Bound for Life
by Cuffmaster

Part 10

Just a word or two about the author. This is my 20th book and it will not be sold. I offer it to all who wish to read free of charge. It is does have a full copyright attached. Cuffmaster is not my name or the name that any of the retail books are under. For personal reasons I keep it this way. This is a true story and the events are actual and factual. You can reach me at

The story is told by Maria, the subject of the book and the very willing soul of being Bound For Life.

Her story starts about 15 years ago, when she was just 16 years old . I must tell you a little about her. She is Dutch by birth and the product of very old fashioned family. She was in an arranged marriage, and in fact did not even meet the man that she was forced to marry until the wedding day.


The day and time with the Queen Mother was priceless. After dinner the men had things to do, and off they went to the Smoking lounge and the Queen Mother ask in person, can you 4 ladies join me in a secure room? No help, No mikes, No cameras, just the 5 of us.

This was such a honor and the amount of time she gave us during the day I undersand is unheard of.

After we went to her “private” place, and the door was locked from the inside, she asked, does any one of you have a problem of telling me personal things?

No of course.

We are happy for the most part, if I speak for the others and I am sure I do, so what ever is said here will never leave here and what is asked will I know be the same.

The Queen Mother smiled and said she was going to talk about our leg chains. First, are they removabable or as I have heard that you are “bound for life”?

No, they are on us forever as well as the neclaces we wear. We also each have a “brand” that is non removable.

Now I had her total interest. She admited to loving bondage and the feeling of freedom, but her husband was not into it any more. I think he has a little young mistress. He really did not like to play my games at all and was to much a mouse to tell me direct.

I told her I knew with her position it was impossible to be bound at the ankles for life as we are, but there is one thing I can ask Sir to do for you.


You have heard we are also branded for life. It is not a physical brand, like a hot iron or freeze brand but a waist chain of the material we can wear for our necklaces and ankles. We all have chosen a waist chain and there are many reasons, as our Husbands can tie, cuff, or control us totally and yet we can wear under our clothes or open like on the beach or in private areas.

Are you interested in more?


As if on que, we all lifited our skirts and of course the first thing was our bald pussies and then came to view the waist chain we each wear. Wear with pride of a brand and sign of ownership . Ownership to our Masters/Husbands, and to ourselves in dedication to a them for the rest of our lives. Being bound is private and gives you the the ablity to go places in your mind the average person has no idea of.

She asked. Do you really have them on 24/7. Even your ladies in attendance see and know of?


Feel, see if you can find a catch for release or any way to remove. The material is Carbon Fiber and it is impossible to remove with out a special tool of which only one exists in the world. Also this material will not set off airport security sensors.

Now you could be bound this way, or Master can make you one with a catch that you can wear in private.

I have no experiece in being around Royality and certainly none of seeing her have a non touch orgsam.

When could this be done for me?

Catch or no catch?

No catch, like yours and the others as it would not serve any purpose to be able to remove it.

If you are sure, I will check with Master and see when it can be done. Right in this room if you choose, but, he would have to be intimate in touch and visual with you. She then surprised us all totally.

She raised her skirts and she was also bald. Useless hair down there in my view. I had my lazerd off years ago and by one of my men in waiting.

How long will you be our guests?

I told her I have no idea, as my Husband had total control over this part of the trip and I have a surprise waiting for him. He knows nothing of the super ship I am having retrofited to the way I want it, and wish to give to him here, among his friends, as a little early Birthday Present.

Do you know of or remember the large defensive yaught the Prime Minister of Israil had?

Yes. We built him in our super secret ship yards here.

Well, I was given this was given to me as a wedding present by him. I want to do things to it and not sure were to have it done.


I want the radar mast higher and three deminsional, forward, middle and aft with the aft one having the ablity to fold down, as I have had lifting hooks installed on this smaller craft we have now so we can leave the larger one a bit to sea, and come to anyplace with the smaller, as most places do not have the dock for the larger craft. I want under the overhang gun nests, not to be seen from the deck and for the most part concealed from view by anyone that is around the ship. Like the old war ships, the gun pods on rails that can be ported out when needed.. I want laser paint equipment installed on the highest mast in the center of the ship and I will have on board the ablity of my chief security officer the captain when it was built and now he has come with the gift control the machine guns and each pod have ship to ship missles available in those pods.

I know you wonder why, but I plan to go close to the western side of Africa and know a lot of bad guys are there and looking for a wealthy person to hold for ransom. Now I am not blood thirsty, but also not stupid. You may know I am a Doctor and from the high profile people I have worked on in total private as to not scare their subjects of a illness or injury.

Frankly I want to protect my Husband, myself, Mia, Gunter, Molly, Mia and who ever is our guest, like you if you want to get away for a bit. I think if I can totally blow a few of these guys out of the water, it will give them pause before they attack or try to take a ship as they did with one of your cargo ones and manybe not do it again. You see, I officially act not on behalf of any country, so in internationl waters, I am the Queen.

I am officially an Ambassader of the Netherlands, and carry on board adjuant papers for all the crew or passangers. Saves a lot of time at customs and if someone has got a problem elsewhere, they have to be admited with our party of people.

I asked for the door to be opened, and I went and found my Husband. I went in private with him and told him the queen wanted a waist chain like myself and the others.

The look on his face was priceless, as he said, who are you?

I am you wife, lover, guardian, and angel.

I have enough of the items with me, that if this is something she really wants, we can do it here.

I have with me a chain and material to bond it with, as the yaught is gone, so I think you are up to some to something.

Frankly I had a cute smile and giggle for him. Nothing more except a beautiful kiss and on the side where no one could see he gave me a breast massage. What a man, knowing exactly what I needed.

ll it get you a pleaure spanking or a punishment for being so bold. Which one?

That my Master will your decision.

When can you do it?


OK, lets check it was not a whem and I will return for you as we are in a secure room and her private area.

I went and knocked on the door. There must have been a camera I did not see as she said over an intercome, welcome back little Maria.

I told her my Husband could do it now, as he was not sure why but Moe, his man told him that we were that we were leaving in the next couple of day.

She said, yes, Pat does listen to Moe as they have been as one for many years no. Please get him.


Should I put on panties.

It would be strange as I have not worn for many, many years, and I told her that he like me, all in this room was private.


Please get him and lets do this. I reminded her, no man except Don had the knowledge to remove the chain and once on, it was for life.

She smiled.

Question to you Maria? Have you ever regretted a single day of being Bound for Life and the quite responsibly that comes with it?

No, and I know I speak for the others also, they like me, accept, no, worsip being in bondage and service the the men we love, and should one of them die before us, I know I would not have anything changed, because frankly I know where the equipment is stored and how to put on and have been shown how to take off. I would only have it as it now. I am sure that Don will give me permission or do it himself, show the others here how to use and make the equipment properly work.

You know what I want the next time you come or I come to you is a piercing deep in my hood. I guess I looked shocked, and she said, I may be older than you but still enjoy sex and my girl helps me some times.

I think from the colors of red I turned she smiled and said, I guess you do also.

I would show you my ring if you want, but it is very deep in my hood and I do not want to offend.

Please show me, all of you who have them.

I lifted my skirt and put my legs in a bow and opened my self so she could see my ring. As I did this the others did the same, and it shocked me as Don had not told me that all had asked to be ringed.

A little knock at the door and there stood Don in all his glory. She grabbed him and he her, as not knowing they had been such friends for many years.

She ask, how are my horses?

He said, fine I would think, as you know I sold the ranch so we could travel, and then this crazy Red Head did things impossible. Got people to talking to her and working on the drought problem in Africa. Public will still see the people shooting and hating and yet she has crews from all of Europe, the Middle East, USA and even people from your country with special skills doing things.

The Queen then asked, are you short of the pipe you need for wells? I have a entire production shift working on making additional ones for you, as I know this project will grow everywhere in the world that is water short and crops are starved for water. I have ordered a plane to criss cross the area with ground pentration radar to be sure you always hit water or a lake under ground. It is extensive the water just below the surface.

Wow was all I could say. Then I asked, how much will this cost me or what favor can I trade for it.

She smiled and a little laugh. Strange. The fact you allow me to share Don as being part of his Bound for Life group. Also the enjoyment I will receive from the ring, well you probably already know of self satisfaction and sometimes it needs assistance.

I told her, I did not even know that you two were friends and knew each other, How Long?

Well it started a long time ago. As you know I have race horses and love all horses. He was at a track that I had a horse running. I heard of this crazy man getting money from any one and selling all he had to place a bet on a horse. The horse was a 50 to one shot. He placed a bet for 75000 and it paid off at over 3.5 million US. Most of us called and got to know him to feel the magic touch. He paid back the money he had borrowed and lived like a bum in a little place. Why? He told me that he was waiting for another track and horse of high odds. Well he found one and the track would be happy to take his money. He bet 3million on this horse at 98 to one odds. He then had the base money he needed to buy the ranch you saw. He also as I am sure you have heard, do not play poker with him. I have been to smart to do this, but have heard many who wanted to get part of his fortune. He took all they had, as being he is mostly American Native he has ablities I frankly do not understand.

Now back to your question about cost of additional pipe. Please pay the crews of the ships and fuel and the pipe is yours. Then will a deposit of 1,000,000 dollars US get it started? She almost fainted and Master caught her and she said, yes, but what of the extra left over. I am sure you have a area where people live on the street or parks. Please help them with the balance and see what grows from the errorts.

Then I want you to have the ships that deliver the pipe to be retrofited as Molly did the ones Dave had and we will use them to bring fresh fruits, and items from the world to make our life better here on the Island we grow little and this will be better for the Country.

Is that fair?

My God, it is more than fair, and also now that we are expandiding, do you have skilled people here that need or are looking for work? If so we can use them in the crews, and I will talk to the project manager and the code to know they are OK and really need to work is “ring”. The whole room shook from laughter and she said, yes perfect.

Don left to get his briefcase in the check room and came back. She with out any redness or embarrasmement lifted her skirts, and no she had not put on panties. He measured and choose the correct length precut for her and told her while the material that made in seamless needed to dry, please try not to move to much. He told her normally she would be bound to a table and he did not need to say anything. While the material was drying, she asked, when can I get a ring? He smiled and opened a case in the briefcase and said, NOW. You know this will be very intimate and I will need to measure and then touch you in the most private parts to do it.

Yes, was the answer and then she turned to me, Dr. do you have a little something to numb the insertation and I said of course. I gave her a little shot and after it took effect a larger one. It only took a minute to insert the ring as it was removable for cleaning or infection. A screw holding both parts to each other.

She asked, is yours and and the other girs removable. NO. We have had ours long enough that no possible way anything could go wrong.

The Queen called on a intercome her lady in waiting. God she was beautiful and fully developed.

The Queen, did not ask but told her she was to be branded, and she held her skirt up and showed what she meant. Then you are to be ringed, as I am and someday when I am gone you will give a boyfriend or husband a true surprise and not to mention, mention the hours of self enjoyment you can have.

I did her and she did not ask why, but instead tried to help as much as possible and lay very still while the closure material set.

She had a question for Don. Is this as permenant as I have heard? Yes, your entire body weight and those of all in this room could be lifted by it and it would not break or even bend. Good she said. I now truly feel special and personal in so many ways to my Queen.

We retired for the night, and I felt a little sad that all I had to offer was my body and ankle chains to my Master.

He knew. He went to his breif case and brought a pair of the cuffs that had been made by Gunter for me.

Do you know where the key will be?

Each pair had only one set of keys and that was it.

No my Husband, but where ever they are and how long they remain on is not my choice, as I am you and you are I.

Then he handed me a key. After putting me in a bound position with my hands behind me, he got up and left the room. I wondered what was happening, then he came back in a few minutes.

He told me he had just bound the Queen the same way I was, except her legs were in steel also. I had the Key for her and she for me.

Shock was all I could feel.

He told me that years ago, she and he used to play games at the horse ranch and she like me and him loved leather and steel. It was a total private item until tonight. Power is all I could feel, and honor that this had been shared with me.In the morning we all went to the priavet room. All still bound and I tried a little power play. I unhooked the legs for her and she turned for the cuffs to unlocked and I told her to keep as we would need them later in the day. She turned to me to have the cuffs unlocked, and I said NO> We will eat first. My lady in waiting, Mia and yours will feed each by hand.

Trust me, you do not know pleasure until it has been done for you.

Did you know this castle has a full working dungen about 5 floors below us?

No, can I see it and if my wonderful husband is allowed, can he do things to me I wish and things he wants?

After breakfast, I let her go and got a huge hug and kiss.

We went down in a private elevator and the view was out of site. All kinds of bondage items from the olden days and things from todays collections. I was ordered by my Master to come to him. He took away all my clothes and inserted that wonderful little remote vibrator of his.

Now he said, go to the pole with the strange looking think on top. He bound my ankles to very tight to the then my knees above and below the bend and then my thights. Now around the waist and I knew this was for him and me, as we have done this many many times. I helped by holding my arms out and he bound them so tight with leather and my upper and lower breasts. I could bearly breath. Then he ask, Do you my love know of the item above your head?


It is called a brides scold. When I put it down you will open your mouth and the then we finish.

What the Hell. I could not possibly move in any direction and now he was taking away my head.

The scold was on a rail, so it could be fited to any height woman. After he put it over my head, well to bad, and then he had a little flat item that fit in the front. He said, Open up your mouth wiyde and put your tounge down on the bottom of your mouth. He slowly inserted the metal item into my mouth, and I could tell it would really cut down on speech. Then he screwed a little thing on the metal and it pushed my tounge totally down and made the item larger in my mouth. I was totally without speech.

This is what I wanted. Total control by my Husband. He then fited into each ear a plug, and all sound was gone. I saw him pick up a black hood and put it over my head and I knew he was lacing it up tight as I could feel it.

Think of this. Now a item of your body could move and you could see nothing and hear nothing. Now I felt him fool with my big toes. He was putting small laces of leather on each. Now I could feel him suckand pull on my nipples. God I was in a constant state of cum and I could feel my legs totally wet. This was the most he had ever done. Now I could feel the leather pull my toes up and loops around each nipple. God, I had to stand like this, on the heel of my feet or make myself cum again if I let the pressure off the nipples. He and I have played bondage, but this was beyond anything I could ever hope for.

Now, as I could not see or hear or talk, I was simply an object of sex to him....WOW

Not knowing, Molly asked if she could be done the same way for it appeared I was in total cum and no end to it.

He asked the Queen, do you want me to do it, or do you want me to do it? Please, can I. I am so excited, and she lifted her skirt, and was also very wet.

Now, I see you have a set up for three. Do you want it also?

Yes, God Yes.

Can you be allowed this by your Husband to have someone else do this to his humble Bound for life slave as a favor?


Can Molly do it, and you help if she needs help?

He turned to Molly and ask, game?

Molly already had leather for the ankles in her hand.

I guess that was the answer.He ask I was told, how long? Until you get tired of us or we fall asleep in pleasure. OK?

They spent the night like this and all seemd comfortable and happy. Each had a pool of cum juice below them.

The night was perfect and Master had ordered via the Queens girl a beatiful meal.

Bondage is total freem, no matter your station in life.

When the Morning came they all had to be awaken, as they were in child sleep. Nothing except smiles on their faces. I woke Maria first by turning on her remote insert. She jumped as far as possible and I knew that behind that mask was a smile and a kill waiting.

Next Molly, and when I got her undone, I ask her to do the Queen.

End of part 10

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