Holiday Gift for a Slave
by Cuffmaster

As you come home from Holiday Shopping you step inside.

Cold and hungry. First thing you do is strip off and take a hot bath while a nice left over stew simmers on the stove.

A nice night ahead, except alone. Probably eat and then drink, even thou the drink makes my Master very disappointed.

You have finished bath and enjoyed the stew and feel human again. Just as you start to open a drink, you think, if Master was here I would be whipped hard for doing as I do not need it at any level.

You hear something and look up and Master is standing there smiling at the fact you have not yet opened any drink. A wave of pride rushes thru you and you and he hold and hug and he almost pulls your thru him.

You from the bath had only put on a house coat and other than your collar, bracelets and your brand, totally nude.

Master pulls your house coat off you and slowly turns your body to admire to total woman you are.

You swell in pride and yet you wish you had taken the time to dress as Master likes but you had no idea he was coming.

He slowly kisses both nipples. Bites them firmly

Then turn you around and with a very hard and loving hand makes a total impression of his hand on each ass cheek.

Damn, that man can wake you up when he wants to.

He tells, or more than that asks are you feeling good. Strong... Can you hold a position for a hour or two?????

What is he talking about? Yes is the answer, for Master I can become stone if he asked me to be such.

He takes me into the living room, nice and warm and there he surprises me a bit.

I had never seen before the fishing hooks used in what is called catch and release. They are super sharp and have no barb on the end, so once put in; they can come right out and not tear where they went in.

He has me lie down on the floor and spread my legs.

Then I feel a sharp twinge of pain and realize he has inserted one hook on each side of my vulva.

From the hooks runs a very long strong fishing line. OK...NO big deal

Then he stands me up and from the hook in the ceiling we have installed he runs a cord down to my collar... Not unusual. But does not tie it off. The end hangs from the hook, and is quite long in fact looking at it; he has made it into two lines. What the fuck is he going to do?

Next he ties a knot in my long hair... again super long lead from it


I know I am going to be bound in a totally new way, but what

He has me take my arm straight out from my body as if on a cross Then the takes one of the lines from my pussy to the hook in the ceiling and then back to my wrist there he ties it off against my bracelet same with the other.

Now he takes the line from my collar and also ties off to my bracelet after it had been run thru the hook on the ceiling.

It only takes a second for me to realize, that if I move my hand up, it is extreme on my pussy and if I move my hand down extreme on my neck, not choking me, but close enough I can just hardly breath.

Lesson one... Hold arms totally out and straight.

Next the line he put in my hair he pulls down thru my legs and back up and makes a bow and around my waist

No problem until he pulls my head back with the line

Hair on fire. And if I move to raise head, pussy on fire as he just greased the line running thru my cunt with tiger balm, which is super hot in that area

OK... I can do this

Now he come to me and blindfolds me

This, loss of sight makes me holding steady a hundred times more difficult. No focus point and I find in the first minutes my arms moving and pulling my cunt and my head moving and choking me

I really have to focus on Master and total trust.

I am not bound, but still more bound than if nailed me to a cross

Master tells, I have permission to talk or tell stop at any time. Why? No pains if I do as told and remain totally still. I tell I will not talk unless told to do so.

Master must be smiling as I hear the reason for the permission

The un-mistakable swish of a flogger

Direct onto the tits

Not a easy flick, but super hard

Covering both breasts at the exact same time

God, I jump out of surprise and reflex and almost choke myself and rip my pussy apart at the same time.

Without sight and my head pulled back, to find my balance again is very hard.

He allows me to settle down and then again and again.

I feel him moving and the next is a cane on my back

I know he does not often use canes on me, and this is a treat for me... I love it

Again I almost lose my balance and then find, yes, the choke and the pussy pain add to the caning and the flogging

Yes, a totally new experience

I love it

I know if I go to far forward the collar digs deep into my throat... to far back and the same

if I try and move my arms up or down to rest a second I feel as if pussy being ripped from my body

The crotch rope is on fire as I am cummin more and more and my juice with the Tiger Balm on it brings a whole new level of fire

So simple, yet so exotic and erotic at the same time

Master is indeed evil in the things he can do for me and I love it

There is exactly what I need. Pure pain and pleasure... Pure love and understanding and this is very hard and rough and not a punishment, but a gift for not opening the drink tonight

Thank you my Master for the give of love and understanding....

The End