by Cuffmaster

Part 1

After Erma had to go home in the early fall I was bored. All the crops that we had planted and were self picked were now gone and really nothing to do. I did have a two story barn in which I had an apartment, so I decided to make something new and special on the second floor.

I opened the loft doors up there (where you hoist hay up when you have stock below) and WOW! I saw this beauty next door. I knew my step dad had new renters there, but had never met them. Of course she was a red head, and waist length hair. What caught my attention is she just stood by one of the clothesline poles and seemed to have her hands behind her. Not moving an inch. I watched for hours.....

Later her husband, boyfriend or what ever came home and I saw him go to her and fiddle with her hands behind the pole. She shook her arms and they went into the house. My bondage mind was aflame wondering, had she been tied there all afternoon, all day?

The next day I was up early and in my place on the second floor, and this time I had binoculars with me to see better in case she was there again today. Sure enough, he brought her out and she did not, as far as I could tell, say a word, but simply put her hands behind her and around the pole. He did something and gave her a little kiss and was off in a cloud of dust with his pickup. This was about 8 am.

Around noon he came back, and let her in the house and I would guess for a meal, or sex or what ever. At 12:45 she was taken back to the pole and left again. He returned at about 6:00 PM and let her go and they went inside.

I watched for about a week, and the same schedule. I just had to find out what was happening. I went over to their house and announced myself a ways out to not startle her. She seemed to be in deep inner space.

I said hi, and told her my name was Don and I lived next door. She said yes, she had seen me. She told me her name was Maggie. She said she would shake my hand, but turned to show me she was handcuffed to the pole.

I asked did she enjoy this or want it or was she being forced to have this done to her.

Her answer shocked me. She told me she had come to expect it and it was her life. She went on and on about her husband, who was 10 years older than her, and she was just 18. Maggie told me she had met her husband when he was a visitor in her High School talking to the class about his work as a welder. She talked to him was very open that she was a real sex manic.

They dated and it seems he had some morals. To keep her under control he would cuff her on these dates. Just playing with her breasts and getting her by hand. To my surprise, she told me that even being a sex manic, she was more like a sex tease. She told she was a virgin at that time.

I asked, why was she so open with me? She told me that she had no one to talk to and she was going nuts, and even though she had accepted being chained up each day probably for the rest of her life, she was lonely.

I asked if I could do anything for her and she told me she would like to be loose for a while and that if I did unlock her, just remember the time and re-lock her the same exact way before her husband came home. I told her I did not have any handcuff keys, so sorry. She then told me that in their bedroom was another set of cuffs and there were extra keys. She went into great detail as where to find them and how to get into the house.

Looking into those green eyes I could do nothing except say YES.

I went into the house and found the chest and the drawers she had told about. There my eyes were totally opened. I loved tying up girls but what I found set me back a bit. Handcuffs, many types and styles and what I presume was leg irons as they were larger than handcuffs. Gags, many types, and rope and chain and locks and a white thing, that after pulling it out of the drawer I could see it was a straight jacket. There were so many things and one caught my eye. A metal thing that looked like a pair of panties, but had locking spots on it. It was a chastity belt. I finally found a handcuff key that was not on a key ring, and guessed it was a spare and would not be missed if I took it. I put it on my key ring, and in fact still have to this day though it was nearly 50 years ago that all this happened.

I snooped around more and found things I had never seen. I returned to Maggie and told her that he must have taken the keys with him. Frankly I enjoyed seeing her with her hands cuffed behind her and around the pole and was I not going to risk unlocking her and have her rabbit on me. I knew that some day I would unlock her, but not today, and if she was there on a regular basis I would actually unlock her someday.

While I was inside we had a short rain shower and when I came out she was wet on top. She was wearing a thin white blouse and no bra; well lets just say her nipples were fully up and sticking out like ripe cherries.

I sat and talked with her for a bit and got to know her better. She was indeed a tease as she kept sticking her breasts out as far as she could and thrusting her pelvis as far as she could with her hands stuck to the pole.

I was so hot, I almost came just watching the show. I asked, before I leave is there anything you want or that I can do for you?

She got a sly smile and said yes.... What was my question? Can you rub my nipples, they are so wet and totally excite me by them moving against my blouse is about to make me cum, and I really need to do that.....

Now, here is a totally insane woman or a true tease or just horny. I walked up to her and she leaned as far forward as she could. I undid the top button of her blouse and I heard her gasp. I had not even touched a breast let alone a nipple. I backed away and looked. She was stomping her feet at me. Please, please is all she could say.

I came forward and undid one more button. She was panting now. Pulling and stretching as far as she could to reach my hand with her tits. I backed off again and this time I came up to her from behind.

She grabbed my manhood like a snapping turtle. Rubbing and pulling on me. I reached over and undid one more button. Now, I could plainly see her bare nipples and they were the most beautiful shade of red, and round and hard. I reached in and just brushed one of them. I know she came for the first of many times that day. She kept trying to milk my cock, and I backed off. Not yet, little Maggie. Not yet.

I came around to her front and opened her blouse the rest of the way. Took one tit in my hand and licked her nipple. I felt her come again. Now I started to suck one and roll the other with my other hand. Had she not been cuffed I know she would have done major damage to me as she came again. The front of her jeans were totally wet. I knew she was in full flow of woman sex.

I asked, had she ever given head? She said, yes, but I do not like to, but my husband will tie me in a way I have no choice. But, can I do it for you right now. I want you, in fact I want you in me if you wish.

Did I wish...

* * *

I played with Maggie for days and days. Learning more of her life and desires.

One day, I told her I had gotten some handcuffs and had a key now and would let her loose from the pole, but she had to stand still while I put the cuffs back on, without the pole. Her eyes sparkled and I knew I was in trouble. I left her and went back to my place and got a piece of chain and padlock. I placed it around her tummy and the pole before taking off one cuff. I was correct: she had wanted to run, how far I have no clue, but maybe as part of her game.

I locked the loose cuff back on her, without the pole. Then I took another piece of chain and made a hobble for her ankles, locking this in place so she had at most a 6 inch step. I got that look again from her. Eyes all twinkling and aglow.

She said looks like you read minds beside getting me off. I asked, WHAT?

This is exactly what I wanted. My feet bound and away from that pole. Now can you take off the waist chain and I will show how really good I am at sex.

This was a bit of a shock, but OK by me. Then I ask, are you on birth control. NO.... but you can get some condoms from the night stand in the house. My husband has so many he will not miss a few. I went into the house and sure enough she was correct. He had a drawer full of condoms. I took 6 and guessed that would be enough.

I went out and unlocked the chain from her waist and walked her over to my place. This was wonderful watching her walk, handcuffed behind her back, and short hobble. I could see her jeans starting to get wet in the crotch.

We got to my bed room and she turned around for me to undo her cuffs. No way was this going to happen. I did undo her legs and with the original hobble chain put one on one side of the bed and using the other chain for her waist did the same to the other side for the other leg.

She was on her back and her cuffs, and I am not a little guy. I was about 250 pounds then and I knew it had to be hard on her laying on her steel handcuffs, but to my surprise she did not say a word, but arched her back up to meet me and this made the pressure on her from the cuffs go away.

We fucked like mad dogs and she came the second I entered her. I was not satisfied that she had been fully satisfied so I kept up and we played over and over.

My making her come to the edge again and then pulling out, and loving her try to reach up with her body to find me again. I kissed her breasts over and over and tweaked her nipples. I loved to soft bite them and hold them and pull them. I had to remind myself, leave no marks as she was not mine and in a few hours her husband would probably be on her and might see.

I cleaned her up and we rested for a bit and she asked if she could have her legs loose. This I did, but kept her cuffed. She rolled over on me and managed to get up on me and me in her without me doing a thing. She sat there like a queen and then said, she had a surprise for me. She asked me to just lay back and enjoy and let her do it all. With no hands and her legs bent under her to hold her balance I wondered what she meant.

Then she mounted me and started to milk me with her vaginal muscles. A total first for me and I found out she could play the give and take game also. Bring me to the edge and then be as quiet as a church mouse.

I totally loved this...... Then she asked, can we come together? I said yes and she told me this time to please come with her. She said this would be a special gift for her, as her husband would come for himself and not give a damn if she was satisfied or not. She started a slow rhythm almost like a milking machine and just kept building and building.

I was watching her eyes and when I saw them go into the zone I came with her. After, she simply lay on my chest and cried. I understood. She had become a woman on that day and with me.

Again I cleaned her up, and helped her back into her top and jeans. I started to take her cuffs off her and she said no please. She wanted to glow in her cuffs and the gift I had given her. I had to take her home and she cried most of the way. After putting her back on her pole, I wiped her face down and kissed her as I have not ever done to another woman. I mean I had met a woman that day.

This type of event became almost a daily thing, and yet NOT one time was she ever out of her cuffs. Sometimes I did allow them in front, or attached to the bed, but not for one second was she ever totally free. Frankly I think she would have freaked out if I had taken all her restraints off her.

I really wanted to try her in that straight jacket I had found, but just knew if her husband found fresh scent on it, there would be hell for her to pay. Remember, I had made a ton of money and had a very nice trust account so that was no object. I talked with her and asked about wearing it.

She told me, she liked the closeness but it was canvas and on her bare nipples it was pure hell and she was raw and sometimes bleeding after a few hours. I started checking around and found a place that could make one of soft deer skin and it could be even better as it would be custom made just for her measurements. She likes tight and confined; well I am here to do just that for her.

We had a ball in measuring her. All things. Size of breasts, hips, distance between legs at her pussy, and more and more things. She was like a little kid with a new toy in a window wanting me to hurry and get this for her. I think I intentionally over measured her to watch her get off with my touch.

I sent off all the information to this guy who makes custom jackets, shirts and pants from tanned deer skin. I had talked to him on the phone and told him what I wanted and he said, yes he had done it before. He gave me a price we agreed on and asked when I wanted it. I told him yesterday and we both had a good laugh. A few weeks later it came and I got off on the smell and softness of the touch of it.

I went over to collect Maggie and as usual, she was chained to the pole. I had also gotten from the guy who made the jacket a set of leg cuffs that could be locked on, and this I did to her before I let the cuffs loose. She kept trying to see what they were and told me they felt wonderful.

Back at my place I took off her cuffs, and left her legs cuffed. I told her to strip. I did not ask but simply told her to do it. Before the word strip was totally out of my mouth she was already down to her jeans and panties. She had those great eyes, and said, how can I go and do the rest of your command?

I told her to turn her back to me, and I for the first time put a blind fold on her. She smiled and I could tell this was a thing she totally enjoyed. I had her hold her arms out from her sides a bit and straight forward. I came in front and slipped her waiting arms into her new deer skin jacket. I was watching her face and to say she lit up would be the biggest under statement of a life time.

I had designed the jacket just a little different than a traditional jacket. The arms crossed, but were held lower than most jackets. This allowed her beautiful nipples, which were rock hard, to plainly show through the material as they struggled to get out.

The arms were pulled through a couple of loops and down to a V at her lower back. I had a full zipper installed plus traditional eyelets. I could use either or both. Her arms with this design always came below her breasts and allowed their fullness to be shown and of course the nipples at full attention. There were two straps, from the arms that went between the legs, and then thru loops at the front bottom of the jacket to keep her arms from raising above the breasts and then back thru the legs. Each strap had many holes for adjustment and there is where I could make her a crotch strap that was loose or so tight she could hardly walk.

I led her over to a full mirror, a three way type, so that when I removed the blind fold she could see all her glory in her new jacket.

I honestly do not think that for either of us that the best Christmas morning could have been more exciting. She looked, posed, preened and the smile was total and honest. We had about five hours left before she had to go back to her pole.

She got this sad look on her face and said, how can we make love with these wonderful straps in the way?

Now, you can take me in your mouth if you want. I know you do not like it, but this might be the time for you to learn, that you can make love in so many ways. She was on her knees and using her teeth to open my jeans and unbuckle me before I knew it. With her teeth only took down my jeans and shorts.

To say the very least, for a girl with little experience in this, she was a total natural....The next part is very special for all of us, her, me and her husband........

End of part 1