Bound for Life
by Cuffmaster

Part 6

Just a word or two about the author. This is my 20th book and it will not be sold. I offer it to all who wish to read free of charge. It is does have a full copyright attached. Cuffmaster is not my name or the name that any of the retail books are under. For personal reasons I keep it this way. This is a true story and the events are actual and factual. You can reach me at

The story is told by Maria, the subject of the book and the very willing soul of being Bound For Life.

Her story starts about 15 years ago, when she was just 16 years old . I must tell you a little about her. She is Dutch by birth and the product of very old fashioned family. She was in an arranged marriage, and in fact did not even meet the man that she was forced to marry until the wedding day.


I got a call from Sir and he wanted to remind me that we had dinner reservations at CoolMor's ranch at 8pm.

I told him I knew and we would be home by no less than 7 pm.

I called Gunther and told him could he pick up us and our parcels at the front door of the store he left us at. He said no problem, but where was a parking garage. I did not mean to but I laughed at him.

I told him no problem. In our Country only high government or those of high status had this type of car which was now his. Just park in front of the store, put on the flashers and be sure and not park on a rail track as the trains or trams always had the right of way. Pop the trunk as we had many things and if anyone or police stopped, tell them to double check the license plate and the sticker on the left inside window. He will ask if he can be of assistance and tell him, yes, we are loading VIP's and he needed an escort out of the city to Hwy 1A North.

We came out of the store with the porter and sure enough, the car was there and a motor police with his lights on was in front waiting for us to load and go.

He took Gunther on a ride thru Amsterdam that looked like a movie car chase. We saved at least 20 -30 minutes of travel time. As the Officer pulled over, Gunther waived and I rolled down the back window and yelled THANK YOU.

Mia asked, Gunther, do you want me drive as I know these roads very well? He smiled, and said, no one drives my car, the most wonderful gift In the world from Madam Wilson.

He told Mia she could help by warning him of any special highway problems.

I called Sir and reported we were more than half way home and at 120 mph should be about 15 minutes. By the way, Mia has already brushed out our hair to long, wavy style and we both have on above the knee white vinyl skirts, black and white/cream striped blouses, no bras and hose and very high red heel shoes. I only tell in case you want to coordinate with us.

Thank You. As always thinking ahead.

Oh yes, another surprise. Molly went by the shop with me and she and Gunther decided to have her as I am, Bound For Life. Right now she has the same length ankle chain on, but not the same material. Gunther asked if in a couple of weeks, like us, if she was able to handle it, she wanted the same for them. My molds fit her perfect. In fact, we are exact in all measurements from the waist down. I only wish I had a top like hers, but she has chosen to go bra less the rest of her life as I do, so not that much difference to really see. By the way, we just turned on the private road, so we are going to slow down, but please do something for me, please...


Have Mo take you and meet us at your parking space in the hotel. I think you will love seeing Gunther smile as he comes it. I will explain more later or Mo can as Mo has helped me with a few things for your birthday today.

I called Mo to confirm all was OK with the New Limo fuel, etc. I was assured all fine. Mo, do me a favor, be close to Sir as you might have to catch him as you did me the other day.

Yes Miss, I had already planned that and he is changing right now. Have I told you, and it is not my place, but you are the most considerate person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Moe, hang on to your shorts, as it is just starting!!!!

When we got to the parking garage, Moe was still holding up Sir. How, When, Why, and then Thank YOU.

I told him that I had learned of his desire of a Rolls Royce stretch limo with all the extras. I told I had given a new BMW to Gunther, and he would not accept, but wanted your old one, as it was perfect broken in and the seat fit his larger bottom perfect.

Today, I had Moe call one of the Arab clients and ask where I could get the best Rolls Royce Stretch Limo that was made and that was in stock ready to deliver. We talked about it for a while, yes, in Arabic, and he asked could he get us one, as all the years he has known you, he has never seen you smile as the last time he saw you, and the fact I have one Bound as You and have always wanted and desired this for him as the pleasure it gives a man of means and power, like it used to be as the older Arabic women, bound for life, he thought was unbelievable in this world of Europe.

He called back in a few hours and asked if we could have the airport open, as a cargo plane would be bring to the best people he knew a 0 miles Rolls Royce gloss black stretch limo.

I ask what I could do for him and where to send the payment for it, and he surprised me as he again said, No, it is a gift. I would like one thing in return. That you take care of him. I always try to take care of you and him not allow either to do to much. Then he invited us to his place for as long as we could get away when ever we could get away. I Accepted on our behalf.

When we drove into the garage I saw Sir and his knees visibility give. Moe was there and all was OK.

He said HOW did you know? ?

I told him I would tell him in time, but we needed to go. I gave Mo and Mai the night off and the use of of the hotel cars. What they do or where they go, is their business.

I did not have Mai take off mine or Molly's Handcuffs, as I guessed you wanted to present us as you love and I know that Gunther loves seeing us bound in steel.

He said, are you sure, as we may spend the night?

I answered, we are wasting time for what I have in mind. Lets Go.

He started that wonderful car and it was like a Lioness coming to life. In fact at that moment he named the car, “The Liones”

Away we went. He did concern me a little at the speed he was moving, but then he realized he had no clue as to exactly how fast and powerful this car was.

This car was super equipted with communication items that he could talk to anyone any place in the world, bullet proof windows and sides and puncture proof tires and much more. He asked, Why?

I told him we would be in many places and I did not want some rebel or wild man to kill him or kidnap him or myself.

Again, My Maria, you think ahead on all things. Thank you.

We we like riding on a cloud. I asked, Sir, may I put my head in your lap?

Yes my Love. Boy did I enjoy hearing “My Love”.

I laid across the big seats, my ankles up where he could see and my cuffs on my legs. I asked, can you put up the window to the back and give Molly and Gunther private time also?

By the way, the back was a house in itself. It would without a problem sit 6 people and if you hit a special button, the back seats lifted a bit and a queen size bed came out. (sure for our long trips, LOL)

He said, yes and found a little roadside park and pulled in. We have plenty of time. Why did you not tell me that we were going so fast? I looked up and said, I trusted him with all and knew he would not let anything happen to us.

I unzipped his pants and slowly took his cock out. He said, please do not judge me, as I had a horrible accident when I was 16 and my cock and balls had a piece of steel run thru them and when I am relaxed I am about like a 6 year old boy.

So What????

It is you, the person I love not your cock and balls and will and offer more if you want it.

I had him out and was building him in a giant of a man. He said, my god, I have never been this big before. I told him, maybe never in love with a woman totally his and Bound For Life.

I enjoyed all of him until the last drop and no clean up as I proudly took all down the throat. My god, I think he was purring. I showed him a panel and he pushed it and tissue came out. He wiped around my lips so gently, and I simply laid back on his lap and I was asleep in a second and happy.

In the back I could hear a little bit of Molly giving a whole new meaning of sex to Gunther. She had showed him a pouch of birth control if he wanted and tissue. Both he said no to and had hooked his legs around her ankle chain and had her cuffed hands over his head and down as far as they would go.

I can only guess this may have been the first time for them that was real, not like a mistress.

This was a special day in so many ways.

I looked up and could see his face and he was indeed proud and happy. He used the intercom between front and back and asked, are you kids about ready to go?

The answer was yes, but to the nearest hospital as she had just been screwed me to death, and a soft laugh from Molly and we her say, that my big man was just a sample. We all had a good laugh and proceeded to CoolMor's.

When we arrived to our shock there must have been 50 cars there already, and a Valet came and helped us out of the limo and took it away.

End of part 6

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