My First Time
by Cuffmaster, as told by Dee

Part 1

This is a story of actual events experienced by me. My name is Denise. My friend Don is writing this story for me as I am telling it to him. Even though he was a major part of the story, I do not think he could have actually known what I felt, and was feeling as the events unfolded.

A little bit about me and who I am. I am a natural red head, 5 ft 7 and weigh about 135. I have a very good and well-defined figure, as I am quite athletic when I have the time spend it in the gym keeping fit. I turned 30 this year. My friend Don is actually 60 this year, but looks no more than 40-45. We have been friends for more than 8 years, and frankly my biggest problem with him is explaining him to friends of my age. Most if not all of them do not understand you can have a commitment and friendship of high intensity with a man older than you without being a whore or a mistress to him. I am neither. He has a similar problem as he has told me most of the guys he knows, who know of us, just wink and say YEAH, Friends. I really feel sorry for them. They do not know the purity of having a real friend.

We have had many other adventures after this event.

My First Time

It had been at least five years ago that my Special Friend had proposed this event. "A day of total freedom." I actually had forgotten about any of the details when he asked me to join him for my day of complete "freedom". I asked, what are you talking about? He simply told me to trust him and allow myself to be taken to a land of complete and total relaxation and freedom from worry and decision-making.

I must tell you now that the idea of no responsibility for even a day was very appealing, and something I could certainly relate to and use. The closest I have gotten to that is when from time to time he would order me to get a full massage. That is truly a heavenly treat. I do not know how he always knows when it is time for this, but he always does.

My day of freedom finally arrived, and as we had planned, I agreed to his request for up to twelve hours of my time and to give to him with that time my unquestioned total trust. No pagers, no cell phones, and no you-can-reach-me numbers, just my friend and me.

He had instructed me to have a little travel bag with several changes of clothes. At the time I had wondered what we would be doing based on his choice of requested items. A fancy outfit, my choice of a long sleeve dress, short and rather snug or good slacks with a long sleeve blazer to be worn over a thin silk or satin blouse. I had packed the slacks, blouse and blazer. I was to wear nylons, not panty hose, and a garter belt along with fancy panties and a good lace bra. I was also to pack nylons and matching garter belts of two other colors; in addition to the red ones I was to be wearing, white, and black.

I actually had to go out and buy these things, as I knew what I did not have any of the quality that he was requesting. This stuff was expensive, but I knew that all I had to do was tell him how much, and he would pay this and more on my charge card. I really hate to have him do those things, but from time to time it really does help. I was a little taken back that he had made such a personal request, but I trusted him. He also had asked that I pack a sleep gown or PJ's, my choice. My choice was a fine black lace gown that he had bought for my birthday a few years ago and I had never had any occasion special enough to wear it. Also an extra set of matching bras and panties and garter belts. I was to pack shoes to match, high heels. A makeup bag of course. Probably the most unusual thing was the request for a sports bra and panties, or a bikini, white in color, and a large fluffy robe. The only reason for the strangeness of the last item is because it was now the dead of winter.

When he arrived at my place just a little before 8:00 am, he checked to confirm if I had everything packed. I was quite satisfied and proud of myself that he said thank you, good job and told me he was pleased with my choice of items.

I was asked to sign a contract or waiver that I was entering into this day of my own free will and that any activity of the day was with my consent and acceptance and there was a "safe" word, which would be "RED". The contract stated that any time I used the word red, other than in conservation, He would stop any thing he was doing instantly and with no questions asked. The contract also stated that he would not initiate any sexual activity such as intercourse or oral sex. This statement I did not understand. We had never ever gone there, although we had open discussions of every aspect of my life and his. There was no problem for me to sign as I totally trusted my friend, and for all the years we had know each other we had not been sexual as to intercourse or oral sex in any way or manner. This has to be news to him, but there have been many times when I wanted him to just grab me and take me in any manner he wanted. I guess I should not revel this, but this is a true story and when I asked him to write it for me, he insisted that I not hold back anything.

I signed the paper, and said, now what? I was ready to go. I felt a lot like a teenager on a first date, not knowing quite what to expect.

He said, let's start this day of freedom for you, and then took out of his pocket two plastic strips, each about 1/2 inch wide and about 10-12 inches in length. I had no idea that these things were or what they were for. Later I learned they were called flex cuffs.

I was asked to extend one hand. I did and he pushed up the sleeve of my blouse and put the plastic strip around my wrist and inserted one end of the strip into the other end. It made a dry rasping noise, as it was ratcheted shut; the two ends now one unbroken circle of unbreakable plastic around my wrist. It did not hurt and it was not real tight, but tight enough I knew it was there and I could see that I could not take it off. He then took out a pair of sharp cutters from his pocket and clipped off the excess plastic. He then took my other arm and repeated the same on it. I looked closely at this new development and tested and found that the plastic ratchet device was one way. It appeared that once it was on it stayed on until it was cut off. I looked close and noticed that where the plastic ends had come together there was a hole or hasp type opening. I had no idea what that was for, but I figured that I would find out soon enough.

He said, are you ready for a hand fed breakfast? Now what kind of request is this? I said, OK, you are in charge, now what do mean by fed? He helped me on with a blazer, and then pulled my hands together in front of me and slipped a small threaded chain link into the holes on the plastic that I had wondered about. Now I got the picture, my hands were cuffed in front and so close, about 1/2 inch apart, that even the fact that the chain link was not locking, I could never get it loose. I was stuck. My jacket sleeves were long enough that with my hands at rest lying loosely on my stomach, as I could see in the full-length mirror I was standing in front of I could hardly notice that my hands were indeed cuffed. I now know why his choice of clothes was so important to him. The long sleeve blouse and blazer totally hid the fact my hands were cuffed. He grabbed my coat from the closet and placed it over my shoulders. He picked up my bag and opened the door.

Wait, are you taking me out like this, as I held up my cuffed hands?

He simply smiled, and said, YES.

I was more than a little skittish about being led from my apartment, down the stairs and across the parking lot with my hands cuffed this way. I knew in the back of my mind that the way I was dressed made my cuffs almost invisible, but what if the neighbors saw me, what if someone stopped and wanted to talk? To make it even worse, he had parked at the opposite end of the lot, just about as far away from my place as he could. The Rat.

By the time we reached the car I was developing a whole new attitude.

I started to feel different. I was feeling like I was being placed into a cocoon of love and caring. I realized that I was special, and the day was at the very least going to be exciting.

I was starting to walk with a gait and saunter that I had never done before. I was getting relaxed and really enjoying my freedom of being bound. No, that is not a conflict of statements. I was through the bondage, gaining each minute a new freedom. Freedom gained by being dependent. Freedom gained by someone else being responsible, plus the superiority of having some one care totally for me and being special for them only. Freedom gained by having a very special secret and sharing that with someone who was so very important in my life. A fantastic inner glow knowing that I was so special that someone had taken the time and caring enough to place me in love bondage, and to be totally responsible for my needs and me. The void of responsibility is quite a gift, and when my friend had first told me of this, I did not understand. Now I am starting to feel and become alive. What has he planned for the day? Will I know even more freedom? How will I feel when it comes time to return to the real world? My head was totally aflame with questions and new sensations.

That is quite a feeling. Knowing through trust that I had to depend on and was to be cared for so completely and that all love and caring before this time was only childlike in comparison.

At this time it is to early to really know for sure, but I wonder, who is more in bondage? The person who is cuffed and totally helpless, or the person applying the cuffs? The person who has taking the responsibility for their cuff mate? I had a secret and only my friend and I knew what it was. God was this going to be a special and interesting day ahead of me.

When we arrived at his Jeep, he helped me in and went around to the driver's side and started the engine and turned on the heater. I was a little surprised, as he was a bug for seat belts, but did not offer to fix mine. Because with my hands cuffed so close in front as they were, I knew I could not apply the seat belt. He must have realized my concern. He said that he would get me buckled up in a minute.

His next question was a little bit of a surprise. He simply stated, you are ready for the next step. What do you want to do, I asked? He opened the console between the seats, and presented me with a pair of gold handcuffs. This was the first time in my life I had actually touched or held real handcuffs or for that matter even seen them close up other than in movies or TV. I said these look different as I thought they were silver or nickel in color. Yes, you are right, but these are special, as they are 24k gold plated, and totally new and have never been used by anyone before today. They are special, just like you, and a virgin to their use, just like you with them. You and them will be good friends in the future.

Now take a look at my situation. I am sitting in my friends Jeep. I am wearing fancy underwear, nylons with a garter belt, short black skirt with side slits, fancy long sleeve satin blouse with a blazer, heels, and don't forget, my hands are cuffed with plastic bracelet type cuffs in front very close together and my coat is simply thrown over my shoulders. I am holding a pair of gold handcuffs. What the hell would my friends say if they saw me now? My friend now hands me a gold chain with a funny looking gold key attached to the chain.

He tells me to watch closely. He shows me how the handcuffs work. He pushed on a part of the cuff itself and it makes a loud ratchet noise, and passed threw the part which must hold the locking device, and swung free. He then showed me that by closing it into the main part, it could be shut down as far as needed to prevent a person from slipping their hand out of them. He then showed me with the key how it was entered into an oblong hole on the base of the cuff and then slid towards the middle of the cuff. He explained this is called a double lock, and then he showed me that the cuff would not get any tighter. He explained that when my hands were cuffed, and should I set back against a seat, chair, or maybe be lying down, then the cuffs would not over tighten and hurt me. He then took the key and showed me how to insert it into the cuff and turn one way to release the double lock, and then turn the other way and release the cuff so that it would open. Now holding the cuffs, I first realized that they were fairly heavy. I also realized that they would not be nearly as confining as what I was now wearing, and I would have a lot more "freedom" with them on as they had several links of chain and the locking devices. This would make my wrists about 5 or 6 inches apart. What I was cuffed with now made my wrists a mere 1/2 inch apart. Very close together. He asked me to open the lock a couple of times to get used to doing it. I asked why would I want to be able to do this? He explained that he would never leave me cuffed and helpless with out a means to get loose, unless this was done by mutual consent. I must always have an escape method available if I wanted. I simply told him, NO. You offered me freedom through bondage, and how can I really feel the freedom of being confined or in bondage if I know I can get loose anytime that I would choose. Thanks, but no thanks. You keep the Key. I may change my mind later, but for now you keep it. OK?

All I heard from him was a quiet "Thank You".

I asked, now what? He then took my hands and released the chain link that was holding them together. I was instantly upset. I felt alone and naked, I had no idea that in such a short time that I would have become so comfortable and dependant on that warm feeling of totally belonging or at least of being dependent on my friend. He said, lets get ready to go for breakfast. OK. He placed a golden handcuff on my left wrist, and closed it down. The sound of it actually closing on me gave me a jolt as if you had hooked an electric charge to my most private parts. This surprised me totally. He then asked me to turn in my seat and face away from him, and put my right arm behind my back. He then closed the other cuff around my wrist, and locked it into place. He then took the key and double locked both of them. I have to tell you, I was so excited that my juices were in full flow. I had no clue up until now that I would react this way. He then set me back in the seat, and I tugged on the cuffs and they felt totally inescapable, as they were. The sound of the chain tinkling when I moved my hands was almost more than I could take. I could feel a huge orgasm building and taking control of my body. The type of feeling you read about in the books, but you just know that you will never be lucky enough to experience anything this fantastic. He moved my coat back up around my shoulders and pulled the seat belt across and fastened it.

Now I was not only handcuffed with golden handcuffs, but I was also locked into his Jeep. I truly was totally helpless to get away, even if I had wanted to get away. Actually all I wanted was for him to continue cuffing me tighter and in more and new ways and holding me. I had always felt special and safe with him, but nothing to the degree that I do now.

We drove to a small café not too far from my place, but a place I had never been to before. He pulled into the parking lot, and got out and came to my side of the car and released my seatbelt. I swung my arms around as far as I could for him to release me from my handcuffs. He simply similes and says, NO WAY. Do you really know the meaning of the word panic? This was a classic situation. He simply said, relax, I will feed you, and your coat will cover your handcuffs. I was not sure about this; I was in fact shaking so violently that I could hardly walk. Then I realized it was not fear, but excitement. The reality was that I did not want the cuffs off, as they were warm, firm and loving and now totally a part of my body and soul, but yet I was fearful of going into a café full of people at 8:30 in the morning locked in handcuffs.

We get out of the car, and he adjusts my coat and tells me to just walk normal. Yea, that's easy for you to say. How do you walk normal with heels on that you normally do not wear, you hands are cuffed behind your back and especially when you are so excited and with you're legs moving against the nylons creating a gentle warmth and adding to sexual frustration and you wonder if you can actually get to a seat in the café with out exploding. We get into the café, and to my surprise, it seems if half the people there know him and he certainly knows the staff there. We move to a booth near the back, and he has me slide in first, and he grabs my coat so as I slide in it will not pull off. I am just sure that the tinkle of the chain is so loud that the whole world knows that I am handcuffed. No one looked up or even seemed to notice. Let me tell you, that until you have experienced your First Time in public with your hands locked behind you in handcuffs, and you hear the chain rattle, you have not lived. The waves of excitement were building faster then a winter storm on the ocean.

The server brought menus and asked what to drink? Instinctively I said a coffee. My friend said, no, cancels that and told the server that I had already had too much caffeine today. I looked at him and did not understand, but then I said, "I guess you are right". She left the menus and went on to other customers. As soon as she was out of earshot my friend simply asked, how did I plan to drink the coffee? Use a straw? Oh my God, it really stuck me of exactly how much I could not do in this condition. I thought about this for a second and realized fully for the first time, he really was going to feed me breakfast here in a public café one bite at a time. Oh my God. The simple act of eating was going to be exciting totally beyond anything I had ever experienced before. I then realized that I would have to be a little selective in what I ordered. Until you have had someone feed you your meal in public bite by bite and wipe your chin when you dribble, you have a totally new experience coming. Talk about lack of responsibility. The feeling is almost like that of being a baby again. You have to be dependant on someone else for the very basics of life. Wow, what a rush. By the time we were about half way through the meal I was becoming fairly good at timing when to open and accept the food offered. This again, like the whole day so far, was quite a new experience and to say exciting and fantastic would be a total understatement.

The fantastic meal was over, and my friend exited to booth to go pay for the meal. I thought, or actually did not think, so I just slid out to go meet him at the door. First problem, my skirt, it rode up, way up to the tops of my nylons and beyond. I of course could do nothing about this with my hands cuffed behind my back, and it seems that when a women's skirt rides up, that every man has inborn some special bell that goes off. I looked up and it appeared that every guy in the place was looking up my skirt. At least I had on good-looking fancy panties. So be it, I could not pull it down and I was committed to getting up from the position I was in. Well my coat became stuck kind of down in the seat and when I got up off it came. Here I am standing in a café wearing gold handcuffs with my hands behind my back. Remember every guy was looking and I am sure most of the women, as I had just given a total and complete panty show to the whole place.

I decided to just sit back down and wait. I knew if I sat straight down, at least my skirt would not be up to my panties. I though that perhaps no one had noticed that I was here with my hands cuffed behind my back, with shiny gold handcuffs no less. And then I heard a little girl about 13-14 remark about what she saw. Look mom, she has on handcuffs like daddy makes you wear but they are gold, and not silver like yours. I guess I probably turned 75 shades of red. Of course the girls mom was just about as red as I was. The girl walked right up and asked to see my gold handcuffs. What the hell to do? I said OK. I turned into the booth and stuck my arms around as far an I could so she could see them.

My face was away from the interior of the café. I then heard another voice, and realized it was an adult. I turned back and the girl's mother had come over. She said, here let me help you with your coat. I know how you must feel. I remember the first time while cuffed that I lost my coat in a café. My husband and I were talking and we had guessed you were somehow tied but we had not guessed you would have on such beautiful handcuffs. There was that very special way you walked in plus being feed by hand is what tipped us off. I hope you do not mind or think me to bold, but let me tell you that you are totally beautiful and really carry off being cuffed with total ease. Have you been wearing cuffs long? No, I replied, today is my first time ever to have them on. She said that it appeared that I taking to it like a duck to water. I told her thanks for the vote of confidence. My I see your gold cuffs? I have always wanted some special handcuffs, and I did not see what my daughter was talking about. I said ok, and thought what the hell. I stood up and shrugged my coat off, and turned around for her to take a look. She called to her husband to come over, and then a couple of other couples have noticed my situation and seen those special gold handcuffs. Now others have also come over to have a look and to feel and touch those gold handcuffs. What had started out as an embarrassing situation has now turned into ME being the center of attention, and the most special person in the place?

My friend had noticed what is happening, and just remained at the front of the café watching and looking as to what was happening. He said or did nothing as later he told me it looked as if I was enjoying being the center of attention, and that I had the situation under control. After a few minutes several of the people who have come over are asking where I got the gold handcuffs, and things like how much did they cost? I simply referred them to my friend, and he told them that he was leaving a few of his personal business cards at the front, and any one who wanted to could call him in a day or two, but not today as this was my special day as referred to me. My friend now came back to the booth and picked up my coat and started to put around my shoulders again.

I asked do you mind not doing that? I am proud of my cuffs and the freedom they give me, and I am proud to be your friend and I would like to walk to the Jeep without my coat. I want to not be afraid to show the world that I belong to someone special, you.

After we were seated in the car, my friend asked me to turn my back to him, and he unlocked one of the handcuffs. I really started to panic, as I did not want to be "free". I wanted to stay cuffed; no I needed to stay cuffed. I expressed my displeasure with him taking off the cuffs, or so I thought he was going to. He simply told me to relax and put my hands in front again. This time he locked the cuff that he has taken loose. He asked if I could get the seat belt? I found that with the extra room between my hands, as compared to when they were locked in the plastic flex cuffs I could in fact fasten my seat belt. He said let's get some coffee, and he went to a nearby drive through coffee place. He drove up, and ordered. I did not realize that until the girl was leaning down to hand us the coffees that I had not covered my handcuffs. I had not even thought about trying to hide them, as they felt so natural and a part of me. It was as if they had taken on life itself. She startled me when she said those are really pretty. Can you hold them up so I can take a better look? What? The "handcuffs" was the reply. I did hold my hands up and she said neato. She then asked where they uncomfortable to wear. I told her no, and in fact that they after a short time became as much a part of you as your bra or any other thing you simply wear and take for granted. I asked for a straw for the coffee, and instead of handing it to my friend, she popped out and came around to my side of the Jeep. I hit the down button on the window and lifted my hands to accept the straw. She asked, do you mind? She leaned in and took a real close look, and then remarked, hey these are for real aren't they? Yes I told her. Man I would really like to try them on. I told her she would have to check with the driver, but I would guess the answer would be no. I was right.

We pulled on through and parked in the lot to drink our coffee. My friend told me we had plenty of time and he did not want me to spill hot coffee on myself. I took a couple of sips via the straw, and said to hell with it. I put down the window and tossed out the straw. I was having fun trying to drink with my hands cuffed. It only took a few sips and I got the hang of it. I was fully aware that each time I took a sip; I was holding my cuffed hands up where anyone in the parking lot or passing by on the street who was looking could see them. I was so happy and feeling so good I really did not care. After the coffee was gone we sat and talked for a while. He knew me so well and knew that I would want another coffee and also would need to pee. I asked for some money, as my wallet and money was in the travel case in the back. He offered to go get the coffees but I told him I had to go to the john so I would get them. He did not offer to take the cuffs off, and I did not ask him to. He however did ask if I wanted to take the key with me in case I needed to take one off in order to get my skirt up or panties down and to clean up. I said no, I would figure it out.

Think about this, less than three hours ago I was going out of my mind thinking about walking out into a parking lot wearing cuffs of plastic that no one would have ever seen. Now I am going out of the car across a fairly busy parking lot into a coffee house by myself wearing gold handcuffs, which are in plain view. Wow, what a change. I was not afraid to be seen. In fact I felt bad for those who did not have the advantage I was having, of being in bondage and achieving freedom at a level that I had never known could exist. I walked into the coffee house and the girl who had been so interested in my handcuffs just about fainted. She was hovering and touching and asking all kinds of questions. I guess her biggest shock came when she thought that I must have worn handcuffs for a long time as casual as I was. When I told her it had been less than 1/2 a day, I could see her getting all excited and flushed. I ordered the coffees and asked where the ladies room was. She pointed it out to me, and then asked: Are you going to try to go handcuffed up like you are? Yes. She asked was I going to need help. I told her, I do not know, but I would call if I needed her.

Think about this. You are new to wearing handcuffs, and thought of having them taken off for even a minute, to go to the bathroom, is something you do not want to even entertain. Your fear is you will lose a minute of the precious warm feeling you are now having. A feeling of total freedom. Removal from any responsibility. This is just totally awesome.

I get into the rest room, and get the door shut and locked. Then and only then did I realize that my skirt zipped down in back, and there was no way in Hell I was going to be able to reach around and unzip it. I then started to work on bringing it up past my hips. OK, this is a lot harder than I would have ever thought. Finally after a few minutes, but it seemed like hours, I was standing there with my skirt bunched up around my waist. Thank the stars that when I got dressed this morning I had put my panties on over the garter belt. I wear one so very infrequently that some how I had lucked out. I knew I had "juiced" up pretty good, but I looked down and my whole inner legs were a glisten with my juice. I pulled my panties down, and they were totally soaked. I had not realized just how excited I was. I took care of peeing, and next problem. Cleaning up. It is not easy with your hands cuffed. I touched my self to wipe, and that little touch made me cry out with animal pleasure. My God, what has he done to me? Through the freedom of bondage, he has released an animal, a primal beast that was trapped inside me. Well the girl of the coffee house heard this cry of pleasure and about a second later she was knocking on the door asking if everything was OK? I was embarrassed, and said I think so.

What was he doing to me?


What was I doing to myself and where did all this locked up emotion come from. I realized that I had been cheating myself all these years, not really knowing passion and true excitement. Maybe I was truly being set free like my friend had said, "I would feel freedom as I never had before. I am getting the message and how. I finally got my panties up and my skirt down. I was sweating like I had been lifting weights for a couple of hours.

As I paid for my coffee I was shaking so badly I could hardly hold the tray to carry the coffees. The girl from the shop was all over me still asking more questions. I did not want to be rude, or break the mood, so I asked her to just be patient, and one of us would come by in a day or so and talk with her. Just a little side note, she is part of an adventure at another time. She reluctantly accepted this answer and again She commented that I really looked flushed and again asked if I was OK. Well in fact I was not OK; I was super OK. I did not know that anyone could achieve such pleasure from the simple act of being free and having no responsibility. I walked to the Jeep and handed my friend the coffees, on his side of the car. Again when I walked around the car I was in full view of the others waiting in line in their cars, and those in the parking lot as well as those walking on the sidewalk and driving by. I knew people, a lot of people, could plainly see I was handcuffed. The gold handcuffs reflected the light from the morning sun like a beacon in a lighthouse. I really did not mind or care, as these were strangers and were not in my face. Not like the girl in the coffee shop or the people in the diner. Because they were distant, I was showing off and not caring in the very least.

When I got in the Jeep, I fastened my seatbelt and took my cup. I tossed the straw because by now was an old pro at drinking with my hands cuffed.

My friend asked me to put the coffee in the cup holder and to show him my hands. I was a little confused, and then I realized what he had seen and was looking at. My wrists were red and had deep groves where I had twisted my handcuffs while arranging my clothes and cleaning up after the bathroom. He reminded me that he was the responsible party here and he would take care of the situation.

He asked me if my hands hurt? I had not been aware of any discomfort, but after he said something I realized that I had really twisted my hands to the limit going to the bathroom.

Yes in fact they did hurt.

He then reached into his travel case and brought out a totally different looking set of restraints. They were black nylon bands, which were encrusted with jewels, and had a diamond cut silver chain of about 12-14 inches long attaching the two handcuffs. He put one on my left wrist above my handcuff and one on my right wrist the same way. He then produced two small padlocks and locked the handcuffs to each wrist. I was now double handcuffed and a little confused. He then took the gold key for the handcuffs and unlocked them and put them away in his travel case. He then got one more item from his case. A chain about 14-16 inches long. It had clips on each end. He took my right wrist and clipped one end of chain to it, and then reached around behind me. He brought the chain from behind my back and pulled my left wrist over, and it was snug, but he was able to snap the other end of the chain to it. Now I was stuck. My hands were held to my sides, and I had may have an inch or two but no more room to reach out, up or down. My hands were firmly pinned at my sides where my waist is the smallest. There really was no need for the locks on the cuffs, as I cannot reach either one.

Then he smiled and said this ought to help your wrists feel better in a little while. Also, I think it will keep you a good girl. I was embarrassed, as I knew what he was talking about; as I was totally aware of my aroma and odor from the excitement I was experiencing. I could not even begin to reach down and touch myself to help relieve the fire. As hard as I would try, I could nearly reach the top of my panty line, and reaching up to touch my hot sensitive breasts, I could not even reach the bottom of my bra. I looked down and realized what he was grinning like a dirty dog about. My breasts were so aroused that the nipples were totally sticking through my bra and blouse and looked like a couple of big red cherries. God was that embarrassing.

He told me to sit back and relax for a while, and he started the Jeep and drove off. I had no idea where we were going, but I could see it was toward the Coast. I slept like a baby. It was only about a trip of about 2 hours, but I awoke more refreshed and relaxed than if I had been on a feather bed for all night. This was possibly the best sleep I had ever had.

When I was fully awake, I realized that we were stopped at the office of the best Inn on the coast. I remembered that he had in the past as we had driven past the place told me he was a friend with the owner and local manager. As he went in he took a gym type bag out of the back. After a few minutes he returned minus the bag. I did not ask about the bag and he did not offer any information.

He asked, are you ready for lunch? I was starved, and ready to have any thing he wanted. He told me we could freshen up before lunch, and he drove around from the office to the far end of the complex. We stopped and he opened my door for me and took my travel case out of the back. Again I was in public walking with my hands cuffed. I later learned that the type of cuff arrangement that I was wearing is called a modified transport cuff set. I was, believe it or not, almost getting used to this, and it has only been about 51/2- 6 1/2 hours since the first time in my life I was handcuffed.

We went into the room and what a surprise. I have been in nice and what I thought was good places before, but not like this. The first thing that struck me was a full wall view of the ocean from atop the cliff on which place was built. The furnishings were that of a Presidential Suite, the type you see in the movies from a top-flight hotel in Vegas or New York. He invited me into one of the bedrooms and sat my case down. He told me he was going to take off my cuffs so I could freshen up and change clothes. It was disturbing to think of being without the cuffs for even a few minutes, but I did not say anything. I was told to change from the skin out, and I was to put on the pantsuit and fresh blouse and blazer that I had brought. I have even though being fully clothed never felt more naked. I was without any cuffs except the plastic bracelet ones, the flex cuffs, which were still on my wrists but not attached to anything. I took care of personal business and reapplied my makeup. Checking on my wrists, and the red marks were all but gone and they felt a little tender but OK. When I started to put on fresh clothes I again realized just how sensitive I was to any new touch. I was tempted to "take care" of myself, but I did not want to do it as I was really enjoying the glow and sustained and prolonged excitement. Also somewhere in the back of my mind I wanted or wished my friend would take care of me, even though we had never been lovers, I did not want to cheat him out of sharing the biggest orgasm of my life. At this time I do not know if I wanted him as lover or a partner to help and share the most beautiful sexual experience of my life that I was living right then and there.

I put on the black nylons and matching bra and panties. After I had slipped into the fresh blouse and the pantsuit he asked me to come over and sit down on the couch. He then reached into his travel bag and took out a different pair of cuffs. These were designed like fancy bangle bracelets and had a fine quality gold chain, which was diamond cut and totally sparkled in the light. This chain came off each one of the cuffs and was 24 inches in length. The chain was hooked through a ring in the middle of another chain, which was about 24-26 inches long. The contrast of this beautiful chain next to my outfit was quite stunning. He applied a cuff first to one wrist then the other. They made a rather sharp click as they closed. They were tight, but not painful or over tight, just really snug. I could not see a lock or a release, but I was quite sure they would not come off until he took them off. He wrapped the chain around my waist and closed a locking clip to hook it together.

I tested the new cuffs and found that although I had a very limited amount of movement available, but I was certainly not free. I figured I could eat, go to the bathroom and in general get about fairly good compared with what I had just been wearing. This arrangement allowed me to move both hands to about 12 inches from my waist, or if I keep one tucked next to the center ring, I would have about 2 feet of movement for the other hand. More than enough to do a lot of things, but not enough to really make independent moves. I was still free through bondage. I cannot believe it, but I am again starting to settle down and feel total security and embrace the love of my friend being in control.

He told me to come and join him in the huge chair where he was. I sat on his lap and he held me like a child. I felt so good. Looking at the ocean fighting to get on shore, watching the birds struggling with the wind, and then thinking about who and what I am. For the first day of my life, I am free. I do not have to worry about anything as he has taken all responsibility for the day. I do not think that the feeling could possibly be this intense under any other conditions. The mere fact I was not in control and I had to surrender my basic needs, make the feeling of freedom more intense that mere words can describe. I am so very lucky to have my friend who has given me this gift. Here I am. Handcuffed, adorned by beautiful clothes, sitting in a totally elegant suite, and being held by the most special person in my life. What more could I possible want?

Lunch! I realized that I was really hungry and wanted to eat just about anything, a horse, or a bear, whatever.

He sensed my need and said time to go. I got up and he put my coat around my shoulders. We had a short walk to the restaurant and with my coat on the other guests we encountered had no idea I was handcuffed. This actually was exciting as I was thinking how very much the ladies who had not had this experience were missing. I also wondered would this be a gift that I could give to my friend, or would a man even come close the having these warm feelings? Maybe someday I will ask him if this is a gift I could give to him.

We entered the restaurant, and were taken to a beautiful dining area. This was no McDonalds. The chairs were huge and the seating was for 2. The chairs were side by side, and a huge table in front. While seated you had the same fantastic view as was from the Suite we had. The Hostess offered to take my coat, and he said yes. She had to notice my cuffs, but did not say a word, but just helped me with my chair. The server came and took drink orders, and yes I was now capable of drinking without a straw, so I ordered my favorite. Again he had to have seen I was cuffed, but not a word, a raised eyebrow, nothing. It seemed they way the staff was reacting, or not reacting that the guests in cuffs here were not all that unusual. We reviewed the menus and I could not decide. He simply said, trust me, I will order. So what was new? I had given him my l trust years ago, and today I was happily learning the benefits of giving up total trust and control to him. OK.

I was a little surprised when the server arrived, all my friend said was for him to check with the Chef, and he already had the order. Now what?

We sat and we held hands like a couple of kids. This was something we really did not do, but it seemed so right today. I did have to be careful drinking, and I realized that each time I held up the glass that anyone who was looking could see that my hand was attached to a beautiful chain.

Before our meal was delivered he surprised me again.

While we waited for our meal my friend asked me if I was willing to make a long-term commitment to this new life style he had shown me today. I was totally unprepared for this and said what do you have in mind? A little explanation is due here. I have known him for 8 plus years, and I have had many different men and women in my life in that time. All the relationships have been less than what I wanted. I also know his wife and their situation and the total lack of love and warmth in their marriage. He is a man of honor and I know that there is no way on this earth he will ever divorce his wife. I would and have never expected this. She is not a bad person and I know her, and if fact she knows we and I am even on her gift list for birthdays and Christmas. They have been married longer than I am old. It might seem a little strange to the outsider, but our relationship is just perfect for us. This asking about a commitment was just something I did not ask for or expect to be offered. We were and are the best friends in the whole world, and have a special bond that allows us to see into the heart of the other and know what has to be said and done. After today that bond has turned into a bond of love, trust, freedom and bondage.

I told him yes, anything he wanted.

He reached into his jacket pocket and removed a white Jewelers gift box. On the cover of the box it said Cartier. I know if the past he has given me rings, bracelets, necklaces and all from fine jewelers, but never from Cartier. He opened the box for me, as I am cuffed and it is a little hard to hold and open something. Inside was the most beautiful gold chain I have ever seen. It is serpentine cut and totally beautiful. It was round in design and rolled with ease between my fingers. I looked at the clasp and it was of a type I did not know. He said, do not close it together. This is a permanent waist chain. It will go around your waist, and once you agree to have it put on, it will not come off. Period. The clasp is a one-way lock designed by Cartier and it will not open once it is closed. The only way to ever get off after I put it on you is to cut it off. You will have to have it on 24/7. When you bathe, make love to someone, or go to the gym. It will never come off. They will to be sure ask you about it, and of course when you are at the gym, swimming, vacation and such, it will always show. It is a symbol of my love and devotion to and for you, and if you choose to have me put it on you, it is also a return symbol of your caring and devotion to the special gift I hope that I bring to your life.

I know I told you that this would be a day of total freedom and no decision-making, and for that I am sorry I have asked you to think about this life long commitment. I know if you decide to do this, it is not like a tattoo, as it can be cut off in the future.

I simply ask him this. Can you put it on now? I do not want another minute of my life to go by without showing you how much I care and am willing to make a commitment to you. He reached down and put it around my waist and with one click I was his for life. I reached over and gave him a kiss.

Now it was my turn to surprise him. I asked, might I get a tattoo of your choice? Anywhere on my body. I will be proud to have it to show so others can see, or it can be private. I not only want the chain as a living symbol of my care and devotion, but I want a tattoo that is for life and can not be removed. He told Yes, I will give you a pattern of my logo…Cuffs with a Rose.

Frankly I thought he was going to have a heart attack. He looked into my eyes, and said I love you and have from the minute we first met. I looked back and simply said, I know. I also have never felt about anyone in the world as I have for you in the past, and today you have made it even more special and perfect.

The salad was beautifully prepared, and had been cut into bite size pieces. My friend had known that I would not have enough slack with my cuffs on to cut the greens, so it had already been done. The breads were already buttered and cut into bite size portions. Now this is the height of luxury. The main course was brought. Remember I would have settled for a hamburger, a hot dog, anything. The NY strip was grilled to perfection. Fresh carrots, red potatoes and green peas in a light cream sauce. All my favorites. I was concerned as to the steak. Was he going to cut it or feed me by hand again? He said dig in. I raised a fork to the veggies, and then I realized that they had already been sliced, and simply placed back together in their original shape. Wow..... I touched the steak with my fork, and it also came into pieces. It had been perfectly trimmed and cut into bite sized pieces and was also reassembled. I was having a gourmet meal with my hands cuffed and still was able to eat with total ease. On the luck scale, I was sitting at a plus 999 on a 10 scale. I ate so much that I felt like I was stuffed. I was literally stuffed and cuffed.

I was so relaxed and happy. We sat and talked and again held hands. I played with my new waist chain. It was on the outside of my outfit and plainly in view of anyone who wished to look. I was told that most of the time I would probably want to wear it under my clothes as it would not make any noticeable bulge or bump. I told him no way. I wanted it on the outside where I could proudly show off that I really belonged to the most special person in the world. I really believe I embarrassed him. I hope I did, as I am very serious about this. He simply said OK, but reminded me out side the clothing was not a requirement. I really did not think that things could get better and then he summoned the server.

Ready, was all he said.

A little later a huge serving of tallest most creamy cheesecake just dripping in fresh strawberries was served. He also told the server to have Dave get it ready. I had no idea who or what Dave was, but by now I knew that I was in for some special treat or surprise. I kind of figured it had to do with the gym bag that he took in when he checked in and did not bring back to the Jeep. We shared the desert and laughed and feed each other. I had only one wish. This day would never end and it could be this good always.

He told or asked me, I am not sure which, ready for your real treat for the day?

My mind flashed in review of today. The unbelievable things I have experienced. The love, warmth, sensations, luxury and now he say's "ready for the real treat". What in the Hell does he have planned? I can hardly wait the find out. I guess the feeling would be best compared to a little kid on Christmas morning after opening all the most fantastic presents in the world learning the best bike in the world was in the garage.

What more could he be planning?

We walked back to the suite; holding hands and acting up like a couple of kids.

We opened the door to the suite, and the aroma that greeted us was that of a tropical garden. When we got inside I could see why. The whole suite had been decorated with fresh Island flowers. Candles were ablaze everywhere. I was so surprised and excited I tried to grab and hug him around the neck, and I was quickly reminded I was cuffed as my arms jerked short because of the chain around my waist that my hands were cuffed to. I did give him a big kiss and he held me to him like a second skin, as it seemed we blended into one person, one soul one being.

After a minute he opened my travel case and took out the white sports bra, it was actually a strapless bandeau and pants that I had packed. Time to change. He released the chain from my waist and then took a tool from his pocket and applied it to a small opening on the bangle cuffs. They popped open and fell to the thick carpet with hardly a noise. He handed me the sports set and told me to change.

Now what the Hell does he have in mind?

He directed me to the second bedroom of the suite to change. I took extra time changing, as this was my first chance to see my new waist chain up close in the mirror. It lay gently across to top of my hips and slowly sagged down to my bikini line. It is beautiful. I also realized that it was too short to go past my hips and fall off, and I could see that it also would not go up past my rib cage. I did not have to worry about losing it. It was on for eternity.

As soon as I was done I returned to the living room.

There was a huge fireplace and it was fully ablaze and crackling and glowing with warmth. Warmth not unlike what I had felt all day and was feeling deep into my soul at this very moment. I approached and presented my hands to him. He took from his pocket the chain link that early today he had fastened my plastic bracelet cuffs together with. He again slipped the link through the hasp on one and then gently turned me around and brought the other arm behind me and slipped the link through that cuff. I had never had my hands behind my back this closely, and it was quite a rush. I was totally helpless. At least I thought I was until he got two more plastic strips like the ones on my wrists out of his bag. He reached down and applied one to each ankle, cut off the excess and fixed a chain link through them. Now I sat here in a little sports outfit. Hands behind my back, legs locked up and my nipples sticking out thru the material of my top like they were big red walnuts. I was a little more than slightly embarrassed, and he just laughed. He said just wait a couple of minutes and lets see what happens. I knew exactly what he was talking about, as I was getting soaking wet. God, I needed relief, but I was determined to wait in case he wanted to make love or help me get relief. I would also give him a special gift, that of sharing my total excitement with me. I then realized that how in world could I possibly relieve my self the way I was cuffed. No matter what I wanted, I would have to wait for him to help or at least recuffed my hands in front with a little room to move them.

He then picked me up and carried me a room adjacent to the Master bedroom. There was the largest most beautiful sunken tub I have ever seen. Also it was completely surrounded with candles of every shape and color. The aroma was like a hooded mist of delights for the nose. The water was a bubble and moving with an intoxicating motion. He gently lowered me into the swirling water. I did not panic even though my hands were cuffed behind my back and my legs were cuffed tightly. I now knew the reason for the sports bra and pants. He could treat me to this delight and I could still remain modest. Very nice indeed. I was a little shocked when he took off his shirt and started to apply the most refreshing and fragrant body wash to me. He started with my shoulders and then did my back. I had to lean forward as he went lower and lower. Then he pulled me back to the tub and started on my chest. Gently as a soft breeze he massaged the wash into my every pore. I did not realize he had also washed my breasts and stomach until I felt the refreshing glow of the wash causing my nipples to be even more excited and enlarged. He then worked down to my thighs and between my legs. I moved my legs as far apart as I could with my ankles cuffed and wanted him to work between my legs to my most private parts.

I really wanted him to get me off, and I asked and he just said, in good time Little One. It turned out to be just more frustration, as he did not try to get me off, he just got me more and more hot with his gentle touch and soft voice talking to me. I have no idea what he was saying but each word was like a stroke of a tongue on my swollen pussy. He allowed me to soak and relax until I was totally limp. He then lifted me out and toweled me from head to toe. If you have never had you're hands cuffed behind you and your legs firmly cuffed and fixed together and then be toweled off, well you have a totally new experience coming. He then leaned down and released my feet. Then he took my top off and slid it down to the floor. He then took off my panties and let them drop to the floor. I was not embarrassed, but I was shocked, as this was the most intimate we have ever been with each other. He then took the big robe that he had me bring and put it around my shoulders and buttoned it in front. He guided me into the Master bedroom and had me lay down. We snuggled for a while and then he unbuttoned my robe. I was laying face down, cuffed and totally relaxed. He started to rub my back with sweet smelling oils and gently working them into my skin. He did not miss any part of my backside. Then I felt my hands being released. I was turned over and my hands were recuffed, and raised above my head and attached to a short chain. My friend then applied the same oils to front of my body. To the entire front and completely not missing anything. I was so hot that I thought I was going to die. He kissed me and I hungrily tried to get more from him. He gently kissed my breasts and stomach. He then was kissing my womanhood and stroking me lightly. I wanted to give myself to him and told him so.

He reached up and uncuffed my hands. I was asked to put on my gown that I had brought with me. I asked if I could dress for him and put on my stockings and garter belt with my best bra and panties? Yes I would really like to see you like that. I hurried to the other bedroom and quickly dressed and checked my makeup and hair. I had to give to him 1 10,000th of what he had done for me today.

I was like a schoolgirl giving myself for the first time.

Excited, scared and anxious.

I wanted it to be perfect for him.

As I returned to the Master bedroom, I asked where MY GOLD HANDCUFFS were?

I wanted to put them on for him and be his totally. Giving to him as no woman ever has ever been for him in his life.

I have to tell you the rest of the night was totally fantastic. We never did make it out for dinner.

I am without a doubt the luckiest person alive. I have a person that loves me enough that through bondage has set the real person inside me FREE.

This story is true and I am proud to share with you my First Time.



Later Don helped me find a proper man to marry and I as of 2007 have three children. All were named by him and I and as if they were his and I choose to become pregnant on his birthday for each as a gift of love for him.

I still wear the gold waist chain it will never come off. My now husband told me to get rid of it, and I told him, he could go or accept. The freedom that Don gave me is the most precious gift of my life. Not to overstate it, but he taught me with this event to be aware that freedom is within all of us if the right man, Master, takes the time and is willing to teach you to unlock it.