Little ONE
by Cuffmaster

She sat hours upon hours as before reading and studying about things of life that she could not understand and in desperation trying to feel inside..

To fully understand this search you must know only the briefest history of this Angel.

She was chosen by a family, not for love, but to “bring new blood” into their world. A world of sexual sadists and those who had no value at all. The things they did to her drove her into a very deep dark place. A place that the only possible escape was actually the bondage in which they put her... A total paradox.

As her hands shook, she wrote a simple but honest profile on to a Bondage site, looking, but not ever believing she would find someone, anyone that cared and would help her to put out the fire inside.

She was really uncertain of what she wanted, but knew from the past actions she had tried, it had to more, much more.

Her profile started to get responses at once.

NO NO NO... All she was getting was those who to put it mildly were just more of her past but at the hands of strangers. Some were vile and ugly in what they wanted and expected. She was just about through with the search of finding someone who wanted her for simply herself....

Then a rather lengthy note in private from a more mature man, Master. He went into great detail that he did not believe in punishments of a physical nature. Yea sure was her reaction, but the one thing he kept telling made sense to her and gave her comfort.

“Only Thru Bondage, can a Woman be truly FREE”

He went on in the letter to explain in great detail exactly what was meant by his statement.

He told of in the past many slaves and the loyalty he had inspired in them. He told that what a person looked like and how they may be a model or a common looking person did not matter, as the skin and body was simply a vessel to hold the slave and a place where loyalty and commitment was stored.

He went on to explain, he was a steel bondage Master. All his slaves were expected to wear steel bondage every minute of the day, all that society would permit. This would allow them to feel his connection. To feel the power of the cold steel going on and then the heat of the care as the body accepted.

As she looked again and again at his words a silent cloak came over her. Was she worthy of this type of person? Was he real or just a great gamer? What could she possibly offer, as in her mind she was totally damaged goods.

Yet his words drew her. Others were still writing vile and awful things and offering no answers, only giving her the desire to run, and run fast from them.

The more she looked, the more she knew she would be held up to the light and he would require awful personal pictures and when in her mind she was not a beautiful or attractive women, so she would have yet one more disappointment in her life. Was it worth it?

He fingers shaking so bad a simple response was crafted.... Hi and her email address.

That is all.

She expected if any response one would be requiring her to provide nude photos and vile things.

NO, this did not happen.

She got back a letter from a Gentleman.

Thanking her for taking the time to read his letter and inviting her by giving all email and IM addresses. No demands, only respect.

She was shocked. She was a very tough cowgirl and yet inside her she felt tears.

Not sure if tears of joy, or pre-tears of knowing again her life would be shredded.

She answered and again and again and each time more respect.

He was not bashful of telling his exact wants and needs. Respect, honor, and commitment and some type of permanent brand, symbol, to be worn at all times.

He told her that he understood that at her age, she may have needs sexually and if she needed to fill them, OK as long as he knew who, and when going and when back.

She felt, this was possessive, but loving as concerned for her, yes, someone concerned for her.

Shortly, as she lost time as her mind was totally consumed by him, he asked her if she would be his slave and partner.

He told, that as her slave she would have equal rights unless he gave a order and even with a order, she had first right of refusal.

What kind of Master was this... From her research she expected to be told to well, like eat from a bowl on the floor, or sit for hours in strange positions, but no, was being told equal and rights of refusal.

Then came the kicker...He told of his punishment for a direct disobey of orders or lack of commitment...Yes, here is the deal breaker.....She could feel it.....

He told his punishment was simple and very withhold his talking, writing, email, IM or anything for a specific period of time, but she was to make from hourly to daily or monthly depending on the length of punishment.

This is a little of how I met my Master, My Love of my Life. You see, dreams can come true.

The End

Copyright© 2012 by Cuffmaster. All rights reserved.