel his manhood growing like mad. I did not say a word as I directed him to the bed and gently pushed him down and I undid his jeans. I have never in my life given oral sex. I wanted to do it now and get him satisfied. He sat up and said I know now the rush of lying on cuffed hands when they are totally immoveable, what a feeling.

He asked me to look up and listen.

He told me that having oral sex was one thing he has never done. I frankly was shocked, as I thought that all men ask for and seem to like it from what my friends have told me. He simply stated that he has never had anyone he has trusted enough to be that intimate with. He explained that to him that act, oral sex, was the most sacred and special act a woman can give to a man. He asked me to not do it, as that was something else we should save for another time. He was crying and I was crying. I had never seen a man cry with the same emotion as a women, but then we were both going places that neither one had been before.

He then asked me to do something.

He said why did I not get a condom out and put it on. He said he would be perfectly happy making love the way we had done earlier. Then with a smirk he said, I guess I really have no say in what you do, as you have me totally in bondage. You are the queen and I am your slave to do with as you wish. He then told me that he felt the most excitement right now that he had ever felt in his life. He liked that I was in charge and he trusted me completely.

I was so very happy for his total trust. I ran and got a condom and put it on him. God I did not know that a man could get this big this fast. I then told him I have another surprise for you. I ran to the living room and got my gold handcuffs and put one on. I came back to him and said, front or back? He responded, I think front this time because I know that while you will enjoy it more if you can touch yourself cuffed while you work on me. The idea of getting myself off while he was cuffed had not occurred to me. I quickly took off my jeans and panties and put the other cuff on. We were lying on the bed side by side, and he was totally helpless except for his kisses. I had a hand on him and he was pressed up to me and my other hand was on myself. His legs had us totally locked together. Simply put, it was beautiful.

We both got off and how. I was still cuffed and of course the way I had cuffed him, he would stay that way until I let him go. I asked could we still go for a walk on the beach. Yes of course. I went to the bathroom and got a warm washcloth and after I removed his condom I cleaned him up and toweled him off. This little act of love was something I had never ever considered me doing for a man before today. I really enjoyed it, and for the way he was coming back, I think he did also. I asked do you want out of the cuffs. His answer surprised me. He simply said you put them on; it is up to you to decide when they come off. I do however have to go to the bathroom. You can let me go for a few minutes, or you can help me. The choice is yours. I asked, do you mind, I have never helped a man before, but I would like to do it, but you have to tell what to really do. He said to aim him at the stool and do not grip to tight or he cannot go. This was indeed a strange thing to do, and it did feel quite sexy to have complete and total control over him. We got that done, I got him back in his shorts and the jeans zipped. I redressed. I tossed his coat over his shoulders, like he had done for me. I slipped on my coat and ask where is the room key? He said it should be in his jeans, but obviously I cannot check. I slipped my hand into his pocket and almost started something. I could see the look on his face that he was getting turned on again. I have never had a "young" man get it up so often and so hard let alone a mature man. Wow, he can be ready in an instant. I found the key and put it back. I then took my gold handcuffs and put them on with my hands in back. I took the key as I had been shown and double locked them. I then tossed the key on the table with the key to his cuffs, and said lets go. He later told me that you could have knocked him over with a feather that I had become so used to cuffs and unaware of what anyone who saw us thought. We walked down to the beach. I have to tell you it is hard walking in the soft sand with your hand cuffed behind your back. It has to do with balance. We went down closer to the surf and the sand was hard and we did just fine. I asked him for a kiss, and here we were in plain view of the restaurant above, with both of us with our hands cuffed behind our backs kissing and fooling around. I guess I am becoming a show off and exhibitionists. I really enjoyed our walk and soon was getting dark and we had to come back. Getting the key out of his pocket was a challenge. You see I had cuffed my hands very tight and now they were cold and just did not want to work right. Finally we got the key and then a second problem. The door lock was fairly high up and I was unable to reach that high and get the key card in the slot. He is taller than I and I gave him the card, but the way his hands were cuffed and because of the type of cuff, the hinge handcuffs he was unable to reach the lock. We were stuck. I could not help but to start to panic. He said relax and let's take a little walk. We went to the main lobby and he asked to see the manager. I know that every person in the place could see that we both were handcuffed with our hands behind our backs. The manager came out and Don talked to him for a minute, and then he summoned a bell person and gave her the key I had been holding. He told her to go open our room. He did not offer any reason nor was any asked. She went ahead of us and did as told. After we entered she told me, you are so lucky. My guy only wants to have me tied to the 4 corners of the bed. I can only guess how fantastic what you two have done and how exciting that walk must have been like. I looked at her with a question on my face. She responded, I saw you two from the restaurant and I could tell you both were tied up. I had no idea that you were handcuffed and so was he. May I ask about the gold handcuffs, I have never seen anything quite as pretty before? I told her to stop by later and I would let her try on some handcuffs if she wanted, but not the gold ones as they are mine and for me alone. She told us she would be around at 9:00 PM.

We both were still handcuffed so I decided to let him out first. I got the key from the table and until now did not realize how had a task it would be due to the fact I could not see what I was doing, and he could not direct me as he could not see either. I finally got the key in the top of one cuff, and turned. Nothing happened. I was startling to panic and he simply said, turn the other way first, and then turn back the way you did. I had forgotten that when cuffs are double locked you have to turn the opposite way to release the double lock and then turn back to release the cuff. He rubbed his wrists and looked at me. I do not know this look, but I think I am in for another surprise. He lifted me up, coat and all and took me to the bedroom. He laid me down, face down and moved my hands to my side as far as they would go. He then started to very gently and with love to give me a little spanking. I was really responding to the gentle strokes on my ass. Just as quick as he started, he stopped. He asked where the keys to my cuffs were. I told him and he went and got them. After I was released and hung up my coat I asked, now what?


In or out?

Your choice.

Can we go somewhere different?

What did you have in mind?


He said ok and off we went.

This was the first time in over 36 hours that I was out in public without my hands being cuffed together in one way or another. It felt strange, but then I had my beautiful permanent gold cuffs. They just shined in the lights of the evening and I could not help hooking my fingers between the chain and my wrists and making myself as if my hands were locked together. We had a fantastic meal and returned to the suite. By now it was about time for the little girl who had helped us with the door to come over. I put away all the goodies except the hinge handcuffs and their key. My gold cuffs were in my purse, as was the key and the other items in his travel bag.

The little girl arrived. I guess I should correct myself. She was little only in size. I asked her age and she told me 22. I was surprised, as see looked about 16. We sat around and had a coffee and she asked do you mind talking about what I saw today? I told her go ahead and ask. She asked dozens of questions about how it felt to really be cuffed and how different it must be than what her boyfriend did to her. She told us that his idea of gentile sexual bondage was to jump on her and tightly tie her spread eagle to the bed and then rape her. He called it pretend rape but she was pretty sure if was as if for real. She did not like it but did have to admit to liking being tied up. While we were talking she was as curious about the hinge cuffs as I had been. She played with them and we talked on. Finally she asked Don if that is what he was wearing when we were on the beach. He said yes. Can I try them on? He looked deep into her eyes and said, then what? What do you mean? You know exactly what I mean. I see from your breathing that right now you would like to have them on and have someone gently make love to you like it should be. She blushed and turned her face. Is it that obvious? Yes. Can I ask you a couple of questions? OK. Has this guy you talked about ever tied you up except when he wanted to play rape. A stammered yes came out. Did you like it? Yes. What did you like? It was that he asked before he did anything, and he used to tie me so that I could almost get to him to make love, but not quite. He teased me and drove me crazy. Next question how do you want to be dressed for your first time in handcuffs? She took off her blouse and skirt. She was wearing stockings, not panty hose and nice underwear. I have to admit I was looking and thinking how she will respond to handcuff bondage. I put her in the hinge handcuffs but not with the palms turned and not in back. I know that he wanted me to go easy and not hurt or frighten her. She tried to twist her hands for could not. She tested each limit that was available to her. She really was a natural, and I am making that judgment on the look on his face as he watches her move. She asked for some music. As soon as we found the right station, she started to sway and dance like a little angel. Don asked her if she would like to try on a different style of handcuff. A quick yes and I already knew what he had in mind. I got the transport cuffs with their chain for the waist and lock. I took off the hinge cuffs only after I had applied the waist chain and one cuff. She was never totally free once I had started. Now she really tested the limits and danced and twirled. After a little while she got very quiet and solemn. I asked what was wrong, and she said that she knew this was going to have to end and that was a very sad thing. I asked what we could do for her. She surprised both of us by asking to be left cuffed up and maybe use the extra bedroom for the night. Don asked was she sure? Yes I would give or do anything to share this with you guys. He then asked just how far she wanted to go. Then he corrected himself and restated the question. He asked the second time, how much bondage did she really want? Was the cuffs only enough or did she need her legs put in chains also. Can I? Yes if you want. She then looked at me and said, how do handle the bathroom, as she tugged on the cuffs. I told her lets go and I went with her and released one cuff. She did not ask for privacy and for some reason I did not offer and in fact enjoyed the power of having her at my beck and call. I did ask if she wanted to get out of her underwear for the night. She said yes, but obviously did not have any gown or such to wear. Don heard us and came and offered a shirt from his overnight. I helped her get undressed and it was all I could do to not "touch her" and see what it was like with a girl of her innocence. She was ready for bed and came into the living room. Don is so big and she was so small that his shirt came almost to her knees. It was funny. We re-cuffed her and for my first time I got to see leg irons. Don took them out of his bag tested the key and applied them to her ankles. Double locked them. She got up and started to dance again. The sound of the transport chain tinkling and the click of the chain from the leg irons got me really hot. I was going to have a problem if he did not take care of me tonight. We took her into the second bedroom and helped her into bed. Then she asked of both of us a strange thing. Would we give her a kiss goodnight? I did, and shock waves shot through my entire body. Don did and I could see he was getting hot also.

We went into the master bedroom and I got ready for bed and came to him and said, what cuffs tonight. He took the gold lock for my permanent cuffs and locked them together in front. I was so happy. We lay down together and he again had one hand on my nipple and the other between my legs. You know what happened. I will probably purr for days.

Later we were woken up by the jingle of chain. The little one was coming into our bedroom. She was trying to be quite, but realized that she had woken us. She asks can I please sleep with you guys. I want to feel a part of what you have and the love and warmth that just glows when you two look at each other. I looked at him and him at me. He got up and helped her in bed between us. She lay on her back so that with her hands at her sides because of the transport cuffs, she could touch each of us. We both lay facing her and held her. I do not know ever of someone going into a more peaceful sleep. She must be much abused or at least very lonely. We hated to wake her in the morning but we both had to drive back to the city and try to resume normal lives.

She was not doing as badly as I thought she would. When he took the cuffs off her, she stretched and looked into my eyes and said, thank you for sharing. I felt good and so did he. She asked could we see each other again and let her be a part of the love and warmth she had felt last night. Don and I looked at each other and said yes. I for a minute felt a little cheated, as he and I were after all these years just really starting to share at a very personal level. I was being a brat deep inside and a little selfish. He told her to give me her name and phone number and we would call the next time we had a chance. He actually did not make any promises of her joining us in our love bondage, just a promise to call. I know he knew how I felt and he was also aware of the total loneliness that she felt.

We hugged and kissed and away she went. I watched as she did not walk away, but floated away. Thinking back of what he had done for me, and I do not think I was as screwed up as she was and I know how good he made me feel. I guess I will have to rename him Doctor Feel Good.

We finished packing and went down to breakfast. I was setting and eating and drinking coffee normal for the first time all weekend. If you can call the glow I felt normal. My new bracelets were just bouncing off the light of the restaurant and the sun. I was proudly a cuff mate to Don 24/7 for the rest of my life. I know it is easy to say things like the rest of your life and such. I also know that what I feel for him is far greater than the love that is described in any book or talked about by the masses. What we have, because we gave it time to develop is extremely deep and true. It is not based on sex or passion as it goes far beyond that to a whole new level.

We ate and talked, yes really talked. We drove back home, me with my beautiful 24/7 cuffs shining in the sun. We held hands and just bask in the warmth of what we had done, and knowing what special times were yet ahead of us. I am so lucky. As I am thinking that, he squeezes my hand and looks over and says how lucky he was.

The End

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