Hazel Eyes
by Cuffmaster

She was kneeling in a warm room.

Dark brown hair sweeping her shoulders, head bent, staring at the unyielding cold hardwood floor.

Her hands were folded in her lap, her cuffs shined in the glow of her love of him. Her breathing shallow and steady. Her hazel eyes drifted shut in a sense of peace. Listening to the loud silence in the room, she could hear the whirring of the CD player, and the sound of the wind rustling the branches outside of the large bedroom and the rain in its purity as it lashed against the windows.

Decorated in red and brown tones, the oak four-poster bed the centerpiece of attention. Red velvet drapes hung over the tops, spilling to the floor. A strong fire roared in the stone fireplace pushing away the cold and the crackle of the flaming logs were music to the soul. The scent of burned wood and apple cinnamon candles filled the room. The candles left a romantic glow, and set shadows dancing on the wall. Spirits enjoying the beauty of a slave in waiting.

She was clothed in a silk chemise. It was a deep shade of pink, with black lace bordering the bust linen and small black straps holding modestly to her. When she arrived, a note on the side table told her to dress in only what he had placed on the king size bed. She was nervous as she walked the slow trek up the stairs to the bedroom, wondering what he had in store for her this time. She could feel the dampness between her thighs.

Upon entering the room, her eyes scanned the deep brown walls and polished cherry floors, to the bed that had the chemise over it. Looking at it, it was thin and flimsy, and short. It wouldn't cover much, if anything. Of course she did not fail to notice the handcuffs waiting and she knew exactly what was expected. He knew how much she hated being exposed, how shy she was of her body. He was going to exploit her embarrassment and her lack of confidence and teach her of the value she was to herself and him.

Kneeling, she waited patiently, knowing he would not keep her alone for long.

She was straining to hear his footsteps upon the stairs, climbing to meet her. The feeling of the silk grazing her skin was exquisite, like cool water rushing over warm flesh.

She wondered what he would do to her tonight, if he would tease her, make her wait to feel his hands on her, or feel his lips over her body. Still to this day she had not felt him inside her, but he had said she was not ready. Perhaps tonight, with this obvious romance, he may. She totally loved the respect he showed for the intimacy that would come when she was ready.

She was so caught up in dreaming, she had forgotten completely of trying to hear his steps. She came to attention just quickly enough to bow her head at the floor and bring in a shaky breath. She felt his presence, before she heard or felt him. He always had that affect on her. The ability to make her tremble without a touch, or whimper without a sound.

She heard him shuffling around the room, hearing rustling of fabric, and the shortness of breath. She felt his fingertips graze her shoulder, as he leaned beside her, "Hello little one..." he whispered, his hot breath blowing against her ear. Something stirred within her, deep in her belly at those words he spoke so tenderly. His touch feeling like that of an electric shock. She wanted to jump up and throw her cuffed arms around his neck and legs around his waist and hold on forever. Knowing she could not do unless commanded but still... Maybe she could try and see his reaction.

"Stand..." He said, his voice powerful, reminding her that he was in charge of her pleasure. She stood uneasily on her feet, embarrassed of her body in the small chemise. She could feel his eyes burning her flesh, making her even more uncomfortable in his inspection. Nonchalantly he drug his fingertips over her arm, up to her shoulder. "Such soft skin, little one..." he whispered.

He gently grasped her chin in his hand, noticing her trembling lip as he leaned in to kiss her. Brushing his lips over hers with soft feather kisses. He felt her quiver at his touch, knowing the way it made her feel. He heard her uneven breaths as he pulled away, hearing the slight whimper at the loss of his lips. He watched as her knees trembled and threatened to give way beneath her.

His arm snaked around her waist her to assist in keeping her on her feet. "lean into me..." he whispered in her ear, and he felt her melt into his arms and then as if having been commanded she put her cuffed hands over his head and locked to him as the one and only for her life and beyond, as he helped her across the open room to the large bed. He felt her as she slowly moved with him, slightly stumbling, unsure of her steps with her head still dizzy from his kiss.

He laid her gently onto the warm red covers of the bed. He could see her pulse against her pale throat, and couldn't help himself. As he had laid her down her hands came from over his head and rested, cuffed in love above her head.

He reached out, the backs of his fingers caressing her neck lightly, to her collarbone and shoulder, and down to the swell of her breast. The deep color of the silk contrasted beautifully with her creamy skin. He brushed his fingers teasingly over the black lace, delighting in the way her breath came in short gasps.

She could feel his gaze on her, but thought to herself that she mustn't look. He had not permitted her to look at him yet, she must control herself. She felt his fingertips exploring, and with a shock felt them graze her nipple. Even through the silk, the sensation of his touch was not lost. She immediately responded, the stiff peak was clearly outlined with the dancing shadows of the candles. She felt her face warm with embarrassment, and squeezed her eyes tightly shut thinking "Hopefully he won't notice".

He watched as her nipple hardened at his light touch, loving the effect he had on her. He gently flicked his thumb against her and was rewarded with a gasp from her parted lips. He couldn't help himself, and leaned over her wanton body kissing her softly. She eagerly met his lips, and he lightly sucked her bottom lip into his mouth. She trembled beneath him, moaning almost inaudibly. He took advantage of her parted lips, his tongue probing into her warm mouth. She opened herself to him, and thrust her tongue against his.

He lost part of his self-control at that moment. Feeling her eagerly respond to his thrusting tongue, he instinctively enveloped her in his arms, wanting to protect her and take her all at the same time. She melted warmly in his arms, her tongue lapping lazily at his.

He kissed his way down from her lips, to her chin, down her neck. He nibbled lightly at her collarbone, feeling her pulse jump wildly under his mouth. His hands softly trailed down her sides, feeling the flare of her hips under the silk. He felt her shivering beneath his touch, and a low nearly inaudible growl escaped him as he gently bit her neck, dragging his teeth over her skin.

His hands slid smoothly over her silky skin, nearly as slippery as the satin that covered her, if only barely. Goose bumps cropped up along her spindly arms and down her shapely legs, betraying her body's inescapable need for him. The shiver that crept down her spine fueled his desire. The ability he had to arouse her was uncanny, almost as though there was no wrong way he could touch her, no way to turn her off.

His rough hands felt wonderful, in sharp contrast to the silk. Well worn palms cupped her cheek, tilting her face upward, so he could gain better access to the hollow of her throat. Her eyes drifted shut at the pleasure, giving in to sensation and emotion, for once letting it rule her body and mind.

He felt her melt into his arms, clinging to his broad shoulders to help keep her trembling body upright in his grasp, as he so skillfully attacked her body. She felt fragile in his arms, vulnerable, breakable even. As though one caress that was too rough, would shatter her. It made his heart thump an extra beat, knowing that she was so fully committed to keep him at arms length. He knew she struggled totally with her need for independence.

Her defiance always further endeared her to him. The way she would hold her self, when she was stubborn. Feet 2 feet a part, planted. Jaw set straight, eyes challenging. But in his arms this way, he could see her softness clearly. He had a knack for seeing everything she fought so hard to hide.

With a swift movement, he swept her into his arms in one motion. The crook of her knees over one forearm, the base of her neck at the other. Her arms snaked around his neck, supporting herself. Her gasp of fear was unmistakable. Ever so gently, he lay her down on the bed. The sharp contrast of her pale skin with the deep earthy red was wonderfully erotic. Her tresses of mahogany hair spread in a halo around her head, tousled from his earlier attention.

She looked up at him, through thick lashes, her gaze simple to read. The lust was plainly visible in the hazel green depths. But behind it, was another look. Fear. She was terrified that he would hate the imperfections she knew so well. The flaws that she spent her morning routine time at the mirror agonizing over. She knew men didn't notice details, but she couldn't help but think that the flimsy chemise accentuated every single error.

His lips pressed against hers gently, his previous urgency gone. His fingertips tracing loopy designs over her soft skin caused a shudder to course through her body. Her hesitancy under his lips reminded him of her inexperience. He had been determined to let tonight be one she would remember for the rest of her life. One long finger hooked beneath the thin strap of the chemise, sliding it over her shoulder to the crook in her elbow.

Her beauty never ceased to amaze him. He had spent days staring at her, watching her sleep, or clean. The perfectly mundane things she did he found irresistible. How had he never noticed the perfection of her collarbone? The curved line of her shoulder, the soft swell of her breast. He had to shake himself from the spell to remind himself to touch her. If he spent too long simply staring, her nervousness would once again encroach on them.

The rattle of her cuffs were deafening as she moved her arms again over his head and he took her totally.

The End

Copyright© 2011 by Cuffmaster. All rights reserved.